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f tie ft f aul Sattg frtun 

SAINT FAUL. MAllCH -•», ISfiti. 

•#- r.^i.v f>.i;\r Ji/ij 1 nnlji, Til »"ti</)i «>»■( 
ir««i<_v iin u.'ii/iim nrfir.'y Trvblv thiit ••'' una 
HXtr III .Vfiniji'^i, ait-l lhi:i\for< ptitritt* ni 
J»**-<»i'iir. f • ,1 Irttttsfrt M'A<cA(V* irtM wl.«"if( 

tm: i.AKWKS'T riKriivTioN. 
Award of leMtr I i>l f«»i IMiU 



Minn . ^ 

iiKUl lAl 1 
M • >• > . S I r V ; 
)'cl'riiar» 1 

i'litUiihiT* fi 'hf ~'. l'»"l I"*'!)- Vrw"* • 

1 . \ ■ ■ ••: -. Ill uMiii'liiiiHf with ibe rvi;u- 

;n' ■'. • '1 . I .••I vahv Vty-MluxiBt. iiqtiir- 

r i'"'n el ibtr lisi» ot umallcil fi>i 

'tilt I' "1 1' iKvv>|>«i>tr h«»init the liirgf>t 

:tMt:i>:«'. :»■ tut'. i'r>lm,\i> . .iiii\ Siku "hV ' i ii 

,i:.cilK'ii wiiliHi itio |'ii>t oHia- (lilivorv, ilif 

ru''ti>:i!iMi I'l tho >Hi.l liijs, |.>r this unit 0, is 

•' > :in«{.li .1 K' tho Sr r»i I l>«MvI'ns< 

, , .;.!' -ill 'it \ I, ar. 

\:'- I- 'l.'ktflllly. 




S^lISfT PAUL. rUK»DiV.Y, Mi^RCH 20, 18»50. 

TIIK Mr\SES07Hj;^:;;?-,««»T4.|| IJCCT DV TCI Cr DiDU eonstruamgar.ilro* line 
rUlK I'11MI.4WV ^•^«ot\ "; V^^ I Dl • tLtUnHrn (rum llw. Mi.ho.ui iivir to the 



Thu Mou'ing ou tho 22cl 

ffr / 

Tt: L » *. K t ni I < A I nn 1 Ht . 

— liol.l oi<t'iieil at 1 '2'Ji and «.Iose<l at 
1 -8J— the K'*i-»t point yet rcachoil. 

The I'.-- -i !rnt wa!i solii'itfd to inlor- 

^ rloins election acamst Mr 

' tleettil mayor, I'lit be tic 

iMil itmt he haJ no in(i>rnit- 

• >n ni>' ifjtii'ar. 

~ I I lli.eis couierucd lu tbe 

...uaua are no'.v btfore • conn oi 


— A 

,' > vT'.'l ,> 111 

•xr*. ai! 1 '.L 

— All t" I 

'.'I r ircin V 

111 - ItlUOil 

^! is says th j Frenih 
l''.i;i>aJ HiiU a nee II' 

lury Sc»ar'.l lU MfxiiuQ at- 
i' a loavl v( an\liiv bn* b^en 

1 1 bend I ( Ifler tbievrs 

liiKioveied in Nt>v York 
-IS niavlc. 

— tiejirc,-! iiM'ivts Ironi livf Northwest 
ITU ttmti>i 1- :;i NVa.-b]ni.:tun have cboiscn u 
i.immif.n. •• . -• C'liiircssto ijrani a d to 
ti-: N^T!!ii.i:i i'.nr.:. rai'rviaj. 

— A Ijitii luuii Uov.'rnor II iiidton of 
rc\.i?. »,iy, liiit recon«tti!>n nicasun? to *i!-v iiilopteil by Alatniuia will be 
..kflyto pa-vail, and that there will be no 
srou'j'.e concerniCiT repudiation of the rtbil 

— I'Lc 1 1 ivt-riiuitnt bia ludi'u u tieatv 
v^ ■' A--! .1 '• and Cht'venue IcJiuns, 

1.- I'utnre peate and safety 

. ■ ir:imc-'r. 

' ~- -Mj'fla<i — In ih • Senate. 

« :ari.% ;r.:;i .ril' ptt ti'iiiS were pre»tutcd. 

ot uo -lu- ra! mterest. The bill for establiib- 

. _ .;;.■ :or totally disabled soldiers was 

i.ij.-c.:, aaJ _;;oes tj the President for his >ig- 

ca:ure. Mr. tVasendtn made an ex^'aoation 

- tidente b«:ween him and Sen 

! N Tth Ciro'ioa, and ton- 

iLTtliiUU >: r Urabam desired 

; .rihvT testiminy in the case of 

N r a 1 arum.i, heeculidoso. Uesolutions 

».. rv a » ■^.tl.d ■.illiDK oa the S-ccrttary of the 

Ni^y to furnUh thrmgh a report of the naval 

' 'n-ervatury. the summit levels and distances 

:v <ur^fys of the various proposed lines fur 

-. &c. Mr. Wilson intro- 

. ;/tf f><jun!i'.s to soldiers. 

?^} per month, for eath 

■iuer deducting from the 

"io b 'unty already received 

Ifjin g jvcruiU'jul, uo bounty to be paid to 

deiviicr-, -r th ><<; discharecd at their own 

rt-ni 11 accept promotions. Sol- 

diiT^ ' pirted with their diS'hargp 

papt^r* i.iriuot rucive the bounty. 

la the Hoiis.', n^olutions were introduced 

a«a;n-ten'l(jr»mj: Mt.\ican honds. The House 

■ itb.x.ite f.y which the loan bill 

A r^-olu!}on wa> introduced 

' 1 'lie i)')unties of soiaiers and sailors. 

L t'fi !< MM cncd lioiii a nti'iibcr ol the 
corpoia'or.* ol thn i'om|iiii> ludiratc that 
t!it » will (;t'iit'r.illy attend tbf lutctiiig 
nixt Thiirsdav in |»'vsoii or l>v proxy 
Hudson. Wuronsiii. will al.>o be ri'|in - 
santfd, and is willing; to co op.Tate bear»i 
\y wiib lier Miint'sota neighbors. 

Amoiij; olb-r letters received we arc 
permitted to t xtrait the lollowinf; from 
our friend Srnator Piniel.', of Uoebe.Nti r. 
wbicb roiilradiilj ihe teport that the 
Souibein pari ol ibe State wouM lie hos- 
Ii!o 10 a fta'e 'I'ransporlalion Company 
and {;o itl'iipoii a se^iional tanfjent lie 
etys: "1 fiiul the whole community will 
agree to »li>p by lb« Minnesota Tran.i- 
portation Company, ai;(i some stock can '. 
bo tak'-n Von liny vole in luy atead. 
I shall be xh.'w.' April i' l.or ! I. 1 ihink 
fjeie IS success in the matter. II you 
tbitik I ouf;bt to It* (here, absolu ely - 

A seniiiiiiiit 30 universal as t(a*^ which 
cj'iveii^d the large and iiHeUigeiit con- 
vtn ion o( Ftbruary 7lb. is not destined 
'o die in a simple gust ot indignation eiu- 
boJied in a series of resolutions. Tbe 
su>'ces.slul embodiment of that ^ettimtnt 
into a ptaciical orgaui/ition worth mil 
lions of dollars to our State is only a 
iiuestiou of time, and we are glad to be 
a?r-urtd that ibtre is a calm Jcterminstion 
among tbe corporators to persevere with 
the orgaiii^atiuii until it fruits out into 
complete success, if it takes until tbe 
spring cf l!*ti7. Thty may succeed Ibis 
spring or th>.*y may not. But they will 
not be tbe least disccursged if tbey do 
not. Success is worth twelve months ol 
ttfort, and they a'-f determined to suc- 
ceed it' it takes that liuif. So let all who 
uiiy leel luke-warm iu tbe matter lake 
courage and attend the mee'ing. It any 
corporators ft el not enough interest to 
act, ot course ethers must be substituted 
wbo will — dea<l branches trimmed off and 
live ones engrafted in their place. 

There has rarely been a maveraent in 
the history ol the State cf more gent:ral 
importance to all interests than this move- 
inent to control cur own imports and e.\- 
portii, !ind regulate our own affairs in our 
own way, and ict sue jess will be a pub- 
lic benefit to the State, no less than a 
private benefit to every individual. 

Progress of Reconstruction 
iu Texas. 

Mu>emt'Hi (u Aid tlie Nvillinii 
I'acilic Kailrvad. 

French Government Pleased 

with Secretary Sew 

ard's Diopatch. 

$»oi.dii:k BorNT% bim. 

Till: SCN.^TE. 



f 1 R 8 T 8 K 8 6 I O N 


I'h- \\ a-bington coriosponlent ol ibe 

N' w York 7'j ('ji('i€ in.iki's ilie lollnwing 
importatit nnnounoement : 

Ihe ,iics;ipn of tho ri'cosnili >n of the State 
^vernuients in tbe lately- rebellious states 
inll >ii r'ly Im; iir iiicbt t'l a practical rest. 
Mea-.iircs huve liten '«ken tiy prominent loy- 
liisi'- in the Scuth, and are novr beioy perfect- 
ed under the advice •I icjdinK men in Con- 
#:tc'«. t" brinp this question t.j an earlv d«cis- 
!'i 1 he p!an i<Bs toll.jws Loyal n.'en, and 
sh- > .•niv. txith black an*l while, in the States 
of Arkansas, North Carolina. Louisiana, and 
e:?ewbcre. have taken steps toward the for- 
riiali. n ni ,uw Stale covcrnments. These 
l.iya! men. wiihout re-pect to colnr. will shoit- 
IV .•.,(■ .Ill's 111 their respci live States for 
^ ■ tiM'is anil elect dele;:ates theieto, 

I'l'ii-' Ml toi Died will frame State 
c LS;, u . I - I ml.< .|> ini; the principles of loy- 
ally, treeiimii anti i ■piiil rifthts ; will pledge 
lhcnlM!^v^ to Ihe payniiiit of the national 
'!el«i, tilt rtpml; itiun ol the rctKl debt, and 
the iislrani biscmcntof the reliels. This done, 
they will then proc' ed t" elect Governors. 
State oilivers, Kepresentatives and Senators; 
the Utter of whom will at once demand ad- 
mission to Congress. 1 be i|uC5tion thus be 
lag tUru.>t upon that hoilv, there is no doubt 
I't the recocnition of the covernnunts so 
formed, and tfn>|t,n of the loyal inem- 
liers so ■ I rti.t A number of true and loyal 
riien o; lit >• uth have I'-.'en here for some 
•lays ton:u;iir»: and decidipc upon the Nest > 
iriitbod to he adopted, and havioff determined 
upvn tbe plan presented iifiovo have left for 
ihcir hi. me- 1.. tarry the same in'.o execution. 
The iiiat:€r !.a> been kept verv quiet op to 
this t. the movement in most of the 

^tate ...-.i under way, no harm can, 

and i.:rUa.:- irnich (;ood may f<c done the 
I'nion cause y jtividk ihe facts to the public 

CoiisiJtiiI as aHink movemrot on 
tbe ,]<AiM(in polp y, tb's is aliDUi the most 
bnlliani (.leee ol polii al strategy we re- 
member to have beard ol. II carried out 
it would retna.:' f!i» grt-at Ki- -as strug- 
gle b>rw»"nibe Fr.e Tip. ka and Ibe 
Sbkve I- ■• iinip'on Constitutions in every 
Sou'be' nutate at -liiitbisca^easin tbattbe 
bogus I,>-ioiTpirn governroentn, reared 
by Tiolen- e an<l Iraud, would be backed 
up by tbe legiiimiie luccesbor of .James 
Bucbaoan, wbo is now endeavoring, in- 
deed, to do what even 'ames Buchanan 
never dared attempt — to lor'> hese mon- 
strous usurjii'ioDs of civil aii:L lify in the 
South, not only upon the fni"- t-s of Ihe 
South who have had no hand in th' "• ore 
ation- ^ lU >jpon tbe Congress it the 
United btatcn, the representaiivt-s ot tbe 
co=l»(tiv«> will cf tht» nation. 

If the President sbjll continue to inter- 
pose his veto power \(j arrest the work cf 
reconstruction by Congress, we see no 
Other way to 'jocquer this obstruction to 
national reunion than to flatik it in tbe 
ouuiner propO:ied. 

Let tbe loyal people of tbe South as tbe 
primary deposi'ories of all the political 
power resilient in those Slates assemble 
in conv. n'lon -and form constitutions 
•cceptabl. to tbe i.aiijn -and let aj see 
whether Top<l,a or i ecoPipton will go lo 
the wall. 

»MK vol K or .VEW lOIIM. 

The legislature of tbe Sate of New 
York receiiK adop.d, by the nntni- 
mous vote tf ilie R-publican members, 
a series ol refolutions to ibu iffeet: 

•'That only lotal representatives of unques- 
tionably loyal Sutts should txj admitted to 
Consref*. and that each House of Congress is 
tbe sole judge ol tbequaiiliraiionand election 
of it(t niem>>ers, and has lull power to deter- 
mine for itself whi n the constituency or tbe 
represenutivcH meet the ondiiions above set 
forth ; that the nation \i pledged to protect the 
liberty and civil righu of the freedmcn ; that 
equal suffrimt should ht n'ended in the Ihs- 
tnct of Columhia lo all male citizen* " 

CoLLECTon OK Chicago.— Iver Law 
■on, at present a member of tbe Common 
Council from the Fiftetntb Ward, has 
been appointed Collector for the port of 
Cbicagi, i-ice Lulher Haven, deceased. 
Tbe Journal says tbst he is an influential 
Norwegian and that bis repuVJicanism is 
of the staunchest kind. 


Gen. ttoiman sends us tbe following 


St. r.u l.Mi.v.n , March P, 1866. 
t'liiori St, raol rr<es : 

I see that credit is claimed for E. F. Drake, 
Esq , f>y yourself and Gov. Marshall tor dis- 
covering that .5')0,(K10 acres of iand for internnl 
improvement purposes was due new States 
upon being admitted into the I'oion, and that 
ih s important discovery had been overlooked 
by the several Governors heretolore, tic. 

By reference to my message to the Legisla- 
ture on the Itth January, 1S37, it will be seen 
that I irpifxshj called attcnii<)n to this identi- 
cal grant, together wrh others, which we 
wouM fxs entitled to upon Ix-mp admitted into 
the I'nion asn State. 

Very respectfully, 

Yonrob'dt scrv't, 


We find the following paragraph in the 

message ol (iov. (rorman referred to : 

I'pon our admission as a State, wc shall 
probably receive a donation of public lanils 
equal to tbe amount received by Iowa and 
Wisconsin, say tive or six hundred thousand 
acres, tor purposes ot internal improvement 
or otherwise. Ihe longer we remain a terri- 
tory, and tbe more ileosc our population lie- 
coiiies, less valuable lands will have to lie 
taken , and If this grant is regarded as a dc 
siralile oh.ieci lo the .state, the sooner we are 
admitteil the tictti r untlcr all tbe circum- 

(iovemor (torman wouM perhaps have 
relerred to Ibe donation in more precise 
and definite terms, and would hardly have 
spoken of it as problematical or as rest- 
ing merely on precedent, if be bad known 
that tbe grant bad already been explicitly 
made by an .set of t.'ongress, and that its 
realization whs contingent only uoon our 
admission into Ihe Union. And thoogb 
be amply justified bis cUi^n to priority in 
calling attention to the subject, it i.s hardly 
conceivable, if be bad known that tho 
Slate wai entitled ti) tbe grant by an act 
of Congresf, that, a^ a good citizi;n 
and a iiublic man always alive, as 
we know him to be, to the inter- 
ests cf the State, be would 
have <:ea»td Lis efforts to tecurc it for 
ihe State with this single olticial reference 
to it. We are obliged, therefore, to as- 
sume, that Gov. Gormm, lik^j tbe lest of 
us, was entirely uniwirc o\ tb>! right of 
the State to the grant in question — in or- 
der to shield him fro in the imput»ti'.n ol 
a conscious neglect of a public duty in 
not calling ih'j at'entioa of thn State au- 
thorities to it before now. We have too 
high m opinion of tbe General's public 
spirit to believe that he would knowingly 
neglect to give tbe State the benefit of 
information of such great importance if 
be bad had it to five. 


The loan bill was defeated in the House 
on tbe l.itb by a vole ot 66 to 68. Mr. 
fi II li-ld moved a reconsideration so as 
to bring tbe bill again before tbe House. 
As amended the bill provides : 

That the act of March 3d, 186.5. shall be ex- 
tended and construed to authorize the Secre- 
tary of the Treasury, at his discretion, to re- 
C'Mve any treasury notes or other obligations, 
iasucd under any act of Congress, whether 
bearing interest Joi not, in exchange for any 
description of bonds authorized tjy tbe act to 
wbi'-h this is an amendment, and also to dis- 
pose of any description of bonds authoriited | 
by said act, either in the U. S. or elsewhere 
to such an amoant, in anch manner, and at 
such rates as he may think advisable lor law 
ful money of the United States, or for any 
treasury notes, certificates of indebtedness, or 
certilicates of deposit, or which may be issued 
under act of Congress, the proceeds thereof 
only to l>e used tt»r retiring treasury notes or 
other obligations issued under act of Con- 
gres.4. but nothing contaioeil shall be con- 
strued to authori/.e an increase of public debt 
provided that act to which this is an amend- 
ment shall continue in full force in all itspro- 
vi'iions, except as modilied by this act. 

On Monday the House by a voti; of 81 

to 67 reconsidereii Ibe vote by which the 

bill was rejected. 


.ninnEAi>oi.i« ajsd 


It will be seen by tbe annexed dispatch 
that the project for the union of Minne- 
appolis and St. Anthony, which was sub- 
mitted to the people yesterday, failed to 
receive their approval : 
Bditors of the 8t. Paul Preis: 

MiN.NLAPOLis, March 19, 1806. 
[By teUgraphA—lhz number of votes cast 
was tan hundred and seventeen. 
In favor four hundred and sixty six 
Against, fire hundred and tifty-one 
Majority against union eighty-Are. 


Wasuinutun, March I'J. 

SK.NArK. — Mr Sumner presented the 
peli'iun cl ci'izeiis ol New York, earn- 
estly asking Ibar uo State that r-:belled 
shall be adiiiilttil as a goveriiipg pirtuer 
into the Union without ifltcjuute security 
for the future. Kelerred to lliu • oiumit- 
ice on reconstruction. 

Mr. Sumner also prtsented the petition 
orcitiz.jus ol JtlTerson county. Pa., ask- 
ing lor an amendment to tbe Constitu- 
tion prohibiting any State from making 
distinctions ih civil rights among tbe 
naturalized citizens ol the United Slates, 
or among peisons bom on American soil 
on account ot race or >:olor. Referred to 
ibe committee on reconstruction. 

Mr. Sumner presented two petitions in 
favor of an iiiterual copyright law, which 
were relerred to the Committee on For- 
eign Kelations. 

Mr. AVade piesented a petition from 
the Ohio wool giowers, asking for an in- 
crease of duty oil imported wool, which 
was referred to tbe commilte on finance. 
Mr. Wilson pres med a petition to iu- 
ciease the pay cf army officers, which 
waa relerred lotbe committee on military 

Mr. Wilson presented the petition of 
several colored men who represent that 
tbey were once the slaves ol Geo. T. W. 
Cur is, wbo in hia will, freed them and 
provided tor their support from the prop 
erty lef: by bim. 'I'hey ask that a por- 
tiju of the Arlington estate be set apart 
for their benefit. Th-; pe'ition wai le- 
ferred to the committee ou tbe j'jdiciary 
Mr. Wilson, from the military commit- 
tee, reported a bill for the establishment 
of a home for totally disabled soldiers and 
sailors of tbe United S:.atcs, with a re- 
commendation that certain amendments oi 
tbe Hou^e te concurred in. The amend- 
ments strike out the provisions with re- 
gard to seamen and mak'j them applica- 
ble to soldiers only. The House amend- 
ments were concurred in and the bill now 
goes to tbe President for bis signature. 

Mr. Fessendcn rose to a personal ex- 
planation be fou d in the National Inlet- 
liytiiiiir Irooi William L. Graham, a 
claimant far a teat in tbe Senate Irom 
Xortb Carolina, iu reply to Mr. Fessen- 
den'.' remarks a few days ago concerning 
the nanner ol the investigation earned 
on by tbe, committee ol filtren. This 
letter ol Mr. Graham's was intended to 
convey the impression that the itvestiga- 
tioos were not impartial. Mr. Graham 
bad written to bim (Fesscndcn) making 
two reiiucsts : ' 

Isi — that witnesses suggested by him 
(irahaiu should V>e examined, and ano- 
ther that the Representatives and Sena- 
tors from tbe Southern States should be 
allo«(tlto be present to cross examine 
witnesses The last retjuest was not com- 
plied with, because it was not customary 
incases olinvestig.iiions by a commission, 
and because tbe proceedings ol the com 
mission were not in the iiatunf ol a criin 
inal investigation, wbire crojs examina- 
tions were necessary. He, Fesseiiden. 
did not regard the lately rebellious States 
in the light ol criminals on trial, nor was 
be acting in the capacity of prosecutor. 
The error of Mr. (irabam wa^ his belief 
that the icstimony bad closed, because it 
had been ordered to be printed. It bad 
not closed except in the case of Tennes- 

In the case of North Carolina, no tes- 
timony had yet been printed, it all being 
in the hands of Mr. Howard of Michigan, 
now absent on account ol domestic afflic- 

Mr. Davis, in reply to Mr. Fessenden, 
apvocifed tbe right of the claimants for 
seats as t-'outhern senators and represen- 
latives to bi3 present and cross-examine 
witnesses. Mr Davis proceeded to read 
Mr. (trabam'i s' iteniciit in the Intelli- 
'jtwer. Having read lor half au hour, he 
was called to order by Mr. Chandler, 
who insisted that there no <iiiestion 
before the S'-nate. 

Mr. Fessenden said he bad yielded to 
Mr. Davis for him to read Mr. (Jrahim's 
letter, but it was evident now that he was 
reading the editorials and cews columns 
of the paper. 

Mr. Davis said that he was reading an 
explanation of the case by Major Law- 

At the conclusion of Mr. Davis' reading 
Mr. Fessenden roie. to say that if Mr. 
Graham desired to introduce luriher tes- 
timony in the cafe of North (.'arolina he 
could do so. 

Mr. Conoess introduced tbe following 
resolution, which was adopted : 

Retailed, That the Secretary of the Navy 
furnish, through a report of the naval obser- 
vatory, tbe summit levels and distances by 
surveys of the proposed lines for intcroceanic 
canals and railroads between the waters of the 
Atlantic and Faciti' o.-eans, and also their 
relative merits as practicab'c lines for tbe con- 
struction of a ship canal, ami espcciullv as 
relates to the Honduras and Tehuantcpcc, and 
also whether, in the opinion ot the superin- 
tendent, the isthmus of Daticn has been sat- 
istaciorily explored, and if so, turnish iii de- 
tail charts, plans, lines of level and all infor- 
mation connected therewith, and upon what 
authority they are based. 

Mr Wilson iatrodiiced a bill to pro- 
vide for the equabzation ol tbe bounties 
to soldiers in the late of tbe rebel- 

It enacts as follows : 

SF.f Tio.v 1. That to each and every soldier 
who served in the armies of ibe United States 
in the late war of the Rebellion and who has 
been honorably discharged therefrom hereaf- 
ter specified, a bounty ol 8 J dollars per month 
for each and every month of service. 

8r.c. 2. 'Ihat in calculating ihe amount of 
t)onnty due and to be paid to each soldier un- 
der the provisions of this act, deductions shall 
be made for any and all payments of bounty 
made or agreed to be made by tbe United 
States, so that in no will any voldicr re- 
ceive a greater sum on Imunly than 8J dollars 
for each or any month of service, and no boun- 
ty whatever shall bo paid to any soldier who 
has deserted Irom the service nor to any sol- 
dier who was a prisoner of war at the time of 
enlistmcLt. nor to any soldier who has been 
discharged at his own request— unless lor tbe 
purpose of accepting promotion or appoint- 
ment in array or navy or who has b en dis- 
charged at the request of parents, guardians 
or o'hcr pcrs'ins or on the ground of minority. 

Sec 3. That any soldier who has bartered, 
sold, assigned, transferred, loaned, exchanged 
or given away his tinat discharge paper,', or 
any interest in any Iwuniy provided tor by 
this or any other act of ConRress', shall not be 
entitled lo receive any bounty whatever un- 
der this act, and before payment is made to 
any soldier, he shall be required lo make 
oath or affirmation that neither his discharge 
nor any interest as aforesaid, in bounty has 
Ijcen so bartered, sold, nssi^nod, transferred 
exchanged, loaned or given away. ' 

Sec. 4. That in tho p.iynicnt of the bounty 
herein provided for, it shall be the duty of the 
Paymaster General, under such rules and reg- 
ulations as may be [ircscribcd by the .Sejrc- 
tary of War, to examine the account ot each 
and every soldier now living to tvhom the 
said bounty is payable, and upon ascertaining 
tbe true statements, to report them. 

HousK. — Mr. Kuion introduced an 
amendment to tbe act of July 1, 1862, for 

Relerred lo ibe committee on the I'acilic 

Air. Kadwell ol (.'alilornia introduced a 
bill to enable the .'state ol California to 
reclaiji the Day eV Meiite lands within 
that Stale, which wa.s read twice and re- 
ferred to the eo I milter on public lands. 

Mr. Dawsonol IVnnsylvania introduced 
the following resoliitiuus. and demmded 
tlie previous ijuestion : 

Itisolriii, That the United Slates cannot 
guarantee tbe iKinds of the Mexican or any 
other government without impairing its own 
credit and imposing new buiilens upon its 

Hesiihtil, That the sacred faith of the Amer- 
ican people is pledged to the payment of our 
debt, and that it is unwise to eomiilitate our 
nalluiial atlairs liy the assunipti'ju of the obli 
f^'ations of other countries. 

Hi3olv<it, I'bnt the true police of the United 
States i.". Ill tbe language of Jetlerson, "IVacc, 
commerce, and honest Irienitship with all na- 
tions, entangling alliances with none." 

The House refused to accord the pre- 
vious tjucstion. 

Mr. Ashley, of Ohio, moved to refer 
the resolutions to tbe committee on for- 
eign affairs. 

.Mr. Washburne, ol ll'inois, rose lo de- 
bate Ibe resolutions. 

Tbe resolutions uniler tbe rulo went 
over (or tbe pre.-ent. 

Mr. Miller, ol I'ennsylvaiiia otfereil a 
resolution iu relet ence to printing L'OO,- 
OttO copies of tbe agricultural report of 

Mr. Washburne rose to debate the 
resolution when it went over. 

Tbs House by a vote ol SI lo *!7 have 
reconsidered Ihe vole by which the loan 
bill was rej^ctetl FriiUy. 

Mr. Coffroth of I'enusylvanii. intro 
iluced a resolution wbieb was adopted, 
instructing tbe committee on military af- 
fairs to report at an early day a bill to 
e([ualize Ihe bounties of all soldiers and 
sailors who were mustered into tbe ser- 
vice of Ihe United Slates. 

Mr. Va-i Horn ol Missouri, introduced 
.1 loll for the relief of loyal settlers on the 
public domain, which was read twice and 
referred to the committee on publio 

Mr. Kelly ol Pennsylvania, introduced 
a bill relating to tbe currency of the Uni- 
ted States, which was read twice and re- 
lerred to tbe committee on ways and 

Mr. Randall of Pennsylvania, intro- 
duced a resolution declaring that in the 
opinion of the House ol Representatives, 
R^'presentaiives from the late rebellious 
States, who can take the required oath, 
aie. under existing laws, entitled to their 
seats, and should be admitted as mem- 
bers of the House 

The Speaker said that under the order 

of the House, tbe resolution should be 

referred to the reconstruction committee. 

Mr Rantlall not desiring the reference 

withdrew the resolution. 

Mr. McCullougb, of Maryland, intro- 
duced a resolution reijuiring tbe Secreta- 
ry of War to furnish the House with a 
list of officers, volunteer and regular, 
employed in the (juartermaster's depart- 
ment, antl also why Conioran's art build- 
ing is still used by that department. Ob- 
jection being made, the resolution went 
over under the rules 

After a speech Irom Mr. Coiikbng the 
previous tiuestion was seconded, and Ibe 
bill was reconiaiittC'l without instructions 
to tbe committee on ways and means. 

Vhe aoHih AwumtH-mn War. 

New YoitK, Match I'J. 
loiter news rrgirding the river I'Ulie 
does not record any new niovenu nis ol 
impurtauee. TLe grand aiieuipt al an 
advsncu by tbe allies bad nut taken place 
and tbe hostile armies si ill confronted 
each other on opposite sides of I lie Par- 
ana. A small K'ree ol about (iUti Para- 
guayans had made a dash across that riv- 
er with a lust ul eight or ten men ou each 
side, but the exploit does not appear to 
have resulted in any advantage to either. 
Addiiiuual Brazdiaii guuboata and iron 
dads were ou ll|t^ way lo the feat of war, 
and s< veral vessels bad arrived with mu- 
niiions and sup|i|ies for ihe allied troops. 
Reinforcements to the uumbcr ol about 
four thousand m^ bad recently joined 
the allie.*. 


III Oaatunns, Hi<h>I« cobuty, Mian.. Huaitar, 
Mktolllllh, IMiiS or l.ralo f>wrr, tllANKMNJ., 
Kecund HUD uf IfOii. .1. It. a nil t>rai',C4?« A.Crt>ofc- 
er, agel A yt-ara, 'J month* ami ^0 da)S. 

On Montlay in-riiiiix, Marrli luth, ANNIL 
I AIJKII<,dauKii:«iror K. C. and Helen Miirviu, 
•Rfil 7 uiuuthsaat'-'^duyt. 

Kuuvrul to day at Z i: m., from thu ic«lil.-iice 
of U. {;. Marvlg, un .MInoo'Ota i.treet. Krieuils 
of the fimllv are Invited lu attend. 


.Auuih« ■• rucittc Miailroad - TrxiiB 
Ret'OKMtrucllon - Indiun Xcg-oiiM- 
lion* - :«•>» Orlruns Elvt'tien*. 

New York, March 19. 

The Iribimca special says that a large 
number ol ei'iz". ns cf the Northern terr.- 
tories met in Washington on Saturday, 
for the purpose of expressing their views 
as to tho. practicibility of the proposed 
northern route ol tbc'Pacific railroad. A 
committee ol five was appointed to pre- 
pare an atldress u.-ging Congress to grant 
the aid asked for, after which tbe meeting 
was addressed by several gentlemen 

The shipment of fractional currency 
last week by tbe trvasury d'.>parlment, 
amounted to Jj.i.'.O.itOO. of which gilOtl.OtX) 
was forwarded lo tb'i sub trca.surrr in 
New York. 

Ni \v YouK, March \'.K 
lh>' Jhrald'.i special says that I'resi- 
tlcnt .Johnson yesterday received a dis- 
pitch from A .j. Hamilton, central Gov- 
ernor ol Texas, giving a more hopeful 
account of tbe doings of the State Con- 
vention than any that have found their 
way into print. Gov. Hamilton sums up 
by saying that aliboiigb the convention 
had been in session one month without 
apparently accomplishing anything, ma- 
terial measures similar to those adopted 
by Alabama, were likely to prevail ; that 
there will be no trouble whatever con- 
cerning a repudiation of '.he rebel war 
debt, and tbe question wdl be treated 
more satisfactorily than by most of tbe 
other States. 

The principle difference of opinion was 
whether the ordinance of secession should 
be merely repealed or declared absolute- 
ly null from the beginning. 

The report of E. M. Wynkoop, Major 
U. S. A., and special Indian agent, dated 
at Fort Lirned, Kansas, March .j, l.SCG, 
and enclosing the treaty with the Arapa- 
hoe ami Cheyenne Indians, has been re- 
ceived at tbe Indian Bureau. 

The treaty is dated on Bluff Creek, 
Little Arkansas river, Arkansas, March 
1st, 1,%G, and bears tbe signatures of 
twelve chiefs. Am3ng the number is the 
notorious George Bent (Ho-mah ha-ket). 
This chief has long been a terror to the 
frontier, and the fact of bis signing the 
treaty is an assurance of the future peace 
and safety of the outer settlements. Maj. 
Wynkoop complains of the system of free 
trade carried on by irresponsible parties, 
and attributes ail the difficulties to the in- 
troduction of contraband articles and tbe 
admission ol u.nprincipled men. 

The expedition brought in a young 
white girl, filteen years of age, named 
Amanda Fletcher, eaptur«d in August 
last near Foil Halleck 

The publication in several papers that 
the ten appontments a', liiige lor cadet- 
ship at West Point had been niide by the 
President or Seiretaryof War was' pre- 
mature. The ipiestion is .ftill open and 
the neleclions undecided. About five 
hundred applications have been made for 
the ten appointments 

The Herald's Washington special gives 
the following as the facts regarding the 
reported President's interferen<:e in Ihe 
municipal election of New Orleans : 

Mr. Kennedy, tbe present Mayor ol 
tbe city, telegraphed to the President on 
the 16th inst , expressing douht-s as to 
the fitness in bis successor clcti, Mr. 
Monroe, and intjuiring whether or not he 
should yield Ihe succession. The Presi- 
dent replied as follows, by teleg raph : 
" I have no information to give^tffr.-gurd 
to surrendering the mayoralty of New 
Orleans to the person elected lo fill the 
position. I have no information showing 
that Ihe deciion was not regular or that 
the individual who has oe"n elected can- 
not qualify. In the absence of such proof 
the presumption is that the election has 
been according to law, and that the per- 
son elected can take the o,itb of allegiance 
an 1 loyalty retpiired." 

iVlr. Monroe eecms to have known that 
efforts were being made to keep him out 
of office and also telegraphed the Presi- 
dent yesterday that he had been regularly 
elected Mayor of New Orleans, and that 
he is as loyal to the Union and enthusias- 
titally in favor of the reconstiu'iion poli- 
cy of the President as any man livicg. 

■ew Twrk Itvnii. 

.Vkw Y'oiiK, March 10. 

An organized band of letter thieves has 
been recently discovered by postofficc 
detectives in ibis city. An important 
arrest was made on Saturday last. 

It is expected that the steamers St. 
John and Erastus Corning will go up 
the Hudson river to-night. A new vessel 
hag been built for the people's line and 
named after Daniel Drew. It will be 
launched in a few days. 

laqnlV^' !■(• tb« #aatMlcM Mwasacrr. 

New Y'ouk, March I'J. 

Fourteen days later news Iroiu Jamaie:* 
has reached us by the arrival of tbe steam- 
ship Montezuma at this port y.eeterday, 
from Kingston tbe I'lh inst 

The royal commission of inquiry into 
tbe causes and suppression of tbe recent 
revolt, was still progressing. Mru. Gor- 
don, wile ol George W. (iordon, who 
was executed as the riuglcader of ihe re- 
volt, was examined on the 6tb inst Tbe 
uxaiiiinatiou bad now lasted 30 daya. 

Tbe trial cf Ram.-ay Piovost Marshal 
of Morant Bay, lor atrocities committed 
in discharge of the ibtiies of bis post, wi:a 
proceeding beluie ibe civil magietra'es, 
but the procei^dings were couduiXcd in 
private The aeeu-ed bas been c im- 
miited to jiil. iu ifie a^size coutts St of 
the priauiicis chiiged with pirtlcipalion 
in Ibe lebellioii wtk.; ou ttial. All was 

.Vr. dvnard'n UUpatchva on M^xicaa 

Nkw Y'ohk, Marih 10. 
The Iribune's Paris correspondent cf 
the 2d inst. writes ol an important fact 
not yet publicly known in Paris. Mr. 
Seward's answer to Druoyn De P Huys' 
dispatch of Jan. 'Jth arrive<l. Although 
the French Government has no'; yet; pro- 
nounced an offi.ial opiuion upon it, tbe 
cabinet of the Tuilleries is very much 
pleased with the contents. WhUu reite- 
rating and rcenforcing all that tbe United 
States government has said upon the 
Mexican tiuestion which he bas happily 
commanded language to describe ; tbe 
position from which the Americans will 
not make up their luind to consider as 
not compatible with their own views for 
the moment, ibe undoubted impression 
of the French ministry is, th*' Mr. Sew- 
ard's latest communication relieves them 
from a load of anxiety, and the relations 
of France and the United Slates in re- 
gard to Mexico now standi upon a very 
gcod looting. 

Curappaa Kiemn 

New Y'ohk, March 19. 

Intelligence from Paris states that two 
regiments ol French troops are shortly lo 
leave France for Rome. 

It is also reported that a collision is 
probable between Austria and Prussia on 
the ijnistion ol tbe D«itcbie8. 

rilll»I«Kn WAHVBU. 

Ihe highest WLgns will bj pUd lo a good, 
stvady and fast warkman. JiDgiKemont can b« 
entered iut« for one or iiiore years If dtitired. 
Addruas or till on the atttwcribers in Faribault. 

mchzuzw lOtrBELL* WOOD. 

^m |^iliTrtiis*(uunt$. 



1 luve this ilay a-aaciated witli iiie as aiartK-r, 

(;k >. w. i'Kt.i><j(irr. iti« bu>iBe-.i win \>,- 

larricil on uuder iti - ft m niin..- (•f D. \>. MKK- 
UlLLkCi). M. U. NKKMII.I.. 

March 'I, IMA. mcUll If 

V. u. MaiikiLL. 

. w. rttCitcoTr. 


•ci Lvn-r. 

AUI.cii hcottjU Terrier, with browu legs, six 
months old. A libinU reward will be paid fur 
returning Ihe aamc to O. WILL11J8. at tbe 
B4ukiDg officii of WilliiB BroF. t Uunbar. 



HB]« err 

By the undersiKned in the town of Wtaiine 
Washington county, on the ItJlh day ol June 
ItMt-'i one Iron Gray Mare, aboat fifteen hands 
high, poor in fleih, marks of cellar on shoulderii, 
sa-ldie ou hack, and supposed to l>e 10 or I'.' yean 
old. llie owiipr i~ requentod to prove prtperty 
pav chariieH and taka her away. 

M«riu«, Marcn )'.>, ISflo. nich^iO-tstHZw 


Oil- Ten ilorfc Fower rortabk- Kngine and 
Moiii.r, cemplete. Alio ont> Filtoon Horse 
lower, portable; two Twenty Hor^o Power 
l.ocumoilve tii.ilerit, one nearly new; odl- Kour 
Horse I'ower I'ortablu Holler En^nn. and Holl- 
ers leiwIfBi. Apply toT, SMITUtiiUN, Pine 
etreet, between tirotreuud SoBenet street. 

meU'-'O w* 


VVholPsaie and Uelail C^a'crs lu 

Books, Stationery, 

Curtain Ir'apt-pw, A:*-.. 


yuvmu. ~~~ ~~ 

A niuaJ lloiats aitd liutit-r ahd iHoBuflalo 
Kobei at the loner •>i><1 of Hr«<>ntli rtreit. lli*. 
owa'« can liave them by appl.tii g 'o 

N.r. MLIllin', 

loclil-^ n on Wabashtw TlreH, near I 


B. Tu>.>fe»i..ii.<-A(.M. J. e. TH(.Mi-M n, rr.Ka 


New Lemons and Oranges 

'l»l l.II KIVKIi I. I • 

Lewis EngolB Jackgon-st. 

I*ai<l up Capital ><KM),()00. 

WAIfWKO — A filustion byajoung iiiin, 
an Clerk either at »t. I'aul or MianeapoliH, 
who is a good penman and can talk ttie Scaudi- 
navian Uiipiige. Address U H. J , box », Min- 
DeB]>t>liii, hian. moi^-lw* 


1IE«V» ITBnH. 

— Hon. X. F. Doubleday, father cf 
Msjor General Abncr Doubleday, died atBel- 
vi^ere, in Illinois, on tbe lOth inst. Mr. Dou- 
bleday was for many years a resident of .Un- 
burn, New York, and represented tJis- 
trict iu Congres-s several terms. lie was a 
printer by trade, and for twenty years editor 
of the Cyaugoha county Patriot. At the time 
of his death be was n citizen ot Bloomiiigton, 

— A number ot influential snd wtialtby 
men in New York city, who are slauncll sup- 
porters of Henry Ward Beecher in his great 
conservative attitude, have given him a cal'. 
They consider liim too ."irilliant a lij;ht for 
Brooklyn, and offci to raise <fl80,000 for the 
purpose of setting up atabernacic and 
souage for him in New York. It is not proba- 
ble, however, thai Mr. Beecher will accept the 

—The New Albany Ledger has an ac- 
count tit a horrible affair which occurred re- 
cently in Columbia, .\rkans.a8. Two officers 
of tbe late rebel army h;td a little difficulty, 
resolvctl to settle it in an honorable luanner, 
procured huge iwwie knives, and then slashed 
each other ia a brutal manner. After one 
had completely severed his opponent's nose, 
cut one eye out, and inllicted some terrible 
stabs in the body, the chivalry concluded that 
his wounded honor was satislied, aad f;iving 
his adversary's second a deep thrust in the 
breast, by way of an afterpiece, went quietly 

— Tbe Military Coromittee have agreed 
to report in favor of an equalization of boun- 
ties, the amount to be paid l>otb in land and 
money. According to the estimates of some 
members of the committee this will involve 
an expenditure of 18:400,000,000. 

—In Boston tbelegislatutc has brotifjbt 
before them for investlg.ttion, ibc question 
whether there is greater likelihood that 
"Scratch Gravel" committed the West Rox- 
bury murder, than that somebody's greed for 
the §.3,000 reward has selected a stray never- 
do-well to stand unwilling sponsor to the act. 
It takes the form of an order for inquiry into 
the use being made of the .State Prison ia this 

—Four well known citizens of Cincin- 
nati, on a charge of being active members of 
a ring to swindle the Government, are in cus- 
tody in that city. For some time past it has 
l)een apparent to officers in charge of the 
Government stables and storage lot on Elm 
street, that a large number of horses, wagons, 
&c., have mysteriously disappeared. Strict 
watch kept upon the suspected parlies on 
Wednesday, resulted in the arrest of four men 
named D. O. Newman. Geo. Magee, Peter 
Fulk and A. H. Barnum, charged with having 
coiamittcd the embezzlement. The total of 
tbe swindling amounts to nearly »."»0,00(). 

Ihij firoiof J. C. t U. C. BURBANKCa., 
was dissolved by mutual consent on the firet day 
of March InslaDt. The badness at St. Paul will 
DC settled by \. B. Wilder, and continacj by A. 
11. MiOl!.KandCHANNING8EABCKr,ont!cr 
the firm name of A. 11. WlLDElt & 00. 

The basiuesR at St. Cload will be settled by H. 
C. Burbank, and continued by J. C. BUCBANK 
andU. C. BUBBAMK, under the flim nrm.- tf 

/. c. burba:nk, 

St. Faul, March 20:b,16M. inoh;:0-lw 


Thanking friends for pa<t luvor.- to both inc-m- 
tiers of the Urin, we hot.*, by lo<lu«trlaus stlen 
tlon to the wants of the public lo retain their 
patronage, and also add largely toihc uuinber cf 
dealerit with u«. 

To the trade wm can off-r euch FiM:?ial iudtt'*e- 
ments as wlU make It for lle^ir attvan1.i|;« t j irive 
us their ordent. Phy \<itM», Ci'rgjiin-n, Law- 
yers and others, dei-irio); prof..-.^«ioDal work' 
wbioh we tiannot ki^np ua htid, wi!l find Ir 
cheaper to order througli U'. 

March <J, 18C0. aclill tf 



I.OIS lor eaie, un blutb utr^et, In Lbw<-r Town. 
ln<juire of h\t.lS k, BKO., 

on Waba^haw itrtNit, betw«ea Vh and Mt, 

ft bin If 

P^OR ME.VT. ■ 

A larg.;>irc PrtA>) HIORS ANDBASLMEVT 

on Kt^lertetr-e', l^etiireQ I onjt>i aud 1 iflh. 
n«;Ii'J«f I'ABBfcBPAINF. 

i^uveiriMCiil Bon4i>. <'<>iB, J.iind Mar« 
laMis uud flair Jlreed Scriy 

lioi <jHit anij hold 

Piciapt attrntiun gi'. en to Xitts OBitrcflon ot 

Ql .%KTi:KMAi>rEUt>' VULCUfRM 

Af eata lur Ui* nJur of 


froiD I.iv' ffcol Jind Qiie<-B«lo«n lo K-m Volt, 
and halDt I'&vl. 

Tf an4 en Mnglaruf, ItiIotjI, Germain, Ptowa 


National Bank of St. Pan! 

PaiJ ui>Caplt.a SSOO-^ytO. 


The undersigned have this day formed a co- 
paTtnersbip under the name and etyje of 

A.^ H. TVilder & Co., 

for Ww transaction at St. Paul of a 



OenersI CommisBiou Business, 

At the stand lately •ornpied bi .1. C. * U r 

C»r. Lower X.rvc«i aad Slblvy airert*. 

Br. A . L. Lartetteur will remain with tbe new 
flim, and we shall aim to maintain the reputati- n 
of tlie eld Houfe by a careful attenlion to the 
intenelorl all wbo may lavorus •ithth»ir busi- 
ng". A. H. WILDER. 

St. Fa-Jl, March lOfi, 18*1. mch oif 


The Pelrulenm took Stove, 

Istfc(> moKt PconoiDicsl .Stove In ut<>. Itwl'l 
doallkimi!! of co king, boil, bako, rjpsr, broil, 
heat ironii f<r ironing, fco., at w. II as any' etovtf 
in use, and ataibiid to hall the c*i«t. It uses 
nelthtrf:<iAL nor WOOD, and makes no snoke 
ora^hnt. Iti^ very lo'tatl; andulcan, and will 
cook lli« ordinary meal ol a family of six or 
right peroous forthreior four rea-K. ]<or sum- 
mer use it is Indirpenrab o, icaviuft the house 
cocl and cemfottiblf. 

It can be seen In operation dal y at Mr. John- 
eju'stiuusmilb Sbop.butween the Firet Presby- 
terian e'burchandScliill -r s Restaurant, on Ihlro 
stre«t, »he e urders wili be r-ceiteJ for Stoves 
to be delivered on the op ntnn of iii\i«at.OB, In 
Rant'cj and BeDnepintoiintioF. it'unty rights 
for sale. W3I. F. m UKELKH. A'rt.. 

rachM»;dkltw si Paul, Minn. 


T» link SXanitruotoi-y, 


Ti'aveliriK Baj^s;, 

A large lot on band and will tie ^old at N'W 
Voik piioes, Who'esale or Retail. 

Woolen Horse Covers at Cost. 

«'. PROAI/. 

Saddlery Warehonee, corner Third and Robert 
streetr. iBChL*0-dkwtf 

Cuiioiis Letter from Charles 
A. Daiin 

.Sppcial Di-patch to Chicago Times. 

WASiii.MiTo.v, March Hi.— No little 
fcn.sation was created in political circles 
here today by the appearance of a letter 
addressed to the President in January 
Ian by Cbatles A. Dana, editor of tbe 
Chicago Jiepubliran, asking to be ap- 
pointed collector of the post of New 

The following is the letter addressed to 
the President, an official copy of which is 
furnished for publication : 

t'liKAOo, Jan.20, 1866. 
To Iht! President : 

Dear Sir — Some of my friends ia tbe 
New lork delegation in Congress want 
me to be collector of New York. I shall 
be glad to have that office, and ac(x>rd- 
ingly I address myself directly to you. I 
have been a resident of New York city 
for nearly 20 years, until a few months 
since, when I came here, on leaving the 
war department. I know New York, its 
merchant' and its politicians ; but by rea- 
son of mv connection with the war do- 
paitment I have been absent so as to be 
free from all identification with tbe politi- 
cal factions or personal controversies by 
which the union party there has been 
much divided. 

I believe that there is no person of any 
prominence in the party whose appoint- 
ment would give greater satisfaction than 

Should you be disposed to entertain the 
idea, or to wish for information contiern- 
ing my capacity to administer the olfice, 
therj is no one who can judge bettor as 
to Ihat than Mr. Stanton, l^et mo add 
that I am myself confident that I could 
perform the duties, should they be in- 
trusted to me, to tbe advantage of tbe 
public service and to your entire satisfac. 

I am, with profound respect, your obe- 
dient servant, 

(Signed) CHARLES A. DAKA- 


Tli» Ilralhrr Bvliit, Inaf.. Price* 3Ac. 
Tho nitnlrt. lant.. Price lit. 


■eaealli tkc I<»ird*B«>« Windnn, 
Mlllrra' 9»mg, ■■••., jOc. 
Corrat Towplv. ln*l.,3Vc. 
F*nB«aiw Hunilirht. laat.. 4«c. 
Ciialii Day. ■■•!., .>Vc. 
Ciaftlr BrlU »• Evvalvfi. IbuI . »9c. 


OCT WEST, or lh« Down Eastern Journey. 
Words ant Mu^ic by II. L Friable; prion ;i:>i:. 
GI.OBV.GI.ORY- ). K. K. tiV. 

Wo keep on haad everything atvi.rtised by 
Oll'er Ulis'>n k CIo . aud at t'.e i«ain » price'. 

Husto seliKsted and ma*led with (?are. when 
et)l« and price ar« inadM known. Sfnney re- 
turned when morn t^an tbp pilce l« sent, orthe 
article cannot be procured, 

Wccall the especial attention of d<>alrrs to o«r 
Whole-al* ratef, aa we are fully prppared to 
stock Mufic Dealers oorapletely from our nhelvpfi, 

HOOT &. CA I > V. 

Uiiioii. Blocki fc-aiiil Paul, 

Dealers in Cabinet Organs, Pianos, 

and all kindu of 

SXuslcal ftf erehanUlse. 

mcbw d,tw&w 

Special Term-March Sih, isw. 

In the matter of the rslate of Theodore 
French, dec«>aeed. 

On reading and flling the petition of Charles 
C. Lund, e«tH!ui or of tu- last will and testament 
of Iheoiore French, representing among other 
things that the i.aid deoeascd dleiTiilrxed of oer- 
Uin rflal ectate; Ihat It U necesiary to sell 
the came: that he deflres lobe licjnsed to oxil 
the said real l.^Ute, and prajlug ihat he miy he 
Uornsed to Hell the name : 

It Is ordered that Saturday, lh<» ilft day of 
April, ISOrt, at 10 o'clock In th^ forenoon, at the 
onlcH of the uilgw ol Probate, In tho city if St. 
Paul, be asrlKneu for the hearlnft of raid petition, 
and that the hi>ir(<-at-ltw of xaid opceis.^, aad 
ail other pcrtoos lnU<rcstPd In nald ottate are 
requlreJ to appear at a lieimion ol tha Prooite 
Court, then and Ihtru to b« holdoo, lo aboar 
cause. If any there b*, why Ihe prayer of said 
pfltltlDuer thould not bj granted audtiUo license 

Judge of Probate. 

tues-mcb 10 im 


House, Sig^ii and Ornamental 


25 cents 

WUI buy a boa of 

Eureka Leather Pre.'ervalive, 

very bcft articl<) in use for |»rprcrving the 
Leather. Unlike any oilier Pnwrvative, the 
leather will poliiih. by applying jrd.nary Paste 
Blacking, im-nediati'Iy alt*^rlhe I'leiwivaiive li. 
used Everybody ehouM hive a bo.x. 3Iana- 
factured and for i>a'e by 


Jlo. iti rblrd KtiPft, ■lfr;i-c *' Ilivcli. 




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Always on hand. 

Fashionable Garments 

Mad» to order on short aottce, 


ISO* 'Xlil«-«1 l»ti>««t. 



Rea.1 CZstfLte AKreixtSf 

lOI Thiril ttrpcl.acur tho I 



Five Slore« on Third st., above ro«t Ofliw. 
7'.t fr«t with improvements, near Poet olflce. 
Thirty seven feet on Third-st.,n<ar Hinnenols. 
Ore hnndr<>d f<rt on Third i<l., r'«r .sihlt>v. 
Irfit 10,hlock 1--. St. Pa»I projMr f l.'.m. 
I^t :i. block '.' HoytVadibtion, i t,.tNi. 
I.ot 1, block i:t, W'Mtnoy &. SmllliV Add.fil.iiOO 
I..ot A, block 1 1 . do do 1,009. 

Lot 2, block 14, do do MX). 

Lot 7, block 7, du do HW, 

inn fept on Pearl-st., near tanndn, |!l,;no. 
IM' leot on Summit Avenuf. 
Kp^idence lots in all paitu of lli ■ citv. 
Hoii«o and lot 10, hlock .'., Leechi" Add., (I.iioti, 
Hou«c and lotnon Koit m., B<-ar Kottirs. $1,000. 
Kino reeidcntx' on Ninib-st , lot inoK.too. 
House and lots on K Ighth-i't., l.'^.'aiso. 
Houses and lots in all parts of the city. 
Karms, Karmiac Lands, llotelt, ftc, kc , in 
all parts of the Slate, mchl.i-lBl" 

just died, wisihee a Mtoation. Apply at the 
LUAn OFKICIC.opi>0!iitelbe ririt Prenbyii^rian 
Churcb. mchl8-2t* 

« ■«• r««l ClN* Ailg-kn C*aili«w.r, 

St. Paii,, Mirch ir, I-fl«. 

Sealed proposals will bf rect-ivtd at the ofllcc 
of the St. Paul Gas Light Comf »Tiy, from tho 
oreaent Stockholdir.'' oT taid Ct mpinv, until 
Tharsday, Ihe H>lh day of Auril ni.xt.lorOne 
Hundrt>d Thoustnl liollari of Ih rajiital stock 
of the Compiny. anil lorTwi»nf\ iv« Chou^and 
Dollars of tbe Company's Boad< rmningfora 
term of five years, and b>>arug lalrreet at the 
rite of reven per cent per annum 

By order of the Bawd of biroolo-s. 

K 8. OOODR Vn. .Si-o t'.rv. 




Willius Bros. & Dunbar, 

Has been remofoj to the rojm iu 

Octtholic Block, 

Formerly ocoBpio J by 
0«orff«t laitlr, mm^.. a* « Bovkmorr. 


Notice of Dissolution. 

Tho copartiiorship heretofore exii>ting be- 
tween Wmilllam L. Ames and I'amuol Snow, 
ander the style ol SkMUKL Htl>)W h CO., at 
St. Anthony Falls, is thi« day dissolved by 
matoal consent. The said Amei alone la an- 
thoiized to collect and receive debts due «aI4 
arm, and claims against the sam'<> may bs pre* 
scnted to bim for settlement. 

WM. L. AHE8, 
Dated St. Anthony, March 17, 1«W, 


A Lec'nre will be ilclitered at 

INGE:iXSO]L.l.-fi$ HALL, 


Tuesday EYcnin^, JIarcli 20, 

at J£igHi o'clock , b.v 

OS€AR STEPilE\S<ft\, EtSQ., 

ol thi-i t.iiy, btfoif hs 


.SLbJE< 1 

"The Iiiteraturo oi the Revolu- 
tionary £ra." 

Tickets 1 wenty-five itnt*. Ici tal.- at Combs 
and Herrill'i Bookstores 
mchl7 3t 


A bou— Slid lot aujoining my rerld<-Bu; on 
ummii Av.'uuo, above St. P<?t<T ei.r-'t , for rale. 
lltiuiiH i, , oDveidifUt and burruun.liog, f.|«>aeant. 
Kii.(uir" . f c. PKOAL, 

_'''b"tr Opt . Third a nil Jtobert-st*. 


at the Oas Comptnv's 
UUic", li;uk Ituw, I liiid etn-cf, by 
mchir-tf A J. GUIJDRICII. 

I'AitHS lor val.- 



Any one having a riiiaJi Farm f ti rent Hiihina 
ffw miles of at. Pa«l can have a good l<.-nan! by 
applying to C. A. PBtSCOTT. 

Wood and Uaydealet, corner of St. Peter and 

Fourth btrcets. mcfal7-lw* 

This Bank is oewin snocftf^fa' of^.ttUc •• %i.a 
lecd':;re its t-n ic<>< lo Bank' . hk\tc.rr and wtfr., 
la lh>- transaction oll'gltiiB«'<- t^nkim^iMnx'c-, 

Urnnm for 8'j1»- r,n 

SD>1 other principal Kuro^»*i, ciin— . 
Collvcttonf upon >U acoestibtc poiBt* 1^ •t.t 
IIorthw*r»t will tw Bad'- end r»mjit4>4 for os as? 
Of payiDcui St convnt rat.s of cxetianre. Hici» 
e»t Mark't Kat«« paid lor Gold, BUver and Kor- 
eigD t'.xcliaugo, 1hii> Bank it an >ce«l for €ii>' 
B<^rl|lti••Il* to tbe popular L ritcdJitat'"' T *) I>5»ii 
aud tho"' ii.jt<!f will »t ell lImM be k»p* "■ '••'' ' 
for Mil* is tacif of from Fifty Dollar'^rt:'. 
E. S. K-DGF-EIOf . Pr<'sid*tU 
iOaa BiOOLS.VioePreoideat. 

U. A. MONI^.tRT. C*«li!«r. 



i w ant tu i>^ ut a Uou ?e ol ei« or t-igh". rooms. 
Upp- 1 lowu pr.;ferred. 

C. A.PKLitUrr. 
Wood aud Uay dtraler, t;orn.r of Fourth aud St. 
Peter etreet*. iiic!i!7-l«' 



► 11 I Y I KM .SAMII.K3 i^fcNT FRtt 
with ti^rnH lor any on- to c'':arf,.j <i»iiy in 
th'<r<- hour r, bu-iue)>s new, light >ud de^lrmbb- 
Can b" d'Hi-; a' hom" or traveliuv, bv mate or 
female. JWddre.--. 

Ko. 75 Niseau street. Hew York. 

On Personal Properly and lieal iitste. Ap- 
ply at the LOAN (if 1 ICE on Ih'rd strtet, be- 
tween Jackson and Bol«rt streets, over L, B, 
Wail = ScedSto:p. 

mch 10-2 w 

WA.TIWKU-A{iE.SV.-i-tiO per week- 
male or femalH, utiheir bomi-. bttsincn.; 
lit;hi, ple»»»nt an I honorable. >• L.r rample and 
t."rm.«, ttdijrts* with two tUmp.-, SUA WE &00., 
Dotroit. Micbl^an. mchlU4w* 



A Sa'ldlc riorsp, well hr-d, sound andg«Dil<>, 
anycolorbut white. AdJrets "'L*. F.'box 5»"' 
St. Anthony. mcblS-4t 

1V<* t'tAXlHT WlLl. FAIL KO 

...1 ADMIT Ihat of th'! huodrede of Books ot 
Ini-'tructiin ia Pianoforte Mui-ic published 
Kit'UAiiiitioN '^ Mkw Mktuod takes the lead 
and tei ms de6tin«d to keep it. Iw^nty-fivs 
Iboupand copirs of Uich%rdron°K Method are io\fi 
every year — t tale tvhich no similar work ha r 
ever ii-ached. It is adipfd alike to the youM- 
ert and to the oldi'.t, lo tbo tx^giiin-r, for lirct 
l<"i=6on«, and to thi- amatncr. forguneial practice 
Pric'\ #J.:5. Sent io9t-paid. 

mchl3 Publlahers, Boxton. 

JOHN K|i-«lL.'s I F B. FAKW KLI.. 

J. H. STKWART, i N. B. »IARW<K>D, 




E. fi. FLKiERfoS. 
at.«l> Htll. law 

mst-ir-iet « 


Marine Bank of St Paul 

TAID t'P CAPITAL. •100,000. 

&GK!CEI.>t. E.'.!<SI!IO erSIFBC-S 1 KAJtSACIE ' .. 

U3ld, Siv-T and FjrotiaBge bco^t aad «G 
Cuupone iwia. CoUt^ctions pioo.;-*!- made a J 
remitt>."1 ti (.u'r-rt rate*. 

Agists for tU« popnlar 

7:130 U. B. LiOaxL. 

JOas HOLLAND. Vit» Prttid^ct. 

iohn UoUaud 
E W Holman 
O. B. TnrriU. 
D. San ford 



D. Well., .<r.. 

Kdward Webb. 
I Sewtcn Bradley. 


1^E««-orKKAX.inReTTO-L'AFBI i 
VOMaHK, by tiia brotti^rs Kicci. Th" abovp ] 

are tlielaic^i addition'' to DlTi-iiN A Co.'aSi-rit-s 
of .'Standard l.ibrettOK, the m'.st corr ct, com- 
)■'• li ad proiK'r idiiion pubH-h.-tt. f:«ch 
Li: ..-I I. , .ntain« lb" original it .\l, with a ^ood 
Kug.i-!i lia ■►latioii, and lb- Mu-ic if the prin- 
cipal air-. I'lic'o^ ei^ b :;■■> cts. St-nt bv mail. 
lOM paiil, 

Piibli-h.-rK, -i" WarhiDfiiou etr'ct, B i.ton. 

LBOAAKU *(iHEIRE.Ball«vra.- 
Sbop in old Uapti.t churcli Kuiljiug on 
F"l th BirfPt, ni'»r .IkoK-on. All kiudj uf Car- 
I'l-nirr work done to or.:ff. 

MbHEIRK Ac 0KO.. Arckiferta 
• othve in the ramp buillmg ac lyconard 
kiShfirp'H Car|>p|iliT i-hof, on Filih i-trept. Ue- 
Kigns, Plant, and epeciticauonti for buijitings of ev 
«TV r1'-«i' iption prfpared on fhort notion. |n u . 

H'A.ITEO-AGENrS-.Mai* or Femal*.) 
" I 111 iVar fbO fH-r w,^ at their own horn-, in 
11 liglil snd houorabl.. bu^iDC-i. Anv pi-rsou hiv 
ing a low hour.« diily to bi end will Itnd llii* a 
gootl luyingbii^iDi'iM*. Addrcbs, (-••nding ^lanlp 
lor lull particular?, E. L. LOCKWOOD, I>Pirolt 
Micliiftan. mchl0-4w* 

^aw^bLa. eobI i»a£v; 

At one of tho b>>st points for Ihp sale ol Ijim- 
ber on the Misrinsippi Kiver. Al-o om^ !.pt ol 
Machinery, lor Mnlpy ."^aw MiIU. <-niir<>ty m w. 
tine fpt ol Machinery for Safh Saw Hill,'nparlv 
n-w. For (articularii Inquire of 

C. BRIDUMAN, St.Clond, Minn. 


at tb<» Winslow Hon?", Saint Anthonv. nn 
derth<>managomPDI of MISS SARA V. KICK 
to continup during th» winter. 
Prices i pr term of 1J leiisons :— 

ycntlpman and I.aily, 
f*dyor Gpntleman («l 

..«dy or Gpntleman (Singly .1 .?.oo. 

Persons wishing private le«sons at spechU rat« 
will receive every attention, (iood mueic will be 
provldnil. Sept.2e 6mns.> 

HJ ]>£ B E R, . 

An pxccllput assortment of BUILDIKG and 
BASS WOOD, ai/oir,i» thilowr.'t an-in.< fiooil 
as the best, at tho old eslabtisbed "Bridgp street 
Lumber Yard," Hinneapolii. Hinn 

fi^birim HABEISAPl rXAM. 

Offers both spxes good ad\anta«rs in 
ornampntal brancho*. Spring t'-rm of thirteen 
weeks bi-gins March ^I'.tD. ii.Vi pivs for board 
and common English. Superior buil<lings, \i 
teacli.-rs, and '•on<» of tljp m.>~t suocessfu 
schooU initio Weet." 

For Oitalogiips address the Itev. tl. W 
QUEREAC, A. M. Aurora 111. f.tbL-0-lm 




mililtf * 

M!ei*c'lia,nt Tailor, 


n-'Slpr in H«t«, Caps. Kurnishing i;ix>ds. 
Broadcloths and Cassimorps, Third strrni. Ipgipr 
Towr.St. Paul, Minn. Cash advanctnl to suit 
in (iold.Silvfr or Grt*<>nbacks. iant 1y 


I'latn&.ey Oouiity, Iklinii. 

Furnishes correct .Vbstracts of Titles fo 
Lands and Lots in Ramsey conntv. 
Office— CofRT Uocsc 'feb16-aaUtV 

1^ r». f:r.a.ivkx^is 

BridRe Sqtiare, St. Paol. 



FiiiclIair(joods,Long Braids- 

WiKS Half Wigs, Side Braid;*. 

At Pricra ntaick Drfj C'sasprliUwa. 

All pood* •* arranHMl to b" made in the m.ct 
cart'ful acd tasipful manner. 

tirdpri- by Mali or L^presa will receive 

Private roou.!; for Ladiew'Bair Dies»ijig,t.h£m- 
pooiiig an! I>)Pirg. 

Th" .Mily KrowB Uy* applied and for sale. 

Particular atleniion to Ladies' aud Chiiortn's 
Hair Cutting. 




•TuHt JXeceived I 

lOO Doz Axes, 
50 Do2 Wood Saws, 
50 Doz Ames' Shovels, 
20 Doz Meat Cutters, 
20 Doz Grain Scoops, 
20 Do? Stave Baskets, 

100 R. B. Wheelbarrows. 
\5 doz Little Giant Clothes Wringers 

Kovevbcr X. UWi. 

RibIS IV-IH'^ 



v 1. V ■ 

We have now on hand a targe stook of 
BtiiUliiie Lmnhep, I'VnciriB. 

Which wr olTf- for sale at the lowest pnoft 
LamlMr yard on V rst Stre•^t. 

lt*a«f»ot«rera of Laaber, 

MiaaaaoolU, Mlaa 


Lite Sutkcob l»th Mais. Inf "y, 
Offloe. next to th* Post Omoe. 

BrtAr*-««r««t. RlBB«*p*lto, Rlam. 

nt t. 

you may buy a Urge size 

iSto-vrnrc Oook StO've, 

At a greit oargaln. It Is all C9mplet«>, with 
Copper Boiler, Roscrvoir, Ac , Ac, belonging to 
family leaving St. Paul. fpb'.'4 


For cmployiiipnt in the 

I*ress Bindery, 

One Forwarder and one Finisher. 

None but lirst-otss; mecliaoics ne:d fp'.y. 

Good wages and a steady situation guarantei-d. 

Apply immediately at the Couating Boom o" 

the nT. rAt'L rmumt. 

mcb'.O Bri.)ge Sijuate. 

We have bow on hand a large clock of 

DUhrldze W and XWChinincjN 

• Ais* 


Lamps of all Varieties and Pricrs. 

Warriut't .-.jual lo tSiw t»'?t in us«-. 

The atc\ e goods wlU be eold to tk« tra.I' at 
very low rates. 

UaiOB Block. Third sL. St. Paal, Mini. 
jaai-dAwly ist^ 

Fl«Rli«rSEli) lUdllUS. 




Nf\\ Vt»rl«,Ootolx>i-. HiG.">. 

Totkr KI«rrBrr SrnlPit RarklarC*.. 

r«r Ikr nr»l Fantl.T avwlag: Si«- 

ckiiK- UiKhrsl l^rcMlSiBi. 

UaX* .<a<>4<al. 


fclsl. lis simidicity and grt-at rango cf woik. 
H-d. Its miking four differ.nt stitches, Ti? ; tbe 
Lock, Knot, Doubip Lock, and I>ouble Knot. 

.111. The reversablp foi-d niotioo, oj*r«lid by 
simply t'irning a Thamb .>«crpw, enabling the 
o(irr>ii>rto ran the work to tho right or to Ibn 
lift, and couvenioncp of si.:i iartpning the ends 
ot scams. 

4lh. Tbe perfoct linisli and subsiantial maanpr 
in whiclitl.r machine is made. 

,s:h. The npidity of its working and tbe qvall 
ty ot the wfk done. 
'«th. Th" leltadjasting Tension. 

Aninvi^ leot these suprrior Machines jnst r«> 
oeivid att. lor sale by 

I>. I». FISHER, 

Qeneral Agent, 260 Third street, 


N.r>, MtchlDP Cewiaj done. 

Sewing Silk for sale. 

Thread and 


Office on Third Street, 


From a quarter of a c»ntur\> exp*riencr Dr. 
IV' M promises exoellorfo' of workraaashlp and 
:.t ipa>onabl' charge, and r. fi rs by i>emisslun 

M-. tiaks.ti.i Borup A <:>akc1>^ St. Paul. 

t 111. ani Mff . BiloN-, Int'.ri.aiional Hotel. 

Mr. I'dcfrinn, Prr>ia>-nl of ■-d National Raak. 

■»"glit l(pv. iti.liop Grace. 

Ki » Of. Ml Mist. rs. 

Col. Kobcrleou, and Pliysx-ians of at. Paal 
gpnerally. mchl-ly.|«|it 

Attorney and Counsellor at Law. 

Pnoanix Block, near the BridK«> 
SalBt F»«l, Mlaaeiota. 


t»l M.OM rOM , 


lA|tertioir» Block, 34 atreet, 8t. Paa'. 

Pkicwi— leetA ob Valoaaile, tW per set; 
bMt Oold FilHAgt, $t,sr to tLOO. RMi-iy 

Zki j^aint i'aul |'rc$5. 


V»rM> KAli-Y t'KLiiS— B> mall. •tO.iX) 
r<T»nii. r > r s» ivntfpor monlh, invariatly in 
■jjr ■!.• . 

IKI M . i\f ¥ rUKS-"— #ti.iv v^T annum: IT -11 nunviii". ft. JO lor tUfti< uioDlha, 
y>o»-n»» (••r^'no nioolli. 

Vr^l.Kl.^ !'"KSS -Oii.>c«r>. on*Tf«r, ♦-.OO; 

^lj,.{ii. :> coi'ie*. out- >eAr, ♦ 




a a -r n w 


A ■ L T p n 

B • 9 

One Siiuare. 


lOvetlme . 

i ( Tn-.>»-t'.iat« 



. . 1 50 

... 7» 

» .Six aavt.. . . 
• J Two «o.'k>. 

....J 00 

...! « 

...3 50 

...1 :^ 

...i 00 

...i .V 

C . On« rai>nth . 
J rwotconthn 
e I Ihroi- month 

....-< JO 

...S JS 

.. .10 M 



. . . v: »o 

...' ■-■» 

e|s., - 

..AT .>J 


i<. . 



. ffocia. a 

..\i io 

f i 

ml bu»' 

»(•*» -J - 






■ro3 (to 

fc'urth I'aie.cii^ 

•ii:' a ' 

i. iv'c Ti 1 1 J .". anJ spcolalplace asJ iIoaM« 
Kilumn i tv.>r;l-<.Mn.'at!i.auda>lir<>rti«<'iat'nt-« wltJ) 
at*, on.' I'lirJ jiMltloaal. 

J. .\4. •: : ;«.-uu>ufachangt<»bI«tt i'I««i«uf*ra»«^ 

1, :a N • ■ '■ »*o pt'r annusa aJJitlocal fcr 

hanc' • I 4 < rstoJat.'Occiits j-iT ijuar*" 

4. Lvv»; ni.iiKt-4 I'oii'iV t:ie»4>ove prlci's. anJ 

»-■> noiiCi' tn-Tt»'4 for it'-'J than t". 

J A '■ I'ii'.y ao J Weekly, two 

■ ;'».;»■ riti>. 
•. W ■••itlT »lon«. |i'.oo 

♦itrvb ^ 
0. X: 

Wittvla '. . ■ . 
!•-•> ttl.i'.i I'-i.- 

7. L » . ■ ■ V -••■.1 
cut* ; - ' ■■ n 

(.■••at* \fr - , . 

•. Attoru. 
*IV rt>»ClTJcJ ii -i .: ■ 
<am«. un'.i-'j t'i.--> . • ^ 

• >'a. an I .^C cnt' per 

I oas, for any j i-riinl 

. thrt'-" niout*i«. opp 

I'.t a.lvrTtl»ompcJi«,TJ 
't in.'crtii'u, anl.'irv, 
' '.itiona! ln-i>rtion. 

. iCa; alvtrli.-.'i:ii-o'< 
: !■• for t*ie coi-l ■if !...• 
-;-ocial aur'-'-mTi •■' 
r ; irtv. 


Its Management Inipeactied. 

Expluiiaiiuit or tlir TrruMiry 

MjCiillcch Sustaiued by Way a 
and Means Committoo. 


t o3>t>(ruller 

— U I.* vniltTsto.'.l i:i LKiii.->tT;itij cir- 
tics ihal tiio rrc-KUr.". has OcciucJ to jtivo 
iny nul aad lomort to UeisUr Clynier in 
Viiunsvivania, anil that urraiigcm-tits are Iv- 
lag midc U'- '■ > u ;:■;; '■..'. s.^l, .ittil ihc iilVripp 

ot !« maa » : 

tneFrcs:.!. ■ • 
-Tho i; 
ihe SIC;: I I \ 

on:i!Iv <>iren»ivc l» 

hhiiii>v-A\ koown for some liuic tuat 
tbii Stcrt'iarv of the Tre.asury and t'ciup- 
troilir L'larlio ol the Curreny Hanaa 
»i V at var.aaii' i;i resjiect to i'jl- ln.iu 
I'.ll anl oihtT .jM.Niions in relation to ilij 
liianciai polu-v «. J ibo country. Tl f mat- 
tiT iteuis (u liiVkj i-u'iuiiutiii, ::» will be 
>crfi bj- tbe Ijllowlri; k'tit r mblresseil to 
S«iTeiar.v WoCu.loili by Mr. Claike: 

Tke-vsikv Uetauthknt, j 

OriKC Or THE (.'omiKOLlEK Of L'l KHl:Nrv. C 

W.vsuiNC. ION, Murih 10. ^ 
I>t:.\uSiii: Your letter of yei'.cnriv is 
II- eiviii. My letter oi the -irli ult.. in 
aii-wer t J >ours ol tbe f.iuie il:«\ , w»s so 
altered betore i: was pi.bli.vbed as not to 
indio.itr to whcni ii wa.'« ^iddrfs-.ul, and 
had nooihtr elj'.vr, an.i 1 ibink hid no 
other « Uect, than to simply e.xjiress luy 
o» jfiiioi'.s to voiir l:),iu b.lL 1 dj uo: 
S'c any impropriety in my givi:'^; puhlie- 
ity toinv tlissi'. t )ro:u joiir viiv.;i of ihf 
public liisaii- ial polio, in aci-.-piiij; tbe 
itliie I boil!, I liii iijt. sum ikUt aiv i;- 
d. perdenco of jui;s;inent, r.or my 
cl aerion. 1 have made no eoinvnhiiei-.t 
from yoi! or anv one t Ise. of luy %iev7s in 
rejar.l to ilio bi.l. from the (im.i il wis 
l!r^t prcp,is.,l by vol!. .Mti r a hpse o( 
twelve i! lys you notice my letter to you 
I it ibe •-'-Ih if Fcbrnary. asd ipjofe n»y 
statemei;t lb' rein, that I .--iippose there 
must be lit that time, nicx-lir'-; tJje d-poj- 
i s i:i N:ition;d U^nk-s. bo a^ least one 
bu::drtd and tiltr miliion doll irs in ih.- 
treaMjry 111 th:' I'nitcd 5^tatlS. To tliis 
yen re; iy ibat the ae-ual aino\:;if. of 
ui-.;t.<y oil tbi. L'l:b in the Trea^!u■y and 
national d-.'po;ituri.3 t.> iLe credit of the 
Covtrnmii'.t, i.\;!iiiive cd special gold 
iKpe-it.s. wa* $lll.lHt,0;'.2 -Jl). I can- 
to: jce any reason lor vour 
ui.vnlainiDK a dlsticetion bttwten 

■■ Mi\» that, with 
rtUnJ, Maine, Ibi; 
'. .\^.\ r.niluad centers in 
. r:;.'/jlouccster, rortsicoaih, 
Ncwtjuri rvr:. ^c•vp,,lrt, Providence isiiJ New 
llavoo bad an extea^i^c commcnc wirii In- 
.!ia. South .Vmei'.ca, Africa acd the West la- 
■h<s, but i: has .i.'i i'.c;iart?d. Once in two or 
tiiree montUs a '.>..rk or brij; from Airica ar- 
riTc* .it Sa en;, but :iiat harbor is cow niainiy 
used for coal schoontrs at;d coasters ia the 
summertime. C: : • -t^r has not a single 
.i.ja.iro-rijsed vc--l. .. ,;. 

— Saciucl 11. I'arker, formerly Pcjt- 
majiiT ..•: 5iu t .aaii.- -o. dii J suddenly on the 

— A-ivie-i from Idibo sra'e that a high 
•!C:c:a!. iiamcd Slocum. had been arrested en 
t' e charge of spcculat un ; another official had 
recently aSicondcJ; another died a defau.ter. 
and still •aoibcr, Charles D. Vaughn, Trea- 
surer if Baise county, has been arrested. 

— For several years past the news- 
paper ijta^y.iihnents of New York have been 
conc«ntr*;.ni; 12 and near the little plat of 
ground, on t.i .-^: -..'e of the City Hall Park, 
ltno«T. ' ^ Uo'.ise Square. Within a 

radiii .^:.urcd yards froa the centre 

of thi-^ s i jare I an le f jund th/oiT.ces of thirty 
ueuspapers and other publicatuns. .^mcng 
the promiacat ones are the Tunei, Tribune, 
}'fci, IFo/'i'i, -Stiiiiii Zsi'.un^, Sunday Times, 
Dispj!:h. Licder, Witkes' i-piric. Army and 

Xar^ .' , Si.tenti'ic .Imerican, 

Cttiij". " Inirrifa;!. The Sun is 

aoo to ly, and the old quarters 

•.a Fnl: . ....:_:, :. be abandoned. 

— A New Y'ork merchant named Hen- 
cmaao, tither Ic-- r ••.:. robbed of twenty- I pound interest notes, acd no approprii- 
two thousand do; .;. ■ .1 sleeping car on the , tiou or provision made by Connresa other 
Michigan Central Kairu-'-d. He lei't Chicago ' than thit now mtntscii.'d, I cannot un 
m the e 
an n- 
under . 
Of the 

mate iei]uireineiit.s o» iho Govcrnmmt lor 
ibo mtiro next lineal j«ar eo-iiiu6Bein}; 
iho iKt of July ne.xt. It i.i only from a 
.■ii'n«e of duty that I have koiiu into this 
diseussiun, to which you have invited uio ; 
and as there are various and contradicto- 
ry utateuients in regard to the dillereneea 
between our views and estituateii, 1 feel 
that no haiiu will bo done, and indeed 
that it is propi r to mako publio this let- 
ter. Il I have erred in any of iny esti- 
mates, 1 shall be glad to correct, and to 
have the piblie advi.ted ol this corroction. 
\ erv re^pectiullv. Yours, 

KXl'I.A.V.vno.V Of TItK SfCIlttr.M'.Y. 
Corfopoaoiiii- • ihlcajti Tribun •. 

Tbe explanation i^iven by th-: Ticabury 
accouiitaiit.s Ijr the Iat^c dtlieieueies 
named by Mr. C'laike, ia that while the 
rrea.Mtry in N ew York, (or instance, may 
I have lilty iiiilluns st.ndi-if; to the credit 
^ ol lb'! rrea.'ury here, tbe llepartment 
I luiy have, in tlie uieaiititaM, i;iad« a rc- 
ipiisition upon such dep.isiia lur half or 
even all it the luud.<; and IhuH wLile the 
buoks here uhow no lunds, fho books in 
New York show a lar-je credit, simply 
became tho rt tjuisitiou may not h.ive been 
prcseiited. Ajjain. niatiy millions have 
been issui d to and charged over to dis- 
bursing aguifs in diir rent j a.-t.- ol lh« 
cOUDtry. These i>uui:i ar.- dcpus tt d, and 
many inouihs elapse iu toro ail is p*id 
out. Yet the Trca5ury book.-! .-h ivf ibe 
money to have been piij out. 

INVIoTICAlIilN l.V lU.i WAYS A.\l> Jli:.I.NS 

I «\>MMirrr.K — msckkiauv ji'lihoch 
si>r.*i.\ti) — .•JllJ.OLH,M)iXt I.N mi: 


WA^iiit.MiTKX, .Mar>h 1.) — Thj letter 
of Comptri ller Clarke, criticisincj Sicre- 
tary MeCu^lch'.s exhibit tf ih.; pallio 
tUhr, and deiliirii-g that it IVll niitiy mil- 
lions beloflf tliM real an»?iir,t, cre- 
ates e ms'ilcrable fcciing in tlni Tre-as- 
ury l>ipattn'.eiit and i:i (.'origrets. 
Mr. Clar.te wai i>n tho lloor of the 
hou.-c to d.iy visi'ing member.", and was 
ai-euj, d by .\!r. Wcntworlh of trying to 
irl1aei!eo tb.; House, todcltat tl:- loan bill 
a:id thwart, iiecretary Mi (.'uHoch's polii y. 
.So gre.'.t is llie iiiiertst fe!,- m ihis matter 
that ih • ways and n-.eans c;"ininittee to 
diy Win- loiLe departiuenl and niaie iii- 
ipiiry. .Mr. !!o-. p r. oi the conimiftie, 
on his icfiirn niid-' a *tatemciit to the 
IIou^e. liiat n appearid tiiat 
there was in the trea.sury at, that time 
5^00 OtU,t.ii.>0 in coin and $iitl,U(K».t)00 in 
currency, mailing a tot tl ol SlI.:>.UiX).000 
Rov;. Thu letter of the comptroller re- 
ferred to as.-iert.s that ih'.- sf.-'.ii iiient ol tbt; 
Secretary of the Treasury i? intw^-usably 
erroneou-f. lliviig f ecu this litter, the 


tiicnt ol ttic pubic debtwai eorrcLt. The 
amount of money in tho national b -uk is 
828.(iOO.tX)0. It was included in the 
611o,000,0^»0 reported tD be in the treas 
ury by the Secretary on March 1st." 
This letter of the comptroller m.ado it 

gold deposits and ileposits nia'Je in cur- j """"'tf''^ <"» ways and iiitaas had ap- 
rency. Both alii-c arc stared in tour P*''°'«=>1 ^^ tub committee to visit the 
monthly repcrt': as lubilitica and assets, | |rt'asi;rv deparluitnt to investigate the al- 
and you h.ivo tbii li^bt by law to use a ; lejied discrepancy, and to see whether it 
portion cf the _r;olJ, i:syou caa safely uae i '".'' '^^Y Huihenticiry. '• We leirued," 
but a pcrtitn of the «-ijrrc:icy iKposi;.--, ! »->i^' ^Ir- H , "that tl-e. Secretary's state 
berau.-e you musd be j by bavipg 
a reserve on Latid to rcfpoud to the calls 
of d«*po-itors. In this view of the cise 
there is r.o reaiun why you sbo.ild lot 
add vour gold deposits to' the $lll,l-i'J,- 
\Jo2 'J J. The special gold deposit, as ap- 
pears by your ftavmen-. of i he first, day ! "ppear that there were 3! 17U,uCiO,UliO in 
of the mouth, is .•?l:2.G27,tJUO This ad- the treasury, and he goes on to show that 

some retired notes and ,'.o>) bonds ought 
to have been iccluded in ihi secretary's 
exhibit. The comptroller then adds 
$l."j,(.)00,000 to tbar, stati meat as the dif 
ference between gold and currency should 
the secretary sell the $oo,iX>0,OUO in gold 
at the present premium ; but, as ttie sec- 
retary had not sold the gold, the premium 
should not be ad.trd in, for (he $15,000,- 
000 in currency was i;ot in the treasury. 
The statement of the pu'jlic debt was 

del to the aimuiic hat you state was 
the treasury, Jic.. on the ii'li of Febru- 
ary, Will mike 5!li';;.722.2o3 i?J, giving 
y> u iLe benefit, as 1 have, of gold de- 
posit?, swclliDg the aggregate of money 
on band. 

1 now unhesitatingly state that vour 
statcu;ent just mad.3 to my, as well as 
your published statements showing the 
condition of the treasury and tbe public 
debt on the first of this month, is inexcus- 
ably erroneous. You ttate <hp, nmount i }'*•"'■'= repeated entirely correct, tie bad 
ol coin Ln the treasury to be $.i)o.7ot>.102 : | included Ifce .^^-j O'.'O.O; i-.o\7 in the ha- 
curreney, 6C0,2t>7,7o7 12 ; total, -Sllii,- ; tional banku, and hehal not sold tLegl.J 
OlS Oo'J 2i Yonr mrnthly starimef.t, "ow in thu 'r.a.-nry. 
made n the tirst of the n.onih, .ibows j 'Leicjult oi the itiTes(i.:«iion of the 
that you have retired .So.ioij.SoO ol com- -'-''^ cjairatitee of way.s and in a::s was 
pound interest and Lmicd fctatei legal that ib.-re -were .$110, UUd.Oc^O in the trea- 
lenders ; this amuur.t must have been paid , i'''i- 
before tbe da'.e of my lirtier, arnl as thtre ' 
is no law authorizing you to rttre anv of 
the compound interest mtt-s. ntherwis-i ; 
than by cor;verting th--'m in'o J iju bends, 
ar.d r.o lav.- aiihcrlzing tbe retiriment of 
any U. S. Icgul tender notis in any other 


way f an by canvt rtirg them into com- 

r.;3cr;-.t b :;:" live, and took a ; ti'^r-'-'and why these compound interest 
He pat the mjney in i ""'•* ^ '^"'■"^ States notes should not be 

Oiirisitt;; of Iho Uuittt 

lO XI (III- 

Ffcm Ih" >l. Clj'aJ lU'n '.i-rit. 

The following l^tttrs frcta L'on. AU.\- 
andcr Uatufe , in reply to litters aiid 

....... and placed the coat' ;;°7^\.^"'^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^e^.^T »", n-.coic rial from a 1 cmmi-t-c cfi-ur citi- 

1 .u . i-. uanu. 10a have lust as much ritrht to 

.and the ne.xt mornmg. after ^^.:.^^,.^,^^^ ^^ J^ ^^^ ^^^ ^"''X:; zn.-, wiil be r.-ad-with much interest : 

.rs, l.;ana it missmg. He 1. ; goverr.ment notes, and no right or author- i Wa.shixgtos, Feb. 27, ISiitJ. 


E%'itlc'iicu of iiicu. C'ii»lvr to 

tli<* Rcconsiduclloii Coiu- 


\Va!*iu.\gton, March 14.— The joint 
eomaiittee on reconstruction submitted to 
the Louse to-night tho testimony of Major 
(ieueral Custer with regard to the condi 
lion ol utl'airs in Texas, lie testifies that 
he has'been iu the greater portion of that 
State, and has also instructed his olficers 
in various parts to repoit toLim the views 
of the people and their disposition towards 
the government Ilo therefore says he 
has greater oppartunilies than any other 
ollicer to know the situa'ion. 

In reply to a direct question ho says : 
' I do not regard the disposition of the 
people as at all friendly to the govern- 
ment. To use their own word, they ac- 
cept the situation, but I think th^•ir mo- 
tives are entirely selfi>h, and they ac- 
knowledge that it is from the desire to 
obtain ihu Innelila ol Ibo c.ovetumunt 
rather than to {;ive the govirnment any 
support. Tho lef ling is more hostile now 
thin it live or six tnoiiihs ago. They 
allirm, as a lea.son for this hostility, thst 
they are kep' in tbeir condition ; and they 
ere patti'utarly di^jatiilied with the gov- 
ernment because they lira not allowed to 
resunv their old places in congress." 

(jen. Custir adds that it is hardly pos- 
sible to find a man v ho has been loyal to 
the Union and remained so during the 
war. He says : 

"I do not consider that, it, would be 
sal;^ fiir loyal iu"n tj remain in Tesas if 
the troops sLould be removed. There is 
now little or no intercourse between loy- 
al and di.^loyal men. When our troops 
lir!"t entered the State the people seemed 
as loyal as tho most ptitriotic man could 
wish. They cxpi'cted that the leading 
rebels would be bung, and ihe property 
of traitors conliseited ; bat when ihey 
saw a lenient policy pursued they as- 
sumed a dillere,nt position, assailed the 
g'lverimient, and e.-pecial!y denounced 
the provisional State government." 

fiei^ Custer's evidence is very elabo- 
rate, and is of tbt' sao»t3 tenor as that 
berewttli given. 

Lt'ltcr from Oencral Howard. 

Kev. l>r. Bellows having addressed a 
letter to Major G.'neral Howard, supr 
latendcnt of the Freedmen's Bureau, re- 
ceived from lum thii followiog chiraeter- 
istic letter : 
War DErARTME.ST, of Rkfcoeis,^ 


Washinoto.n, Feb. 27, 1866. > 
Ritv. Dr.. II. W. Bellows— My dear 
sir: I am grateful to you lor the kind 
Itttcr just received from you, and hasten 
to reply. I was invited to write lor the 
prize, hut lor two reasons I abstained. 
First, I was too deeply engrossed in my 
present peculiar work, and secondly, I 
was conscious of my inability to write a 
fair hand. However, my penmanship is 
q'li'e as good as that formerly with the 
rght hand. 

I heard a isdy in the cars lately detail- 
ing the (ulfcrings, mortification and re 
pinings-of a young man who had lost his 
right arm in the service. He said at first 
everybody received him kindly, showed 
\ him sympathy and gave him aid, but now 
I it had come to be aa old story, and be re- 
j ceived no special attention and found it 
diiii -ult to rtnd a position where he could 
I g.iti a livelihood. 

I 1 will say to you, my dear sir, that there 
are times when the deformity and inccn 
I venience come across the mind, and dis* 
turb I he equanimity of those who are full 
of ambition to make tbe best of whatever 
bc'ail-i, I do not believe (hat even the 
plaudits of a gra'elu! pcot.le, or the con- 
scious pride arising from the glorious re 
waids bestowed upon p.itriotic efforts, 
will be enough to sustain ihi; oce-aruied 
man so as to m^^ku him cheeiful, hopeful, 
and b.ip[iy at alt times, so as to inab e 
him to iorget all tho nervous pairs and 
neivous seitsitive feelirgs that constantly 
assail him. 

.My only prescription is a complete sur- 
render ol the heart to Christ. 

O. O. HUWAIII), Mi.jor General. 
— Somer^s Friend 

aether i: was Ics: or sto:cn. , \,y to c.;nctl them. It a s'o appears by ■ M-'^f- i'- 
cy SOfi'.O was in United Siiates ; your last monthly statement that you ' ' 
.':; t^.e remainder in greenbacks. [ have sold during the month, without 

It. Wait nnlothe..*, Coiiimlltep, St . 

I. loua: 

[ have sold during the month, without! <'r-Xii.EMi:x . — Yours of the :' 1 in^t , 
—A Var kee llunkev. calling himself J. ] aulli^nty of law, ,$10,67-2,700 of 5 20 ! '^'''' ""■">=^^'"'^' ''-^-'cscd, was duly rcteiv- 
H. Livngston, writes a" letter ttj the London ' ''*^"'^'' ^'"^ purchtsed $11,956,000 ol *,'^' ^'''^ at rn. e relerred by me to the 
nme,. .r. « he protests against Baacroffs ' l,^^ ''°'*'-- "''!"■"« J°"=- I'Tchase 8-'s3.- ''Z'^^^p.''^^^ ^- 'it'*.'^*^ do' <-■ m or- 
. , ., u ,, : oW mote than vour sac. This gum "•-" ^"* ""^ '^"^'"^t^t^'y ni'ght ful- 

mera.r,a; or.uton. Ho say, he never felt | ,^,„,^, ^j^„ ^^ .^^.,„,^.^, ^^ ^.S;,;/';,'^ | ly ac.,uainted with the. sot^j.ct neater of 

hand. 1 wU rtmirk ia passing, that j }°" tetter and numcrial, before I cJl 
while jou have the right to convirt 7 oO "P?" ^'"^ '° Person in relation ifcerito, 
notes into 3 i'O bonds as the lurmer ma- 1 *'^'*-''' ^ propose to do in a le-.v days, 
turc, 30U have no right wLa'evtr to buy ^^'' o^j'^^ s for which you atemoralize 
or sell tbtm. i h.ive for seme, time been engaging the 

Y'oa have omitted entirely f om }our ' |=*'f^"' attntion cf fill htre who take an 
statement of the bt of Match, and >ou | ioffcf«'=* '" 'he welfare and material ad- 
bave untformlv omitted f.'^oui voui moieh- • vanccintnt of cut state. In the I'epart 

izore ashao:'. J than he did when be read that 
oration. I: he possessed one spark of manly 
sec5it)iiity, his shame woald be increased tea 
fold whtn he read his '.wn letter in the Lon- 
don Timet. 

— Msj. Gen. B. F. Cheatham, late 
General if the Confederate army, was mar- 
r.ed at Naihv::io to MiiS Anna B. KoV>erlson 
of L>a^> t-jQ c junty, Tennessee, on the l-Jth 
Inst. A large concourse of citizens attended. 
Arcoag the notal.iiities present «>erc Msjor 
Geaera^s S. 11. liucknir, Lushrcd Jihnson, 
W. B. }' • ' ':- C. Urown, Lieut. Central J. 
E. Uii jtis. George Manneyl, and O. 

R. .\n-e.'- .3. Lishop Qumtard of Tennessee, 
peif jrmed the ceremony. 

— Secretary M -,Culloi.h has written a 
ictur t J 5i.vcral leading IUp-ai)'.iean Cungrcss-, in wL,':ti he says be feels much an.xiety 
alKiQt tli ; jj . - -ualion, and very nmcb 

desires tLi- ,' sh.iU l<c done to restore 

harm- ny tieiAeen the Uoveir.mcnt and the 
people cf the S'^uthcrn .^tatcs. Uc thinks tba: 
one step in this dirceticn would result from a 
full and free conference between leading 
Northern men and leading So-alhern men 
now in the tity. He suggests that the persons 
to whom his no e is addressed invite a call 
from GcTvroor Parsons among others. 

— Got. Bollock, of Massacbuietr^, lia< 
appointed the fifth day of April next, as dsy 
of humiliatiun, fasticgaad prayer. 

— A cirl, bound to a family at Litch- 
field, >: -y . iraaiy, lib, recently bung 
d little ■ ; , in retaitalloa (era nbipping bcr 
mother had (fiv.n Iier. 

— A* Boston en Sunday took place the 
cin.wcralon of Right Rtv. John J. Williams, 
aa Roman Cathoic- Eisriop 'f the iJioce'c. 
Archbisti-ip McftCikey, of New York, tfflci- 
Rtcd, ai 1 d by the Bishop? <.f Maine, New 
Y'.rk, Viriaoni iicd Rhode Island. The J.tir- 
uoisiVitiiat ttie disiioguisheJ crr.iy of cler- 
gy, rocfpiredtonr.dcril mem. ,rab:c indeed. 
It was Ibfr tiis". contecration of a Catholic Cish- 
op ever held in Boston, and as such it bccoicts 
an h;9torical epoch. 

— The New Yoik Liprees learr.s of a 
recent caee ol infanticide, almost too horiible 
to rtctird. 'Ihe naitcofihc criminal, frcm 
policy, is k< p'. rccrct at present. Five days 
(ince, a well dressed maa procured a curse to 
attend the accouchment of a youog wcmnn, 
and, after the child was born, be threw u into 
the Ere, roaiting it to death. He drew a pis- 
tol and tbrtateccd to shoot the nurse if she 
disclosed the affair. The nurse then 
pUced in a carriage and driven by a circuitous 
ronte to her borne, where she has l.cen so ill 
as to be unaMe to communicate the facts to 
bcr priest until a day d* two since. The priest 
laid the case before the police. 

— The Blackfeet Indians continue to 
murder citizens in Montana Territory to such 
an extent that the Territorial authorities have 
been ct)Iigid to call out .5<'X) volunteers and 
bend them (lo-*n to the Fort, in which vicinity 
the Indians are conjmitting many depreda- 
tions. Ttiesc Indians have t ccn hostile ever 
since last fills treaty wus sgned, and are 
killing off whites in revenge for several mem- 
bers of their tribe who were lormerly killed I 
by eniigrants and settlers. Dr. Atkinsta, a 
prominent citizen of Montana, is said to have 
recently been killed at Kott Benion. | 

—In the Wieccnsin Senate a resolution 
has been passed by a vote of 17 to II to amend 
the Constitution of that State by striking out 
the word tchite from the section in regard to 
qaalfflcation of electors. The vote w as Mri-ct- 
I7 of a party character, cxccft ,Judd, 
UnloD, roted In tbe negative. 

statem'-nt lor several months part ihe 
amount of ratiney oti m the sia- 
tional banks. The amuui.t so Lei I on 
the I'l'h of February, ibe date of my 
letter, must have been a^Tu' $28,UltU,- 
OW. Taking iheref. re tbe amount sated 
by you ai on hand on the l.t ol .March 
111 coin and currency, .*11GU1S. 'J.VJ L'l. 
aid tbe amc'Hii o! U. S. and 
lompound interest nj'es retirtil So.lGiJ - , 
Soil, and 7 oU notes jun-h.ased over the "'^=*'^'* '" Montana; and iha' jiossibly 

merit ol War, of tb.- Inisrior, of the 
Fosicflice — wherever ihi; subjf-ct matter 
ol )our n^emorial could be promtted— it. 
has teen brought to the a teniion not 
m.rfclyofibe bea-is of the several De- 
partments, but ol the subordinate bu. eius 
I feel evtry cjiilidenee that a p-jition r,f 
the troops to I e sent to the pi.iins ni xt 
seascn, will be so di«po3i d as t » protect 
a line fotr emigrants and (reiglr from Min- 

amoantof 5 2U bon !s sold s-js;] .-jo,), and 
aho tbj amount of deposit in national 
barks .^L'S,!;!.!!,!.!,!!, you mtist hive bad a 
total amount en hard ol .Sl.Jl,7C» 'JU.- 
'2 I. Adil to this the premium on the bal- 
ance ol Ihe cuiii on hand after deducting 
the amount of coin to be returiied to de- 
positors, say $lo,0ut),0iJO, making a to- 
tal carreiiey value of moriev in your cus- 
tody on the Ist Match .? 100,708 'J 11 L'l. 
ILn is manilHstfrom your own 
in vourpublisht.lstatemttitof March lit, 
t^'^iP^ '''«= "«^«n tf deposit in national 
barks. Ibe report ol the banks will 
sLow that I have nu overs atnl the 
amoai.t of ih-se dep:;sits. I 
state the amount of money that 1 suppose 
was in the treasury and on deposit in the 
banks as pt r my otter of the L'llf of 

iiuiubirol p^sis to serve as places cl 
refuge and rally, inexpensive in their 
• haracter. will be established along the 
line of such a route. 

1 have under the present consideration 
of the I'ostollice Department the estab- 
lishment of a mail route to Helena and 
Virginia City, from Fort Abercronibie or 
some oth-;r point on the inc. Thi% 
in ccnnection with toutes now in opera- 
tion, will form a coiinei ted stage line, at 
bast once a week, from the wi .stern bor- 
dt r cl Minnesota to the heart ol Montana ; 
and may be easily tllected if, as 1 am as- 
sured will be the case, a regular line of 
travel and transit is (pined during the 
ensuing season. 

The carrying of the mail from Atchi- 
son. Kansas, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, 

February, deriving my kno rjledgf; irom * «list2nce of nine hundred and twenty 

other sources th^n exhibits from \our tie 

The regolar report of the Assistant 
Treasurer in New Y'ork, published within 
three or lour days after the date of my 
letter, f how.s thut tbe amount of money 
on bacd in lii tlli -e at that time was over 
SiO'JOiO.O'.U. |r in (air to add to this 
amour.t the compound irterest and U. S. 
notes .»a:d to have been returned, as they 

live miles, costs the goverrmient annually 
$;i.J0,Ol)l); and it is estimated at the (jen- 
eral Post OlBce that it will require 
•':;2.)0,000 to Kiuip and keep in operation 
oncyearaline (rem Minnesota to Mon- 
tana, of ihe length contemplated ;you may 
thirefore suppose that, in tbe present 
petiod of anxiety in regard to tie na 
iional linances. the I'o.simasler General 
wdl hesitate before advising or establish 

Lni>6ii<* s^iiiytuiP of the Sccrcta- 
' ry of Stale. 

Coin spciidcEce 'liicago Jribune, 

\Va.'5Iiim,to,\. March 12, 1866.— Tel- 
egraphic alluMous to certain singular 
declarations our foreign secretary was 
r, ;)orttd to have made lately to a certain 
mt mber of Cottgrcss in regard to the 
President's rodctnontatlo on the 22d ult. 
and bis own agency in produeing the 
liiecutive reconstruction policy, reached 
you repeatedly durirg the past week and 
no doubt excited tbe curiosity of your 
readers. Improbable as their alleged 
tenor must have appeared to them, all 
iLat has been made public upon the sub- 
ject ia strictly correct. It is true, that a 
mtmber of Congress (Mr. S.ofiuld oi 
Feiin.) called on the Secretary of State. 
It is true, that the latter, of his own ac- 
cord, directed the conversation to 
the misunderstandings between the Pres- 
ident and Congress in general and the 
memorable harargue from the steps of 
th': White Houle on Washington's birth- 
day in particular. It i» tue that, while 
discoursing upon the Executive policy to- 
ward the rebel States, he boastfully ex- 
cliimed: " I am responsible for it. I 
mide President Lincoln adopt it, and 
President Johnson, in following it, acted 
according to my advice." And last, not 
least, it IS tiui! ibal, when referring to 
the President's fulminations on the 22d 
ult , he saidt " When you'ake a man out 
ol a tailor shop and put bim in the White 
House, can you exoect anything belter of 
him?" Wherein, the loyal pubhc will 
agree with me, in view of the present 
juncture of public affairs, there appears 
to lie considerably ruore truth than poe- 

try- _^ 


A iTIcrt'liniit AcciisLMl 

of Her 

tl'ij 100 b.j'l. 1 estimate the amount in 
the treasury in Wasbirgton, and in tbe 
har.ils of Ih.- A.'fiiiant Treasurers in Bal- 
iimcre, Philadelphia, Boiton, in the Pa- 
c.bc States and in the various deposito- 
ries in other titatpd ami t„ k„„i.= ... .i,„ 

mos' have b-en paid (or before I '"K 'he route But we thall eventually 
'"''■""'' ■ ■ ' -surceed, and I think at an eat ly period. 

To initiate ih^; matter, however, properly, 
I regard it as very desirable that some 
rea.souable t ffr-r iw convey the mails over 
the toute should be made to \\v: Depart 
m«irt by enterprising parties. 

Our mos' sanguine anticipations of bus- 
iness relations with the Western Territo- 
lies wdl be realized, but we must have 
paiitnce, and not be discouraged by tem- 
porary difliciiltie.s. 

Very Respectfully. 

Your Obedient Servant. 


"-tates, and in banks, at the 
*ery moderate eum of $12,000 fMl; the 
cu.rency value of the Rold over its re 
portc,l v.lije, $|O.MJ(),0,;0; total $170.- 
I'lO >S.-U. It ecems to me to be apparent 
that ihis amount, wbicb I supposed to be 
available m the trea-ury on tbe 21th of 
February, is far short of the reality and 
exceeds what \ ou (!ec!are.l it to be in 
your last monthly statt inent bv more than 
Sol.f.OU.'HO. I Hill i,d,l that' I can f bow 
to the sati. faction of any one that neither 
of your monthly reports for the last (our 
months have shown within $.DO,00(i,(XX>of 
the amount of monev in the treasury or 

Wasiiixotov, March .'i, l.SGG. 
11. C. Wait, Hi")., and others: 

fJK.Mi.K.MKN— General Grant on ycs- 
ferday informed mo that he bad referred 
your memorial to Generil Sherman, with 

on deposit m national depositori-s. ' or be nroi '^ T V^l " ''V"''^ ""^T 

.An accurate statement cf the condi- i Iv^riS'ni^h'M *"''/""! ''*' cf ,h., treasury is not merely a mat- I Mo'ura "^ Minnesota route to 

ter of inttrest to the public, but it is ol I i |,e enclosed slin rfv„ p . 1 
grave corsequ-nee that Congress should pub Lhed last week ^L?-' •*>'." "''"• 
be eoirectly informed as to tne ac'nal re ''"""V"^*^ '^"^ ""« J whici I cut from a 
sources ol the Goverr ment that irLav '""^"'"eP^P' r. .s doubtless the result of 
legislate intelligerdly an"j a r L„T// ''" "'''''''^^ J^" ^"ov, (i.neral 

wisely. I will 4ll J our a ,.„t 'Jn tS ano ' ^ "'l' Vk ^ '^«'""'^"''" •utordinalc to Gen- 
Ihermatt.rt In yo'ur annuarr'pVrrZ "I'.^urtTs 
aiatethai y u w.ll probably require .*H 2,- 
000 COfJ n ore than your current reecipt's 
to carry you Ihroogh th-: rimainderof the 
present fiscal year. I regret to differ 
from you so widely as I do in regard Io 
this estimate. I am of opinion that with 
an economical admifiistration of your re- 
sooices you w,ll lave a surplus on hard 

at the close of the fisc".! year er dire June 
•til lue^' _« . . ^. , ,•• 

hall have a bid from some 
quarer for the mail to Montana, and of 
which I wro'e you some, days sinee. 
Very respectfully jour.s, Aic, 


— There is a three-corutred fight going 
tn in Kentucky as to who shall adminis- 
ter upon the elIect8*of the old Democrat- 

.{„ ,wv , , /'„-,=, „r"v" ic party and get its old cl(t;es. Ihepar- 

i„ ,i 1 ■ r J!"'^ "l '""y. •'?-"•"'»*'."< ". 'i'" repre enicd by the Journal, the /Xm- 
Thl Tn- '""i:'^ '•'"' -112,<i(;0,0no. j onat a-.d the ro,;MV, of L^.i-svilie, seem 
Jiic aillerence between my catimatu and j (o prc:ent iqual elaifns. I h- battle is 
yoor. 13 more than enough for tho legiti- j getting lively. 

Kromthe CliicoKO Itepublioan, March 15. 

A case was developed in the Courts 
yesterday, calculated to create m ich dis- 
cussion in private and business circles, 
and, as such cases unusally do, give rise 
to much unchari able comment. We give 
the facts as they have transpired publicity, 
because they have already been bai died 
about from mouth to mouth, and more 
particularly because they have become 
matters of Court record, and are, there- 
fore, to a certain extent, public properly 

Sheriff Nelson, on Tuesday afternoon, 
arrested .James Wills, a merchant doing 
business in this city, upon a writ ot capias 
sworn out by Charles P. Norton a book- 
kcept r in a jewelry stoae on Lake street, 
in conteetion with an action commenced 
in the Circuit Court of Cook county, 
'barging Mr. Wills with the seduction ol 
the wi!e of Norton, and lay ini; damages 
therefor to the amount of $10,tJOO Wills 
responded by giving bail in the sum of 
$.1.«J(10 for appearance before that Court 
durirg tke term commencing on the se- 
cond Monday in April next, and thus the 
matter will stand until the cause is called 
for hearing before ihe tribunal designated 
in Ihe procss under which Mr. Wills was 


.Sacuamk.nto, Saturday, March 10, 18G6. 
To tho Hon. John Connos.. Wm, Ulghy, John 
Blawell, O. C. McUiier Washinglon, u. C. 

GEXTLB, The Legislature having 
passed the following resolution, I am re- 
quested to send you a copy by telegraph. 
F. V. LOWE, Governor. 
" Rrwhcd by the .Vsscnilil.^, the .Senate 
concurring, we heartily indorse tho 
conrse ol those of our delegation in flongrcss 
who for the pa.ssage of the bill known 
as the Krcedmen's Bureau Bill, and that wo 
indorse the course of the Hon. John (tonncss 
in voting sgalnst sustaining tho President's 
veto o( the same.. 

F. F. LOWE, Governor. 
- ♦.♦.«. 

— -\s an illustration of the success that 
in some c.iscs attends manufactures, i' is an 
nounccdthiit the ••.'-prague' lirm, of which 
Gov. Sprsfc-ue is a nj»>mhcr, Ih making over 
9100,000 a week. 



Relating to Orphan Asylums. 

Be it rnacled by the Lrtjislature of the Utale of 


Sec-iio.n1. That any Orphan Asylum in- 
corporated under tho laws of this btale may 
take mid have tho charge, custodv and con- 
trol of any destitute children wllhtn the State 
under the ago of 2\ years v/hose parents are 
dead or under legal incapaeity, or have alian- 
d.incd or neglected to jirovide lor such chil- 
dnn, with the consent of the county commis- 
sioners or any two of ihe county commission- 
ers of tho ciiiinty where such children at the 
time reside or are found, suiijeci, however, to 
toe duty on lUc part of such orphan asylum 
aforesaid properly to care and provide lor 
such children while ihov exerciicsuch charge, 
custody and control of them. 

tsEc. 2. That any orphan asylum afuresaid 
may also assume and have the charge, custo- 
dy and control ot any dcslitute children 
within thu .State under tho age aforesaid, 
whose parent:! «ro from any cause incapaci- 
latcd or unable to provide and care properly 
fur such children, with the consent of the 
parents, or either of the parents, sutiject to 
Ibe dutt' specitied In the feregoing Kscilon. 

Six. 3. any orphan asylum aforcsanl 
shall possess the satno imthority and powers 
over tbe children in their chsrge and custody 
as parents and guardians possess over cliil- 
dren suliject to ihciii. and may in their discre- 
tion bind out any such child to some suilatile 
employment iiutil such child, if a male, shall 
aitiiin tho age 01 twenty one years, or if a 
female, the age of eighteen years, or lor a 
shorter period. 

But proper provisions shall in every case tie 
made and in.scrted in tho indenture.") by which 
such child shall be hound to service lor se- 
curing nn cdiicatnm proper and lilting; for the 
condition and circumstances in life ot such 
child. Protided, That nothing herein con- 
tained shall prevent Iho proper judicial trib- 
unals from aivarding the custody of any 
orphan child to any person in its discretion. 

Siic 4. That this act ;<haU take effect and 
be m force from and after its passage. 

Approved March 1, IBCC. 

.iVIf ACT 
To establish the counlv ot Beltrami. 

be it cnactid by the LtgUlatnrc nf the State qj 
hlimiesula : 

SecTiov 1. That so much territory as is 
comprised within the following described lim- 
its, coloeldcnt with the lines ol the U. -S. land 
Surveys when rnn and marked, lio, and the 
same is hereby established as thu county of 

Bcuiuning at the point whe'-e the lin<i be- 
tiveen ranges thirty-ei;;ht, (,38) and thirty- 
nine, t39) inter^ect8 the line lietween town- 
ships one hundred and IVniytwo. ^142) and 
one hundred and lorty-three, (143); thenco 
northwardly on said range to tho northwest 
corner of town.ship one hundred and titty- 
four, (154) range thirty-eight, (38); thesee 
ca^twardly on the lino between townships one 
hundred and Ufty-lonr, (l>!>4) aud one hun- 
dred and lifiy-live, (155) to tho line between 
ranges twenty-nine, (tJl); and thirty, (30). or 
to the no-arest ranee line east ot the mouth of 
Turdo river; tnenee southwardly on siid 
range line CO the centre of the main channel 
of the Mississippi river; ihenec up the centre 
ot the main channel of said river to its iatcr- 
scctlon with the liac between townships one 
hundred and forty-two .(112)and one hundred 
and forty-three, (143 ; tbenee ^^esiwardly 
along said tawnship line to the place of liegin- 

Sec 2. All acts and parts of acts incon- 
sistent with this act are hereby repealed. 

Sec 3. This act shall taao etfect from 
and ufier its p :ssagc. 

Appro red February 2S, ISflC. 

.A.?^ A.CX 

To amend an act entitled an act to prevent 
imuoriation, running at large and sale of 
di eased sheep, approved March the 4th, 

He it naciedhylhe Legxslatrre of the State oj 

Section 1. That any person b ing the 
owner of sheep, or bavins the sarao iu ch irge, 
who shall import or drive into this Mate, or 
shall turn out or sulRir to run at large upon 
any common hi^-hway or unincli'Sod lands, or 
joining or acaiiist any inclosed laads occupied 
i>y any person lor p.isturing sheep, any sheep 
having any contagious disease, or n*o shall 
sell, let or dispose of any such sheep, knowing 
the same to tic so diseased, without lirst ap- 
prising the purchaser thereof, orpcrsonjtaking 
them of such disease, shall be deemed guilty 
of a misdemeani r, and sha'l lie punished by 
tine in a sum not lc^s than fifty dollars nor 
more than two hundred dollars, to be col- 
lected before any court having proper juris- 
dictiin in this State, one hall ot the fine so 
collected shall be paid to the person making 
the complaint, and the other halt to the coun- 
ty in which the complaint was made. 

Sec 2. Nothing in this act shall be so 
construed ns to prevent the recovery of dam- 
ages in civil actions agninst any person or 
persons who sbali import or drive su.-h di?- 
eased sheep into this State, or who shall sell 
or let such diseased sheep, or sutler the same 
to run at lar.ic. 

Sec. 3. .\il acts and parts of acts inconsis- 
tent with this act are hereby repealed. 

Sec 4. This ac shall take effect and be in 
force from and alter its passage. 

Approved .March 1, 1806. 


To amend an RCt entitled " An act prescrib- 
ing lUles and regulations tor tho txectilion 
ol the trust arisingundcr the act of Congress 
entitled "an act for the relief of citizens of 
towns upon lands of the United States, un- 
der certain cireurastauccs, approved March 
Third, One Thousand Eight Hundred .".nd 

Be it enacted by the Legislature nf the Stafe 
of Minnesota : 

Section 1. Thtt Hon. Charles McClurc, 
Judge of the First Judicial District of the 
Siaie of Minnesota, be, and he hereby is, au- 
thorized and lully empowered to e.xecute and 
discharge within said Judicial liistiiet. all du- 
ties and trusts In a like manner, and su'-jeet 
to the same requirements as are requirt d bv 
tho act entitled "an act prescribing ru'es and 
regulations (or the execution of the trust 
arising under the act of Concress entitled 
"an act f^ir the relief of citizens of town upou 
lands of the United States, under certain cir- 
cumstances," passed. MHrchThinl, One Thou- 
sand Eight Hundred and Fifty-tivo. 

Sec. 2. This act shall be in force from and 
after its passage. 

Approved March 2, 1866. 





O ¥ 

mmu m mu 

O I »* E O T 



Far Com-iany's upt p.rd 
'id? wh-el Steamer 


Will leave ST. LOl'K on llio 

3l^.t <lny ol' iMtvreli. 

TMs boat la entirely new and built e.vprcssiy 
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exceltent accommgdatious fo- pa->fenfiers. She 
will not bo loaled heavily, and bilng VKtT 
LKiliT DRAF-r, and having grent power, will 
mikcn tpeedv trip. 

ras.iengrrg f r HKI.K"A, VIRlilMA nrr, 
and nil ofier points tn Uio Miniug Co'iutry 
with a Ilmilrd amount of frcrg'it, miy depend 
upon ourrtartlnK promptly and n-achiog Foit 
Benton far In aivaaco of any other Boat. Cur 
churgfs wil b«> reasonable. 

For freight and pisragn or farther tnf^imsiion 
apply either In prraon or by letter to 



»^em\ §oik0. 


VAItlClllSK VfcJN.s. SOKK (liK.VI, 4e. 

An Kkcttlcian, uhuhai great experience < f 
tlii-irell4ctii In <,.<;<il rlumntitm, la tic dotoreux 
aud deep-di'ited m-reuus and other pains, acd lu 
affeclioDH of tlio kflnoyii, eto , etc.. attributes 
all their ledal^vc, stimulatlTe.andpaln-relievlDg 
etrcctn to ihmlT it,rlrlc qualities. Ho ansiTte 
Ih'ty r-iicre tin lo'alttiy electric condlUoo 
(cqulllbrlutn) of the p.nrt. and that being ro 
stored, piiia and in ;inid acilua ci-ate. 
JraaireUi Hou-^e, New Voik, Nov. -zt), 1»5'J. 

T. A!,i. 01 iv & i>>.— i:ciil!tmeii : 1 lately nuf- 
Icrcd Bivcily Iroin u wi-akueas iu my Lack. 
Uavlig h acd your l'ttrt<irs tii-ach rooon nicoded 
In cLii-n if till, kind 1 prucarcd ouo, and lh« re- 
cult »i.» ud I co'ill d"slre. A tingle Fhuter 
cured ne> iu a week. 

Yours leai. c lud., J. U. EltlGG.S. 

Ueoeral ^neucy, U.audreth House, Sew York. 

Sold b- all i\y\:> r- In Mvdlciuee. 


"••■of Muirno'aCiiSMrrb IknHfr, 

Wt.icti, til iju- lirst htagffl oJ a cold, acts like j 
in»K(c— lliadacti.5, Uuursene-p, Dlptlierla. tnd | 
BfoncfdtU, Soro Eyen, Ucafuf-H), Bad Taiie and 
Smell, being lh« result of Catarrh, ftiis unuff I 
remove,, and prnventa all these, and Insures a ' 
healthy head. Its clfecU aro ph-a^unt and «afe, ' 
even for infants who suffer from tiuufllcij. 

it has the highest profesdoaal le^Umunialt. ] 
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rNJij:w sToiiK. 




AMD ACltKTB ioi: TUi£ 

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U;Wfcil LKVtJC AJUD blELi r I5l«.«r» 
iy'»^f BT. l>/v tJi^ 

IV Jew F"IltaM.^~ 


Wholceaic andJtetaUDcalarU 


TAJLOa'a TlUMMl.Mib, 



Trunks, Valiaca, Carpel Uii«s« 

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Oia<, KTO. rOR »-AMl, Cr»Ll.A10),OI.-.'.-e», 


Clothing Manufactured to Oitler, 

under maDa^mrnt of JAItlJl* MATTBKWH, 
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merly with T. B. Campbell. 

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^V% (^a0Cl> 

A ■■tayaloloK-ICial Vlowofaiiarrlair* 

Containing nearly 300 pages, and l.tfl line I'lates 
and KngraricKs of tlie Anatomy of tho Oumaa 
Organs In a state of Health and Iils<-aKe, with 
a 'I reatlse on Karly Errors, its Deplorahlc Con- 
seijuvnccs upon tho Mind and Body, with the 
author's I'lan ol Trcatmi'nt— ttu- only rational 
and auccorgful mode of cure, ai> sliown by the 
report of cases treated. A truthful adviser to 
the married and those oontemplalinf; marriajre, 
who entertain doubts of their pin si -al cnndition. 
tient free of postage to any addi'-a-, on rvo ipt 
of aa o<-nts, lu stamps or poiftal cur.ency, by ad- 
dresaiug Dr. LA CKUI.V, .Vo. til Jia den 1 an", 
Albany, S. Y. 

The author may be consulted upini any of the 
dltiea^ed upon wldch tno twok treats .either per 
aoiiaUy or by mnil, and medicines sent to any 
part ol the world. ocf.'s; diwiim 

The Ntrickland n«>ni<-aiia-ii.— We li:<ve 
for -nm" limo iVlt It our duty, or an agrevatjie 
privilege nt least, 'o say a word in favfor of i)r. 
striik'and's remodir's, and simply lor the r. a'on 
that we kuow them to be good— all. w" h-di eve 
that they are represented to l>e. veh'i d-ly 

J. L. FOREPAUGH & Co! : 


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wuiiraiE il Gill!; wm 

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:: IS v.tx.^ 

you ^liT AND Vv'-ojvr 

Tu pv. r-, •<'ate. and ' ity, and Town j.i ihe 
I t loii tn 


over ail woald be rival-, Jn.l tlio pd q ol \ietory 
isaward.'d to it ior depth and richness ol tint, 
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Sore '/hronf. Colls, f 'ovjr/ij, liip'hrrin, ilr.jn- 

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ItV 1 !1E 

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W.A. DoTkt, 

B. W. Al IX.WI.KR. K. N,Al.E,\AI(HEB. 

inoh2 .1m 

P~ MiiaiM'pHiTTrriiiM <:uni>Ai«v 
Hook and lob PrlnferH, B.jJkblodair,, Patwr 
Ralera, and Hlank Rook Manafactarnro . 

K*.«1«K B(»OMM, ItAV BO«Ha 
LKUtjKKS. JOL'UMALS, »c„ tnado to any 
P^tti^uid^bonnd.ln tbe beat atyie t>y the r.-twi 

Ol noli OF Tim Sit Ki.T»Rv OK sr iik, ( 
.ST. I'.M- , J'areh H, IWil. I 
No'lco |. hereb. ..dven Ihat t";dr«d propotal-" 
Will be recciv,>(1 .1 n,,. olfif nf ihe >.Ttetarv of 
Hinle umil ih» ii\:hilay.o( April ue.-it, twelve 
o'clock nieri iian, iltr .«n.e teln« tuenty-twodi}! 
:jii. r thn llrhi lulill nllcn rl tlr.n luitice, for th 
diepoa:il if ihecopirintit ■! ihotienrral StamlPf 
ol Miuni'hota, n.4 irotidrd by an act entiiled 
'•Anaoi p.ovldiiim- Jt.r Ihe prlntinc ni.rl binc'Inir 
of Iho i;eurr)il stalu-ea of Minni aota.'' approved 
Ma ch Isl, INW. Said .Statutes aliall be printed 
on Roo.i lonK primer O' ain-ill plea tv|e, u|ih 
iionpBn il i-iilo notes ; the p.iprr and llndlin; to 
Im< 01 t>eaume rpiall'vsnd sl>lnB:i thtt u<*- it in 
Ihe Comp'led Sialut«a cf ISi,S— the ana-* com. 
imslnR a full law bound book of about twelve 
hundred pa(es of lonif primer typ», with ah >ut 
two thousand < nis on a pajje. Ihecopvrisht 
will be a .> arded to the person cr tiriii ofleriog to 
fornirh Kald statute* at ih> lowent pii-»' per 
copy, provided auih lid be acrj)mpanicd b- a 
l<nid exi-cuted in dun form.wiihat least two 
rood and nullietent anreti.-ii In Ihe penal sum 
.f.l tonthoa.snd dollars for the all hful perform- 
ance ol iheooulraoi.and provided tha- uch bid 
iioes notexceHtl ttx dollars per cipy. The Srate 
throii(;h ItB Stafiiand Inealoirirers, wl.l purchase 
ahout l«enty.Hve hundred copies b> the prh-e 
ftipula el In tl e conliaot. the | rl.e to Indl- 
vl juals ..hall not exceed Mx dillara per rop) , and 
OB am after tho flr-t day of Msrch, iNflr.lwh 
i.«e.stat« and IniJlvlJuala shall be furn shed as 

I2?i ""1* ""'''' '* * l"'''^" P**"" ""Py not exci^t dloB 
flirty .hrco per cent in addition to the prion 
BMpnlalod In tho contract. 8ald Matutea sh.ll be 
ready for dellv,.rv In ih« citv of Paint Pml on or 
btlor.i the llrtt day of diy .inly A. ti. ItKO. 
... 4 J Commlailoners cf State Printing. 
tneh l4 4td Aw-Jw 

MA«Azi.<«Bit. .xiittMi.Arann.At 
Bound in any style desired at tho rtcst 
BU4tU7, Apply It U19 CQUItlS* RooiD. 


Corner Fifth and Robert Stn-ets. 
St l?ni»l. 91iiin«>«!iotB 

M»M-Fll-TrKrR OF 


Carriages and Sleighs. 

kinds of lepiiriug piompily at ended to. AH 
work warr.uted to gve aatiifsction. 

mehlt ly 

«OC>K ei]VJ>EI?>' 

Blank Book Manufactory 

Xho 5»r«w« Prlutiutf < *«>. 

oomplete Bindery In Minnesota, etnbrarfiigth* 
latestandmoBtlmprovcd machinery. Employlnj 
only ocmpctent and careful workmen. and iialng 
hebeat-iiatnrial, ther »-. ; ■ 10 cootlnurte glw 
ffttiafactionto all. 






HR.VnV Hlt.1., AT10KSK1- Ti 
LAW ard Ileal K.stat>< Agnnt. tilenore Me 
Lead ooaDtr. KUneeots. 

Of net OF -IHE Sn.RF.T.-.r.Y (•-• ST'IK. / 

St. Hail March I'th, l&OW ( 
i In purfnanca of an act entitled "An atlo 
' prov.idofor Ihe exrcutioo and sup rvi-ion ef the 
! state PrintioK and Biodin/j,' aiprovrd F-'bru- 
I ary 2iitb, 160fi, and an act aiteni atory 
ih-T.'tf', approved March Ist, I'ort, s^aed 
I proposals Kill be r<>c»l»ed at the office 

I of the Secretary of !>iaie until the eighth 
> day if Ap'il, A. D. iS^Vi. at twelve o'llcck rreri- 
; dial., lor th" exeo-ition of the reveral riasaes of 

t-tatn Printing and Binding und-'r aaid acts, 

j until tho lir,t Moid'y o' November, a i>. IMr, 

thw fame bf-ns divided Info svve . difTerent 

daaser, and Iot in setarate contraC". as fo lows ; 

Is*. For the prititing of »I! bill- for the two 
housos (f tbe L.»tl<Iaturf, freethor »ith tnch 
reaolutions and otho' matt-r s« mav li» ordored 
by both, or eifir rf thom in M I fcm. to be 
printed ic folia fujlacap fo'm. wiih ^ma'liira 
t\pe, tach yigo to c <n'am not l^as than thirt) 
line* of solid ™»'ter o*^ Ihe u-uai lenrth, «tth a 
rr.>at primer reglet only ia lach (piee betwe-n 
the !ine«. 

Id. For 't^e prinitrg of the Journa'. of the 
Senate anil noa-eot Kepr« fontativos, aith -uch 
r»prrt«, fommuniea'l<-ns. and ithcr doiaiTfn's 
ae enter into am m^ke a part 'f i-uoh -liurails 
bv law, to bo printed in mod um oj^avoform, ■ r 
small iiica tvi>e, with at leaat eix* .on hun'red 
em« la a pare, without anv unceccfaary leaa, 
blank, t boken tin^s or psgrs. 

3d Fur the prfrtlnjt or all reprra and al 
cnmmiin c^fiiTf aid other do um-ni^ ordered by 
the 1 ed-'amre or ol'her branch f er-cf. . r by 
tho ex-rutiv^ d"pirim<-nls. lo te rrinte.1 ir. psm 
rhl.-t fo n, tegeihor with Ihe v-olim's o' ; ubiic 
dorom-nta. tn re prlntod on the ssmokjodcf 
type, and the rates s'a'l he of t.'.i- fame aizeae 
ie>j irei^ forihe JoumaV. 

4ih. For tre p-lntin* of tin i^em-rnl and 
'oral Lavs anl Joint K^^oI•^:i^>ll1. in .. i^ctliim 
octavo form en good sm-.ll 1 i •« '.\\>^, the 
page* to be of the same (.iri" and 'er;n h- thoio 
c th« Jearrals acd divumcntJ ip .-iii ,-1 in tho 
Bo-n" and third claa-os, with 1. a-Liiiil n-tes 
to the General Laws ir nonpareil t' po, rimi'ar to 
thoi-e h-rcioforo inforte'. 

Sih. Fur the p'lntipjt by tho ,j lire of »li 
btanks. circulars i>nd o'hor wo k ».eoii.«.a'y tor 
the u.-c of iho Kxo'-utiv.o Departments. >'yier 
than fuch asshal t<e printed in 1 amehtet fjrm to 
Iw oxeiutod in a aivle con ii ent viltn good 
wrrkman-hin and with die ref ren'-o 10 ec ino- 
my ; the work to be e-itlm.tod ai.d measured bv 
the Furtace ac usl'y covered— not by th" fire of 
Iho uhe-t No job shall be counted as l»(s th n 
one thousand ems and no jjb ol prce; woik 
est'm.t li ai los- iban cm- qu'ro. 

• C>!h. For tho foM'ng and vitelline of ail Mil", 
resolutions. «?>• mphli.-s orot'er (^ocuin-nts or 
derid ppnt^*d, and the liroshure rovrririr < f all 
doiumonts ordered to fo Ojve oil. the rate per 
huidied shevts for folding, the rate por hun 
dred copies for the silchiiig. and tli' ra e 
per hundn-d copies ^orbrcichH..' c-v.-ri; g. 

7th. F> r the fi.i|<ling, stitching acd Lim'ing of 
tho I.JWS, J.iurnal", and vn uires of ihe 
public drcamrnts, the rate per hnud'rd the.-*;, 
ibr folilinr, the rate per hardred copi'-? lur 
stichinr, and the rate per hurdro.1 c j,ipg (or 
binding »n bri'cliure rov. rs, paste baard covortnf, 
in sheep s^in half bautd, and in aw axle full 

F.arh prop sil mu-t ditinrily sn.i si-w(i,ically 
st-ito tho price 'cr tho'isird am' li.r Ihn compo 
fition of a 1 n att«'r • m'Tac---.! ih.'rein for ►tch u- 
the five classes of p- inline. and tho price por t^ k.-n 
iorallir.-r-'-woik con-ain.d inoithorof the first, 
sec nd. third cr fourth rl-tss.s. and the prio-' p r 
qnlro for the pr-ss-work outnioM iiithofiith 
Class. Ki>r tho tirst, m-i-.- '. ihird. finirth an I 
Bf.h cUss''s each proposal nri.-t beacrorapaniod 
hi- a Iwiid .-xecutod in due t 'rni bv thefiddor 
with at Iea<t tw^R.iedand suflic t-nt sureties in 

• ho |n'u 1 runa of ton thou-ainl d. 1 ar-, and for 
the sixth iiat s.venth c'a.sos ia the p^nsl ^ura 
of two thoiisani dnpars. "-uch b.->: ds 
ninst bo Ci.iiiiiti.nod for the f»ii!;ful por 
forir'nc<>. pu-suant to sa-il a.-|i. of a I >u-hrtasa 
or itasf.s of the .Slate i'rinlirc or Bmdin( as 
m^y be awar-'e.t t'-) sir-h bidder, and fo the rar- 
lue't a- iic|c<d«led dijn.gos by such I idJer 
f 1I10 .tato of anv exce^« i>f ro-t« *>er ' li» tid 
orhldsofsBch bdter. whloh the Siato may l>o 
oUlfZod 10 pay 'or sueh woik bv reason <f tho 
failure to coiTp'ete sjch corfart or contrac:s. 

No bida wIl b<> (Dt-Tialni-il wliii-h ar" at 
hlsher ra'ea than th» max mum prtDoa estab- 

II hed by law, \:i : Krr plain ci^meo'.tion. (kt 
one thousand ems, tiltv-nve cenl^,- for liiiurH 
work. poro'O thonsand oms, eigtvllvo ,N.n »; 
for rnle and figure work, p r one thouattid ems) 
one do-'ar ar.d ton cents; for pr-ss work, per 
fokon of twi hundred and tift» imp-e ;-ions 
Dfty-livo oints; for stiohinn, trimming ar.d cov- 
ering psmrhl. t.«. not oxceedng one 1 urdn-d 
pages, iK>rone hundred copies, one do'larand 
twertvlive cents: f r bind ng .csslon laws, 
Jonrna's and executive docum-nts. per vol m». 
in brochure roverirg. ten cenl«: in pa.te toard 
cjverlrg, thirty -Qve centa; lo sherp skin half 
bound, seventy ceni»: in law sivl.>. lud bound, 
onedoltarand cents 

All «ork O'd red bv iho l.cifiUtnre or either 
branch thereof, or by tho Exomiiv offio- r» oJ ihf 
^tato, must be oxecnfed prenipMv sr.d with<inl 
dolav. The la«« and volum s of pub i.t I'ocu 
monta must bo delivered to th* conirsctor for 
fold Tfr, sti rhing ani biodinitwiih n for'y dajs. 
and the Journals of thetwo hiuses wil' in nii • tv 
days atur the ropv thereof is reoolvel by the 
printer, and the fotdinc, stitchingaiidb'ndihfr dt 
Iho bound volumes must I'" ►xe.-u'od and tho 
samo !*• livered to th" Sorro'sry n"- Stat-" «i hin 
thirty day after tho rece pt ihoroof 

All papor will b« furnl-hed bv the .State, but 
the tr*nspnrtation therrtif. an 1 tho c.ipy, pr. of, 
or prlatod abeets, •lllt>oat the oxp.^n«e of iho 
contractor or contractora of «ich {rinlingecd 

H.C ROrjFKu 
Commiasiont ra of £ tate PrinilDe. 

mchlfl-td * 




Drees Goods at 25 Cents ! 
Dress Goods at 30 Cents I 
Dress Gocds at 35 Cents I 
Mce Ca^bmere Delaines at SOcts. 
Good Alpaceas at 50 Cents* 

Good Mcr^-Qoes only $1.50. 
Good AW. P^pps only $1.50, 



Balmoral and Hoop Skirts. 



You will find it for your interest to go to 


uilS ThiTxi-fsti-cet. 


Rich and Rare Goods 

FOR bklK (nUAe FOK ii!^. 

Wo will sell a large two stcrv FRAME 
"««'/'i- T'l" ."•;»•,."<• »"- lo- on wSici, i' 
d*" Oonarl.*''""' **"•• '"' T*-:»tyCve t.un. 

W> will n'so eell a fine STOCK F»RM ef 
about l-ive liuodrcd ard Vwei ty Acres, on 
which ther^ is a fln« Barn, which oo«t aboot 
t>no 'hou.andlVll.irs. goed UneiJincaQd otiier 
oiit'iuildiniis, situated In Chl-sgo county, 
eighteen milos irom Taylor*' >alla, fvr Fo«r 
ibouaard Dollars. 

STRINwKR, AM.KN A CO.. .St. Louis. 

I or a m^m paitlouUr dei'crlptlon of above 
proj crly, addreta 

W.V C. FOLB«!H. 

moliT-;m laylor's Falli . 

BOON Anu Mum miiiTiac} tn 
the bi>st style and at the lowi-st rat* a at \Xw 
St P»ii! PrrKs stoam Jnh Printinv ofTr«. 

^olid CsiiU'er A^are, 

Warranted equal to coin. 

Table Spoons, Dessert Spoons 

T K A. t=t F» O O N S . 
Solid Silver Tabic and Tea Knivof. 

Table Forks, tV««ert Forks, Tickle Forks, -ar- 

dine Forks. Choose Forks, Pio Knives Cake 

hnlvea, Buter Knives. Cheo.« Knivea, 

Soup Ladles. Sugar Spoon, .^ngar 

Sifters, Mlver Xapkla Ripg., 

Jelly Spoirs, Berrv !*poens, 

O'a-er f-alloa, Wnstard 

^p<K.ns. .Salt ."Spoons, 

loeCream Spivrn", 

EGG SPOONS, Gold Lined. 

Pren iTB Spoons, Silver t^p« and l<oblets. Te% 
Strainer , Tobacco Boxes, Card C^c-a, Sni>ctadc 
Casos. Pu.i Mon.ies, ^Elt Cellars, rr«it Knlv*« 
CrtM'. Knives. Forks and Spoon*— all pure Fll-' 
vor. A large aasortment of SILVER PLaTKD 


A larpe lot, in G.v.l and Silver cases, adjusted to 

heat and cold— - arranted good tlB«- 



100 Cases Seth Thomas' 

A fuU liB«of 


C-ome acd aoe the Diamond tiooda at 

■». C. e»BBBI.BAr«. 
Tbe largest aasorlmeBt of 

Ctold and Silver Watohes 

la the State. 

DItmoBd, Opal.Fmr> Rnby and FmoialdStDC* 

■ad Pins.ttnyK, «methvst and Garnet Jew- 

e ry .Solid Gold Bracelets, Oold Thiml>lM, 

Oold^eckl■eea. Cio'd Chains, 


(a larg« lot.} 



B«AX OLASH* OrALt. Ik » a n« 

4for Mic at tli« Dal!? i*r«ss cAos. 

■■chlra, •Iwi-* Banataa, IMaMU, I 
»*ibI*. dkc. 


Store in Greenleaf s Block, 

Oppoalt« Concert Uall, neartlie PoM Ofl 


Real Es'ate -Argents 


Taxes paid. Land Warrants and iorip loeataA, 
HoBsea, Loia and Fama for vale, 


A«TBir •rricBK, 

Attorney Bt Law. OfBce orrt PvkerPaiae^ 
BBBk. lUnl *tr««t. St. rBBl. Mlaa. 

_.. / 


~ - ■ ♦ 




— The Great Ttiroat and Lung 


Oa ind %n*t 

Monday. Dernuber Ibik b65, 


at M 

a with! hi- 

Minnesota Stage Co.'d Line, 

TouiJCtom St. Ftui, anj VcTai-^e Tiiln 



GU1>G W^.^T-1.K».V^:J 
•«■ PaKl St «.3» a. at. .k ■•.3V p. m. 

ixnxi; KAST. 
■'•*▼*• •a»ko|»re at e a. oi, A 4 p. at. 

. v. II VSIII TvS S-cr..Urv. 
D«C«llit>.>r :», l-<<vV ^.-^ 

ST. PAUL it PAllFH K. R 

0« &aa iPor WUNDAY, WOVVMPVK nh, 
f%f»nji»i rralu* wir rua u follow? 



!«•<«« Icasci . 

ArrlT* tt Kii :- 

■ VK>'1>\ 

Vatt*3 at. I'ia: 

l*«Tf»St. Attthocy 

I-<^vos Aaoki ... . 

t.cav.'» I'l-'^.T. ..... 

An1»»»' y » >; r 

Lcarea Icv^'-a 

L.<aT#« St.Anth>n 
ArtT« »t3t. I**ui 

..» u« A.a, 

■ ■ MA.M. 

. »;IO*.a. 

■ ■« tSA.M, 

■ io.oe A.M. 

10 25 t. M. 

..I JOr, M 
■ . i .io r. * 

. .» 45P. «f 

. »r25p, n 

. S:45r. «• 

« :06 V, » 

? ♦».»■• 

. 4;eS A. J» 

. *;1C 1. ^« 

. «'«A K. V 

It l« tt arruntrd fa rare rnOI'P 
■«erT Tlutc. 

■ I baa ae««<r rallrti ta cure tliv worat 
Craap and Cold. 

It U the uhl,r n*dicta« Ibat will car* 
*♦ b<M>i>la;;' < '«u;;ta- 
I It nlll pr4>tenl ('ua*uiuplioa 

It wtll rare AAalbaia and llellete 
It care* ladneeca uad ft«r.« Tbroac 
It euros •11, II thi< dlrecllonsarcstrictly toUuw- 
e>I, or thf m <n.*y will bo lofuniied. 

Itiat c\'U(;h which >oa are ueglectlng may re- 
9>U 111 fatal cocKuo< pi loo it s )m>* prompt rfmcdy 
1* oot ufoU. 

Wt'v •acruic* your li;\' « lif n your ili.*i>.iiie can 
bf curod so q»lck.!v »"d at so smalt a cost ' 

What Is th« v:kljfof money when com ared 
to hvallh-i 

SHs<):» City. Iowa. March JtJ, !.«i4".s. 
Mo»»r. Xi'K'R A UviLKT— IVar .'<lrs: rtiU is 
to oTtifv hit I h4T<< used Morso's Kxtn-ctorant 
in iu\ fiiiii y f. r iho la?t two >cars. For cuuch'< 
«or» luuf;.>. »c , I kufw it U oue ot th" bint 
ae-lK-iiie-* t»v»%r usod. Kor Croi:p its offV^c^s tin* 
»oa .Vr.ul. I hive sol I a lar^j. amount o( it 'ud 
ri'commi-nd U to my friou.N, and talc>> I'kasure 
ill rvcommt'DdinK its us.», kuowiug that bv 60 
Jo!c(f much suflerinj; is rvlievrd 
Yju9 tiiih , 


Ai sTiN, .Mian., March .^tll IHM. 
I h-'Ft-bv cer#tif. thiit' I havo rxamiopd and 
t>'st-d In m iT.ctUo thf laiMitiof known as 
Mors.'* Kxp'-o-.o aot, lor rou<ti». • oM», Croup, 
Astlimi, Ac, a •., prvpLiiod uy Morfe A Uailey. 

I regard it as a ir- paru'loa of grvAt mprit,and 

wouUcor<;ral \ r.>,Mniiiifnd it as V.eiii(r, pr^p^rfd 

with »i«'olal care, b, rolliM^ iuhu i miiri> rinca 

i clous for thi' i(. alini'ut of the various dist^p* 

I 'or which it 's df-iuntv*. than any romt-ily of 

I W'tiici. t hawe«n> kuowlfd^o 



To supply a dei)olSDcyloB||oxtttlnx,havt> printed 

•nd ready lor tale the foUowtn« Blsaki 

fur DSC In l*robatc Court : 


COUM18SU)NKKI>' WAKKANT8, (WlthOfttbt. 


APr&AISEKS' ArruiNlMKNT, (wlthatthaO 











for ule by tho i;'iire or tingle sheet. AdJrvM 

i»nc»» jpniaiTiiic CO. 



LaCroaae, Wlaoaa nod all Poiula la 
the !Varthwc*t. 

It. A. BAKNICtfi, M D. 

Addri ss all orders t'l 

I.e*ve» I:.: ^ 

Leave* Mir..' m' 
L<i>aToa St. .\sf 
Arriv«»t St. P• 
TIOKEl-i t:. 
or an ex: - 


Gotax East 

dotog Weat 



>:«« r. a 

. r. > 

♦r«r. V 


5:5»P • 

i--i'd at th.» Stailcns, 
\.t*d by th* Coo- 


V. n nsLASO, 




Wholesale Druggists. 

V. A. Spavey * Co., would ca 1 th-* a'ten'ion 
ol Merchants and thipfwrs to the lact ttat thny 
have esial lisbcd, and w.ll run during tli« Winter 
in connection wihth<< railroadL of Mlun''»ot« 
an.l Wisconsin, a da'ly Uitpalch »T;'igUl Lino 
cuuoec Inftall points between Lai'rosse. Winona 
and the Ncrtn*est. A Sbfliclent i umt)er of 
Team.^ will t e lot on the route to nccrmmodate 
th9 larft* inJ rapidly iacteaslng business, and 
the greatest care will ttt taken that all doods 
consiimedfo the Disialih line will be furward- 
ci wlih disiatch, Hiih car.', ami at the lowest 
po»sible rates, Ih-' line will mate conrecilon 
with all points in the .Northwest, thus ulTiirdlng 
.">hirp>'rs the usual facilities. W heat will be run 
ft-omiho Kl, 'valor." as last as brousht forward. 
Capt. Is.*AC if. MiiI'Lr.iN, Managing Pa.lnrr, 
Lacrosse. C.-nsifrn ail good for lran?portatioD 
to F. A. Si- AVKY a CO.. i a Crosse. 

BORUP k CUAMI'DIN, Agents, St. Paul. 


Parses >■ 

Hth eV»T Vkf 

M!nnes(5t:j lenlral Railway, 

»n l<aT» S-. r.ial St .; , oc! 

1st Division St. P.iLj[ & 

Aadr<-ach «• 

th- I :SC '. 

PscMv- Ka: 
Eailwu',- V 


n c 

ct r. n. by the 

Pacific R. R 

'0 conrect wit>. 
i:n» t ou* on 

_>.»> the >;♦. Paul ft 

:.e Mlnse-cta Central 

{lassecgors and bag- 

F. n. 




6feiiKifc !r^Sai 



Winona d St Peter R. R. 

• -' ■.-.:■ r^ ^i;h 'ho 

Minr. Stage Co.'s Line for La Crcsse. ^r. Paul In the tcornlcg 

Allow us to a.lJ that our alock is tuU and 
oompeto. Ih'" atentl'.>n and patrocge of the 
Norihw-<l n.'-;iectfj'[y solicited. 


8t. Plul, January ith, U'V. 

._ Jan*. 

' TUekh lb NtlVCCil WORDAS FAllT"" 

TiirriiJitV CoiTiv>ovirwl Extract 

Isasuri" certain and spe.'dy cure for all diseases 

ot the BLi'lder, Kidweys and Urinary Organs, 

i either in ra.-Ue or female, freijucntly performing 

a {>efetft euro in the short srace of three or four 

, diys, and always In less tim? than any other 

I preraration. In The us« o! Tarrant's Compound 

I Extract of Cufeb's and Copaiba there is no need 

I of coraflnem-nf or change of diet. In iisap- 

p.-uved form Ota po-ite, it is entirely ti'tfless, 

iind causes no unpleasant sensation to the pa- 

I tient, and coixtusure. Ills aoknowlcd^ed oy 

; the mo-^t !eam»d in t'le profession that In the 

ib:)ve Wa-sofdlJfases, Cub-bs and Copaiba are 

the only two remedies known that can bi" relied 

upon with anv certainty ofsaccosi. 

Tarmnt's Compound Kstractof Cubeba and Co- 
Manaiac'nred only b, 

2."S«Jreinwich at., New York 
•^ Sold b> Crn^Kisi " at) ovsr thf World. 


I. ■ a V o jt 8 













3. tTATMUa VVKBD, ft. 


PasSf ntfri 

reach W itor» 
iioin« •«- 

p. M. Goir,; 

and 2 r m. 
For TickP" 

Ccmj'inj* I iT- 



«. M »nd7:'?0 
.ii3li::5 A. Jt. 

• •'!" Minsr!ot« Staje 




FIR»T z>: 


l.A5!> I. 

\ I -4 1 tan NT. rAlL «XD 

" ^ • .M ', sa, i 

,' :•,:.. i..;,e rs;,i ;,« ( 

X < ) T } C F. 

All lorsoDS c.umioc lin'J at li-iverumert price 
who re-«ide ia the Townshins named tielow, are 
hereby nurirted that the Company haa acquired 
*iie fee to the R* Iroadlan'ls located in said Town- 
■bipa, and they are hereby required to make 
proct of tS»lr rtithl to the Unds ocoup!ed br 
them, and make p3< meat theref.?r according to 
tie ;»ws reffulatinx ;!i« "iiice. 

i Cash Wholesale Clothing House. 




fieutU'nieir.s Furnisbia^ tioods, 

Chaaubers. *» aad .><» Wabaah a v.. 

C>: if-»t!» ImH^ c.mi li inti >ip\ sireefs, Cnirtigo. 
Cy Particutar atteoHon piid to orders. 

S. L. BAILEY & CO., 

D>alrrs In every kinl of 

F- f T R IV I T T^ « E , 

K.-r the 

Parlor, [hmz Room vV rhambcr. 


or all kinds. 

I piiolsifrlng: Done to Order, 
244 l^hird Street, 


S. I,. HAII.KY, 

T E ^4l S I 


l.S.T t; 



», 17. 19,r,2r .M. t:.-,i. To tt 


i.j. », u,n, 15. 17. ij. i:.. . . vt 


27, ». .Il.ret. ^^ m 


7, », n.n. IS. r. ij. ii.r!, 2s.i:,L;5 i.i 


1,S,J.7, 9, !■ - ■ ■ ;.^. 14 


l,»,4, 7. *. 1' -.:,.-- -J. 

27, «. il, . .1! 


.». ^1. K If 

X II. 1^ ••• 


J,5. 7. ;s. ■■ ' - ^ ■'. .-> 



1,S . . ;i9 


J.lO.iT i7 l;c 


i», r..^i.iv tf lii 


», 11. IS, it. £» ■ •- ■ l! I2C 


J.S, 7.9. 11, • ■..a.r.v^ yx 


l.J 119 


1».M 121 


1. J, », 7. i:. 1.1. IJ, 17, IJ, Jl.Zi, 27, 

."», « 1 if, 


». 7, tJI. '■ • -I, i1. _■.',. 

2?,iS.V. .. 1.-: 


«,«.... L-. 


1 Ml. n I;^^ 


1,7, », M, ■ ■ ■ -. ;.•. . , •), -,, 

27, W.I!. ■ .. . 121 


».«, 17. !y. /;. ■ ■...:, j.i. .'. .t.,i^. i^;? 
tl in 


t.J. «,». 11, . </i 


.», ^.7.';, ti 

»'»1,M 1« 


■.l">Ui.K '■.. BKCKMR, 

**■»— b"-*- ' -nd CnmmN-ilot 


I860. I860. 


JiiwEMTi fEniiii miiff.iy. 

Quxkest, Cheapest and Most C 


fortable Rou'e toth' East. 

LL •-.P^Ii.-iP**^ fit; 


V. FlUWELL & (0 , 



42, 11 A 4«> Vijibasli .V venae, 


Cf Par'.lcular attention p3!d to orders. 

I Throat and Lungs. 

> OR. 3'rU:CKLA.>rD'3 


's warranted to b» the only p-epa'aiion kpown 
ti cur- * oughs. Colds. Mo^rsenesi', Asthma, 
Whoupinji 0'gli'«,i"hr nij CoDnhs, CoDeump- 
tion, Kronchitii nn 1 Cfuup Itei g prepired 
from llocey and Herb- it I- he-lirg, softining 
«nd expect! ra log. and parti' ul?.rl suitable for 
nil allectirfns.if tli'> Tiirnat and Lurps. For f'ale 
b.' all l.'r'jRi» s s e.orvw'ier^. 

PR. STniCKLASDST NIC Is a concentra- 
ted preparation of Roots and Herbs, with antla- 
tl's and carmiaat'vcs lo streniithi'n the stomach 
ani nervou' "is'em. Itiia certain remedy lor 
L)>spep«iaor In 'igestien, Nervou-ne'S, Lojs of 
Appetite Acifiity o'' Iho Stomsch, F atnlency 
ai.a I ebilitv. It is not a roholi'!. therefore par- 
tlcjlarlv suited 'or WVak, ^ervou^ and y»pep- 
'■"person". Fjr ►ale by all Druggists every- 
where, at ♦! p'r bottle. 

On 1S.1 a • • ■ ' 
Train-' ^i ! u, 

< i < » I N f i 

Lnkvf Mirr,- j[.., * 
" -Mend •- 

• Ifn-'eTi: 

" < 

" I>-UBd.4S 

Arrive Karlbiult 

I>>aye Farllvault 

•• 1':- ' 
" N 

" r 


•*< >T"rii. 


Mh, IwV., 

I.") 1-. J 
i.W •' 

'> to • 

•; w '• " 

7W •' 

siiO ' 

»>.'.'0 " 

9(0 M. 

.M A. M. 
.10 " 
10 " 
' & " 


Or. .S r.ckliod's P'f.K UKWf' DV ha' cured 
ihon scd-i of the w< ftoi'iesof Blind and Rleert- 
iiiRPiks. It »ne« 1.. inediite re.Iefand rff-cts 
a permiiieir cur-. T y it dlreitlv. 't is war 
■ai.-ed K. cure. J-.-r sale bv all briiygj.ts at .',0 
cei.ts per bi tile. |eb:ily 



" K 

" W. - 

•' M.-ml..' 

Arrive Mini 

Train" •Ti«k«- 'lir-c: C'>nnectii.ns with 
• icta M-ie- ' omfiany's lines at Fariban't. 
• ao daily line, nf four ho-fe coaches run b"- 

V wn Fari>'abll and Kasson, where«Dg*'rN 
connret wlih trains on Ih.' W inonaandat. heter 

Ar-tijEemen s have been made f'lr fonrarding 
freigVt bj I his rout* trom Iji Cro-se with dis- 
patch an'- 1' fr'ati; reduced rates, ihro^iirh 
contract- 'ir fr.-ight can be mad- at the office of 
theComtatv in Mlnneapoli*. or with Bomp k 
Chamjlin. > gents M. Paul. 

Tbrouph 1 i'.i. t'»o»;i he purchased to I. a Crosse 
Bdall points in ihe Inurlor of Southern Min- 
es© t% at tSe office if the Pailway C 
t.i Vtajfe Co'^panv. 
<■ ••UEPAnn.Map't 

nd of t'l 



Family Groceries. 


The un' er li r-f d, ii»v ,iif |,t,t ncensd a choln. 
Mocki.f »AMI1.V i.ti ( -KIs.s, 
on .lACKH 'N IKKKf, teirlv opposiie the 
"Jiio flfft," will ke.p en tsntly on hand a 
tall assoitmef t nf ail t>>>o.1s in t-'ieir line. 

A share of the putillc (arorage Is respectfully 

BMrSl40.1I A «rEI.I.Kil. 

January 17th. liMs; jaol8-Iy 




WaOLKHA'.IC M *I«l'i'A( Tl'hKkS or 


Eagle Btrett, near the Upper Leoee, 

Al! Mnda of Tanlag for mU« and done to order. 

Reputation Established 1 

,lirs. S. ,3. tlUtn is truly 
a /;;f6:/r batrfitrlffHS^ nufl 
hi r irontltr/til succcsh is 
uttprfccdfiitcfl. Her fame 
mid lid' discoveries have 
gone abroad^ ami iO'day 
she is in her line the larg' 
<f!f uiatmf :cr»rcss in the 

Everybody Interested. 

l*ojf#/i /rtifl oltl af^c are 
alike titrntllud hu the nxe of 
JfMrs, ti .'#. ^nieit"' '^t*orid''s 
Hair Restorer ttad Utair 
Brefisin^, Tlirf/urt direct' 
ly upon //*f? rftots cf the 
hair, cft::.':::yj f::.tutianl 
growth esiui beaut;;. \'our 
hair^ if changed to nr.- ft or 
tchite bfi f.iclincss or other 
causes^ irilifioo:} fjr rcstor' 
cil to its ttti2:iral color and 
beauty. lPii:tdrafr eradU 
c.atcd foreter. The Hair 
falling stopped. The tn ost 
delicate head-dress or Iton' 
net can be worn icithout 
fear of soiling. The most 
delightful fragrance to ihe 
hair is imparted. If you 
wish to restore your liair, 
! as in youth, and retain it 
through life, uiiliotit €le- 
\iay purchase a bottle of 
j JfMrs, S. Jl. m'illen^s If Vrid'* 
I Uttir Restorer and ifrcss- 

Sold by DruggisU throaghoat the World. 

! 198 dk 300 Oroeawich St.. New.Vorh. 


Boroii 8awtag ud riaalBg Mteaded to. 

DAfLV laRBMS HTI!4.W tti 
VIr.K executes all kinds of Job 
wl'h n«\tnefl« and dispatch, aithe lowei 
A(pl7kt the Coutlog Boom 

tnm or 

loweat prloM 


*. KASr. 


The above we warrant pui;E anl frksh, at 
prices whl<.h cannot fail lo please. 

PITK A.n^ <k PA AR. 

January 8, DiGA. auO 




Fort-st., bet. Eagle and Ciestnut. 

Being determined to prodoce bet'er mann- 
factured tiooils than ran be procured In the f-tate, 
an" at as lo>v prices, would therefore recpect- 
lullv solicit th- paronaiie .,f the Werrhantg of 
3t. Paul aud neight<crini; cities and town" 

T>I«».TCAM aHllYOT. 
Jf . n. Highest jirice pa d for Broom Corn, 

Ko3al Haianu Lntttry of Caba. 

Conduc'i il li> til < Spanish ' ov^rnment. 

$360,000 IX Will DPaWX EVERY 17 DlTH. 

Priie" cvshed and Information furnii-hed ; the 
highest rates pild for Dont>loons and all kinds 
of G'Jld and Silver; alio for government 6e- 


feb:t-!y Bankers, 16 Will-^t., N. X, 

Bourbf'n Whiskey, from a cwnMnation of otot' 
twenty different kinds of roots, barks aiid herbs, 
which act in perfect concert one with the other, pre- 
pared from the original formula given by the great 
chiet Rod Jacket, to Dr. Chapin. who used them snc- 
cespfully in his practice for many years, and by their 
nse griined so great a popularity in the treatment and 
cure of liyspepsia. Liver CampUint, Sick 
and Servnns II<■allach^ Fever and ARiie. and nil di* 
Cisea arisiag from torpid liver ami imligoiitiiin. Per- 
sons sufTering from either of those loethsome diseases 
will fin'l a cure by the use of these Bitters, which nro 
perfcclly pureand free from all those dru^s and ^oi- 
► .ns usually put up in such preparations, and palmed 
enfoQ an unsuspecting public. A single trial will con- 
vince the most skeptical that In the RED JACKET 
there is a virtue that no other Bitters poasess. 

They strengthen and Invigorate the system. 

They are nnsqualled for general debility. 

They are a care for Dyspepsia. 

They give a good and healthy appetite. 

They assist dIgestlnD. 

They purify the breath and acidity of the stomach. 

They cure Dinrrhira and Cholera Morbus. 

They are an antldoU to change of water and diet. 

They are the best stimulant In existence. 

They are a preventive of Fever aad Ague. 

They relieve Constipation. 

They curs Nervous Headache. 

They are perfectly pure and palatable. 

The genuine RED JACKET DTTTESSv only sold 
to quart bottles; never by the gallon, ijuart or pint 

B*a that onr privata Ooverniueut stamp la nnbroken 
over each cork. 

Bold by all drugglsta and dealers throagboni th* 

Call for Red Jacket, and Uke no other. 

Circulars to the trad* supplied on application. 


81 and S3 UICBIOAir ATKHTK, 

iuh2-dftw 4m 

l>. (ilKSlIt, 

I.A.D.V>KKR, VBTAL fiI;Eltl^«, 


Of GUABANrKF,D COltltKi: r.\ I.S ' f. r sM 
lands or V ts la Ram-iey cjuoty, fun i.hed with 
dispatch by 


Real Estate an<1 (^rncrni ARpnttt. 

Real Estate bought and lol'l, r»nis coll'ctrd 
with care of ren'cd premims, taxes pad, and all 
baslness p7rtalnlng to K"al Kitate an I (..rneral 
Agency, done with promptness. 

Bigelowik Clark, Brishln & >rarnr-r, Allls A 

William., Henry J. Uorn, Morris Lamprey. Cieo. 

L. Oil., Attorneys at I aw, St. >'aul,Mlnn.; i has. 

Passavant. late Keglster of Deeds lor Hsmrey 

c/ounty, Minn. : Hon. K. R. NeI«on, Judge < t if. 

8. District Court fir .Minn ; Hon. W. Wlkln 
JiS^ I>"t'lct Court, Kamsey ooun«v. 

.."2'*\"'''""""» etreet, oppoelie Court H.inie, 

at. Pttttl, Mliut, •^'^ ftbli-ly 

3riw MxA f uttl ^tm. 


t • ffloe— .<V«JJoiuiii|t the DriUttA. 
The <|ii(>eii or EiiKlaud In Love. 

Loudon Cor. Ciiiclunati Commercial. 

" UoYAL (los.sir.--l had nearly writ- 
ten roval seandal— for, to tell the plain 
truth, the talk that now lluata through 
private ttociviy in London, in little lens. 
I urn pained to B^^y that this go.iaip in- 
volves no lt'«« a personage than Queen 
Victoria. It b«», lor a long time, been 
on penplci'd louguei, but it hat at last ap- 
peared in the newspapers. It is said that 
the Q ii'en hii takim a proili^iuus Lkuig 
to a very good looking bat ' Ignoble' 
Seotebiuan iiamtd Itrown, who was for- 
luerly u sort ol outdoor body servant to 
I'riitce Albert, and indeed beam a strong 
re^eulblauee to the Priuee. She so 
doaiti upon him that sho kei'ps him eoii- 
stanily near her person, at all her palaces, 
and ill all bcr journeys to and from iheiu 
She consults hi^r pet on all su'jeots, and 
takes his advice so absolutely that the 
rest ol the II ,\a\ Household have become 
very jcalouB el h'in. 'I'lie last htory is 
that .she i.s going to Knight him. Marry 
him sLc cannot, lor the iaw of the realm 
lorb'ds lii-r t6 marry oce of her own eub- 
jec's. It is VI r) iJi.'iagreeable, nay, it is 
wot SI! I bin disagreeable to nteniioii these 
thirt.'''* of one who. as wile and mother 
■ind Q,n eii. has so high a place iii the rev- 
erence f>f ihe world 

"I bavi! rtlraini d from npi^aking o( 
these s'ories while they were niirely 
lalkcd ol in private, but now they have 
become so notorious, and are so positive 
ly mentioned in English p:iperi<, that I 
can no longer regard them ns empty 

• « » ♦ « a 

IViiiifi- Onvis on llic SliKus 

From the New York Trl'.Mine, 13lh. 

Ill nry Winter I.'avis, ten d.ii s before 
his lamented di-afli. wrote to the Hon. 
J. M. Scovel. o( New Jerbcy, as follows : 
MyDkakSir: The eastj reltrrej to 
is Luther vs. Borden, 7 Howard, S. (J. 
Kep.. 1. 

1 did not say that the States wer; out 
of ihe Union in law by rebellion or in 
lact by the result cf arms. On the con- 
trary, I saiil the State governments ceased 
to exist in law by renouncing the Consti- 
tution and '■« /'net by being exnelled by 

Note the diversity. The States are in 
the Union, or else we are not bound to 
guarantee them republican governments. 
X bey have not republican governments; 
and that alone gives L'ongre.'s the right 
to control the restoration under the 
power to guarantee. 

Sumner is gettirg right on that point. 
Congress looks Jinn ; bu'. it m-jst be 
wise as well as firm. 11 we go before the 
people ne.\t fall on ancgitiveissue, leav- 
ing Johnsoti'd government in pcs:ieesion 
ol the States, and simply refuse to admit 
them to Corgress, we will inevitably be 
beaten. Congress must annnl Johnson's 
governments, formally prescribe univer- 
sal suffrage as the condition sine qua non 
of recognition, and propose to amend the 
Con&tifutioii, making it the supreme law 
of the land for all States, and go to the 
country on these measures, or, the peo- 
ple will aicept Johnson's governmerit as 
a polution and send representatives to 
admit tleir represetitafivis. 

Sincerely vourg, 

Ballimorc, Md., Dec. 21, 183-i. 

— e ■ » ■ » 

Thr Aldcii Tyj*.; ITIuvliiiic 

1^ ibus fpcken of by the New York 
Tril.une, in who.e ofRce one ol the ina- 
ebiiitsha.-^ been ia operation for saveral 
moutbfi : 

It id provtd beyond a peraiventure 
that fbe machine can set 4,0'W ems per 
hour, with one operator and one *' justi- 
fier." To set 660 ems per hour is the 
task o{ an ordinary type-setter to the 
case. Alter careful and patient observa- 
tion, we can see no reason wliy this 
amount of work may not be th 
tical result of the 
fruci \ ear's tad to 
cotirjie, it niu.^t have 
aiid in its continuous 
possible that in 
detail'.^, u'.rrcctiocs »nd improvements ^re 
ye! to be made, u.s ihe cuse is in all new 
machines. But patient atid candid trial, 
it seems to us, is all that is necessary to 
put taem, as fast as thev caa be manufac- 
tured, into our Look and newspaper 
onj';e« to do th:'.t work in whi h, since the 
invention of printing, there has been no 
advance. The almost universal belief 
hilbtrro has bten that till mechanism has 
bien nui.'e to thii;k, it could not be made 
to riipply lb'.! place of the hu > an e>ej 
.vd fingers and brains in ti.xing the intel 
igcnt jixiapcsition of t>pes for priming 
I he curious and ingenious aitjustment of 
parrs lo p.itti, multiplied and duplicated 
in Lfilinite variety, in the Alden machine, 
has overcome the limit be}ond which i' 
wia ihought machinery could not go 
Given an automatic type-setier perfect in 
'hat work, and thereat is easy. This the 
Allien machine is. 


(Kucc'tssors t3 tl'ATso^,L'c:ts.MOhe 4Co.,i 

lAMFACIlRES .\M) m\m l\ 




Wo are prepared to lurnlsh every dercrlptlon 
of th« aboko arilcivs In anv desired ijuantlty 
K'cry dfrcrlpilon of Bakery done to or<tei . M e 
warrant all goods a No. 1 artlulu. U'ders from 
the country soil jlted ami promptly lUled at the 
lowest cash price. 

(tash pkld for BcrTKK, Latin, and Eoos. 
Call at the 

Northwestern Steam Bakery, 

Corner Uobert etruel and Levve. 



Jack«oii SStreet, 


tVill I uy and full Itral F.blate, enter Public 
Lands, with W'arrauis, or Agricultural Col- 
lege ijcrlp, after a rersoiial Inspection of the 
lands, and p:iy Taxes for uio-rcsldcnls In any 
pact of the State. 

He refert to t'>e Slalo olflceri and C iiIoD- 

al l>elegatlon of Minnesota. 


An t^ppi^rTowii ^]sial)!i>limenl. 

Tho under-iened having Ii'a-i'd the tine three 
story Brick hlocV on the corner of Third and 
Frauklln streets, (lormerly i-.dgertim's Building) 
havo altered and reinodeled it Into a 

First Class Hotel, 

and thereby supplied a want for several years 
iclt In the Uyper Wards of t-t. lau'. The 
situation is one of the finest and mo.-t con- 
veniontin the city, and 

The Cosmopolitan Hotel 

will prove aMep'abte to all who may favor It 
icitb a vlst, If a clean and airy location, 


Purniture, Cai-petsj, 

The Uesl una Ciiuiccst Comet^tibles, 

"lih unexceptlanabie Co ik'-rv and popular 
manigers a d assistants are the reqsiir meets 
sought f.r. These things being the features of 
Ihj now 

Oos«tn ipolitau Motol, 

It Is recimmenrled to citizens aad strangers, with 
acinlid/'eoe that its patrjni will not dj disap- 




The World's Great Remedy 


Dyspe|)sia, Indlf^^estlon, 


r> I ta K A. H vi m 



Freuarod bv tho Pruorietora ol 
"(Joa'm CouKh JBulH&m." 

DvurKeKM Is not only the sure loremnner of 
death, but t*ie companion of a miserable life. |t 
kas well been called the Nations scourge; for 
more p<>rson<<, both old and young, male and fe- 
■lale, sjffe: from the ravages, 'ban l^.'-om all o:her 
ailments >ofnlilned II robs the whole system of 
as vigor and energy, gives weartne.s and total 
'Odisposltlon to those onoe strong and active; 
nendors the s-oniach |H>werlet« to defeat the food, 
'ind hai fjr its attendant!, 

Ueadtiche, Hearlbf.m, Constipafion, Nau- 
sea at t^tomach, and General 
Debility of the whole 

n>fui|ng Its subjeois a parMrle of nourishing or 
eanv f'wj.i, without paylnit 'he pena ty In the 
most agonlz'Dgdistre.'S, and oftentimes compM>te 
tirostratlon. To meet the 'erilble ravages ol 
taisworsto allUiseasea welIAVl!,PKKPARKl> 


and we [/le'<genur reputation upon our (tat 'meat, 
<•»•' »<e sav It will 

r«8ilivriy Cure the H OKST of Von, 

not In a vear— not In • month— nor In a w«'k— 
b'it you shall see If beneflolal Intaancs at once 
rnmedlatel', , and the day von take It. To yon 
;rlio have lived for years upon (irahara Bread 
ind plalu die', wh" ilare not eat any'hlng the 
lea tvise hearty— first. bHS»u'e the Doctor has 
oi-dere^l the plainest food, and seoondlv, for fear 
of the ill-itress it ctiuses -rising and souring on 
yiiur stomach, we sav sit down lo your dinn.-r 
e&t as lieirty a meal as you wish, and as soon as 
I he looil liegine to dislrods you, follow it by a 
rlagle t'-a>p lonful of 

C O K » (S 


Cutter, Secombc, Averill & Co., 



ar« now prepaiod lo tupply the wants ol Printers and Merchinte of this Stati with all kinds of 


ut tliu l^t>'womt ]PoMHit>l<d IM.H.tA'm. 

This estab I'hment. being th" iargeit of h» kind in the Norihwe-t, the Pro^Heiors ask for s 
oontlLuan^e of jatronagn from Ihel. former cufomers, and hop by th Ir in rea»»d t pa;,t> o 
business to add Itraely to their preiM-nt list, la ad J I Ion to thtlr owu manufawure-; j c.r, ihe- 
lUojiiioie tl de il Urji; ■ In al kial.. o? 


Together with such olhir articles a<»«ybofoBnd in a FI' 8T CLAS.S PaPFB SfOf-K. 

Printers' Ink and Writing Fluids, 

Wl.l b« kept constantly on h.nd. Buying their stock of .SU.Uoten, . r., direct loi 
f ictura-s • a=t enables them to sell tl M . clian s aal oh 
Their Store, 

rs at pr cc; f 

the Maeu 
It Will Ia'.iiea't<'BU..i:. 


Is large and commodi >us. where ttmy «r| i pr. mptly 
orders. CA">a'PAfO FOH ALL KI.VliS ci vw 

at. Panl, February IA, 16M. 

r-'i-po-d »o all who m-iy fa ■• r :h-m v iti. 
It SIO'JK. O U .M.W.-ilAPEK-.fil.t 




machine's labor 

year's end. Ol 

skilful operators, 

u^e it is not im- 

some miunte 


Ag'>ots vervwhe-e to »ell oor 
i.M.PKiiVi<ii $;>n .sewiLi .»I chine ih .!c new 
kinds. Ird.' tid upp r Icjd. Warranted Ave 
year.'!, .^^o■■t ,-lary or large commesions paid 
The ONLV michines -olJ In the United states 
for less Than *40, w'.lch are fully liceiiied ^» 
Uincf, iriuelfr .}• IPi'son, Graver if tinker. 
Singer if Co., nnt liachelder. All other cheap 
machines are infrlrgemcnts. Circulars rVee. 
Adddre.-« or ca'l upon bhaw a. 'iark, HidJeford, 
Maine dec«-d4w3m 

Horrible Svpue nt uii Execu- 
tion In Nc«v Orlrans. 

The New Orleans Delta, March 3, pul» 
li^bes an account ol the hang ng for the of murder ol a large atd muscular 
negro in tbat city, and says : 

" As the doomed man concluded with 
the irj inction to the sold ers, a white cap 
was drawn over bis face, and the rope art- 
justed. He btgan ehouting ' farewell, 
farewell,' and was still repeating these 
words when the snpporting ropes ol the 
drtp were cut. lie fell some six or eight 
leei ; but the rope, not having been prop- 
erly greasi d, the knot failed to slip, so 
th-it whtn the boily rebounded, the knot 
twist'.'d around tj his forehead. Wright 
ifcus hung eusperded by the rope passing 
around- his forehead and under ihe very 
prominin' developments of the head be 
bind the eirs— hung by th*! hea'i instead 
of he lec'i 

"A shudUrof hoiTor ;tt the unfortunate 
ocRurrnice pas>eil through the witnesses ; 
but the rhoik havirg bten sudicient to 
render him indcusi^le, Wright did not 
• ulfer lij il,.- ivciileit Alter hu ging a 
fr!w m:na >-s a copous inrspirai 'ti start- 
ed oui ui. his body, :.iid ^c•o i hij bnah- 
irg..icrfni- r tu ar .-.nd natural Sur- 
geon Am u-y aiid Dr Hebe S:! ith and 
jBerthelot hriv rg t x^n.lnt'd h m and de- 
clared that he ecuhl not die from the ef- 
fects of il i.s hnngiiig. the bo ly was low- 
ered, lakn f.cin ihe rcpe and cirried up 
a second I 111 ! to ihe ilro|). Tie knot 
wa<i relied i-nil lie rope | laied about h's 
neck, the 1 Oily propped tip and the .stay 
ropes again cur. i he noose again faded 
to slip, ihe ro[.e being new .ird siifT, an i 
not soape;!, and t!ie knot cameareund lo 
the 1 ,v k o! bis be f.d 1 he r 'pe re.-nain 
ed under tic ihiii, howevt-r, luiiiii diatrly 
strarglif g ihe before u c ncions mm', 
and, alter a ftw convuls ve tlum.s, the 
soul ol Fortune Wrig! t was ped to iis 
last account." 

— ■•■ .-«.. ♦ 

— The gentiem'ii wLo "droi in" to see 
the editor and talk a' hiuiarid lo him, dis- 
trac:ing his attention from his proper du- 
tep, are rt8pe;;tlully r»(,uc»tid to read 
what Private Mi'.es O'Rr illy .says in the 
Citizen : 

"Mc?ulloch proposes u lax on onr lime. 
Two dollars per annum per watch be Im- 
We'll pay treble, and pay wiih rapture sub- 
If relic* ed ol that heavier time-tax— the 
«-...«.«^» _ 

— .V traveler dining at a hotel in the 
ifterior ol Kcnlncky, not long since, see- 
ing •' Union M«ringue.s" on Iho bill ol 
f,;re, called for some; when brought, he 
found tbem ftriped with secesh colors- 
ret! and white. Calling ihn ' culled pus- 
son" waiting on ihe tabit' he inptired: 
" Do you lall those retl ami whitr t.hio^a 
Union P Where's the l.:iii ?" •• Vah V 
yah ! ' said Sambo, '• ilem'.s good nuir 
Uiiion for dis place, (iinel (Jrant didn't 
< ome along heah wi • any ob de hard licks 
lo put in the blue; dej'j ooy get scratch 
Ueile, niiile de ri ij and white come; 
d-a r« so, dcm'n g od ntiff Union for dis 
jer place." 


rm t Htm .MXG TRIUMPH. 



rpilt^ .TaACIII.VE H.litTM THE 

X HEEL Into the ttickinir, .mi narrows off the 
'oe— it swn up its owa wrrk— U wld.^ns and nar- 
rows, and knits tabu'ar, double and flat with sel- 
T|(i«e.«, producing all kinds ef fancy fabrics and 
knit goods In use— it kn.ts a yard of plain work 
In 'en minu'es, a pilr ot socks in twenty minutes 
— 'tkniis uny kind of yarn, woolen or cotton, 
loose or nrra. in chort, the mo^t profitable ma- 
chine ever Invented fjr womaB. I'rico as low as 
anv of the oj.l circular machines. Agen's want- 
ed in every county in the State. S»u1 for circu- 
lars, addrcFsini th^t 

Icb2«-diwly. Davenpott Iowa. 


A Prai'ie Farm of liW acres, in Bloominaton, 
Hennepin coun-y, with lam House and HO 
acres nnd.-'r en tiva'lon, known as the ''Knox 
Farm" Ko" fu-ther pirtlouiars inquire of J. 
I» •^ U. 8. MarehilsoiBce, St. Paul, 

Febraary ixih, 18G6. 

]:>..(«« wtf 

JJealer In 

TOYS A.\n FAi>cY mm, 

Cutlery, Coinhs, Perfumery, 

Brushes, Toi'et Soap, Chini Ware, 


•nd Toys of e^ery description. 

190 Thlrd-st., St. Paul, Minn. 



Chancje of Business. 

On account of a chani;c in business on the Ist 
of May, t oifer my stock of goods a', less than 
c itt to import them here, viz : 

»0 B'ls. Cru-hed, Powd-r'd * Gran, Sugar. 

»A d-) A. Band Extra C Coffee oo. 

.31* do Portland A Oxnard do. 

'tn Boxes Havana (low grade) do 

in Ba«s Bio and 12 Pockets Java Toffee. 

AO Boxes tiround toffoe, \arlou8 grades. 

'i!i Half Chests and Boxes Gunand Imp'lTet. 

Vt do do Young Hyson do 

4* do ilo .l:ipan do 

S"" do do I'oloogandSoach'ingdo 

'»♦» Bbls ard Ke^s t.olden »• ru; . 
•♦ do .Mol iss's, -JO b!)ls hice. 

«• do elckled Herring, 150 8x8 Ilerilng. 

ao Hall bbls and in Kits Mackerel. 
liUO Lbs t-odfl-hand Hake. 

7i fa Irtic-i Tobacco, varl us i|'irl!ties. 

*t» Ke?s Fine Cut Chewin/ Tobacco. 

*•♦ Bbts Smoking lobacco \fli >us grades, 

.■»•» Boxes Layirand Bumli Ualslu.. 
4 t'asks Currants, -JO bbls Nuts, 

•» Bxst;»wego pnro and Mher Gloss .Starch. 

!• »lo do Corn Starch. 

.3«» ( p.scs Canned Fruits and Tomatoes. 

l.> rt i) rove vsters 

»lso. Pepper. Pimento, Tomito Ketsup. Pep- 
iera>ic», Mus ard, Currle Powder, Veast Pow- 
der, t. Yearn arier. Cloves, Canay and Lnzengcrs, 
Fig Blue, lltii.lng. Cocoa, Inptoca, .Sal Soda, 
Salera'ns, Tea radtics. Wrapping Paper, Ac. 


.^Iiroh Is*, 1(11 

»0 mbird atr* eit. 



Kellerc Yon Instantaneously I 

thus enabling you, by hearty eating, and the use 
of Ihe cur« alter each meal, Cas often as the food 
distresses you. or sours on your stomach,) }oa 
will get in a very f w days 80 that you can do 
without the mcdicioo. except occnsionally, and 
by the time th>« Urst bottle is ated up, we will 
guarantee you free from Dtspepila, and able to 
eat, digest, and or joy as hearty a breakfast as you 
eV'Sr sat down to in ycur heaithieit hours, and 
wt will forleit to you ihc piiceof the battle, upon 
year showing tbat our statement l< not correct. 
The medicine i< poweriul tut harmtcss, and 
whilst a siugle tiaspoooful will at once relieve 
thi) Dyspep'icfuff.srtr, the whole battlefufl would 
notJnaterlally inju-e him. as it ij entirely vege- 
table asd contains no opiates. All cla-ses of 
disease tbat have their origin in a disordered 
titomach and Bowel", aie oispel'ed in the same 
inttantaneous wa. , by the use of 


A r P i: T I T E , 

will not and canvot exist where tt e cu^'c ia used. 
It removed the dfcise by removicg thira'jse, 
not like the alcoholic Bitteis which over up your 
bad feelings lor a few moments by heir exliller- 

Beware of all such remedies or beverages, but 
in their place use a Ueraedj that wi I restore the 
diB ta'e.d luuetions to the r normal CDndiiion and 
set In cotion the entire humiu mechanl'im in 
pcfect harmony, and upon principle* syronv- 
moj3 with KC 1 deftne.1 physiological la t« That 
■uch wi 1 Lo the effecl of 


Imreliately and ins' '-ntaneouslv, wo pi. rigeour 
word as men ofh nor-- iiir r-'puiatimi a? I'har- 
maoeutis's — Dur fsv ra'jle acjualTanci with tie 
peop'e as proprietors 'f th° wo^M-renowned 
•'C)E'S Ci)LGlI «\lSAM,"il i'. bt- u^ed ac 
cordirg to our d rcction", wliloh ma; fcc found 
will eac"! hot le. 

We a'ld below somo Testimonials from our 
neighbors and to»-n»m'n, "o wh'ch we ask your 
cir<ful «'t ntlon. 



and Comrni.s.sion jVEerchunts, 
Second Door Below Merchants' Hotel. 

• • 'A 


Metro|>oIitaji, Ne-v«r York 

Capital $1,030,000. 

fivpiu «oo,ooo. 

X.K>z-lllajn(l, Ne-vr Yorl<> 

Capita! tijaiA.maa. 

Swi'iiu Me,oi». 

C«P'al tl,i)VifiOfi 

»«>^»» «Au,OOP 

Mutual Oeziffit LJfc 
***^^ ever $«,ooo,age. 

193 Third street. Rt. Paul. 




» « t*^ , <► s2 I «vr 1 

tXiMPAVV doing ►j.-l,— . io ., ->"^- 

?lv».a l,r,«-e. pr, e.-r| I. ,, le., -.., t ;*« »o» 
-tne» lasur«niv '■»»rn'.«o% 'r the -.r.r'f »e^, 

*ll Iweasfk Pr.implU itL\U¥iX.rC txMi |>]ild 
■ t- »• I C K »„ .* 
JohaW.Boyo -f.-.iQ.'t.i 
l>. Wo'thtog«oi.,j<.-cr-tsr;. 
8. O. Mastsng. -.tav Tr^j.. .•.' I,-. «- .r. r 

Hob. -it phet, ilje- .,oi ' ':. 1- •■,'~'-^,.T 

'i H U VT«f,rK. <■;.,. r. ...-it ' 
r*. . I. a.-iHr--. '£'•-,,,.■. 'ri. .••!«.»•. 


We have lo Store one of the LAaOKST STOCKS in this market «! 

Tobaccos and Cigars. 

St. Paul, Januaiy 11, IMi. 

Uork Hlu', 
'Afikl /;(»», 

Ffeurh htuf 

'l/ir- 1 /'r-'W-i. 
OtrU ftrr* -n 
'.i./'.r /;. ^.. «, 

■ymujr Cr..r-.i, 

linrl: Itr'i't, 
laijla tirt.lj. 
Fan r\ Ijmf,, 
lAgkt F-jvii 




For Dyeiag fil.k. 
Shawl-, 'rcarfs. 

W ooieii fcud Kiaeo Good* 
r», Ki- i.cB>. Moves. 
Bonnets, Hat*. Jeathers, ffil d- 
rcn's CI .thing, and all kiud. 
of Wemring Appar.-! 

4V-A HAVISttOriM* rBRCiej(T..«v 

>oi':aceiiu you can co cr as many gbod» aa 
would oth' rwise cost five t m«> 'hat sum. Varl- 
OQB shades can be produced irom the ,anie dye. 
The process Is -iatpje, and aLy one ca- use the 
Dye wiih rerfect enoo'ss. Directions in F^glith. 
erencb at:d Oerman, inside of each [«ckrgt. 

_. , . 260 Beoai^wat, B<j(.Tojr. 

For eale by drngglnu and dealers generatly. 



And M;ii:in<>«>ota Hospital. 


CKRT llAI.l. la.OCh — Jiecr the Post OJfc/. 

i....!^iV.^^V;'^."'^'\'*,'r^°"'''i.°« Sargecn of the above InrtitntloB, has 
JnPt pub!.' hod a XTanual af Sexu.'.l Diseases, a lar- book of .350 pages, and over 
100 cna.-avirgs. It i» the otlv book ever published which gives a tmthfhl de- 
scnptior. of ^permato^•hea, Venereal Diseases, Femaie Complainls. and all dls- 
wises ol the urinary und -eproduitlve organs of men and women of what^verna- 
ture, including the soUtiry hab ts of both sexes, and their deplorable conse- 
quence- on I'le tniad and body, impotence, loss of pr.wer, and the secret inarmi- 
U-E ol yr.j. 1 and inial:oc 1, the phy-iology of marriage, Ac. with new and euo- 
wrapper for ope doUa? -""'"x*^ <'« «'-'^='"^''' <'^f ""the above cases. Mailed in a pUin sealed 

n-ieel^..^^","/'!,''''* *^''7'i'"' coy't*inio2 valt sble infomiatioa to the afdicted who wish to avoid 
ir»ckery, mailed ic a sealed envelop oa receipt of 10 cents. Atso a ramphlet for ladies nricc 8 Act. 
AlicomnBuaicaticns confidenUal, a..d will r-ich tli" con«u'--- - ° ' •• '■^'' P"'^ ' '^"* 

A Rdiable Kestomtive 




f ardwaw, ^^tovris, &c. 



Corner Third and Cedar Streetts, 

>lauiif«ctprs' Agent and vrh'Sleraie dealer is 

I 3helf and BLoavy Hardware, 

suliin;^ MirirooQ by addreeoinp 
tJfSVllTK.l'Ji. iiaintPaol Hutaeeota. 

iixtnp, ©«$, $it 




From th' Pastor of the Melh^dist F, 
.Vn'iiiion, Coitn.s 
I ..a e u'ed roe's Dyspepsia Cure !i my famllv, 
an.l cun willingly testlfv to • s vahie a« a medi- 

P.s'or M. K. trhurch. 
Hautson, C«nB.,Jane M, I8t^4. 

A Vnit-e trntn .Vome thrciugh our City Pupirm, 
New Haven, Conn., .lune n, iKfll. 

.Messrs. Fditor" — Allow r».e through your ool- 
amns, to fc.kno«lerlge my grafltule for the N>a 
elt I have reolved from the use of ' o-'s Dy.p.-p 
■HCure. Although I was a pre t sulfrer from 
Dyspepsia, the first dose gav- instant relief, and 
ine ounc h>s enabled me to e t anything I 
pleiso, without pain. have now stopped using 
the medicine, aa I do lonrer need it. 

I'ALMIUa ltmav. 

Ma<1ison, <'onn.,.Iiine .3 th, ikM. 
•from the benefit derived by the use of rune's 
n ipep la ■ nre in. my (a-> lly I a " pretiarcd to 
"■vi- that I never intend lo h.^ without It and ad- 
vise all who are afflicted « I h l>v«i...psia to try it. 

ilK. Co ' :— T''e hofle ot C^e's n» pep is I'ur 
yrn jave me ha" backed up vour stai.-ment con- 
ce-ning 1' I have on'y used h»!l ■> tmitle, ana 
ca' eat pne apple short cske. oiwnnvlhing else, 
alihouf iroubl It ac' like a oharin. The re 
Hef It affords Is Insiant.ane us, 


N4W Haven, .lune l.'Sth. i»fi4. 

WilLb, UI..»SS, SI10VEL3, il-^DFS, CRAItb, 





State Agent for the 

sale of HonisoB's eele- 


Those wli > know my constitution, what mv 
condition has been f rt e last thirty \eara, wii! 
bellove with me that a medicine which will reach 
rav dtse, will reach alnist anyone, f'or's b s 
pepfiia 'urehas enabled me to eat anything I 
please, and It Is very seldom I now have ro use 
the medicine It retleved me In »n Itis'snt wlien 
I was In great pain. 5Iy wh lesystcrais st- •• g h- 
en»d by its use. ANN K. B*':G<>'r. 

N'lw Haven, June 21tth, I8M. 

InsporaMnt tn Triar.>l«tra. 

While Journeying on th' cars, my s'omach be- 
came hadiv deranged, i^ausi g severe nain in my 
head. Had it been on the water it would have 
been cilled sea-slc*ness. A lady sitting by roe 
knowing my condition, reached out a brttle say- 
irg " lake a s'sallow." I did so, and In leas 
than Ave minutes my troub'e wa ended. The 
medicine wis " foe's Ovspci sia Cure," and from 
the jffect it had upin the Stomach and what I 
have leaned of it since, I think it, must bean 
excor."ni remedy for Sea sickness any r>vsDep ia. 

\i«*.s,\mi;ki fikld. 

Madioou .lune :10th, i^f\. 

Ow* wf the Twstati' tlw. 

New Haven, June nth, lWi4. 
Mr. Cot— Sir:— Havingbea troubled with Ihe 
Jyspensia for some eight or twelve months, a 
have taken tho usual kinds of medicines, which 
havn done me no good. I saw your advertise- 
ment of a roedldne to cure the Dvspepsla. 1 
havii tried it and found it to be Tiiii Medicine 
The Brsi (1 lecn drops, (the 7th of June,) that I 
took relieved me In one minute. 1 have taken 
It three or four times, but have no distressing 
fi> ling In my stomaeh since taking the llrst llf- 
leer drops; allliouRh, bef -r", I could not eat a 
meal, and sometimes no more than three or four 
moutbfhil' without distressing me. 

R.'sr..-ctful'y, J. K. WOODRUFK. 





A TUBULAR BOILEK, savonleen feet long, 
four feel In diameter, with forty three Inch nuM.' 
Ho -Ion made, In good order. Will be sold rea- 
sonably for cash or on time. 


mchlCdfcwaw Bea WIdj, Kian. 

A .flwal Kx<i<ii«ilr, Orlinilr niiil I'rn- 
irriinl 'Perfume, niAlillrrf fi«.ii ihr 
Knrr iiiiil llfntilil'iil l-'|ntrer frooi 
wliicli it i;iTie. 11.1 ■•nine. 
Msnufactiired only t r l*ll %I,«>.'V A- «0^. 

New Haven, June 11th, 18ft4. 
Mr. COE— Dear Sir:— The bottle of Dvspppsia 
Medicine I received fl-om vou.gave instantaneous 
reliitf. I enlv used It when mv food distressed 
mo. It was about like taking two doses to dav, 
one to morrow, then every other day. Increasing 
thc'inantity of loodand decrea-lng themedlilne 
until I wai enabled to eat « Ithout taking anv at 
all. My case was an extreme one, having suffer- 
ed fur seven yesrs. I now consider mvselfcuiad, 
nd by onlv using OTie bottle of Medicine In the 
ce of two mouths. 1 he dote was a teaspoon- 

Sold hy I >ruggists in city artd country, 


PRICE. $1 00 Per Bottle. 

Orders by mall, fl-oin either dealers or consa- 
mer4 iromptly attended to. 

C. Q CLARK & CO., 

H'hoUsnle nrytggitlf. Raven, C<ynn,, 


NOTK— Females cnrtenfe will Hnd this a splen- 
did antidotr f>r NAUS*,\ At STOMACH, and 
all Indisposition I'ecnllar to the situation. 

81. Paal, Minn., to whom all orders should b« 
addressel. Ivlt-iikw-eow-ly 


^^ HOr^ES ALE, 

Jubt recsivid and In stor?, the largest anscnnt of 
LAMP G .*ODi »-.e received in .St. pa-jl. 

Li-^iPS 0^ A! L STTLKS 

'.••Odoaeu Lamp Chimney: -ad 
»©• g-oss Lamp VTIcks. 

A lugi Stock of LANTERN? at Marvin's 
Crockery Importing Hcnse, 189 and 191, Third 
Street. „„„ .„ 

This admirable preparation is a most 
elBcient rcmctjy for Baldness. It pre- 
vent* the hair from falling off cr turning 
gray, and causes it to grow luxuriantly, 
making it very soft, glossy and bez.' tu'l, 
restoring it to its natural color, it also 
f^ees the head from dandruff ar r'.,'e' 
all diseases of the scalp. A fe^ _^piil 
cations Mill convince the most skeptical 
of the truth of the above statements. 


Should bo used by every one who wou<d 
preserve a beautiful head of Hair. 


Should be used by every one who would 
improve the color and texture of their 


Should be used by every one who would 
restore their Hair to more than its origi- 
nal beauty and 


Snmmer and Wintflr iJook Stoves 

1 he best in the world. 

Mv ti>ck of flf KICK, BOX PARLOR, bk 
a large variet.- of different kinds «. fOUK 
>T' ' ■ Ks, Is the largest ev.r lirought to •\ i- 

I keep al'.ill stock of all go,>d^ in mv line e( 
trade, and I think I -an o 'e- inlucem-nts to ti' 
trad* that will tie to their a<lvantage to diu.' 
with me. I keep a full stock of 





Both Ame lean and Russia. 

My stock of Ncwhouse Trap;, Hunt's, Blood's. 
Ten Eyke's, Newmvers'and Urolfs Ax'-s is ver; 
large, and also a I'lrpe stock of PUTNaM'- 

Edgar Nash Is still connected with the estab- 
lishment and will be happv to attend to tie 
wan's of his old friends at all times. 

A look through my large stock is carestly le- 
qnceted of th" trade before purchasin* elsewhei'e, 
J HN CUKTl.-; 





For Churches, Schoots and Parlors. 

Warranted tho Best in Uso. 


lOS 'Tliii-d Street. 


Cathcart & Co., 


No. 13 e ThIrtI wtrfct. 

8X. -PAXli . iMI>:>f. 

febl d*wlv 

15^ Beware of Counterfeits. 

Axli fir I'lmlnii'- -Till.r »•> :</|.r. 

Bold by ilrn.'.'slsts qeiierally. 
febM fodtweowdm. 

PHOToeatAm .. 
Ol- NTL" MKN . — .Sample 

ent for 'M cents, 
wn n4m.,aod 

CAssns row 

with Calalofve) 
Iro ose an envelope with youi 
Adiresi, D, HRMiCTTK 



Hat again op'red an oTee for the purposed 
biiring anil selling 

Real VitVdW. on CommissioD, 

Renting Houses, Pjying Taxes, and a general 
Business Agency. 

Tuwnship, City and VII age Map* made to or- 
der. TwiBlve years' experience In th* business in 
Kt. Paul will enable bin to attend to all matters 
entmsted to him satlsfkctorlly and vlthd'spatch. 

Kihtrttlfrtt, eomer Iktri ttreMt, St. Paul. 

kW7>-RB a 


I»rlce #OS.O(>, 

Including a Book of Instruction, Twenfv Kxira 

Needles, Oil Can, ^crew Driver, Wiencn 

Working Hook anl 

Reel lor- Winding Yarn. 

This Machine can bs suocesslullv oreiated ly 
anyone oapable of turning a crank or changing 
the bobbins, triihotit gelttv/ otit ff repair flo 
wire springs about It, The molio'>a aieall po I- 
live. The ^impIlcity, accuracy and sjieed of t e 
Machine In doing Its work. Is' truly a^lolllsbinr. 
It knits she material of a pair of stoclngs I' 
Tr^ minutes. In a day a woman can make and 
finish oomplete for marketone I'ozen piirs. T!ie 
stitch It makes Is precisely the same as that 
made with Knitting Needles, exc-pl— that t'le 
Machine makes it firmer, meiro duiublcani even. 

It kni's any desired s'le. wl'h anv kind of 
Tarn, el'her coarse or lln.'» Woolen orOotion, >r 
with Linen. Cotton or bilk Thread. 

ror tale by 

IL, I». nSMKR. 

General Agent, 260 Third street, 
8T. PiXUL., Ml N >r. 


Comer Hahasliaw nnd Fifth Street*. 

U|)I.u^ile Minnesota Honxc 

St. I'aul, Minn. 

The un'>rslgr.ed hascstshlssIiedaBew Lauber 
rar.t ir. thiJ ciiN at the above named l.ication i^ 
•ontie. tion with his ' 



ISO Haiti St.. liiiff'^lo, X. T. 

W. K. »WKATdkC«>.. 

tT*nerjl Ag.-! t-, Ch'C^g^. 

.Cl'C^g^. 111. 
aiann ac;nTer'« | ric 

VTho!e a'e Ag cts at 
or ll:e No'tb-Je t, 

i-n* sKDU. BIGCS,DniCTift. Et.rauL 

n"*T.<Jii[r,-ro'» we 






*?he''r'"hl"' *^" ''"^ attention of Bailders and 


L U M B E Rl 

FloorJn^-, Fenciuir, 

DimcnstonH, Roonlv, 
Clear I^umber, i^idins', 

^binsrlcM, I.^tli, Ac, 
which he has constantly on hand, and for sale at 


RtlUfnr large dimefinoru glUd u> or :«, mt 
short notice. 

St. Panl, Jane l,lSf.S. 

H. J.TATIX)R, Agent. 

ly "W. D. "WA8HBTTRN. 



Saddlery Hardware, 

Horse Collars. 


53 Lake 

feblS Sm 

St., Chicago. li! 

1i^ /V T nT - >g^ 


We hare, after great diflloalty, 
new lot of 

'obtalaed a 


And o.her sty'es for 0)LD WKATIIKB tke 
only stock in the cHy. Shall have 


Icafewdiys. Dealers can be supplied only 

at reasonable prices. 

vm. s. naiTH dk CO. 




St. Paul and Shakopee. 

This Ctompany l« prepartd to carry freight be- 
tween Saint Panl and ^hako^ee,»nd intermedi- 
ate station.. Freight intended for this lire 
mnst be delivered to J. c. h U. C. Bnrbink * 
Co., he Company's Agents, at their Warehftn e 
OB Ihe Levy In Saint P.iu!: oral any stnflon on 
the Inn. FreUhttn considerable qnantlMes will 
be called fo". oc noUo-^, at th« places of bnsicess 
on the principal strsei', and a'l freight lo St. 
Pan! will be delivered a' business plaoe> sn ThI r j 
street, or near the same withnst extra oharg«. 

«. A. UAMii.'roa, 

nov ^i■u Secretary. 

FKci. if««n», OAVftnii. oimcr 
LAR'«, to., printed in the be«t ityto at the 
Da.' Ptms Stsaa Job Printlajp OBse. 

Voj.table S 



-Vs the narie indicates, not only Ki:M.wa 
:hc prowib of tho hair when thin and fai::ii2 
jir, bu\ positively renevi t).t toior to , * • 
Jriginal i^de when it is turning jr^ 1 r 
rt'-iiic, whe^^r caused by disca«r.A^of 1 r 
iM age. 

It win ccrtai^r do what is ^f med '..'r :i. 
I fact to Tihich \undred8,^fy thotisBaii'. 
«ho h.ire u°cd i?,l^e re^^and willing '.. 
ps^ify. Whore oneVitU^is fairly use.i. i.; 
my cotnmuaity, itsj^pntaiion "i=j!-i>:i.tM 
:!.o wild fire," atUr i\tb« best auvtrii-.- 
iii'ut iiud rocoiwirnda^n we desire, lu 
lie r.isicm St*^, whercVie "REXFV.Lr." 
>rigir.:itod, aae young la\c9 uso i: ai« u 
lair drc"^5; it is foun\on Ihe toilet 
Allies iv^oung men, (also al\ie;r larbcr?). 
whlleynJcr men and women Vho drrirc a 
Re^mtrr .and lifslcratice for theiVi^eT lock = 
iTLi bald heads will not bo wwiout this 
rriiolc, which gives in erery insl^^, ra * 
ire Fetisfactioa. 

tv.ii't let any druggist or dealer nrga mwn »,« 9 
l.t..ieiit arfiilo. as tliere Is no preparation intkeworl'i 
«ke thin Eewara of any artid* purporting to be ti..' 

Try n.\LL'S HAia RKNEWER accof^lug u, I>ir« 
ti'-r>s,and yeu will use no other. 

If ni't aoU at drucKista In vimr town, a Is^n!.- 
■ ill I* sent you l>y exprvea, ojs a receipt vf ene<' 
^y mall, thus giving you an opportunity al cBce 1 1 
tftMing ita expellent aoalitlM. 

.Mer* fjir truU bottlet mnat l>« addrtVMj to 

C. A. COOK, rhlcayo. 

Gsn'l Agent Ibr Northwestern Stjt»«, 
R r n ALL a 00, Proptleton, Naubna, N. H. t/f 
Wd at WnOLltSAUt, In Chicago, by FCrLLFR, nNCIl 
SOOVIL, W. P. n ABKIS A Or>, Pnex a SASSAt;, aaS 
¥r dncgiiti aad <«tf «* genersUr. 
* Kvi..-.aiu, 







• V- 

TiLK SAINT TAUli FlifirfS, TUESDAY. MAiiUH 20, 1866. 



A l.tMUitt" from a Knilaii lii- 




\^luu he h >'quflchfd by Km. 
Father lrelau<l. 


A Tu'.miUiutus A>seiubla^e. Ireland 
ou the Rauipai;e, aud Great 

li'^i! roll's Hal. was crowdeil Ust night 
b_v Irijbmt'n and other ciri/en.", to listen 
to a lecture Iroai Mr. J. K. McCormiik. I 
iMpt.ror <; tural of the Fenian Broth- | 
erboc 1. whose sj>poaran,'e bad been ad- | 
vertistil in I'm- ilailv papers lor several i 
Ji> > ' 

Alltrtiiin K'";' ntrcilu.ed the ri-pre- 
«tnta;A.- . ! !'..• l-ro'licrhood, who look j 
the stand ar.. iLe ball. He pre- 1 

rented hmij<'.; .. .^■■■. ixponent ol Fenian- j 
ism. who'if p' M. ipliji were endearid to I 
the heart ol .v.rv I i>hnian. He was 
glad to meet -o lar|;e and respeitable i 
a hjJ> ot uen. who. be was not vaiu 
enoujih to think, v ame alone to listen to ' 
bis bumble ttl' rts, but, knowirg 'h-- 
wrorsi' ol poor old Ireland, oimdc to lend 
a helping baud to those who wt re at- } 
temptini: to throw ctl her sha. ';Ie». .Sjnie : 
may tell vou that Ferianum was tb« ' 
'laughinf; stock ot ibc world." but be 
would say Ktiiianuru was progr>'s>ing 
irom the tiulf to the lake.-<. an I there was ' 
scarcely a town or courty out o( Minne- 
sota biit haJ Its organizjtiou. Some may I 
tell ^ ou that the icoviment T»is ' 
thr- result ct "impulae" — it «a« j 
Irom •' impulse.'' Had be j 
uot a mica to judge '. Was he not, sensi- ' 
hie — rational Had Le not let'c home. , 
lamiiy, protessioc. to labor without pay | 
for the cause of Irish liberty ? Should | 
• e be told that thia was a vain mission-- ; 
be, who aa a soldier had fought against 
Victor Kinanuil and aided in laving the i 
poiit.t:', ji t;r, .ids lor Tio Nino. • 

:.-cmc may say that Fenianism was a I 
a plact of rtcent growth. He would tell . 
fbem that it was a plant ct seven years" 
streCfStb. and its branches now spread 
over bott) Europe and America— it ilour- 
ished in the English army and navy — in 
the English police force and jails — and it 
was thus enabled to unbar the prison 
door ot Stevens .' (Tremendous ap- 
plause.) It tiourished among the priest- 
hood, and seven hundred Irish priests 
were rtadv 'o be chaplains in the cause 
of Iri;h liberty. (Applause.) Think 
not that the priest will fail. When they 
march to right Ireland's wrongs, or till a 
patriot's grave, ihey will have the prayers 
of the prie:?thood for iheir success. 

Some may say that Fcniacism was but 
6ltecn months old — he would tell ihem 
that three years ago Mr. Crowley, of 
N^w York, went to Kilkenny, received 
the posltlocv of pb) sician to a prison, and 
%hile adminiitering physic, was also giv- 
irg I'Tf-f ripMciis of Fcnianism ! 

H' w ;' i i.ji the «lanilsring papers i 
(the 7 ■ . I :ir:ii tbcfc who attempted to 
throw .l.i-r in tbeir eyes by calling this 
movtiiicnt the rc--ult of au^' impti'sc," 
that Fcnianism was growicg and spread- 
ing, ard Irishmen were determined to 
right thtir own wrongs. (Applause.) 
But tfcry ccuid dtspifc the slurs and 
sccers and taunts of those who sneered 
at Poland when it rc.eived the aid of Pio 
Nino, i Cbet r." . ) 

The .-peakcr then appealed to Irishmen 
in a strain ot ' onsiderable elo'^uence and 
which created much enthusiasm. Ho said 
thty*werc sincire Christian soldiers and 
patriots, who were willirj; to risk their 
lives in a well-prepared plan for the libe- 
ration of Ireland. He wanted material 
aid — the sinews of war, and he promised 
that Irtlacd should soon take her place 
among the nations. 

The speaker then alluded to those vbo 
a'j vised ibem to " trat^ (or an oppor- 
tunity,"" and d»clared that if su-^h a policy 
Lad prevailed , liberty would never have 
ba<l an e.\i:tence anywhere. (This was 
a bit at Kev. F'athfr Ireland, wbo was 
prtecnt. ) 

Mr. McCormick then gave a history of 
Ftniariam. It was a bard of meu linked 
ftgetber — not secretly, but openly — for 
the liberation o( Irela- d, and for the "tub. 
lugation cf England so for as the liberties 
of Irelai;.! could be achieved tberL-hv." 
This was what they bad aloac in view. 

One mdlion men were in the move- 
ment — fiur hundred women (laughter) — 
and two thousand nirn armed and equip- 
ped were now in Chicago, rea^y to march 
to the front ' Cjreat applause. ) 

ibc gentlem:in then reviewed the 
•.batcea of succt'ss, an J argued against 
the O'Mahoney doctrine cf attempting to 
advance upon Ireland direclly.and showed 
how lutile would be such an effort. 
They had the ablrst geccrah in .America 
on their side, amorg whom was the brave 
one armed Sweeney (uproarious ap- 
plause- 1 . "We have other great gen- 
.erals, whom I am not allcw<d to name !'" 
(More applaus.:. i They little dreamed 
that one ol the greatest generals that ever 
lived recently entered a Fenian lodge in 
8t. Louis, weaiirg a Fenian badge ! ( Ap- 
plause and scnsa'ion. ) 

The Sweeriey plan /or the itivasion cl 
Canada waa then argued and defended at 
length. They proposed to take a certain 
point, not J.WU mile* away, for a base oJ 
operations, and soon af'crward the Irish 
Republic would be recognized in Europe 
and America; slips would be buiit, brit- 
ish commerce would be crippled, and 
then would he time tj atrihe for Ireland 
direct! (Vociferous applause.) That 
waa the "chance," the "opportunity,'' 
and if any one bad a better, he would be 
glad to for ward it to the War ofT ice ! 
(Another allu'iion to tbo Kev. Mr. Ire- 

He entertained no doubt of success — be 
could lay his hand on .James Stevens in 
twelve hours: (Applause.) They would 
b« surprised to know who James Stevens 
was, but this must be kept secret. (Ap- 
plause.) He then read the following dis- 
patch received from the War (JfTice : 

Office Secki.tary OF Wm< 
New Yobk, March 17, mr-r,. 

J.F. Mr<:oKMtcK : 

Ever) thing progresses splen>ii<lly. We have 

solid V. )tk us. C will be onrs in 

ItM than twenty . 


Secretary of War. 

Tremendoni applause.) Are you pre- 

pared to \om a circle and form a circle in 
St. r.iuli' tVesI V !<>■<' VKS: in bteu 
turion tones all over tbe house !> It may 
bo well to understand iba' no un.mlier 
need leave his kome unless be choose but 
tbo.Hc that wanted to could bo sent to iho 
front in forty-cigh: h'>uis. (Mote deaf- 
enmg applause.) 

(A voi^-e in tbe crowd) — ■• What about 
tbe split :'"■ The fpeakcr thm went on 
to give the pomls ol ditl'ereiu o between 
the two wings ul the Fenians, which dots 
not ditlcr materially Iruni remarks that pre- 
c.'ded, uauicly, ihat a lew leaders wished 
tjstrik-lor lush liberty directly, while the 
great mass, with Gen. Sweeney, were 
waili' .; lor a base ol operatioii^i, iV.c , «t- 
fiu n^ that the American (iovernnunt 
wer.' rcad\ lo lecogniic such a luuve- 
metit as soon as such base was obLuned. 

And, said ibc spc.ikcr, as suie as to- 
morrow's sun will rise, bt-toiv many moons 
will «aue, a base ol opera'un will be i>iirt' 
( Tremondoui an ! I 'i>ir continued ap- 
plause '^ 

Tlie f peaker then i L'sed. and called (or 
cjutributions. (_"Here'4 ten dollars," 
saiJooe patriotic man, as he. hurried for- 
ward with his money.) Alderman King 
occupied the stage, who was to lake 
charge ot the scrip. S jme confusion here 
ensued, when the lecturer reijiiestcd Fa- 
ther Ireland to take the cliair. (.Applause.) 


-Vlter an e.xeited colloi|u*-. Father Irc- 
laii.l ascended the plallorin amid a per- 
fect outburst of enthusiastic applause, and 
proceeded to make one of those tfloipient 
and stirring addressee which thrill and 
swav £ui audience of his admiring coun- He spoke of tb.i gentleman's 
elon'jent address, but while he wasple.ised 
to hear hfs appeals, they could produce 
no tlfect — (o." every Irishiuan loved bis 
country — and every man here would die 
to save bis country. He bad for moiths, 
as Ur as sympithy wei.f, been a Ionian 
himself, but, amiiil the distractions now 
existing, be doubted iti success. .V friend 
ol Lis bad received a dispateb from New 
Ycrk, to see that all money raised here 
was to be sent to 0'Maht>ney, who was 
Stevens' agent. 

New York was a whirlpool ol division. 
He wanted them to wait to Leal their 
own divisions, cea-'C their ((uarrels, show 
some respectability, and decide upon wbo 
shall have tbe mone\v, and then ask us for 
our contributions. (.■\pplau;c ) "It is 
needlesi to say I am a Kilkenny man and 
an Irishman!" (More loud and pro- 
longed applause, durirg winch the Ueve- 
rend genileman took his scat.) 


ilr. McCormick. "I dcn't doubt tbe 
gentleman's patriotism" — 

liev. Mr. Ireland. — "That's impossi- 
ble !' 

Mr. McCormick. — " But Le don't 
know" — 

liev. Mr. Ireland.—" Very lew do!' 

Air. McCormick then pitched into 
O'Mahoney, KlUian, and their faction, 
accusing the latter of fraud, peculation, 
etc., aud wbo, alter tilling his pockets, 
"spent his time in St. Loui.s in seducing 

Here fallowed a scene of indescribable 
contusion — hisses, groan.-^, cheer.-", ap- 
plause, a rush to the platform, shouting 
and speaking alt ever the hall. 

One man got tbe lloor, he who had 
paid his ten dollars, and pitched into the 
priests and bishrps in an excited manner. 
He was grabbed, remonstrated with and 

MjCormick held his ground above the 
surging erowd undismayed . 

Alderman Kicg declared the meeting 
adjcurned and invited the people to go. 

But they stayed. 

Mr. McCormick was trying once more 
to get control ot the aucTience, but it was 
of no u:e. (" Go home "") It was a 
tempest of excitement and uproar, and 
was unmanageable. 

Finally Mr. Ilowanl and Mike. I'en- 
dergrast whispered scraethiiig in the Fe- 
nian's ear, and he shortly alter .-^Da'chid 
his hat and left the stand. 

Tbe crowd then moili.ied. collected in 
little groups fjr a whde, .ind finally dis- 

And so til 's tl e lirsl ebapicr ol Fcni- 
anism in St. Paul I Who is Head Cen- 


The .\cu nrin of A II Wildrr 
A. Co. 

Lhewbere we publish a notice of the 
dissolution cf »he firm of J. C. & II C. 
Burbank 6c Co., wholesale grocers and 
commission mercLinIs cne ot the oldest, 
most e.\tensive and most prosperous busi- 
ness Louses in thi.s city or in the North- 
wejt, by th : retirement therefrom of 
Messrs. J. C. and H. t . Burbank and J. 
L. Merriam, who relioiuisb this extensive 
and profitable branch of their immense 
business to ibeir associate, Mr. A H 
Wilder, who Lis long had its active 
nianagem< nV and hii n» w partner, Mr. 
Charnipg Seabury. who for five years 
past his occupied a responsible position 
in the Citablisfamcrt. 

The di'sdution of iLs old tirm, or the 
c'large in its pcnonii'l, is an incident of 
some importance m the mercantile history 
of this city, in whi'.'h it has played so con- 
spiciicui and influential a part. The 
business wix originally established in 
ISW by .1. C. Burbank. In 1M.>4 Charles 
T. Whitney, recently df<:ea8ed, became 
a.-fsociatpd with Mr. Burbank. In 18.00 
Mr. Whitney disposfd of his interest to 
Capf. R. Blak* ly, who retained it for one 
year only, when hf r. linquished it to 
Henry C. Burbank. In the spring of 
l.-S.:.r» Mes3r,i. A. H. Wilder and .J. L. 
Meriiam j')ii..d the firm, which took the 
name of J. C. & H. C. burbank & Co., 
and liis thus had a duration of seven 
J ears, while J. C Burbank has been 
senior partner in tbe business for thirteen 

During this time, especially in the last 
five or bi.x years, the firm has done an 
enormous business, and each member of 
it has amassed a fortune, and as the new 
Grm ii-heritj cot only the reputation, the 
business facilities, end the business re 
sources to the old firm but contains much 
of the business energy and skill which 
have built up tbe bouse in the past, it 
connot be doubted that it is destined to 
as prosperons a career as its predeces- 

Mr. Wilder is one of the shrewdest and 
mo^t successful bu-incss men in the State 
— one of those men whose touch turns cv- 
ery.'bing to gold — while bis new a'sori- 
ate. Mr. Chinninjj Seabury, brin(»i into 
the partner.sLip, in addition to an ixcel- 
len», porsonal reputation, a high order ol 
business rjuslification.., and a thorough 
business experience. 

NVhon wc say that Mr. A. 1. Larpen- 
ter who lor lour years past has had the 
management 1 1 the grocery department 
of the business still continues to give it 
the advantage ot his CNperience, wc have 
said all that is necessary lo complete the 
happy auspices under whieh the new tirm 
embark.H upon the tide of lortune. 


Iti oik:*"*'***'*'*' *" *'**' i*i»lii('t 

«ll l^liilllfHOtll. 

A gciieial order was received at the 
licad(|'i irleri* ot the lli<lricl, jtsterday, 
aiiiioiaujing tbe disposition ol troops 
ihiuughout the Wetl, Irom wliieh we 
make Ihc lollowiii;; extracts : 

Iho lo;U I'nileit SLites miantty will garri- 
-iiii the iHisi> 111 Minnescl.i as lollows : Two 
eoiuimnies ul t-'ort Itipley ; two eouii>anie.s at 
Fort .Mieri roniliie; loiir euni|inDies at Fort 
Wjids«i>rih; one eompany at Fou Kiili;ley ; 
anil one eoniimiiy at Fort J'ucllinR. The col- 
onel ot ihc regiment will lake post iit Fort 
Snellinj:, and exercise Keneral eominund over 
the posis occupied l>y bis ro:;uiieut, under the 
sencral designation of the "Dijiriet ol .Minne- 
sota." The lieutenant colonel, or the next in 
rank ot the lield ofiietrs ('T duty, will eom- 
mund Fort Wadsworih. 

The horses and CanailiAO ponies, with their 
eav.i'ry e>)uipiucii(s, to l-e uirucJ in liv the 
\oluuteer regiments, will be ilistntjuied as 
follows ; 

MINM'.-^orA lUStKICT. 

M Kiirt .'iiielliiig ~<> 

M KiTt Kiplev 

.Vt Kort .Vliereroiuliie... 
.Vt l-ort We.iUwurtU.... 
.V. Fort liidflev 



total 2-20 

riio iMoxemcuts and ilislriliution ot the 
troiips herein disiguuted lor the district of 
Minnesota will l>e made in accurdance with 
this order, tiy ihe senior regular olltcer in the 
district, nhcn the iruop-i atiive at I'ort t>uell- 

.\s soou US the tnops lierein ilesigiiitcd 
reiieh ihe stations assigatil to iheiu, the vul- 
unteer tnops now ihcre will tic relieved and 
sent t > the propir rtndr7.»oas for muster out 
ot service. 

All othrr volunteer troops se'ving in the dc- 
p.irtnicut, exeepiin<: tho^e serving in New- 
Mexico, and the i'lllh andSixih Vnited -Slates 
Noluatecrs, wdl be mustered out of serviie on 
the receipt of this order. 

As soon as these di'ipositions ol troops are 
made, all mditary districts Ueretolore estao- 
lished by department orders will l)e consider- 
ed broken up and replaced l>y those designa- 
ted t)y this order. 

Gen. Alexander commands tbe 10th 
United States infantry, and is expected 
to arrive soou after the op.'ning of navi- 
gation, when ho will take post at Fort 
Snclliug— a pest he is familiar with, hav- 
ing been in command of that classic forti- 
cation in I'SoJ. 

Gen. Corse will probably teach this 
city today from hi.s extended trip to the 

The XMEinnesota Stage Compa- 
ny. The past, has been a memorable 
winter, an^ the extreme cold weather and 
deep snows have placed obstructions in 
the way ol transportation over Minneso- 
ta roads, before which even tha iron 
horse of the railway had to succumb. 
But the Minnesota Stage Company has 
generally been abb; to surmount every 
obstacle which it Las encountered, and 
instead of surreaderiog to the inclemen- 
cy of the weather, and the thousand nat- 
ural ilh that western roadj are heir to, 
ij has actually, this winter, run its mul- 
titudinous ( uacLcs with more regularity, 
and upon better time, than iluring any 
previous season. This is due to the 
splendid executive aV-ili'v which prevails 
at the head of tbat,C'jmpany'.< alViirs, and 
the indefatigable energy, coustaut tenaci- 
ty and often almost superh';m,in courage 
of its well selected Lost of cmplo) ees. The 
public have been admirably served by 
this company during the last wirtvr, the 
mails Laving arrived with the utmost reg- 
ularity, and oftin ahead of scLedulc time, 
and in th s city especially, the press but 
echoes a general public sentiment in thus 
noticing the succcts with whicli it Las 
performed its manifold duties in Fpite ol 
tbe most une.xpected and extraordinary 
difficulties . 

A G-ood Time Coming".— It is un- 
derstood thit Duprez it Benedict's -Miii- 
etrcls will scon visit this city, and give a 
series ol ccncerts at, Ingcrsoll'.s Hall. 
They will probably perform here b^itwcen 
tie li3th .ind L'Sth of April. 

Charley Shay's (^uincuplexal and Ce- 
lestial Troupe will alto reach this city 
next month, and give a trio of grand mis- 
cellaneous ai'.d prrslidi^i'a'orial perform- 
ances on the L'lith, _'7th and -■>tb days of 

The HutcLinson family -As i, Lizzie, 
Susie, Ira, Master Dcnnct and Little 
Nellie -will give a couple of iheir popu- 
lar concerts in this ci'y on Monday and 
Tuesday cvrnings, April LM and :J.J. 
During their stay in Minnesota Ihey give 
concerts at the places named below : 

At Winoni', Miind.iy, March 2';th. 

At Kochestcr, Tuesday, March 27lh. 

At Mantorvillc, Wedne«d.ay, March 28th 

AtOwatonna, Thursday, March 29ib. 

At Farihault, Friday, March 30th. 

At NorthHeUl, tsaturday, March rjUt. 

At St. Paul, Monday and Tuesday, Aprilld 
and Zd. 

At St. Anthony, Wednesday, April 4th. 

At Minneapolis, Thursd.iy, April .Oth. 

For MLontana — Col. W. J. Cullen, 
formerly Superintendent of Indian Af- 
fairs f.r the Uc partment o( the North- 
west, and who now heads a powerful 
Quartz Mining Company whii h has char- 
tered several steamers to convey freight 
and machinery from St. Louis up the 
Missouri to Montana, leaves .St, Paul this 
morning lor hi.s nrw field of labor and 

Tte Colonel Onds it necessary to ac 
company his freight u,t tbe Missouri, but 
has placed his two sons, K. C. and C 
W. Cullen, besides Lis nephew, W. Iv 
Cullen, and an old employee, under 
charge ol Captain Fi»k. to form part of 
his expedition across the country to start 
in Mav from St. Cloud. 

Counterfeit ITational Currency. 

— A spurious twenty dollar bill on Ihe 
First National Bank of Indianapolis. In- 
diana, was on exhibition at this ollicc 
yesterday. TLe engraving is coarse, and 
the whole thing so poorly executed that 
it ca'.i only deceive the unwary, and those 
unaccustomed to the examination of 
money. This, it is believed, is the first 
appepracce ol any counterfeit ol the na- 
tional currency, though several denomi- 
nations have been " raised" by ingenious 
rascals. It will be well, therefore, to 
keep an eye open for n ore specimens ol 
the same sort. 

Sentenced* — John Pendergrast, for 
an assault upon E. K. oti.s, who was re- 
cently convicted in the District; Court, 
was, on Saturday, sentenced to pay a fine 
ol one hundred dollars. 

William Roscncran/, lor a similar of- 
fence, was yesterday tentenccd to pay a 

fine of scventy-livc dollars. 


The St. Charles Street Case — 

The jury in this case after about twenty- 
four hours deliberation, were unable to 
agree, and were discharged on Sunday, 
at 12 oV'Icck. It is understood that the 
jurjraen ttr,ft\ >Ieven to one against the 

The Sf orthcrn Xdne. —A St. Louis 
paper say s that tbe Northern Line Packet 
Company have concluded lo increase tlicit 
capital stock lo $l,tH)«i,()tK). Captain 
Thumau Rhodes, Prcoidunl, aud B. C. 
(iray, one ol thu dircelors of tbo line, 
intend coiitractiug forthwith lor four ur 
liv c large and sp eiidid side wheel steamers 
lor tbia line. They also intend to build 
or buy additional tow boats aud barges, 
lor tr inspotlalion ul Ireigbl between St. 
Louis and St. I'aul, ou the Upper Missis- 
sippi river. 

Col. MclKenty, after a few Meeks 
business stay in this citv, started jester 
day to Lis new sphere of operations in the 
oil regions ul Pennsylvania. A host ol 
Irieiids ill Minnesota will wish Ihe Colonel 
the most abundant success in his future 
movements. His address is Pit-hole, 
\enango County, Pennsylvania. 

The District Court closed its business 
yesterday and adjourned suit die. 

A Train started lor Vermilion Falls 

yesterday with a load of supplies lor the 

gi)ld miners. 


Attention is called to the advertise- 
ment of the Petroleum Cook Stove on our 
tirstpage U will be ia operation this fore- 
noon nt ten o'elock, and thereafter. 

Sr.rAci, MarchlO, 18f.<>. 
Bei.tKK OK El>lcvTle)N. — Tbe examina- 
tion 01 the Tablie Schools will take place this 
week, 83 rolldV*s. 

The Jetlerson School, the German and Erg- 
lisli School, and the Colored Sihool, on Wed- 
nesday, lo commcucc at 9 a. m. 
Tbe Franklin School on Thursday. 
The .\dams School on Friday. 


A.N Akiui.k elf Tkik Mkuit — 
lirowo's Uiouchial Troches are the most pop- 
ular artit-le in this country or in F'urope fur 
Throat Disease and Coughs, aud this popu- 
larity is based npon real merit, which canaot be 
said ol many other preparations in the market 
which are really but weak inttati'ins of the 
genuine Troches. 

I.jOcal I>Joticer*. 

R-viL vndRivek — FkeioutNoiice. — 
The merchants and shippers of freight in 
Minneapolis, St. Anthony, Anoka, Uayton, 
Elk llivcr, Monticello, Clearwater, St. Cloud, 
and other points upon or connecting 
with tbe First Division of tbe .Saint 
Paul .'v Paciflc Railroad, arc hereby noti- 
lied that all freight intended for transportation 
over said railroad arriving at this port and 
marked '■ Care of J. J. Hill, St. Paul," will be 
transferred from the Iwats to the Kailroad 
Company, if landed at the transfer depot, or 
from the railroad to the boats, free of the 
usual transfer charge at this point. An ar- 
raagemcut has been made by which the mer- 
chant or shipper of freight will save live cents 
per liundred pounds at this point alone the 
coming season, if the freight is delivered aad 
cou^igBcd as above. 

General Transportation Agent, St. Paul. 

F. U. DtL.vxo, 

Supt First Div. St. Paul & Pacific R. R 


For all cases arising from Indigestion, 

us-' the inlKl cordial Keu Jacket Bittkrs, 
whicUwiil greatly assist, iDstcad of attacking, 
the fuDctioog of nature. These Bitters are for 
sale l)y all respectable drufrgls^ts, and dt^a'ers 
thruugliout the country. mch','OJiwlt 

I.viroKTANT TO Ladies— Mrs. Wins- 

lowd Myelic Pills for Kcmalrs are tho lH>8t and 
fSlo-t in the markrt. No lad effecu from tli*ir 
u?c. 'I h'^y acf likf a charm, lliousands of meet 
r.'Uablc testimonials Fpcak their i.rai<e. Mild in. 
Ih'ir (If. ration'; correct all irregularities and 
piinful minstr'ialion; remove all obstruction?, 
wh- the r from coM or otIi!; will cure 
h.adjchp, j»in in tho sldo, pnliitation of the 
li»art. ^^hil.??, all nirvons afli-ctioa.. hvsterics. 
raiii;iie, pain the back and liintji Hrd disiurl>e^ 
sli'op. which arisf" from iuterrupMon of Datiirc. 
Afk for Mrs. Win-low's JIvMic Pid*. 'l'a\t<^ noni> 
olh-r. fric"' $i."0, or thre" l^o.x's for for $o i»i 
Sol ' in St. Vaul liy l-dward H Higgs, soleag<>nt, 
to w'x in all orit.vs should be addri's-.fd. 

— -*•*. -- - 

Paul Uirokk, Druggist, Third street 
Upper Town, keeps constantly on hand J. C. 
Oswald's pure native wines for medicinal pur- 
p«iscs, consisting ol Blackberry, Cranberry 
Currant, Rasplierry, Rbubarl), native and 
Clinton Grape, which he will sell at wholesale 
or retail. Also pure French Brandies, Bour 
bon and Rye Whiskies, Biters of all kinds, 
at wholesale and retail. AU kinds of Drugs, 
Medicines and Dye StulTs, as well as Perfu- 
mery and Toilet articles, at wholesale and 
retai I . Prescriptions carefully prepared at ail 
boors. 1e8 ly 

PuAHAou's Seupknt t^eius. — Another 
lot of these wonderful cheniieal curiosities 
just received and for sale hy R. O. Sweeny 
& Co. 

t^A.MrnoKiTKD VattvERT. — Something 
new lor preserving furs, troolens, &c., &c., 
from moths, and other destructive insects, for 
sale by R. O.* Sweeny & Co., No. 2U, Third 
street, St. Paul. 

.Mk. C. W. Smith, (bat paragon of 

cook.", and prince of caterers to rclined appe- 
tite, can still tie found at his first cl.kss 
KEsT.M-nANT, OU Third Street, opposite the 
old American. This cstablisbuicnt is now 
considered a credit to the city, where gentle- 
men of delicate taste can lind any thing to 
tempt the pahitc— Wild Game, Domestic Poul- 
try and Meats, and Fish of all kinds— and 
cooked as only the accomplished Smith knows 
haw to cook them. Perfect satisfaction is 

The Wines and Liquors are tbe l)est to lie 
found in the cily, and Smith invites a test of 

their merits. f9-ly. 

-*•» ' 

Stylk and Comfort. — I have secured 

the services of J. W. Dow, late Dow & Brant. 

Gentlemen wishing a neat, durahle and easy 

fitting boot, gaiter, or balmoral, made from 

tho best French calf, should call. Also ladies' 

kid, serge, morocco gaiter«, balniorals, &c 

Repairing neatly done. 

jall-tf 180 Third street, Paint Paul 

Decalcomama. — Ladies wbo wish to 
practice this beautiful art can lind a rich 
variety ol designs, with the brushes, varnishes, 
printed instructions, &c., Ac, at R. O. 
Sweeney & Co.'s, 211 Third street, near the 

TiiK Toilet Preparations of Joseph 

Burnett it Co., of Boston, are tlio "ne plus 
ultra." For sale by EnwAUu H. Bioua, St. 

-••» — 

At Whitney's Gallery a full assort- 
ment of Minnesou Views, of all kinds, In- 
dian Pictures, &«., &c. Also choice Paintings 
and EngravingH, cheaper than *he cheapett, 
atAoVcost. janil- 

Colonel Tbomasson, chief of the Freed- 

men's bureau in Kentucky, has resigned, pub- 
lic feeling being so strongly adverse to his 
retention in the office. 

— William L. Seott, the people's can- 
didate, was elected mayor of Erie, Penn., 
on the lOtb, tiy four hundred and forty-eight 

— Returns from one hundred and twen- 
ty-seven towns in New Hampshire show a 
Union majority of live thouKand five hundred 
and lifty-one. 

— In the New York town elections, as 
far as beard from, tbe Republicans have car- 
ried five hundred and thirty-throe towns and 
the Democrats two hundred and flUty-six — a 
Republican gain ot forty. rght. 

— It is reported that Gov. Curtin of 
Pennsylvania had an interview with the Pres- 
ident on tho Hth, and sutjscquently expressed 
his intention of supporting Iho policy of the 

OlFicial returns from the Internal 
Revenue Bureau show H. B. Claflin & Co. to 
l)e Ihe largest fasiness house In Ihe country. 
They paid a tax on sales of $42,000,000 last 


Further Particulars ot the 
Great CooHagration. 

'I'lirilliiic liM'itlMii^ 4'umi<iil 
ol Losscti. 

Numos ot" luBurunco Couipuuies 
Iloldiug Policies, &ic. 

Ity tur owu Keporler. 

Mosi Av, 4 r M 

Thr buint disliK I emcrs exaetly one 
block. It was closely built op on two 
sides, Bridge street and Fiist street. On 
Miiinelouka street the buildings were 
scattered, and on Second htreel, be- 
sides tbelLree story budding occupied by 
Bcal'rt gallery, there were but two one 
story frame buililings. TLe First street 
buildings were occupied as G rman sa- 
loons and boarding houses, harness and 
sLoe sLops, and Kelley's warehouse. In 
the Bridge street buildings were corgre- 
gated groceries, dry goods, boots and 
shoes, crockery, fancy goods, and toys, 
restaurants, drugs, real estate ofhces, 
doctor'd cilices, dentist's olliccs, and pho- 
tograph galleries, aud in two or three in- 
stances families occupied the upper sto- 
ries. On second street, the buildings 
wcie small and u'loccupied^-one was 
new. t)n Miuni tonka street were black- 
smith', caiTiage, paint aud carpenter 
shops, and buildiiigs occupied by fami- 
lies fccatlered irregularly in behind .ill 
these buildings, were small one story cd - 
lices, and occupied mostly by Irish fami- 
lies TLe terrible current of fire llanked 
tbeae witL its broad tail circle, and noth- 
ing was left tLese poor families but to re- 
move their furniture and leave their little 
cabins forever. And so Minnetooka 
street soon became ilnongcd with men 
and women carrying household goods to 
places ol safety. Before this and at about 
hall past 12 A M , a poor woman 
was seen in one of these shan- 
ties vainly endeavoring with a broom to 
keep the roof clear of red Lot cinders 
wliii-h were falling in showers. So intent 
was she on her work, that she heeded not 
the broad sheet ol Ihme which Lad sud- 
denly burst from the over heated wood at 
au exposed portion ot her little home, 
but remained at her post until dragged 
down by some citizens, who also rescusd 
her little baby from the stilling smoke 
within. All through these ctbiiis raged 
the devouring element ; but. as if there 
must be one spot to embody the wondei- 
ful aud unaccountable phenomenon ot 
terrene things, in the midst of all the 
desolation of to-day, in about the centre 
of the block, etuids a tmall unsightly 
wooden edifice unLarmed. No elloits 
were made to save it. It was com^>ara- 
tively woitLlcss — but iLe: smell ol fire is 
nut upon it to-day. Buddings beyond it, 
and all around it Live lallen, and men 
maivel ; some take Lope and say, it ia a 
token that, in the time to come, upon 
these ruins wilt arise a more perfect pros- 
perity. Vandewaker & Ilamer's fire 
proof store-house withstood the onset of 
the Cre. It is a low stone edifice with 
iron covered roof. During the lire men 
in the inside threw water upon tbe smok- 
ing wood below the iron, it saved its 
contents. First street was thronged with 
German lamilies, driven from their shel- 
ters. Most of them remained nut till 
Saturday morning, watching their scanty 

During I ha progress ol the fire, tbe 
majority of the citi.-.cns were ijuitc calm, 
but some were in a terribly excited State. 
Incidents, the most laugLablc, kept the 
sufTercrs spirits up. A crazy individual 
on a ladder occupied in clearing 
Vandewarkcr's grocery insisted rn 
raining a shower ol mustard boxes 
and pepper cans, tobicco pickag;.», 
&c., down upon the Leads ol iLe 
workers below. Remonstrances were 
useless - Le still kept on until one ni tlici- 
ous individual, whose leg Lad been near- 
ly broken by a Lu;;;e jug wbicL came spin- 
ning from tLe cr.izy man's perch. rooUy 
climbed up to a foothold near him, and 
then knocked him olT thu ladder with a 
blow from his fist. Our friend Mr. Cham- 
berlain had gone to bed sick, and was 
under the influence of a mustard pIa^tcr, 
but bis home was soon scorched, and be 
had to leave furniture, family and aU. 
His servant girl, as crazy as a coot, car- 
ried off' Lis baby and set it down sound 
asleep by tbe side of the road, and left it 
there. Some one found it. Th« way 
raisins and poas and raiscellincous gro 
ceries were mixed down a* Kelly '.s by 
dinging boxes on the .sidewalk, was high- 
ly reprehensibl,:. So cold was it. that 
all drank freely of thu qtiaritiiies ol ale 
and wLi^ky wLich were olLired fe>r iliat 
purpose ; but we are glad to cay t'lai 
those tonics were taken only as a pievon- 
tive of inlluenzis Men were eauj;ht 
S'eiling Irom the heaps of, 
and were locked up over night. Fr cii 
Wells et Chamberlain's stock several ad- 
ver watches and one gold ono w»>re eir 
ried off, besides articles of elo'hiog be- 
longing lo Mr. ChamberUin. Many 
stocks sufileted the loss of hats, caps, 
boots, »hoes aud dry goodx. but tbe 
amount was not Itrge . One loving in- 
dividual embraced a divine of Ibis town, 
who, in return, gave ilit^ aireei innate man 
some singular consolations Lntt n( 
almost ii3ele(<s lumber was saved. Arv 
i|uantity can be had second hand. 

It is impossible to atttuipt a letter ts- 
timatu than is below gi vcn, taken in con- 
nection with that in Sunday's papur. 
Correct statements ot losses on damaged 
stocks can never be got until the Iosh is 
appraised. The agents here have tele- 
graphed tijeir respective t-ompanies, and 
appraisers are on the way. M-anwhile 
sulTorers by the l^rc arc looking up parts 
of stores in which to inspect Iheir goods, 
get ready for appraisement and repair 
their shattered fortunes. On First street 
Pat Carroll Las timber ready for a new 
wooden building, and carpenters are at 
work on it. Whether the board will al- 
low it to be set up while the fire laws are 
in force, remains to be seen. Others are 
talking of building on the ruins. Stone 
is being hauled on to one of the lots on 
Bridge street. There must be stores of 
some kind put up instanter to accommo- 
date people. 


C. W. Clark, blacksmith shop, partial 
loss, no insurance. 

Paint shop, over Clark's, p.arlial Iohs, 
no insurance. 

Wilson's blacksmith shop, loss .fll.OOO 
or .*<l..'iiX), including shop, no insurants. 

Building bclwocn blaiksinith shops be- 
longed to .Jerry Sullivan, no insurance, 
$1,000 loss. Occupied by W. Lyons, 
furniture, Wm. Shannon, saved furniture, 
J. D. Beatty, saved furniture. 

Building back, occupied by Wm. Hart, 
who owned budding. Loss .'jt:.'OiJ. 1- ur- 
iiituri: raved. 

Carpenter shop liack of paint shop, oc- 
cupied by Kussell, saved tool*. Loss on 
building ,f 100. 

Small budding o< cupid by Pcrroti, 
stood in baik. Loss on build ng, (uriii 
tuie saved. 

OlIll.K IMtlK I lAl:.- A.I II. IIICSI .STItl-ei. 

Building eornir First and Miunetuuka 
streets, oi eupied by Jacob Straude 6i 
Co., as a Haluuu aud boarding house. 
Loss jil,l'«M) on fixtures and furnituie, 
insured lor .f 7<tf) ia Kock Kiver Co , III- 
Buildiiig owned by W. IVteisoii, value 
sJU'OOtt. Misund lor $l,.»tMi. 

Sbo< niaJor shop mcupied by — — , one 
story building. I oss on building, $;ltX», 
insured tor .*:)iKI in Roi k Uiver Co. 
Furniture and toul.i saved by occupant. 

Buildings ami slabbs occui>ied and 
cwiied by Pat. Carroll, .*^^iMt inturarce 
on building, loss on bidding and furni- 
ture .*.■>. uuo. 

Building oicupied by Uosbeck as a 
saloon and boarding Louse for travelers. 
Insured in Uui k Uiver Co., lor .*_',<.'«J<J. 
Furniture partly saved. 

Two story building occupied by M. 
.Misby as a beer ^aloon on Ist lloor. Two 
German families up stairs, saved furni- 
ture. Loss on building unknown. 

Harness »Lop occupied by Arnill, stock 
saved. Insured for .*4<Ji> in Home Co. 

Kelly's wareLouse, cuiitents saved. 
Insured by St. Paul agent. I uis in 
building uaknown. 


A. N. Beal, pLotogrkpLic gallery, lott 
fixtures, and his instruments aud furni- 
ture were badly damaged, insurance ou 
these $L300. Loss at least .*l,(XttJ above 

A. Kelly, loss above insurance. $10 <X)0 
or §12,000. 


Hartford City Fire Insurance Company 
— .*6W, stock, W. H. Leonard & Co. ; 
.■^l,UtX>, store, M. Farrant ; $.i00, store, 
Vandewarker & Haraer ; 8l',000, stock, 
Vandewarker & liamer; $1,000, stock, 
Wells &, Cbamberlin ; $1,0(HJ, stock, L. 

Manhattan — $3,0U0, Jones & Emmeit. 

Lamar— $"1,000, Jones & Emmett. 

London and Liverpool— $0,000, A. 
Kelly, stock; .*i-l,OlJO, Jones tt F^lmmi'tt, 
merchandise ; $2,0<W, L. Fletcher, mer- 
chandise; $1,000, L. Fletcher, building: 
$3,000, .1. M. Grabill, merchandise; 
$ijOO, A. B. Fall, merchandise. 

Home, New York— $300, Walerih, 

North American, Philadelphia— $300, 
McFarlane, Burd & Co., furniture. 

Arctic — 8 WO Keith & Bausman, fur- 

-Etna— $1,000, W. Petran, building, 


llome. New Haven— $000, 51. Pierno, 
building; $400, M. Farrant, building; 
$2, COO, J. J. Couchman, merchandise: 
,*l,OtXt, J. A. Meyer, mtrchnndise and 
budding; $l,ri,iO, L.Fletcher, merchan- 
dise Bud bud ling; $Gi'0, A. B. Fall, 
mcrch-^n-'i c; $fOO, E. "W. Arndl, build- 
ing ; 8'*"", S. W. Sanfird, nien-ha- dite 
and b'id.ling: $1,.50\ We!l,i A- ''in nli r- 
lain, merchandise andbuildiug; $1,300, 

A. II. Beal, merchandise; $700, Smith 
A: Meyers, merchandise; $2,000, G. A. 
J. Overton, raerchandiie; .$l,5iAi, A. 
Walcott, merchandise ; $800, Pat Carroll, 
building ; .$-',300, Smith & Billings, mer- 
chandise and building, 

Tham'^', N3rwich -^.^.O'JO, J. J. Conch- 
man, merchandise; .$2,l!0<i, f.,. Fletcher, 
merchaudise and building. 

North American, Ilarttord— $1,10U, A. 

B. Fall, merchandise: $1, ten, John (iod- 
ley. merchandise. 

Phirnix, Brookhn— .«'_', :.0t>, J. J. 

Conchman, merchandise; $l,.i)00, L. 

Fletcher, rocrchindise ; iJ.JOO \V. H. Leon- 

ard it Co.. drugs an.l niedicipc<. 

In addition to the a'> )ve w.- fiad, 

Connecticut Mutual -$:,OtH». G. A .1. 

Ovetron, ni'-rcbandise. 

Rock Uiver. Ill— $i',000. Kosshuli: 
$7011, Strau la A: Co., stock &j 

There aie aUo policies in the following 
Companies, of vyhich .Jiidjfe .Vines is agmt : 

Metropolitan ; Lorilard ; Adriatic- ; Mer- 
chants, Hartford; Putnam 
But their amounts and Ih-.* holders thi-reol 
aic unknown. .Judge Ames' is m Wiscon- 
sin, and Las been telegraphed to come on. 
i!i';t*rirL-r.ATij,\ ov roi,»ciKs. 


I By T«l«Kr>fl>.1 
■ aw lark Ummmw Bavthat, 

Nku YoiiK, klarch 19. 

Money eahy at./("'j per ecnt. 
Sterling dull and heavy at Wl^^iWa. 
If old heavy, unsettled and lowci', opening 
at Vl'.tk and closing at VlMi. 
(iovernment stocks lutbuctivc and easier. 
Freights to Liverpool ijUiet. 


Nfcw YoUK March I'J— 7 .V> v. m. 

'ibe supply ol money is very ubundunl uuJ 
brokers arc readily suppli' <l on < i I loans at 
'i per leut. TLe liausactious in di'eouulii are 
readily Inerea^iHK and Korni lirms ind no dil- 
ticully iu getting all the luoaey th y uant at 
ruoderate rates, very prime names are held at 
•j('i<M per cent , Imt the most geneiat rale for 
prime paper Is 7^< 'A per cent, good nHmcs 
aic '{Uiited at Sf-i 'J per < eul . lowei grades 10 
C" ].') per crnt. 

(iold lontinueH weak, ian^:iiig luiiiig the 
dav at li'S!(,/ 120. 

Foreign exihaugc still dull. 

itrM York Miock llMrlo*!. 

Ni.« Yoiik, Mai'.h \') 
Sloeks heavy ; f. .S. (;'s '81 coupons I04i ; 
•')'.;•) <'oupons "1)1 103-{ ; r-IO's, Isiucnch '.r.*\; 
do. Ud st'ries 9!!^ ; do. .'id RerieH '.l'J\ ; Teno <>« 
of "tlOtlli; Miss.Vs7-^i; W r 'I el '-.V. . N Y' 
C ill' ; Kric HI j! ; Reading !)94 ; M S \ N I hi ; 
N W preld O.ii r Pilts Snj ; S W l'' i . K 1 W>1 
Ft W nii;Ch A ,Mlon 8'J ; 


[ By Telegraph. ) 
■•w Vark Prosiwcc n«rk»t. 

K>;w Y'oUK, Mareb I'J. 

Flour dull, unt^ettldd. irregular and lO^" 
2lJe lower; #7 ■/)(.( 7 W) for extra Slate, is^^-io 
b.m lor R. H. (J . and *■) ^MnW Ot lor tiade 
brands, market closing heavy. 

Whisky quiet, Wesieru at Wl.'lh. 

Wheat dull ands tpring '(iv-it: Iwwer ; No. 1 
(^hieago Spring at alioul SI tKi. Rye quiet. 
Barley and barley mall dull ami nominal. 
Coru dull and l(f/:jc lower, <j''("7:ic for un- 
sound and 73('i7-0c lor sound mixed western, 
both in store and delivered. Uai< dull and 
lower at 3.5(^-10c lor unsound nest.'rnand u'iii 
for sound dn. 

Collec dull. 

Sugar dull ; Cuba Muscovado 10(( lOJc; Ha- 

Molasses dull ; Porto Rico 70c. 

Petroleum dull at 2.3(>^2(>c .for crude and 
40c lor relineil in bond. 

Pork opened heavy and lower tmd closed 
more tjriiily ai $-!5 7-5^ '.iC 124 lor new mess, 
elosing at .^JO lor cash;S"-!C lor oil do., and 
#21 2i for prime; also 4,500 barrels of new 
mess for Airil and May, seller's a id buver's 
option al#2';('i2!S .50. 

Beef steady 'at $10 fornew plain mess and 
if'20.o0(524 for new extra mess. 

Reel hams steady at !ii;37(«.-38..50. 

Cut meats unehanged ut 114{f(,I2ic for 
shoulders and IGAgls^i' for hams. 

Bacon quiet; C~umberland Cut a; 15c. 

Lard dull, heavy and lower at IT^lSie. 

Cheese quiet at lC®22c. 

Hew Vork Cwlton Aiuikei. 

New Y'oiiK, March I'J. 
Ciituindull, hcav^ and unsettled at 40(S.1U- 
for Middling. 

!*>ilMHuk«-v Prealnc* 51i*rk«>«. 

MiLWaiKiiE, Idureh 19. 

Flour dull; choice sprintj cxtrj at $7.00; 
do *) 75 ; Superfine ij-j 00. 

fJKAiN — Wheat lower; No. 1 Sprmg in 
ST 25|; do. SI. 2.54. Oats are lirm with sales 
ot No. 1 in store at 26c. Other grains are 
nominally unchanged. 



TO Bfc DBAVr.V Al 

Crosby's Ojiera House, Chicago, IlL 

IVIA.V »i>^tb, Ifi^CSO. 

w.nawsos. rob't a. s.mith. L.t. ueeu 



Foreiga and Domestic Excliaiige, 


U. S., City and County Bo ids 

Land Warranti, PasiOije Tit-kett, 0,1., .\c. 


r.i5,000 Vuluulile I'rjze,. »ul.i. d ai HJZ,i7i.i3 will be Bretcktctf U» Tackel 
lIulderM, lueludjag '«IOO,00«J in f;reeubackt<. •«"«» 

Number of Tiu^eta Issued 500,000. Price $1.00 EacL 

. .Vl't*. 'Vi'T f T;"*?' ■"?-''""'"' ')'* ""^""* '.■" •••' P""'" • <""• «**'=-« "««' *-.y lour 
1 dj' 4o ......'..'..'''''.'. 



• I,iMO«mIi , ..'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 

t^I'. **^ — -—.......... 


do k> fidi-uc'; «,., >v« Wabaxh Avenue . ..''.'.*.'.".".*.'.'.".'"."*.*' 

do do '.> M I iikr tUM-t ".; 

•*" do ;; N..»b»,r» ►ir-.-t ''.■' 

.1 ''o I'jlligov.un FnlluB. ti<-ar faullDa rtrM't 

i i" •'' ]'■'* ^ ■ '-""-ft y aad 417 W. iBdiaaa ttMfiu '."■.",■.'.■.■.■.'.■■.'.';."; 

•I do du iu food lo'jaiity 

10 do atv Lot', tSoOeacli... ../S""' VMVS. 

Tbe Ur.wlDg will take pl»w- »fi..r t!ie Couctrt ou lii« ►Uge of the Opera Hou«V'wh«r<> 10 O^XI 
p»r*<jni.c»D wilDfMil. A Committer will U-app.jliit- d t.y th- nudrmce to •ui.^rici.-td lb» mbk. 
All purcluisHrr and aK»nU will Ire i...ipli«d Kith correct IMf of AnviUR a< Mx.n a* i,uLlUb»d J-ir- 
tlM loldlngilci.-H! wLl reiaij) Ih^-m uiilll tfu-r the diawiBg. aud it thtir nunit^T «tT*ir« In tbe lUt 
of drawu numl^rs. tliey will forward lh»'ir ticket iminedlut.lT, with lali dir<-alcn. a« to tkc tblB- 
plog of go<di or menej". I ickete are for tt't- at tht priocfptl Hotels. Book aod Hstic Storra la 
ttiecny, and at our oflic-, l^-.rborn utrfe- p Joe $1. flen. by mail oo fc 'pt of pric* aad 
?, ^"Z"'''" "f" l">*««P-- <i"'>d aud reliable agfiiU »«ated in eie y dtv, lowci aad rilikcc in tke 
Uuited inie-, ly »li'jiii irrtral Indiie.-nientii are olTereiJ. ' ^ 




■ .l«.«aD 


-. ifiV) 
.. 3,«00 
.. «,«M 

.. IJtM 

. . lO.OM 


• 000 


••I>e«i«l X«'rinM or <JI ul> rCalcM. 

party procurir;; a rlub ot li e or more uamex for |iicket.-, and fonrcrdisc as tJi« at&Ber for 
the njn-, will be alloned fli' lollowing conimlttion, v!/. : » j •" 

VI TiskHe tooo« adSte-tlfar 3i tb 

5 lieVelB lo one 


Ml do J'o 


•M do d 1 


:!u do do 


..(4 :^ 

... 9 l« 
...17 io 






..6S W 

lutrery can.. ,.-nd ili- ua-ne atd P.iM t.jtice ;..jjr,-»f of luch tepara e tabectiber. HoiieT by diaft 
l*. (>. order, expreni. or in , e,;iMer. <| lett. rr. maj b.- .-nt at cur ri! k. '"'^'""- -""ej «>> ■»». 
All (oDlIllUIlicatiuI,^ chi uld ti- aJdr' .-c] to 


l.;t3 Ururbvra airra-s. < kicai|f«. lillaafa. Paai 4Sttc«r Itrawer >*13. 

TliBproirielor- willdona'e lo ttifl I.Jucoiu and l>ou^b Monuioeiit Fund J/.OW. al»o tliere wlU 
$2,liU0 rei-ervea from th. pei-on drawirjr lb" SJ'.Mjo prize, lor ibr came lorioJe 
K«KhK_>..Ncr.s— Uon. M. {j. VViIl<iui.oD, tx-.>>erattrof Jliere-oia . Hon. O. V. I a« rebc«, W . C . af 






11 and 13 IN^ortli Second, street. 

We 6oUdt the oonaifnimeDlE and orders of our frl-nd-, e:!!ariuK ttitm that Miciiesota Interetti 
shall be- cfpeciatly c^nfldrred, and we ci..rdu'ly tender tj ail, when ia oordty, the full prlvilf get of 
our office for corri'i-pondeccp. with a complete hie of Uina'eota paper;, Ic. 

Kkpeb to FIKST ^ATH»^•AL BANK OF 6T. PAUL BcblS-tf 

Hartford City Fire Insurance Co.... 

. Sti.lOO 


. 3.0(H) 


. 1,000 

London ami Liverpool.... 

. ii;,Gi>o 

Home, N. Y 


North Aineiii^an, Pbila 





. l,OtH) 

Home, New Haven 

. l.S,(l.iO 

Thames, Norwich 

. .i,200 

Ni.rth .\nierican, Hartford 

. 2,400 

f'huni.x. Hrooklvn 

. 4,500 

Conn. Mutual 

. 2,000 

Kock Uiver 

. 2,700 


Kkitii iV, Dentists, can be 
found in Reynold".-! Block, below the Post 
Offli-e, where they will be as happy to see 
their patrons as lieforc the late fire. ml8-lw 

AIlLlI AKY V..UM-1U.MATIONS. — The Sci • 

a'e has- cotiiirmed Uenry II. Sibley Maj r 
(Jem ral by brevet, aod the following Col- 
onels and and br.vtt ColoneU to be 
BrifjHdier Generalu by brevet : James H. 
Bjker, Judson \V. Itishop. S. P. Jenni- 
Bin, W. G Le Due, Wm. K. Marahall, 
J K. Tourtellotte and JoUn T Avertll. 

» < » I » 

— The Iowa Senate — by a vole ol 3G 

to 12— have passed resolutions sustaining the 
radical majority in Congress. 


Sign aud House Painter, 

At the olil iitand of Williams & Bru., 
Nearly Opposite tbo Post Office, 

tSr. PAUL, MlNJif. 

Orderd iu ao} bivnvh of tt>t> t atntinx buslaesa 
ri'sp-icilly sollc ti-J. 

•»-r^i>. €)/ the Chicr Kifjiwtr I'irc Ih- 
purtmrnt.^ mohlO-lm 

MILL, near llailinK''. kno«u an " it A M- 
.SKV'S uro.MK MILL." fiad mil coaUina 
Ihren (.1) run* of stoiieo, and all nece lary nia- 
otilnery to iiiii the »»me. The water power In 
amtle and never iDilinir. Wheat is abundant 
and nasily procurnd, lliii|ing!>, Minnexota.lHinK 
the oiiiiiity Bent of Uaknta county, and th.- ehip 
pinirpoli.t. 1itk< indlfputable. 

For ti-rnrn, apply to Memrc f;i AlKiKT A 
CIUKSBY. Attorney-, lla«tings Mfrn-coia, or 
to .lOSKPH LEWIS, 61. I'auI, Minn., box .Vi. 

mi dtf 

iircitl riano l"ortr A: .Veludeou 




ot* \VuMliiui;l:oii f^trect, 

Acw- Xnrk Warcn'oms 4IAO ';, 
Whole<a'o Agents for the I". .'<. for 



(joUl Ncdal Piano Fortes. 

A« lo tlie relativi- m.Miu .>f thr».' Pianos, mc 
would refer to <lii' cerliiiiMtes of >*xcelleiico in 
our pei<foii.iion from TUALjKKi;, GilTTS. 
rilALK, SrKAK'isClI. U. SATTKR. 11. 
VIKrX I KMl'S, LOriS S lAA n and K. ML/.IO, 
Mucical Diretior of th" Italian «ipera, as jilf^o 
from gome of the nKHt dii^tinguieliel rroff»»ori< 
aud Amateurn in the ciuntry. All in>truinenta 
ffiKinuit.'i! for lire gciii.^. AI?o iitf. nt- lor 

A. I¥ OALK ^fc CO., 

And Oiher Fm (lass PiaHos. 

We have Ihc lar/;p^t and b-st at-^ort'd etock 
of lianas In the city, which for power and 
«weJtnp<.< of tone, easy ant a(fr<»'able touch, 
and b-auty of lini-h. have, by judg •-, teen pro- 
nounced iivrirnUt't. 

•Jffarlii-iilar atlentiun p-jid to the Mieclirn 
of Ini'rumenis for distant orders, and a privil- 
ege ol exchange granted at anv time within six 
inontti!>, if Ihelnstrunteot Phoiild lof prove en- 
tirely satisfactory. A liberal disoiont to Cler- 
gymen. Teachers and .'<chool«. Teriiix litiTal. 

Whelefale IK-alerii will find It to tlieir adran 
taga to give ns a cap, as bvcreadv increafed 
facilities we are enabled to fill all orders with 
dispatch. Person" in want of a teallv 
Class Piano wHIkIo wi II iti call iM'l.ire p'uichae- 
ing e.'sewiiora. 




Harmoniums, MelodeonsA Organs. 

Uanufacmres and Import'is of 



V10LIA8, CLABINkT.'., 



And ofh-r Musical Merchaudise. 
and Kra«s lnst>uineiils, of our maii'ifaclure and 
importation, are u»ed bv moft a' of the Ix'st 
Kanda in the foiled stales, aud » hen,>>er ex- 
liltiited havo iilwa.x riceived the > iold Medals 
and higheat premiums. Having connection with 
manufacturing hounes in Berlin. Li ipsic, Dres- 
den, England, Paris, we arp pre|>ar<il m lurnlsh 
Dealers, Rand4 and individuals, wiiliveiyarti- 
cl« in this line at the lowest ir,anat:iriur( rs' 
price*. Kemember Ihe place. 

JULiUtsBArKK & ro.. 
GO Wa$liiu<>tun-sl., (ifairaiio, li 



1 Int. Rc\ . t tamp, t 
i 50 ct."., cancelled. \ 

Kindlay Hct:;ormick and Elizatieih Kc'.'orarcW, 
li. Israel G. Lash. 
Sliilr ..(• Viiiu-ioln to the abort Namrd <U- 

frltOHt . 

Vou are hi reby summoce I .Tnd reiju'rcd to 
ancw>:r the complaint ot the plaintiffs in the 
abovu eniitled action, which has been filed with 
tbe Clerk of this Court, at his office in Saint 
Paul, in the county aforesaid, and to serve a 
copy or your answer lo the said cimrlaint upjn 
the subscribers at their office m the city cf ^aint 
Paul, In the Stale aforesaid, within twenty da>s 
after tlie service of this summons on. ycu, ex- 
clusive cf the day of service; aod if y'uufail to 
answer the said complaint within the lime 
aforesaid, the said pUintilT will apply to the 
Court for tho relief demind.d, in said complaint. 
Plaintiffs' .Mtorney, St. faul, Minn. 

tucs-febw rt 


In the mitt.'r of the estate of Lvm.^n l>a\t"a. 
late of Ramsey county, Miunefola. dcceasea, 

T" all whom it riaij (•■■iC' rn 

Notice i« hereby given l!i«t we, the subsciibers, 
were on the 12ih daj of J-ebruarr. A. n. l.-^.^ 
dull appoint.'d and comraissinned Oy the Hen. 
R. K. Cro-vell, .ludge of th- Probate Cunrt at 
said county, comtuissientd lo receive, examine 
and af-just all claims and demands of a 1 persons 
aga'B't the said deceased : that si.s months from 
and after -aid day of appjintmrnt haielnenat- 
lowed and Umiie) for creditors to preteii' their 
claims to us for e.\aminatit:n aii.l sjlovaic'tr 
re ectiim . and tlut wo will on .■>.-ri M ednes 
day ol each and every week lor i .• i.. xt six 
months, from I' c hourB of lo oV o k a m. io • 
1'. M.. at the < Ihce of Uirart Uewiii ■■; c,>n.-< rt 
Hall niock. Third street, St. Paul. Miiine i,u. 
attend to the discharge of our di,iiis ss said 


alhk-rt En<;KRi.iiv, 


St. li^ul. Kebruary l?fh, tsi; . 

h!T«TK or HI I n ■ E!»OTA - rot'B- 
In Iho matter of the estate « i .lolin W. Cath- 
c.^ft, deceased. 

To all irhom it ui-iy coi-i'.rn 
Jiolice Is hereby gi'ven tist we, 1 he subscribers, 
were, on the '.iftth day ol Eebrna'-y, *. n. imVi 
appointed aid conimissjoced by the Hoa. K. e' 
Crowell. .ludge ot the Probate Court of said 
Famsey cjuiity. ooaimissioners lo rvc.*ive. ex- 
amine and .idj ist .ill I'laiins and demin^^s of all 
persons against tte sii.l deceased; that six 
months from and after said dav of appointmrni 
have l>een allowed and iimiled for crediiors to 
present their claims lo vs for oxaminaii .n and 
.tllowaroe; and that we will ou i .cry Sa'urdiv 
of each and fvfry month, for lb.' neat six 
llonthr, from :o .\. m. to •-' i-. m., at our office in 
mrown's Block, ct'y of .<t. Psul, attend to Ihe 
discbarge of our datJHS as said I'ommisMiners 

St. Paul. Kebruary Inc. 
tu« 6-febir-5t 

jReal Estate Agents, 


I lOl Third fct reel, near! lie Bridtje. 

We buy and sell Property, on Commission, io 
all pirts of this state an4 W'lsconiio, and c«asot 
fall to satisfy p.irties desirous to aell or iBve^t. 
We have a large amount of property for sal« in 
St. Paul, and adioining towLS. and tbrosghoct 
the S;ate, tieiongiog to parties really anxious to 
St II, and at prices thai cannet fail to' be remoDe- 
rativf. We offer Business prcjierty ii; St. Paul 
on all the principal street?. Boosts and lou at 
all prices and in all parts of tbe dtv. Krsideac* 
lots in .ndless .laantily, from flic lo fiO.OOO 
each. County property. Farms. Faming Land, 
Bote's. Like Residences. Timber and Bay 
Ijinds, Ac, from (Itotl'' per acre, In all parts 
of 'his Mate and Wisconsin. 

We tinnot fill to suit anv one d«eir«nis ol 
pnrchtsirg. and leferto our Bulletin on firrt 
page. Taxt s paid in all parta oi this State and 
Wistonsln. MORGaW * McCLOJD. 

nisblodfcwiv «b'' 



Palcult-'d M.iv -23. 1S65. 

Tkr ba^t. t krapvat. K.-^tpat aad ■••• 

Dartahlr ItprlBg^ Brd Baftoai 

ia Ihr World. 

Xeir )'o>''.' Ifdj eri>, .■;i.^ 

OiO I ; .o</,r./i/. 

Mill Furuisliiug Ei!itabli>liiueiit. 

and all aaiaic: Water Pawrr. 


DldTRICT OK Hl!(NK80TA, } 

81. Paul, Minn., March t.5th, li«0«. > 
I will offer at Public Auction on Tuesday, tbe 
^nii day ol Marih, Itkiii, at th« (iovernment 
Warehou-e at the corner of the Levee and Sibley 
streets, the following surclut SulMistonco Store*, 
viz : 

yo.OOO l-oumls or Rice. 

1 T.OOO Pounds of Pe:\fi, 

rr>, aoo Povmds of HurU Bread 

These Stores are In good condition and only 
iold berausn there i< a surplus on hand. The 
Hard Bread 1 1 in boxes of iVn llllv pounds. The 
above Stores ran l>i» seen at the liovernmcnt 

Payment OAsh In (iovernment funds. 

Sale to commence at 10:45 A. M. 

Brevrt Major C. 8. U. 8 A. 

LANGLBt ft TEMPLK, Auctioneers. 


We have been appolrted Agents frr the .States 
of Wisconsin, towa and Minnesota f>r the justly 


l.^iirbine W^^tol•^vlloel 

Which is olalned to surpas. any other WATER 
W IIEs I,, and la in eTery respect p<^rfcct. Toiwi- 
pi, i/g'i' to e./w>»/ ntiy or. rshol vitrei in 6iielr>i,e. 
Any pel son in the abjvc named Stales of Wis. 
constn, Iowa and Minnesota wishing lo purcha-c 
a Waterwheel, or g.»t iniormaiion roncernlng 
them, will please aidress the under .igned. wbo 
will furnish ibem with all the partlriUrs of this 
wheel, its si/e, speed, power, price, Ar , &o 
These wheels are now being lent oa atlbera'e 
of over one wheel per day. with i rapidly In- 
creasing demand, extending from Midne to Call- 
fornia, Aguaranliv> Is given that these «beels 
will work up strictly ti what is .lalmrd Icr 
them. Hemt inb<<r that the 

Oc»t Im tlni Clicn]|>08t. 

We are also furnishing, as utual,of our own 

French Burr Hill Etoaes, 

Best qualities of both old tod new .niarr'es. 

rain UcarlnK iiii«l SliartfiiK. 

Of all kinds and descriptions, bolh for Flour and 
Saw Hilts. Uouble Edgers for Saw Mills. 

li^lovutor ]Mln<>litiic*r>- 

Of the most approved palterna. All kiod'i of 

gearing and iron work tor 

And every kind of Iron work. M'e also fur. 
DUSTER.'-;, and every description ol Mill Ua 
chlnery. Also the genuine L ufour's Old Dutch 

Catalogue of patterns and prle> 11 .ts sent oa 
application. KWO. IP. ALl.|ll<k CO. 


i..u«BiONs. *'••■ ••"■ Stamp I 

I (lOcij. cancelled. \ 
klDolt Uaycoik r.<. The Norlhwcjtom l*ackct 

Ihe stale of Minnesota. 
To thf oltot'.-^ futi/tftl li*/. Uiiiitit tfrxeting . 

1 on sre hereby sanimoned aud reiiulred to an- 
swer Ihe c:>niplaint ofihe plaintilT in the tbove 
entitled anion, which has bten lile»l with the 
rieik it this Cl iirt, :ir his offic* in Saint Paul in 
Ihec'untyof afor. si'.l, atd tiser»e a ropv of 
> our answer to the said complaint u|Hin the sub- 
scritets at thtir ofBce in ih- citv if St. Paul, in 
the Slate aforesaid, wilhiu twenty d i\ s after the 
serv ice of this summons on you, exclusive oi the 
day of sfrvice; and if >ou'f.tii lo answer ihe 
raid c< mplaint within the time a'oresaid. the 
said plaintiff will have his damtges a<ses<ed b. 
alary or the amount ho is oufitltHl to tei-over 
asc-rtained by the Court or under its direction, 
and* ill take iudgm-^nt tor the amonnt so as- 
sessed or a«cestain.>d and di«burs< m-'n' of suit. 
Plaintifl''8 Attorney, St. Paul, MionesoU. 


The followleg Testiaonlals are p'esented ai a 
sample of hundreds that might be fnrvlshed : 

NlCOLLBT Hol-S«, MiSaE.vroUS, IflXN. 

Jtf;-. r. (.'. Cffifi 

Dear Sir— I take great pleasure in recom- 
mending your Patent rpiiug Bed Bottoa to 
tbe patdic. and can aay that I nerer alepton 
so ;:'.>od a t>ed as your Spring Bottoat makes. 

YoB may please send me one handred ot them 
as soon as jou can get them ready, aad «nch 
ob:if«, C. E. FREEMAN, Proprietor. 

P. 8.— Messrs. Chase t Sporr are geBlleaeB 
and I think them worthy of your pairoiacc 

C. f. r. 


Commission Merchant, 


Tobacco, Hemp, CoUop, Wool 


And Western and ir'outheni produce generally. 

No. 62 iommercial street. 

Bet-ween OUve and Loctist-Ms* . 


Prompt attention given to liliag all orders in 
trasted to my care. mchft-ly 

-Vr. P. O. Ctuttt 

61r— I have had the pleasure of sleeping at the 
Hnff Uouse. in Winona, upon one of vonr Pat 
ent Spring Bed Bottoms, aad feel called apon t9 
say it surpasses aay thing in that line, acd makes 
deeping a laxury. 

I am constrained to say. farther, that iu aan 
ifest cbeapnes and durability, aad Uw facility 
with « hiih it is adapted to any bed, must soon 
make it sn essential in every family. 
I am, sir, yours respectfully, 



Mr, P. <;. Cluise 

Dear Sir— Tour Patoat Bed lioU . m has been 
in use and on exhibition at my honse bow lor 
two weeks, and ha- given entire satisCictioa to 
myself and all who have examined it. Allow 
me to say It Is the most pertect thing of the kind 
I htve fouad, having examined aU the differcat 
kinds of Spring Beds in use. 

I shall fit up my hoase with Tour Bed Bottoms 
a$ soon a< the same can tie procaml, a« they 
combine all the advaatagea of other Sprlac 
Beds, an' less liable to get out of repair, eaaUy 
repaired If out of repair, and the prioe brlaga 
them within the reach of all. 

Yours truly, K. A. G X>DELL. 

OHABE & SPURB, Froprieton. 


V« AUENT, corner of koCert and Third 

streets, ft J'anI, his for sal,., the Rosemount 
F.rm with Tavern sund. (low owned anrtocca- 
pied by Daniel I I1de^woo<•.^ l«o acres all in cul 
livation, fenod aad cross t'nced-all new land 
Ho«t« two stories, stabling lot ibiny horses, 
granary »ix:rt, acd other onttaUdlBga.- al o HO 
a«res of timber land, to be sold with or without 
Ihe above Terms easy. 

I>arm Uv> acres, vii'h hnaae l.^»2^, oae and 
half stories, and outbuildings— I>i6 acre* Bader 
caliivation, 70 acre* wood lai.d. 

Farm ss acres on Lake Johaaca, tJ acres 
broken : house . barn aad stable. 

lloBse and two lo.s oa Daytoa'a Blnff; koaae 
and lot on Valley street : hovseaad lot oa 6t Paal 
street : hoase and lot In Braaaoa's AdUtlUoB . 
houae and lot on ^'raaklia street ; »lx let* in 
Bmnson's Additloa: city lots ; 4.000 acre* land. 



Reliance Works, Milwaukee, Wis.l 

Undertaker, ' 

Third »tr«"»t, 8«int Hatil. JVIinn 
8<»LK AtiKtJT FOR 


Clotti Ciskets and Wooden Coflns oi the lates 
•tyle constantly on hand. Hearse* aad Carriagei 
aad every thltig neoessarv fo.-a Fnnaral fUralahed . 
on the shortest not'ee. I 

Residence on Canada (tre?f„ above Twtth 
ncvl«.ly-4tba i 

For 0tt.lo and for . Rent. 

Lot iO«150, and new w«"I finished two story 
house, *e»en rooms, oel'ar, cistern and wtlf, 
■ear head of Jackton street, poMaatioa May 1st. 

Lot 30x75 and honse, two-*t?ry, vHh stone 
basement, «ell built and convenient. In Braa- 
aon's Addition— $1,100; possession april Ist. 

Good two-story frame house, with alt canvea 
leneet and pleasant location. near.lackson street, 

lionse and Lot 30bH^ corner I ilh and Waba- 
thaw— f '.2,100; possession April Ist. 

A llrstcliss IVame house and lot, oholie loca- 
tion— •(i.OOO ; |>o*»e*aU>n May Ist. 

A frame hoase aid lot, not exoel'ed in the 

A (wostoiv frame house and lot, 4^x100, ten 
rosi >•. warm'aad well tndt— t2,S(iii; po«.sossloB 

iO KKN f— A cholc- house and ground* oa 
Davtoi 's Itluff, ten rooms, stable and »atei — 
•300; posiessiOB April 15. 

T. m. HKTCA&r, 
Keal K.stata Broker, Jackaoa itnH, bctweea (th 

and Mb. 




^hr»t> gaul Sa% gt<s5> 

SAlNfl\lUL. MARCH 2iriS66. 


:"'■< i'rfsoiti in 


voLUMii: VI. '?*^»SrL, 

H. TBolirM/a.CAkM. 


auon» of ihe 
ng lie I'ubli. 
.eltcrs la the 

rabUcAta-ii e; 
•.f^e^T a • 
'*-■': lie III 

Vepf- I:. 

: I tii; rcj;u- 
a!. iC'Viu 


I'lO Lirjjfs; 
ii ^r<i«" lir- 
'»en-, ihe 

:isotllco, i^ 
HiiY Tnrss 

J. It tlEW.Ull, 

1' v>tMa»f?t 

-Gold I i' 
ftl the I 

- IiK rcj; 


-iU. .. 
i.v .igho'.it hi! 

-4* Uea . 

•d: tjc sir. 

- .Il.>t;, 

=:t:.;i u tti: re;.- 
it U i T' -. ■ 

— A]»\t3 ft 

vv«2:iT ia \«y 1... 
saU ao: tha slja: 

— Iiaaer't) 
i:^ «u<l lh<; i 

»»i-Hi« Hinntni 

".iv-i. to ro- 

:■* l» fi!t 

. .i.hkji;!it» 

't-s It th'.'v 

13 i'.res 
-': ;i- at- 

■ VI ;« uif 

.. tc.clt. 

:2ic u!si 
•icg a!l 

, '. with 

/ CuA C- 

- cJ.anJ 

::at the 

• ; ia:ioE, 
!:■-:. ch 

!r'.>!r Sunitjct's propobitiou ulritfs hs 
as, oil iL.' wholi', muih the best ul iLe 
tLric It M. Ill fa t, the Conkliug HUine 
a ni uji.u'ir iu a uow toiui. l.ikf that it 
biicf itl>rt:t>ntation aa now on fbo whole 
poputatiou. bi:t fko; that otT-.iivitJ the 
Ujix'tvrifkal sitisibiUtiej ol >Jr. y'lmtier 
by proviiliL'K that whentvtr siitlia^e shall 
bo Cfuii J iVi diVi." .«? t;/' rcfS cr cr'/or, do 
porpona ol tbat race or tulor shouJil be 
coiiutfl iij ihf. l)4si* p( ti'pri'sentat on, 
Mr {>amntr ftui h what hf coiisidjTs thi« 
rt.(:ai;i'i:jou ol a ii^'.4t to ihsUauchiso 
rac. J atwl coIlm, by proviJuij; that Khen- 
evei iiJult ci:J2cns -ahall be exclmleJ 
frcai the clertive Irancbue ixctpt lor 
jurl:v)patu-u iii rebolHou," the ba^is ol 
ropteaemation fh;ill be proporiionately 
rt JaceJ. The (act that this vcrb.i! change 
IS i'ldioien: to recomile Mr. tiuiiimr to 
the BI^Qd aiu::r.i!iut-nt, »hows in a sfrong- 
iT b'i;ht than i'r?r rhopeurilif >• nf hi-i objec- 
tion; to it. 

r< • >ft. t>ii ui'v-r's 3ii.-.B»'n:c:'.t hsu this 
ttlett whuh wiil ncomcK'iid ii to Mrs. 
L:wy Sicne ii::J Jlu. Swisjhdai. It 
bavci evt-rv Statu Iree to enlarge its rc- 
prtsenta-ion t>y admitting its wcuieu to 
f'e elective frinchne. and whattv.-r may I 
be sail I n the que»tien ol female sulfrage 
thtre i:) .ertainly no good reason why it 
gheu'.J not bo Irlt open to free discussion. 

liH«l been butcliereJ on u lu! lu near Drcnilen. 
rtio biiti-her ami owiurot li.e firm, uud other 
people iiad fallen sick, Hmt a previously (I'l. 
feitly healthy servant ^ic\ haU died. In li. r 
'"od.v an abundance of tnchii^r were loiitul. 
In t!io district of MttdKiluirg Ihe eiises ol this 
di^oaso spread over a period ot four v ears 
Since theycar 18i'.>a whole seiies ofi'ii,-. di'i- 
ease have l-eeu observed. Thev occurred ut 
rianeii, Calbe aud Salle, yuctllenbcri:, Hurg 
near Madi;ebur»:, Weimar und l!cid-it.iJcnear 
Elslabler, and other places. 

Tb'j Chicago liipubhijn savo tliat 

trichii-x aro attributed to Ih.- KviJ iipjn 

which tb'.* hogj aic iiared in tut- disiiio.s 

of fitrmauy above indicattd. Corn is 

too vabiabte to feed the hoij-i and the 

swiuc are Kft to latten on what tiny can 

pick up It 19 no joke about their fei d 

irg on snakes and that the irichitu- are 

supposed to come from that source. 

In this country wo don't feed hogs in 

that way. They are abuuJaully led on 

corn, etc , and with this genercus diet no 

one need be alarmed about trichina) 

Tb«i only bugs that a-e bkely to infest 

Wesitr.t fiork are huuibu"s. 

aAlJsjT i:>ATJL. WEPyrKaPAY. MARCFT 21. 1.^^ 


'>>(ewArt*s Uciiuluilous 



i'AED. UOrCtLAS*. 

A geuilenien frcni this city vyho met 
Frtd. Douglass at Chicago, we believe, 
inijuircd of him whether, if invited, he 
would txterd bis lecturing tour to St. 
Paul. He replied in the aifirmative. 

Fred. Douglass— if hi.i leputatien is 

, , , "o'exa-gerated— has few superiors among 

orwliv U,.> Lot-Mi ution of th^ United living era' or... and there is attached to 

Mate* -Iv.jl-i mterpostf .i S.ilic law to I him not only the romantic i.i'crest of a 
cruih Ik L^pes of half niaikind-the remarkable personal career, but the higher 
ewcL'.l-.'L- cH. n:ille:iial dreaci of pet's- and more heroic intiMe>t ol bis r:-.;-gnizwl 
Cjat i;n-..:cri;;:it. or raise a Cfaint;se i^ill j position as the Itadiiig chaippijT cl Lho 
o.' ii.ij.criial p-oscriptiou against tha on- ! down-frodduMi millions ol his rae«j 

\\ e pru.tcd on Saturday certain res- 
olution) introduced by i\Ir. Stewart, of 
K' vada, as a sort of coniprjmiiu, ol 
which the lolloniug is t)ie gist ; 

hciohed, Fit!.t That the peopis of said 
i n u"^''°"*' '" 'nsuircctlon as aforesaid 
Shall be rtcosni/cd us hivioK fullv resumed 
tiuu am lent ivlutious with this Goverununt 
and Its chosen rcprcbcnlativts shaU bo admit- 
ted In the two houses of the Nalioual Ur.s- 
lattirc when s.iid State ..hall have so uuiemJej 
Its cnMiInlion as to do away with all dis 
tmctions of civil rights aud disabilities among 
the various classes of iu population by rea 
son cither of race or color, or previous con- 
Uit'onol servitude, to repudiate all indcbt 
cdncss which said ;>tate mav have heretofore 
contnicled, incurred or assumed iu the late 
unnatural and trcas mable viar; to vield all 
claim to compensation on account of 'iho lib- 
eration or its slaves ; and to provide for the 
extensim of the elective franchise to ail on 
the s.ime terms and conditions to all, makiae 
no distincti.m on iicconnt of race, color or 
previous conditTn provided, that those vl-ho 
were qaulitkd to vote in ihe vear 1860 by the 
la<vs ot their re.'.pective Mat"e», shall not be 
disfrauchiscd by reason of ai,y new eondi- 

l\i.i .'I !'■•' '"*'■'' ^'"°' <"' ^■'y '^^^ prescribed 
since f het year. 

The rc.oiiiticn was ordered to ba printed, 
and was referred to the C\-mmitte on Rccou- 

The followicg deba'.e occurred on ifs 

id Jliew Sulk— t>r»>lrfctBi Jaava 
— Creul Mobbory. 

IJ^UMJaER 67. 

L IV c 

,erju:e fur 
bdeii jj reL>re«t 
vo'CTi — which 

Dj ;> V •' 

Cc'kif^jg A ■< 
C'."t)gters h. ■ 

JHl'-' 1 ?•? l- 

cbj..':;,U3 1.- V^ 

A greai r<>r: 
lu cA*t . I? fir 

*'li . . ...SI- v;Uf it' i 

^- i .« t.vii. bv 
Yor» x-ia.J iL~ ■ .'.' 
tw,., ijhio two . -...: 
iatlitl: lepreatuiai. 

In ail, he es:: 



tr o! 

ite in 
e n J- 

M 10 

wat J uyirch of the feaale in:i:d. 

By all means givt the blooiii-ts 

Five years ago tL-^ propoaitiou to in'ro- 
ducia 'nigger" to a St. Paul audience 
would have been received wiih a atoxw 
of vul^'ar Democratic jeers Now our 
ilUt xusiUILIA. IIP1HA1.K largest hall would not sea', the crowds 
Iji dcv:i to bavegotrntothej who would throng fo listen with eager cu- 
pork uow-a days, as he did over eighteen ! riosily and resuectful a-leutiou to the 
cciilarivs ago, when he evacuated the j man who speaks" by right of blood for a 
pos;tssed Gtrgaseues to take refuge in 1 race of four million fretmen, v:o h.ive 
a Led of swmi). This hveiy imp, who | furnished two hundred thousand bs^onets 
hai eluded theological vigilance since to save the republic, and who arc to fur- 
Luu-r threw hi'i ink ..'and at him, has ' nisb, ec long, a half a miiho'i votes to 
co:i..' to li;bt a: last utiJcr the dttective ' keep it saved. Fred. Douglass reprcaents, 
ocrutiny of the microscope, hidden m the ; »« bis own person, not only the ignomin- 
ll -'i ct pi^i in the forai of the trickini ious rtminiseences of the Slave, but the 

presentation : 

Mr. Stewart, in offering the above, made a 
brief cxplsnatiju. He said he had been a 

caietu; observer of the current of events since - >- 

Contr- ss as.«embled. and he had come to Ihe „„., , • . 
c.'pciu.ion that the proposiuou he had sub "«>"» i» sloppiuf;. 

Mr. L. Blum el 

jpi'-u'iji-— an iufiniteiimal, caee-bardencd 
maggot of a devil who, when transferred 

possibilities of the Free imau. lie is the 
typical frait of emancipation. He is a 

;o the human stomach, barrows his way 'uHj' developed black man. He is worth 
through the maseular tissues and saps | 9<iein^ simply as the solution of an ethno- 
the tourcea of life, and eats up Christians ! l^gieal and political problem. The invi- 
as moths eat up old trousers. That it ' '*'io« "' *he St. Paul Library Assooia- 

-Zi:^: r.t:-..:. 


^ J be 

IS i>( 

li'Mi.ns of 

li> .Otiiere 




. Mid 

■ a::iu 

; lose 

!cy al 


ijisg I 

:jrci- I 

Re ' 

he ■iirC'-t 

iad;. Cc 
SavTcg C' - ■ 

'ting, m:. 

:ors cr sjrva:.*:! i.r hireJ 
■hou'rl ■ e ejit by th.-? p trcn: 

.0. t:^'.- 

Bat the ci. 

^cr - 

Ttitchs(ob!d li>*e 

I S-veralnewfr 
htced ia tb» Seci' 
/bviate the obje^ • 
ioc previously d- 
B/ Mr. Stmaer 
" flepreseafstiTes 

re .-. 
tkiDf^ ia< 

Iodic? I.. 

het c,;...rLJ <.< 

ect: : ■ . " 



le w_ :•:.,■ 

nlteu f tain wvtr ti ' 

'■^ in 



: on n 
: it is 

' iX- 

S rates 

ncer anJ mcd-; cf 

in the ; ;i-i' . r rni- 

ruf ." , ■, otes 

■ em- 

-'■-■ -'. the 

im; e.H- 

ftl IS 

• '-Vit- 



s were intro- 

' )cday, which 

the proposi- 


•; in- 


■ ■■'n. creeps for 
■ .■asis of repre- 
t-uueed in the pro- 

exciuded beaib to 
• . ;-!.-r". ,.■: [jie 


By Sir. (irime* 

'R»:;- "dentaiifi 
aODgite -cv; 
■ .ided withm i. . 
«p«ctivc Dum'/efs. ■ 
r of per»< n. m « • 
', ' • ' . 

aie '-. . 
r. U : 
nuti. . .. 

OpMUou ui'l. 

cladcd to tbr 
• ..' .T jcara f. . 

^t'-.i" prop'. 

•.i'-tpt Mr. ';rr:i 

f res'sotation wh' 

tis %re ex-Iudt I 

oi;» tbft woyd m..: 

•1 that Mr. 'jrimr -. i. i 

-Std in t!i." bists o' r •••: 

i. .Juum'.'r KXfd^r by Mr W, 

Repre«en'«'iTr-.5h .. 

• iri> I ;• 
wvlM !■ 
' lit 



, i'lone' ,"n :rg 

K i-. ifae nai. ..(.( ut 

...,p ycar.s i-l Bje 

.. I lo-elector, 

' ■;!<> .State leg 

■ nrWsed lor 

f* . i«>,r«on8 of 

. iobcr of 

. ri'j' I xc> t'l (.11'! i'or eve- 

ij'l if itciiial (Ojjuialion ; 

earh State s!.a.i have \'. i(.*-t oue Bcpre- 

1 « 

•^•• (liott iiuif. 
»'Dri'. exniii.!. 
-r'lciji.'j-I-.-i |„ 
» n,r" 1, .■ r 
. r«nri:a';-. , 
bon-Ir-U itii 



;7e f*il fj • < b ,w Mr 
ibh propo.-i'io-i t! 
nrg'id to Mr. D < S.ib'j. 
•rav.-\t«-3 tlio!*' clj ill..... 
>olittle^* propositi)! ilirjw 
ji* of repr«M'iita'i 
ilia" 1 foreig'i". • 
ile lt.<s l.M;t ia ttia' . 
eign-rs in this eon ■ ry v.. i- 
n.'utai Z'lJ, 'ha' m, 
u (jf ini«:tit!.>n :<j ' 
tsion d''U'>tlc«!i 
t an tvwisic'ii h4ii I- 
!toni; but Mr. Wii 


IS the v:ry devil himself there can be no 
doubt, (or he answers exactly to the 
scnotuial de.'!crpt:on of the ' worm tfiat 
dieth not," in that, as the story goes, he 
cant be killed, even by the dctors. 
fhoy have tried lo broil or roast him out 
wit'i tin', but he liuds a congenial atmos- 
phere in the ia'tnst st beat that the blow- 
pipe cm pro li.-c— a pic'ty cer'ain procf 
th^t he i-aiae from that hot climate which 
sent lorth ibe pristine saiamauder t j njnat 
at the tar (if Eve, and colonize the world 
with snakes, 'specially of the cpppei 
head species The trichiii aspiraiii is an 
atomic c:>ppr^rhead, and when it gets into 
a man there is uo rooting it out 
I or g< rting rid of it. It ij sure death. 
It is proliiibly what's the matter with 
j Presideat Johnson. The following para- 
I pr.iph from fhc CL'eigj liepvbli-an goes 
1 to sustain r.'.ir ttieory that the trichina? 
I are the lineal spiwn of the original cop- 
p-.rhead who beguiled th^i lirst ni other : 

The peculiar A ivor which Las ma le the 
hams of Wesiphaiia so celeiirared, is due to 
the number and character of tht makei upon 
wh'ch the hoRs are led :>.nd fattened. Xature 
seems to have supplied thit district with the 
particu'.ir kind ot snake upon which pork 
growers may latten hiws with a flavor that has 
attracted the taste dl epieores the world 

That's th',* w:«; th'- ilevil has got into 
the pork. 

The trichina, has, ci course, created a 
great excitement, and throughout Ger- 
many, and in this country, there has been 
an immense falling cflF in perk ea'ing m 

At present, however, it must be con- 
fessed the ravages of this minute, irre- 
pressible and ioe-xfingaishable destroyer 
of the porcine and human speciea— whom 
it links in a common wo — have b';en 
chieflv lonfine'l to the rural newspapers 

by \ ^f** '"'■'"'=' ''=-*''* »i so't as to be inczpa- 
ex- j b'o cf resisting the inroads of this fan- 
■ jVs ovxr ; '^^■■'^ animalcule, wh-> h\i sciztjd Qaecn 
irom the Mab's rrrial team to gillop through the 
brains of greenhorns. Some hiU a doz- 
en of our country ».x baagcj. whose in- 
sidcs are irapres'i'Mw of some Wisconsin, have got impregnated with 
tu« Irii 'lira' and come to us crawling all 
ovr, like old cheese, with pictorial tc.ig- 
gois i:, ,ill stages of development, intcnd- 
'd !o illusiiate a frightful account of the 
ravages <d f^ichJr.x and redu..: tbc price 
ol parV^ The idea inrukated by ihcjc 
atonri n that the lii'-hin-ju, di.^eaa.- .-xi-t.i 
among Atucrican swine. All norseure. 
There has not been a ii; glo well authen- 
ti.,ali;'l uia'ance of tncLinous infeslation 
in th'j United S ate?, and roonover «he 
stoncj ol tricuii) f resisting heat are to- 
tally {jroundkss. Three simple and incon- 
testible fa!:ts ought to extiaguish the 
tri.LiraE panij rnJ recciccile all good 
CLristiaiis to pork . 

I. That a'jy pork which has been cured 
cmbtfielied on as peiftctly free from 
tri,,hii », since pork infected with that 
disease cannot be cured. 

1. That any pork which has been will 
cooke', nven il previon-ly affected with 
trichir.x, miy be safely eaten, as, not- 
wifhstHcdi!'^' th*! fables to the rontrary, 
trichi.aciini.o' !i/" ill fire. Tii-y can't 
st>iiid r /aaliiig or bruiline. 

3 Th.? disease does not exist in the 
Uni'fd StaKs. It is coiififjei to a small 
diatric.'. iu (icroiany — where if. has origi- 
na'ed under peculiar conditions. 

The foilowiog facts in rt-lation to the 

nature and ori;;in of the diaease are con- 

dcns^-d from a ojteriipnrary : 

The first ci>»^s of dlseaio and death by 
trxchxna, of w-irh th'-re Is anv rerord, oe 
tiirnd in Germany in 181.5, the evidence fieing 
obtain d nearlv half a rentury later. In th»» 
.•iiimm^.rof 18 .3 « por-rni w.m Uing operated 
on t..r n lum-.r r,f ti,B n'ck by a German snr 
gf'.n. Durmit the f.|)erati..n the hired man- 

tiou would Irii'c Lira, d:ub'!ess; and 
fifty «;en!B each would do the rest. 

i>ccjisio:v or Tiax a'cu^Kuir 
conmssioaiE u. 

The Commissioner of Pensions has de- 
cided that under the provision of the law 
granting peujians to mothers wholly or 
i iu part dependent on n deceased son ir 
muft be shown that such a depcndunce 
was not merely prospective, but actually 
cxistfd prior to the .-on's tIe.itL. He 
says in hi* deci.-oon : — 

Th" lan/TUiif:c of the statute is as follow, 
" 1 bar •.vhvM- .■.:jy officer other person nnms'" 
in the fiisi section of this act has not Iftt or 
shall not leave a widow nor legiiiraate chi'.i 
but has kit or shall leave a mother who was 
dependent upon him tor support, iu whole or 
m part, tha mother shall be entitled to receive 
the same pension as such otlieer or other ncr- 
Joa would have b en entitled to 
bad ho been tot.d.'y disabled. &c. 
The lancusRe appears to jf cwntemplate 
only an actual, not r prospective, dependence. 

, ::. ned 
b- in- 

; ■ 'Lfcir 

• m- 

' ;di- 


t its 
, ox- 

• .a ibe 

.tii'^n;. so 
■ eituCBS 




^ ion, 
.. 1 not 

ia ihj 

pendence on her son for support, as"had"h9 
lived thtrc might h.ive teen a: totte later 
period. However probable such reliance ft r 
a livelihood might have come to exist, such 
prospect ceasing with her son's death was 
never rtali.icd, It might at nr»t view seem 
cquitub:e that provision should have been 
made by law lor a case like the present, in 
which the son was not the dependence for a-. 
actu.ll support, but the for one in the 
luture. But even this, in mv opinion, would 
have been legislating in regard to a matter 
altogether too contingent and indefinite, and 
one as to which proof would be too vague and 
intangible, to meet the approval of careful 
legislators. That such was not the intention 
of Congress m the statute as it now stands 
seems to mc evident. 

This decision has be»n sustained by 
the Sccrttiiy of the Interior, on an appeal 

muted correspnnU.s with the prevailing senti- 
ment of the public pi-cs-i. He offered this 
wlihoiit rsprc.<siniir an opiuiju ua to the pro- 
priety 1 f uefjro suifrsge. vihieh ,kj ho had 
stMdiously avoided < n a'loccasio"8 here. 
.Mr I'ouicn.y asked Mr. Stev.artifhc had no' 
onco s-..:d h<mie:hins about its being a w'mo 
mau'i >rovcr«mcnt ? 

Mr. Stewart replied that he l:ad oalv suted 
that the lac£ '•■f this a whitu mau'i «ov- 
einmrnt \v.^s not to l»e scoffed at or disrecurd 
td. He siill mi-! so. 

Mr. :>tewartcomiuuei! his leniarks on the 
^oto•.uti,ln^(. He said he did ma pretend to 
bu nodded to the particular portions of what 
he had submitted, but that he Indorsed the 
genera! proposiii.m. lie wanted the ..outh to 
hiive t.n opportunity to .oto on it. When it wid be time cr.ongh to answer 
V Topositions ; but until tliey do rrlusc he 
tlru^-rht it tjDju.'<t to take from them the right 
to decide lor themselves. Ho would state 
funhermore. In present i;i{,- this proposition' 
ihdt he found H to ba in accord with tha let- 
ter written on the 15;h of Augu.«t ia,t to Gov 
bharUey, which he was aulhori^eil to sate 
was genuine as published. He had no reason 
to behpvo the Prcsidcnr changed his 
views ginon th^ letter was presented to th- 
MiisUsippieonvFnti.jn, for the reason Ihatthe 
c invon'iim refusnd to receive coraninnicotions 
irom Gov. ."ShaTkey. The question was never 
presented to ihe people of ih^t Ststf, or any 
other State. The President did not feel him 
self authorized t> su mit ih- quesdon. He 
(ihePresideni) ilid not feel himsof author 
izcd to demand it a; a rondition, beC'.n-e it 
was not one of the issnesni.'.de is the war. It 
WKs .n ques'on outside upon which th« people 
or the South had no opportunity of pasaing. 
Mr. Williinx, of Oregon, was glad to see 
such a propo.sit.on eomins from Mr. Sitn-art 
He would enquire of latter whether the 
o.immittee of 15 reported <\ plan of reconstru;:- 
th'D cmboilying that pcLition. Ho (Mr 
.•^tewartj vrnuid vote ft r keeplnir tl:c soutnerii 
representatives on: of Congress until that plan 

.Mr. Stewart said ho would vote icr the pro- 
po.Mtion he had offered, if reponcd by the 

.>lr. Sumner— I rise t I vvelcome the ."Senator 
frem Nevada, Mr. .^tewart, a convert to 
the neccf.-itv l\-r colored sullr;;gc 1 ha'c 
ninintaincd negro sutrrace w.^theonlv 
gnatnntci; foi the funtre pca-e and securirvjf 
this country. 1 have iu>istcd lh;it it was a 
rieccssiry, and that without it, vour nauonal 
deiit i% imperiled, your Ircedom will be in ctm- 
stuut peril, ard this repunlic cannot eni<-y 
permaneni peace ; aud, sir, I weicome. w'ith 
open .rms, the Scu.itor from Nevada. Tcircat- 
laugh'er ] 

Mr. Wilson— I desire simply to say i 
tliank the Senator from Nevada for otrering 
this proposition. I have no doubt it will te- 
ceive the favorulilc consideration of the com- 
nititc to which it has been referred, as well as 
ot the Senate aiui ot Onpre^s. 1 am in favor 
lor ime, as I believe ihn cimntrv i 

Si. NICUOI..VU Hmii, I 

Ni-w York, March I.', 1S(>6 s' 
tdi oit aftlje St. Taul Tree.. . 

From the _'d to the luoining ol the Uth 
of lliu) month v.e have bad Ike most 
• icUhcd weather ever cxpcri<nced in 
thu- titv It has Lceu c.xln mcly cold for 
the Bta:on, ac('om|ianie.d by very high 
and law winds, blowing int csfanJy, night 
and day , but yesterday wc tad a favor- 
able change. Last night il rained a little 
and to day it is damp, but as uoild as 
June. It is the prayer of a'i, tht Invalids 
in particular, thai we shall have no more 
tuch weather as the pas', ten e'ays this 

The arrivals here arr; very Ic*- as yet, 
but 1 lind at the Metropolitan R. O. 
Strong, Esq., and at Ihe FiftI; Avenue 
\S. L Wilson, of St Pal. At 
the Wejtchester Uouee, whicli is tiijl 
kept by 9ur old friend Darrow. Mr. E. 
Hayes, formerly of St. Anthony, is ttop- 
ping. Mr. Hayes is now in the jil busi- 
ness in Chicago aod doing well. At the 
B.-ftrdrcth House, JJr. II. Choatt of Wi- 
At the St. l-cnuis ia 
St. Paul li»,rc at 
this house arc 11. M. Rice, E. i*.-^, and 
llch;ird Chu!..-, E rq. I hear ol the lob 
lo»i:.g persons being la Washington; 
lien W bb, Ben Thompson and J. C. 
Ramsey w;th the Vtrm'lb.n Like Iu- 
diiits, Clark W. TLompoou aud Jady. E. 
F. Drake, E.-q , Ircsidtait ol ih-. Valley 
Koad, tad Fi-ank.ic Steele. There is 
one ]u rsou that I must not forger to men- 
tion as being there also, and iha' is His 
Honor President Jones. He hrs called 
on President Johnson twice and icqutst- 
cd him to abdicate in his favor, cs be was 
now ready to take the affairs of s tic 'Gov- 
ernment in his own haiid.s. wice he 
rose from bis si at in the gilJciy V; speak 
upon some important subjeer which 
was b' fore Congress, very mnc'i to the 
emajemeiir u( Mr. Rttn;?. y r-fid Mr. 
Donnelly, who were present at the lime 
and recoil ized the Presidenf. .ie wts 
waited "upon by thj proper iin r, who 
g ive him to uadersrand Lii ponitiou, since 
when there b:»s been no trouble. 

The only thing talked of hep to-day 
i-« tie great rcb'jery of $l,oOO,(K-0 wh'oh 
occurred iast week. It absvbs all other 
topi's h will i,ot take the i;ctective 
lorce .^I this city long to find out who 
hanKot the property and get the reward 
o< 8i'U i,CtX>.", fi^c, bfAXS. 

—The New York Trihunt aaya a clerk 
in the lotarnal Revenue liureau was called 
before Secretary McCulloch for disparaging 
rcmaiks concerning the President's L'2d of 
February speech, the clerk admitted his views 
10 bo still ucchauged as to the meriu of tbi t 
pcrfoimunce. The SecrcUry was disposed to 
indulge in a difference of opinion upon that 
subjeu. but said any clerk would be diomUsod 
who accused the President ot disloyally. 

i^eur %ixvtX^tmxX%. 

1 have tills rt.y 11 socUted with uie a. apartarr 
GKb W. PJiKSCOIT. The b»lne« wlllbc 
carried on under thf nrm naice of D. D. MKK- 
KILL* CO. 1>. O. 

March 9, IWC. 


lUQhll If 




LOTB lor nale, on 6UUi «iie«, la L«w«r Town 
l^yulroof ^TEIil * BKO., 

on WabMbaw «UMt, betwMD «'.h aiut ttfa 

foblM If 

Paid up Capital $600,000. 

M.'o Bullei t.riUln. of this oily, and daughtei 
f Jaio's iLdMrara*, ol Albany, N. Y. U?r re 

inajos ma bu taken thither lor tatermeot 

A New book for the Season, 


"Harmony of the Gospel History 
from Passion Week to Pentecost." 

Armnfcd iu theorder of U«e, and showing the 
comctdences asd peoullariUes of the EvangoUst*. 
by the K«v. jr.. I-. ur.y, of Shakopee. Price 30 
cents, tr l.l.'ifi a doisn, by Mdl. 

For -ale at Merrill ft, Prc.cjtt'i, St. Paul. 



O. W, pp.astOTT. 



a. I* yii« fruc' SlObK ANOBAbCUtHT 
on Uobertctrttt, between roBith and fifth. 
mcti tX PAUtKE PAIKE. 


H hole* lie and Keiail Dealere in 

Books, Stationery, H«"' ^"- "►» 'iiTiilir^ 

' ' A bouse and lot atfJoJniag my re«ideac« cu 


Curtain F'aoorts. &c. 


-MiDuficturcr of and Dealer In all kinds of 




j.iCKso.\ ST, M\T Doon ro coe.\ee of \\m, 


an^arwt'i.'^?;ln'[;"d'"^"""'"" ^■^'^^^^'^ «°. 
^^Nothlui but the bsst" sel.ctcd Ea-tern ttober 
' ^^^ mch2l-iy 

190 TIIIUD «»TliECT. 

ThaiiUng friends for past favors to both mem- 
bers of the llrm, we hop,?, by indunrioas itten 
tlon to the wints of the pubtic, to rotaio their 
patronage, and ajeo add largely lo the number of 
dealers with us. 

To the trade we can offer such (pcMat iadure- 
menta as wUl makeii for their advanliige ti give 
us their orders, Phy loians, Clergjmou, Law- 
yers and others, desiring profeaslonal works 
which we cannot keep oi h»nd, will find it 
cheaper to order through us. 

March 9, 1680. KchUtf 


Lu. y Ariln," by Nowbridgfl. 
"A Noble Life," by Miss Kewlock. 
' Wives and I'aughtors," by Mrs. G»skel!. 
" Hermin, o' Voang Knighthood." 
"Songs without Words," by author of Colta 

" Stories fold to a chUd,"by Jean Ingelow, 

"f oltcru of Life," by Mra. Sigourney. 

" Origin of th^ late War," bv Geo. Lunt. 

• Shakspcirt'E Complete Works, 12 vols., by E' 
Grant White. 

'■ Bescuod from tgypt," by A. Loe. 

AddlUonslHjmns fir tba Eplpcopal dure'', 
and all the DlherNEW BOOKS can be found at 
D. it>. MKBBILL h. c.<\.'2, 

190 1 hird Stieet. 
mchZl 3t 




At Mer'ImacH milos below St. Paul oierauc 
ore »■ 6'. saw, with edglrg .aw», c»pat>l» of saw- 
lnp40,(,(0 iVet a day. will be sold to ran whrre 
it atanit or to to rpmoved, 

.. . . , , , ll'ree 

pel t.-ct with upright engines, 100 hoi-«p pswfr 
BonmiLK prtvib^ge dood. Builllng JOxSo feet 

WM. L. ASCES.SI.l'auI. 
Also Pol er Kngines, with machinery of varl 

V?M.''l.°'A.Hfc3 ''**'• *'"' '"^® "' '"* ^^^^^' "^ 
me'h/l It' 


Ihe flrotclJ. C. &, H. c. BDBBAUKCJ., 
wa<i dla:;oIved 1/ mutual iwEe?nt on the first day 
of March Instant, The Lu»iiieis at St. Paul will 
be setUed by A. a. Wilder, and contiuuci by A. 
der the firm name cf A. Il . WILDER t CO. 

Ihe business at St. Cloud wUl be settled by H. 
C. Burbank, aud coatlnacd by J. C. BL'RBANK 
andU, C. BUBBANK, under Ibefirmasmeof 

A, n. WILDi^lt, 
St. Piiul, Ma rch iO^h. IfiiW. m<ih20-lw 


The undersigned have ihia day formed a co- 
partnership und'T th«- name and etyie of 

A, IT. IPVildei- & C!o., 

for tb'^ trares'-tioii at S". Pan! cf a 


Oeueral Commission Business, 

At the stand latoly •rrupled b' J. c. * H r 
ULKBANK & «;<)., ' 

Cor. I,ener I.«vee and SilileT-airovt*. 

Mr. A. L.Lan.entour will remain with the new 
hnii, and wp 9'.all aim to mdlntain the r^putat. n 
of the rid Uo..,ie by a careful stf-nlion lo th* 
im<rt 8. a cl all who may lavoru« nithibPir baai- 
"*'•*• A. H. WfLDKK, 

St. Paul, March iOt'-, iSfW. mcbiOtf 

ummlt Avenue, above bt. Peter utreef , fat tmXr. 
Hou^e la convenient aad (orrouDdlaga pleasaat. 
tnqulre of c. PBOAL, i 

. f^^o Cor. Third and Bob>rt->U. 


Any one liavicg a ,maU Farm to rent within a 
few mUes ol at. Pa«j can have a good tenant by 
appliingt* C. A, PKL800TT, 

Wood and Hay dealer, corner of 6t. Peter aad 

l-ourthatr^Hla. achn-lw 


1 want to i-.nt a Bouse of aia or eight rooau 
Dpp' r Town preferred . 

C. A. PKK3C01T 

Wood and Hay dealer, corner of Fourth and St. 

Uoremment Boada, ( oiB.Laad War- 
rajtta and UalfBreed Scrip 


Prcoipt attcntioB given t» the coUectlon of 

Ql'ABTLIUIfAiilVt&h' VOlCilJEiU 

Agccts for Ui«' •».'£ of 


frca Liverpsol and QoeectovD to How Tort 
aad eaiBt Panl. 

l^rmfU en MnfUxnd, Irtler.d, rjtrmany, rrauct 
>,u:uitn and Morvap. 

Peter atreeta. 


5,000 ^•■"" '»*■"• 

ith terms lor any one to clear f20 dally In 
Batioesa new, light and desinbie. 

tb'ue huurt 


Can be done a» bomt or traveling, by male or 
"eiaale. Address. j«-~,ur 


Bo. 75 L'aasaa aUeet, Hew ITork. 


$5,000 ~ "^ 

On Personal Prop- riy and Real Fsttte Ap- 
Wy at the LOAW OFFICE on Third street, be- 
tween Jacks-IB and Bobcrt atreeu, over L. fl. 
Wall's Reed Stoie. 


lYASm-EO-AGE.NTS-tio per week- 
*T mile or female, at their home, buainets 
1 grit, p:ea«int an ! honorable. Kor aample »nu 
t -rms, address wlthtwo stamps, 8BAWK a ro 
I>e troit, Michigan . "^ mchl0 4w'' 

LBUWAMn * BMJBimB. B.7l«|«r>.- 
Shop in old Hsptlat Church Building on 
nth Hirort,neAr Jackson. All kinds of Car- 
r'*Rtfr work done to or.'er, 

f i^*. OtC.eiDthe fame building as Leonwd 
a Shftire's t arp*>n!er S.hof, on Fifth atreet. D#. 
lime, Plar8»nd»pecincaUonsforbBllding«of<iT 
<"-v d'-sc Ipiion pr«.piu«d en abort notice. "nH 1« 

11'*5ITEI»_,VSEVTS-(M«1« or Female.) 
^ Cm: c.«r to per w-eW at their own home. In 
a I'eht and honorable basineai. Any person har- 
tTK r- l»w hours d»ii;' to siend will find this a 
«■".'. Wine biislnaa*. Add-e»«. .enling sumr. 
tor full pa-icoiara, E. E. LOCK WOOD, Deroit 
.M;chiean. mchlO-»w» 

National Bank of St. Panl 

Pttid upCapit&l SSiOO.OOO. 

Thla Bank Is bow U taooeeafnl op< ration fczd 
t«Bd«r« lu s«rTieea to Baaka, Bankerc aad otlien 
la the traaaactlon of iegmaaai« baaking bsHatea. 

Drafts for Sale on 


and o<b«r prindiiaJ EcropekL cu! e. 
CoU»-ctl&n» npon all fcoo»?».eible polnte in :tt% 
Horthwf at will be made tnd remitted for oa mt 
orurmtatatOBrrantrat^ ofeacliange. iiljrl^ 
eat Market Rates paid Jor Gold, bUverac'? for 
etga fcaehaage. 'Ala Buk la aa affeat for eab 
•crtpMons to tiM poDBlar L nitedittates 7-ao Loan 
aad these notM will at all Omct be kept on hana 
ror eale In suns of from Fifty DoUara npwarda 
B. S. EDUERION, Friirtiteat! 
JOKB laOOUi, Vloe Pn^etdent. 

D. A. MOSFOKl. Caahier. 

TOBN NIOOL8. I If. u. FAK » fctX. 

B. PRKbLET, IJ.B llll>Dr.K 

P. Bk.RKt..Y, y. R. bMlfB 


__ E. 8. EL-OtUToN. 

•t. 1*401. Jaiy ith, ue» 

cpnr-ly-Sst * 


Karine Bank of St. Paul 


K.atv«-Eisbt.y Acr«a and 
• ale*. Ac. 

*^® ",' M.-.S.'— ■there was uoc Je- j of sct-lVn.Mhirwhole'riuestionofi 'the^bi^rot 

' " " ■■° '■-"-- uuiversia liberty, uiiiversaljustK'e, universal 

sulfrage and universjl amnesty. 

Mr- Henderson taid he was under some ob- 
li^-ations to the .Sen.itor from Nevada, and he 
desired to expressthem. He stated that short- 
ly after the date of tbe letter rf.Ouveruor 
hharkey, the President had expressed the 
views contained in that letter in a priv.ite con- 
versation ; s.) that if the advocacy of necro 
siiffraire mide a man radical, and a ja-obin 
and a rmatic, he wanted the coiintry to know' 
that the President was a radical. 

^V'c have already twice, am! vtry re 

ccntly printed the President's letter to 

Gov. Sharkey, above rclerred to— rtjcom- 

mcadingthe Mississippi Reconstruction 

Convention tc extend suCfragc to negroes 

who could read and write, and to such as 

owned property amounting to $250, 

which he thought they could do "with 

perfect salety,"and so foil the Radicals. 

v- ids 

I . ' ■ iji.'jL 

I . II! (aot. 

For Mr. 

" It ol thi- 

'. uoiiat- 


mij;jii|y of 


I! ih y Inve 

1 •■ d- 

ii.'2eci' — an 

' 'jnstiiu'ion, 

1 'y universal 
sons prop'isition 
uM fount cut o! the ba-Jj of repre- 
tafion not only a" iit.,i».;i iliz-d per 
■■i w!io are wA vottia ut..,..-, 'j'^r,- laws 
' all w'lO are Vf>«.rr9 I'hij would 
{jely aultract Iruin tfi.: ratio ol Xor.h- 
» rcprescnfatian, nrr woiil'l it h-; bal- 
ed in tbe South • I ;ci:!u8ion ol 
sons di?franchi«.; ] (.^i .Jisloyalty, lor 
kr Southern Siitf! laws, except per- 
is temporarily in Tennessee and Mis- 
li, no one will be disiranchised on that 


The Indiana State Democratic Conven- 
tion, hil.l a' Indianapolis on the 13ih 
inst , nominated the following ticket : 

For Secretary of State, General Mahlon D 
Manson; Auditoi, Christian G. Badger, of 
Clark, Treasurer, James Bryan, of Marion- 
Attorney General, John II. Coffl-ath, ot Hnn- 
tine'on ; Superintendent of Public Instraction 
R. M. Chapman, of Knox. ' 

In th'j risolu'ioos, Andy Johnson was 
ftarluriy if d.' rs-d na-l wonderfully ixtell- 
td, tven lo his social habit, ao uonspicu- 
ous on the day ol his inau3ur.aii.«n. f'on- 
gress was soundly belabored for its course 
with regard to the Southern Candida"? 
lor admission. Dan. W. Voorb""«, juit 
kicked out o( Congress, made i lurious 
speccli, of which the following is a Fpcci- 
me 1 br^c'i ; 

He e.\tolled the rrcsidcnl's veto, and tailed 
its annoucccraent " White M.nn's Day. ' An- 
dy Johnson's speech of the i!2d ot February 
was only a loreta-,tc o! was loniinj;. 'Ihe 
President will yet a-tonL-^h you wiili whtit he 
will do. He ii an uucag./d Numidian liun, 
[Cheers.] The sweetest drop in ror ctip was 
the expression of il.e Kadicais in Washington, 
after that speech, which was . • Just to think 
that we ciecled him." lie rises now us a ret- 
ribation upon these men. He i.t ihtir Rrim, 
terrible destroyer. They arc b-hti.i;,' a bloody 
life and death stru-Rle, but Andv Johnson 
will destroy litem. Thcvmav stilud bv him office-sake but that Is ,dl. " Andy Joiinson 
has an uon grip upon them. I cm tell vcu. 
and he is determin'-d to mash them or" get 
mashed himself, and I uin with him. [Cheers ] 

hXAxn ruo.n iriTuEH. 

Our finan- ial and commercial dispatch- 
es from New York this niornin<» are of 
uiusual interest to all cIas*.eB ot pftojile. 
Gold ton bed 1272, ami thcit- was a se- 
rio lo di->:line in ail deecripfiona of good*, 
and almost a panic in .■loiii'' rjimrl* r.i, 
with a difposilioB everywlit-ie lo dose 
transiict'ons and lo realize. Fven rea' 
i>tai«! has reaehed the niaximnni, and 
btrgains are offered .tt lower rates. Th° 
fall in dress goods, including jrints and 
ail fine fabrics, is larg.-, bu'. lighter on 
Btaodardj and wool«n.s. 


w^th ,1 ; l^''^""^ t" '^ ^hnndantly supplied 
rAii^* I H "'''*'■"•' "^ shMisor cysts of fri 
fA»n« Ihe patient relat',1, ,„ reolv to a 
quesctin wbeiherhebadcv--- ■ ° - 

A LociaviLLK LOCVL h (iirapfured 
with Miss Jean Iloxmcr and her rfpre- 
sentation of "Ion," in Talfourd's play of 
that nam>^. Il^ar him ; 

Whil.> admir.ition ran high for Mhs Ho- 
mer s beautiful intcrpreta.ion of TnllourdV 
classic imngerv, her rxT.N.f., personal mp- 
penrance eh.irmed every t,i;|,ol(ler us llicy 
were probably never ehiirni?.d beloro Gre- 
cian attire Dover, wo mo certain, draped a 
lovelier form. Atihough our deposition Is 

1 the verr IMrwi^h ,K "''E '*«'■'" '"''^''- Ibat. notto»pcci..lwoorexalt the •' (.culp'uresouc " 

ofacommi.'^onfor^he^'''''*'^ as commonly e.xhibited upon the mo^rem 

be ate ^meal of hi™ * '"'P^ttion of schools stage, wo will bo pardoned, «t 4oa«t by tho.c 

an tnV Twhorort'reTp^^^fro' •='<=•« "" -"• " ' " ^ 

after fell si.k and dierexeeTthe /e^.Tor 
hirnseir In June. 18.31, in the'^„ci«l?. "i'„'°I 
of Hambarff. several wr,ll persons havlna ca" ' 

anmn All who at^ni'ihl"*^' ''^^^'"' "='<=..« who looked with our eyes ntght,"»rKo. 
All wlioat. o, the^e provisions soon Ing into a blight fcstacy over Mi-s Hosm..r's 

pertormel. Without intending it, we niuit bo 

liev-, i>hc transfixed all with a witchery s,|. 

ing cat- ) dom felt in these degenerate time!). Her »u- 


" Jargo Nethliz," a lively correspond- 
ent ol the Cincinnati Commercial, spent 
a day in St. Paul and vicinity, a week or 
two ago, and writes cs follows : 

Our business over in a few hours, we tramp- 
ed around the city awhile, noting numerous 
stately business editicoi, hneha!i», and every- 
thing that goes to constitute the make-up of a 
city of unparalleled growth and indomitable 
enterprise. Tha lirst thing that will strike a 
visitor with wonder upon arriving at SI. Paul 
IS the city is so "citylicd," and vet bo 
new . I'.enty of money and muscle" have 
reared a magnificent " city upon a rock " up 
there in iMmnesota, while we have been 
building but vUlages in comparison, during 
the same time. " 

The Legislature lieinp in session, I dropped 
in upon then,, and was honored with an in- 
troduction to Governor Marshnll. Lieutenant 
Governtjr Armstrong and Speaker Wakefield. 
« ?!,*'*^ ^'^° "' *"'"* looking heads, and are 
atHable, gentlemanly fellows. I found the 
main topic of discussion to be a pending reso- 
lution, mdorsmg Coogiess in its present posi- 
tion on reconaructi.ju. i he resolutions went 
tbrouKh with a hurrah. A.^ an indication of 
the aHtmu.<: of that body on the soldier ques- 
tion, let me bear record, that I f jiiad a ono- 
Icgijcd soldier ketpiuK iho doo. , aud I did not 
see an ai(a r e ol cither b...dy , that 1 know of. 
w bo wa> no: i di-abled ^olalcr. 

Finding tome old frieudsand pleulv of new 
ones, we woe net icufi in nukiiig up a party 
lo go round •■ ihj Orive ' [hQ Drue is a well 
known apf cllatjou (or a circuitous route ol 
abotjt twcuiy uiilis JeiiKib. cmbraclux Fort 
Snelimg. Winr.thaha, ^inlIleap<.;i^,St. Antho- 
ny Falls, and tha town ol .St. Anth.-.ny. It is 
aspopu ar.-idrivj as the R.,ad" of 
>cw Oileai.s was iuhcr paiaiicbt days. 

'• Jar^o " concludes bio Ie:t(.r ihu.t: 
Lons wavo JlinncHoti— •' clear water "— 
the land of bri>:ht, leapms springs and foun- 
tains, o. ma-niflcert iiioiniHins undcnrhaiir 
ing plains i.uri vaihvs. 1 be pun; bright h.nd 
where the Mi..,V.egoe«^tr.iight npwanl, :-nd 
J'r/.?' «■';* "'\"'«» t-row stra.»;l,-, d..'.vii 
ward! Where the wiu(eiB.tho.i-ii 
n.itiotPdiousa* onrs— not .s,;:.-,-,u.s >.f slush 
and slop, ( f i,„id, and ran, Hud ii;i-f, tihil 
misery, l.iit wintir like (,| wbi.b ihe 
"snow-botJiid" Quaker po, t f-niig-frughted 
with he.iltb lor inilli .us, ..i.d resonaut with 
the niu.'lc of ..f merrv btllj ' 

Lam, March !!, 1866. 
Corte.«i ondeace St, Paul Presj, 

We have just created a mitisg district, 
forty miles Miuare. Claim, 80 acres and 
upwurds- caltilated m.\ by !:• ' ya'ds. 
I'rovi ions ol the Isw.-;. libc'a> - C'lic^rs 
o( the Jistri-t ; 

President— Msjor X. M. Newso?. 
Vice Preut'.ent— Rev. Mr. Eiy. 
Recorder— Capt. Kdwia Parliamao. 
Test Miner— Mr. Ryerton. 
The prospects of the miners ibus far 
.11" very Haltering. More anon 

■^■o""- PLUCK. 

• ■ a I » 


—The Speaker of tha Wijcansin As- 
sem'ily has been instructed to issue subpoe- 
nas for the attendance before a special railroad 
committee, at Madison, of Judge Rcnick, of 
Hastings, S. W. Beardslcy, of Prcscott, John 
Comstock, of Hudson, and S. S. Fitield, of 
Polk county, to give then- testimony on mono- 
polies, freights, &c. 

—The Senate rejected the bill lor the 
admission of Colorado, by a vote of 1 1 to 21 
the yeas being Chandler, Cragin, Kirkwood! 
Lane of Indiana, Lane of Kansas, McDongall 
Nesmith, Norton, Pomeroy, Ramsey, Sher- 
man, Stewart, TrambuII and Williams ; and 

Cabinet Organ, Mclodcon, etc. 

Zundnl's Melodeon Instructor. Conlalnine 
Wements ol Music, Exercises, aad Choles Music. 

«ew Slftfiod for IheMelodfOu. Lesson' F\- 
ercises Popular Songs, Psi'm and Hymu Iilaes 

CSirhart's II»lod.'on. KlHm.'ufary and rroe'es- 
sive Studie,, wit', ChoK-e Vocal aud Inatrumcnta! 

JuUfilC. $1.&C. 

American School for .he Melodron, tl io 
Model Miiiodeon Instructor, $I.So. 
Wlnner'a Guide for the Cabinet OrAn. A 
Self Instructor, wlih Select P.ipular Magic T1 
Winnor'aGuideforthe Melodeon rs. ' "' 
Helodeon without a Mamer, by K. L. White -h 
Wooatur. '.« MPlodeon tor 75 '' " 

Green and WhitcV Jlelodeon Instructor ri 
How :'i jfaloj^on lu-trucior, 50 ' 

w''",''®. **"■ P'''""- A collection of Uueic for the 
Melodeon, ^«raphine and Reed Organ "S 

n?l5f.^'' * *?!?' **?. '.Tlf" "fP^'ce- OLIVER 
DITSO.V A CO., Publishers, Jrr Washington 
street, BoeDn. "» ."" 

25 cents 

Will buy a I OK cf 

Eureka Leather Frcserviilive, 


At one of the beatpolnta forthesale of Lnm- 
h»T on the .Mla-Uaippi River. AKo one let of 
Mirblnery, for Mnley £«w Mill", entirely n^w 
t-iie «et or Ma~hlnery for SasB Saw Mil' netrir 
cow. For parti cnlars Inquire of 

., V ... ^ ^- BKJPGMAN. St.ClOBd, Xlaa. 



Gold, felver ui<J Ezchtnge h.-^ugb; and tc .: 
Coupon« paid. ColleeUona -.romptli n-.*(i.-».i 
remitted at current rates. 

Agacta for the popn'ar 

7:30 U. S. Loau. 

.VEWTOS BBAliTJ^T, PrCfldti' 
JOBty HtiLTAfTD, Vlty Prefldee* 


JctiD ttoilani 
K W Holmaa 
O. B. Tnrrill 
D. .'Sarfor.l 


|D. «r«Jl». jr, 
I Edward W-ptb 
I flr«' B3i«<D«t. 


DAff< ixo »< uuoE^i ~~ 

«ti!(>\Vin*!owHou«n Saint ABthOB- nn 
'!«-'• the iT-anagnmeiif of MISS .SARA F. RICF 
to cnntir.iip during the winter. 
Ifrlnef . pr torm of n leseona :— 

Ijectlnmsn and Ijidy, „ SS 00. 

I.alyo^Oeiitl.'man calngly.) " j'oo 

'•erionTwUhlng private leaw 

1 erionTwUhlng private leasoniat spaelalratM 
. ' r^'**" *""*^ attenHon. fiood monlc will be 
8ent.2e Smoa.* 



claimed in the Post OIBce at St. Paul, St te 
Mare h,Ti5l. '• "" ^^I'^-'^^S'^*^'- "le 21.t day of 

Officially Published la the St, Vxw Pre^^ 
having the Largest Circulation, 

Toobfain any of these letters, the appUcant 
must call for "«rf,rrf,>e,f ic«*r«," give the date 
of this iHt, and pay two cents for advertiaine. 

If not called for within otv. month, thev will h*. 
sent to the Head Letter Office. 

Free di£l;verv of letters by farritr^. at the 
reMdenoesol cwnera, may be Secured by ob. 
serving the following kule.s : ''•-«'■-" OJ on- 

1 DlRKCT k'tters plainly to the street and 
number, as well as the Post Office auil State 

2. HtAt> letters with the writer's Post Omce, 
btnte, sirett tnd number, sign them p'ainly with 
lull name, and requeat thas anawers be directed 

3. Letters to strangers or transient visitors In 
a town or city, whose »p»clal addreaa may b« 
unknown, should tc marked in the lower lefl- 
hand corner with the word •' Traneieot " 

4. PZnctthoposHges/ompon theunpc-WfiW. 
Aaiid corner, and lean »;)^ce between the sfamn 
and direction for po>t matkljig without Inter, 
ferine with tbe wrIilDg. 

N. B.— A BEQUEST for the rbtukx of a letter 

veryJiest article In use for preserving the 
Leather. Calike any other Preservative, the 
leather wUlpoUah, by applving ordinary PaMe 
Blacking, Immediately after the PreservaUve ti Ti**" •''*•*' 
used. Everybody should have a box. Mano ' 
factored and for sale by 

Jin excellent assortment of BtJILDIWQ tnd 
Fi.NiJlNQ LUMBER, tlao DRY OAK acd 
BJ 88 WOOD, atloicai thtLaicut and as good 
as -he best, at tbe old established "B.-ldg« street 
Luinl>er Yard," Minneapolis Minn 

fl'ir-Sm ' HARRIS A PCTNAM. 



lh.> tiigheat wtgeii will ba paid to a good, 
Bteidy and fast workman. Fngagement can be 
entered into for one or more years if de-ired. 
Adircsa or call on the sobscribera la Faribault. 

Dichio iw COT TBIlLL a wood. 


»o. «1 xmrsl afreet, Sofera Mack. 


A Bhci fccotch Terrier, with browa legs, »lx 
moathsolJ. A Ubera] reward will be paid for 
returntog the same to G. WILLICS. at tbe 
B»i king office of WilllBs Braa. A Dunbar. 

u ch.v-;;t 

nd *»the writer, if unclaimed within thirty days or 
thcnayg,Buekalew,Conness,Crcs well, Davis ,?'i'^'l'"''"^'"o^'^°***' ^'t'' «•»« writer's nnm« 
- ' /'<"' Qi?ice and Sratc. across the left hand end of 




rpAKEii cr, 

Bt the undersigned in the town of Marine 
Waihlngton coanty, on the ISth day ol June' 
186. one Iron Gray Blare, about fifteen hands 
high poor in flesh, marks of cellar on shoulders 
sadtlle on back, and supposed to be 10 or 12 years 
oil. The owner is r.'quosted to prove prooertv 
pav charges and take her away. »~ i^ - • 

Marine, March I'J, 1860. mchao-lifjw 



One Ten Horte Power Portable Engine and 
Robpr, complete. Also one Hfteen Horse 
Power, portable; two fwenty Hor*e Power 
Loomotlve BoUers, one nearly new ; one Fonr 
Hor=c Power PorUble Boiler Fnjrine, aud Boil- 
ers rciairel. Apply to T. SMUUSOK, Pine 
Btre.'t, between Grove and Soiaertet 8tr»f t 


Bridse Sqware, St. Paul. 



A LAROK AHMtBTnxrirror 

FiiieHair Goods. Long RraidS: 

Wlg.s Half Wija:.s Side Braids. 

A* rrtcce whick Orfy C'MMpvitUMs. 

All goods V arranted to be made in the most 
careful and taateful manner. 

Orders by Mall or Expreaa will receive wcaitt 
attentioE "^ ^ 

Private room* for Ladlea'Halr Drest iE«,^h«Bl. 
pooing anJ Dying. 

The only Browa l>ya apjilied acd for sale 

ParUcul^r atienuon to Ladic«' aud Chilcrtn'f 
Hair Cutting. 



A New Partt.— I'Im! Wor/d'« Wash- 
ington correspon'.cnt saya : 

A prcttv exteiiMve roovment is o:i foot 
here, which ln< liid.-8 horn .Senators nnd raora- 
bersof theltepubiicm stiijie, )n fArnr of n 
new p.irty. It U sni.l tint Ohio Is leatl!ii(; off 
In the matter, at.d sevoril meeliiiga have 
already bepii Held, and the matter fmy dis 
cussed I'Ho I'rcsldcut ha.« been onsujted 
In reg..rdiotlui matter, and. it h said ni)- 
proves of 11,,. i.lea. The tri-.cipics of ilietr 
tailh IS the PreMdenfs policy. 

(ins. Jamks II. BAKbii.— Thu Manka- 

to lieroid b.i} a : 

ftcu. James H. ILiker i.nd l.niiily aro now 
vi'itinj; their iiumeroiis fricno's in ibis county 
The General was mustcrid out of thr service 
III November last, miico which time bo hasSi- 
sided on bis farm nc:ur Booneville, .^Jissouri 
We understand that ho contemplwi-. rcsumi 
ing his lesidenee in this State. 

- -' .-..'K .«!*«..*.*„., yKi iiioucrsi. juuiiirc loni >>oiiiu ,,;i\ c 

iin,l oihor rir..„„,.7;»„;. »-"-.•*' ■"^'"P"""'* ''''""'Ofe worshipful to the poet, pn nter or 
siVknesrandT-ath of .he..'^^ennPJ"*'' '" ''"= 8<-uiplor of ancient Greece, than their vaunt- 
cisKm.i.r „nh ?i..^ ! r. "^ • Ti"" ^'^- ^'} '''°*"- M'"" Hosmcr is beyond the to 
U ae-a rii rrivi^i^^J^M ?'*'^"?'''' T'- I " ^".""y- •""! the libertv we have 1„ 
ir r.f .1,, ^ ''^"^Ainrt- infestation. .\n epidem- stands excused. 


ic of this disease occurred in and near Drcs- , «.»_____^__ 

ucn, and it was ascertained that it sprung a r • r ,,--,. ^r—T^, 

from eating the hams and sausage made froin ~^ '*"" •""''•' »* I'ortland, Maine, last 

was fouild" uX^V-Ti?'^?'/"?" '""'"•Hon. ''"'' ''«'■ "^^ »«noQt of the freedmen, realised 
was louna to be full of tnchinrr. This pig | about 910,000, 

H".N. MoRTo.x S. WiLKi.\6(»N deliver- 
ed H tem[ierancc lecture at Mankato on 
Monday ev,ming, and on Wednesday 
evening tSen. .folin E. 'UourtelotU^ will 
lerturr. subject, "Tiie ycholar.' " 

— Gtn. Frank I'. Hlixir was nominated 
to the Senate Thursday, by the President, us 
Collector of Internal Revenue for the First 
Dhtrict of Missouri. 

Doolittle, Fe.?.scnden, Foster, Grimes, Guthrie, 
Harri!-, Hendricks Morgan. Morrill, Poland, 
Riddle, Sprague, Stockton, Sumner. Wade^ 
Van Winkle and Wilson. The chici grounds 
of objection urged against the passsge of the 
bill were the small population of the Territory 
and the irregularity cf the proceedings atten- 
dant on the formation of the Constitution. 

—A strong effort is now making in 
Massachusetts to bring aboui the purchase 
and consolidation of both roads between Bos- 
ton and Albany, by the State. The Boston 
Journal of the 1,1th says a joint Com- 
mittee of the Legislature, Hon. E. R. Mudge 
of the Senate, Chairman, and a large number 
of gentlemen wore present on Tuesday, when 
Hon. Josiah QuintTr read an elaborate argu- 
ment to show that the best way to solve the 
vexed question of Western transportation, 
and to insure the greatest accommodation to 
the piiMic, .'it the least e.tpense, wai by the 
piirchaic ot both t!ic Boston anl Worcester 
a:;d Western Railroads by the State, accord- 
ing to the provisions cf law relating to thosa 
two corporations. By this step the speaker 
declared that the interest on the State debt 
would be provided for, aud the expenses of 
trinspcrtation hciwcen the West and New 
England be rodncid at once by a half million 
of dollars. 

— AUud nj: to certain rumors prejudi- 
eial to General l.tnks. Congressman Baldwin, 
in a Ictlei 10 the Worcester Spy, says: "I 
iioiicc III some of ihs Massachusetts news- 
papcis— aud 1 wid mcn'lon particularly the 
iNcwburypor' ncrald and the Boston C<wi». 
»u>c«.i/— representations that General Banks 
Is inclined to fell out his constituents to the 
cr.einy. One of tht-s.- papers goes so far as to 
sty tha- be had rcid;- in his desk a speech In 
support ol the policy that would immediately 
admit all the Southern representatives without 
ceremony. Th?re is no trnfh lu these repre- 
scntati.ins. I cannot find that there Ig the 
Blighiest wjrr ant for them. Certainly Gen- 
eral Banks has prepared no such speech ; nor 
is he likely to do so. leisure yon, on the 
hlghcit authority, that It Is his purpose lo 
stand by the views expressed In his speeches 
d< liverod nt the time of his election to con- 
gross, and ihus faithfully represent bis con- 
stituents. I refer to the matter because this 
is n it a time t.i encourage or tolerate such 

— On Ibe night of the Uth inst the 
second story of the store oceuplod by J. E. 
l)i.'son& Son, afKllbourn City, Wis., was 
discovered to bo on lire, but not until it was 
too late to prevent the destruction of the en- 
tire block, includiiiK the stores of Messrs. J. 
P. Dunlup, grocer; T. Conner, dry goods and 
t'lilorjDr. Jenks, druggist; J. E. Dixon «,• 
Son, drygjods; C. U. Woodrtitf, druggist; J. 
K. Hanson, hardware; T. Baker, meat mar- 
ket; F. Martin, gro'ccr; A. L. Barker, furni- 
ture, and the p jst offlec. Over each of these 
there was a family. The goods, with the ex- 
ception of Mr. Dixon's, were mostly saved. 
The loss IS probably about JSIOO.OOO, with 
Bbont950,000 Insurance; Dixon & Son I«ing 
the heaviest losers. 

the envelope on the face aide will be complied 
with at the uiual pre-paid rates of postacc pava. 
ble when the letter is delivered to the writer.- 
Section 28, Lmcs o/mi. writer.- 


Austin Jnr Feld Geo MaUouev B 

Ahlgren Jos Feahan John Ms'tln M 

Arnald Aueust Flynn Patrick McGuire B 

Bryant CI, as K Ferbouph <Jeo Maillow Alfi '"J 

Butteraeld Jas Tatt .lans U Mann Jo 

Brown James Kernholz Jos McCarthy A 
Brown Odtrl.h Gerber Julius JrMoore V*' S 

Bennett A C Gales Geo W Nik Mr 

Berte Henry Geibam H S Pa'tin M n 

Berghaltzi- tiatzkeFr«d PhlpsJno. 

Buckley Tim Gidbols C Phelps W 1 

Barton Palri.ik Oavatt F Pyer Kritlv 

S^i',i',*.°w"^ OoatkeSovIa Prockoph lr,ins 

Bradte W Ureen Patt Ranols Peter 

Bartclmcn W Greer Ihos RyndrHL 

Bronson M Gaguow Loulu Rapp" .loe 

Bret Sidney Gendlngs B Kopald H 

5!tT? u ^ '■'.'"'"' '*"""' '*'•'" 'Charles 
BobhCB lloneg.lHOoh HIngworth Al 

BowinPatna lleaimcs Ra-?IAntolno 

Brown .Taris Uuned Thco SulUvanJD 
Baker Geo Haielhorst W SaensonJohn 

Bardin Baldwin Hertriic^ Theo .Sheplard Jas 

r„^,.\S? »"'■'■ "»"'?>' i'"' staples Joseph 

CobamcA Uowland.Iao hhultz Andrew 
Crumm"tt hb'ii Aeuret Patrick Sherwood s W 

Cutler i C Hill ,;. o .S.-ott N W 

C.arl.Ino JieurlchC .Shalk Jacob 

rf.TfwlI'" "'^nbyBevDRNcmidt Godfred 

ri k ^^ * Jansan B Schmlt K 

rSnt.v?*' Jamer Nathan SchoomakerJC 

f-25r T ^ Johnson R J 4 Sheldey Thos 
CafleyJohn Co Svlvest^T Amn. 

Cowlo«Fs Ju.tMathew or Ben '^°' 

r^JU.?" " v°"t« ^,^ ^ f*>'»ff'"f Anton 

rSIhif. «.» Jv-^her Jno H Scott Rev Thos 

rashaw Harry Keria Lorens Steltier Clals 

Cogg.;.r Juo Kaheler Jno Sannor A 

• unmnghnm E Knelel n Stannird ChM 

Campbell Wm Katfer Frrd ir.ickroanQ 

G« l«Khan W in Edward Thomson J 

< aln Jna Kelleman Kdw UnocufF 

beckeyLout King Brjan Val*.)no 

Duit'inWrn Kratz Martin VortheJno 

nr.^!°»^..^* . Lydon itttriok Wiles Stephen 

Daliey Micha. 1 l Iseodre B Winder M 

Dunn A B 1 eaaon 'o'lu Wheel»y(;ha» 

i^nll. *?'.,''' J:<^*^°«"' P Woodwird " 
Kng Ish I hoi SfulM cy jahn 'vpii«ni, ^ q 

F.nB'emant; Moore Frank Wagner Joe 
► rhat Louia MoDermott M Waeker A 
FaaterHC McAlphte D """"^ 
J. II. BfKWABT , PostmsitFr. 


The Peirulcani Cook Stove, 

la thn most economical Stove In uae. It will 
do tU kinds or CO king, boil, bake, roust, broil, 
best Irons f^r Ironing, Ac, ai weU as any stove 
Inuflp, end ataihltd to ball the east. Itusri 
neither COAL nor WOOD, aud makes uo tT.oka 
or ashes, it u very l>orUbl« and clean, and wlU 
cook the orJiBiiry meal of a family of sUor 
♦Ight persons for thren or four cen-K. For 8nm> 
m«r use It Is ludi.peasaKo, lea»lug the hous* 
cool aad coiufdi table. 

It can be scvd iu operation dal y at .Mr. John- 
son's Gunsmlili 81iop, between thn Firat Preaby- 
tcrlan ChureJi and .Sohlll-r> Restaurant, on Thiro 
strcat, whoe orders »ni be receive I for Stcvoa 
to be delivered on lb" op ning of navltation, in 
lAmecy and llrnnrpin counties. County rights 
for sale, WW. y. «»-|(EEI.BR, A'»t., 

mchtO-4tdtltw* St. Paul, Minn. 


X'riiulc 9£auufk<>tur>', 

TrtAvelinjj: Bapi?, 

A large lot on hand and will be sold at New 
^ork prices, Who!ei>aIe or Retail. 

Woolon Horse Covers at Cost. 
• c i>noAi>. 

Saddlery AV«r<iboiiiP corner Third and Robert 
streets. neh20-dftwtr 

Aa Elegent Aeeorln:ent|if 


FHne CJoatings. 



WASXEO.— A situation by a jounc nnn 
. as Clerk either at St. Paul or MiBn«ipoll»; 
who II a good penman and can talk the SModl- 
navian Ungnage. Address G. H. J., box 9 Min- 
ncai Dli.s. i.inn mol2fi-'lw» 

neii Mis,&.inn. 

Real £]state Agency, 


mtlil tf 


•Tost fSeceived ! 

100 Dos Axes, 
60 Doz Wood Saws, 
50 Doz Ames' Shoveig, 
20 Doz Meat Cnttere, 
20 Doz Grain Scoops, 
20 Doz Stave Baskets, 

100 R. R. Wheelbarrows, 
\5 doz Little Giant Clothes Wringers 

KoT«iaber t, I8H, 


L.A.MI* GOOI>l«». 

A full line ot 

(fCBlleiBen's Furnishing Geod^, 

Always on hatd. 

Fasliionable Garments 

Made to order en short notice. 


ISS Xhii-d Street. 

JWIercUaiit Tailor, 


De«ler In Hats, Caps, J^rnlshlng Goods. 
Broalcloths and Casslmeree, Third street Uoner 

S.°;?'V/^.^»"'' «innv*^'> advanced lo*Sut 
tBGcId.Silver or Greenbacks. ian3-ly 

I^-egiKt ;3r or X>eeds 

liumeicy Comity, JNlinu. 

r i'Ji, """'i? correct \h(tnicH of Titles fo 
Lands and Lots in Ramsey county 
OtBco-CoiKT HousB. feblJ-SmUtfl 

K 1. V a ji jB J 



Real Elatate Agents, 

!•! Tklrd atr**.?, nritr tho Brldg-*, 


Hv« Storoa on Ihlrrt sf., rbove Poat OIBen. 
70 fret with Improvpments, near Post « fllce. 
Thirty i-even feet on lhird.<t.,ne«r Mlniie..oI' 
Ore handred f^cr on, nr-ar .'^I'-ley 
I*t 10. hlook IS. St. Paul proper. $l..'SM ' 
LotS.blockZ Boyt'.<ad.<itlon. ai 2tHi 
Lot 1, block i.'J, vv hltn»y A >5m.tb'.< Ad.i. ti.noo 
Lot ft.hlock 11, do do I OCC 

Lot 2, b'ock 14, do d.> 'ho'. 

l.ot7. b|roli7, do d.i 8X». 

100 f.'ot on Pearl-at., near', fii.^oo. 
IN) loot on Summit Avcnno. 
R'^sidence lo»sln all paru of the cl' ■ 
House and lot to, block 5. LeefiV Adrt ,*l,fiOii. 
llouce and lots on l-'ort H., near Fi.rb a. J 1 000. 
Fine rr-lilrnce on Nlnthst , lol UMx3i<'. 
Houieand lot<< ou ^Irhth at., i.hcx'.'o 
Hou'eK am lots In all part* of t>ie 
Farms, FArmluK Lauds, Hotels, »c., Sc, In 
all parti of the State. mchlSlst^ 

Oflce Si. P«nl Caa l.lrtat rsaspany, 

St. P.u'i. March i7. imvi. 

Sr.led proposal* will be r<"e.Ived at the oincc 
of the St. Paul Una I.ljjht Ccmpiry, Ouin the 
nresent Htockholdcr." oi said Compiinv, until 
Thur-Oay, the IDth dav of Anrll next. Hr (Ine 
Unndrnil Thouiaut Dollars of Ihn capital stock 
of the Coropiny. and Iwenly-tlve Tlioi, -,ud 
Dollars of Iho Company's Itoods, raniilnir for a 
term of Ave yesri. and bearing IntereM »t Ihe 
rate of seven per cent per annum. 

By order of the Board of l Irestors. 

K 8. GOODRICH, Sec.-flarv 
mchlSdtllaplIP ^.^u. oec.riary. 


House, SIgQ and Ornamental 


»U@ Xhird-st. , St. Paul. 




We Iiave no w on baad a large itock of 
B'llldinK Lumber, Fenoins. 

rioltets, aco., 
Wfclch w" offe' for sale at the loweM nrlse* 
Lsml^-r var.l on f ' rat Street. •••••>» 

Manafhetanri of Lamber, 
yly l.H* Miaaeapolis, hIbb 

OR Q. I». £»RA.TT, 

Late SnrgeoB t9th Xaac, Infy. 
Offloe, ui-xt to til* I>o»t OAoe. 

■r|.alc»-asr««is. ■laaaaapolu, 

at I "^ • 

We have bow ob hand a Urg«> stock o( 

Dllhrldire H and xncfalmiie}s 



Lamps of all Varieties and Prices. 

Warraated e.jBBi to th* best In b»<<. 

The ,bove goods WUI be eold to the trade at 
very low rates, 

CbIob Block. Third St.. St PanJ, KIbb 
jBBt-dAwly l.t<T 



yr.n may bay a larg* site 
^ttiy^nrt <7oolc wtove. 

At 1 Rr.>.t Darifaln. It li" all 0>uple:», witb 
CjpP'T i;.jli"r. K«..a-vulr, Ic , As., belonging to 
famil I '.iviu^ .S:. Paul. feb^4 


t\.t eaploiment lu thu 

F»r«»ss 13indery, 

One Forwarder and one Finisher. 

None but first -<"&«) m^chtnlei ne d appr. 
Good ra^jti ar,d a steady iltnation guarantped. 

Aprly Im.iicdlalely at the Counting Room o* 
*>>• ST. PAri. PKKHf . 

mcliO Piil^-e S.)aare. 

Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 

.*N!) NOTARY I-inUC, 

Pnooiiix MIook, near the BrlUa*. 

Saint Paul, MiDnescta, 

Notice of Dissolution. 

Tbo cojiartDerahlp heretofore exiiUng be- 
tween Wmllllam L. Ames and Samuel Snow, 
under the style ol S \MCKL SNOW » CO.. at 
St. A alhtmy tails. Is tl.U day dlaaolved by 
mutusj consent. The said Amea alone Is »u- 
thotljcd to collect and rciive debts due sail 
Arm, and clalmi against the ^am9 may b«pre> 
scnte<t to htm for settli-meat. 

WM. L. AHK8. 
OaUd SI. Anthony, Uareh 17, 186*:. 





KoB«ra' 8tou« JSlooU, 

Third-st., St. Paul, Mino. 

Makeaslriof FarBlturt, Stock. VerebacJUe 
BBd Real Eaute la Baauey or any ol the adjaoesl 

They s!»o receive gooda on *>OB,ml»»lou 
■ell at private sale. 

Thev hav a large Ball la the lecoad itorr f>r 
tha aaleof Furattare. Thev are pr.'pa-ed t bo,- 
Furniture or ctl'er good. In large -r; oBae 
tles,or advance liberally on e. »«Igi:a, nt< 

They keep alwavi on h»nd a eood atoc-k ot 
S.^p.e Dry Oooda of Clothing, of Boou aud 

th«j .ell at wholesale or r«tal1 at tnueb lesa ts"-, 
**gBlar prioe.* , 

Bev^.e«d tf-litu 


V" A.aM,, comer of ko:*>t ard Thlnl 
aire*;,, ?t. P-al. hi. for »•!*. th* Koarmount 
'."•J" *■'*'> Tavern ifand (lOw o«B<d and occu- 
pied by Daali^l roderwoor.^ ifa^^t- at'lp c;-'. 
ilvailon, fenced and crr>ra f need -r' n«-\. land 
Houie two stO'le., atsMlnr !•■• »hlrtv horee." 
granary Maso. and oiher nuful|.).BSi: al o ICO 
sera, of Umtwr ard. to tie *old wlih or wrhcut 
theahoTe Tern," o.«r. 

Kmrra 1<W Brr««, wl-h huii.e 'ixSi. ca« acd 
half stcrle*. an.I ontbuildlrga— W acn* acder 
cul.Ixailon, 70 arrea wrod laid. 

Farm SS a.-re' on I.ak« Jcbacna, S5 acre* 
hro»en: I, ous.., tiarn an^ stable. 

H-^nae and two lo a oa Dayton's Bluff: honsa 
and lot ou Valley ..tre.'t:bon»e and lot on Kt Panl 
street: house an ) lot In Knin-Mi-, Addition 
house and lot on Fr»Bk'.l-.i a'rc"-; fix lot. In 
Bn,naor'i Addition; etty lou; 4.000 acr*, bird 


Offloe on Third Street, 


From a quarter of a rentnrj '• exporlence Dr. 
De M. p'-on,i«fs fx el one of vo-kmar.hip aad 
at rt'a.'onaUe charger, and rvfrrs ny permltalvB 

Mr. Oak' s. (cf Bomp k Oakr;.) St. Taal 

Vol. an" Mr «. B. Io;e, International boiel 

Mr. Kd«ert -.n. Ptcalnent of ?d NaiicBal Bank 

K?ght lirv. Ht-h(.p Grace. 

R.;v Dr. M.Maaters. 

fol. Koberuon, and PhytlcUns of sr. Paul 
»""'"">•• mchMy.l.i« T 



iMeraolPa Block, S« atMNtt, St. P«w'. 


MM Gold nmat«. MJC to H.00. ' 







?bc ^mi ^m\ ^rcjis. 

ri?*t43KK:> OAILT.TKI-WBVKI.T ASO W»»»t.T, 


>»r M <' alt j'<T mouth. 

mall. #10.00 
iiii'iirtai^i'y III 

' lKl.'w^,^^lLT rKKS-'-t'VCO per tnoam: 
*i>> (>.r .1* monf'i*. »'iO '^"' »*»"'»' months, 
'♦•i-.'o- • I It .<«•• monlli 

.. Ji.iO. dut'S uf t''o copies, ono v«<»r. 
f l'^ .1 ^iu!" ol iwtfuli coi>l«s. on« )«ir, $14.00. 


• a 



A I 1. « 

t ' •avlltll« . 

»i . HU Ax<i* 

< J T«n wivki" .... 

' ( 1 lif^* WtW^i 

f . ''n*" ini^nih .... 

1 M •■.r^.-raoBtll*. 

Q V Sin month* 

I rwlii-iaonth-i. 



X 00 


....ft OO 

A 50 

....10 00 

\-i so 



P M ■ ■ » 



1 1* 

\ 7S 

» f>0 

s .a 

i M> 

<< a 

» 7S 

ti w 

Vtr*t p»K^ aclvotttM<meat«, sp^claiaod baai 
k'r< Botlooi>.&nit»dYt>rtisotu«ntefollowiDi; toimo- 
<!«t>'lv nftt-r local in»tt?ronttiet'ottrtti ftLg,t,one 
h4k «4atttoQ«l. 

>. f^oooaJ ftgf. and tpccUlplaco and double 
eoiuma adT«rtls«m(>nt!i, and advertl^oment) wlUi 
nt.^. <.<c>> third additional. 

». .vdvoni»tfment*ohaageaMcit pleasureratod 
a« la No. 1, and #40 por annum additional for 

han^o*. AilchanRC* rated at .•Ooent»p«T.4uaro 

i. Lovvil notlo** double thea^ove prloo*. and 
no notloe in9<>rt#d for le»s than #1. 

c^. .\iv.»r'j9einont» in Daily and Weekly, two 
t!Urd!< additional to tho Dally rate. 

fi. Adv#ni<-'raoi:ti> In WwWt aton", #1.00 
l-^r «'(uar« i»r Itr^t IcMTtion. and &C c«nle per 
».lttaro for *ub'>*o,u)>t;i luoertlons, for any ptTiod 
within lhr<?« mout^i- ; ovpr thr^-e month*, one 
le<9 than D«l'.y mt<^i>. 

7, L^jcal and Oovernnipnt adrertl^ement^.ri 
c?ntj per S'lure for tfi- lirst Insertion, aad37>» 
oeat« per «(]iitr>^ for c4..-h additiocal iusortion. 

*. Attorney* ordering la Ie((ala'lr«rtl:<t-nifnlx 
»ro regarded a< anvuntabte for i^ie co-<t of ti.e 
'-une, uD'.esa thore Is a special atrri^m->ni fr 
oliarice the same toanother party . 



AN ACT relatiu^ to Inivs 


Sec. 1- AU vri'porty nhothtr rt;il or por 

fO'^il. •.:! ttiis State, all moaeT.*, creilit.<, 

iaves'ta-'uts in Ih.>;u1<. stocks, joint t-tock '*. or othiTwisc, i.>f porsons resulins 

horeia ; th-' pmpt'rty of corp initioas t:o« 

osiitinjor hcn'aftfr cteated. and the prop 

ertv oi a'.! lv»n'i« or luvrtkin;; compaaie^. now 

i*s"trt;iv^ or hiriiM^tor cr.atfd. iind i>( all 

l>anitors>. •'so-"pt fiich a.» i* borfinaftor rx- 

jT-'st'v cxe'npted. i» ''uhjoct to ta.\.ttion : 

jad *ai*ti p'"oi^rty. ra"n<\vs, crinliu. itivo^t- 

ta-^at* la b«ind-. jcUit stix-k compaai>s i>r 

. -.-. or lb"* Vii ue thereof, liball be eu- 

; tbi li»i "■(■ ti.w'il'- prop"r'v, lor that 

iti lb'- taatiiitr pr'scrit-od by ihi- 

"" •• » "I'-'il ptiip- riy"' on^I 

itfvd ill llii" cUipiiT. ill 
' ■ Und ii>iili, wti'-'tluT l.iiu 
'•ih'Twio with nil tliiiij- 
' ■" ol.o •'lildinc^. g(riK' 
'<'■■'. ^'ic* ncd oti'i r 
. ... I I.:;.d lb r, "U :ind ul 
I.'..L.; bvlc'i'uiu.; 01 atjy 
t'ocrc'.K. Tbc t.-ira ' iii- 
.iW icclii'lo^ :i11 tui.'tieys 
• . ! - of wb;it;.acvcr kind. 
. . iu'.-urpviratrd t>r iiuinoor- 
■ -. tow;is. cities, township*. 
: : otUc; corporati.>:i-, lieW 
. ? 'fffti; ill this -^ta'o. wjc'.hcr 
■ 'f as suardiiia-i. tiiistee.i or 
: .. '.rui •iavcs.imciits i:i stocks" 
-."..'. lucucyj iuNOStivl in Iho public 
. ■- ot tliis ov auy oUicr ttato, it in ,iDy 
Joec^iAiioa. Ck.'ri)oralioii . j oiiit st ' n.k > vtup.i- 
'.*•. t-r I'lUcrwise. the -^tock or capital of 
t»s:;!j :■• or njay h'y diviji-il i.uo rharc:*. 
•»Licb an: ti:»'ijfrrul>h' l>y cac'i owni-r wilh- 
.uil t'm cji)<.'at i.i tUc otbci parltitis ci 
•'.'Xali«jldi;ts. lot tho taNdtiDi) iif which no 
; i.'tiL piuvisi..,! i? undo by Ihi-- « hapltr. 
I)*.ld liv pcisons. vcsidic;^ iu iUis state, citht-r 
•I'l tk' w.-tIvi'*. or u< (guardian?, tnij^tcc' or 
.t^eutf. The l.Ttu "• ici.-'>.ial pfpnly" iii. 
■ h-Acz — 

First- KvKfy tangible IhiOi; ibe siit^ 
e.t (if ownership, whcthor anini.itt' nr 
loiiaimaie. <r,h'r ttia:i ini.-nf y. and not I'orm- 
!(»,; p.irt oi any [inc. I of real property ;u* 
h<T>in!xt''ire dcfiiml. 

S«— 'llic capital rtoik. uiidivid-il 
protit* and .ill other nica'ij' nollonnin:: pari 
of the capital >ti.«o'v of every couipauy. 
wh-'lbev incorporated or unincorporated. 
n"d -Aery -ti.ire, poMioii or Interest in such 
i-tock. proiiii or mean-, by whatsoever name 
de-ii^u.vted. iacludiii;: evi ry share or {Xirlio:i, 
ri^lit or interesit, eitber loj5ul or equitable, 
iQ and to every s-bip. vefs'.l or boat. of what- 
ever name or ilcscripiioa, u<cd or designed 
to bo used either e.\clui>ivi'ly or partially in 
n.ivig.itiui; any of the waters within, or bor- 
dering on thi* state, whether «uch ship, ves- 
sel or bxxit is within ihe jurisdiction of this 
ytale or elsewtere. and whether the .=anje i« 
enrolled, re^ristered or licen.'ed al any col- 
leelor's office, or within any collection dis- 
trict in ihi.-! state or not. 

Third — All buildings and improvements 
made upon land*, the title to which is in 
tbi.s state or the United States. 

The term "money"' or "raoneys" iucludes 
jfOid and silver coin and bank notes, in ac 
tual poMesgion, of aolvcnt bank.s. and every 
deposit which the persoa owninar. holding 
in tru.-»t or having tbc beneficial interest 
th'.rein.js entitled to withdraw in money on 
demand. The term '• cn.'dits" means' the 
' xce>s of the sura of all legal claims and 
•lemands. whether for money or other valu- 
i\Me thinp;. or for labor or Jervice due. or to 
becjiue due to the persi>a liable to pay 
therecn, inclodin^ deposits in banks, or with 
p>rioni in or out of this btate other than 
such as ar-: Ueid to bo money a.s bereiulie 
'ore defined by this section, when twded 
t%-elber. (estimating every such claim or 
demand at its trua value.' in money) over 
atjd abtve the sum of .'egal bona fidu debts 
owing by mch person. But in making 
up tbc rum of such debts owing, there shall 
b«; taken into account no oblijratiou to any 
mutual insurance company, nor any unpaid 
fubK-ription to the capital stock of any joint 
^rock comjiany, nor any uliscription for any 
religious, icieutitic, literary or charitable 
purpose ; ncr any acknowledgment of any 
lcd••btedne.'^«^ uni'-as founded on dome con- 
siderilioa actoally received, and bidicved 
at the tincc of makin;; such acknowltdirment 
to lie a full consideration ibcrelor ; nor any 
acknonled;;mfnt ol debt made for th'; pur- 
pose of dimini.-ihing the .amount of tP.ilit.- 
to lie list'd for ta.xation ; nor any greater 
amount or portion of any lia>>i!ity a^ surety, 
than the p>:T*on r'quir<d to make the .-^fate- 
mentjs ol >ucb credits Ic li.ves that sup-ty is 
in equity ^>ound, and will be compelled to 
pay. or contribute, i.i c.we there are no s;. 
curitits ; rrovirb il, that pensions receiva- 
ble from the L'nited State? or Irora any 
state, s.T!ati-« or payments expected to be 
rec'-ived for la>)or or services to be perform- 
ed or r.-ndere-J, nlull not be bel 1 to be an 
nuit.ea within the roeanin;; of this cbaptnr. 
.Sec. 3 All pr.ip'Tty describ-.l in this so 
tiou to the exte'it herein limitf d. shall be 
'X- rapt lrr,rn ta.xation. that Is to ^ay : 

Kir-t-I'ubiic stbj<d houses and hou-i-s used 
••sclu-ively tor p ildic wor-hip.the biioks and 
f:i:iiiiure IIk ria, ai.d the ■,'routid* attached 
to ciu-lj Ij'dlUi IKS nece-sary lor the proper 
tLi-upaicy, a-i' an I »Tij'<y oient of tbegtine, 
;u.d Lit IcUfid </r; ii."! d with a 
,:■«•(» |jio(jr. All p iliiiu Colle^f's, pulilii 
iiuiudcuMw. all t.u;.lii,g even ei ted with ilie 
»4<.-:- . .'.d iill l<i..di conn: ted viifii |uii)!:e 

ii.j; »>!' lire ci'tiipMJiv*, w bother lH.'too;;iUK 
to any tovvinu toaiiy tire t.oinp,tny or);aui<: 
cd tlieiciii. 

KiKblli All 'iiaiUel bonsc---, public sipLUcs 
Ul other public ^lound.s, l.twn oi lowii^liip 
hoti.-cs vv lulls, used I'xclusivcly lor pul>Uc 
puiiH»«'s, aii<l all worli.s, uiathinery or li\- 
tiiie.-. Ik hMij;iii4 til ,iiiv liiwM. and used c\ 
chisi\ely lor conveying <«attr to such town. 
Niutli Kach individual iu this .state may 
hold exempt from taxation, personal prop- 
el l\ oi any description i>f which Mich indi- 
vidual is tbc actual tiwncr. not exceediuf; 
one litiudii-d dollars in vahn' ; no person 
shall U" rcipiired to list a (;reater jHirtiou of 
any oivdil.sthaii he bclicMS will be received 
i>i- c.itt Iv colloctcil.nor any sroater i<cirtiou ol 
.in\ ol''i;rilion eivcn to secure the payment 
of unt, than tbu' atuout-.t of rent that sba'.l 
baxc iicciucd oit the tpi»»c. and shall ri'inaiii 
uiipiM al the time ol >ncb li.-iini; ; no per- 
sv'!i i.ill K" n'.piiicd to inclciile inbisstate- 
lueia .IS i\ pail of the personal projvrty, 
uienoys. creiliis, iu\esuncnl.s in l>ieid>, 
»toi ks, joint stink companies, or olliei wi-e. 
«liich lie i.s reipiitcd to list, any i-h.iiv or 
poition of llio capital stock or property 
o! iny Lompany or corporation, which is 
rcpiired to li^t or return its c.ipital and 
pivpcily lor taxation in tlio stale. 

S c 4 Kvcry peis»Mi I'f full and 
sound laiud, not a married woman, shall 
list the pci's>>nal i>ioiH'ily of which be is the 
owner, and all the uioiity in his possession; 
and be shall ah-o li-l all moneys loaned or 
otherwi.**' controlled by biiii as the a^ent or 
ittornoy, or on account of any other person, 
cmupany oi' cori>oratiou whatsoever, and 
all moneys deposited subject to his or order, 
ilieik or dratt, and credits due from in- ow- 
iu;^ by any person or biniy jnilitic, whether 
iu or out of such county. The jiroperly of 
eviry ward shall be lisi.d by bis guardian ; 
of every minor, child, idiot or lunatic, hav 
in^ n.) t>thcr >;uardi.ui, ly his lather, if liv 
-iu,4; it not, by his tnolbcr, it' iivinj; ; and 
if neither father or mother is livini.'. by the 
[terron bavin<i such propeity m cburire : iit' 
every wile by bcr husband, it of sound 
tuitul ; if not. liy herse'.f -. ot every person 
:>n whose bcncli't property is held in trust, 
by the tiu-stee ; of every estate of a dcceas- 
ol person by the executor or admini>irator; 
I'f corpirations whose a--ets are in the 
bands 1 t receivers, by the receiver ; of 
every ci'tupany. tirm. bovly politic or cor- 
porate I'y the prcsidiiil or principal ac- 
?.'nnli 1^ I'iVicers. partner or u;^enl thereof , 
a!id the personal property of every uon- 
ic.-ident shall be listed by llie u^jent ot '^nch 
Mon ri>idenW or by the per-on having the 
same in possession, or baviii^ the care or 
ci>ntrol thereof Cverv p<'i.-i'n re.jnired to 
list prop'rly iu behalf of oth 'rs. by the 
provi^-ions i>l this cbapti r. shall li.-l it in the 
Nimv township in which he would be reiiuir- 
ed to li-t it if such property were his o'.vn ; 
but he shall list it S' p.iiately from his own. 
specifyirjj in each ca-e the name ot th' 
jK- r<.'n. e-tate. company or corporation, to 
wlioiu it fielonss, and all real projierty, anil 
ni icbants' and manufac'urers" stock and all 
til-' articles inumerateil in tlo' seventh sec- 
tion of this chapter, and .t'l p< rsonal prop- 
erty iip«n tnrni", and real property not in 
towns, shall be returned for taxation, and 
t.iX'd in llie tow^^bip. and towns in wbieh it 
IS sitnateil. and all oiher personal prop-rly 
.-.iiall be entered tor ta.x;it on in the township 

'itlloi.* <i 
I I ptuki. 

• ■ . le- I 

h jrniy 
This |; 

liOt u.M.'d with a 

lovi^ion sioill not 

of real;. 

T any cdlt-e w 

. luU '.la'' . 

'. 'd «;4elilL-iv>.ly lot 

" ' '-'^i burying lie dca.l. 

■ •. ;• ; '. ; .'.u i.~ .uc .i- Id by any fHirron, com 

ptfiir ',t c'jrpor.ition. with a \ icv. fo profit, or 

• : •!. . prjtpiR-o <.| siH-<i)|:ifi„n in (l:r B-,ic 

;• .1. 

1,. lid— All properly wliethet leai or per- 
•-■MKd. lM;lon;;inir '".tcl'isivcly lolbeKlate r,r 
'be Lnited .States. 

►■ourtli— .\ll biiil.lin^- belonging to iIil> 
i.iniKs "i^e'Mor holdiii'.f court*, for j.iils, 
U't roun|y oUlc '. with the ground uot tx 

• •-•-ding iiiwiy coiiulv I'.'ii licit."-. Ill v.bich 
i.h buildin:;-" ar.- creeled. 

ftJlh All land», houses and other btiill- 
.OK'5 btloaRint,- Vj anv county, Icwu-Lip. or 
to-.>n, used exclusively for ihe accommo.Ia- 
tion or support of the p jor. 

.^^isth-All bnildinjis l^Ionsin-' to insti- 
tiaions ol pu.cly publx charity, logethcr 
with the land actually occupied by .c„ch 
iDatilution!., not ba-ed or otherwise used 
with a view to prohl, and all money, and 
credifc appropriated solely to 8uslainin"aiid 
belonging exclusively t„ 8m.h iii8titution» 
and all lauds owned and occupied by airri- 
cultuial i-ocielies not lea«ed or used with a 
view to profit, not e.vcttdiiig three hundred 
anti twenty atTCH. 

Isevenlh All lire engines and other im- 
pl< nici^ts iiHi'd for the extiiif^niHhmeiit of 
tires, Willi the biiilditigs used exclusively for 
tbu sife keeping tbereol, nod fur the mce'. 

and ;.>vv!i in which the p'.'r.soii c'lirged with 
ill'' tax thereon re>i leil at the lime the list 
thereof was taUe.i by tiie, if such 
pei-on rwide- in the cmnty where such 
property |ir-t- d : and it not. then sueli 
pr"peily ^ba!l tn.- viiter< d lor laxalioii and 
:itxeil ij the town -hip v.h' T'.- sitnatid wli-.n 
li^!ed. anyi'iiii;: in th s tiiapter to llie lou- 
tnvy noiwithslaudin'-- I'roNided. al! 
>Uue- of .-toi'k in any Xalional Uink locued 
v\ itiiiii tills .-t.ile, whelbcr held or uwnid by 
ie.i,!cnt-. (ir iiou reiiileul- of fbir •^l.tte. iball 
ii" listed I'.ir taxatioti aii'ttaxe 1 in the city. 
iiOMi or tiiwnhip in v.liich the 15ank i.-- lo 


t: • . • l*rop'>rty held under .» leaac for a 
tciinot ten y-ar;. and notexceediiii: wen 
ty one years, bcloiigin'r to ihc State, ot to 
.my icligiuuj, bcicutific or b'jccvolcn'. *> 
ci ;y or inslitiilion. wb' tli''r incorporated 
ui.i'JCorporaied, and sclio.d lands shall be 
.t>-;>;dcrcd for all pur|Kv?cs of taxation us 
the prop- rtv oi the jii'rson ^o holding llio 
same, and shall bt' lisied as such, by s.tcb 
porsou or his agent, us in other crises 

Sec. tj. Each person rupiircd by this 
cbvpier to list propcvty, siiail make out 
and deliver to the .ai-.rcscor, when ie<iuircd 
or wiJhin tcndnyu Uiereailer. a ?tateui 'nt 
^vf ilicd by bis oath, of all the pctKonal 
pvopertr. raouevs. credits, iiivestiii' nts iu 
bonds, .-locks, joint stock conip.ini.s or 
I'tbcrwise, iu Ids po'^.sc.^sion or under biscon- 
tool at th" titn' the notice was given him by 
the assessor to make out such statement, 
and which, by Ibc provision of this chap- 
ter, he i- rt<iiiired to list for taxation, either 
as owner or holder llicrcof, or as guardian, 
parent. Iiu.-band. trustee, cxei-iilor. adminis- 
trator, icccivor, accounting onlcer. [larlncr. 
agent, or factor, Trovidcd. That every per- 
son siiall li.-t all of his personal property, 
e.xcuipt as w'll as unexetupt property, and 
the county auditor shall dednel Irom the 
property sebctcd by tlie owner, ihcamoun!. 
exempt from taxation by the provisions of 
tliii cbapt T. aii'l levy tax i;[ion the reniain- 

Sec. 7. Such st.itement shall truly and 
distinctly set fourth — 

First. Th'i number of horses. 

Second The nniulR-r of neat cattle. 

Third. The numler of rnntes and as.s;s. 

l'"ourtb. The nuuib'T ol shi ep. 

Fifth. The number of hogs 

Sixth. Every pl'jx-urc carriage of what- 
soever kind. 

Seveuih. Every watch. 

Eighth. Every Pianoforte. 

Ninth. The total value of all other articles 
of personal property which such person is, 
by this chapter reipiiri.d to li-t 

Tenth. The valnc of the goods and mer- 
chandise which such person is rc'ipiired to 
list as a merchant. 

Eli-venth. The value ot the materials and 
manufactured articles which such person is 
refjuireil to list as a manulaclurer. 

Twelfth. The value of credits required 
to be listed, including .all balances ol liuok 

Thirteenth The value of ths moneys in- 
vested in bonds, stocks, joint stock compa- 
nies or otherwis'-, which such pewon is by 
tlii- chaplhi r req lircd to lirt. 

Fourteenth. Money required lo b; listed. 

And the n=se?.=er shall and de- 
termine the actual c;u<li value of ."aid pro|>- 
fcrty. and lor that purpose may require un 
exhibit of the same iu all cases when the 
same is practicable, and may examine the 
person listing said property on oath in tela 
lion thcretf). 

bee. 8. If th'jre are no articles ol personal 
property, mon-ys or credits, investments in 
bonds, sleeks, joint stock companies or 
oiherwise. which such person is by this 
chapter r' (|'iired to list on bis own account, 
or awount ol others, he may s'jt forth such 
fa;t lo tbc as.sessor. who i,hall require the 
oath of sn<h [erson the truth of the same. 


Sec. 9. fiath .'eparute parcel of real prop, 
erty ^hall be valued al itn Irue value in 
money excluding li.e value ol crop.a growing 
thereon ; but ttie pric- for which sijch r-ai 
property would .--ell at auction, or a forced 
sale, sb.ill not be taken as a criterion of such 
true v.ilu" Each tr.ict or lot ot real proper- 
ty liclonging to this .-tate, or to any county, 
city or charitiblfinstitntion, wbelh-r incor- 
porated or unincorporated, and sch lol lands 
held under a I .a-e lor a term exceeding t»n 
years, shall \a} valued at fuch price as the 
assesijor b.'lieves could be obtained al pri- 
vate sal'! for such |eas"hold or conditional 
e.^fate. Personal property of every di-scrip 
lion, inverttrnenfs in bonds, t-tocks joint 
stock companies o.' olhcrwi.-e, shall by val 
lie I at the truf! value tber -of in money. 
Money, wh'.'th' r in pos?esMon or on deposit, 
sb.ill be entered in the statemint at the lull 
•.mount th.rcof ; I'lovided. That d fpreciatcd 
►milk notes shall be entcri d at their currenr 
vul i-. Kvry credit for a sura certain, pav 
able e.ther in money, propeity of any kind. 
lalKir or s 'rvices. shall l>e vain d at the full 
pr.'c ol t:i<; ,n:u .Ho pavabb; ; if for a speci 
DC atliele or for a ^p.-ciQ d numler or quan 
'.ly tf loiy article of pn.p riy. or f-jr a t;' r 
lonaTi.,untof lab,.r. or lo; ; , vic.-s of any 
k Md. n ^|,•. I b.: »alu.,| 111 il,,. cuileul purl, 
ol uiicb pijjjiL'ity, o. Mtcb l..boror seivit- 

wl th.' plaiC Wl.ele l«yrtbl-. .\ni,uiliei, 

or mo.iey,- receivable at staled periods 
hhall bo valued al He jiiicu which lb-- 
p>''ie.iu liUing the .ini',' t-tlicv.-..-; ([,, ,„ ,/, 
be Worth i i inou'v. )Vliere (ho fee ,,| 
the soil of any lr;iel, p.ueel or lot of I. mil 
i^ in aoy per.on, and th-' light lo any min- 
erals 111' I. in another, llic tame sliall he 
v.du'.d and liteil ngieeable lo sin li own<n- 
lihip. in sepai.ife inlries, ;tnd ta.ved lo ihp 
parties owning the tuiiu; rcspielively. 

t^c 10. N'<. person. 11)111 pany or corn ira- 
lion, IS entitled to any dcdiielien, on :i- 
conntri ;,„y v.nd, ...,le or oldig.ilion of 
any kind, g'ven to .inv mutual iii.'iirai:. ■■ 
companv. nor on account of any unpaid 
8ub-c„pi,on lo any leligions, literuy, rci.n 

tin.'? •"" '-'m '•'♦■»*.l.» ■ *;.- .- y 

on accoiin 

mcnt payable on the capital slock of at, v 

company, whether incorporated or nnincor- 


ot iiiTi.NU A.xu v.u.ii.X(i Tin: rHui-cRrv o» 


BxenAxot: hbokeih .i\nKro< k jouukbs. kic! 

J-''C. 11. Whoever owns or ha- in bs pnn- 
Be».Hioii or subject to bis eontrol, any 
personal properly wilbin this state, with 
anthorily to sell Ihe same, wliie'i lias been 
piirclm.w'd eillur in or out of I hi- slate, with 
a view to being sold al an advini,-!. .1 prie-n;- 
prolit. or wbiel, has l„-,.|i .oMsi^rn,.,! („ |,i,„ 

from any place out of ((liu*, (or the pur 

pose of being gold .it any |>bu e w iUtin *bii« 
state, hball be held to be a meu iitiot ; .Old 
when bo is by thi-^ cbaptci i. luireil to\kr.iUe 

out .ind iloliver to the jisses*of g gy * 

of his other per-onal properly, h«- sli.-ill 
state the value ol such pr<»perly nppei lain- 
ing lo bis b(i-iness as a iin ichunl ; and cs- 
liinatliig the \aliii' Iheivul, be shall lake as 
aciiteiioii lliii axerarge \aluo ol all such 
articles ol pers«>iial ^loiicrly as he 
lioiii tiiiio to time in Ins |w> or 
under bis control, during the yuat ucxl 
previous to the lime of making sncli 
slaU-nienI, if so long he luis been en 
g.igctl in btlsinc^n(| and it not, then during 
such time .is ho lias been so engaged : 
and the avei.ige ^Jiatl lii made up by taking 
the ainoiinl in x.diie on band, as nearly as 
ni.iy be in e.icli iiiontb >>l Itic iie.xt preced- 
ing y».ir ill which the p,ison making such 
>l.ilenu'iit II IS been engaged in business, 
addiiii; together such auioiints. and divid- 
ing the aggrc;^:\te ainount thereof by the 
iiniiilier ol niontlm that the pets >n making 
till' l.iteiir-iit may have t»eeii in business 
dining llie prceeiUng \ear; but no lon- 
signec ^ha!l tie required lo list lor taxation 
the v.iliic ot any property, the product of 
this ^tale, nor the v.iliie of any property 
consigned to hint from any other (dace lor 
the sole ol being .-tond lU' bir- 
wardcd ; I'rovidnl. lie has in either 
no inlerct in such property, or any prolit 
to be derived Irom its .-al'. The word 
•• person." as used in this and the succeed- 
ing sections, includes lirni, t-onipany. and 

Sec IJ. I'^vcry jier.-mi who piirclix-e-, re- 
ceives or holds person. il properly of any 
description, for tie.' pnrpo e ol adding to the 
value th'.'icof by a:iy pro.-e » of m.inulac- 
tiiring, relinin;;. rectityiiig. or by the com- 
biiiat'ioa ot diU'civnt liiateiials, with a view 
of making g-.iin or prolit by so iloing, shall 
be In Id lo b,' .1 inaiinl vctnrei' ; and he ^lIall. 
uhen rciiniivd to make and deliver to the 
a--esj^or a ^tulenlent (if the ainonnt-ol his 
otiii r property subject to taxation, 
als ! include in his slatement Ihe average 
valu", estimated as provided in the precetl- 
ing seclioi, of all articles pnicha,-eil. re- 
ceivnl, or otherwise hrld for the of 
being used in whole or in part, in any pro- 
cess or opciation ol mauulacturing, combin- 
ing, rectify ing or reliuing, which from time 
lo time he has on hand during the year 
next previous to the time of m.kking such 
slateuienls. if .-o long be as been engaged 
iu such m innf.icLuring i iisiiii>.-, ; and il not, 
then during ihe time he has been so en 
ga..;td. Eveiv per:i>n owning a iiiannf.ic- 
luiiog esiabli>!ini"iit of any kind, and every 
mauualacluicr. sb.iU li.-t ^is part of his man 
ulaclurcr's slock the value of all cngims 
and uiacbini.iy i«f every description, used or 
designed to iie used in any process of re- 
liuing or mannfactnring. (except such fix- 
tures as have been considered as part of any 
parc'l or real property. 1 including all tools 
and implements of every kind used, or de- 
signated lo be used for Ibc a!ore.-.aid pur 

Sec. I'i. Whea any pcr.-on tiiuimenccaany 
b siucfS in any couuiy alter the day preced- 
ing the lirst Monday in June in any year, 
the aver.ige value of wlio-e personal prop- 
erty employed iu such bu-iu''s.s, has uot b'.i-n 
previously entered on the as-scs-soi's libl (or 
t i-Xation il said couuiy, i.uch per.son hhall 
report lo luo auditor ol th" couniy, tbc 
probable average valueof tiiepcisonal prop- 
erty by him iuiended to be't mployid ln^ucb 
bn.-inevs umil llie day preceding the liisl 
Monday iu June next Mlcceeding. and shall 
p^y into ihe Ire.i.-ury of such loiinly a sum 
which bears sUch liioportion to the levy lor 
all pnrpo.-es on ibe av< ras;" i-o employed, as 
111'' time Irom tbc il.iy un which he com - 
lU' need Mich bUM:!'-'.'^s as alor- said, to the 
• l.iy prcc'-diug ihe lirst Monday of June 
nest s'.iccetding, bears to one year ; but il 
the per.son ro listing li's capital ^presents a 
liona lid-.' recc'pi from ihe treasurer of any 
County iu this oUte, in which luchcapiiall 
hai been ].«rcviou:-ly lii-lcd and ta.xed lor the 
amount of the taxation, and liy bim [laid on 
?.iuie capiial tor t!u; :arac year. 1 c tball 

or caaritable institution or .'^xiety nor 
rcoiint of any .'ul«ciiptioa lo,or indall 


uot be tvquircil to pay J.rxes again on such 


.See 1 1. When any person commences or 
engages in tiio bu^imss of d'aling in stocks 
ol any deseription. or in buying or shaving 
any kird of bills of exchange, checks, d.ills. 
bank notes, promi.-ory notes. «ir other kind 
ol writing obligatory, as mentioned in the 
nitic'.beetli S'.ction o| thi- ch.ipier. after ihe 
djy preceding the lirst MonJay in June in 
any year, the average valtio of who.=c per- 
sonal propeity intendod lo be ciuployiil in 
such b;Kiiness h.ts no', been previously in- 
teredonthu a.sses.-'or's li.-t lor i.ixatioii. in 
said county, such person shall report 
lo the auditor of the (.ejuly llie pujti.ible 
avefiige value ol the personal pioinily by 
bim iiilcnd'd to lie eiiiidi>yed in such bi-i- 
ness until the day preceding the lii'.-t Mid- 
day in .lune thereafter, and shall pay inlo 
lb'' treasury of such coiinly .i Mini which 
bears the sani' of t!ie levy lor all 
pnr|ioses. on the average value so employ- 
ed, as the time lioiii the day on which he 
t'Oinmeiiocd or iiigaged iu such bil-iness. as 
aforesaiil. to the d.iy precc'liii'j; lit' lirst 
Monday in June. Iicxt succeeding, b ai'.'i to 
one year. 

Sec. lo. If any person comrai'iices or en- 
gages in any business as alores.iid. and does 
not within one month Iheivalter. ti-iiort fo 
the county .auditor, and make payment to tlie 
county treasurer, asbelon; rcquir"d, he "ball 
forfeit and jiay double tlie amount requited 
to be paid by the two preceding section-, to 
be ascertained, as near as may b", by the 
testimony of witnesses, and recovered be- 
fore any justice of the peace, or in the dis- 
trict court, by civil actiim, in the name of 
the county treasurer, lor the uss of the 
county, and any jirocess is-ued ont of the 
district court, in such action, shall be direct- 
ed to the proper ollicer. and mi\^ be served 
in any county in this state. 

Sec. Itt. The presblcnt, fccretr.ry or I'rin- 
cipal accounting ollicer of evi ry canal, slack 
water navigation compaiiy. railroad compa- 
ny, turnpike comjiiiny, plankroad company, 
briilge company, insurance conqiany, tele- 
graph company, or other joint stock compa- 
ny, e::cept baking or other coiporatioiis 
whose taxation is specially provid' d for iu 
this chapter, lor whatever purpose they may 
have i len created, whether incorp'irated by 
any liw of this slate or not. shall list lor 
taxation. vetiM d by the ualh ol the fierson 
listing ail th ']>"r-on il prop -r'y, wliicli ^ll.lll 
be held to include road bed. water anil wood 
stations and sueh other really as is neeess.iry 
to tbc daily luunieg operations ol the, 
mon'ys and -credit.'-: of snch or cor 
pora'.iou within the state at their actual 
vahr; in money, in the manner following ; 
unless other wise provided for by the eliar- 
ters of corporations In relofore creat'.'d in 
this stale ; In all cases r.tiirn shall be made 
to the si.'veral atiditors of th;- resp'/ctive 
counties where such properly may be situat- 
ed, together with a stateineut ol the nuiouiil 
of said property which i.i situated in each 
township, incorporal- d town, village, city 
or ward therein ; tbc value or ali niov.ible 
property shall lic added to the stationary 
and fixed properly and real estate, and ap- 
portioned to sueh wards, citie.i iiuorpoiat- 
ed towns, vill.iges or towiis'iips, in propor 
lion to the value of the r'jale. late and li.vcd 
ptopcrl.' in said ward, cily, incorporated 
town, villiigc or to'.viiship ; and all properly 
so list! d shall be subject to and pay the 
Rime taxes as other pioperty r:.ted in .-nch 
ward, city, incorporated town, village or 
lowusbip. It is the duty of accounling of- 
ficer alorsaide to mak>! nlurn lo the amlitor 
of state during lb':; month of Inly of each 
year, of tiie aggregate of all prop 
erty real and p'rsonal, by litn returned as 
required by the provisions of Ibis chapter, 
fr> ihe several auditors of the respective coun- 
ties in which th-.; same may It locattd. 11 
the t'oniiiy Uiiditor, to whom return^ are 
mill" i- ot th" opinion, that false or incorr' cl 
valuations have been made, oi that the prop- 
erty ol th"' corporation or assceiuli'in has iiot 
b'-'in listid al its lull valu:. or that it ba.s 
not bci'ii li.-ted in the location vvbere il 
properly belongs, or in ca.-es where no re- 
turn lias been made to the county auditor, 
he is hereby r fiuircd to proceed to have the 
-aiUL' valued and ns.-essed in the same mau 
ii'.r a-, is pre.scribcd in tlv several sections of 
tbischapt'r regulating the duties of county 
audit<'rs, but nolliiug iu ibis section shall be 
so constru'jd as to lax any stock or inten t;t in 
ii"y joint stockcompany b'-ld Ijy the Slate ol 
Miiincsola : I'rovidxl. That every agency of 
an insurance coinjiiny inc rporati d by Ihe 
anlhoiiiy of any olbi r r-laie or goveriiineiil, 
shall ri'lurn to "the audilor of the county in 
whi'li lie: ollic! or ag-iicy of micIi company 
ni.iy !)•■ k'pt i.: tin; iiiontli of July annnally, 
the anioiiiil o! the j^ro' :i i.'eeipls olMieb 
agency which 'hall b • enlcred upon Ihe l.ix 
li-t of the pio|Kir coiinly. and b'- Hiiliject lo 
saiii" rate of la.xalio* for ail pnrpo;es 
that other pei:,.iial property is mibj-ct lo at 
■ wher.- bcalul. 

celvftd, or is ouUlled to receive, any prolit 
or oilier consideration whatever, either in 
the shape of interest, di.scount, exchange or 

Seeiiiid. The average amuiint of all 
iiioiii ys, eirects or ilaesof every description, 
In-longing lo stic'.i naiik or banking company, 
loaie.'d, invested or otherwise used or em 
ploved with !> ( iew to in'ofll, or iipou wliicli 
-III li bank e oaiiking cumpany receives or 
i- entitled o receive interest ; I'ruvided, 
I'liat the avera;;'- amount of llie >pecie funds 
of every siicli bank kept o\i band with a vi-w 
ol mieeming its circulation and meeting its 
accruing lialillitics to depositors, and iiImi 
tin- avcrago amount of the balances due Irolii 
other ballk^ upon which no interest, prolit 
or con-ideralion is reserved or received, >ball 
be excluded in the above eslimates of Die 
taxable property of each bank required lo 
be innde and returned as aforesaid. 

Sec. Is. To a.-cerlaiii the amount of notes 
and bills di.scounled and purchased, and all 
other moneys, clfccls or dues of every de. 
sciipliou iK-loiiging to such or banking 
company, loaned, invested or otherwisi- used 
or employed, with a view lo [irofit. or upon 
which sui'li bank or banking company re- 
ceives or is entitled to receive interest lo be 
returned as aforesiiid, there shall be taken as 
a criterion, the average amount of the 
alorcsaid items for each month during the 
yenr lievt previous to the lime of making 
such stateinenl. if so long such bank or 
banking company bis K-eii engaged in 
business, and if not, then during such lime 
as -ucli bank or banking company has iK-en 
engaged in business ; and Ihe avi rage shall 
tie made liy aiUling togcllier the ainount so 
found belonging lo snch bank or banking 
company iu each month so eigageil in busi- 
ne^s, and dividing the same by the number 
ot months so addeil logelher. 

See. l'.(. Every person who has money em- 
ployed in the business of dealing iu coin, 
notes or bills of exchange, or in the biisi 
ness of d''aling in, or buying or shaving aqy 
kind ol bills of e.xch.inge, checks, drafts, li.ank 
notes, promisary notes, bonds or other writ- 
ing obligatory, or stocks of any kind or de- 
seription wh itsoevor, shall be laid to lie a 
banker, broker or slock joblxr : and shall 
make ont a statement as provided in the 
two preceding sections, including therein 
the average value e-'tiinalcd as provided in 
said .-ections of all moneys, notes, bills of 
exchange, bonds, stocks or other property 
appertaining to hi- bu-iness as a banker, 
broker or .-lock jobber, wliieh he has had Irom 
lime to lini" in bis po.-s 's.-ion or under his 
control, during the next year previous to the 
time of making inch slatement. if so long 
be has been engaged iu such business, and 
if not, llii'u during the time ho has been so 

Sec. 20. In c.ise the president and cashier 
of any bank lefu.-e or omit to make llie 
statement, required by the ;ighteentb and 
uineteenth sections aforesaid, the audilor ol 
stale shall ascertain the amount so reqsiir' d 
to Ije returned by the president and ca.-liier. 
from the |a.-l quarterly returns mad ■ by 
such bank lo his office, to which be .-hall add 
lifiy per cent. The auditor of state hhall 
proceed to assess thereupon the amount of 
taxes for the various purposes assessed upon 
P'operty in the locality where the said bank 
has its office, of which assessment the audi- 
tor shall give notice to the president and 
cashier ol any such bank. On the twentieth 
dav of Janii.iry in each year, the^mditor 
shall draw in lavor of the treasurer of state 
upon lach and every sucn banking company 
for the amomil of taxes so tis-o.-sed. which 
dr.ift it shall be the duty of the said presi- 
dent and cishier to pay forthwith iolo the 
slate treasury. And no taxes shall be col- 
lected from any bank org-anizcd under any 
law of this state, in any other manner than 
as [irovid. d in the twentieth and fvcuty- 
tir-t sc, tions of this chapter. 

Sec. i;i. In default of any such pr sidcnf 
and c ishier to pay ilie atnonnt of the said 
draft to the treasurer of state at his office, 
on or before the thirty-first day of January 
in any year, the treasurer of state ;hall ini 
un dialely notify the attorney geiieiiil tbere- 
ol, who shall thereupon proceed in the 
snprcmc court of the state, against the 
said prc.-ident and cashier, by inaudanius, to 
compel the I'ayincnt of Ihe said ta.xcs. The 
atlorn''y general may also, at hi.-' option, 
commence a civil action against the pre.-i- 
denl and directors of said company, in the 
di-lricl court of the second judicial district, 
in tiie name of the state, for lit" amount of 
such tax'.'S, 

S' c. Tl. .-Ml taxes so paid to. or collected 
by. the state troaMnr, -hall be distributed 
by the audiior of slate in the pioporlious to 
which the several coiiniies, townships and 
oilier liK'al organizations are eiilitlcd. 

See. 2;! The auditors of the several 
Counties, in which Ihe ollice of one *ir more 
sueh bankers, brokers or stock jidilicrs as 
are 111 ntioni'd iu Ihe preceding nineteenth 
seeti-ni, is .silnated, upon receiving the 
slatement provided bir in llie seventeetb 
and eighteenth s- clions of ilie i'lia|>ler sh.-ill 
enter Ihe sanu' for taxalioii npnn IIil- diipli- 
c.ile of Ibe proiier connly, wbieh amount so 
reiilincd and eiilered. shall be taxcil for the 
piaie piirpo-^es, and to Ihe .same extent that 
jieisoinil projierty is now or may l»c taxed, 
in the place where ilic ollice of such banker, 
broker or stocK jobber is situated, and such 
fax shall be colleted and paid over in the 
Slime manner that taxes on other personal 
prop.'rty are required by law to be colleted 
and paid over. 



Ks AMI nwiiiMi (oMr.v:;:L;<. 
cc. 17. Th'' pre::d "III and cashier of n 

bniiK or Imnl 


Sec. 21. Each auditor of any county within 
the limits of which the oflicc of such bank- 
er, broker, or stock jobber is located, shall, 
in the president, cashier, or other ac- 
counting officer ol such banker, broker or 
stock jobber ,as is mentioned in tbc preceding 
section, refuses or neglects to make out and 
deliver to the .auditor, the statement required 
in the seventeenth and eighteenth sections 
aforei'aid, enter upon the duplicate of the 
jiroper county for taxation a.s aforesaid. as the 
amount of capital, blty per cent, in addition 
to Ihe amount of the capital stock of snch 
banker, broker, or stock jobber; and in r rdcr 
to ascertain the average amount of notes and 
bills discounted or purchased, and all other 
moneys, effects or dues of every description, 
belonging to such banker, broker or stock 
jobber, loaned, iuvesred or otherwise used 
or employed, with a view to prolit, or upon 
which such banker, broKer or stocK jobber, 
receives, or is entitled to receive interest, 
Mich auditor is authorized totaKcor procure 
to be taKen.tbc testimony cl such of the oOi- 
cers, or other persons known or supposed by 
bim to be conversant with the affairs of such 
banker, broker or stock joljber, as may en- 
ble him fo a.scertain th'.' amount upon which 
such hankrr, broker or stock jobber should 
be taxed, iigr' eably lo the provi.sions of the 
seventeenth and eighteenth sections afore- 
said, lo which amount, when so ascertained, 
he shall add I'tty jK-r cent., vvhich .imount 
he shall then enter upon the duplicate for 
t;«xaii'in, .as prescribed by this chapter. 


.Sec. 'i-j. Each person elected lo the otUce 
of assessor shall on or before the lirst day 
of June, file with Ibe county audiiur of bis 
county bis boud payable to the slate of Miu- 
uesola, with at least one good lieehold 
surety lo be approved by the county audi- 
tor, in the penal sum ol five liundi'c<l dol- 
lars, conditioned that be will diligently, 
failhliilly and impartially perform all iiiuj 
singular the diiti 's injoiiiid ou him by this 
chapt'.-r, and he shall moreover, take and 
8nb>cribe ou s;iid bond an oath that he will 

ilaleineni, or any part thereof, which b« ui 
liy Ibis chapter "required lo verify by bin 
Hill, or ill cat^e ol llin sickness or abs'iice ul 
nich person the luiscssor shall proceed to ai- 
.'crlalii Ibe iiuiiilvr ol ■ aeh description ol 
the scM'iiil articles of personal pro|H'rty, 
enuineraled in Ihe heveiitb s-ction ol IIiIk 
chaiiUr. and the value theicol, Ibe value ol 
|K'isoiial jiioperly subject lo taxation, other 
than eiiiiiiierated ai tides, and Iho value ol 
the moneys ninl credits, invesliili Ills ill 
Inillds, sto, Us. joint ftock eoinpaiiies, or 
olln-iwis", of which a slatemi-iil lias n<il 
U'en made to said a-ses.sor, as uforesnid, as 
lliii lase niay ii-qiiire ; and to enable him mo 
to do be i^ hereby uutliori/.eil to examine mi 
oath any per.-on whom h" may Mippo.-e 
a kliowieil;4i- of the arlitb s or v.ilue of tliu 
|H'rsonal pr<>p.'rly, moneys, cieilits, iiivcht- 
iiieiit- in bonds, slocks, joint slock compa- 
nies, or oUierwise, which the jierson .so le- 
fu.sing, or absent or sick, was required to IihI. 
Si-e. 'Za. ill all cases in which the township 
aKses.-oi .-j are required, in coiisi qiienci- of tlie 
sickness or aliseiiee of the person wIiom- 
duly it is lo make out a r-taleiiieiil of pei.-nnl 
property, nionevs. crolits, investineuts in 
bonds, slocks, joint stocK companies or 
olherwise, 01 ill consequence of bis in-ght-t 
or reliisiil to in-.ike cut or to lie sworn to -neb 
Klatemelil, lo a.-cerluin the seveial items a id 
yaliie ol such peisonal properly, moneys, 
credits, invesiincnts in bonds, stocks. Joint 
stock companies, or otherwise, if the asses- 
sor is unable to obtain po.-ilive evidence of 
the iteins and valiK' of -ucli [iroiKrly, moneys 
and credits, he shall ri'lurn sueh arlcbs and 
value a.-- Irom general lepulaliou and his 
•jvvn knowledge of facts and eiieumstanccs, 
he believes lo be a lolrect list of the articles 
iiul value of such properly, moneys, credits, 
invcslmcHts in bouds, stocks, joint stock 
.ompauiisor, that snch person 
would be by this chapter required to list. 

.Sec. 2'J. Each township assessor, shall on 
or before the first Monday in August, ani.u- 
ally make out and deliver to the auditor of 
his county, in tabular form and alphabetical 
order, a list ol names of the several per- 
sons, in whose name any person. il properly, 
moneys, credits, investments in bonds, 
stoclis or joint slock companies or otherwise, 
have been listed iu his township, and he 
shall enter separately in appropriate col- 
umns, opposite each name, the name or 
number of the school district iu which such 
per^on, comiiany or corporation is subj-,*cl 
lo taxation, Iho aggregate value of Ibo sev- 
eral sjiecics of personal pniperty enumerated 
iu the seventh section of this chapter, as 
atlesttd by the pcL-^on required lo list 'die 
same, or as delermin'd by ihe'.'s.sor, 
making separate lists of persons residing 
out of au incorporated town, and of per- 
suns who are residents of any iueorpora'^'d 
to'.vn ; the column sshall be acou- 
raiely added up. and in every case 
where any person whose duly it is to 
list any personal properly, moneys, credits, 
inve.-tinents in bonds, stocks, joint stock 
n'Uipanies or, for taxation, has 
reliiM :d or ne'ib cied lo list the same when 
called on loi thiit purpose by lb'.- assessor, 
or lake and hnb.scribe au oath iu regard to 
the truth of liis statement <if personal prop- 
eity, luiineys, credits, investments in lionds, 
^ri'ck-. joi It slock Companies or otherwise, 
or any part thereof, when required by the 
a^s s-or, tiie a-sessor shall enter oppo.-ite tb<- 
n r.n- ol such per.-on in au approiiiiato tol- 
umn Iho Words -r' fused lo list" or "refused 
to s»\ ar,'' and in cveiy case where any |.t'r- 
si'ii required lo li.-t properly fur taxation has 
been absent or unable tt'oin .-ickue.-s to lii^ 
the -ame, the assessor shall enter oppo-ate 
the name of such person in nn appropriate 
column, tin- words "ab.seut' or --sick. 

See. ol) E.ich township us-se.— or shall, at 
the lime he is n qniiid by this chapter, to 
make his return of prop"rly to tle- 
ciiunty auditoi, ul o deliver to him all 
the ^latemcnls of pr'peily. wiiich b.j ii is 
received from TH'rsons ri qniied to lut th" 
same arranged ii\ atpliabelicil oiib r. and 
the auditor shall larelully jiresirve the 
fRine in his oflicc iVu' one year. 

Sec, ;jl. Each township asr-eg-or s!i ill an- 
nually al the iiiii' of l.iking ali-lofjicr 
sonal [irop ily. also take a list of ail ival 
properly siliaicd in bis township, lb it lias 
become subject to taxation -inc" lb- hti-t 
previous lisiin^ ol propyl ty therein, wilh 
llie valui- liierilif esiitualed agreealily lo t!ie 
rules iire-cribed tin reb-r liy the ninlh 
geetion of this chapter, and of all new 
buildings or other structnies of any kind ol 
over one hundred dollars in value, the value 
of which has not been previou'^ly add'jd lo, 
or iiicludid in the valuiilion ol the land (>n 
wh cli such striielures have been erected; 
and shall make return lo the coniity auditor 
tbereol, at the same time he is required by 
this chapter to make his rcinrii of |N>rsoual 
projierty. in v\liic!i return lie shall set forth 
the tract or lot ol real pi'op-jriy on which 
each ol such structures has been eree'od, 
the kind of stun lure so i reeled, '.ind the true 
value added to sueh parcel of real properly 
by the eiii :ii n thereof; and the additional 
snia which it is believed tic-' land on which 
the .-trnciiire is erected, would .sell lor at 
private sali;, in consequence Uiereof. shall 
be considered tiie value of such new struc- 
ture; and in case of the desirnction by lire, 
flood or otherwise, of any building or sliiic- 
ture of any kind, over one hundred dollars 
in value v.bich has b"en erectiil previous t j 
the last valuation of the land on which llic 
same stood. < r the value of which has ieeu 
added to any former valuation ol such land. 
tbc as-sessor shall determine, as near as pr.ic- 
ticablc, how much less such land would sell 
for at jirivnte sale in conscqiier.ce of snch 
destruction, and make return thereof to Ihe 
county audilor, its in this seclion provided 
Sec. 32. lach township assessor shall lake 
and Eubscrila} an oath which si. all be admin- 
istercd by the audilor or magistrate, and 
certified by the ollicer administering the 
sain*, and attached to the return which he 
is required lo make lo the couniy audilor, iu 
the following form : 

I, as-sessor for fownsbip, 

ia tbc county of rto Kdeinnly swMr, 

that the value of all personal iiroperly. 
moneys, credits, inveslmeiils in bonds, 
stocks, joint stock companies, or ctlierwise, 
of whicii a statement basbei-n luide lo me by 
the ])erson reijnired by I'j's cb ipter. for the 
assessment and taxation of nil jiroperly 
in Ibis state, according to its true valiii; to 
list the same, is truly returned, as .set b>rih 
in such slaleiuent ; thai in every casi', 
where, by law, I have been required to as 
certain the items and value ol the person.-il 
property, moneys, credits, iiivestmeiils in 
bonds. slock.=, joint stock companies, or 
otherw ise, of any person, company or cor 
poration, I have dilligenily, and to the 
beet means in my power, ciiib avored to ns 
certain the same; and tha'. lis I vi rily 
believe a lull list, with th" vaiu" theicof. 
estimated by the rules prescribed by sa'd 
chapter, is bet forth in the aiin-'.x 'd nlnrn ; 
that in no have I, knowtii.;ly. omitted 
to demand of any person of whim!, by said 
chapter. I was required to make such d" 
mand, a slatement of tbedet^ci iption iind v il 
ueof peii^onal property, or ol th" nni"niit of 
moneys, eretlils, investment- in h . jifs 
stocks, joint stocK com|.>.ini'. ••. oi olherwi-", 
which be was reipiired to li.-t. or in any -.v.iy 
connived at any violation or eva-ion. ol any 
of the requirements of said chapter, in ula- 
tion to the listing or valnutioi of priqieriy, 
moneys, credits, investments in bold"-. 
stocKs, joint siocK compani s or ollu-rwise. 
of any kind for taxation. 
.Sec 33. Eicli as.-*ssor shall ascertain snd 

whom- names tbo »evenil triiets of real prop- 
erly, other llian town property, in each 
town, hip vvilhin liisdiRlriiU, have f ey n lilt- 
ed ; and ill appropiiate coliiiniiH op|Ki-ili- 
e.ieh iialiica ilesiiplion of ea';li tract, de 
>-i;;iialiiig Ibe iiiiinbi i (if acn--, the number 
ol Ibe SI clioii, and Ihe part thereof, and the 
lo'.Mi-liip or survey, lislnl in such name, and 
111" v.iliie ol <'Hcli separate liact as d'ler 
I'd by the assi ;•-- or, 

S' cond. The ii.iiil-sol the hi'Veiat peiKole. 
in ubor." iiniiie' III*' several IiiIh ol ri ill plop 
<rly ill eaeii lowii in Ins d'striel li iv b e|, 
listed ; and in lb - apptopii.ile coluiiiiin op 

po.iile riieh ll.lllle l|ii- de-^criplioll of I ach 

b't iii'.d the value tin leol. us d'leriniiied by 
the a-M'-fur ; and ■ nch de.eriplion siiull de- 
signate tlie loun and the iiiiinlii r ol Ihe lot. 
and till- pail Ibueol; and if paiiof a lot is d it sli'.ill frla'e the iiiinib'r of feel on 
Ihe piiir.' ^lI■eet on which il iibiils. If 
Ibe naiiii' ol the owner ol any tract of land 
or lot i.- iiiiknuti, the word •■unknown" fhall 
b" cnleied in the eoluinii of names 
site Slid Ir.ii.t or lot. 

.Sc. .Ti. Til" Ms-eh-or at the tiine of liiak- 
iiig III" a;..',is.-iiienl of real properly subject 
lo la\;i'ioti. fli'ill enter in a separate list, 
inrti'ii-nt desclijitioiis of ,ill buiying 
ground.-., public seh-iol hoii.-e-. houses U'-ed 
exclusively for public worship, and iii-tilu- 
tions of purely public charity, and public 
biiildint;s and pro|ierly used excln-ivelv for 
liny public piirpo-e, w'ith the lot <ir tract ol 
land on which snch hoiisi.' or iiisiilnlion or 
puldie building is situated, and which are 


according to the best of his judgment, |.klll'.< '•«* '''"*" opI'-'-'l'' '«!'h tr-'ct ol land in th 

.... ' otui.aiiy incorporated by 
the laws ol this state, and having thy ri^ht 
to is^^ile bills for circulation as money, Hhall 
make ont and return under oath in tli'e nuin- 
ner hercinafler directed, during Iho month oT 
June, annually, a vvrilten slatement contain- 
ing : 

First. The average unioiiiit of notes and 
bills di^counled or purchased by sncli Imnk 
or banking company, which nmoiint shall 
include all the loans or diseoniits of sueb 
bank or bankingconipnny.vvhether originally 
made or reni'wed during Ihe year afore^aid, 
or at any time previou.s, wlufber made on 
bills of rxcliangc, notes bonds, morlguges, 
or any olher evidence of indebledness, (at 
their aeliial value in money.) whelbre 
previous II,, during or aller Ihe p -riod 
••-io (-aid : aii'l on wliicb kiicIi bank or bank 
iiig company has at any time re.seived or re- J 

and ability, dilligenily. faithfully and im- 
pjirlially perform all Ibe duties enjoined ou 
him by Ibis chapter ; and if any person so 
elected fails to give bond, or fails to takenn 
oath as is icquired in this .section, wilbin the 
time therein pre,-ciib d, it shall be deemed 
a relusal lo st rye. 

.Sec. 21). The aascE.s||]ent of all personal 
property, moneys and credits, invcsliueuls 
in bonds, stock, joint stock companies or 
olherwi-e, and the vahialion ol all l-juds 
and lots, and new structures which have not 
prevloil4y- lituu ^'^lucd and placed on ibe 
du]ilicale, shall be made belwet n the lirst 
Jloiiday ol Jiin-; and the lirst Monday of 
July unnnally , and Ihe of each 
township shall, on or before the tir;?t Mon- 
day of July annually, leave with each pcr- 
tou re^ident in his township, of full age, and 
not a married vvoniim or in.sane pi-r.son, or 
at Iho ollice, ctual [dace of residence or 
business id' mch person, a written or printed 
notice rcipiiriug such per.son lo maK',- out 
for >uch o-ssi-shor, astat('m(nil of the properly 
which by this chapter he is required to li t, 
accompanied with printed lorins in blank 
o( Ihe htalenieiit nipiiicd of such person, 
and the asp"'- or shall, at the time be deliv- 
ers such iit'lice and blaiiK form', receive 
from siieli per.'-on the slatement of his per- 
sonal pioi>crly, moneys, credi's. iuvestuieiits 
ill bonds, slocks, joint st(Klc companies or 
olbcrwie, vci'ilicd by his oath, unl'.ss such 
[lerson requires lurtln r linio Iu make out 
such slaleincnt, iu wlilch case lie :liall call 
for such slatement before Ihe third Monday 
of July. The as.sessor shall al the lime he 
culls for such slnt.'inenl of propeity deliver 
lo (ach persion being a re.-:ideiil householder 
frtnii whoin h'' rccives mch statenicnt, a 
notice selling forth in nppropriab' eolninns 
the amounts OS personal anil real property 
asw-ssed against snch person, confaiiiing a 
notice (if the time ami pla(;e of nn^eting 
ol the county lioard ol ripinlizlioii, but any 
neglect or failure lo deliver snch iioliee as 
aloresaid, sbull not Iw defined to invalidate 
such n«-es.-m'iit or any levy of any lax 

Sec. 27. in every case where any person 
icIiiHes or neglects lo make out and deliver 
lli(! township assc.'sor, a slalt'tneiit of the 
pcrioinil pioprrty, moneys and i inlils, in. 
veslineiilsin bonds. >l(.cks. j liiil : loi U dini- 
paiiies or oth rwise, .is previibd by lliis 
!bapter, or ii?lns"s or iieglcets lo lake and 
lub cribe Bi oath m lo tho truth of ^^ch 

assessiui'iit roll liirni>hedhiiii by the i' only 
auditor, the vain- iber'ol, iiifl wl-.e-i b-' 
deems it neC'ss ry lo oli'ain a 
rale description of any tract or lot in Ins 
district, he may require the owner or ih-cu 
pant thereof lo furni-b the same, witli any 
title papers he may have in bis possi-s-i in ; 
and if Mich own- r or occupant, npni de- 
mand made lor Ihe same, negleis or refuses 
to furnish a satisfactory d-seription of .-ui h 
parc'l ol real iinqierty to fucli asses-or, be 
may employ a competent surveyor lo make 
out a ib-scriptinn of the boiindari's iind lo- 
cation fhcrcof, and a stab-nieiit of the qnun- 
liiy of land therein, and the cxpi'ns" of 
such survey shall bo reliinud by snch 
as-essor to Ibe auditor of his lounly, vyIio 
shall add the same to the tax ass ■^hed iifon 
such real property ; and it shall be colleciid 
by the treasurer of Ihe county with snch l.ix 
and when (.-ol lected shall >)e paid on dem.iiid 
to the iiersonlo whom the same is due; .ind 
the assessiu' shall in all ca.v s from actual view 
and from the best sources of information with- 
iu his reach, determine as near as practic dde 
the true value of each si parate tract of real 
property in lii.< district, according to Ibc 
rules prescrilicd by this chapter, for valuing 
real property ; and he shall note in bii-jibit 
biiok, sejiaratcly. the valne of all liouS' s, 
mills ami other buildings which exceil one 
h!:iidrcd (Kdlars in value on any Irai-t of 
land ()llicr than town lots, whkh shall be 
carried ont iw a part of the value of slcli 
Inct ; he shall also enter on bis ylat book 
the number of acres of arable or plmv l.ind, 
tho nuinlier of ,-icies of wood and nncnllfvat- 
ed land ns near as may be. 

bee ol For the purpose of «nabllng 
Ihe ns'ses-iir to delerniini' Ihe v aim- eif build 
ingsand other iinprovenienl.^. In- i- reqiiiri i| 
lo cut -r. wilh Ihe eoii-eiil ol Hie owner or 
oc(;npant thereof, and fully to cxainiii" all 
buildings or strueinies of whatever kind 
which are not by Ibis cliapler expii isly ix- 
eniplcd from laxalioii. 

S(-c. ;i."i. E.ich a'sessor slnill. on or belore 
the first Mimday in Angus!, one thousand 
eight bundred and sixty, and every tii-coiiil 
yj;rtr thereafter, make out nnd deliver fo the 
auditor of bis county, a return in tabular 
form, containod in a book to In' furnisiied 
him by such nnditeir, of Ihe anionni, de 
Hcriplion and valueof real property subject 
to be li.stejl taxation in his district, 
which return shall contaia : 

Fiet. The nnmcs of (he SLiveral persons in 

by thi- chapter . xenipt from taxation ; and 
be shall value t-uch hoii-es, buildings, prop- 
erty, lots and tracts of land, at tlo-ir true 
value in money, in Iho sam • manner Ihal 
he is rc(|uired lo value other real property, 
designating in each case the township ("ir 
town and nomber of the school di^tri',•t. or I 
the name or designation of the itliool, re- 
ligious society or institution to which each 
house, lot or tract iK-loiigs ; or if bucli 
property is held and u.sed for olher public, he shall state l»y wIkjui or how it 
is held. 

Sec. 37. Any assessor who deems it neee.- 
^ary to enable him to cumplete wiihiii Ihe 
time jirescribed by this chapter the lisling 
and valuation of th" prope-rty. moneys and 
credits of his distiict, township or Ward, 
may, with the ajiprobutiou of ihe county 
auditor, apgioint sume well qnalili'd citizen 
of his couniy or township, to act a- an a-sis- 
taut, and as.^ign to him micIi portion of his 
district or towii.sliip us he thinks proper ; 
and each assistant, kv appointed, shall, 
within the division of such ili.-tiict or town- 
ship asigned him. under the direction of 
the assessor, after giving bond and faking 
an oath us prescribed in this chajili r. per- 
form all the duties enjoined njxin, v^steilin, 
or imposed upon assessors by the provi.-ious 
(if this chapter. 

Ut'TlKS OF COf.vrV AlDlTOIUi. 

S'-'c. o8. When .an alteration of any cntiy 
ou the grand list becomes necessiry. by 
reason ol the partition of any tract ol land 
or town lot, the county auditor, i n receiv- 
ing information thereof, shall transfer lothe 
s'veral parties in partition tLe portion set 
apart to each, particularly d- .scribing the 
parts 60 transferred ; and siiall itppnrtion 
and transfer the valuation of S'Jch land or 
Unvn lot to the several parlie- in proportion 
to their respective interests therein, previ- 
ous to such pirliliun. 

Sec. 2a. When any County auditor iasat 
i-fied that the tratisfer of any land or town 
lot, or any j,art thereof, ha- beeome u.C'-;- 
sary, tjy re:ison of a s;il'- tbertof. or any 
part Ihcieol, for ta.X(-s, a sale by a sh'iifl'or 
olher ollicer. by virtue of an execution, or- 
der or judgment of court, or l-y leason of a 
devise or de.-cent, he shall make siicb trans- 
fer ; and in such case, if a pari ouly of the 
tract ol land or teiwn lot is Iranslefred, the 
propoilion of the valuation lo be transferred 
iheicwilh shall be ascertained by the iit-ses- 
sor, and lor tiint jiurpose the auditor shall 
Inniish the assersvir with a list of such lands 
and town lots, at the time siecilied therciu. 
lor delivering the assessineiit roll. 

Sec. -10. When tli,- transfer of any land or 
town lot or a-iy part thcreol', iK-comes ii' ces- 
sary by leaso'i eif ,1 sale or ci.iuvcyance by 
dcc'l. and.'ucb couveyance is oi the cniire 
ira?t or I'll, or part ti'.eieof, as chargeil on 
ihe ilnpliciil", such traiisler sh.ill be made' 
by the co'iniy auditor, upon fin' pr.;.-entalion 
ol s'.;eli .|.j d by the ] nrchnser or his a-vnl; 
and i I .as-.- such con-.i-y.mce i.i of b-.'s than 
tie- .>' tniet or fit. ..r pari ;!i-reof. as 
( iiai ;, il ou the diiplicat", .-aid co Uily u idi- 
liir shall transfer the same whenever flic 
s(-ller aii.l purchaser agio.' thereto in writ- 
ing, sign.-d l«y thcni, or persiuially njipear 
before the auditor and agree the 
amount of vabialiun to b-.' fransferrcd there- 
with : but if the seller and puiehr.sercaniint 
agree as to tin:' amount of valinilion lo be 
Iransfeiivd, the .inililor shall pbu'c said por- 
tion of bind or lot on the |i-t, to Ih- by him 
niade ai-cordin-g lo the preceding section ; 
and lliefalu" thereof shall be .-i-certai.K^l by 
the asse.s.sor in the s-inic lini'.- and manner as 
olb' r lands contained in ."aid list. Provided. 
That if the county auditor Is s\!istied that the 
proportion .if lb" valuation so agreed lo be 
iransferred is i:r«»ter thai ihe proporiiou^d 
v due of the l-tnd or fit lo b-i transferred 
Iberewilh, and that sueh agreement was made 
by collusioa of the pirlies and wi'li a view 
Irau'iulenlly lo evade the p lyment of any t.ixes 
which iniKht hi Icgilly n^scs-ed on ili'j entire 
tract or lot, he m-jy refuse to make sueh tians- 
ler ; and when am sjcb tl■an^fer has already 
been prix-ured by fraudnl-nl agreement, the 
same shdl betancel'e-d by 'he au<litor, and the 
land or lot so Iraiirb-rred be (-harmed with l;ix- 
( s in the sani" manner as iln-u.-h siid innsfer 
had not tieen made, and snch auilitor ?l all in- 
dorse on all do ds of eouveyaDce presented to 
hini tor iran-fer, asintnu'jnl wiihh sMgi.atnre 
ihereio, that the proper entry of rneli iiausf r 
hn* b-.-en male in his olBec, unless s-iid deed is 
of l.nuls not cntcrel fir laxition on his b >ok*, 
iu vvhii-h ca.-e l:e shall indoisj thereon. • not 
entered lor laxition." TLo couulv tiu-i'or 
Bluill ill l!ie satne ime asceruin from 
the leeords nnd IhioUs in bs cUice 
whether or i.-.t all lixes are piid 
on ihe Und or re. I property de-'crib-..d in 
said t'e d -and sba'l enter upon the sime, over 
hii signature, ihe wr,!.! " uixo* paid" 
or ' t.ixis i.o; pii.l." n- ilie cive may 
Iv, aid when the ciiirv • taxes not piid" is so 
iiiaib- Hi-oTi any deid. Ha- re.;i-le- of dt-eil.s, 
when lie- .-ame is ]».-i-»eu-rd lor lilinir. an.l lo 
be reeor U-il slia.! refu-e i., receive or ri-cord 
the s:inje. and aiie vi •lutioii of the provi-'ioiis 
of Ibis M-eti '11 by th',: rerisler ol (beds sli.ill 
l)e cleeuii-il a mislemtaiior ; and upon •mhviO 
ilim I III rci.f he shall be pniiisbel liy a line noi 
ex'<-((lingoii.' hniulred dollars. 

See 11. No p'a; < f any town siie or a«l.!i'iou 
llu r. to. or ol any elniiiie therein, or o:der of 
any...url. va.-iinnr. alie.'ing or ehsnaii'i; iu 
any r any town site oradditloj thereto, 
shail be iieorded by the rciri b-r <d de-jids un- 
lys 'lie prop<.T eiunty ;iud tor's CertUijate i» 
iiulor 1 tl lliereon slio.ii-^ that all taxes on 
»ueb i.ovn si t or !i..l.ljiioii .oi- pii.l ; Provided. 
Tb i> in ibe ea-es ^p e lieil in liiis and the prc- 
(-clbig seelion » hen thi' l.n.d li ,- been sold or 
forliUed fo.- laxfs. as provkled in this ehnpler, 
and I ei. le anv proc. i-.tiug has been iiiptitaled 
losel :i!-i b-piK-n sal • .r torfeltdte, the enlry 
lip .11 li.e del i.r,.liu shall be " taxes paid 
by hale ol Nieli-(.-.r I" li-euie) described with- 
in " It oiilv a ,' lUion ol ino laud descrihetl 
in :iio d-gl, orptit bus l>eensoldor loileiled, 
npi-ii puynieui (d isx-s due on the remainder, 
il :ii y III'; cnlry shall be according lo llie 
lie;, :i-id tue'li ins iiinient dull becuiitlcd to 

S •(• 41. The iiiuuty audilor may, in mak- 
ii'lj out liisi!iip!iei!c of taxes, p'ace each town 
loi ill its numercial order, and each separate 
pirc'ilof land in eich township neeordinj: lo 
the iiuni'-rei'il order of the section. 

oee. i.i 'file eouniy audilor shall annuilly, 
on or Ix-fore Ibe lirst Monday of .May. make 
oiil .and lb hv-cr to tbc a.s-<'Ssor an as-es-menl 
roll of all finiUaod town lotswiihi'i hi-icoun- 
IV. wbieh ; foiiud from his kmwledip', or 
Irom the eerlilleale of IheauJitor of si ite, to 
have become s'lbjeet lo inxilion, and wbi.-li 
have ool lic'ii appraised fir ih it purpose, di 
rectinij sueh asi.e>8i)r lo a-se^s the same and 
nuke n-lurn ih.'reof lo him on or before the 
tirst Monihiy of Aiiynsl i nsnii-if. 

Sec. -11 Tlie eouniy andiloF of each county 
.ib'ill asso in IIS prieticible after tht* lirst day 
.'f May, one ihou.-and eight hundrid and six- 
ty, and cverv second year lber<>afler, make 
oiil ;iiid deliver to the nssesRor of c.-ich town- 
ship, ineo p iritid town, ward or city in bi- 
eou'ity. an as'c—meni roll compiled troin the 
books in bis ofJiee. coiiuduinga deserq"ion ol 
caeb Irael and lot «f property siluite 
witliiii sueh toiv:i-hip iieor-^ -rill I lown. 
wanl or city, w.ih Ibe ii^ji" <: t'-e owner 
tbir.of il k'lo'.vn nil llie iioni i ol acres or 
quauiii> .f I md c >ii:ai • i iii.-rein .is ihe 
siiii"- aj'i I »r- on lit- bi I, ; iiiil :il-«j a nnp 
of i'ii--li lowni-'iip iiiiil to > .1 Willi n fHch dis 
Irlct, H lib sui h pl.ii Ivik- lis iniy Le necej-ary 
to eiiaiile Hie as e>oi I'l mike a e.irreet pi it 
111 each i-ce I'll fUivev and I'act in bis ds 

See. -l.'i Kich i mnty an.liti r shall a.ld to 
Ibe v:ibi. a.- retiiriii'd by ihe iisms— or of all 
perMiiiil iirojieriy and of nil uioiieyi'. erediU, 
iiiveoincnU* In j i a tti. k eouipniites or o ti. 
er«l-e, which the i.wneror oiher person ju 
Ih tialf (.'f the owner, vvfia-i- duty il is ni.nle bv 
this ehapti'r lo list the saui'-, h;is nlu-.d or 
neglcelcd lo lirt. or lo lb" value 't wli. b stir h 
l>erfor.R hive refused or ucgUcNd m s«, 
when required SO lo do, in obedlencu lo the 
jirovisi HIS ol ihi.s chnpler. lify |>er centum on 
the value «« ren:tncd by the ass»6«.>r; and in 
all case-s w hers the parly, ou d^iniiid, relusv 
to swear lo niiy parlol ibe return, the aisci>sor 
sicill reinrn " reliised to swear as lo the whole 
iimonnt." Piovidcd, That the Ixiird of coun- 
ty couinii -.-loners of each iinnily are empow- 
ered, upon any Just or e.|iiluli!e' e-nnse shown, 
to alvale Ibe said flfly per eentnni added lo the 
value by Hie I'onnty auditor, and tlien-ii|ion 
Hie couuiy auditor shall nrike such e-orn-elion 
upon Hie lax duplicale. nnd a eerlilK-ale of 
such a'lnlcment, attested Oy Ihee-CHinly an lil- 
or, shall thereupon Ih! sullteieiil aulborily for 
the county treasurer to detlnet Iho HiiKnnil 
so abated, in inakhiK his eolloe'tioii 1 1 taxes. 

See. -IG. If any jierseni r. .inired to list prop 
erty for lax,iti()n Is prevented liy sickness or 
alwencc from giving u> Hie ll•sl)^»or» PU(-h 
statemenl, such |iei>oii or bis agent, having 
charge of such properly may at any lime tio- 
lore Ihc assessment ol taxcji tberi-on by the 
county niidltor makt! out an.l deliver lo the 
(■oiaily auditor a ntalinieil ol He.' i-anie :ls le- 
quired by Ibis chapter, and Ihe county audilor 
shall, io such CMC, uiako an cnlry thereof la , 

Ibe return for the nroi^r lown>>htp, and eor- 
rcel the correspooiliiig Item or iti-m4 iu tbc re- 
turn iiittle by lhea-s.-sM>r, as the e;i'« uiiy re- 
(piiie ; but liu sucli i-Ui!eiiieiil Kb:ill be rec;.vcd 
liy Hie e >uuly uiiMiioi Irom any p.- >siu wli<» 
refuse. I or uti«leeleil to luaku oath to bl' 
slute-iiiuut, when req'ilred by tbc a»sic*«jr. as 
pr.ivided herein, nor friHD any per- in Uld.•s^ 
11'- muknt uud lllei< wilh the eiiunly auditor an 
alli.lavit thai Hie |>eriM>n required by Ihif. ehaji- 
ler to lint ihe Hiiuie, w.w absent from hi' t.iwu- 
ship, wiilioul d(vi;;ii lo avoid Ibe listing of 
III- pi.ipi'ilv, or was prcve-lited by hickii'r-s 
Irom uiviii;; U> Hie iu.s«;»-or the leqiiired elale- 
in'iil, when culled on for Hiat purjio.e. 11 
ffoii a laielul ex imiii»iloii of lb'- relurun 
nude liv Iheu-.'t-iM-orH. Ibe county aiidilor dii- 
coveri- Hial any traelof l;uid or lo»ii lot. or 
purl ol eilbcr, in bis eouniy. bii/i lieiu uiu ited 
in the r.lurns ot hueh aiso< ssors li<- fcb ill u'ld ibe 
name t.i bis liKt of real prop-, ily. wiili Ibe 
name of tb.- own' r. and forlbwiili noHfy ibe 
a^re.shor iu wbi».-<t reluiM sueb oe 
C'jrrcd, llieni.t. wb-i sbill firth vith pro- 
ceed to ase«-rtain an) lelurn lo the lounty au 
ditor Ibtr value ..| ll-e liaet orb!, or part 
tbereol; or In ci-e ol lb': in.liilbv or n: gle. 1 
lit th ■ as-e Hir, tb<: shall am-erl-iin Ibe 
valueof sueb Irael (.-r lot. or puns I th. reol 
and aebl the same lo the list ol real pr"|K ny. 
See 47. leliaiir.a- 
bon lo lieliev.;. or is iidormed Ibal : n> per-on 
bus i;iveii lo Ihe asw^-'or a lals; hU'emeut of 
the iM-iMjiial pro|»eity. nioiievh or 'jrcdii/. iu- 
vestmeuts ill Uiiid-, srockf, j 'i«l s <» 'k .- .ni 
paniec, or otherwise, or that lb'- a sis-<,r bat 
uol re'uiuol the lull nmouiit rciuird I'l L".- 
Iist(d ill bis ward or lown-biii. or In- oini-teil 
or midc un erroni-oiis reiuru of any proi erty, 
m.jneys, eri-dils, invrstments in liomls, i-t.K.-ks, 
joint st(X-k c'lmpanles, or otherwise, whieh are 
liy law sulijecl tu taxatiou. shall ;iro<'ei'd ul 
any time lielure the llnal seltleiueiit Willi ihi- 
county trt-asurer, lo correct the retirn of the 
a-setsor. and to charge such p -rsons im the 
duplie'ule with the pro|ier umoti-it ol tax«> ; to 
enable bim to do which be is I.ereliy antbor. 
iK-jd and em|iowere'l lo isi ue c.niipnlsory pro- 
cess and ri quire the allcndiiice ol my per^in 
whom bemaysnpp>^e to have a Ivno^led;^.' 
of the nrtlclis .ir value of tbi- (ht-oi al 
pio|ierty. nioiicyii or erediU-, liivi -ini"*!!. iu 
tionds, St. cks. juinisUKk corapai.i. v of other- 
wise, and ( xamine sueb jierson ou oalb ia ri! 
lalion to sueh statement or reinrn, and Ibu au- 
ditor In all su'.b ea«-.s tUiU i,<)i,fv e-verv sueh 
pertrfin before makiui; lb-: entry .ni tbe'dupli- 
eate. thai be miy have un op|H>ituHily ol ^how- 
ieg ihal bis staitui- nl or the reinrn of the 
ai-sesbor is eorreti ; and the eouiilv audiior 
shall, in all eases, file in his ofBee :. -t.item<rnt 
of the faels or evidence upon which be miJe 
such corrieiioi ; Imii he shall in uoca-e ri-due^ 
the smouiil n-iiuned by the a>se--.i?. without 
the wri'.len :ir col of Ihe 'juJiiorol State given 
on a ria'i 111. ill of lucts fubmill'^ t,y Uje 
couniy aii.l-t.;r. Iu all sueb ciMt>ir. which anv 
IjeiM.'ii III ih'-.- a u slatement of t he umonot 
"f |.r.(p-.iiy f.).- luxation, lo ev;.ce the pay- 
ment ul t:iX"H in whole or iu part, the p.-r^on 
makiue Kiich fdre btiU'tueni -h-ill I*.- liilile for 
aud p:iy II ': e . is aijd exptii:-eB that may be iii- 
c' u ■• r llie pr'ivisons ol tLis th:ip!er. 
and lb<: i-aiue le-e« and <-.i!>ls shall >e allowid 
and p-ai-l a^ now are. or may lie abo Aid t.y law. 
lor rimilar .services, aiiri il uol payed ulav In: 
cullecled belore any joslie-e of Ibe jx-act- .-f the- 
projier county by aeiijn in thi; n me ot the 
cjunty commissioners, but in u!l e.i-e- wli.;re 
Ihe staleuieiii is found eonecl. a id ilieie is 
II.} inleulion to evade the p-ayment of tuie^s. 
Hie costs iii.d expiixs iiicnrre 1 undi r ihis 
elupler shall be paid oat of the C( uuty ir.a-'- 
n e ol II,,- I. roper eouaty, on the order (-f the 
county auditor. 

S -e. a. county audilor shall, from 
time to lime, tortect t;!)}' eirors wlicb le miy 
iliS'j.'Ver in the naaieof the 'nvn r. n the valu 
alioii, de-eriplion or quaulitv of !i:ylrac: or 
I'll e-onndLcd in the li^l of leo pro ---riy m bis 
eonn'j: f.ui in u.) e:ise shall !e m ke anv (te- 
(lueiion from ihe valuniion of any iiuet ur lot 
of rejil properly, except i-ueh as i- onh re<l 
eiiher by ine siaie Isjari or tiy the county 
titiard ot Cq-Jaiizilion, in e.^uf iriuite with Hie 
provi-ieins .d this chapter, or uixin iLe written 
o'def .if the auditor of slaie; wl ieh wnuen 
order shall only Ite mi le npou a h'aterucut id' 
t.c'wS cubmilted to the tiuditor of tiate iu wril- 

See. 49. Eaeh county auditor shall e-orrict 
the Valuation ol any (-arc 1 ..f real properly 
Oil wbieh any ti- w ^trn"tnr..• .f ov»r .ine buu- 
dreil dollars in value has l>eti .-ricted. or on 
which any strudnn- cf the bk'- vilu.' h -n lj»eu 
ilestr.iyed, tigrecably t-i ihe return ibeieoi 
inaile in eecordanee with the pr.ivi dons id this 
chapter liy tbc as-es-or, and user- the l^X'S 
upon su 'tl e iricc'ad valua'.ion 

Se<'. 60. Eieh eoouly audit.M- -ledl mike 
oul. ill a b^Mtk prepared 1 ir iiurj-o-^tf. iu 
sueh a niantier us the stale tiudiicr pie-cribiis 
a eomplete !i.-.l or ech-.;lul'- of all ih-- laxible 
proi-eriy iu bis couuiy, and the Ihceol, 
us e«|ua!iz',-d, arranged in the lorni following: 
Eicli separate tract of real propirty in each 
lovvuship of bis couniy, other than town pioi>- 
erty. shall be contained in a line cppD^ite the 
name ol the owner, arranged in i unu-rical or 
idphaticlie-al order. 

Etch separate lot or tract of teal (-tialc, ia 
eaeh town shall l.>e sel down in a fnc opj'osile 
the name ol tbc owner, anauged ia innieried 
or alphabetical order. 

The value of jiersoiiid projier'y, raoneys, 
credil-s, investments iu bonds, s o.'k-, j'jinl 
slock e impanii", or olhi.-rvvise. .if cich pcistm, 
company of or corporation, wiihin .;acb lown- 
shiii shall Ih- .-ict down iu a eolnnin opiKx-ile 
the name of the owner. jMrson rr (">r| Miration 
ill wljijse n.ime Ihe.-'aiDe is !isni1. Tbc names 
of persons in eich township, who ire not re-si- 
denls of any iiieori>orate'.l town, i b d! lie set 
down in alp!nl>.ilie;il older in one list, and Ihc 
n-ames v{ i>eisoiis who are residens ol any in- 
C'lrporaleil lown, shdl bo enleic- iu another 
list, in alphat<elieal or.ier. 

Sec. 01 County auditors shall before the of .May, annually, make out the blank 
forms and insiiuctions fir the township asses, 
sors. and f irw.ird them to ih; lowusbip 

S.c. fi-'. Eich county auditor tihnll, on ot 
belore tb" fnsl .Vlonday of Ocolier, ime thou- 
sand eight hundred and sixty and every second 
year ihcr.-aftiT make out and iraD^mit to the 
audilor of sl:it"-. tin abstrael of lilt ri-al prop- 
erty of eaeh Unvn-hip io bis coiiulv, which 
shall set birth : 

First— The luaitK-r of. acres, t-xclusive of 
town lots, retuMieJ t>y lb.' several as.sesso.'-s in 
his i-ouuty, wilh encu a Uiiions as b-avj been 
made thereto. 

Sec'md— The aegregale value «f all such real 
pmiKriy other than lown lo-..s, as returned by 
the several assessors of his county, iue-Iu,-ive ol 
such additions as have iK-en made thereto, un- 
der the proviskms of this chapter. 

Third — The aggresrate va!u-_' of the real jiro- 
perly in daeh lown in his count v. :», retumud 
by the several assessors, with such a.ldilionsas 
have been madethereo. 

Sec. i>'X Each county auditor shall make 
out and liansmit by mail to tbeaueiiior of state 
before the tifti>entb day of, 
a eompicc abstract of the duplicate of his 
couuiy, staling ike numt)er of acres of land as- 
st^ssed. Hie valne of such land and the struc- 
lures Uicreon ; tbc value of lown snd cilv lots, 
ineludtug structores; Ihe lot;d '-aine iif jier' 
i-onal properly, nnd the aggregate value of all 
taxable properly in his county, anc, of the total 
amount of t;..xe8 for all parpooes ssscssed 
thereon lor that ; be also al the same 
lime make out and transmit lo the auJitor of 
slate an atislract of the numUr ir.d value of 
each ( f the erumenied articles, the valueof 
merchant/ anil manuficiurersVtoek. .and the 
value of all other perM>i:al priqicity. nionevs. 
credits and investments in bonds, sioi'ks. joint 
slock companies, or otberwis". ail 1 ih.- value 
ofall oilier articles of {lersonal ymperiy. ae 
returned l>y the lowusbip assessor^, or as fixed 
by the county l)o.ard of equalizaiioo ; sai-l afi- 
straels shall be m»de onl in fiich form ; s the 
audilor of slate shall prescri^ie, 

Sec. 61. Eieh e juuiy undilor. .litrr n'eeiv- 
ini: from the audilor of slate, and i nch olhcers 
and uutboriiies a^ are letrally elO|l<lM'er<^l lode- 
icriaiue the rales or amounts of taxes to lie 
levied for the varioas purposes ai tborized by 
law, slalemeiits of il « rate-s and mi ms levied, 
for the eurrenlyear. stiall lonbwii i proceed lo 
llelermine the sum* to he levied upon enh 
Irael or lot of real properly, a^l.lin; the lax'S 
of any previous ycir that ni ly bav.- Iit>.'n ouii'- 
led, and upon the aiuounl of personal proiierty, 
raoni'VB and credils. listed iu hi-e- nniv. in the 
nam-of«'ach imr-on. which shall !i- a-s-ssed 
equidly ou all real .and personal p'oj«.-;-iy miIi- 
ject to such taxes, and ret down in < me or niur. 
columns, in sueh manner a*'d furia as the uu 
ditor of slate iiriTCiibi - ; aro in nil c-aM-» 
where the while uni'Unt <-f isxe- up- n the 
personal properlv, moneys and ci ilils if auv 
person, shall not aiiiotinl to ten i.-ins, iln'au 
ililor^bill iNit in IT Ihe same upon lb- dnpli 
caiu. il lU' Il [icis in has no other Iuki U pio 

S'C. .'ij The eoanly andiior thud deliver 
the 'tri! il duplici'e lo the eouniy Ircx-nur 
on or Is fire ihe first day of IK-c-ni'ifr in c-jch 
yeir. Ilesliall ait-nd al his ollio-* on or Ite- 
f.ire the Ust day of Febrii iry. ami ul?<i on or 
iK'tore Ibc iC'ilb d.iy .>f Oel.ilier. iinimally to 
make selHeiuenl wilh the Uiasvrer of his 
county, uiiet a-eerlain tiie aniounl ol lax -s 
with which sueh treasurer is loi-i» id ihoi;. d; 
ami lb" audilor sh til, at e.aeh Felmiary hcille- 
ini nt. lake from the duplu-a e pre .ioualy put 
into Ihe hindi of thetreitsurer lor i oUecllon a 
lisi ofall snch laxe-- as t-ucb irca-ni-er Icis U'cn 
uiuhle lo collecl thereiu dc-eiriOiug Ibc pro- 
l-crty ou which sail delii quent taxes are 
charged, as the same is descrit>nl L>n mch dti- 
plie-aie, ;ind sh.ill note thereon in a marginal 
coluiun, the severul rea-vn. a--ii:'iisl |.y mcb 
ire-iv-urer why snc'i tax s t-im'.d n > be eollei-t 
ei! : and such la-t lucnii nit-d b-iehdl be 
signed by Ihe Irciburer, wh-i shall lesiify to 
the e'oriectne.s» thereof, under oaih. lo be ad- 
luiuisterMl by the auditor ; and in eiakingsueh 
li.-l, the (lelii qurnelea cf c;ich township shall 
In- k.-pl -epir.iteaud disHinl; ai<l afier de- 
duclii'g Hie auiouul oftaxe'S bO reliiriMl d .Itn 
qncnl and Ibe eolii'etUm fe^ allowed the tna 
surer, from the several taxes ehui^.d <ni the 
duplicate, in a juH and latable proimni-'n, the 
treasurer shall tie held liat>le for tbi balir.ce ol 
snch Uixe's ; a^ Hie audilor shill ci riify iu tie 
manner reqniird bylaw, tho balme-due lo ihe 
Slate, Hie lulanee due to the eouiiy. the I'd 
anee for road purjKises, nnd the bdaiicv due lo 
Ihe townslii|>H, and shall f rib with r.-e-ord such 
elclin.piet;eie-s in his otii' c 

S.-e ."id. The eonnlv iinliloi- sh ,!1 open an 
ae-cimiit wilh each I "w. liip, eiiv, ineoiporal- 
ed village or school (listiiel Iu bisciiuali, in 
whleb immeelialelv alter his seiniannual seU 
Hemenl wilh the cemuiy treasurer i ii ach year 
he shall ercdi, each biwusbip. cily. inorporal- 
ed village, ot school distiiel with the net 
.amount «*> ciJK-ett-d lor the use of any sueh 
lowusbip. villaise or distriel ; aud <>n applit'a- 
lion of any township city, villajic or school 
lrea.suior. the auillior sbkll give liiui an order 
em the county ire isuier ("t Hic aiuouni then 
due losu.-h lownship, city, villag.3 or seliool 
ire.-isuier, and shall ebaige them rtsiiceiively 
with Ihc aiupuul of such order. Provided. 
That the person so nppfv iin: bir -neb order 
Fliall lU p isil wall the umlilor a . ertilieule lioiu 
Ihc clerk of the lowiship, ciiy. vil!-.ig« or dis- 
trict, slating tiiai such inrsou is |roa»urcr of 

such t'lwucbip, city, village or dUtrict. duly 
eleclwl or aiqioiuicd, and that be h-s giyen 
Isiiid a<-eording to law. 

See.'.'.7. iniilv anJilor i trill unid ly 
Iiuil to the uiidilur of si ile one"'r c'rti- 
laininKB list ol Hi<; d.-liuq-jeut and I<>rfeil4-t 
I lads, and it opy of tfie account of the jninu-r 
as swoin to liy bim and a:iiiW(;d by the an 

Sec. !>» founty auditors. So filict.' nway the 
KlateuH-til- •/! th'jl.iX*bb; pnqK-riy of the indi- 
vtduit lux paver, on reliiru<;d by lowuKhip a»- 
ses-ois, in pjrhumce ol Uw, idja'l hie ihc 
statements afonaaid. retmne-d fr«jm Hie differ- 
rill lowubbipi in MqiarciU: liuud'es, i:v:b lown 
ship by il-uff, ins'.eid of liliug e'icb»Uleiu> ul 
CIS painii'ly. 

See. .Ml. Till; delii "pienl ILbI sbjll li<; rword- 
<d liy lb', ojiiiy a-jdit ir iiiiiuealiaicly alter bis 
aiinuul M-tllement wl-.h the euuoty treasurer io 
K.-li uiiy uu ali-lraet ol which, in dO'-U form 
us the auditor of rUtti- sbutl pfurcrilr'. slull Ih- 
sent to hii iitlicc wilh tfe ictllemeul iL<?t:t ot 
lb',- eo'iuty treasurer, and i.o taxeis relurte ide 
tinquentslia!! tie paid iul'i th'i slate tiex-ury 
e«e'i;il liy the con my ireisurer. 

Sc - Ol. Tneeonutv uudiior i-ball ai>i>or'.»on U) 
lb. Ir s<-vira! fiiuds the amount of luoiiej^ le 
■ •iv.-d Iroin in-; saleol l-aud^a'i'l town lots lor- 
lei'.ed lo llie state lor Itii: w iit-liu^ Ui'Ul of 
liX'-s, alter dedu-jlini; tl.eexp'.'iiwis ol hd--. 0'-- 
tiibuting Miid amount Ut the f veral faiHJs fur 
wbieh said Were o.-iyin-dly levied, and Ibe 
couuiy tre-,'i.urtr i-bdi aj-ply them ai^rjrdioaly. 
and fliiill rereive two |>cr cenluui on all mo- 
Uiy-i by h.ui nt-eived, a* provide-d in this -H.C- 

Se. tfl. Tue C'tuuty aa<ri'.^ir .4ia!i cUaiKe 
th'-- eMunly irea-ure-r wi'ti ;«U in'Mieyi l.y bin 
reei-ived, under the ppivi-i Ui of th'; pri-<.ed- 
iin; so-liou; and hhall mike oul an annual ii-t 
ot lam! i; and l.iwu I'jts, uii<>n whi-h payiiienu 
h ive liei-n nude as aforesaid, sf'ccilyiuy; Ibereiu 
the proportion ol suebuiOLey lurl-JUging Pi ibe 
hiale, and shall forward said lo Ibe^i'ljitor 
ifslule. by the e-juuty lea-'Urer. i^t lb-; lime 
of pa> itiS over the stale l.ix. oiid lb'! ("lunty 
irea-urer btiall (iiy inl-i lb- m^f. trea»'Jry the 
stale's pro|«ijrii'jo of sueb money, al ib't'dme 
b" pay- Ihe otLer •.axcs-du-r Ibe slate. 

a»--e fii. II the lax.s! ebirgi-don aoy l<nl or 
I'jt ar: reguluily paid, uLd such laud en one- 
ou^Iy retnruiil I'e'.iE.pienl and t-jld l.>r t;* ![•.-», 
the s:ile Ib.-ri'Of in void ; ami the money p.iid 
I'y the purcha-ier al cueu void sale uball l>c re- 
lundid lo biui oul .>f the county ire-x-nry. on 
the order of the ouiity audiiur ; and ibe ou-.ii- 
ly auditor shall le aiu lb<! same it. hi; n>'Xl 
semi annual sel'b-m nl and cliargi; i«i<: stale 
trcifeury ihc.'cvvitb in '*id i<ub-m'-ul 

See, (ii. Ia all cases vvb'.-rc any eouniy iii- 
dilor. I.y itia IV'ftleuee and mirtike, oinit^- So 
publish the Qclii.q'tent li-t ol his eo'iu y «tr 
anv ttJCl iu -al It-l. ac-oid.n/ to Ibe reqiire 
nienls of iLio cb'ipter, Il stiall tie tii* duiy, in 
t-a.-« the laxc^ acd |<-.-i>ally vfi.b MiUi'b ILe 
iaiid> ai d lown lo'.s lucrein i-tand cburgesf, are 
nol pi.d b'fore liie limeof adverin-ing tb-; di- 
linqu. ul l'«t of Uie uexi tucetriiug year, lo 
adverlii"', ecnily, ree-ord and piablirh toe piaie 
as a pari of ihe de'itjq lent Ijilol tutn s Jiei cd- 
Ick: ye-UT. 

Sec. I'l. L'pcio »"/ »ppbc*t'^n, liy teller ot 
otherwi-e, lo pay lax'-s on any find, ihe-au- 
dil'ir or iretisurcr sb-all Kiv: to the appi cent. 
Wl hout eiririie, a ci-itiiicii-- u; .1. r hi- b.-.t d 
and ^eal, ol the am'.'Ctil of KX-i and CO.-ts due 
ihTrtoa. or if me land bis not tie-. B a-se-sed 
or tie ux'-s liavc ; eeu paid, h-; ehii: Ccriify 
the fic iicx->rriinsjl3-. ai'd io sufb eases ^uell 
(N rtilicae. and lii" eeri!lii£i'.« of ibe audilor 
thai lb" lixi s b.«vi,- lj<e:i it»il.on any de»-«1. 
and the lre-a<-U'er's receipt lor luX'S tL..i!l lie eviJeneisof Ihe facia lUerein fi "itett; 
-ai.d Ij'i .-ale mide of lands. wi;L relcjeuca to 
which Mich ctalilieath ibal iL-- lax^e uie p-iid. 
or ba.e n<-l iieeu a-s --seil. or lec iui ba» liein 
nivcn. sbdl lie valid or of any itf.-ct. iii.d it 
any such sale is' mide. ihe audiior ou ap l:ca- 
tiou of the 1 ur' ua.-r, siiai. cia'.v ht: order on 
the ireisurer lor ihe aiu'janl paid ny -ad par- 
eba.-er a', rueb .-ale. aud inleresl I'l^rcon al Ibe 
rale of nvelve per ce-et. per annum, and dc'iv- 
tr the fcnne lo the purchaser. 

S-c. ()■''. Every ci uuiy u'jdiior bereafici 
delivering iny eertilicale of puicua-e ( f loifcil 
ed lands, or cibtr lauds s-tld lor lax<-e shall 
immediaii-ly. on bi= diip icale, lrat.s!tr t!ic 
rame to lb: u me of ibe pui chaser, cbaririn;; 
the sum of len cetits. which shall be i.-oii»id-;rid 
part ol the exiienses ul ibe sale, acd if :iny 
county audil-ircealeet- to make -^uch transf-.-r. 
he is liable I'l an uci:o-.i by ai y person ii jured 
thereby, a; f -r m-iil. c: of olBciai .baiy. 

a-te. C'j. When any tr.iet <d lin.l or l"wu 
lot is dcruKpi-u". lor l)ie nein-pav unci 
of taxes, and placed on Ibe duplici'.e eif Ibe 
suceeedicg year, nu.i the owner or (lersofl lia- 
III-.' lo \ny taxes Ibcrelor piuduces the icccipt 
of the ireas-arer fir Eoeb uies of the precid- 
hnr year, it sb.dl cd lie lawful lor ibe ei'Un'y 
aii.iitor <ir it. I'-'urer to make a;iy dedticiou 
from the dnplie-ate of such l.'i.x, iuierci*. or pen- 
alty, iiul Ibe name sb ill be et'ar-.;ralile to the 
l^eil^iIrcr. as if such re:eip; bad noi ti-'en pro. 
dnced. bat the ireasnrer shall receive f u'h 
receipt in discharge o! ibc tax f jr the year that 
is relumed delinquent, with the inte-rcst and 
jienalty. .\nd the aud!tt>r of the county shall 
credit such treasurer vviih the amona-.. and 
birthwilh prix-eed, by a civil neliivu. to coilcct 
such Ui:;, inu-rcsl an I iK-naitv Ir-ini Ihe licas- 
urer who :;ive tucii rcecipl. 

S. c «J7. There sb dl tiereafter tn- n'lowed 
to lUe jntilisber' of new.-^p3|i-rs 1 r aeivtrtis. 
ing tiie delin<pi';nl auJ foiteiled lir-ts of the 
several e-onuti s a ; urn not lo exceed ten ceuls 
for en li deseiipliem. .and whenever more iUau 
one government snfidivisi.m or trad of land, .ir 
ti-wuor city lot shall be inclodcl in a simile 
ilesciipiive .-enteni-e, the same shall be deemed 
one dcscripliun. Provided. Th:iUin and tier 
llie first ot April in each year the couniy audiu 
or shall cbai:;'^ ujion each tract ol laud wuii.n 
be is re-itiin-d to advetli-e. the cost of said aJ- 
vei liscuicnt 

See. bs. Wbeoever a civil a.-iiou is com- 
menced ag-aiu>t any jursou boldini; the e lUee 
of e-oanty ire-asarcror eouniy auditor, or other 
county office, for pei forming or aticmpang to 
perform, any duly autborizi-d or direcled by 
any sla.ute of Ibis suie lor lh» collection of 
the public rev -nue. such treasurer, auditor or 
o'.her oflicer s lall be allowcsi ani p-aid oul of 
the couuiy trcisuty rea.sonable lct« ol counsel 
and olher expenses for defending snch aciion. 
and the amount of any damages and ceis's ad- 
judged atainsl bim; wiiieh said tecs, txjienses, 
damages 'and costs sh-.d; 'le apportion! d rafatily 
by the county auditor among all the i>artles 
entitled lo sliare Ihe leveaue so e-V.lccitd. ard 
by ihesa'.d audilor sha.l bjdeducl.-d from the 
shares or jionioiis of revenu-j at any lime pay- 
able to each, iiicludiu:: :is "tie of tbc s .id par- 
ties the sLale itself as Well as Ihe c nuiie*. 
townships, ciiies, villiges, school distr c sanei 
orcauizitions. ealillcd as ateires.. 't. 

Sec i'<J Every couaiy itu.1it.-t .i»>d every 
dis'.ricl and lownsbiii a-M»«^or. vvh.i. in any 
case, refuses or knowingly la'cUets i . ;- ifoim 
au? duly enjoined on htm t<y lb-- i- ' •,■ er, eir 
who consents to orcouuivcsal ;-.i" ev i.-njo of 
its provisions, whereby any p,-- r- re re- 
quired by this chapter ispreveun-i- or fiii li-red 
or whereby any jirojierly reqiir.-.! o I* listid 
for laxalioa is uulawfully exem;- i ! <r ;: ' 
Vilualion llicre-ol i- enured on itic t.:X ii*l at 
lens ihan iUs Irue value shall, bir . very such 
necKcl. refusal, consent or eonuivji'ce. lorfeit 
and imy I'j the slate not less Ihan two hnndrcd 
nor more than one thousand dollars, at the 
discreti'iu of the court, to be recoveiej iKlare 
tmy coon of eompelent jurisdiction. 

See. 70. The several c-juntyaujuors -are not 
ntq-iued lo assess on the t;ixa"le p o,'-. rty ot 
their conniies, or of auv lownd.ip city, inccr- 
porate vili.ige or school dl.s:r:cl lUetcin f r any 
pur|>ose. nor tor all pnrp-ses ai'di-d l getoer. 
any rale of taxation ceiBiatning or resultiuc in 
any fraction oiik r thm a dcviiual fiacitou nor 
in any di-e-imil fraction less lh:iu oue-iwiiiiielh 
of a tnill ; but if the sum lequired to l>e ra'scd 
for aav or lor all purj-'ewe-s. resulis in a iiac- 
tion of le>s than onc-lortielb ol a mill sncb 
frac-tion shall be droppe'd. and if more lb:-4J 
one-fortieth ol a mill, the ditference 1-elweeu 
such traction and one tweniieUi ot a milt shall 
lie added iosnch ie*.-ulling fr.i."i--n. 

Sec. 71. The county shall lum's'i 
to the a-se'>sors sueh tirmk- is arc u«c-es.^iiy 
for taking thenumlxr of acr.s of wheat, rje. 
hurley, liuckwbeat. corn oats. Ijean* potatoes. 
si>rgbum, liinoiliy. clover »-i-»l. and all other 
produce, an-.l the quaolit. of «ajh |iroduce-d in 
llieir lov(u>bip, and the sai-1 louuiy auditor 
shall, as soon as possible alcr the afvrcra'd 
sl.ticnenis are returned to biai make out and 
forward die Mine to liie ::u.litor ol siale, in 
eonfonniiy with such rcitubitions and forms as 
Hi? siif uuiliuir miy pre.-critw. 

do^tled from ibe neveral funds on acoonnt ot 
which the fame were cdleeUd in the baoda oi 
Hh; eouflty ttisunrer. Provided. That all ap. 
pliealionn lor rebel uieb-r i»ii» mciI'ju aboil be 
onde wiUiin title year Irom lb<- hrn d»y of Jan- 
iiiiy next tU'uiig the levy ol mcb lax. 

I'LTirjl »r TOWS A3H> CITT Cl.BKXa. 

»• e. 77. Tl:.^ town and cily clerks of tbe 
SI veral loKu^biiis ai>d cilic*. sbail. ou w lie. 
lo.-c U.e bn-t d»y of Sept<^mtMrr, aubually, 
trnriiMuit to ib'ciuiity Midilor ibe am<j«int to 
be rairel ace'jidiug l'» Uw, iu wjcU UiwuebJu 
or city lor Heal year. This levy lor suid par- 
jioi-cspbull btsfiwtilie. and sri entered ui<>n Itte 
i»wi!d ol the pnieeiediii;:* ol Ibc supervisora. 
and curtiiied Iu the county audilor. who stiall 
levy the satui; oq the duplicale-. and when aeU 
Uoment is made wilh the c'ltmty treaturer b« 
rUall r-urifally uartn'Uiiu Ui« nrt amount col- 
Icc-t/.d lor eaib purfl•*^e, and such f(»-eitic fund 
hhail nol tl". n-«l S-ir any «5.b'.-i purjy.>ri- iLan 
the one f vr which the tame hik spcj-ficallv 
ttATf. or lAX ruit C'oi'»Tr aso tuwsi i-ck- 

iiiriis OP cor.vTT coMitiseiosKtis. 

:^;-i-. 72. Tb<> commissioners of caclicouu'y 
sbi 1. al ibeir S; picmtver sessions annnally. ile- 
t.-riuiiie on the amount ■>! lie rais< d l-.r or>'in- 
ary county purp-scs, f^r tbe sapiioil . f Ibe 
piio.-, and leir inlcresl and prii cipal ou tbe 
e'Untydebt They shall se-t torih npou the 
recoid of pr'Kvedines "iK'citical'y tbc ainount 
lo tn' raided fir e-acb ol ibe above dcser.l>:i! 
puipivses. .Tbe 
a^i-i riain th ■ net amount c-dbcted t.-r e-acn 
purp.).-e uiidu said levy ; and il shall iieit U- 
lawfal lo use any siH^.-ilic luud firauyotb. r 
puriMi-ic th:in ihe one for which the same was 
s|)eeia.-ally levied until the pur(n>>e-lur wbieh 
S'jeb ux levied is accomplished. 

Sec. 73. Wherever a greater am<uut ol lax 
is ni-ccs.-:iry ia any eoi;nty, than ibemtes heie- 
inafier mentioned will Jx'sjKctively nlTw.l. for 
the piyiacni of any debt :drea 'y c>miii»cled lor 
county purpor-is Ibe eommissioiier.s may a 'd 
lo ihe r.iie of laxaibm ■ f such couniy. not ex 
ceeeling litly per centum ; which addiiiouil lax 
shall oc exclusively appioprialcd to Ihe pur- 
pose lor vvhich it is raised 

Sec. 71. Tbe commissioners of any lOuuiy 
thai he- a fljiiiiifg^etji m c uniy orders, (am. 
the amount aulhorbt-.d by the prvsei.l existing 
laws to be levii-d for county puri.eise-* is Insuf- 
tlcU-nltodeiray IhecxiHtuse,- «>f such couniy 
aud i>ay the interest on laid debt .) may. if they 
deem It just aud right, levy a butlie'icnt a-jienini 
to i>ay tbe lDtcre.n on oaid delii; wb;cb tix 
when colli eted, shall Ih: appUcnl lo jvaying the 
interest on the county debt, and u.ii e» her- 
w is.'. 

Sec. 7 j. The scvcr.d boards of eouniy c 'm- 
misskniers, annually, st their Se piemUr scs- 
sion, shall cause the deliuqneul list ol personal 
proixi ly lo tie publicly read on the secjnd day 
ol said session, and sail commissioners may ai 
that lime direct the county audilor to sirike 
litim such list such Uxes as may. iu their 
opinion, Ivc nueoUcctable. nnd iheconntv au- 
ditor sbidl itume-diilely make a ceriiaeel sl.ite 
nicul of the amount e>l sute tax so alsilcd t'y 
the county commissioners to the auditor of 
slate, who shall tbereu|><>n erexlit such connly 
with the amount se) ccrlilled. and said couuiy 
commissioners shall, al said se-*iim, diiccl 
their county treasurer lo proceed lo e-oUcel iu 
the manner prescribed iu ibis chapter, any de- 
lin.pient taxits remainiug on said list. 

S«^. 7C. The iKvard of county commission- 
ers ol e'och coaaly. upon* pri>iK-r cause shown 
by a party aggrieved, shall have power lo 
make such" an aba'A'tneul of taxes or i>enalUes, 
or both, assessed or incurred agaiiut any pro- 
l>criy in any e-ase a they may deem jnsl, and 
also lo (>rder any lix pii-l. winch i>.-, n im 
p'oi eily a.-si IS d eir p.»d liy uiic.ak-, I i 'i.- u- 
funded by the county ireosurer, aiid Hie uses 
so rcfuuJediliall bechttrKi-ttblclo and It de. 

Bec. 7ft. There cball be leticd aonoally on 
I leh dotUr of luxal'le |irr>perly in ibis Mtote 
('ilti.-r iban sueh as. b; Uw ia otberwiee taxtd) 
a* v ilu'.d ami e-nlered on Hie xraod Ifetof taxa- 
ble pnijicrtj fir ;be btv.-ral p'ar|M«e« in Ibis 
ct.a;i'.cr eunmt.'uled, faxc" at tbe rate', here • 
af'er •j'.titled, nam-ly : All co-joty ez|«eiM(« 
(i( ea<;h ol tbc severtil coanlies, other Itao tor 
rood't'.iiid bridge*, aud tbe payment of Ibe lo- 
lerolnnd priuei;ial rif tte debti* of the comity, 
focb rati! as Ihe cotnci.-sioner.? of sueb (.i»aniy 
determine it Ix; niee s-ny, not eiitedinK ten 
uiMli on tbc dollir oo uie taxable property tA 
Ihe county. For toiwtfbip purpijtme on tbe 
taxaiiW |>r<i;>i-rty in tbe Ujwurhip as entered 
aud Valued on toe ifrand list rueb »um an iLe 
town cletk »!,»!! certify lo ibe ciunty aadii/ir 
bas ti.'i.u Vote] Oy such lown uolrxoeediog live 
unlrou the doilor. Provided. Tlie aforeaaid 
limitation shall not be constru'jd as probibitiDi; 
asmsssmcols on jirofierty adjicixt to locad im- 
jiroremeo's ma'ie iu any c-y or inc/r|iorated 
town or viJiage l-ir tb'.- iiurjjose ol paymic ibe 
cosl tbei<«f and tbe damaije'^ n-isrfiooed there- 
by. And provide! furiber. That Dotbini; in 
Ibif section sfuU tie ceitutru'^d to prevent the 
county c imuies -..jners, luwi.ehip saperviaors 
.jr eorp'*r»K; aulborilies of any cily. town or 
villa;:e irom levying any tux which by any 
sp«a.a»! Uw i!i.;y are auvhorised to Levy. 

Sec. '4'J. Il shall be unUwful forU^ oorjio 
rate -uthorilies of any county. lowD«b'p c.ty, 
town or viUtU'-. einkn^ ij<.-c.illy and expre»ly 
aulboriz'id t-y Uw. fi contra-t any d-.tii or in- 
cur any pecuniary Uitaliiy 1 ir ibe payment of 
e'lher liie prit.cip*! or inlerect of which dor- 
intr the then curi-eni year or any sutweqaeot 
\. ur. it wili b- oeeescary l<j levy on the uxa 
h'.K proi-exiy ol eueti coauiy. uj*n»liip, city, 
(own or villa;!'-, a bi<;ber rale of lax than tbe 
m ix'.muiu rale prescri'jed liy Ibis ctiapber. 

Sec «'J. Every cuolrocl made in c lUln- 
venlion of the provi;ii>i..6 of the fireg'iing sec- 
tion, IS tit'erly null and void in regard to any 
obiiga'.i'in ihereliy imposed ou tbe corponUon 
00 lietiult ot wbiea t>ucb conti;vjt pur|jortc to 
t-e made; but every c-'iinmi-siouer, (jlti'tr. 
bgetii. sniiervi-'>r or nieiiil«!;r ri| ar.y mot.icipU,< irati-in Ibal muke-:|wie» 1'. maK> 
\r\ii or^ me luakuii: .jf ai.j 
such com act, rhall b: held indiV,daaliy 
llaMe tor its (lerloriBance : and every i^eim- 
missioner, supcrrisor. direeUir or member cf 
any city, li>wu or v.i;a;;t cjcDcii. or other of- 
tjc:r .ir agent <f any such Uiunicipal corpora- 
ti'ju p.'e-cnl when any such uciavlul cintracl 
vias ma'Je or iiutli'jriz d 10 be mide. stiail t>: 
deemet: lo bavt: made or to nave pinicipatcd 
in Uia'itn;:. or U> buvc '.i^lboiiz-:d the makinj; 
ibe&auie, as the cose may lie, utdr'-s if iire- 
seut be (Jl-««(iicd ihfridrom tnd eulered 01 
caUteJ !<.« '«c eete.-td. tu -h dissen; ou tbe re-c- 
ordaof tucli munic.p^ c;jrp-'rali<ju. or cf its eUj'-.i viiore or oibur ijfUxts or 


S: c 61. Tb'-. ei anty aoditor and tbe c-ocnty 
co'naiis«iiintrs or a m.j.jriiy ul Uieu otiali 
form ai-o'jri'y 1-jir.l f irUie e-piil ziti'ju ol the 
real properlv .,f iheir coauiy. They »ball 
m'-et ->u Ibe flr-t.Tj"sliy In Septem'^r. aono- 
ally, at ibe a'jS:t.i''» clB .••? in ibeir s^vtral 
countie-, wbi c ibe coun'y aadf-.or shaT lay be- 
fore them til'- re'.nt-u= of lh« real property 
mad-: hythe several s^se-sors of snch coimtyf 
with the additions be has mode IherelO, aaa 
hivioi; each taken an e-aih f.tir!y and im* 
partially to (qTia;:z<i ib-.- value of tbe nal es 
late of saeh CJuniy. a:;ree«b!y 'o tbe prori- 
sions of this chapfr, they tbiti immediately 
pr.x-ecd to tq'iiliz-; tucli valuaiion. so that 
each tract (ir bit shall be e oterMd on the tax 
li-t al its tr'j..' value : and for iLi- purpose they 
sh".!l oljserve the follow in;; mte-- : 

First — Tbiy sh.oll raise the valuation of socb 
irict« and lots of re-i property S». :o ibeir 
iipir-;o'j are- ret'irned Ik'I.jw their tree value, to 
sueh price or sutn as they l»eli*ve |o tie tbe 
tme value the reijl. a;:r»ia''!> m ise rules pre- 
?cribcd by ibis chajitcr l.jr Hit Taloatioo 

Si-C'-'iid— They shall reduce the TalnaUon of 
such ir.ic'j: -and io'isas. intbtlro!iinie>D. are te- 
inritel al»ovc their irae value, as comfared 
v.iili tbeaverairc valuation of real properly of 
.-^n. h t-rjuty. buvlni: due re^a.-d 10 the relative 
SI uali.:>n. quality of soil, improvements, nalu- 
nd and artificial' a J vantages pofse-eed by ea:b 
ti.irl acd lot. 

Tfiird— Tiiev- shall not reduce the sgaregate 
vul je of the real jiroj-erty of ibe einoty bilow 
the ag-gregaie vain? Ihen-of a-i returned ty tbe 
assess irs. with the additions mauc thereto l>y 
the auditor as bereinlNtfeire reqaired : tbe 
county anditor shall keep an accurate joomal 
or record of tbe proceedi&es and orders o( 
said tniard. 

Sx- ^2. Tb-j several concty auditors shall 
lay bef.Te said b)ards of equalizilion the voia- 
ation ol ihe scverallrscls aud lols of real pro 
perty in their connly. as the same were entered 
in the duplicate of tbe preceding year, or as 
tixed I'v the Slate t>oard of eqaaliztttlon. and ot 
th<jse return, d by tbe assessors of the several 
towoships, for ihe c-arrect year, with snch 
m:ii>s.reiuri.-, lists acd abstracts as are in Ibeir 
olbces : aud ctu'h board shall keep a reenlar 
journal of its proceedinirs. which shall be de- 
piosited wilh the auditor ot the ctnnty. acd the 
connly auditor shall add to or deduct* from tbe 
value "e>f any tract or lot of real projieriy. or of 
any di»trict, lownship '->r lown. snch sam or 
j^erceDt. as has been ordered l-y the Ixiard ot 
cqualizilion ; r-.d said board .-hail also, at the 
same lime-, b ■- (complaints and iqnjJize the 
assesstncnt ol Tiersonal property, moneys 
and cre-dits, uc> ntric* and new sinaciures 
returned fjr tbe ci it year by the lownship 
assessors; and said ^ -d shall have j-ower lo 
add to or d'.-duct from valnatioit .vf the per- 
s 'nui prope-r.y or mon. •■>r credits of aty 
jHtrsou rciurned by tbe eseors, or which 
may have been omitted I'V him. or to odd 
other ii(.-ms i:i>on such evtutaice as is satisfac- 
tory to eoid board, whether said return is made 
upon oalh of snch person or upon the valaation 
ol the assessor; bnl when any addition is or- 
dered 10 bi mtide to any list reinmed under 
oath, a Slatement ol the facU n{'<>n which snch 
addition wtos made, shall tn? eclered njvon ite 
joumifof the board; and when any leducuoo 
Is ordeta-d 10 be made in the amount o( per- 
btiuil piojierty or money* and credits of any 
person, wheliier sueb return is made by snch 
jicrton or liy the assessor, a slatcmeot of the 
facts ou w hich saeb redaction was mad? shsll 
be eulercd on ihejo-iircalol the tward. 

stats: BOABll or EvjlALIZ-VnON. 

See. ^.<. The i;jvemor, e«cr»?tary of elate, 
fctaie aadilor, state treasarer aud attomey een- 
erol ^had c.iusiitute a state b.>ard of eqtioliza- 
liou ; said tMurd stiall meet al tbe e'-apitol oi the 
state on tbe lirst Meniday ef 0--tol>er in the 
year one thousand eight bunilred and sixty, 
and every two years, to iquabze ihe 
Viiue I'f red property amooi; the several coan- 
iie» iu ttiis sUte, in the manner hereinafter 
pns. ri'exi: 

Kirst— Tbey shall nid to the secr.'ira'.e value 
of ibe i-al ;"ri'|>er;y of every e-imnty wbicb 
ibey bJu vi- i-i tie vdjcd tjclow its true v.ilue 
in money, such ivr ce-ntum io eich case a« 
will raise the same to its u ue valae in meioey. 

SeCijLd — Tbe-y shall deduct from Uta aeen* 
'.^ate v.ilna.! n .d tb" real pr\ip;riy ot every 
ejuuty w;,'eh ib-.-y U-ll-ve lo K- valued above 
its true v^iue in miMiey. such }«r ceotum in 
each case as wid rix'-uce the sum to ils true va- 
lue ill money. 

Third — ll'ibey l>eliere that right acd justice 
require the vaiuatK^u (4 tbe u-al property ot 
any to. n or towns iu any ivnniy. or of ihe 
real pri>i>ef ly of such coaaly O'li' in towns, lo 
be rais.ii or to be reduced, wiibout rai-io2 or 
redaeinj the other real pri'p rty of mcb couo- 
ty. e>r H-iih>)ul ruisini: or re-dueii:^ it in the 
same ratio, ibey may iu every s-aeu cose, add 
or lake irom the valuation of aiiy oee or more ol 
such lowns. or of proiH-riy n n in towns, such 
peT cnlum as they believe will raise or reduce 
the sime 10 its irue value in ratvney. 

Fiiuith— They shall Dot reduce ihe a cgns 
ga'.e value ol :dl the property ol ibe stale as 
re.uruid bv tbe e-ouuty audit.H-. m<*re than 
e^ne per ceotum em Ibe whole Taloaiiiw thereof. 

Filth— Said tMurdsh:dl keep a fulirevotd vl 
their I'ri'Cei'dim^ and eirders. 


Se-0. (•!. *»heu ibe stale Lxnid ot cqtial!t». 
tiou complete ibeir equal za'ion of real pro 
pen-ly among (Ik- «veral cjau'jes. the audilor 
of slate s ill liansmii toiaeh coun'y audiior, 
a statemenl ot tho l>cr eeniui£ to be ad'ti^i to 
ord«d..cie'd from the vaUutiiHi of the tial pro 
perty oi his i-ounly. f peeifying the i<er cectum 
added to or deducteid from tbe voluatiou eil the 
real proiH'rty of each ol tbe se-.-cral n.wns and 
of Ihe real pro^ieriy noi in lowns. in case ao 
e.jual |>er centum bos nol oeen added to orde- 
duc ed Irom each ; aud the cjuuiy aaJiior shall 
forihwiib procr-ed to odd lo or deduct trom 
each tract or lot of real projieriy io bi<ce>auiy 
the lequired i>er colum on" the vduatioo 
thereof as il stands, after tbe s.ame bus b.-t-n 
i-qualize-d by ibe eouniy board of iq-aolizttiou; 
oueflnt:. meirx'over, or deducting bi each case 
any fiaclional sum of less than ttfiy cmni. ao 
that tbe taUic of any fei>arite Inc ur lot »liall 
cemiain no fra<'iioii of a dollar. The on liuir ol 
state ahall, on or before the fifteenth day ot 
July, uuinndly. t;ivx' uoiii-e 10 each (xnia y an- 
dil'^r of the rates i-er cvuium required l>y tbe 
slate le'gislatare to !« levied for ibe paymeiit 
of the principal and interest of ibe publie delH, 
for the supjiorl of c.?mm'jn fch(K>l«. fe»r defray- 
iyg the cxjK'nse* eif the slate, aud lew such 
other puriioeesas arc iirwcribi.'d bv law; which 
rateior|K-r ceinluiu <b:»U b^ levied by tbc 
concty auditor un the laxatile pro|«t'riy .1 
each coiiuty on tbc duplica-vo aud shill bo en- 
tered in imc eedumn and denominated state 
taxes, llisshtillalso, with Ihc advice oT the 
attorney gcoeral, dicide all q-jesUeMis wbkth 
may arise as to the true coiisii n.tlon of this 
ciiaptcr. or iu rulaiiou to any ux levied or 
proceeding under the saiac. 

See. bi It shall lie tbe duly of lb-} auditor 
of state aud saperiutendeut of putrilc iuslmc- 
lioD, as often as Ibey deem ex|K-dient, locmse 
to l« putilished, Ihe de-cisions of the auomey 
getneraland tbe rules and regulations ot tlKir 
fcvvnil del arlmvnis upon the icvenue laws 
and distribute tbe s-iiue to the auditors of the 
M'veial counties iu tlii« stair, #e txjvense of 
which publie-ation shall lie delrayeyi out of tbe 
land :'i-pri'p:iatid lor pulilic printing. 


Sec. $ti. The troantv ueasurvr shall be lta# 






colloctor of »!1 Use* «i»e»««J upon the 
c%Ui in hi» c«»unly, wbethor ;»-«t-!'iH'. for st:Uf. 
v^Hintv, city, lowti. towiisliii. ^^ll.<.•l. (Mxir 
brii)i:»'. "'!»il or oiht-r v'lri «>•'•'. ""VSiiiii: in of ilio city cf » . I'ml or in (In- 
I barter of any town, or in '(iv o.hi r »ol of ilie 
l'Xi<^li>tur« ti<-rflotori* pisM-.l" |.i il,f loninrx 
uolwithstandinv'. ar>l .^Ui o| :ill li-i' s lonii- 
urvsor j>rn:»'.Ui-,s rcifivf.l by ■.^n^ jtiMii oi 
«Ulo*r for lti.« ii^f of bl-' county :i".l lu- ^lMll 
l>r«xr«l to iMl'ivt tlu" r>mi' iiooiil.ii:; lo law. 
anj pl.ut'lhc Kline wlit-n fiOlroliJ to ilif er.- 
dit of tile fout'i N . But iM.s |i i>Ti»ion .-hall n.n 
''• fo coiisirut «1 IS l«i iuiln \r »vy liii ^ or I't-n 
jliiis ;ii'iTi!iri; t.» any diui Vi|>:il cor|K>r.»iit»ii 
lor tht" \io! itl ui of i(, orilii ai OS, aiil » I'ioli 
*a* rivi>vrrni liion- si.v i 'y i'i«iio- Ki.i. 
Vv'uniy !;■ i- i!, , iiii\ »(>|i.i'ii'. one or lu.'H' 
ilf|>ulif> ,.' .--,;-; !'im 'n Hit follr\tion ol tax- 
«■«. auj tua> ulvf -;:ih N'n'l anrf Mvuriiy fiom 
the ivr*v»« ;>o iii'|>.iinio,l »* In- J«->ni* nivi».-<iry 
for hi# iui'.t niniiv. a-'il s'la'I in all i-a'p* Iv Iia- 
blf and a>-coun'!tM<' liv l^ • privwdins;* ami 
miacoiH'uit of hi* ileiniii. » iu oitiiv 

8«i'. 1*7. Th • ^^'^lnlv lif.i.«m»'r .-lia'l, imiiu'- 
iliateiy afu r ntvivit'i: from ilie au>lilor ot hi* 
iMOntjr a liiiflU-afe of llio la\i~< !if>i-s*til iij»>n 
• he I'ri'fHtry of Mjih ivniniy. cau-.' not iv. to 
N> i>v*UM up in i!ir«i' ['l;'io» in la. h l.-wiship 
ibronthi'iil tlu' ii'iin'v. i-ne of wLi-.'.: >hall N 
tie I'l.'rt" ol bot.iirstlt'vtious iu the io«n.iliip. 
;'iitl a'> 1 cau-i' to l<f iniHTttx! in .tviuu' new*pa- 
yvt hiiviuj; c>!"< ral i-iuvi'ation in Ms i-.niniv 
tv>r ihric M!ii'>»iv(' wt'«k<. «i'fcilyii'c lartio- 
iiImIv in »;»iil not, II'* the aniouui of tixi ^ i' v 
t«S lor I bo MipitMl of the ;•:» e s; .vcintin in foi 
ihf r.iv.nint of priiioipat anil inu-rosi oi tin- 
(sil-Ui- det't. for liieMipport o." ^lall' < viuiuou 
iVlnH^ils fi>r ^Uf a\ini; i-iuiity ti! t'"«-^. lor ro 
l'iirii>:» nv.J- rr krcpirir tlir ttx-r. lor bnild- 
■ ni; lr'i'i;i «. li-r towi -I'.ip ^x•,H^^^8. urd lor 
.iny oihtr o' >• i-t lor w bub lax nity Iv leviid 
on ta<h I'oiu r \a;ualiou of provurlv ; also ou 
wb:U i!a> Itif I'ta.-TinT or h:» tVpui_i will at- 
. >■ .'f hoM nc « !• c'-ioi'!", oral 
>'nt |i!jre in i':ich township. 
■ N' prior to the first I'ay ol 

r. f-r tbi- V>ur|i'>eif re- 
ati.l tl^f lrta.*urir or his 

lor Ihr I ur(H«ro afon said. 

ttnd at it; 
wh'ih i'. 
,'.inoar> lu 
leivifi; siirli t 'X^ 
ilt'l'iily ft: i'! ai;<i 


■ hep'' I- I .u^l^l in j-i! h no- 

I d at M.< 1 lli>v. a tf.o »"al 

r lo t> It i> e taxos t i>tu \vr- 

.•ay the s.uue. V oTidtd. 

I tMiinty ionimi»»ioiier» of ary 

of arv u 

thrni to 

the cvnr. 

Ihv I 


in I 


taso.v ... 


led ibo :• 

avxvrdii' i. 

lie ifivi-ti 

Ivrd saN' 

Stx. s- 


afv tow!' 

town Ol 

tSerum; > 

wi«e m>n 

S.C ?, 

ly. whir 

}*T»on : 


»j<eciftit . 

<>ro»her ■ 

S.i-.i! .-! 

i >■' ; 

..■ ri 11 

imsi \. 

V !ax 

* "^ ~ - 




arc ^ 



K-V 1 
poll !i 

thac < 


on she i' IV ,.1 >; 

!V? ai\'. ^^ i : 

oijusti'.- -t 

-ons w.-: 

That I ho i •,':»:!: 

o.Mii'iv. ,11 ;he statttl inoolinc in !j.'pii mS.r in 

.iry >< !■■ • •' '."v nuMlni: ii tho> dtcm li 

m-vfs^a'^ rTiiiU'i.oe of the liiizons 

i.i thfir oHinty, i.» euahlr 
:>o* wiUiou' a'trudini: al 

!x iinkf an orrfor n qii he 

r t • a'li I d on>- da* w re 

for I'll" piir;s>»f of f< t—ivin'.- 

•■ily tl'O iri;i-urrr ib>riif 

r fi." i'>pu;y shall atuu.l 

■ 'I siaie in Iho i; ^:ii-es lo 
1 on wlial i1a_\s Us »U1 at- 
'. >r that pariHise. 

; rtioivf i'Ouni> ordtr* In 
I axes, the onlors ol 
r the towM tax of such 
■.' rttard to tfe prirriiy i^f 

■ >-i!fr' 1 7. -•« i>l » heu oiacr- 

.lensurer or b'w depu- 
•i '.- p.iid, ihall cive to the 
*anie a re<ei>t l!ni«lor. 
.ho laril. town or ii:y lot 
u wfioh jsiu-h 'n\ wa« as- 

■ i:* i'«-o!ipiion >X'. the I'u- 
' h.r -t.ilieiin' niarrer. 
; < r-i.;!i or aiy pien- i-l real 

u-'v ft>;.r:;ed on Ih- dup'.i 

' ani" he ■r ;iry p- r-ui in- 

'ri the e >i;ntv trrvunr a 

:!' (.•', sij'" d by the eonniv 

• r -hill omit lo O'-lliet 
-1 o; as is errotictiUslv».j uai to iU first 

: r f I IX. s luc "HO 

- . . .- or lis I'opiry s'-ill 

),- and 1 1 atlels IhIocuiul; 

■_-»:1 wi'b i^ixos Irvitd upon 
: f .u' J »i bin hi* county 

• ••» Ihf ]<.r-ornl pro|vrty 
' !he c.'S's Ilial Iniy tutnie; 

y prm-et'". !o ulvtrliso the 

p!:ic * in iJe lowii.-hip 1).' 

ptriy i- •aVi-n. s'.aiiOij :he 

.I'O- whiTt 9.n.h pmpetiy 

th'-lix'.'S f If wbich -n<h 

I d ar J liie fj.sL- which a.-- 

■ ■■. piid ' • forr Ihf d >y -.p. 

• . whl^li .-li ill U't lie its- 
lie til>.!ii: "! -u., b •,>fop'"fty 
- d' p'liy -h I 1 procitdto 

• pah'io vcrdiu'.or «i much 
liei'ii' to piv padt'ixc* 
!i di-lrcs* .■..■d *di;. Pro- 
u ■>t I'.islnin txvy »fO<d-or 

. • •->nienr i,l '.ixe- UQlil af- 
K..'>r:i.ry <:\'. after S':ei 

• I ia I it case shall pori-on- 
s fi; disiraiuei or solJ fur 

.; ■slaie- 

; -rson tills to pny the taxes 
\ iharctd lo him by the 

■ next alter the sotuo tie- 
; "> the -amo at any tia'C 

' 'V(sir.a-n» :iny ]toI", r- 

: -i:c'! iiixcs. provided he 

•on lor the an: of tt:e 

;: \ '.re^ii-ort-ri? nnable lo 

, 11 .''ferwife. the laxe.- 

• :.trr<tter -liail U- ssfes-fJ 

'•I'-r^T It a^y ]".t.-on or 

y (S'liitor. : rinjiristialor, 

i-conntii :: < l!ic« r. uttni or 

r i-hall li e » lib the e'trrk 

II hi- toun'y. X, art lime 
.■ inert "n the I'M day of 

urty m.iilor. his affidavit 

> . atid said clerk shall ci.UHi 

:p"n .-uch i>cr.ion corpo- 

riini^trator. cuardian, re- 

:;i -ir, a::ent or factor, re 

!h to shew eaiise why he 

'axcf : ard it he la: ? to 

• oise faid court, at the terra 

ni.,e i-" rl■;u^[a'■l^^ slall enter 

:iri I' r ihe p^iyiuenl of fucb 

■I such pr iceefiirir, which 

- .me force anl ttfcct as a 

>. J1..1 he enforiid hv i x-cution 

.1 iin'y treasurer's t llic-e shnll 

- ' '• rtix"pt of l;!Xe'«. while 

ithof'sxl to nceivo the 

;nfy trc^i^aror in tu:ik'ni; 

.1 III Ust of I enonnl pro- 

■t 'O'y 'otinty. s'.all note 

' 1 r'-'uiti thec-oUHly which 

.; i;l ' x p'ytrinayhave removed 

with the ilate ol his removal, it 

ran such Iv!. 

■inty trt isiivtr iiiimerii.ite- 

■ : with >\ •■ county audilor 
■'>rwar.l t" the aunty trea 

ill t!.;- s-ate, which any 
I'.ivtr has reiu' v>d u» or 

■ III or .1." ount r>' t:iWiso 
' »l I'l s atiiniio . r ac 
! e of [.roprrly on 
e l«vi' (I. .ao.l ihe amount 

• ti. to » t.:cb he .'hill add 
Le ?Bir. I I iwcLli-flve per 

- ■ l( \:id. ii-aiil d- lirqii-nt 

i.nty in which said l;ixei> 

' linif ri'piired bylaw for 

■ dtl'.ver the tax dtiplicare 
-rtr; lut if be left the 

• vioui lu the rfijUTid by law 
for the lie'lvtTV of said tax duilicatc to the 

tv : 

to » 

!i ru'.c ,. 
I OS'S ard 
rule «i.n! 



MTi' . 

on () 


be i 


«h.i' : 

»ar' r 


• h- ' 

• if It; 

• a:. 
tax ; 
to tt 

COur;'" :" ■ •* ■ 



ly <-:. 

cou:. ■- 

the J*r ■ ■ 

ccDtum I 



wh' r 


cedii , 

baVe ':.'■ --111.'- ; ■ 

bertatter l« uivt i 

sod -il! •: v. - I f i- 

»iot - 

>n the fuid county irea- 

e Iwcrily-llvc p«r '■enluai 

■. \ fwi-urer. iinnp d.ate- 

h -'.all roetl or ac- 

' le' t the same ol 

II fu!<! t.ix>-s ui.d per 

he shall lie alluwed 

!• J masurers are U'lW 

• llii lii cdtlinqui.nt taxvs 

".Oil of 1 he per-otian'iiiist 

' l:ir:i«d. 

'oliitii.n of all taxed, in- 
•sts inrr;i|()ri«'d in Ihe pre- 
< vcral CI un'y treasurer? 
ITS thai are now or iuhj 
r ih< c< llic"ii.n cf taxes; 
• d |ur>ti!Jiit lotbeprovi- 
•} any c'ltiDty treasurer 
il'.'d. iu the palest and 

most (.• i.'o I : i.l »..y. 11) Ihe treasurer of the 
county to whchsniri taxi-s b-'onu; and at the 
lame liiue he -hall lorwaid a slatimelJt In the 

•Brtitor if said 'rmniy, siaiinr' • 
colltcv.l aid ' t « l.< m ; an! in car 

ble. : 

acr' . 
(rr,u; . 

ran-i A i ■ . 
lert.fjirt' ;i. lit 

Set-. Ift. I 
• re»'dti.' 
nc-'s or c 
#t»le. lie ■ . 
pre J.ei!j i: • 

tax « 


vi»i' ; 
di*ir:; 'i!! 

Sec. 1- • 
tuiue In 
>;f>f«l< ar ■: 
which af 
making '■ 
t:e;ii : Ir I 
nil' 1- '• 
the . 

whatever, t 
ij the original >• 
'y andiior o; 
■ - sect, tc'gether 
. .<•- could not I* 
< Ricril tMpicity to the 
' \ [!• 1 rij'.ent tux 19' • 

e 11 mount 
lie ia noa- 
• llecttbe 
' 'nent or 

Wi "1 the 
C- ilei!. 

.'»•, and haf provi'M, ino- 

1 r to U-cme ilut 'n tlil« 

'.'< 1 it the Conner wbe r ^u. h 

1 1 , I r in «hfh fucb jersfial 

- ! all proci cd to collect the 

; "ichn.eul or other prcx:e-i« 

:• s i-oilecltd ui:der the pro- 
• ct'dioi; cectlonA, ^hull hi.- 
■ ne mai; Ihat other de 
' » ri'juirtd by I.iw lo If 

gnilty ol a lehmy. and upou convlclion (•hall 
bepunishol by oonllniuieut in the slate prieon 
loi 11 s~ ibaii one year, nor woie than three 

\ eats. 

Ml» KLI-lXKOl .s. 

Jtic. I'll. Every |>ertK-n U liable to pay tax 
r>i Ihe laiidi) or tuwn lots of which be may SI-;.-, si for life, by courtesy in dower, or 
in n-ht ol his wife, or of which be may have 
ill'- Olio 1 1 as j;r.ardian. cxioutor, or a.s anei t 
or ittornoy, bavii'K fundi of Ihe principal Iu 
Ir.s bands 

*o 1 •»,">. Kivery (H-rron lioldinK land* M 
.if iresnid shall (viy tho lax wtii.'h may bo »<»- 
si.s^'d theteon cviry year I'rovUicd. That 
,^..,,1., ad af.ornoNs ,.hill not Ihu- bo ob!i;isl 
lo pi> such lax s iinle:*.^ MitVu'ii'nl luoueys of 
•I'oir priiiclpils are ill their bauds to pay the 

Sts'. It'tJ. Kve(7 porvon boUllo!; lands hs 
i:uari!;ana« alore-n;d and ncu'edini; or refit*- 
ini: to piy the t:\os ou the sMue in manner 
alori'siiil. Is liable i'l an aclioii lo his ward fir 
any .'aina^o siift iiiie.l ly such ntuUct or re- 

S«v. tor Every |ieryon ceized or b-avini; 
the care ol land-i .i.* nforesald as exwutor. and 
«lio uix'<ol!> or rcbm«-» lo j av the l.i\os ou 
the saino in manner aforesaid. Is liable iu a cl- 
»il action lo the dovi-eo of the person whose 
executor he I.--, for any d.iinai;e iveasloned by 
such neirltvt- 

Ao. las Every perioMi havinu the cire of 
land as as;ent orallorney as aforesaid and hav- 
iiu lucds »if the princi;<«l in his hanils. ue^'- 
looiiii;; or re'usins to l*'o Ih- i i\i-s on such 
land, is liable in an aotion to his prinoipil for 
••nv datuotce sustained by »ucb ue»;lect or re- 

See. l(i;>. Ex'eiv attorney. m;eut, Kuatdlan 
or oxiciitor, soi/.etl or havius: the care < f lands 
a* alore*iid. who Is put lo any trouble or e\ 
p«iise in pajii'ir the taxes on «uch Imd-, or 
who lia« loi\d\ai;?o hs own money for psv- 
\c'^ iho 1 ivs 1 n snob lands, shall U- allowed a 
rrasi nable ooin|ien.s:iiloii for the lime t'|H<nt. 
the oxpen-es im-iirnd and money ailvaneed »» 
iforesiid. which shall l>e deemed in nil courts 
a j is( chiri;e ■.ic>in»t the person for whose Ih'U 
etl: the same ha* Nvn advanced, and the s;ime 
shall no preferred to all other de'its or olalras 
and tie a hen on the esta-e. both real and per- 
soti:;l of Ihe person for whoiee bertfil the 
same ha* boen adv meed. 

S< IIll If any perfon seized of la-'d a» 
tci'ar.t by courtesy, or in ilowcr, or se:ze*d o' 
lands for lite, or iu liuht of his wife, cenleels 
to p;'y the tnxes thereon so lont; that such land 
is sol I for the pav mint of iho taxes and dix>i< 
not Within ou- yiai alter such sale rei'eera the 
*iine •.ceontim.- to 1 iw, he shall fort'-il to the 
p-T-oii I e\t inMiled to such lands in remainder 
or reversion all Iheos-tale which he ha... ilicrein 
and t'le vein liii.l. rinan or revt r-ioner ma.v ro- 
detiii s;ii 1 liimls in the same manner that other 
Iindssol'l for taxes are reiteemed ; and more- 
ovir ihe person neijli c'.ini; as aforesaid is lia- 
ble in a i-ivil ic ion lo the person ni xt entitled 
'o Ih'- isMte for all damis;es su-laliied bv such 

See. HI. In all cases where any tract ol 
land is owned by two or more persouii us joint 
tell mis. i-o(iarlner» or lenaota ia common, and 
one or m>re of the proprietors pay the tax or 
'ax lull rest and ]f iially. charjjtil or oharuea 
lile oa hi* prop irtion of such tract and one or 
nuiie 1 f tlieremovicir proprietors fills to pay 
1 is proimriion of the lux or tax interest anil 
pMialiy cha'L'ed or charijiahle on said lai'd, 
iiirl (nrtiliou is made iH-tween ttiein, the tax or 
i.ix iiiieri-s: i.nd pi-naliy. piid iie aloreS;iid. 
-hall hi deemed to have fi-'tn paid on the pro- 
portion of said irac'. .-et on to ih.' proprie'or 
who pail his proportion of said tax or lax in- 
ltre"st and penally ; and Ihe proprietor so pay- 
inir thit x or tax invnsi and [lenaitv as afire- 
sal-1. rliiil hold 'Le.prop irtion of such tract, 
set i.lT to him as aforo-aid fn-e from the reM- 
due of the lax or tax interest and fx-nalty, 
chari;' •! -n -aid ti-Jc' lielore piniiion . and !'ie 
propor'iou ol .s:ii.l traelset off t > the pn>prie 
torwJM has uol piid his pioporton ofsiid tax 
or t.x !iitiie-t and pen.ilty, siiall be char;;, d 
with and held liouiid fir the portion -if said 
liix or t:i.x lUtere^i and [leuaUy remaiuiui; un- 
paid, in the sinie manner as if said partition 
h id been made lielore n'ul tax or 'ax interest 
and p n.ili\ I iul ttrii a.-s,s6. d. and as if said 
proportion of said Ira- t h id been orii:tiially 
listt-il iir taxi'i III iu ihe name of said dchn- 
ijUePl proprietor ; and wheiievet any lauds so 
field by M nuTits ill couimon are said apem pro 
ceedinL's in partition or lakeu by the elee-liou 
ol any of th>' partie-« to «;;eh proceidinirs, or 
when auN real estate is sold al judicial .sale, or 
by admiijistrators. exientors, Kuardiaa- or 
trustees, the courl i hall order the laxt.-*. pen- 
al. i s and i'.tcrest ;i(jaiusl such 1 luds lo tie dis- 
liurL'-d out of Ihe proceeds (>f eueb g.iie <r 

See', lli. All Iruts of land set apart lor 
schoe'l purp.-sis and sold by and under au'.Liir- 
ity ot law, aid all h-nds htrenfier rold by the 
United Sialics, shall be su'je.t lolaxitionas 
other lands in tbissta'c, imiitediaielv alter ^nch 

i-urer shall be all'; wed the 

i.ini» disTess arid sale ol 

■ T Ih'i paement of taxes 

y law to constahh'S for 

■ [.ropi riy I n t xecu- 

1' inpuitd Ironi the 

1 '/I m.ikioi; Ihe distress 

1- n ade by his d'pu'y in 

•hill le ceiunputed 1 Ofii 

1 d^pnly. 

'••''y 'r«i>urer^htt^l. onihe 
list il: J . : r- * ;, 11" I n tie t.nih d.iv ol 
O'-totirii; • .• ti ■• r muke ultleuiint with 
the b •■>!■'. • ' ' 111 110" on. r« or wih ihe cibniy 
.-.uJiO'll; "i. :i\ a'.rl a', f •/•.il'iinnt 
in I tb'U "> 1- I'l n <> said .luliti.r the tux dn- 
pl ca"i: f'f II.'- euin-'l )'ir showir.';; the 
amount wl. e i •' loon" Liip a d 'In n-iiu. 

Sec. 1''.; Till- <•• uriiy trr asnrtr ol the<.-o!;n- 
ty ahall p:iv nv r lo ibo treasiiri r of siiy munl- 
eilial i-'^rinralion or orijaiiiz'.-d lown-hip «,r 
ollnr 'njdy jc litie on Ihe ordu* of the pri)[Hr 
oflSe- te al anv tut: all mf^nies nciivrd by 
him urik.u/ Irom t:ix"s levied and cdlected 
helut'K'rp tOM>i-!i inii'iieipil cor|Kiratlon oror- 
t'ani/e.l lowi:!.ii'p. and iiiim"UaNly utter b's 
.•ettltni: cl in F> iittiaty :,nd 0> tolK-r in each 
Je'ir. p.av over all inoueyi ard deliver up all 
orders and oihei ividtuce of indcbiednefld rif 
mch inuiii'-ir»' 'orpi ration or other iKxly pol- 
itic ard talo- ilup.i at-.: reeeipts ihiTcfiir, ard 
lile one with the CMnptrollir i,( the citv or the 
elerk of a town or oihi r eoriHinitob and one 
■with the county auditor; and sn< h m<me)s ng 
said iria-urer nmy rtccive after tlu^irm'] lor 
delir.(|tirnt luxes, lielontllnir lo such township 
or other cor|Mira'ion. he ^hall pay over to Ihe 
Irea'urer iheifif n.s he receives ihern onl be 
Bhall lake duplicate receipts of ibe trca"- 
urer ol raid township or corporation for said 
monev*. one nt which he thall retain, and one 
of which he shall fill- wilh the connly auditor, 
and for a tiilaie t'j [lay over money held by 
him. lo the proper authority, when demanded 
or a failure to account lor tiiuney received by 
blm u rc<|uired by law, he libaU be deemea 

Sec. M,".. No ^icrsoD is required to for 
taxaliooanv ce'riifle'nleof the capital s'ook "f 
anyiompany the iitpilal etock i-f which is 
taxed in the u line of .-aid company. Personal 
pro[>eriy Of every description and ei edits, 
shail beasMs.sed in ihe name of the person 
who the owner thcriof on the day next 
pricdiPi: the seci.d Monday of .June in the 
y^ar in which -uch ajseetn:cnt is made. If anv 
IMTson, lor the puriHse of avoiding the listing 
or the paymi nt ot lax'.'s on any proportv sulj. 
j'Ti to taxation. Sells, uivesanay or otherwise 
di po.»t8 ol any si oh pioperly under or subject 
to any a!:neaie-nt i xjiressed or implied, or .any 
under-taudiri; Willi the purchaser, docee or 
recipient 111' re I, thai Ihe same Is lo be re- 
C'-'nve}ed. restored or re delivered to Ihe per- 
son SO di-p isioirof snch pro^ierty he shall h>r- 
leii ind p;iy for the nse of the soumy double 
the ainoHct of tax chnrmHihle on snob" properly 
for iLecuirict jcar. 

Sec. 114. When litidi or lots li.iblo bi tax- 
ation are held npoD permanent lea.«c and with 
the impieivements thcreoa are taxed in the 
I aiiio ed the li-ssee, il the same are suffered lo 
b.-e-ouiedelii-einent ai d nre brouzhl to sale by 
the. e-onnty auiiitor for the tion (Kiyment of the 
t.">x. it terest sih! jiinaliy due thereon, such 
sale shall In- d to the rii;Iitof the lessee 
ou Ihe premises mid 11 e impro\ements there- 
on, if the sat!!'' are siilUeient to meet the tax, 
in'ortfl and i»'i'aliy so assessed and due. Pro- 
vi-' (I. That Dolhii't; herein contained shall be 
-o c >ii-irned as biieipiire such lands or lots 
lo be d:treri-ntly de-cril>cd on iheduplicale or 
advent-' 't in an> repar.iie or distinct form, or 
in ai.y other manner than oibcr lauds and lots 
nndcr the provisions cfexlstinc laws. 

Sec. 115. The lien of the slate for the taxes 
levied for a!l purposes in each year, attaches 
to all real property subject to such taxes, on 
the tirst day of Aatfust, annually and con- 
tJDues until such tax«8. witn any jienalty, 
which ae'cmes thereon, are paid. Provided, 
That as liciwcen uran'or and crantee. such lieir 
shall not att.ach until the first day of Deeem- 
tier, and all personal pro(<;rty subject to t.'ix- 
atinn is liable to I* seiz -li and sold for ta:es 
levi'd theie-'n. and the personal properly of 
any d'.ccased I c:-^on is liable, in the hands of 
any executor or adniinistrilor. for any lax due 
on tie same by ai'v le-tator or inte*latc. 

8ec llii. Kands s'lld orforleittd lor non-pav. 
ment cf taxes shall be retained on the 'lupli- 
cate and taxes aesessed thereon each year, and 
ftu'h su' s'ljuenl tax'js and interest on such 
forMted lauds, shill constitute and remain an 
a-!ditional lie'n U[)"n .«'ijeh lands under the orig- 
inal hirleitnre ut.til pa d. The county auditor 
shill designate in a inarsrinal column that such 
la'ids are sold or forleited. 

Sec. 117 The taxes on nal property for each 
year sh;dl be paid durini; the months of 
uary ai d Fehrnarv in each succeedinif year, 
and if not paid in full by the lirstday of Marr-h 
in each eear. shill be deemed delinifucut, and 
a jienilty of live per cent shall lie added there 
to, which shall consliinte and remain a lien ou 
such proper y until paid. 

Sec. 118 .-Kny pels 'n owning or having an 
interest in lands on which lax'.-s are d'-linquent 
ai aioresaid, in.iy pay the tame wi;h th-- ae- 
priii d i-e'Dalty at any time liefore the tirst .Mon- 
da> in June. Provided, That il sueli piyment 
is not m.-ide until the land has been advertised 
for sale as hereinafter prescril'ed, there shall 
he added to faid lax and jienalty a ffie <f ten 
C'.'nts for each des-cripiii-n .\-d prov.ded, fur- 
iher. Thai all taxes, penaMi-s. intercs'. and 
costs, of prior years on .*aid land are paid also. 


Sec. 119 County aud tors shall cau.«e the 
list ftf delitq'ient l.inds in their respective coun- 
ties, to tie (utili-bi-l at least three weeks Im'- 
twi-en the third .M of March and the 
third Monday ol .M»yiueach jcir, in some 
newspaper printed and piiMi-.beel in Iheir re- 
Rl-ectiie counties. Ihe putilii-her o! which shall 
auree lo do Ihe s me at a price not exceeilinR 
Ihe rates all'iwed by law, ii any such is [lUb- 
l<-!ii-d ilieri in a i.d if them is none such, then 
in •om>- such tiewspipir prin'ed and published 
at Ihe capital of the si ite To which li»t there 
-hull be ai'ai-lied a notice, that Ihe whole of 
lie several Ira'ts or town lots in »aid li-l c in- 
lained. or so uiie h ihereol a.s shall be r.eces-a- 
rv to piv Ihe l:.x s s'H'aliy, and exiM-nses 
charjj'-d ibereon, will Is; sold at the courl 
hou-e in such eoun'y. ur in case there '8 no 
curl h"uw. at such other p'ace as ni iv Ik' de- 
termiMd u|sin l>y llie eouniv ci'mnis-ioners 
',f said connly, on the hrsi M-indav in .June 
next ihereaf er, e r on any sub-<ipient day to 
which snob sile m 'y be lawfully ait^uurned bv 
ihe county treasurer, nnle-s such taxes, penal 
ly and exi>en«-s are paid bef ire that lirne 

8ec. 1 >• Tne c-mnlv aud'tor shiP, on or bo- 
fore Ibe day ol sale lueiitiom d in such notice. 
Insert at the foeit of th'i r'-ord of the delinijuent 
li-t. a copy ( f -uch notice, and simll. aUo. cer- 
tify on fail recoid, iinm-.:dt itely followini; such 
I'ltic; the name of the paper and the lennth 
of lime such list and noticu were puhlUhed 

Sec li!l. ImmtdiMe'y Iwfore advertlsinE 
such bslofdelinqijcnt land and lots, ib'jcounty 
auiiitor -hill e'ini|>are the i-atne with Ihe dupli- 
cate iu the hant's of Ihe county IreaMirer. and 
strike therefrom all finds or town lots upon 
which Ihe taxes, pfsnalty and costs of the pre- 
ceding > erir. with thc'toxcsof thecnrrenlyear, 1x1 n paid, and proceed to advertise the 
rem under as hep-in prc?crllx;d. 

a«c IJi. The otiniy treaburer or bis depu- 
ty shall a! tend al th<; court houie or at Mime 
other I rinvenienl place „i the county seat of 
hU county, on the II rsl Monday in June, and 
shall then and there at and alter the h"Ur of 
lea in the forenoon, proceed lo cfT r lor sale 
al pnhl.c auction eparnblv, p.ich tract of land 
or town lot contained in the a.lvi ni-ement 
ftloresald. and on which the taxes, poiuiliy and 
CO is have not been imld ; and the le-raon i.ffer- 
iiiK at said sale lo pay the tixes, |Mnnlty and 
eo-its charged on such land or lot, tor lh« least 
quantity thereof, shall lie the purchaser of -uch 

Bee 123. Said sale thall commence wiih the 
li-h'v tract or lot In the adverli^id li.^t, on which 
ih<: taxes, |>enally and costs remain unpaid, imd 
priM-eed in reitular order ihrouKh said li.<it, and 
said sale may lie adjourned by fiublic outcry 
from d.iy today, for a (leriod of llltccn d.iys, 
if neeessary, for the disposal of such lands" 
I'rovld'd, That nolhlim in this feciion shall be 

oiririni;. Iu bis disorellem, any tract of land, 
two or more tiiut>« at the same sole. 

Sice'. P.M Each Iracl or Kit soolfered and n«t 
purchased by any person as aUucatakl, shall lie 
struck oiriu, auil btvome lorfeite'd to the tiate. 
Sec. I.'.'. The |>er«ou purobasiuK any triot 
of land, luwu lot or any pari thereat, shall 
iorlhwith pay to the treiasurer the amount of 
t.ixe's. penalty and oeKsts ehariti'd Ihureon, aud 
UH fiiluie so to do the Irea.surer shall imme- 
diately idl.'r said tract of land or town lot 
■Kaiu fur sale iu the same manner a* If no such 
■al« had )>een mide, and thei (lersou so falliut; 
to make paymonl shill hulell and pay a |H-n- 
ally elf Iweuiy-llvc per centum ou Ihe uuumnl 
ot sai I tax and (lonaliy. lo bo recovcri-d bv a 
civil aoliou iu the name of the treasurer, lor 
the use ol iho county, tn-lore auy justice of the 
(Nace or com I h ivlut; juriHlieliou. 

Sev. IJii. The eouutv auditor or lis deputy 
shall atund all sales ol delinquent luids anil 
kits made by the treasurer of bis county, and 
shdl make a rivord thorcol iu a sut<staiitial 
lieKik. therein devcrihlui; the several tracts of 
laud aud town li<ts offered for ivtio, ae the sumo 
shall have tie'en doscrilwd in the adverli.scmeut 
aloresaid, and stallm; how much of e.ich tract 
or town Kit was sold aud lo whom sold ; and il 
any tract or lot remains iiu.-old for want of 
bidders, he shall so enter II ou the re-cord, 
wilh the word.* ' lurlelled to the stale," t;ivlu;; 
the dale lheri>of; and ttie au.litor shall make 
iml aud certify a copy of said reetird aud tor- 
ward the same to the auditor of statu by the 
e-uunty tre'asurer, at the same time such tieas- 
uror nukes his annual rcluru of state tux next 
after such sale. 

Sec. 1J7. The auditor shaU make out and 
deliver to the pure baser of any land or lots 
s lid for Ihe delinquent taxe'S as aloresaid, a 
ivrt.tifitc 1 f purcliase, therein descrlbini; the 
land or lots so sold .is the same was deseribtxl 
ill the lax duplleaie, and slating therein the 
aiuouiit of laxes i>eually and chart;es lor which 
the same was sold ; aiai if only a pirtota tract 
is sold such certiiioale shall s|M'cify the qiiau- 
lily sod, and shall be di roe ted lo ibo county 
surveyor, whose duly il shall lie, when re- 
quested by the purL-liasor, his assit;ueo or heirs 
lo lay I'tf by lueles and bounds, as tier a* 
pru'iicablc, at the most norlh-wes'-erly corner 
of the tract from which the sale was made, the 
quanlliy so sold; and if the sale is made from 
an In loi or out lot in any town or Irom any 
|iari:cular part thereof, it sh.all lie the duly of 
the county survoyi>r so to lay off th<;partor 
portion sold that it shall extend from the main 
or i-rincipal street, or iilley which way be 
the most cjuvenieiit front of such lot, to the 
rear of the lot and to thinnd the same bv liue< 
as nearly parallel wllb ihe outlines i.l such lot 
as practie'abic ; but such Muv.y shall be 
luide uu'il the expiration ol the liiio.- ai'.owesl 
for red-inp:iim. 

See. JJ.-<. Sa d certiHoates of purob.isa shall 
b-j a-slj;nable in I iw, and iiu assi^uuKe: liiore- 
if shall vest in the as ij{uee or hi.s ic^al repre 
sentalives all the li^bl aud litle of iho o.ii; 

Sec. 12ii Al any lime bef ire auy traci or 
parcel ol land forfcied tothesia'e is redeem' d 
as bereiii3tli>r provided, aty person may be 
e.iiiiiihe 1 u:v'-,aser thereof by payint; int"> Ihc 
coiiu'.y lieasuiy i f the cmnly where such par- 
cel or imct of land wasoff.'reJ for sale, all Ihe 
taxes, penalty, c-isis and inteiest due ihercoii 
al th= lime ol such purchase, iiLd ihc couuiy 
auiiilur shall ihereup<;n make aud deliver to 
suck purcha-er a cer'iticite of purciiiss such 
as i» prescriijod in tei.-iiou one hundred and 
twenty-seven aforesuid, recitiui; therein 
Ihe lime whi n said tract or p.ireel ol land was 
loifeited to the slate and such purehaser shall 
tliereupoii Ucuue vested wllb the fame rights 
as he Would have acquired had he liecome the 
puroh.iser uf s;»td laud al ih-j delinquent tax 


KKOt-MiTl'.>S or U.\ND. 

Sic- 1311. Lands and loivu lo's sold or for- 
feiti 'I to the stale-, as aforesaid, m ly ha re 
ileemed at a'jy time within two >e.ars after the 
ilavof sale or lorteilure and all laiidj lols beloni;- 
ini; to minors, femmes covert, insane [lersous or 
person* iu captivity seild or forleitei for taxes 
a* aloresaid may lie redeemed al auy lime 
within two y. ais aflcr the rcmovil o! such dis- 

S- e l:il. All applications f.4r the redemption 
of iauils town or lots soid or loifeit'd for 
ta.x.s shall tio m le'e lo the county auditor o 
the couuiy iu whicii such Ian Is or town lots 
are silu.ited. Such appiiealiou may be made 
by the owner, or tie any oilier person hivim; 
an iu.ere«t in or lieu up'uu such lauds or lots. 

See 132. Kedemplioii shu'l be made as fol- 
low* : the per-ou desirins; to redeem auy lands 
or 'oi* sold or forfeited for taxes, or auy part 
thereof o- i;i'.erc*t therein, siiall apply to Ihe 
County auditor, w hi shall j^ive him a coriitl- 
cate *iatitn: the tiiuu when and the sum f .ir 
whi^U Said land w-i* Sold, the amc nil ut the in- 
terest du'.; on such sum al the date of euch 
certibcal'-, at the rale <jf iweni.\-foiir per ccuL 
per annum Irom the day of sale, and ull mbs, - 
queut tixi s •is-*s*td the'rcon wiih interest :i'. 
Ihe ra'.e of iwculy-hiar i'tf cen'.. per annum 
from the first day of June suceeedii:;; the levy 
of i>ich taxe'S < r iu ca*>- siid land wis forf.jiti il 
Ihe daie of su h forh imre the amouut ol the 
taxes, iuteroi an. I ehari^e* due at such dale, 
and all -ub- q leul taxes, lnl'.'rest aud char;ie8 
due ihereou lUe same as it the lacd had Iiee-n 
sold; acd upon p.iymenl iuto the cjunty 
tre-asury of such =uin or amount, sufsequent 
taxes, inleresl and charges, snch cerliliciue so 
siven by the said auditor thall be the evi- 
dence of the reilemption ofsaidlandi. 

Sec. 133. VVhen auy joint tenant, tenant in 
common or co-partner is cntitld to redeem 
any land or town lol sold fir taxes, and any 
pcis-ju sl> entille'd reluscs or neglects to join 
in Ihe applica ion for the ci riilic.ite of le- 
demptii'U. 'ir from any eausi! e.innot be joined 
in snch applicali'in, the auditor may entertain 
the application of any one ot such persons or 
so m.auy :v* j"in therein, and may make a cer- 
liticale for the redempilou of such proportion 
of s;iid Und ur lot as the |i«rson making such 
appiiciliuu sh:ill be entitled lo redeem. Upon : 
the prcsunta'.iou ol any such certilicale to Ihe { 
county irca-urcr for the redemption of any I 
land or town Ijt, and upon the payment of the 
mone} into the cjunly treasury .as aforesaid 
the couuty lrca.-urcr shall nive the persou 
mahinu such piyiaenl duplicate receipt.8 there- 
for, describing the properly, or land, or town 
loi, as the siipe Is di-scriUil iu or upan the 
certilicale ol the au lilor as aforesaid, one ot 
wbich recei|)le shall he rcKisiercd by the tre-a.*- 
urer and immediately died with the eounly au- 
ditor by the (lerson receivlniC the same; and 
thereni'on the audil'ir shall forthwith cancel 
the sale and iraiisler the pro;>erly, land or town 
lot to the preqier j>erson, anei such receipt 
when so Bled shall o[)erate as an exlinf^uish- 
ment of all ri!;hts, either in law or equity, con- 
ferred in any w.ay or manner by such sale. And 
the au'lit'ir shall ioii)lish a notice ol such re- 
demption Ml llie 8.ime newsjiaiier in wbich ihe 
advertisement ot the sale had been published 
f')r the term of three week-4. either in a week- 
ly or daily paper, once iu each week, at an ex- 
pense not excec 1 m one dollar. 

Soc. 131. When any tract orporti'in ol land 
or town lot or part thereof, is thus redoemed, 
or any deposit thus made, the auditor of the 
c 'iinty shall note such reJemption or deposit, 
the ilaie thereof and by whom ma'le on his 
rec'ird of tax "-ales and sijjn .lis name olllcially 

Sec 13.>. I'pon the ileuuud of the purchas- 
er or bis lenal representative and the surrender 
of the tix ceriide'ale. and upon the p;iyment of 
the auditor's lees, the county auditor shall 
draw his warrant upon the county treasurer 
in favor of soch purchaser or his loRal repre- 
sentative, lor the arauuot of money so depir- 
iled, as herelnl)efore mentioned, with me 

Sec. Mii. Incase any lastiotr arid valuable 
improvements are made by the purchaser at a 
sale for taxe-s or by any per-oii ci aiming; under 
bira on any I lO'J or lowu lol lor whicb a cer- 
tilicale ol redemption is mide ar afir-.^^i J. the 
prrmise--" shiill not fe res'ored to iliu iii-tson 
obtainini; such eerliB''a!e until h". \a\f, or ten- 
ders lo Iheadv'irse pirly lb ■ v.lite oi such im- 
prnvemenls, and il the parties cmnoi :l^crl.•e 
on the value of -ucU iiupr-iv.'inenl* ihi" same 
Iiroeeeslints shdl lie hid iu reiaiioii i hereto as 
arc pre-crib d in any la* i x'-tiiiu 'it the time 
of such proceedini;- Ion he reliet of occu.oiDsr 
claimants ot I lud ; liiil no piirchi-er of uu.v 
land or liwn lot sold fir laX'S nor any per- 
son el'iinin;; under iiiiu is entitled to any 
com[>eiisaii"U lor a^y improvements which he 
makes on such laud or i'>wu lot within two 
years after the sale then< f 

Sec. 1.37. Al the ispiraiion I'f two yivirs 
from the (1 It'! of lorleiiur.; as en-ielonlhe 
rec'.r't of the C'unty au.litor. every or l-it 
lorleitid-i, ahirc-'iiid nn I not redeemed, be- 
coun- lur .-iijsulu'e propi rty ol ih • state, wilh- 
out :.ny lurtlier e.t; or ceicinouy whii'ver. 
and m ly be di.-pos<:d of lor ei-h, 'ai pu'ilic or 
private sale, as the state audiior miy iflVccl 

Sec. 13a. Up m the sale of any such land-i 
or lots by the state, the couii y auiiitor of the 
eouuty in which the land* he, sliiil execute 
a (lei d ot conveyance ther.Mil lo the purchaser 
whicu shall vest in the};riii ee. Ins heirs or a.s- 
siKus, a K'lOd and valid litle in law and equity 
and lie prima fitie evidcLce thereof iu alt the 
courUi ol lhi-4 4la'e. 

S.'C. 139. At any liini; afier the expiration 
of tin- [Hriesl of reilemption if the land or lot 
-old as aloresaid has n'll twvn redeemed with- 
in the time allowed by law, the o'luniy auditor 
shall, ou reqtiest, and on production of Ihe 
eertilicate ol purchase, and in ease of the sale 
of a part ejrily of a tract of land or lot on pro 
duction of Ihe county survyor's return of a 
survey in case he deeiiissucli siiivey necessary 
in conformity with the riquiriiions of such 
cerliflcale, execute aud deliver to the paichas- 
er, his heirs or a*si;?nee a* the else may be, a 
deed of conveyance fir the Iratl of laud or 
town lot or such part thereof a-s has licen sold 
as alores dd. Provhled, That « h'.n two or 
more parcels of the tame Iraul or lot of laud 
have been sold for.the noo paymenlof taxes to 
the same purchaser, thai the coDuly auditor on 
production of llie c'.rliliealc- <1 the purchaser 
or on production of it e ciunly lurveyor's re- 
lum of surveys ihercol, iu uoiiformity with 
said ccrtilicales when snch tnrveys are re- 
quired, shall execute and deliver one deed ot 
conveyinee of the several pirteMso Eold to 
the purchaser, hie hens ur a.-oi>{n<, which deed 
so executed und delivered, shall ve« in Ihe 
Krantee.his helr« or assl^na the same title both 
in law aud ' q ilty, ai it He; sevird dui'li for 
each and every parcel s-j s-ild, weie or had 
been ex- cute'l 

Sec- 110 The del S) mile by the Au'li- 
lor, shall v.'sl in the Krauleu, his hnr.i or a - 
slKns, a h'hmX und valid liile b iih iu law and 
e-i iliy. uiid shall Ije reciived in ad courts as 
puma I kI-j i-vid' iicri of a iro d ami val'.d lille 
In such irninlee, his h>!iia .ml a«-i<.^l>s 

Sec. 111. The puiehL--e,r lit a sale ol lauds 
or lotn fur taxes ol the inteiest of any joint 
lena t, tenant in coiuin'in or eij-i^iariner, or 
of any pari or portion < f siieh Inltresi, shall 
on obtaining the deed Irom Ihi iiiidilor, lor 
the parlor jiorlioii so tiy lii-'i ii'ircbased, hold 
the same aBleutni ui e<Mnmou with the Mlher 
proprietors of such hind or lot, and he entitled 
lo all till) prl7ili!:ri» of a tenant In common, 
until 1 1 gal petition of such land or lot is 

Sex;. 112. L'pm the fale of any land or 
town lot for delinquent taxc, the 1 en which 

transferred to the purchaser al such s ^l^, and 
if such sale proves to be luvalid, nn w-couDt of 
any irroKularlly In the proceudhiKS ol auy olU 
cer haviuK auy duty to perlorm in relation 
Iheruto, ibe pu' chaser at such sale is cniiLled 
to re-etiivu Irom the pru|irletor of such lanFor 
lut Ibe amemul of laxoi and |ienalty sod iuler- 
esl locally diie lhere^elu, aud ibu amount ol 
tuxes paid thercJU by Ihe purchaser sul«<». 
quent to such sale ; and such land or lol U 
iKiuud lor the payment thereof. 

Sec 1 13. No sale ot any land or town lot 
for deliiipieut luxei>, shall be considered io- 
v.did oil aecouul of its baviu^ been (harKe-d «iu 
the duplicate iu any other name than that of 
the iii.'liitul owner : Provided, Thaisuch land 
or lot Is in other ii*pee'l8 sulllcieolly deserib. 
eel on the dupliealo, and llie laves for which 
the saui" is sold are due and unfiuid at the 
time ot such sale-. 

See. 1-1 1. When by the provlsiuos of any 
lormer law, the eolleeior of taxeji or the coun- 
ty trca.*urer was aulhori/.e-il lo make dueds h>r 
lands or lots by them sold for deliuqueut taxes 
and the same has not tteen done, the county 
auditor is hereby authorized to umku such 
deeils to all persons enlilleil thereto ; and 
de'e-eU so mode by the auditor, fhall l>« lui nood 
and valid iu law as if made by the person 
lUUhoriz,'*! uudcr such former law to iiiikc 

Si'c 1 1 j. The county auditor of the county 
ill which any laud or town lol is sold for tixe*. 
under the provisions of this chapter, is 
iz.d uuit require 1 lo execute the prope-r deed 
therefor, to Ihe (KTSon entitled to receive the 
sar.i", whether the s.aid l.ind or town lol shall, 
at the time of the execution ol said deed, con- 
tinue to lie within said county or not, lu the 
same manner a-. Ibouch the said 1 nd or town 
lol still reiu'iine'd within the limits thereof— 
any l.iw to the oonlrary iiolwilhstandiiii;. 

S'C 1 li>. The eounly niiditor shall enter 
in a IsMik t 1 le; kept in his oUioe. a niiiiulo 
of a'l dcedj by him m ide, for laud aud town 
lots or parts thereof sold for taxes; iheiein 
namiu:; the person who sieiod char>i;ed wiih 
Ihe taxes at Ihe time of snob sale, and the 
dale of the sale, th'' name of the purchaser, 
a brief descriptiiiii of the land or lol so sold, 
the quantity sold, the amount lor which the 
same w i« S'lld. the name of Ihe cmntee in 
the deed, and the dale ol i(s exeoutlou. 

Sec. 1-17. VVhen any traet or (Hirliou ol 
land, town lot or pari thereof. H sold or for- 
feited for t ixe*, and ufierwards rcdeemeil, the 
county audiior shall insert a miuute of such 
redetupliou. the date thereof, and by whom 
made, ou his record of sales of land for de- 
lioqiienl taxes, and sinu the same olU.;ially. 

Sec. Ut<. Whenever any ccrlitleale which 
has Iseii. at any time issued to a purchaser 
of lind sold for taxes, under any act hi'reto- 
f'lre pi~sed on thai subjvc', ha* lie"n loi^t or 
de-slroyed, aud no deed has Uen exeeuled 
llurelor, ihe auditor shall, alter tieinj: lully 
saii.-ti-d by due |iroof ol the issuance aud loss 
of said eirtili'-ale, execute lo said purcha.*er a 
tf'Kid and sulB -lent deeel of the laud or lot de- 
scriiied ill said certilicale. and the said deed 
shall b- as Valid and ell'ectuul us If said eerlili- 
c lie had not be-i-n lost or di'Stroye-d 

See HO. The county audittir iu ■ ach 
comly. on a sale beirj; made by him, of a 
tract of imd lo any person, under this chip- 
ler, shill t'ive such purchaser a eertilicate of 
such sale : and if the land so sold is not an 
entiae original tract, and the countv uuditar 
deems it uecessary, said ceraticate" shall be 
directed to the cou'ity surveyor, re^uirini; 
him to pr.jcced a: ih" rique-t of the purcha- 
ser, big heirs or assii;uee.«. to a-certaiu the 
li'iunliriis of su.'h Iract of land. uuie'.ss said 
tract is held in comin-in with any other person; 
on producing or reluruiuj; to llie eounly audi- 
tor iha certiacnte of sale, ivhere the s;u"d tract 
sold is an entire ori;;iiial tract, or is held in 
common wiih any uUier pers-iu. or ou pro- 
diicinj^ the plat and eertilicate of the county 
surveyor, attached to a copy of the corti- 
fti-ite of sile. Ihe county auditor shall on 
the purchi-e-, hi-i lie-irs, or a-*siirnees, pay 
iuij to him the sum of one dollir and iweuiy 
live ctnts. ei i ute and deliver lo uch pu cui?er 
his bel.-s or iisiij .i. a died It'o ui iieterui: 
which de d sh^U tie primi /aeie evidence of 
titio in Ihe p'rcliaser i-r i uich-ser«: I'riioied, 'ibai 
il auy 1 nd i..8ol«l by viitueof ibis ibapbr. tlie 
prop rty of auy niinur. ftruTc lov. r'. b sane p r- 
sou or 1 c'ro B iu cipimy, t' c owner o'-o'iier- 
itiercol has » rght to ndeem thus 'me in tn" mm 
uer p-^s r be-d i-v law: I'mt rai, aUo. if a'ly 
tr c of land.-eld'i.v viroic ofili t jrovlson- if thts 
ih p'er th>'tt>ts b ivIdi; been retfn'a ly paid p e- 
viiiu* r 1 -ai 1 sale, such sale in h reey d- elan a void ; 
and h- I'Ur h lsc^ I li heir* or a-aciieo- O" p'o- 
du l-i,r f .• ceili -ca e of lale t- the audit- r of it-, 
is en 11 id o) h.avo ni- nioiify reiunded fo . ibe 
state ire i-ury; ad the aidl ir shall i«yi.- lai.o 
oil Ol m-.iLey ap, riipiated for lef ndintr luxe* 
t . ic ! or mp i.p-.riy paid. 

Sjic-. 15 1 Any p^r uu e'a m in; »uy in- 
lot, oa'-lo or part uf a l-t by vi lue of .lUj sile 
m.-'de lie fie i) inisiii sot thischa t.r, »- tentut m 
eoiiionu *in any oitier person ur p~:8"n<, may ap- 
p'y t rpa'ii lou of th;saii:e. lu ih.- sauic mau er 
is no* 1- or in IV I.e n oviilei lor the parnlio.i ol 
oil e 'Hie, und on pieseniin^ th'- Co miy audit r'* 
Heed, iheio nt. he'f iic wfcn appll^a Ion f -r isfti- 
tio'i a* an esa'd is m;i(!e, shi'l s.-tiiff losiiclip'-r 
s)ii, hltdili ed in s-driicd, >:8 hissha e. ia 
Ihe siBie iiia'ii tr .Ts prei'K'ri'c.l b liW tor Ihe p ili- 
llon if c-tl'e^ inlanits len-.'meitsorhj'ediUnituts 
o( JO' t t.-nauis, ten u's ia eooinioD. .■-nd cj pert- 

.*ier 151. TLepir^harcr of any suh lauds, his 
heirs -r > ssijjns, shil from Ihe d-iyofsi ch pir-rh i« •• 
be 'uken lo a I c-'urt* ns the a-tl^ucc of the tale of 
Mlnre'ota: 'Ld thean oan' oi "uies. Irtirest and 
l-eialties. eh.arirtd on the said lacd at the time it 
wa«-o'd trigufber wilh til K-iritl taxis ntier«ards 
Paid the-cju by sirh pu-rlijser. hi* heirs or H-- 
1-1:11-1 shilt 1 e a lien ou said ismls. and may l>e en- 
foicel lis atiy otfier le n; lU ah. eases wbere any 
1 lamianl ol an ■ Uiid* wh ci m ly he-eif er be solil 
forihenon jaynientof tans his heirs or ai-L'ns, by .v.ilon ur oih-.'rwis! the Und so so das 
tiforesaiil lor lux •". snfh cla'msLl hi* he r» or as- 
sign- sia'i refund loth'; pnrcha-er. bis Iters oras- 
^il;o^ 1 he amoonl of taxes. Inter. St and penaltiiw 
due to the -'.lie on tli<j lanU when sod, toge'her 
wl hall o her t^xespiidthereua hjsach pu-chaser. 
h'shc'rsor asl.'H*, wild inteiest to be recovered 
by aciion or counter claim, or o hcrwl-e as the cise 
m.ay require ard the same sh 1 1 be paid to the per- 
si n •rtiilcd thereto, hcioro sach i>erso . shdl b- 
ovi t d or turueu out of p-eti-tlan oy a-v 
ilalinaut leooverlni;, bf action, the l»nd sold 
fur uxi;-: Pitci'eii, 'that a tix died is 
print /ui e i.ieuce in all ca-c of a I k\\ and 
va'id lire iu the i>arty to dm; the same, or his 
a-e ens. 

^l■:^. l.vj. '.Ly.irsonwha h sa Ion by tnort- 
caiic or o'biMww, nisiu ary land on vilich Ihe 
l;ixes have not bcea p ltd. maypiysucii texis aud 
1 h«! inerest. pecalty acd cbarccs t' ereon, and tt;c 
ri coipt ot the person antnorl/.-.d to recci e sai h ta«, 
sba I coHstltnc an additional ilun on such Imd to 
the amoaut t-erein spoiiacd and the Interest Iher - 
on andtSe amount so paid and the interest ih rcon 
ehall be colleelable with as a patt of, and la the 
some muiiier us the amojut s.-carecl by the or.glual 

t'ror. l.'iJ When aiy tax on re\l estate is paid 
by or collected of any occnpaot or tenant, or sny 
other jierson wbich b» aijieement or otherevlse 
oni;h'tobave bien paid by the owner, le<s<> r, or 
other psr y ia iLlercst, snch occupant, lenaitor 
other peisiQ may recover by action, tnc amnnn 
whicb snch owner, lessor e>r iiar.y in interest oDgnt 
tohave paid, with lu'erctt tb«rcon, ut th' rsie of 
twelve per rem. per asnar., or he may retain the 
sams from any rent due or ac- raii.ij Irom him to 
ra'n o^v^«r or 'eB<or. fir red estHle on wh'ch such 
lax is s(i p-od a id ihi same sh dl until pail, consti. 
tale a I en upou such real o-ilate. 

For. l.'sl. sctions to let tte validity of any 
proceedinir nndcr this chapter, or to detem ne any 
ca'm mud'? niiiret orby viitueul anysncb procecd- 
IPK. shell be commenced v.ithn three yearj aUer 
the sale of the land for non-pavnicni of taxes, 
ond not oiberwi-e; Proridid That In the ca«e« con- 
templa'cd by iheslxly-flf-.h secfon of this chapter, 
su-h action may becomTenccU within three years 
nfter nolire &f snrh sale-. 

Snrr. 155 Whea n sa'e of any Lands, as provided 
lo h's ih»i ter, is d'.clired void by ud^eincnt of 
con t, o' wbeu any such ea'e isvuld by reason ol 
the taxes ha>^ln:; teen r.'pn'arly lalt prior th nto 
tne mi n ly psi i by th« pnrcr.aser a. su h vu'd sale 
thai I he refunded to him imt of the county t'casary, 
on the order ( f the c lunty aadiio-, and so much of 
■all taxasb'S been iisld into the siaie tre-ttnry 
sn 11 tie cdar^tHl to It by th' coaniy snnllur, and 
deducted Ir lui lh<j next monvy due ibe state on 
aecount of laxei 

^ec 15ii. All land* heretofore foileied to the 
s'ate prioi In Ibe first day of .lune *, i>. lSi;5, and 
low icmalnlnumsod or nnrcdcemid, miy he re- 
deemed a' any time prl-^r to the lies'. Mundiy of 
.lane A. 11. Isiji;, upoa paymei l of 'ax«s, penalty, 
interest and costs due al raid last named da e: aiid 
all such l«'. lis remainine nored eeedon sad tlrst 
<4omlav In .tue ». n. Isiji'., shall he ome Ihe ab-o- 
lut'i prop?rty of Ihesti'c, and may be disposed of 
at public or piiva-e sa'e a* tie s'late suiiUnr may 
Cliccl under Uio, pr vlsioip of thi-i ehiplor. 

sec. I.M. \ I aed< fere "f re I ifci eel lo 'he 
stateniou and af er trefln diy f .Inne « n. !Sii.\ 
and which b a I no hj so d <r r-ile* med prl»r lo the 
nrst Mond-iy in .Tiin-i A. n l^tii;, b-h 1 liecu'iie siib- 
j ct to li e pr VI I n' of thl- 'h'pe to ihe same 
ext-r-t a* Imid- hereiirer r.irf t»d to thesli'e nnier 
the. provis'ous heri of; ard may bo redeem-d wtiiin 
the s iir.c time, or il;sp>-ed of it iinrca emed. in 
like n iLn r, ULder the direction of the e'ato uuui- 

nee. I5i. T h> uc eha I ti-k) effec" and he in 
force foiu and afier I s pi-sage. 
■>pprotd .Maicli 2 . Isi'.'.. 

SO construed m lo I'revetjt eaid treasurer Itoc^ the •'a'-c bw thereon for taxes then due, U 


.TiVN'^KN BR«:)TirK;l-t8. 


rhairs. Bedsteads Louiijs^es, 

OF oKscRfpr/oif, 
Eagle f^trect, near tht Upper Leoee, 
ivr. PAUL, MINN. 

All kiDil- of larnlnj; for ealc and done to order, 
•croll ^i'A'n« sod Planlnx attended to, 
onMi' ' V 



Of llUARANrK.KO COKKI-.C TNKS 4 lor nil 
Lands ur bts la Itamipy county, furaltheHl with 
dtspiteh by 


Itcul Ehtate and (•cncral Agents. 

K"al Ks'Ble bouRlit and sold, rent" eolli-ctpd 
with cire of rented preml-en, lax 'h j a d, and nil 
budnirs p'rtaininn 10 l£"al Ksla'rt nn I « eiieml 
Ag**ncy, aoun with promptness. 

kekhi;k*iiks, nr i-krviissio.n : 

Blzelo-ir% Clark, Rrlsbin h Warni-r, AIlls & 
Wllli.-im', Henry J. Horn, Morris I.amprey. (;po. 
f.. »t I-, Atlcrn-ysat Law, St. Caul, Minn.; (.'has. 
fa* avnnt. I*li> l<eKlili>r of Denda lor Kaiuney 
eounly, Minn.; lion. K. It. Nel.^on, Jud^e cf 17. 
H. IMslrlct I'liurt Minn : {Ion. W. Wilkin 
JudK« Iiialiicl (Juurl, Kamsey cnunty. 

Odl-je — Kourlh rtreei, nppoalte Oeearl ILuise 
8t. Paul, Mian. fcbllly ' 

A TUBULAR BeilLKU, aeveoteei fettlODK. 
four f->et In dlametar, with forty three-inoh flues, 
Uo.'lon made, In good order. Will bo sold rea- 
sonably for cash or on time, 

incblOdiwvw Ked Wing, Minn. 


(Sscoessora to WArso.N, Dknhmohk 4 Co., 





We are prepared lo furulah every dei-crlptb>n 
•f the ahioe ariloles lu anv desired i|uauUly 
Kvery deri-rlptiou uf Hakery duor to urnvi . We 
warrant all KO'>ds a Nu. 1 article. Ordera from 
the <»iuatry suUolled aoJ promptly UUmI al llie 
lowest cosh price. 

I'aiih ptid fur Bt'TiKK, Lark, and Kons. 
Call at the 

Northwestern Steam Bakerj, 

Corner Robert street tad L«v«e. 



Jticksoii Street, 


Will luy and aell Keal Kaute, enter PnbUe 
Lands, with Warrants, or Agricultural Col- 
lege Scrip, after a personal Inspection of Uie 
lands, and pay Taxes f jr Duu-residunts In any 
part of the State. 

He refers to the State offl^ertondK iiiioB- 

ol Delegation of Minnesota. 



An Upper Towfl Establishment. 

Ihe undersiirned having lea-eid th ' Hn" t'lme 
story Bilck Block ou iliHcorni-r of Third ajid 
Franklin streets, (formerly tdKerlou's Building) 
have altered and remodeled it into a 

B'irst Class Hotel, 

and thereby supplied a Mrant for several yeora 
felt In the Upper Waid* of i-t. I'aui. The 
Hltuatton is one of the fiaest aud most cou- 
venientlnibe city, aud 

The Cosmopolitair Hotel 

will prove aiyep'ttble to all who may faror It 
with a vist, If a clean and airy location, 


Furniture, Car-pet^i, 

The Itetil liiiil Choicest Comestibles, 

oitli unexcxptlonahle Co .k-'rv and po|iular 
managers a''d assistants arv the reijuir ments 
sought I'jr. These things being the features of 
Ihj new 

Oo**m'>i>o11t:tiu Hotel, 

it Is r^omm'-nited tncttizoDsandstrsngurs, with 
a c uiiid-^eue that its pair jns will mot be disap- 


f-1.1 ly 

tfil fCnn ■■«» VEAW.— WE WANT 
ff} A.f*f\JyJ Ag-'nts -v»rvwh.-e to -ell our 
iMpiiiiVKi) fiJii .SHwin ' jii.eliine-. I'h'-e new 
kinds, i.iide- ndupp-rtced. Warranted flvs 
years. A' ovc — 'lary or large commissions paid 
The oMi.v machines ooll In the United ^tatei 
tor less than $-10. wiiloh are fully licensed by 
IToire, Ifli'eler if Wilson, Grorrr if tinker. 
Singer 4 f'o., arid liachelder. All otner cheap 
mwhines are iufringrments. Cfrculars /Vee., 
.Mddress or call upou Shaw & Clark. Bidilefurd, 
Maine dec2»-d«w3m 





TU.t.'^ KfACUIlVE KUKTH tuk 
H EEL into the stjckinir, ani narrows olftbe 
toe — it svti up its own work— It widens and nar- 
rows, and kniis tabular, double and dat with se • 
vluges, producing all kinds ef fancy fabrics and 
Itnil goo-Is in use— it kiiits a yard of plain work 
in ten minutes, a ptir ol socks in twenty minutei 
— It knits any kind of yarn, woolen or cottor, 
loose or firm. In fhort, the most protiuble ma- 
chine ever invented fur womaa. Price a^ low ai 
anv of the old circular machines. Agents want- 
ed in every county In the Stale. Send for circu- 
lars, addressing tbrt 


IcbJH-d&wly. Davenport Iowa. 

1.4^4. n.n FOR BAI.E OA nElIT. 

A Prairie Karm of IflO acri's, in Bloomington, 
Hennepin county, with Karm House and 10<1 
acres under cuiUvalion, known as the "Knox 
Karm ■" For further pirtlcnlara inquire of J. 
1» SriloNG, at U. S. Marshal's ofBce, St, Paul. 

Feoruary l:Jth, IMG. 


E. I>. K:. i^A^TS OA^JL^i^ 

Dealer in 


Cutlery', Combs, 3?erflinierv, 

Brushes, Toilet Soap, China Ware, 


and Toys of every description. 

190 Third-st., St. Paul, Minn. 





Channre of Business- 

On account of a change in bu jinea-i on the let 
of May, I otfer my stock of goods at less than 
cast to import them here, viz : 

»0 BMs. Crushed, Powd'r'd ft Gran. Sugar. 

7& do A. B and Extra C. Coffee no. 

.YM do Portland A Oxnard do. 

•tn Hoxes Havana (low gradel do 

in Bagi Hio and \2 Pockets .lava Tolfi-e. 

»0 Kuxes liround Coffoe, various gradi's. 

2& Half Chests and Boxes Gun and Imp'l Tel. 

lie Uo do Young Uyaon do 

'.£> do do Japan do 

aw do do Oolong and Souch ing do. 

••• Ilblsard Kegs (j'uldf-n 8\rar. 
« d'l Multssvs. iO bbls Kico. 

*» do Pickli'd lli'rring, 15') Hxa Uening. 

:•«» Hall bbl-i and -It) K its Mackorcd. 
7»«>0 Lbs Cudti-h and Hake. 

»» Caildicd Tobacco, varl us quiilities. 

-AO Kegs Une Cut Chewing tobacco. 

*«• Bbls Smokiag toba'vo va-i^us grades. 

»» lloxe* Layi r and liunch Kalsiu^. 
4 ('asks Currents, .0 bhis Nuts. 

«a BxsOgwi-go pure and .>^ liver Gloss Starch. 

■ a» do do Corn .Starch. 

.3«» Cases t^anned Fruits and Tomatoes. 

H do (tove - vstera 

Also, IVpper. I'tmento, Tomato Ketsup. Ppp. 
per fauc«. Mustard. Currle Powder. Veasf Pow- 
ili-r. Cri-ani ■ arli-r, Olovf s, Candy and LozengerH, 
Kig Blue, ItluMing, Cocoa, lapioca. .^al Soda 
.Sil^raius, Tea Caduiea, Wrappimr Pafier, Ac. ' 


March Is', \m mohl-d2mfcw4t 


Corner Fifth and Robert StreetH, 
St, Paul. IMLiun^Motn., 



Carriages and Sleighs. 

kinds of lepilrlng promptly at'ended to. All 
work warranted to g ve Eatishotlon. 

mch II ly 


Blank Book Manufactory 

Xho l're»M I'riutlufr Co, 

ooinplcte Dlndcry In Sllnnesola, embracing tlis 
latosland most improved machinery. Employing 
only competent and careful workmen, and ueliig 
he best material, they hor' in continue to gtT* 
iitlafaetloD to all, 


»«ii TO Ant esi ri'Rii. 

l,Kr>UKR3, DAT BO>)K.S. .1 KNAI.H. COM 




$100 REWARD 


Tickling in UeThrMt, 
Whooping Congh, 
Or Relive (^onKomptive Coughs 

Aa 4}VIOB Al 



Over Fifty Thoaisnd Bottles 

have been eold la It* native towa, aad not a sla- 
gle InstADCo of It* fhUore la knowa. 

We have In our poetesston, any qaaatlty of 
oertlBoates, some fton 

Eminent Fhysioians, 

who have osed It la their practice, and gtvea It 
the pre emlaenee over any other oonpoand. 

il Does not Dry np a Coagk, 

but loosens It, so as t« enable the patient to es- 
peotorate ireely. 




A U ALK BO ITLfei has otUn most completMly 
cnred the most 


aud yet, though it Is so sure and speedy In iU 
operation. It is perfoctly harmless, Seing purely 
vegetable. It is very agreeable to the taste, and 
may be admlBlstered to chhdren of acy age. 

In CaHefi or CROUP we will 
Guarantee a Cure. 

if taken la season. 

No Family Should be Without it. 

It is within the reooh of all, the price being 

OPfLY -40 


And if an investment and thorough trial does 
not "bock np" the atiove statement, the movey 
will be refunced. We say this knowing its mer 
Its, and fe«l conSdent that one trial will secure 
for it a home in every household. 

Do I'Ot waite away with (Joughiiig. wli^'n so 
small an Investment will cure )uu. It may be 
hod of any respectable Pnigglst in town, who 
will furnish ' ou with a circahtr of genuine oer- 
tidcates of cures It has made. 

Sold by DrusKiatB tCveryvrhere. 

C O.ULAKK h, CO., Proprietors, 
New ilaven Conn. 


Aolu agents for the Northwest, at HI. Paul, 
Mmu., where all orders should bo addressed. 





plaints locld'>Dt to the si>x, and le-nove all ob- 
structions oi nature from whatever cause, pro 
dueicg health, vigor and aircneth. 

LY<>N'.S PKKIODICAL DIMP.S are better 
than all 11 Is, Powders and nostrums, being a 
fluid preparation, their action is direct and posi- 
tive, ajd il nei'ds nothing but good common 
sense to see ana undnrsiond the reason why 
the? cure a 1 those ills to which t'le female sys- 
tem is subjocfd, with dispaub and a drgreeof 
cortaintv which nothng but a scientitically com- 
pounded fluid preparation oould reach : they arc. 
In the most otutinate cases, 




To the most delicate oons'itution. 

produoAthe regular return of nature, if taken a 
day or two before the expected pTiod, and it is 
a raaxim In the profession, tnat iir.<vention la 
tietter than cure. 

used by ovvr twenty-five thousand lodUs within 
the past six months, and the testimony of all Is, 
••It surely cures." 

CAUTION ! ! CAUTlOir 1 1 I 

Bear In mind that I guarantee my DROPS TO 
CUxK Kup'iresslon of thH Menses, from whatev- 
er cause, though oarc should be tnken to ascer- 
tain if pregnancy be the cause, as those Drops 
would be sure to produce a miscarriage, I 'taken 
while in that situation, and all aru R«utioned 
against using them, as I wii-h It distiavtiy under 
stood that I do not hold myself rrspni.siule wkben 
•ised under such circurastances. 


They are peoullartv adapted, as they bring tlM 
monthlv period with snsh perfect regularltv. 

I could furnish any quantity of testlnionla's of 
Its eflica:y from ray own patients, put the | rao- 
lloe of pat ading bought and tlctitlous ones be- 
fore the public Is 80 prevdent, I do not deem it 

Bfc WLsteiN TIME. 

Le> not disease destroy your oonstltutloa. Try a 
bottle ofmyPKRIODU,^LDROP8,andynu will 
be satlsUe i that lam no luposltur — Tell your 
alUictwd friend what restored the bloom ot healtb 
to your cheeks, and thereby con<'er a favor more 
valueahle t ban gold. Kor pilnful or scanty Men- 
struation it is Just the thing 

f hav«> in my mind an in.<iance ol ti lady who had 
been suifering Irumiiaintul M'n-'tiuatton two or 
three years, oonHning her to herroom e:kcl tJml. 
.>>he had anpUed to several eirlnent physicians 
wiihoct relief, whin one bottle of my DR ;PB 
entirely cured her 

In almost every case. 

Ills Impossible to etUoy the bloom of health 
and vivacity ol splriu, unless the Meusea are 
regular as to the time, the qunntlty, and quality. 
When they are obstructed nature makes her ef- 
lorts to obtain for it some other outlet, and unless 
tnese efforts of nature are assisted the patient 
usually experiences D'l-iiondency, Nervuusnes«, 
and flnallv, CONSUMPTION assumes Its sway, 
and prematurelv terminates a miserable life. 

Do not sutler from thes . Irregularities when 
an investment uf one dollar in Lyon's Periodical 
Drops will regulate and reitore nature to Its 
healthy oouse ; and 


by those who have other preparations, which they 
desire to o*lm off upon the strength ol the pop- 
uhtrity of my Drops. But when the Druggist 
you apply to has not got them, either make him 
buy them for you, or else enclose one dollar to 
the nearest general wholesale agent, who will re- 
turn you a bottle by return Express. 

»e- that Ihe name of .Ino. L. Lyon Is written 
upon the directions which are wrapimd around 
each tkitlle. None others are genuine. There- 
fore, tiewore of counterfxits. They are for sale 
by every Druggist In oily and country at one 
dollar and a half ((1.60) per bottle. Ifyeuwlsh 
relief take no other. 

Dr. JNO. L. LTON, 
PracUdng Physician, New Haven, Conn. 

Who con be c7DBulted concerning all diseases, 
either personally or by Irtter* 

Geo. C. Goodwin A i'o., Boston; P. 8. Barnes 
k Co., New York; Lord A Smith, Cbloago, 
Wholesale Agents. 


Sole agents lor tbe Northwest, at 8(, Paul, 
■Ian., wbore all orders ahoald be addr.Ni««d. 

Cutter, Secombe, Averill i Co., 





are now prepared to tupply the wu ta of Printers and Mercbanta of thU SUte wltb all Uad* ot. 


at tho Loi^cat Poiiaible Rates. 

This eatablUhment, biingtho larcest ol Ihe kind in the Northweat, the Proprietors ask tor a 
oontlnnanoe of patronage from Iheir former customers, and hopi by their in' reaaed capacity lor 
buslnesa to add largely to their present liit. In addition to their own manufactured g'.>«iia, they 
111 cunlinue to deil Urgel/ In all kinla of 


Together with such other articles ai nay be foand iu a KIKtr CLASS PAPER KTOBE. 

Printers' Ink and TXTriting Fluids, 

WUI be kept consUnlly on hand. Buying their stock of Stationery, Ic, direct Irom the Kaaa- 
factarert t ast, enables them to e«U ti Merchants and others at prioea that will Invilealtentlon. 
Their Store, 


Is large and commodious, where t ley vrill prompUy respond 1 1 oil who may favor them with 

St. Panl , February 16, 1S66. f «bl7-l» 

the on'v iinflUy rABlOBS' INBURAlfCK 
'' COMPANY doing baaineas In tke State, aad 
fivef a trond^r protection at lees oot ♦♦»«« any 
other laaaraaoc CoBpaay ia ttte Nonbacvu 

A.U loaaea TronipUir adjnatcd ».mA paid 


John W. Boyd, PresldAat. 

D. Worthlngtoa. fl ea re t a fy. 

B. D. nastlngt.rsuteTreas. Win.) TreaatMr. 

Hon. SteptiCB Miller. (Got of Minn,; Dtreetor, 

G. K. M mTAOUK, GenenJ Agmt. 
P. O. addrMM. LaCrMsa. Wb JeJMAwl 



and Comjoiission Merchants, 
Second Door Below Merchants' Hotel. 

We have in Store one if the LARGE.ST .ST«>CRS In tlUf isa'ket of. 

Tobaccos and Cigars. 

St. Panl, January 11, IhCS. 


A.nd iVIiian^'Kota Howpitol 


VERT HALL 11 ..OCK-nenr fhf Post (tfi.- . 

DK. WILLI « MS, the Consulting Surgeon of 'he above Institution, has 
just published a Vanual of bexual Diseases, a large l>ook ol .^50 pages, and over 
RiO engravings. It i^ III- unly tookever published wl.ich gives a truthfUl de- 
-criplion ol ^pernaturrhea, Venereal Diseases, Female Complaints, and oil di"- 
ea-es ol the urinary and reproduitive organs of men and women of whatever na- 
ture, iucladiid tie ^olitar> habiis of both sexer, and their deplorable conse- 
quence- on the miud and bodv, impotence, lo-r of power, and the secret infirml- 
Ues ol youth aud nanhoj-l, the physiology ol marriage, Ac, with new and sac- 
ce-sful methods o treatment for all the above cases. Mailed in a plain sealed 
wrapper for one dollar. 

•»■ Desoriptlvc Circulars contaimng valuable information to the afflicted who wish to avoid 
unackery, mailed in a sealed invelop ob receipt of 10 cents. Also a pamphlet for ladies, prtoe i oenta 
All oommunicatlons conhdential. and nill re:ich the consulting surpeun by addressiuB 

TMM «)ALK»ir> inairkTrTM. saint Paul 


^ardmave, J^tove$, &(. 



Co r-ner Third •n«1 Cudiir i; treetu. 

»lanuf»ctors' Agent and Wholesale .lea'^r in 

Shelf and lieavy Hardware, 






State A«ent for the sale of Morrtion's cele- 


§amp$, ©ils, &r. 



Just reoeivt'd and in store, the largest amount of 
LAMP GOODS eve- received in St. Paul. 


l,ft«0 dozen LaopChimn°}F and 
MM gross Lamp Wicks. 

A \»xgi Stock of LANTKRN8 at Marvin's 
Crockery Importing Bouse, 189 and 191, Third 
Str«t. „o,2jj_ 

in^ttana, ht. 


BK. P. i^ricnious. 


BCetropolitajk, Ne-^»r York 

Capital %\fit»fM. 

Bsrptaa loo^too. 

L.orllljuf«l, Bit 




..... tBOjm. 

Pkaeniz, tim^ Y<wk 

Capital $ija«ojm 

■«n>»a« itbjm 

SKiAtUAl Benefit Z^ile 
Aaaata over tt,MO,MO. 

193 Third Paul. 



Cajib und Sorplua Capital 



Black/or SUk 
lAyht lU»e, 
f^enrh lllu*. * 
CUir't /;rniciii | 
Dark hrmm \ 
lAgtU Brawn, 
Snft^ Proton, 
bark ttmb, 
lA'jht Ifrnb, 
Fawn Jjrab, 
iM/ht Favn 


Dark Orttn 

Light Oretn 






P.'.]ia! PurpU 





For Dyeing bUk, Woolen oao fti'lred (>codi 

Shawl--, Scarfs, Dre.-tt Ki'Vc- G:cve?, 

fconr.eta, Bau Fe»tl.#rf. Chi'o- 

ren's ClotLitj, am s ; k-LOt 

of Wearing ATlia^"' 

19-A a A Vises or •• rB» 

For li'ic-atf jon can oc or -e ici&x goods fc( 
won d oth rwlsp ooet 8v* t B«j 'ha« .am. Tar!- 
oos shades can be prodsoea .r03i 'he ru&e dye. 
The process is slirtle, anJ ai.. oc nt' ti'e tb» 
Dye ivi-h r- rfect eoco» 8«. Dire«tior^'iiiCi>gll«>ii. 
French asd GfersiMi, ln»i<e of e«cl p»fit>g». 
260 eEOArwAV, Bri*Tc». 
Kor «le ty dmfglsts and dealers gra«rs»y. 


4 Reliable Kestomtive 



This admirable preparation is a most 
•fflcient remeiiy for Baldne«s. It pre- 
vents the hair from falling off or turning 
gray, and causes it to grow luxuriantly. 
making it very soft, glossy and beautiful. 
restoring it to its natural color, it also 
f^ees the head from dandruff and cures 
all diseases of the scalp. A few appli- 
cations will convince the most skeptical 
of the truth of th« above sUtement*. 

Simmer and Winter Cook :Stovei>. 

The be-i In the world. 

My rtook of OKFICK, BOS rAKIOR, snd 
a large varlctT of diflerent kinds oi COOK 
.HTi t V KS, Is the hirirest ever bronchi to this 

I keep a full stock otall (roods In iiylineot 
trade, and 1 think I ran offer indacemiiits to the 
trade that will be to their advantagi< to d^ 
with me, I keep a fiill stock of 




Both Ameican and Runnia. 

My stock of Nowhoudc Traps, llunf'f , Blood's, 
Ten Eyke's, Nfwmversand Groire Axi-s Is verj- 
large and al^o a larpo stock ol PITNAM'H 

Edirar Nash Is sUlI connected with 'he eslab- 
llsbment snd will be happy to attend to Ihf- 
wants of his old friend-i at all tiin<?«. 

A look through my :arge stock W caresfly re- 
quested of the trade befortipurchasiuii elsewhere. 




Kor Churches, Scho3;i and Parlsrs. 

Warranted the Best iu Use. 

At. MUIVG^KEt I1R<>.««.. 


Corner W abafhaw and Finh Klrrcts, 

OppoKite Minnesota Uonae 

St. Panl, Minn. 

ITic un-lfrrslgned ha?c!tabllihedane» Lnmbe* 
Yard In this cltj at the above named lo<«tloB, in 
oonneoticn with his 



and desires to call the stmnUon of BaUder« and 
others to his 



Floorlncp, Fonoinc^, 

Dimensionei, Boards, 
Clear I.,unal>er, Sidiii«^, 

fi^liiiisrloNi, X^ath. &o., 

whtPh he has constantly on hand, aad (or aoleat 


RilU.fnr large ■iimmtion* MUM to (fit, <m 
skort nntie*. 

St. Paul, June l, ims. 

H. t. TAYLOR, AK«nt. 

ly TV. r>. "W/vsHBrTRN-, 

Should be used by every one who would 
preserve a beautiful head of Hair. 


Should be used by every one who would 
improve the color and texture of their 

Should be used by every one who would 
restore their Hair to more than its origi* 
Ml beauty and luxuriance. 


lOS Tliii-a street. 


Cathcart & Co., 


No. litVJThlMl Ki«f .-.-t. 

ST. l»AtJI>, !«llN^f. 





HKNnir mtMA, attombby av 
LAW and Real Estate Agent, tilenooe. Me 

I.fod county, HlnnaaoU. 



Ha* a^ain on- ned an oTce for the purpose ol 

hujlnx and M''llng 

Real h>(aip on Oom mission, 

Renting lloun-s. I'ajInR Taaen, and a Kencrol 
llnslnens Agpncy. 

Township, City and VII age Map* made to or. 
der. Twelve years' experience In the business in 
8t. Paul will enable h|m lo attend to all mallQfii 
entruftedto him •alisCactorlly andwIlhdIipatoL. 

Xobtrt$trt£i, c.^ra/r Ihir,} ttret*f, St, Pni>r ' ' 




Includlnsa Book of Inntruclion, Twnlv Lxlra 

Needles, Oil Can. Screw Driver, W'rciicn, 

Working Uook anl 

Reel lor Winding Varn. 

Ilila Machine ran be suoocssfully operatid by 
anyone capable of turning arrank orchanftlng 
the bobbins, vitht^U <iettivci out c-f r'pnir. No 
wire .iprlngs about It.' The motions are all posi- 
tlv.-. The slmpllcllv, accuracy and ?[ eed ot the 
Machine In doing lis work, in triily ai toninliliiir. 
It knit* she material of a pair of sloclings la 
TBI mlnnti's. In a day a woman can mako and 
flnNh oomidete for market one rfozen piim. The 
stitch It makes l« preclsclv the same a^ that 
made with Knitting Necdle«, exci>n'— that the 
Machine makeis It flriner, more durabl'anl even. 

It knlis any desired size, with any kind of 
Yarn, rlihor coarse or Une Woolen or Got) on, or 
with Linen, Cotton or bilk Thread. 

Kor sale by 

r^ IP. FisHciTt. 

Oenorsl Agont, 260 Thircl street, 
febZO-Im *• 


We bave, after great dinooItT, robtainrd a 
new lol of 


And other styles f.»r COLD WKATIlRR,lbe 
onl) slock In the opy. Shall have 


Ic a ft»w days. Dealers can lie suprlled only 
at rea»onahle prices. 

wn. jr. sainaAc*. 



189 Main St., Buffalo, A\ F. 

General Agents, Chicago. IU.. 
Wliole'ale Agrnu at Manniactnrer's irie» 
for the Sorthwest, 

EDWARD H. BIGGS, Draggitt, St. ran:. 
aov;-d6m-cow »e 


Saddlery Hardware, 

Horse Collars. 


63 Lake St.« ehica{;:o, IP 





St. Paul and Shakopee. 

This Company Is prepared to carry fhtlght be- 
tween 8alat I'aui and ihakopee,and iktemiedl 
ate staUons. Freight intended for this line 
must be delivered to J. C.' * n. C. Burbank A 
Co., he tkimpeny's Agent', at their Warehonre 
OB the Ix>vy In Saint Paul : or at any st'Mion on 
the ine. V'reight In conaldi'niMe quantities will 
be called for, on notice, ni the places of business 
on the principal atrrel., and all freight to St. 
Pan! will bo delivered at hu«lne«s place* oa ThI r 
ttn-et, or near the samo without extra charge. 

«. A. HAnii.'voa, 

aov Mtf Searetary. 

BII.I. acaaoa, oA.«ns, oimov 
.... ^ii?''o**- Prtn*®^ In the beat (tyteattbe 
Dal t>ra«< su$:s Job Prfriiaf OOaa. 

Vegetable Sicilian 


.\s the uaroe iniiicates, not only UNKwa 
be growth of the hair when thin and faU:u|: 
>tr. ViuV positiToly rmftrt f'.# color to 
iri^iual ^Ade when it is turning pr 
.vhite. whe^^r caused hydho%fe.^uf 
li 1 age. 

li Hill ccrt-ii?^ do what is ^fia:cd t%r it. 
I fact to which ^indreds,j^ thousands. 
<rho have used it, Ve re^^and willinfr to 
esiify. Whet^ one\f>t|^ is fairly usovl. m 
t!iy couimunily, ilu^epulaliou "5prcaii» 
.l;e ni'.d fire," an^i\th« best adrcrtiio 
nt'Dt aud rccorapendaV^n we desire. In 
ho Eastern Style, whcreVie 'RESEWrU' 
>rigiuated. JM« young la\c9 use it as n 
lair drcsWog; it is foun\on the lo;'.ct 
Abies o^ffoung men, (also atVicir barbers). 
s'hilc^Blder men and women Vho desire a 
RfiiJfrr and Haicratire for thciVcrcy loci "■ 
iiyi bald heads will not be wVo 
rriiclc. which gircs in erery inst^ 
ire pclisfaction, 

CJ^TTTXOlsr. * ' 

IViiri li>t any drugglut or dealer urge e 
liil,T>'iil »:-tiil», aa thera ia no prciMiraluin ii. 
iVv ihia, Bevara of 'an; article pnipwttng 

Try ILtLL-S H-VTR RKXBWER acc«dhir 
ii.^io. anl y.m will nss no other. 

If n>l soM nt drosiclKta la t,>WT\. a 
•ill !<• mnX you by oxprMa, npon recto pt • 
!>y in»il. thus giving yon an rpportualt^. 
«sliiit It* rTesTlpnt aualitleo. 

>>r> fjr Iriol booLa must be addreaaed t« 

C. A. COOK, Clilraso. 

GmI Agtnt ftr Norltiwestem State i, 

R r. U.ALI. A CO., rrofirtcton, N'aahno, N. B. V 
fold at WnOUtSALB, lo CWt«go. by HJI-LKIl. FIVCB 

8Mrrn, smitu a pwtir, j. h. recd * tx». 
cnAS. o. 8MTrn, DtETzaoH, BLOCxi A ca, n 

tOOriL, W. D. HAIUB * OOi, POST A BADKAU, aaf 
Vr droQtiaU aad dMiMf | 
' Kcb-tCits. 







hr Folltlcal Literature of tlie 
Ucvoluttouary Ern. 

Tho lecture otOstirSte|>ln'n»k)n, K»n . 

lng»T5oir« Hall on la>' evening was a 

-KMt fioiihed Kud i)oli3bcJ proiiuctiou. 

^e driving suow ttoru prevfutoJ a largo 

adicuoo, but we are «uri' those who were 

Resent derived great satulaoiiou. 

lTh« subject ot the lecture was the 

rolittcal Literaturo of the Revolution- 

*j Erji." Tho lecture was a rapid re- 

- ew ol tht( speoehcs. essays, and State 

iipers «bich |>rolu.ed and vindicated the 

Ivoluliou iQ public scutimciU and leeliog, 

me miuds of the people had been edu- 

^(edt.^ the step ot independeuce by the 

Forts dI the statesmen of that period, 

id to theui even as much as to our sol- 

eis ot the Kcvolatioa were wo indebted 

r the birth of the new nation. 

The lecijrer began with a summary of 

e state o' feeling in England at this pc- 

jd. paying glowing eulogies on the 

iends oi America in the British Farlia- 

'>n:. L.;rds Chatham, Camden and 

arke, who so nobly espoused the cause 

i the cobcies in the day of their great 

jed. Then passing rapidly to America 

J proceeded to examine the written and 

"al discusiior* hy which the respective 

Uties to the issur .-cught to sustain their 

fetensi.'ns at the bir of reason and jus- 

ce. and to secure the approving verdict 

f history . 

The drsr place in oratory was given to 

atnck lieury, comparing the efiect ot 

ie famous resolutions of resistance to the 

Mcon fires that anno'tnced the fall of 


I From wa:cb lo waich ii leaped that light. 
1 Al • rl^er tcJe the ditme. 

' The lecturtr then proceeded to analyte 
•^e essays and speeches of Adams, Fame, 
■"etferson. PUnJ, Dickinson and others 
f this period, and controverting the po- 
tion that revolutions— in this case, at 
last— were produced by the zeal oi active 
jiiiaorities, bat that owing to the inliuence 
' i written and spokrn iliscussions, the 
'rbole atmospb;:rc la Aii.t. : i.a was charged 
•ith the ele.'tricity ct trecdom, and that 
U the colonies i^ood shoulder to shoulder 
*ben "mutual Uague, united counsels 
Isd equal hcpt.s and hazards," so bound 
|bem to each other that ' ' their bosoms 
'eemed to wear one heart." 
j The analysis of the character and writ- 
ogs of John Aiiams was a just and true 
■ortrait of that great man — bis zeal for 
be diffusion ot knowledge .among the 
aassei— his irrepressible love ol liberty, 
I nd bold and striikicg analysis. 

We v gret that we have not the space 
c give a more e.xtended synopsis of this 
'ery aUe and interesting lecture. Both 
n its delivery and composition it was a 
tomplete succesj. The peroration, pay- 
Eg an eloquent tnbuto to the ardent 
nCLdship, patriotism and harmony of 
be eld thirteen was mo«t beautifully and 
eelirgly e:iprcsbcJ, and elicited high 
I ommendatioD, and it is a matter of rc- 
';ret that the 'tprm prevented a. larger 


Stolen t'tl) Buii«l«> 4'oiiuter. 
tf-il t'tt) aiirii», »\r. 

A full Board ot Aldermen assembled 
at the City Hall ta^t evening lor the trails 
action of business. 

6TOLKi{ CllY B0M>6. 

Mr. TurnbuU presented a volnmiu^'us 
report of his etlorts to arrest the parties 
guilty of stealing certain city bonds, and 
of his movements in Milwaukee, Chicago 
and New York, iu pursuit of Wu» Von 
Uamni, whi>. however was not to be 
found . 

n.V^CiEHl". .• Kl'l-'-lNG. 

ILo Chitt of roheo was onleiid to 
ree to the of the unsafe wall of 
the brick building adjoining the new 
Schurmeier block on Third strcvi, whu b 
wa* declared d.-ingetcus by the lowuii!- 
tee to whom th-- ni-iKer was rcteried 


The County Treasurer reported the 
allowing city faxes collected from CVlo- 
ber 1, l?t5J>, to March 1. l?i''>: 

Total colleciions ^".>'.)ll '.'-J 

By County Treasurer's tee> 

Bt amoiinc retanded 

Bt am'l raid B^^ard of Evlucation. 
By balau'.-c 


136 21 

3,116 8S 

,55,69s 40 


Indian Zfews.— Msj. Gen. Corse 
etnrred to tbis ''''v c N'cn !:>.' • •. -ning, 
romatrip to fr - r. and reports 
ff^irs alonf iLf , , _ aa id a satisUc- 
ory condition. I here was a fair pros- 
. <ect of a good understanding with the 
ecently hostile tribes cf Indians, a num- 
er ol those who have already surren- 
ercd having gone back to their friends 

report that an amicable adjustment 
ould be secured, and that they would Ic 
veil treated if they came in for that pur- 

- H>sc. It has been a part of Gen. Corse's 
■aission to the West to re-establish peace- 

01 relations with these tribes, and there 
• little doubt of his entire success. Got. 
JcTavish having informed him that it 
eqaired but a reasonable assurance of 
»roper treatment, to bring m Standing 

- 3a£ralo and seven hundred of his foUow- 
•rs. This, it is believed, will be the re- 
tolt cf recentjarracgements. 

Gen. Corse has also paid some attep- 
icD to the unpriflclpled scoundrels who 
lave been furnishing the Indians with 
unmanition and whisky, and bavirg se- 
■ ^nred the co-operation of the authorities 
icross the line— who, by the way, are 
jetting sick of the dusky throng who 
;warm around their posts and settlements 
—a quietus will be put upon their contra- 
band operations. 


The committee to whom ibe matter 
referred recommtnded aa appropriation 
of five thousand dollars by the city in or- 
der to secure the Stat-? apiiropr ation cf 
a similar amount, and on motion of Al- 
derman Markoo a resolution was passed 
to that ell'ect. 


A resolution was oflfered pledging the 
city to pay a reasonable proportion of 
the expenses for prosecuting the Scbur- 
nuer suit against the First Division of the 
St. Paul and Tacitic Railroad Corafany, 
in relation to the improvemente on the 
levee, which was referred to the com- 
mittee of Ways and Means, with power 
to act. 


A series of resolutions were offered 
and adopted endorsing Capt. Fisk's pro- 
jected expedition from Minnesota to 

RKXTIM.; A lUlLl'INli. 

A resolution was offered by the Presi- 
dent, authorizing the renting of the brick 
building adjoining the City Hall, to be 
used for city otBces, Referred to com- 
mittee of Way; and Mean.*< with power to 

A long discussion came up on the gas 
question, in which the subject was thor- 
oughly ventilated. Efforts are to be 
made to light the city with " ile," and a 
new illuminator will be on exhibition in a 
short time, which will do up (he tightin;; 
of the streets for half the amount paid for 


A considerable amount of forged city 
scrip has been in circulation, but owing 
to the peculiar mann-r :a which the blank 
notes were lost or stolen by of- 
ficials, it has been redeemed the same as 
tb>> gen-jine. it was stated, last night, 
however, that the stream cf bogus money 
was still tlowing into the City Treasury. 
and for fear that the source was never 
failing. Alderman M&rkoe moved that no 
more be redeemed by the City Treasurer, 
which was passed by a vote of 13 to 2. 

Shortly after, the Council adjourned. 

VTashington School Szanina- 
tion.--The examination of the Wash- 
ington S.;hool, yesterday afternoon, was 
wtll a'tendcd, ten members of the Board 
of Education being present. Mr. Pres- 
cott delivered an interestirg leture to the 
young folks. The examination was cred- 
itable to the pupils, no less than to the 
accomplished teachers — Miss Emma L. 
Kelly and Miss Wilharjs. The follow- 
ing is tho 

noil of Uonur. 


Wm.BirminRham, John Johnston , Eddie Rich- 
ards, Willie Miller, James Pond, Harrv Rich- 
ards, CUrence John,-ion, George Power, 
George Ely, Theodore Blaize, Palsy FoUen, 
Willie Brean, John Ryan, Samuel Stombs, 
Joel Painter.James Lare'y, Bernard Shervurne, 
John Gillon, Edward Whitacre, Lizzie Cav- 
ender, Zee Mcrri:t, Loai^.i Hunt, Annie 
Knaaft, Lizzie Miller, Anna Ri-an. 


Alhcr; Russell, Neddie Nelson, Freddie 
Mayhew, Frank Curran, James Whittacre, 
Dannie Mcrritt, James Shervurne, Bennett 

The Indians heretofore in the rmplov JJ«hl. Theodore Schultz, Willie Shields, Da 
.1 tT,a ^«,.o^___. _:ii u J- ', I v;d Turner, Mary Phillips, Mary Cuddv, Cora 

)i tue government, wiU be dispensed | Hartshorn, Ella Botterfield, Agnes Gunnnp. 

»ith, land for their cultivation, seed and ' 
mplements will fce furnished them, and 
hey will be allowed to "hoc their own 

Altogether the relations of the goveru- 
nent with its sweet red children of the 
lorthwest promise to be hereafter of a 
)«aceful character, and should General 
Torse's plans be succesa.'^ullj carried out, 
le will receive the thanks of the govem- 
nent and the gratitude of the people of 
lliooesota for his laudable efforts in se- 
gring so desirable a result. 

Feniaaism in St. Paul-— The ez- 
itement of Monday night, in a modified 
orm, ebb«d and flowed all day yesterday 
mocg the Irishmen of this city, tboogb 
b* Fenians proper w«re rather docile. 
dr. McCormitk, the Inspector Gen- 
ral of the Brotherhood, was laboring 
.mong the faithful few, and, having tele- 
praphed for General Sweecry, who will 
oon arrive in St. I'aul, b« promises to 
sake another attempt to open that ' ' cir- 
le," which will result in success. The 
'•Tgy here, fh»> Ir.jtpertor says, will not 
e allowed to int»?rfere in their plans, but 
rill have to takp aharksrat. astbeyhavQ 

It has been ascertained that Mr. Mc- 

Julia Hanck, Celia Copp. 


"Xhe Bnndred Days.'*— Vester- 

day forenoon, a snow-storm set in, which 
continued all day, and, as the snow flikes 
silently settled over the earth, it was not 
easy to realize that the first month of 
spring was hastening to its close. Grim 
old Winter still holds us in chancery, 
vrith a fair prospect of applying a few 
more Iriecdly L'jgs. The present snow 
storm fitly celebrated the hundredth day 
of continued sleighing this season— an oc- 
casion that was formerly commemorated 
in N«w England and Canada with joyous 
and spirited r'-unions and festivities. 
The same spirit seemed involuntarily to 
prevail yesterday, for the merry bills 
jingled all day with unusual vivacity, and 
the universal desire for an " early spring- 
time " was forgotten in the general jubila- 
tion. Though th»- early opening of naviga- 
tion is the devout wish o! every one, Min- 
nesolians. and th'ir jolly wrather, are 
the envy of those outsiders, residing in 
the mud and slush of the. .States below lis. 
An Ohio paper has thtj following on that 
point : 
Pi.Eifjiiii.vo .M S[. Fm I .—They liavc sleigb- 

II.ML .\N1) BlVKtt — FkEIGII [ JIoTIl'K. — 

Tuo merchantii tind shippers of tniKht in 
Minneapolis, t^t .\ulhony, .\nol;:i, P.iyti'u, 
Elk River, Moulliello, Clearwater, bt. Cloud, 
and I'Uicr points upon or eunuccting 
with tlio I'lr^t Uivioiou et (ho Saiut 
Paul \ Faciile ItailnjjJ, aro hereby noii- 
tled thai all tVelght intended for tLinapuitalion 
oter buid railroad urritinK at Uiis port and 
marked ' Care of J. J. Uil!, St. Paul," will l«j 
transferred trom the boats to the Kailr^'aU 
Company, if Uuded ai the transfer depot, or 
from the railroad to the boats, free of the 
usuil trauslcr charge at this polut. .\n ar- 
rangement has t)ceu made by which the mer- 
chant or shipper I'f lrii>:ht will save Ine cents 
I>er buudred poiiuiU at thtb poiut alone the 
coming aca;>i>n, it the treight ij dcKxeicd aad 
eousigncd as a''i>vc. 

General li.iu:-iviisiii>n .\stnt, 8i Paul 
F. K Vbi AM', 

Sup I I'n. fi. Paul .S, Paullc li. U 1' l-i 


I.MrOKlAM lt> l.Al'IK.-- -Mrs. Wlll.i- 

k'WK M>!<tic rill" lur KenitUes aro Ihn bext and 
fatett iu t!it> murkel. No liil ellovi-i Irointluir 
use. Ihi'V act like a charm. Tllou.^aDd« of most 
rolUble testimouuls rpeak thtir | rai.i', >liUl in 
th-.'ir oferation*; correct all irrK^ularltlco and 
pilunil meniitrunlion; rtiuoto all o*. .-'jructton!-, 
whether from coM or ctUerwlfi ; will cure 
hcadach-', p,iiu in the i^UW, p:(lilt.ition of the 
heart, whlto*. all nervous sITcctlp!)?", hvfterlcs. 
teti<ue, pain the back and iitu'.>< and disturbed 
sleep, which arli." I'loui iutrrrupMoa of nature. 
Ask for Mis. Win'low's Mt>;ic I'iils. 'l'nk■^ noiu' 
other. Irie^ ♦i.if, or thret* u>.\es for for f.'" 00 
tioMini^t. Kaulhy Kdward t1 Bipg'.KolcaRiMit, 
to whom all orders should bo addre-'^tJ. 


Pai'l Rikoer, Druggist Third street 
Upper Town, koops constantly on hand J. C. 
Oswald's pure native wines for medicinal pur- 
poses, cunsisthig of Blackberry, Cranberry 
Cnrraat, Raspberry, RhubarH, n.ttive and 
Clinton Grapc", which he will sell at wholesale 
or retiiil. Also pure French Lrandics, Bour 
bon and Ryo Whiskies, Bitters of all kinds, 
at wholesale and retail. All kinds of Drugs, 
Medicines and Dyo StuiTs, as well h.-i Terfu- 
mery and Toik-t articles, nt wbolcss'e and 
rotail. Prescriptions carefully prepared at .ill 
hours. ieSly 

riiAi:.vuii'5> Sei:jknt Ecos. — Another 
lot of these woudcri'ul chemical curiosities 
just received aud f.T 8.110 by R.O. Sweeny 
& Co. 

CAMruoRATED Vktivert.— Something 

new for preserving furs, tcoolcns, &c., &c., 
from moths, and oilier destructive insects, for 
sale by R.O. Sweeny \ Co., No. 211, Third 

street, St. Paul. 


Stylk and Comfort. — Ihave secured 

the services of J. W. Dow, late Dow & Brant. 

Oentlemen wishing a neat, dnraMe and easy 

fitting l)oot, gaiter, or balmoral, made from 

the best French calf, should call. Also ladles' 

kid, serge, morocco gaiters, balinorals, Ac 

Repairing neatly done. 

jall-tf ISO Third street, Paint Paul 

Dkcalcom.OiIa. — Ladies who wish to 
prjiotice this beautiful an can find a rich 
variety ol designs, with the brushes, varnishes, 
printed instnictions, Ac, &c., at R. O. 
Sweeney & Co.'s, 211 Third street, near the 

'••»- - - ~- 

Uvrhett's Cocoaise kills dandrufii 
dresses the hair prcfcctlv, and renders it soft 
and glossy. There are worthless imitations 
of which the public should beware. For sale 
l>y Et^wAiiP H. Biggs, St. Faul. 

iDg in Minnesota thai is slelgh'ini?— none cf 

yonr balf-bnb, l>«lf-l)arc ground, v.ith a snow 

, .. /_ 1 . ,, , • , I fiiliC here and there, of this section of winler- 

ormick 8 frien<)« a' tr,« Alonday night i Jom. They have snow two feet deep, well 

j packed, track Miiuoth ns mi ice mirror, and 
' mercury down to 0, v.ith un atmot-phcre that 

At Whitney's Gallery a full a«orf- 
meet of Minnesota View", of all kinds, In- 
dian Piciures, &.»., &e. Alsochoice Paintings 
and Engraving'', cheaper t/tnn (he chcaprnt, 
at Ac// cost. ian2l- 

<ii>to Bryant, Stratton & Tirkey'.s St. 

Paul Cciamcrcwl College and get a Busmess 

Education. .Send for "College Moathly," 

which gives full pirticulais. Addrc* 


febi;eod-dtw&wU« bt. Fau!. Minn. 


Important Letter from Gov. 

The Frc$idcut-i> Policy lia>» l£ii> 

ined the Prospects of 

the uiilon men. 

They Feel there is no Safety Un- 
less Congress Pro- 
tects Them. 

lectiog were few and far between , if he 
vl way at all, they .seem to have desert- 
i tt the first rign of the smash-op, leav- 
ig b'.it one individual to stand up fcrtbe 
9oian lecturer— and he slightly under 
M tfTects of something stronger than ar- 
umcnt. 6l. Paul FeniaoK, call you this 
•eking up your friends ? 

Ao Brror.— The jury in the bt. 

harles Street case stood six to six, w!icn 

•^u discharged or Sunday, instead of 

" 18 was erroneously etatcd 

1 on the authority of a 

] statements of fact will 

'^e received lu the same 

intlates (he lungs with henlih as the ijlHck 
^mitli inflates his bellows. 

Ceat. — Deputy Sheriff 

rday arrested Jas. King 

«. V, for Belling unwholc- 

»• pork in y.^ city, and upon a hcar- 

,' before the C»'y Jn«t'ce, be was held 

HtU in the »-^™ <>' $300 for his appcar- 

•tthe <'Onrt. 

Ot ywiomaa Foster, tbe veteran 
nnesota editor, is now in this city, and 
lopping at the Merchant's Hotel. 

The examination of tbe Jefferson 
Schciol takes plao« lo-day. From to 10 .30 
A M. the 6ccond rnmary w>ll Ije examined; 
from 10 30 to VI m. the Fiist Piimary. From 
12.3" r. M. to I :I5, Intermediate Department, 
sn't from 1 :l-i to 4 r. m. Grammur School. 

Kliih &: Bai;hman, Dentists, can be 
foiipH in reynold'n Block, bdow thn Po'.t 
Office, whnre they will bo as hnppy to see 
thctr pti'rpns rs )>cforc the lato fire. ml8 1 w 

Mr. C VV. Smith, that paragon ol 

cooks, and prince of caterers to refined appe- 
tite, can Btlll be found at bis fihst class 
KEsTArRA.vT, on ThirJ Street, opposite the 
old American. This ettablisbment is now 
considered a credit to the city, where gentle- 
men of delicate taste can find any thing to 
tempt the paUte— Wild Game, Domestic Poul- 
try and Meats, and Fish of all kinds— and 
cooked as only the accomplished Smith knows 
haw to cook them. Perfect entlsfaction is 

The Wines and Liquors are the liest to bo 
found in tho rjiy, and Smith invitei a test o( 
their merJli? f 9 Iv" 

Special LMipatch to Cnicago Tiibunc. 

N.vsHviLLE, March S, 1866. 
Hon. 'Wm. D, Kelley. Hous^of Reprc3SntatlveK 
Washington, D. C. 

Dear Siii— Inclosed I stud you a copy 
of my proclamation, fr-m which you will 
learn tiiat a faction of twenty-one disor- 
ganizers have, in the true ppirit of the 
late iniquitous rebellion, wirhdrawn, 
and reduced our House of Rf presenfa- 
tives below a quorum. I need not add 
ftirtber remarks as the protlaro.^tmn fully 
discusses the points at issui:. 

On Friday last tha election ol county 
officers took place throughout the State ; 
suth as C'.crks, Sheriffs, Jueficrs. Trus- 
tees and 'lax Collectors, and in Middle 
and West Tcniiosrcc the rebels have made 
a clean sweep^turcing Union men out, 
and electing their own cano'idates, who 
electioneered for clbcc on the ground that 
they were rebels, and bad either served 
in tbe rebel array, or in some other ca- 
pacity had given their influence to tbe 
cause of treason and traitors. 

When Ki hmond fell and Lee surren- 
dered, rebels, and many who sympathized 
with them, were very respectful to Union 
men, often obsequious. Guilty culprits, 
they evidently -learcd arrest and punish- 
ment, and felt that to be let done and 
allowed to live was all they had a right 
to expect. But since pardons have been 
60 multiplieri, and no man has been pun- 
ished, they have rvcrywhcre become im- 
pudent and defiant, until in most conn- 
ties in Middle and West Tennessee it is 
disreputable to have bicn a Union man, 
or, as a Southern man, to have served in 
the Union army. And matters are grow- 
ing worse, the reconstructed traitors 
openly cursing loyal men, and threaten- 
ing them with shooting or barging, trust- 
ing that they have the President on their 
side, while we all feel that the President's 
policy is ruinous to us. 

When I put the President in nomina- 
tion at Baltimor^or tbe Vice Presidency, 
1 felt that he haa so thoroughly commit- 
ted biai8.^1f to th-i Union cause, and hud 
been so badly treated by the rebels, it 
was impossible lor him to over get around 
to fbem again ; but I give him up as lost 
to the Uniin cause : and as the man who 
i .3 to bead the rebels aud Democrats. 
I Every rebel in the country, every Alc- 
Clellan man, and evtry e.x-guerilla chief, 
are loud an«l enthusiastic in prai.'K- of the 
President. The men who but a I';w 
months siticf were cursing him for an 
abolitionist .ind a traitor, and wishing 
him . .xe> utcd, arc now for txccut-ng all 
who dare to oppose the policv, or crrn 
doubt its success. 

Toeie is twice theainounl of bi(lerui"s 
and intolerance in the South to-day to- 
ward the Union and evt;rything Northern 
than there was at the time of LeeN sur- 
render. Abuse ol Union men, of the radi- 
cal msjority in Congress, and self- 
anBumcd eupcnonty en the part ol the 
Southern cbivalry, have arisen to such a 
height thaf icyai nn n cannot travel on a 
steamboat, or in a railroad c»r, without 
being iiisulfcd. As it was during the 
war, so it ic now — all consciousneex from 
the North or from the msjority in Con- 
gretd, are regarded as evidonccs of 
fear. All the old rebel hopes of 18C1, 
and many new on(s, arc in full blast, 
threatening Congress and the North with 
ultimate vtng«!ance and boasting of South- 
ern prowess. The most popular men in 
the largest portion of Tennessee to-day 
arc tbe men most distinguished for their 
hostility to the North, and what they nro 
pleased to termjthe radical Congress, and 
they are the class of men selected to fill 
offices, as the late county elections show. 
The same is true of tbe entire South, only 
to a greater extent. In a word they are 
resolved on breaking up the fiovernment. 

and they expect to carry out Iheir scheme 
thifuy.'i the ballot liox, and how men ot 
candor and intelligence can represent 
Ihcm a.s lojal and kindly disposed is a 
mystery to mo, even in this ago ol rebel- 
lion and treachery. 1 do not understand 
tiM'm, and my oppurluuilies for learning 
their temper and ultimate puriioso aru as 
goiiil as ihoue of most lueu. 

Why, sir, many of tbe ui are expecting 
the President to dib^pcrse Congress with 
fhi^ bayonet, as Cromwell dispersed the 
long Parliament. The Southern heart is 
being rapidly lired to deeds of war . and 
all tbiK aud more, as I believe, has beiu 
caused by the mistakes ol iho Pretidciil. 
His plan ot trusting rebels with iheir 
State govcriiniciithiis bad an ellcct exact- 
ly the oppotiitc of what he intended. It 
has mint d tho prospct ts of the Union 
men, and tliey feel that there is no safety 
lot them unless Congress should choose 
to protect them. Kven tbicu days ago 
(iv.'n. Thomjs had to scud troops iuto 
Marshall county, souiesi.xty miles distant, 
to protect loyal mtii aud frcedmen who 
were lleeing for safety and coming to I he 

So far as I am individually eonecmcd, 
the intemperate abiifC of rrbils, tic de- 
nunciation and blackguardism of their 
reconstructed journals, the threats ol per- 
sonal violi'iico from these amnestied pat- 
riots, anil the unoiiyinous iHttcrs of cow- 
ards threatening my assacsination, all fall 
harnile:.' ;it uiy feet. No earthly power 
can ilrivi- iiic from the sup()ort ol the 
men and the party who fought tbe battles 
of the late war and put down the rebel- 

Very re.'-peclfully, youi ob'dt serv'l, 
Governor of Tennessee. 


The DcMiiK'tiou of Coluuibio, 
Soiilh C'.-Molinn, JuMilied. 

Tho felKiivirg lit:».r wa.s tidd'.:"5id by 
ticMCral Sherman Ui a cilizen of Colum- 
bia, South Ciiroli'ir., whf> petitioned Con- 
gress for 11 remuneration lor property 
burned at the time of tJenerui Sliei man's 
ocupation of tho city with his ariijy. 
Tbe petitioner says ho is 93 years old ; 
that his home and all its contents were 
burned ou the ni^ht after our occupation 
of Columbia: that tic lc^-> was at Ita^t 
?10,000 ; that he is reduced to beggary, 
and that he is living on the chirity of the 
Masonic order. This person lia» laid bis 
case before General Sherman, and the 
following letter was sent iu reply : 

St. Loi IS, Mo., Mardi S. 
Berjainin ItawU, CuIamMa, 8. C^f 

Deau SiK— I have your letter enclos- 
ing a petition to the congress ol the 
United States, asking to be indemnified 
for the loss by fire of your house and 
i contents, at tho time of our occupation in 
j February, 1865. 1 assuie you that I feel 
I deeply for you and all others who lost 
I their property by that fire ; but, if the 
i United States were to assume the liability, 
I it would be an admission that we bad 
.done wrong. This is not true. Theright- 
I ful authority of tbe national government 
had b H'u resisted in the state ol South Car- 
olina for years, and we were compelled, 
at a great cost oi life and money, to con- 
duct thither a va^t army, and our pro- 
gress was resisted by all the force the 
State could obtain. Your own citizens 
resisted our approach, not only with arms 
but by burning the bridges over tbe 
Edisto, Congaree, Saluda and Broad 
rivers. Ttey burned the depot at Col- 
umbia before we entered the city, because 
it contained corn and stores they sup- 
posed we needed, and set fire to thousands 
of bales cf cotton rolled out into the 
atrcete, which was burning before wc en- 
tered Columbia. I myscll w,i3 in (Lecity 
as ejriy as neon ai:d saw those tires, and 
knew that (.iTorts were made to extin- 
guish tbtm ; but a high aud strong wind 
kept thcin alive. 1 gave no orders for 
tbe burning of your city, but on the con- 
trary, th 3 reverse ; and I believe the con- 
rtsgra'.ion resulted from the great impru- 
dence of cutting the cotton bales whereby 
the eontccis were spread by the wind, 
so thit it became an impcssibility to ar- 
rttt the fire. I saw in your Columbia 
newr['3pers tbe printed order ot General 
Wade Hampton, that on the approach of 
the Yankee oruiy all the cotton should 
thus be burned, and from what I saw my- 
self have no hesitation in saying that he 
was the cause ot the destruction of your 
property. Your true remedy is against 
him and 3U( h otlifr.s of your own citizens 
as conspired with him and made tbe mili- 
tary occupation of your city an absolute 
necessity. I hardly think it is fair that 
Congress should tax the people of Ohio, 
Illinois and Missouri to pay for such 
losses ; but as it is not my province to 
judge in such matters, I will send your 
petition according to its address. 

I again assure you of my personal sym- 
pathy by reason of your age and infirmi- 
ty, but this must not lead me to indorse 
a wrong principle. 
I am, with great respect, your ob't servant, 
( Signed) W. T. SHERMAN, 

Major General. 
• « » « > . 



AI,ill»ST A I'A.NII' IN 

Qoneial Palling Otl in Busi- 

no?8 and Diapositloa 

to Realir.o. 


riiui lo Miinh r and Driu- liii' 
WliUcs Iruni Jaiuiihii, 

Itlrxioo vrry r»r fVum Itciiitf 

I'ttCfl \VA9itllK4;iTO!V. 


Ilitt C*nimi«»ion to £Ktfinln<> inloibc 

C'ondact of dov. Eyr«>i— ProUa- 

btllSr of hU living: Fonnil 


Havana Cor. N. y. Herald. loth. 

Since the arrival of Sir Henry Storks 
and tbe two Commissioners sent out to 
investigate the circumstances connected 
with tbe late rebellion in Jamaica, every- 
thing has been quiet tbere. Tho people 
appeared perfectly satistitd that justice 
would be done, and while their minds 
were so far trariquilized, they were await- 
ing the issue of events. The Court of 
Inquiry had been sitting about iv month, 
had examined more than bi.x hundred 
witnesses, and there were still a thou- 
sand to examine. Governor Eyre 
was examined on the 1st of Feb- 
ruary, and, to judge from bis deportment, 
betrayed his anxiety as to the issue ; in 
fact it was said that he had at one time 
faulted. From the testimony which had 
been so far taken, opinion was gaining 
ground unfavorable to him, aud there was 
no doubt that he acted with great precip- 
itation in quelling the disturbance. At 
the commencement of the liol there were 
sixteen lives lost, of which six were 
whites ; but in the battle caused by tbe 
troops under the orders of the governor, 
and after martial law wh.4 adopted, there 
were upwards cf two thousand slain, 
four hundred and eighty ol whom were 
executed by extemporary drum head 
courts martial. There appears no record 
of evidence forthcoming in the examina- 
tion to justify the severe measures taken 
by Governor Eyre, and the opinion was 
that the i.ssue »>f tho commission would 
be latal to the reputation of the governor. 
At the same time "congratulatory" ad- 
dresses were daily pouring in from divers 
parishes, including all colors, clergy and 
a large number of disicnting ministers, 
who all indorse his course. The 
commission^ was silting at Span 
ish Town, thirteen miles from 
Kingston, and all the principal people of 
the country were there. The investiga- 
tion to be made was to tho elicct whether 
it was only a local not or a wide spread 
conspiracy, upon which point tbe com- 
mi.ssion laid great stress. Tho examina- 
tion of the governor did not offer a sin- 
gle particular of evident: ; it was all 
hearsay intormation. Upon arrival of 
the commission Gov. Eyre vacated the 
<|overunient House. lie was living at 
ITamstcad, in tho mountains, among the 
very people, the blacks, whom he accus- 
ed of conspiracv against the govcriimcut. 

Her Britanic Majesty's ship Duncan 
was in port, and Admiral Sir James 
Hope, awaiting the termination of Ihe 
commission, which it waa expected would 
extend to this month. 

It was rumored that Mr. Ilawsou W. 
Ilawson, the present governor of the Ba- 
hamas, was to snccecd Gov. Eyre in tbe 
event of the decision of the commission 
rendering it expedient. In fact, my in- 
formation assures me that he believes the 
former held the appointment in blank, 
ready for the "racrgency. 

I.OIIII Bi l-f:aurl uf Clatinii -<>rn«-rikl 
t'r«ioklin'« Hvslifualiou. 

Ni;w YoKK, March 20. 

A Washington special snys that the 
ways and lueaas committee has agreed to 
take up the loan bill to morrow. It is 
probable that it will be fo amended as to 
restrict the powers of thn Secretary cf 
the Treasuiy, and in that form ipass the 

Wash ISO TON, March '20. 

The. President has approved the aot in 
relation to the court of cla'ms. It re- 
peals the fuurtceutb teclion ol the act 
estiblibhing that tiiounal, which tcctiou 
provides that no money stall be paid out 
of the treasury for any cli'm? parsed up- 
on by the court till afl^r a'l ajipropria- 
tion therefor shall have been established 
by the Secretary of (he Treasury . The 
present law allow.- >,ilher party to appeal 
to th-" supreme court t^ the United States 
from any final judgment or decree. It 
may hereafter be rundered in any cause 
wherein the annnint in controversy ex- 
ceeds .«3,0(.H.i. The ameuded act b1Io».^ 
an appeal at any time within 90 days, ex- 
cepting in .<iuch casc^ where the amouut 
found due by the rourt ha.* bon jaid at 

Ni:w Vouk, March 20. 

Washington fpccial:; fay the resigna- 
tion of M»j. Gen. W. B. Frauklii. was 
accepted, to date on lh«* loth inst. 

Little Bee, chief of ihi' (.'bippcwas. 
died at V/asbington on Saturday 

FltOill JTIEXirO. 

No Indtctfloaa of Frenih HlrlKiran' 
al— X*rep»rnl>«n* fnx n«r«> 3«(M<> 

New YoFk, Mfich ?0 

Late Mexican advices per steamer Man- 
hattan, from Vera Cruz 'Jth itist., chow 
that the promi.<cd Imperial pacitieatioD of 
the countrv i^ hk ||.r at ev.;r from being 
realized, wnd limt 'In- ^epublicmf* still 
n)Rin'i:i:t t'.c '.ontCi^t with tin: invaders ir. 
nearly ;;U rcc'iciii Jrllh^'uhhnrl>nl j-^ ii'.il 
energy. Not the .sli;»liie!<i indication ol 
tbe intention of the Frenlito wi'Ldraw 
is yet apparent, .''ever.-*! additional tights 
are reported. 

The victory ol Gcu. M-rsdcz over the 
republicans in MiclioacAn ia clauned to 
have been far more important than at 
first reported, und bf; aUcrwards had a 
brilliant reception at Moilia in honor 
thereof. Memlez sayn biajself that Le 
fought the baTiJs cf scvcrx chief.-* cini- 
bined, that he had a hard batile, and that 
his own losyei were severe. 

Corfirmution is furnished tegarding the 
critical position ol tbe Imptrialists at 
Tampico Tho fcpublicans v ere threa*- 
cning the luwn, bein« m force, within :20 
miles of it; in the. Pucifi j State ?. The Im- 
perialists wero s'ill cocfired to a few 
ports, tbe republicans holding all the 
country. Thu latter had attacked the 
garrison of .Mazitbui on tine; o:"ca-i--)ns 
within five weeks. 

Ex-Lieutenant Maury, Maximilian's 
minister of eolcnization, had it It for Eng- 
land, and i' wni rumored be had been 
thus dispo.scd ot to avoid giving further 
offense to tho Uuitcd States. 

One of the Bel>;ian Envoys sent over 
to condole wi'h the Empreiis Corlatta, 
was shot and killed while cii route from 
the Ctspital to Vera Cruz hy guerrillns, 
who attacked the stage in which he was 
riding. . 

M. Saillard, Napoleon's -envoy, had 
left on his return to France. 

Brownsville despatches of the 10th in- 
stant state, that the Imperialists of Mexi 
CO were organizing for a vigorous cam- 
paign west of the Sierra Madrid, their 
force numbers (jOOO men. O.'c column 
had left for Monterey, to m.ircb directly 
on Matamoras. A second was soon to 
commence operations from Slontcrey to 
Fiedras Ne.gras, while a thinl was to 
move on to the Victoria, San Fernando 
and Matamoras line. The intention was 
to strike the diffcretit bands of Uepub i- 
cans simultaneously, to defeat and disper;;e 
them, open up communication bttween 
the Rio Grarnle and the interior ol the 
country and to revive commercial rela- 
tions. Garri-^oiis wcro to be plaicd at 
eligible points on the various roads and 
such arrancen.tnts were to bn mad-? as 
would insure peace iu the int-iior. 

tain peace. Statements show,10,000 reg- 
ulars aud |i),UtK) vuluutuerji under arms, 
l.*!,!)*.!!) luuit) volunteers aro drilled and 
armed, but not under pav. making a6,U0U 
ready at a moment's notice. 

• Ni.w V'ji,!.. March J'). 

The UtraliCa Toronto special aays a 
plot is reported to have been ilis'-uverud 
to bluw up the drill shed and volunteers 
while dniling. A large city sower runs 
under Ihe drill shed, with its entrance a 
hundn^i! yards oil. Keports say barn Is 
ol jtowder are to be rolled up the newer 
and when voluutucrs meet lor drill in th..- 
shed, the wholo ato to be blown up. The 
sewer is biung guarded day and night 

In tho city the central council of Fiu- 
lagans a' Uniou .Square were in session 
yestenUy, but notbiug of their proceed- 
lags known. 


■ uateusM Prcpitratlun fui a «,ii<>«al 

RHtfl<>lif(i«i'«>n ■•kii«K«<«t aim Ural 

New Youk, March M. 
The Ihrald's Rio ilanciro correspon- 
dence gives further particulars regarding 
the River Plate, war. Imuiunsc prepar- 
ations were making lor tho great battle, 
which v.-a^ imminent. At the latest ad- 
vices III!; allied armies of the Brazilians, 
Argentines and Uruguayans, numb'ring 
about c^O.MtO, and supported by a con- 
siderable naval (let, lay on the south 
bank of the Pariini river, in the vicinity 
ol Pass <lc Poilria, confronted on tho 
north sine by the PAraguayaus, estima- 
ted at only '-'0,000 men. Defcusive 
works ol great strength, however, pos- 
sessed by the latter, wtrc fuppos''d to 
neutralize, to some extent, the numeri- 
cal advantuges of their enemies. The 
allies de-igned lo liooii attempt the pas- 
sage of the river, and a d-:(>porAte sirug- 
gl« was expected. '1 hey had also in con- 
templation a Hank movement ami an at- 
tack on the Paraguayan's rear. Parties 
of Pan'.guayans bad crossed in boats over 
the river, and tkirmishing lad occurred. 
Th9 allits, however, hid repulsed the 
ParaRuayans with small loss. 

frof-'amor Aeraaaix. 

N:,\v YuER, March '20. 
Three of Professor Ar^assiz's assistants 
returned from Brazil in tbe last United 
States and Brszil mail sleam'-r Havana. 
The courtiisies of the company liiivc been 
most handsomely extended to Professor 
Agassiz and his assistants, ret only as 
above but in transporting from the Ama- 
zon the rolle tion of fishrs to the United 
States. The Boston Journa'. is informed 
that Prof. Agassis, and othcr.^ if Iho par- 
ty, will not return until late in the Rea- 

WOOL— 4a4S2«, aoeoriUBR lo <|iiaUtr. 

tlitrd 00 lur unwabtiwd. 

ONlON8_b5c prrbu»h«l. 
GUKEN APFLEo-tfl.tXiaft.ZJ. 

tirofu, froiDD ^c 

nry halt.. r^tjc 

(irt'on >«tlt 7 37XC 

liiy Fllot lialze 



SliOOp $t DC 

■i liuu|j.wltit« utsd'r. a Ob Ho 

*|">"l< « 3J 

:< liout>.wlilteu>^4iir. S 3i So. 2 
fliiK li<jit>' paUd. .. fi CO 

•I'x- — No. > 

'<U iixtl ....lit 04', 

1» luoti lao<.>'lUat tHiahel 

i* .">«'' ISM- •rei.x.^rdoj.... a ro 

ruba, .'1 iu Deit i Wji 


BlauKhlar 8bl« «a«c I Oak UtLX 4««4ec 

Kpanlah " .. iiglSo Hetuik Kip. »l.fjo«i.Wi 
WUiUJ " .. &Kc. lOttk •■ .Uoll.T.'. 

Gresn Calf. , . 

Dry Calf 

6Ue«p Felts 






••1) CO 

. :i 00 

•a 00 

•rei.per doj. 

RUGCI-.k tt SO».l 

Oak " »l.r5A2.0'j 

Kr«ncb ' $1.H082.76 

Iluiul'kUp. bi ft..Vjij:4j 
Oak •• '• •• -jy: 
H^^uii'kBtt. .. ..»05ii 
htooks til^li Slid ecarc*' 

I.UMItElt— Ku-iDPS'iil.H very active *t Uie lum 
bor yar'ii-,an>l tli"! lollowlag (jilcv Af«! maiii 

lit Cum'o l^um'r fiO.OO 
2d Coiu a Lum'r $17.00 

tVuclll;; lil.CKi 

lati>i(lUii( 27.00 

2d bidiuK •ii.Wt 

No. 1 hblDgii^s . 4.00 

.\ HhloK>ea b:a 

XX HljlnKlMi O.J« 

Ut I I'ring, dr'«'d :t .00 

tliinuDf ion staff uodt-r 20 feet 

DimwaaiuD stuff, Ui) fm-t to H feet. . 
UiiaunsiuQ atulr, ^1 fv«t to 32 feet . . . 

2A I-rrlDK, dt a d 32.00 
Ut Vi'rlox, rouKb 
M Floorics rouKb 

No. 1 Clear... 
Mo. 2 Clear. . . 
No. I llckcta. 
No. 2 1'lckcta. 




2 '.00 





11 and 13 IVorlh ti^ecoud street. 


l:-'H'r A, "MITH. I . ».. l;r.cD 



Foreigu and Domestic ExchrUigp, 

WnauUtit Iti* coaelsomtntaaDdoider^ oi ourl/l»udt, aieariog tli'.in tliat lliJii.C:BoU UiterMK 
ahall be tapeciallj c ineldwed, and we cordially tender la all, wh*n la our dty, the fuU privUrcet ol 
our uffioe for correepoodrnov. wiiU a camplete file of Wlniifaita paper", ic. 

Kkfeb to KUtax RATIONAL BANK OK ST. PAUL. Bchli If 


InceadlarT Fli-r* in C'aba-Itat; Jwk- 
maica ■nsiirrerlloa — Wrat Xndia 

New Yokk, March JO. 

Further advices from Havana by I he 
steamer Manhattiji ^tate the numerous 
recent firts tbroujjhout the isl.ind are at- 
tributed by on ■ of tbe Havana journals to 
negro incendiirism. 

The discovery of a plot on t be part of 
slave traders to df stroy one of tbe Hava- 
na newspaper t Hi- es is reported. 

The furthi-i- i-rogrcss <•! the Royal 
Commission, in ilicir woik of investigSi 
tion of the Jaioai<-a revolt, i-^- reported 
in thj Herald's Kiu{;8toncorrofpond<-n<:e. 
Abundant evidence, it is said, has alrea 
dy been produ'.rd to show that the afFdir 
was not mori'ly ji audden and 'inpreraed- 
itatcd outbreak, but a delibcraielv jilan- 
ned and or^janizcd rebellion, with tho ul- 
timatrC design of murdering or driving 
from the island ;ill ibo whit'.s. The mem- 
bers of the coniHiission ore eapected lo 
leave on the 2t"th iiist. 

The entire West Indian Naval cipiad- 
ron has b< en ordi^red to Halifax. 

A strong feeling in favar of the annex- 
ation uf Jaiuiica to the United States is 
manifesting itself among the people of 
that island. 

In Hayti sixty persons, charged with 
being concerned in the revolutionary 
movemt'.nts of that republic, had been ar- 
rested, and it was supposed tha* twcuty 
of them would be executed 


Prvparalions In Canadu to Ucsiat itae 
■aradei*— So CoBOrtencv la Aaierl- 
can ^rutraltty - a<l«ia — moreutoata 
at Ihe f ciulaiaa. 

New YoiiK, March 20. 

Tbe Herald's special Toronto dispatch 
says a dispa'ch Irom Ottowa says that a 
battery hit there for the front on Satur- 
day. DthiT nioveinim'.s ol troops to tho 
front aril rcpoiti'd from dill'oreni points. 
The organization of new companies is 
going forward with great rapidity and the 
alarm sderos umibated. Every one now 
feels thit the Fenians mean a desperate 
attempt lo obtain Canada to use as a basu, 
and vcrv little dependence is placed dpon 
tho American government's professions of 
obsCTving neutrality. 

Tbe authorities feel that they lan expect 
no i^ympathy from the United Statea, and 
must help thcmsolrca if they would main- 


;By Telegrapik.i 
Mvo Vark naaer 9lnrk«<. 

Nt-w York, March 20. 

Stocks stronger. 

Money 5 psreeilt. 

i)terltDg exchange active at 107^. • 

Gold opened at 12SJ, closed at 1278 

New York, March 20—7 li r. m. 
Money ciulle ea-y at 6 per cent. 


,E> relegmpb.j 
SIfav Icrh IF*rodac« 9B.a/kei. 

New York, March 20. 

The Evcoiry Poil says prices of goods of 
all desciip'.i-.>nj art lalliniT. Thenlecline was 
fircat yeMCTil;.;.-, t!<nug!i some kinds r.f mer- 
chandi-^i- were held by owutrswuh consider- 
able tini;nc><. ."^o much effort to make sales 
has rarely becu put forth, and the dispoeiiiou 
was cvprj-where manifest lo close traos- 
MCtiODs sail to rcabzp. Ttie concession 
in dres.>; goods u large ; it extends to prints 
mid all fine labrics ; on standards and woolens 
it is liglitcbt. The lall, in one month, on the 
Ijasis ot seme (if the prices ot goods sold at 
auction viMcrtiav, is reported tu be fully one 
! huudrcd per cent; the average decUoe may 
mt exceed 20 or 'io per tent, in that line. 
There is a general falling off in this bnsinesfi, 
amoiintin;[; to almost a panic in sunie quar 
ters, and this adds to the depression, but the 
public, and p.irticnlarly the mtn in business, 
do not readily buy. 

There hjs ijcena cbabge in the real estate 
in.irket ; ininy persons who otfer property for 
sale at auction, find it does not comm;ind the 
prices thev hoped to obtain, aodsothcv with- 
draw it or bid it in. It is admitted that the 
prices of the 1st of February cinnot be main- 
t liuod, aud barga ns are oiTered at lower rales 

Money easy at 5(2:0 per cent, and the sur- 
plus ot capital in quest of temporary invest- 
ment is increasing; currency is also 'accumu- 
lating here, but in consequence of the usunl 
liquidation in the country, at the beginning 
cf April, the current will probably turn in a 
few Jays. 

The stoi'i market is more iiciivo. 

Governments are liriu, there being an in- 
increasing demand for tho Suven-thiriics tor 
investment. Compound interest notes also in 
demand at full rates. 


New York March 20—7 :1.5 i . m. 

Flour dull, unsettled and common grades -3 
(fflOc lower; sales at 8*7. 10^7-60 lor Extra 
Male, S'3 l-^feS 6.5 for extra K. H. O , and 
SS.rog 11 for trade braftds, market closing 

Whisky dull at $1.27 for western. 

Gu.Mx— Wheat heavy and ."Spring \Qi2c 
lower; White, firm; $l.GO lor Xo. 2 Milwau- 
kee Ciub; .'fl.CS for prime new No. 1 do. in 
store; $1..V) for infsrior .Milwankce Club. 
Rye drooping. Barlcv in n-oderate request, 
choice Canada West §1.136. Corn Ic better at 
69(«'74e lur unsound and7-l(2!75c for sound 
mixed wcs'.crn, both in store and delivered. 
Oats dull aad heavy at 83(" tOe for unsound 
we.'-tern anl .52(/?53c for sound do, 

retrolcuin dull and lower; crude 24i^('/ J.'ic ; 
rciined in lond 3«(2 lOc. 

I'ork opened lower and^eioscd more firmly 
at S-25.7J(ni6for new new mess, closing at 
S".'6 regular. 

Beefstealy -it previous prices. 

Keef hatES $.37(i>3S,iO. 

Haeoa firmnt Lie for Cumberland Cut and 
15|@l(jc (or short ribbed and lOr for short 

Cutmcatj steady at 11^(5 I2i-. 

Lard heavy at 17(g20ic 

Butter quiet di2t)@l5c for Ohio. 

New Yopk, March 20—11 :15 r. m. 

Flour dull and oiJr.lOc luwer on common 
giudes i Sr.lO(a7.oO lor extra State and Si.U 
fe'<.6.5 lc.rr\~ H. O. 

Grain— '*heat dull and Spring l(52c low- 
cr; fair .Milwaukee Club iSl.eO; inferior Mil- 
waukee {?1. 50 and new No. lS1.6Sin store. 
Corn beticr at C0(n74c for unsound and 74(3 
7Gc for .--uuud mixed western. Oats dull and 
heavy at 35@40c for unsound, »nd 53c lor 
sound western. 

I'ork eloscd at 52.575(320.00 for new. 

\Vhi.-.kv steady atft'2.28 for western. 

Petroleum dull. 

.Urn- kork C'otSou narkct. 

New Youk. March 20 
Cotfnu heavy and drooping. 

Wf><<kl7 R<>rl<<w of the Saint Panl 

Phkss Office, > 
Wki>vfspav, March 21, 16M. j 
Tlie cuntliiucd tinpropmon? weither has made 
business cxtrera-Iv dull during thi? we^k, and 
no coDsIderjblx oinage has tiken place in itapic 
nrllcles. Men? Uowrpr, hivp gone up. on ac- 
count of ih>> i-rBrcit} of stock, live ho?s advanc- 
ing odcccmI p-r ( oiiiid. gud 11,0 bP>( :<bniit half 
a oont. Io ttiOHt olIiT Hrliree llv in.rlet re- 
main < siiiii<.iii]iry. 

DKAIN -Tliereli lillie di»maii.| nr K.aln,eacept 
for ml'lini; |<nipo«p.s toeupply riirn-ul demanda, 
and pric.'i! ar,] irre.xular « I'.e lolio<vii;g. uuots- 
tlors art? nearly corri>ct • 

Wheat (sjeo c i Corn, "ht-Iled. . .«s.M>c 

Barley . -("c Cern, e-.r .60c 

Oa'p :;,'| 

MfiaT— Ailnduincii hastalieu fla-e during tliC 
past we<'k, on acsuul uf tho limtt<^t supply : 


U. S., City and County Boada 

Laiui H'arratUs, Ptutage Tickets, Ac, ^c. 


!!•» UfsatlK-r Bella. Inst., Price t&c. 
Th«< Hliu)«t, lost.. Price iic. 


Beueuth iko l.a^cdonea WtnAotr, 
Xaat., «U(. 
inill«ia' H»Bg, Sn»t., &Oc. 
.koreat Teaapiv. Iast,,3«e. 
A'oantula Sanllgrht, last.. *9c. 
Gala Da.T, lust.. »(lc. 
Cattle Bells at EveDlny, Inat., S.9c. 

»0 IN OS. 

OUT WEST, or the t>own Eastern J uuraey. 
Words and Muaio by U. L Krisbie; price SSc. 
OUKPKOrECrXVIi union— G. K.B..!t5e. 
GLOaY,GL'>KT- J. F, B. 30:. 

Wtf keep on hana everything a<!,<ed Lv 
Oli'-er UUeoa it Co . and at t' e ram* prices. 

Muslo aeli'cted and mailed with care, when 
et)le and price ar« mad*^ known. M-^ney re- 
turned when mor« t'-an the price U s<-nt , or tie 
article caDDot in procured. 

Wc call th" c-'peclal aiteotlon cf dralert to ou' 
Whfile-al-> raten, ai! we are folly prepared to 
etO'.'k Mu!lc Dealers completely from our fhsiver, 

R^OOT & CA.O Yv 

Union Block » f^aint Paul, 

Dealers in Cabinet Organs, Pianos, 

and all kinds of 

Musical Mei*oliR.u(lL»o. 



Sign and House Painter. 

At Ihe old stand of Williams k, Bkc, 

Nearly Opposite the Foat Office, 


Ordci .4 iu any branch of tbe ralatlng bualneES 
recpeclfully soUc.tcd. 

H^C^icc of (Itc Cltitf Svpinccr Fire Do 

parlment. laohlO-lm 

Real Estate ii gents, 

ItJ 1 Third ktreet, tx*-nc i li«» 13rid(£e. 

Citsh Assets .lanuary 1, iUOO, 


Gli'cs a"FaraDC^ to the rubllc that cVrdoe init-.i.- 
Dittr, of a wtiolesoue and p«r ma neat character, 
la itroDgly Kaaranteed by I'hoeaix f oildee. 


l/JS.SfcS ADJUSTKD AND PAID daring the 
yci r 1865. lo a vt-ry marked and striklna inancrr 
«Kiilliitii the eo:id, sabetantlal and faithful ser- 
vice roedered ja-ronB by the PHCEMX. as well 
»« ita at>ili:y to yua tiiruugh aeasont cf i-octli- 
grttioD wltu houcr aud trdiit to tko:c mo:t ic- 

Ca'h iccome for tlie past year. reyeaJe the con- 
ttant aud ttcady wogivt' of ibia popular cor- 
poration in the face of a bitter, vindictive asd 
llltsiltmatt: comi ctlUoD. 

-ir «oo 

Flie P3«iciM !«9ied throogh Iti j^RerclM, for 
lh», jear c'.oi-ed, is ■'Ugg^ttiveof the wids-spresd 
anil exleimive bueineas enjoyed by the trU^- 
NIX,Hud the empba-.ic dt'tir^i aiLcag a! c>a»tc: 
tot tan prctitcUou its loiiclea afford. 

Live beet. 
Quarters . 

Live hog 11412c 

Ilatn •..'Og,.'lc 

bbouM'T 16a:^^.• 


Snpprar.e 14 W I Ponliie .Y 

L'xtra (chotct-; d.i \ 

Bc<t fresh raU..,Wa:{Sc | Ucst flrklu. 

FX}(lS-17i|-.^0c. p»r daz>>n. 

rorAr«>E»-;^iiiii>cpHr bmUct. 

Ooiii'ii Uruwii.loO 

YoUow C 16iic 

Kxtra irSiC 

F*lrtorrUni ..Hai.'!,c 

Y'nir H?s'"iiai.t-5 

O.ilnnit'. 1 (UqI no 

Uuni>uwd<>r.. l.iog-j.w 

<X)J I KE- 
Ilio, lair ,')lo 

" prime Mg33i 

Sugar Home (Vi:-:i*l,00 

. l<'ylSc 

. 2rgi?o 

ReHncHl A.ftB ..18SI9C 
P'w'rdftout l<wf.v>(Mi 
Cruuhod Wi 

UucolO'cd Ja- 

pan.. . . 

I Java 


GoM'n srr'p.$l OO^I.'ifi 
Aint>er '■ .. l.sjgt.SO 

BccMH.d .1 <Wal,75IOldBourbon,t2.;53«.00 

Hononaahela.l '.!5!|}.oo | 


Whltn 80c. I Straw 

BE ANS— yary, $1 00 por bnihol. 

Shot $3.!>0 per fk. I Buckshot... 

(Bar lead.... 



Thk Grbat Enoush J^KMRDT. — SiK 

J *MRS Clarke sCEi-KBRATKn Kkmale Pn.t«, 
Pr'^nrc'^ /rom a pre.<!criplion of Sir .T. Clark* 
U. ]),, Physicir.n Extraorrtitiary lofht Owen, 

This Invaluable mt-dlclno Is ncfallinc in the 
(.•ore of all tho^^e painful and dangoroa? (li»ea"CE 
to which the temale oocs'.itutlon if subject. It 
mo.-tcratc'i all excess end r<'inoTe» all obrtruc- 
tloni<, and a specdv cure may be relied en. 

To ilnrried lAdtcA It Is peculiarly suited. It 
will, in a short time, bring on tl>e itonthly period 
with regularity. 

Each boitie, price One Dollar, boars the Gov- 
ernmeDt stamp of Great Britain , to prevent coun- 

CAUTION".- Tlie»« PUli shotild not ft. (nttifry 
^--■m(7/e.i.t«ri»sr tht FIRST TIIRSK UONTHS 
of I'riff nancy, at tkefi art lure to bring on Mis- 
cirri,-:??, but, at <;My ifher lime they are safe. 

In all cases oi Ni rvous and Spinal Affections, 
Pains in tlio Back and Limbs, Fatigue on slight 
exertion, Palpltitlon of the Heart, Hysterics and 
Whites, these Pills will effect a care wnen all 
other meanc have failed ; and although a power- 
fbl remody, do not contan Iron, calomel, antiia of 
oy, or anything hurtful t the constitution. 

Full directions in the pamphlet around each 
package, which should be carefully prcscrred. 

Sold by all Druggists. Sole Ag-nt for the 
United States and Canada. JOB MOSKS, 
27 Cortlandt street, N. Y. 

N. B.— $1 and 6 stamps enclosed to acyaathor- 
lied agent, will Insure a bottle, containing liJtv 
PUIS, by return mail. 



Mill Furnlshina Establishment.'ORTANT TO MILL OWNERS, 
nod nil iiwini; VV titer Pan «>r. 

W« have been appointed Agenta for tbe Slates 
of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota fjr tho Justly 


Turbine AValerAvhecl 

Which Is claimed to surpass any other WATER 
WUExL. aud l« In cv*ry respoct perfect. Aiirtr 
pitdgai io equal any ovtrshot Kkeel in existence. 
Any peisonin theabjvc named States of Wis- 
consin, Iowa and Minnesota uishing to purcharc 
a WatcrwUiol, or g'H information cunci-rniug 
tlirm, will pleafc airirpss th« ucdt'rsigu.-d. who 
will lurnlsh them with all tho particularn of this 
wheel, its nizo, ?piod, power, price, ac . ftc. 
These wheels are now Ix'ing sent ou' at the rate 
of over oce wheel per day, with a rapidly In- 
creasing demand, extcuding from Maine to Call- 
foriai. A guaraoten is given that Ihene wheels 
will work up strictlv t> wbst i; clslmed for 
them. Uemcmbcr that thi' 

BoHt is tlio dionpcst. 

Wi! are also furniching, a." usual. of our own 

French Burr Mill h tones. 

Best qualities ol both old and new quirr cs. 

Mill UcatriiiK and Sliuftias* 

Of all kind" aud do.-criplions, bi'tli fur Klonr and 
Saw Mills, Double Kdgcrs for ba\w Mills. 

Of the most ai>pMved patterns. All kltd< of 

gearing |^d iron worl: lor 
PAITEK JkTSn «TOOI.R» .mi.ft,l*. 

And every kiud of iron work. Wea'solnr- 
nish KMlJITKItS, SKeAKAn'R-i, BK«\ 
DUdTEU.S, and every description ol Mill Ma 
oblnerv. Also the g»na(n" i ufoai's rid Putcti 

Cit4l<Kue ot pailurns andpric licti sent on 
api'lleation. KW». IP. Al.E.indk CO., 
tielian.ce Works. Milwaukee, Wis, 


01O t7>^lSiaolPer"i>njr; 

WANrKt>— *GKNTS WANTKD In ev. ry 
to\vn.-<hip in WWoonsin, Miunesota and Iowa, 
to sell my eUmio .ook siitrh "URILNTAL" 
K»MII.V SE*riNU MACHINK, (price $'.«).] It 
will dual! klndi of work that rau bo done upon 
any inachin-', high prio-d or low, in a most .ou- 
/jcriDf manner. It i« f^lly wurranii'd and kept 
IU ordiT three years. Sfnd for circular and term" 
to ageotn. Addrei-s, with Mamp, HAMILTON 
PKCK, .TM Kast Water ^Uect, Milwiukee, Wl» 
oonsin, febS-Am.eod 


Wo will sell a Urge two stery l-RAME 
linUSK, nearly new, and the lo; on «htoh it 
stands, in Taylor's Falls, foi Twenty.flre Unn- 
dreif Dollar". 

Wo will a'f<> s.'ll a fine BFOCK FARM of 
about live hundred and Two: ly Acres, oo 
which tlier't is a lino Barn, whieli rort abont 
One lhnu.iundDotlsrs, good Dweding and other 
out' uiMlans. situated L^ Chi-«go county, 
elght'1'n nil|e< iroul Tajlors' Jails f.r Four 
Ihonsaiid Dollars. 

.STUINHKK, ifl.LEN AtX)., .St. I owls. 

! or a m •r-' paitlcuUr do^cripllua of cboTe 
pronTiy, adJie»8 

'W.V «.'. rOL*W9f. 

mchl 2m Tavior'h Fall". 

Reiil -bJw a tt^* Agents 


Taxes paid, Lsnd .Wiirranta and tcilp located. 
Houses. Luia and Farms for aale, 


Dintwrsed to Agents and other emp;e-'ee«,an<2 
for general expences cf trans c^li.g the bus ueis 
of t:ie past year, inch as printing. adverti!:!ng, 
local and Mate taaes, and (.tb-r •similar cUar,;es, 
coiivtTi ►fin'! Idea of the public u-efuluere aul 
tieiiefita of the crgauUatlou. 

An averag-' annual cash dividend to ftockbox* 
er- cf fourteen per c»nt upon Its oapital stock, 
eioce l»s Incorporation portrays tht* gr=at anc 
cej« and "tabiiitv uf this fmloen ln»iitatlon, 
the superior fiuaiiCial accuracy aispla)Cd in Its 
iDAestments, and the imp >rtant tru'h th«i the 
minagemt-Dt of the PHcEMX is In the hands 
of those who know tow (ucc^ssfully to c induct s 

Fim <.'las8 Fire Insurance <'o. 

A mercantil<4 tyttean ol Lc^al Agendas, ucd. r 
th" p^rsontl suptrvi-lon of I'ractical Cnder- 
writer", knowing tlieir dut7, and perlcrmtEg it 
crcdilalily, bears evidetce of progrc-sive enf rev 
anl commercial et.t-rpri>e, Bffording the ai- 
vaj'aics of reliible luhuranco, at proper rat^s, 
lo lLio cliizons of every luwn atd c.auty In the 

J**-Branch <.'ffi:e for {"le Wc-t lid SuUtb 

Wo. «-l West Foiurtlk St., 


U. M. MldlLL, General igeof. 


Airciitfi. *»i. Paul, axiiaii. 

'ilarch 10, leee. mchii-eodlm 


Freight and Ticket Agent 



Mil. & Prairie dn Chien Rai'way, 

I'll I' 

General Transportation Air'J. 


Salt, Coal, Cement, 

Freight Contracted to all Points, 


Cver charges, Loesce and D»nuges promptly 
adjisled. iind settled on Freight shipped o-er 
either of the above Line?. 

OfFICtS AND WAHtH<ir.-K.<!. 

Tlie New Tranafcr House of the 
St. Paul & Pacific H. H. 


KchO 1f 

We buy und n-il Property, on CommltiilOD, in 
all parts of this tstate and Wisconrin, acd caanot 
fall to utUfy pkrtiei! d-:-:rouf to tfV. or lii%-«at. 
We have a )arg» amount of property for *ale ia 
St. Faul, aui aijololng towLs, and tbroagboct 
Ibe S af, t»e.oagtLs t'j p«rtl<:t reaJly anzioaa to 
a>^ll, and at pric«g iliat oubbt fall to be remoBS- 
ratlve. We cffer burloeas proji^rty In M. Paul 
oa all the principal «tr>-ets. Hoa&<-c and louat 
ah prices and in ait parti cf the city. Ke»ideBee 
I'j'B is 'rndl-tt ooaBiity. from |ilc to fC'.oo 
CiC-*!. County prliporty, f arirs, FarmlBg Land. 
Hottr (, L-jke Eti-ldniC"*. liirtcr abd Hay 
Laiidi, ic, froui { I t > (10 per aae, inall p&rta 
of 'hi? t-t'teand Hisconrin. 

W ciDiiot fail to suit ary one d^tlro-js of 
purchielig, and feterto cur iSBlI«-tJn on ftrst 
pa(;e. Taxes pUd In iLlI partr ci tbts ^tate aad 
WitLonelB. M'JUOaN t Mct;l,0».l>. 

iii;h;£ u&»ly Iti." 



Patented Ma)-- 23, 1666. 

Xbe t>eat, Cheaprat, Ea«l«at a»«. XeM ' 
BtiraSle RpriDf B< d Bu;*oia 
la The World 

I ae f-llQwlf g Te'ilmcnltis are preiaatea u a. 
titsf.le of huDdrelt that might be fu'Eithed . 

r.'icoLLrr IIols', ilif sEaroi-ig, Mmr. 
Jfr. p. O. Chase : 

Dear bli — I t2*e grflt plessurc in tecom- 
isendiog year Patent spring Bad Bot'om to 
tbe pnhiic, ar.d cm ta; thut I nerer slept c& 
so good a t«d as yuur Spring bcttom makes. 

Voa may plns° scud me one hundred oi thMe 
at soon a! voa can get ihemreidy, aud moeb 
cb lg», C. E. FHtEMAX, Proprictot. 

P. S.— JlfS'f!. Chase It. hfart are genUrtnen. 
and I thluk them worthy of ycarj-^troLaie. 

C. E. F. 

i'"r. P. G. Chi^u . 

fir— I have hid the pl-aaure of sleepisg at the 
Huff Iloii'i", ia Winona., upon cnc of yoar Pit- 
ect b^riai; U- d B'd'.oia*. tad till .j cpaa to 
say it surtar.vai.jiiiit-gtn t'ljt line, sid loakee 
kleepiog a luxury. 

1 am c ■cs;.-£iiied lo k»y, further, that it« man 
ifeet ciieaiues at-l duratilUty, and tLe facility 
witji which It U adapted to any bed, murt soca 
msk-. it ao e«aeatial La every faiaily. 
1 SBi, rlr, yoors reJpenftU'j-. 



KCc HESTER, teb i*, 1(«J4. i 
il:.r. Lr. Chest 

I>c«r Sir— Tour Patent Bed Bott.m hi« beea 
in use and on exhibition at my bou!e sow lor 
two wet kJ. and ha-^ g;ven entire aaticfactloa to 
uy«eU ar.d all who have exanuaed it. Allow 
me to rar it 1? the most perfect thing of the Uad 
1 hive f.. -a jd, having ejcamincl all ihi dUTereat 
kicde of Spring Bed< in use. 

I shall fit up my hoa*» with Tour Bed Bcitomf 
as soon a; tjj sams can hi proenred, u tbey 
combine all tlic advaa:ag°« of o'.her Spring 
Bed*, arc less liable to git out of repair, eatlly 
repaired If out of repair, and the price brtaga 
them within the reach cf all. 

Yours tmly, E. A. G30DELL. 

CHABE & BPITRB, Proprietore, 




-Id for the Amirlcaa 


AMVBir oi-rtr'KH, 

Attoinxy at Law. OtTico cvrr Parkorrainc'j 
Rank, IMrd itreot. St. Paul, Minn. novS 

ooH AB» 3i»m PMiaviao m 

^ the be»t ityin and at the loweat rate* at the 
8t. Paal Preas titeam .lob Prlntln c olDoe. 

BCiAI. ■>1,A9H.* OrAUL ««■■»• 

fcr Mie ftt tbe Dally Freat case. 




Third str4»4t. Saint Paul. Minn 


CI jt*i CaaketK and Wooden CotBns ot Ih" iat. t 
«t>ii>c>nst*ntly on hand. n»arsv§aodC.uriago- 
and i-vervthlr.,' ne-«-><arv fo.'a Funeral furnirbed 
on Uie thortett aot!M< 

iii'iiia.-uue o 1 lAuaoa street,, above Tenth 

~ "fvO KT'HAilE^ 

TXmv. WRIX N1VOW2V FiorRiive 
MILL, near Mantlng-. kno«n a* " K A M- 
SEY'8 M-OMK MILL." fa d mil CO* tain* 
ihre> (3) ruc« of Btone*. and all nec<> lary ma- 
cfiircry to tun the rame. The w-ater power in 
ami le and never failing. Wheat is aliundant 
and >atllv procured, Uastirg*, Minnoaol*. bring 
the -ounty n*at of Dakota e.uttv, and tht thip- 
ping poll t. Title tndUpnttblv. " 

F.r term!«. «;ply to Mef»r». ft AGGKT A 
CKiSRT. Attorneyt, Hai»ing.<, Uinnro'a. or 
to Ji KSKPH LKWlf, St. Paul, Minn,, box .'■2. 


Tht mot: PKRFi 
Bical inetruri-:n; in tt 
Heme Circle. 


are pronounced by more tb. five hoadred of 
tbebeitorgaaistabf tbe oouu.;;to be capcrlor 
to any other iastramentt yet prodoccd, 


have been fold i^ the past year. 

were awarded to the Amrricsn Orjana la the 
month of October, 1«CJ, over all comrelitorf . at 
aiffercnt State aud County Fairs. 

Arc the only EEAL RKED ORGANS now be- 
lore the public The onlv o'can having a »E 
VEKBKRAIIXG SOU.NO B0\ or wiodcheet. 
wnich ha« th« same imt>ortant pa»t to perform 
a•th•>^ board hii ia a piano forte (to 
Kivo body and resonance »l t^ne' and withont 
wh-ch the organ bccomef merrlv a melo^ocn Io 
an rrgan cage. 

I!i-y are fupcricr in their 
iRrea* Fnllapaa aad r«Bi|»|«(p|.vM af 
Toar. Ihey are superior In 

E\prctaion. <|Blrl>a<»« ot Artioa. 

aad EtaaNriiT af Taack 

rendering them perfect in rapid n-pTcmenf«, and 
when controlled bv the PtirBLK BKLLOWS 
and BL>W PKDAJS:, KNhK tWE! I. and 
TREMOLO AITACUMENT. lb-,- m.^st charm 
irg .-ftcr.= i.n le produced, from Ihe softoM 
w>ii!...rr of tlio .E 'M ;n Harp to thr full volume 
anl iKjwer tf tie t hurch Organ— thus enabts/; 
the performer to clveexprffrion ni't tjbe Icund 
in any othT ii:-lramct!. 

The American Organ.* a'e fir.l rhoil in the h'gh 
est ftv'o of art. In Eosewooil. Jet. Walnot and 
Hak Bni?h, rl.->!v varnished and polished or in 
smonili oil. foimicgrl'gant pieces of ia' allure 
for tbe |«-l'^ror b:>udoir; a^d Ihe o<k aadwal. 
ant espfcia'T a<-apted :cr Ctcrches Lccluta 
and Lrvdpe Room*. 
6p>'cial attention if cslled tc the stv> o' 
AmSBlCAX 0M«A:% X«.17, 
contaiolTig th» fop«r-07t*re coupler and *nb- 
bass. For CHURCHES in vrant ofai>ow(rfal 
iDFtriitcect. wbose Dftiitt are limited, itc rrioe 
renders It very dpslrabl.-. 

N B.— Every inntnim^nt Is warranted to «ive 
satlsfiiction. A<ld^e^« 

Wtiele-alc Agerts forF. C. LIGHIF. A C-^ "S 
PliNO^ W. W. Kt!llJiA«.«„ 

No. M » a'hln«toa st , l bicacc. 
Bole Ager.t lor the Korthn est. m' Smd 

OTA, .} 

1, iMiO. 1 

oricKCuiBF Commissi ARV or til' KsisraKcK, 


St, Paul, Minn., March IMh 
I »HI1 offer at Put'lic Auction on Tuesday, the 
irih day ot Marth, ifkHi, at the Goverumoat 
Warchou-e .it the corner of tho Lrvi-e and i<lbley 
streets, the following suri lua b'ubaieteaor btores 
viz : 
a<?,000 I'oundB of Rice, 
l".-.000 Pound « of Pea^, 
ri5,000 Pounds ol Sara Bread 
Ihes.' Stores are in good roudiiion and only 
sold bivause there id a turplus on hand. The 
Har.l Bread is in boxes of (j<.i; Bitv pounds. The 
atwvs Stores can be seen at tho Uovcrnmcnt 
Patmeutoaah In (ioromnrnt fund*. 
Sale to eonmence at io?»4 a. m. 

Jt)8Ei'H U.CRANE. 
..»-,, ,:.»- . Brevet Major C. 8. U. 8. A. 
L^ NGUKl A TEMPLK, Auctioaecrs. 

D*»JL* PSBM STB AM #•■ •» 
FICK ezeoatea all klads of JMiPrtaltag 
with neatneaa and dljpatoh, at t be loweat prk" ee 
A pp y at the CooatlDg Boom 


Commission Merchant, 

r08 THE SAt.R Of 

Tobacco, Hemp, roKos, Uool. 

LE.VX). aKAlJTs?. KLOtJK, 

Aud Western aaJ ^'outhl.'In prcdacc f cjjcr^l'y. 

No. G2 ionimercial street, 

Met ween Olive and Locusfosts 

ST r^oxjis. 

Pr«npt attention given to iUliig au orc>r» la- 
trastert to mv care. mchO-ly 

AJor «!.iA.« oua for lleiit. 

Lot iCiiiO, aud ntw wull flnlihcd t»o iiory 
house, gcien rooms, c.lar, orU^iu auJ well, 
near head of Jacton alic^t, postestion May let, 

l-ot 50x76 and hou»e, iwo-tt ry, with stone 
tasenicnt, sell built snd ooavenu-nt, tu Bnui- 
aor's Addition— $ I. ICO; |>uSMrMi.'U . pril Ut. 

Good twii'ftory tnune bens-, wiih alicun\en- 
leuot-a and plcra^Uit location, utar JacktoB sueel 

bouse and Lot oOtt-vl corner llih a:.d Wcl a. 
ihaw— #3,100; po»M>ssiOB April 1ft. 

A first cl SB «r«niM hcu-M. and lot, choice Io<s- 
tlon— fii.COO; posfcsulon >l8y Ut. 

A frame houtc aid lot, not excel i-d in the 
clt»— IMKXi. " ""^ 

A two story fram? houve and lot, t^xi'O tea, warm and well luili—f-xv; i>o*tet»ioa 

i O KKS t— A choice house and grooada oa 
Jaytoi « Biuff, ten rooms, stable audaatei- 
#300; posiosslon Aptil 15. 
„ .„ „ T. .H. atBTCALr. 

Beal Estate Brckcr, Jackwa suett, betw^ea &lh 

andiHh. 'mehli 

nsanv uala.. atioi 

l^W aad Ueal l>»iat« Agent, Gkaooe, Ms- 

Ueod coanty, Minnesota. 




%lw jft. f littt JPaUg frrss. 

-*fi'!I '•^'^'L MARCH 2271866." 

**■ ^" P"P*rruu., l\,t:!f. /Vi- IfVaij, <:«: 

— GolJ cloifd Ht !jl :;s. 

— WiUi.mi L. B.'; jiiM lur Ku 
r jj/c .ve»i*ri.'.ay iu ibo Aloamcr J«nu. 

—The Iowa LvfjisUturr. by niolation. 
Mks for the ttl;i! and puiii-ihiuen: ot Otnoial 
Cu»uir, 1'v.r allfgoa lll-lr«j ii;ont .>t lovia »ol- 

been »cL:ea. lOQfjscaicJ, and her cAptj;!! Im- 
prisoned 4t YiK-atau. 

— -^ Vi-j;:3ian coaviotcd ot murJering 
Union lioMWr* hd, been ro:ciu.\l t.y the S<c- 
rf tary of Wur. bcoiiise of a cUric'il err, r la 
the report c: the mUiUtfy commlasion 

—Senators Dixor. of CcLutcticut, aiul 
Fcc:e, of Vermont, are jfnouslv il'. sad the 
atter is rsct expected to reivver. 

—Ike Cook, lormerly IVstajaster ol 
Cbicajio, and a defaulter. ha< paid up the 
takoee i .c :' ".psrtmenf. auJthe fisehas 

" " -' r L.ntnbutioa o! uearl 

IW.'--- :-- .- Frecdmen h*« b.-ea itcelveJ 
fwjai Bi.armj;ha:Q. Vug;d!:,i. 

- It ij i.'poruJ ','jA' the Trt-Miitnt ha.s 

- K-n nea M? luttum-n c\ Mt.Mnc the cUi: 




». tM> 

the il. uiinraiy of IVnanvl^anu had designed 
iiOimi<iN onupluuftit; tliitiluvhaattuicbud 
uisin\u; iutiou vMtb ik> irduarv gratiUca- 
jiou; and Ibat Ihty sliuiud ^IttIul Iw biiu and 
t* :uumui..iia(uiu ^o luDCiio Uo ^o'uoblv ad 
ncrcil to the .-air«fd eonsimui'ii ISiloro thi 
pcror.-«in>ii wat ii;.ohtJ. tUo I'liiJidiut Lti-kc 
1" iip.'n thiniwiih tbo mu^-l.-uou tbat " iho 
n l>i.>t tbmif thi V c mid .!o w,u to ku Uoiue 
and I hanKo tlieif ticket." Ho believed that 
tUey had luado a Cual mist.iUe in noniinatini; 
such a lu.Hu, t>i:eiia!lv at !bi^ particular time, 
• itltniueh obir remarks of a »iuiilarlv en- 
eouiasmj; aiaraeier. The last seen of the Uania eommilioemtn thev were luak- 
i:ij{ for the Baitimoro depot, in a featfullv de- 
luorailtevl tiame ol mind. 


^J ''^?l-i^^^i^» TIIUR-^DiVY, MA^HOH 

lie Is lite Il4*bel ('uiiclidtiic loi 
ilie Nt'xl Fre«iitli.-ucy. 

Ho IS Using tho Prteidout ud a 
Tool for Ilia own Purposes. 


An lut<-itl«-\v uii (hv l'i*>«><I- 
ucn's Biireuu Uill. 


Rviiiitrkiiblc F1ii-hi>iu«-iiii— 4 
Vuli'Uiiic l'pl.t:u\ ui. 

i^Ki-r- (o.-vucn^ED. 

TuK lol onviiig leUgram, \->hich appears 
•moi'i,' the offii al records, sLowi that up- 
to t';e latter part cf July last, iLt author- 
ity olCoii:;res^ la thv r ssoiatiou of dvd 
govcrntneut to tht- South wai a.' nowl- 
idged in certain quarters where it is now 
Jein't'd : 

'■ W.i8m.\oio.\, Juiy 21, 1865. 
•To L. Sharkey, Fiovislonal Cover- 

UO'. of >1 iSjissippi ; 

«.i)rv^''p''''°*r'" "'^ '^''- ^"^ »'e'° ft- 

f^rl r\\. .'=^,^«>:''''"f-^'' reason to in- 
tirtcTt! H uh bori. tiounm's prooeedints Tho 
K-oye-nniciit ff the 8tato wi:l h« provisional 
on;v un,„ tbe eiv.l authorities , half be re«or 
^il^'tt^^^L^ ^""^^'/^ Mean 

Spjclal I'ur. I f tin Cit.damti Cuxvne. 

W.\sm.NOTo.\, March 13. 
The very ciiphitic iiLiiiniT iu which 
Mr Seward afliriiied, a (ew evenings sine, 
that ho orijiinated the lately |)ubli^ht•d 
policy ot President Johiisoti, Las set many 
men to thinking here; aud iL.i fact that. 

The WaiLiiitilou cune.spouJeut of the 
New Orleans Crenctiit ceinmunicates to 
it iLc loUowiiiji account of uu interviii# 
between the rrc«idint and Old. B. F. 
liutler : 

" Ibo iiKMviow wa» very ItogtLv, 
i.\ ii'dingoveran hour and a ball, .luriii;' 
wbuh the notorious l>eiijaniiu 1 uipjoy^ii 
all arts of w'lioJi he is.apable lo impr.^, 
the Kxecntive uilnd. I do not pretend 
to report the i-onveibation vi rbaiim, ( ut 
prestnt t?it fubstaui-e of it, and in comr 

. - " ) -— - »"■■ »»v„, ■ »^»...u. ,^ v« 11, auu IU ^oin 

coupled wiih this statement. Air. Seward P*'"'" 'l"" ^-''-ct words cmpJo.vid. I Lav 

poiu:;-.i I 
ter, c: rsuaosve, 
— A. F-.:r'tT. 
the iepd: : 
the ipr>:£,'. 
eaieJ a.. „.u - 
asd the . . 
asjcaUq, . 

— r:. 

'ween .v..: ... :. . 
— Co^\..Ht^i■- 

^•' ■ '• ^ tjs tttu ap 

-jas, and V. T. Car- 
~..:eiary o: MotitaDa. 
f lu'rin:'.ry. jopgests to 
•- ite. a» a meaa< to ptcveui 
-.-'■'-■■ -iisease, that the dis- 
...d from the healthy, 
■ . «i:h petroleum, hk'.I 
> . : h f^.od. 
- t a >o!llsio!i be 

read : 
t^e -i : 
40" J for uispa 

'5\j.';t'iiiuy. -No Seti- 

• a I'ul to secure the 

..e Northern Pacifi: 

r. ated. A lettei v. as 

r^ ,; War staling that 

' c- -) tsLa'e had b«cn 

taxes, amouotu g to ^J6,tJ00 

aad the title li la the Gev-rmracct. Ah amend- 
ment to the appropiiatioa biil « j- pa^.-cd, au- 

dr^u*;, •"'■"«' -^•'""thorit'v cannot fe «ith- 
"'^*'*n I signed.) 

•WM. U. SI-WARD." 

-Aooiher telegram from Mr. Stward to 

Prcv'^ional Gcv^nio! Margin of Flonda. 

dattd September l-,h. 186o-indicate« 

'»ii' U-. !c that time he silUai ol opin- 

on ibhf CoDgreys cnly was competent to 

deed-; ^ben 01 on wb.nt conddions (he 

State thjuld l-t, restored to its oti^inal 

reUiio»;» wi:h the Union. He then Taid : 

ihl\ T,"^- ''''"'-'*". Le distinctly undetstcod i 
tbat the iistoraiion to which your proclama- 

CoDgresT" '"''''*" '" '^^ ^"*^-°° °' ' 

Smcv Mr. Seward lUlaa the Freei- 

denfs rolicy as bis own, bo« will 1 tx 

made use of some very contemptuous 
expressions in speaking of Mr. Johnson, 
added i.i w ciniplicatious to the mitfer. 
This coiiversation was r. l.t(t d to the Pres- 
itient. iind alihoagh he was loih to believe 
it. It dcubile.'s cxciftd his suspicions that 
his Secreiaiy was playing false with him 
— po.-sibly u^iIlg him (or porpo es of his 
own. At any rate, ?.lr. iSt «ard, tLrt;u!;h 
his Irituda, is now atteiupripg to 
d ny the reports i 1 regard to Lu cnnver- 
»»iioD, but It an mithcr be dcu!cd, nor 
ita poin- blank .statements explained uway. 
1 he puipoae of proclaiming himself a» the 
originator of this p!»n, und Lis ha.'.fe to 
dtny having spoken louumptuously of 
the President, will appear in a clearer 
li^ht iu coLiiection with sotiic other mat- 
j ttra, and especial at:ei:tion is ajk.-d !or 
! the facta which are now prestn'cd. 

MR. sKU-.tKD H>R .NEXT rUESinKM . 

The following conv r^atioij occurnd in 
Dcmopohs, Alabama, in Xovemf-er la^t, 
which, in view of Jato events, ass imes !•. 
deep significance. Tie paities to this 
conversation wcm one cf the prooiiiient 
politician of the South, who, before the 
war, was a member of the Cinonncti and 
Baltimore DemocraMe oouventions, and 

nlii'i fbo f4- »i, .. I , - ^ I ".liuujore aJcmocraMc oouventions, an( 

piau .he la, , l» now denies to Con- 1 during the war a st..flf olEcer high in pcsi 

gre»s the auth(>ri.'y v-hicb he then con- 
ceded " 

ihoruinis i 

ap! .. in!:;uLt ot a soiicitor to the 
■■ry 01 1^3,00.?. 

»TMAX Wltl UK I«0 tVtTII IT* 

lie ( ; ;; 1:;, 

bfiihlu .^c- ,: ( 
p-iss ibrough tl' 
Whro • 
irg tb. 

Bill having pa«srd 
'^— ^. it has .-till to 

• chances cf the 
'uii'rv is H>»ait- 

■ •■b anxious p<r- 

r. • • 

IS siu;; 

ture V' ■ 
Bill, i 
bi.l cl . 
edly s' . 

aould' L:: 

entire .■.■ 

it inti 

h-« "'lo • ■ ■ 

pV crs.i 

declara ^ • [ 

cuUte w . 

ihs Pre.:,!- '- .. 
rrej»«d v.-m- iro a 

It WCUW ''r^' '..■ 'I:'; 

with wV 
Rigbtj I 

Jo . 

rights— ; . 


tqmlit.s , 


a white :iiau 3 

eijual rigb.- arc tL 

cf the ruliiij.^ race 

in th;- 
mmd !' •• 
the capr.. 
Civil r; 
upon the . ....> • 
mad bv»c:x ^ -j;j_ 
whether il aha ! :- : 
retreatirg wa-. • - :.- 
of the Veto power. 

We arc inJ^nt-d 
chicces of E.xei.jti% 
much iticrea-rtl by ti;. 
tioo whi ' 1 

Bureau i. 

try, by tL- - wsjr Lon;.: 
poli:y ha 

in fcvtry 

peciallj '._ 
•hi.'-t ele.t. ... 


Seme legislation Kiving b-tn recently 
asked of Congress in relation to the ti- 
tles 't parties to c-tlain Isnds m Maine 
W!:h'ii tie territory c-deil by Greiit Brit- 
ain-, to thv Cuiffd States by the Ashburton 
treaty ef 154:, Mr. Dooliitle, from the 
Committ-e on Fonign Pvclations, made 

■..ended on th- * ''^'"'^ '^''"■"" ''^'''•' '^'^"'^•°» an inter- 
leiliagrelcrenve to the country noi-ih of Superior, in which the VcrmiJion j 
gold region !s included, li appears from 
the tt port liiatic sas oriiy t:y the ' skin j 
of our teeth." .-^o to apeak, that ibis re- ' 

'1 antthirg the 

i.e m the past, it 

!orm any coi jec- 

■ •'! b*» upcn this 

' e would sign a 

i ' i' he also repeat- 

.''■;t» 'h-; Freed- 

i was, .u fact, 

view!!. It met his 

p-.rti.'uler until 

■ tb J cour'rv by 
:! - ! \\ I'^r^ piinci- 

!. VI li-tj,. n-iiince 
\fr. •Ichr«on'8 

Vi'.; ,1 we could C4ll- 

: ' < crtainty upon 

"c Lis cwn »x- 

ne d»y to at^o'har. 

"iMi- to find in the 

J' of his policy 

'be public, any 

V" th'? Civil 

' 'iiiradieled by 

iht* b" will 

■ I' '- < ^Uf.Ut' 

il I', the 

[■U: 0' . juil ..i\il 
'• istfd i", "thia 

1 oa principles of 
:;tnittt-d with tqtal 

gioP. whi- h wa. .bmied by tirc.v. Britain, SrX, X,w 

tion in the rebel army, ond the other was 
a Union clBjcr, well known in the \V'e8t, 
who had gone South to purchase a plan- 
tatiou, and wiis at lirtt mistak'.ti fur a 
southern mac : 

The conversation turui-d upon what 
course the South would purstje, since the 
failure of their arms. 'Jhe first named 
parly slated that the matter had already 
been c.^rncstiy considered by Southern 
poliiicians, and tbcv had come to this 
conclusion ; that the South must bend ali 
hor energies to fe. uring the next Presi- 
dent ; that they must Bubinit to at. \ abuse 
or criminations, tind only perform such 
ac s M .-pemed absoluteiy necessary to 
satisfy the Xoith. It had been decided 
tha: tt;e South could not elect a Southern 
m.-tM, and tluit to m-ike succe.';>i sure thev 
must hAVi' a who cnuid carrv eifh'V 
Pennsylvania cp Net» York, and that 
thev had (onibid.d ibir ol these two 

al.^o good reason t > know that the Crea 
cait is the cnly jc-rnal wl.ichhisi. c ivcd 
acc,ii:nts cf this imp,.Tlaut. intervi- w. I 
maypamlse (hat liuth :• has bteti for 
M-ii:e lime frequeu'ing tho Radical haue.ts 
and Hlthcuuh huldin^' no ilU,-ial pj.'ition, 
IS rtvo.;Uiz, d as an ilB^ient wire pulle.-. 
"The Prcsidm: was not astoi.i.-hcd. 
Ihc.ibforc. when aiaid wjs hnught in re- 
•I'lcsiieg the honor of a, few minntis tete- 
a-tete, but, havu-- been wearied by re- 

peattd intevii-wb on ibis tam-.^ tuljcct 

the s>giii.'g of the Fietdni.-si's B^icau 
bill — iMf. Johnson bail become exhausted 
and pe!u'ai:f, and sail in hia expressivf 
manner. 'AV h'-n did he com- '^ Well, let 
him come in.' Aft r being seated face to 
lace with the President, th.^ 'hero of New 
Orleans bud out his cum; iii (uH, urgipg 
ihi: a; proval of the bill, and su^'ge!j"ing 
Its adoption as the basis ol a eompromisi 
bttiveen the Capitol an ( tbe White Ucusc. 
" The President, with his usual imper- 
turbable mamicr, listened to the eniiie 
rtfimc-.tole ol the politician, and then an- 
swered him vih the words ol the statt s- 
min;word.-» thatw.te djubtlcis imme- 
diate y r-ported to bis Radical friends in 
waiting. ' t;en. Butkr, you are verv well 
yer.<;ed in nil the astute tleorit's now urged 

III the Capitol, bul let us leave this flim- 
.1 J , ■ 1 • 

A c<iiri-.p;.ei:entof flK" Lvudon 'J'im:g, 

wniiuii Ir.m .\ihe.i*. fji-.-ro', annomices 

ibat a i.ew lilai d bi {.-an lo lin' abov<i the 

level of bv a in tin- Bay ,..( I'h^ra 

(f^antoiin) in thu (Jncian ArcLipid i»o. 

on the 4th of February, and in five dii>g 

it altaiu.^d iht- l:i'ghr; of l.-om loO lo lit) 

feet, with a l.jii;;th ot iipvadsof 3i>0 l;i t 

and abreadrli if lOiJ leit. If, toiitintiis 

to ^lu•rea^e, nnd coii-tistioi a rn (v bl lek 

nii-Iallio lava, vi-iy heavy, uidris^'iu- 

bling hull siKclicdse jri t wbit.-b Las boiled 

up from a lum^'e. Il cou'ains many 

small whitish, scmi-t ana;, 'it' t r panicltiT. 

disspmiiiiitcd through the J!.;ji bko quartz 

or feldspar. 

The eruption bt gan on the lilal of Jan- 
uary. A nois;; like v.nlt}.-! of arlilb-ry 
was hoard, but wih.jut inv rari' quake. 
On the followiKg daytla-i'is is;>u>.-<i fr.,oi 
the sea in u pai t cf the b.iy e iHed Vu!. 
kanos, when; ih.i water is alwa>s di - 
cdo'.cd anil inii^rrgnttf d »*i!h sulp'.;ur 
f. om abundant tpringi a- the bottom 

Upcn the conclusion of (be inveatiga- 
tion a meeting was held at the court 
hou*.-, whidi the citizeua attended eu 
ma-sBc, and where it woa unauimauily de- 
tidxl lo summnrily executw (he three 
xillai'is, which wa." a-^enrdingly done 

ptOR lljirR. 



-♦-♦ » « ♦ 

'F'liE Cincinnati C'tiimtreial saja: 
Evidently there is great harmony. 'Ibe 
Aew York rnneM.'-Uc special cliampion of tb.. 
I'li-iidenr. reioiifs in tho retult of the New 
llampsldra eleeu<m. 'Ihe ChlcaRo lUdlcal 
sheets, ami the Now York Tribune, do Jiko- 
wl»o. Itotli sides are plrnned, tho country ig 
bappv, an Mr. .Scwarrl would sar. and every- 
body la triumphant. 

•-»< « ■♦ 


X biro IU« rta; a itclttcd with IM M » pert »«, 
OK •. W. rK.i.(\)| S'. Tq« butlBO'i «iU bB 
carri.aoii uuOc^ t!i 11 oi na-j.o < t u. D. Mf.U- 
ttlLI, »(,•(.. O. I>. *IBIt»il,l„ 

March 0, 18.wi. mriitl .f 

r-vo j>K>mAtLK fjousra Asn two 

l<<>, on ilxib Lo^r Town. 
Inquleof HTRIN • BKO., 

on VVcbkfhiw (treM. b«tir»ea Vij sad 5th 


wa-.s..ivHd tube United States bv Mr. 
Webucr. .Mr. Dyolittlc, alluding to 
Mr. Titer's message communicating the 

treaty (o the Scn-^te says : 

lie notices, also, fha^ from Lake Su- 
penor to the Lake of the Woods the 
British romrr-i.-;.^n nnd-r the tiiaf.- of 
(Them h...! ••;nsi-tc.l on procicditg to 
lond du Lac, .it the ;.outhwc»t angle of 

^'"rk was the most availa- 
I ble for their purpose, and the meat 
I easily bought. Ii tben. they could 
I find a man who could carry New York 
even when put forward as a Southerti 

he river .St 



l.„ ..V.I. 

!h;3 IS 


and that 
ve privilege 

:,. -I :!-•-• FresiJectial 

r rliaps, a good deal oa 

: moment wht:iher 'he 

■'a'ibc bjr.':'- ashore 

'he Faecutivc bosom 

•Statute book, or 

- :.: ;;- • ■^owa with the 

'^ lirk caverns 

>n think that the 

approval .".rf very 

s i>rm of i! d'gua-- 

' 'be Frecdmea's 

-bout the eoun- 

;: ,.;tion wht'.-b his 

ti." Union party 

' ountry, and es- 

the New Hamp- 


comsc »oir!«. 

Th*- i r- ' TV ,-n ,,.,.... ,^ master of the 
«>-"^"- ': -luhason has failed 

la his i-„c. LC .ti'jtt to mik^ a bieacb in 
its ratiks tL-ju-^H »>,•■ b to drive *•!< v.-n 
rebel Stat- s i: ' • ■. ^-v.-r Congress, he 
has co:,clud-.d '.J .-.'■, 'ctiate the terms of 
acapifjla'i"-'. TW. following paragraph 
from a W ■ .;,! r,, ,^0 Xcw 

York Fribunc shoT., that Mihomct la 
coming to the mountain : 

"VVe bare the very l.est authority for statinir 
that the firm dttermmation ot Cotigress. and 
the nnwaverrg support given It by the loval 
people of the counuy la i-s effo- towardre- 
»torlDff the Union andplacinr.. Mtiniesln 
loyal haod> iilone. have net be>-a v rhout ef- 
fect at the other « nd of the avenni ft. becms 
to be unmi,takar,ly discerned !• r Prwi. 
dent aod his O'-.nft that the great m; »es of 
peopfean r.r,:n<t th-i polki/ of gii.n p (ht 
'«i'iiitne con'r'j' of the GorernmetW.. nre- 
ptntant lebtU.taiXia consquenco tt ••■ran 
hotest effort Will tje taadc to adjust .lu, nar- 
m- niic I'le di-o^rdant views wbieL h«^.fso 
gravfiy txrited the apprehensions „i iiie 

E.<a. tly. Th- tvy " be begin (be 
work cf 'ir ■h\-:(\n ii to d-^op the lant 
counsels ol Irai. Mown ■ and sign i be 
Civil Eighi'i Hill. 

CO J, It rnmonT ruR tf'p». 

The Dcn.o'iayall over (he country 
are beginning >o • .xhibi: Miirkid .-ymp- 
toms of di^tr: t -A fr-ir rcr>.nt hravy in 
v'stments in adni;ni>i, I'ion .vock. They 
have gone \a'\ <\:.\\,,t on the Pre-i- 
dent, and tL' > rM';i.ilIy b«gin to desire 
some returns, o; ...t, hast some assuran'.es 
that thiy msy n-aliz's sometbin;- in the 
shape of dividends by and by. 

The N. =1, V'.rk \V„rhl U dimorou! for 
the Pri'sidtn* t-; o 7i- -r* .,^ in,,tant de 
cision bfctw; , Ii ■■.: J> tuocratin .nd Rc- 
publi anpi':. < in Jor.Dtciiou^ ard Penn- 
aylvariia, an-l ir.iim-itis that (he Democ- 
racy won't ^:^, ,n any longer in th'; 
aapporting b-tin'«< uolesa the thing k 
made recipro'-a! Jhe fF/^r/d especially 
invok' s Johnson's aid for Clymer. 

The Washington correfpondenn.; of the 
New York Inbune wouM indie ite that 
they have been bariog a dry well : 

Tt will he remembered that the late ror.Df r 
head convention of PennsylTaoia, alter nomi' 
rating Mr. nymf-r, pashed a r«^soluiio« in- 
dorsin^r the Preyident's policy. A sub con- 
mittce wa« ■pp'jinted to come on here and 
present the rcsoliiion in person. This crate- 
ful muMon was essayed a few cvenin?» Kiurc 
The comm.ttee were admitted to an audience 
with tt-e PrcMdcnt, and were proceeding, after 
the most approved fashion, to assure hJra that 

th.- Ukr. aiid thence, bv ... ,.., , .,i. 
i^outf. to the Kainy kk.,,' wherea.s, by 
the t.-caty of Washingloti. the iin • .n^rts 
Ircni I,a«o Superior, at t!.c incuih of 
Pigeon river. Upon the additional ter- 
ritory thereby contirmcd lo the Uoi'^d 
S'a-e^ Presiden' Tyler ooserves : 

"The regi.ju of ccuntry on and near the 
suora cf the lake, between Pigeon rryer on 
he norih. -md Fond '!.. Lao and the liver'st 
J.outs, on !.:•. >ou!h west, considered val-' 
uat.le a. a snine.^1 region, is thu, iaciadcd in 
the L nKed states. It embraces a territorr of 
K.nrmiiions^t acres northward of thsc^in 

h i> wMfthy n} gra'.eliil ncticc h-re, that 
Mi' n. M.ita and th- United Srate? are in- 
debte-t !ci- lh;s valuable acquisition of ter 
rirory to Massachusetts and Maitic wLi'jb 
States eotiscuted to telinq'iish a part ol 
the fsrriroiy claimed by them north of the 
St. John's river, in crd.^r that tho rest cf 
the inter catiotal frontier might be adjust- 
.d for tLe Ur.if.ed Spates, and Preaident 
Tjler graitlu!!- ttcognizc-d this fai;t in 

Tho Chicago Pat cornea to i:s enlarged 
to a nine column paper like the Press 
.-^nd greatly improved in other respe.ts, 
and With the following announcement by 
its senior proprietor, Mr. David Blakely, 
'jf a happy change in the poiiticai course 
o! the paper, whi-j'a has heretofore been 
extremely old !og.»ish and Johusoniah . 

W'ith the prsseat uniaber of the Chicago 
fOit, Its senior proprietor for theiir^e time as- 
=niries the m-iaapement and control of its edi- 
toria. c'.lumns. Ihia statement is inadene- 
ces>ary in view of the fact that the c'jur-e 
of the paper ha, been In many respe-o-s essen- 

ih Vh^'^'*?''^"''"' ""^ """'^d principles 
which have characterized his whole poiiticai 
life, and which t .ere seems at present less 
cau.e thaa ever that he should abandon. 

ror this reason, and in order to secure en- harmony m the counsels and conduct of 
the paper, the undersigned have become pos- 
ssssed ot the entire remaining interests, and 
hereafter the (,^h,cago /-oiit will take advanced 
ground M the firm and unflinchimr ndvoca e 
of those treat prit.ciples of universal freedom. 
lamaa rights, an 1 human equality, which the 
ate terrible civil commotiou served to brinir 

A hearty welcume to the Post. The 
oiily Johnson paper now in Chicago is 
'he Times, with the ptsssible but dnbicus 
exception of the Journal which baa not 
yet found out which tide it is on, and 
wcn'c till the questioas in diepnte are set- 

cand!d»t!=, they wpre perfectly sure to 
j eu-ixrd, Hiid that in case Ihev did .'uc 
I ceed in getting back in'o power Ihiv 
I woiib. soon fettle their r.. cotints -.virb the 
North. U was stated, further, thst ihoy 
had ii.scd upon their man; iliat ncL-oti.i- 
fioni. ,.!rcady bvcii 0[iciicd with blni, 
and looked very promisin?. nnd finall- it,; ou' that \\il!a,u H. ij^^ard wao 
thccKin. lothe objection that the au- 
thor of the irrepressible conQi.-f, j:,,,l a 
life-kn^r ^r.ti slavciy n-an, could not pos 
sibly receive the votes of the South it 
was replied that the South would ga as a 
tniilfor any niaij who could c^rrv New 
1 orK, and who «r'n:ld give prop-.r pledges 
beforehand. *' 

Such in bricl >3 th.J^ub!>(^^, .-of a «ta».-- ' 
nitt't oiado in November I-.n:, and tho 
lifimes of the parti-.s sud .all t.bu lii-um- 
. ttiv.-* • .im.icted nitn ij;.-. mi>'l^r .:,-.n bo 
given if needed. 'Ihn laots hiivo i.-ten in 
the pobscs.iou of one of our most promi- 
ntut CoPj-ressmen b:uc-s '.he begir.nin.f of 
the sessiQE, but th^y made little imp^es- 
o.on until the latt- remaikable eouduct of 
Mr. Seward calKd *bem to mind The 
person who h-.ard ibis conversation was 
so impressed by the manner of the speak- 
er, by bis potitioo. and all the circum- 
stances eoimected with the ccca-ion liiat 
he besought the Congres.-man tu whom 
he re^iatd it, to keep a close watch of 
Mr. Seward's actions, a.ihewaa thorcu li- 
ly convinced that the ctftiversation wa^ra 
eoirt-e- exposure cf tte plan upoo vrhich 
re-'r 1 pnlsticiin.s vrrre tb^:u wording. 

Mr. .Se ward has stated privately, within 

a, 'hat he is to bo the next 
Presi'ftnf, and he expecte the support of 
the South. 

The dcclariuoH cf Mr. Seward that he 
oiigioa'ed th^ prestn* Administration 
policy a good thing to gotothe South. 
The denial of that in part, and of the u»e 
of any contc-nopfuous Unguage about Mr. 
Johnsfin, is a gocd thing t.-) keep p. ace 
with the Fresiden', aiid make him believe 
;hat he IS not, being used t> brin;; about 
cc rfatn ■■■u<\i, whereby Mr. Reward alone 
IS ;o -.iiclit. 

U.Mtl tb'.ac lac developments, no ouc 
SPcmod to hue uay clu-.: to tho object of 
Mr. Si:vrard'5 viait t^ Havana. Tbtre are 
those who arc now -jucstioning who he 
might have met in that r bel citv of 
refuge, and what might have beiu' iLe 
character of the negotiations entered into 

Inasmuch as np to the time of Mr 
Sew.^d-s return th-. Pie-idf-::l v.a^ knowil 
to have 1.0 ciiouso! j l-.i-j:, (o the Frecd- 
men s Uu. tai bill, it ij now quij^tioa^-d 
whsthf 1-, x.s Mr. Seward asserts, h'i is 
not dirnfl;. rcspoo-ib! . 

I', is Well knotrn her ilw: Mr. Seward 
still cherishes the moit bitter feelings to- 
ward the Repuhl.van party for no* makiuir 
him Presidtnf in ]8t31. 

llam and come down to plain common 
.jeiis>. We fciij^ht this battle for tke 
Ui.ion ; cur tn'ire course during the war 
wa? an endeavor to riifore th-j States to 
(heir c-nstitu io^.il position,'; we tried to 
do so :a Gtorgia, and I ask von, would 
you tot have rocciv.d Georgia'during the 
war as a Sate ol this Union had 
she seiit a rcpreser.tative to C ■u- 
gresj.^ Wherever 1 found a gre^n 
spot of loyalty in Teuius^i;.! I to suslain it, and end.'avorcd to 
obtain a lepresitutaiion for it. Il ihev 
were States thtn, why !ir.> th' v not S ate's 
T'*'^ ^'"" ''•■*vo .Ti'poiti'cd judges over 
them, you collect, taxes iu tliMtn, and vom 
refu.-'e them repn-sontatioii. Wliv. thev 
hue not evf-n a dele>!;ate like the tt rri o 
Tvy. 'Iheir voice— th-: voice of eleven 
millio is of peoplp— .•..•.mot b-? hctrd in 
ihe national capitnl. T.Nis is hard and 
unja;-l. Are ven atrai I of a few South- 
ern m-mbers? Why not admit those 
who cm take the oath and send the rest 
home to have their plac-.i filk-d by ot!i.;r 
menp You think to so tb" nv by ad- 
mitting the Teiiitctsee del •gation because 
1 happen to b-_-long to t'l.U .S'at.\ bi.t (be 
rights ot eviry Sta'e ol this Ut.ion are 
equally de:;r to me. Your pai ty talk^ very 
iMU.--b of Mippnriiog my police, luir. wl.eii 
It come,, tc^ voting, yoii follow a d.lfT.;M 
cnirec. Yo'i talk ol lay k>n,';iv condu-t, 
of los:ng my head ; this is aiulosl Kpiiy- 
Blent to ir.c-ting pcopl.t io a.-jas-tnitc, 
lue. If you proceed in this manner, a 
revobitton will not be far Jo -he 
n;.n:e ofGod, •R-hcn is this to stop? 
1 UI3 bill secures them the negroes— all 
they o jght to have, and a little more too. 
1 do iioi. say whether I v/dl sign the bdl 
or not. - After Andy has once expressed 
his opinion, he Las a inculiar mai-ncr of 
shuftio}; himself oil from the iuithcr con- 
verration of the speak.T, and thia maWDcr 
he adoj.feo ou ibe present oc-asion. 
JJuruig tuc iQterview lie had continually 
uecd tb • word (i.-tier.-tl with a •jl.^jbtJr ^i- 
tinea' t'jnn. 

The llimes rc.-e av intervi«!i to tho h:'i"!jt 
of liticen fe'.;r, and were teen iit limcs^to 
ijsua from tbt- .scuibwestirji p,:;t (d Nt'a 
Khimene. '■ hat island waa .-.coi rctit bv 
a deep iissiuc, and th- sou-: un part sank 

On the 1 h ot Fi:bruaiy, tb ; eiuptions 
became moie viulenc anci' tiie ..a m.'i-e 
disturbc'i. (Jas forc.d il.'U up ficm ih- 
depthi with tciMCc tcis-, •. ••mbli::" ihj 
bursim-,- of a steam hoLi-, ibuito arnr.i 
lit iiitervais, and wbiiu eiuuke, rieirf 
steadily, foimcd an i-jiljcj-'Sc column,' 
crowned with a ctirlfd capital of dark 
t'avy clcuJs. Thi new irland wus visi! 
ble ue.\t morning, i;,cr-a.-iii_» sensibly to 
the eye as it rose cut ot tbti sea at bo 
great diataace to the south of Nea Kai- 

The new island has been visited by 
Ir. IVkigalla, a man of seici;ce and an 
able cbserver, who will recorj accurately 
all the pbcnciu' r..'^ cf the eruptions as it 
proceeds. The h» st of the sea rcee from 
6l' Fihrci'jhcit to l.J aa n-:ar the vicinily 
cl volcanic action as if. w ta j,ife to ap- 
proach The bo:;cm cf iL-j bca all round 
Nca Kaimeue ai.peat s to live ii;e:i erect- 
ly. \n one pltie..-, v,herc the depth is 
marked on thj Admiral'y chart one hun- 
dred fa h ms, it was f^'Kid to be only 
thirty ; acd ;>» stiofjir, v.if r;. it was aev- 
entcen, :l is row only ihr.e fathoms. 
The new i- 1 unl. .-^s ii incrcas-f , wdl proba- 
bly form a j-m iion with Nea Kaimene. 
It grows, aa ii were, out l.ifo the sea, the 
ma.s bcl-jw pu.Ling upw.ird that which is 
already nbvvir the wa:er. The lower 
p.-irt IS h t. if, tiseurcs where (bey at-e 
>U'cp, bcii'g 170 Fahrenheit, and (he np- 
P<r part. .".fr'T four day.-,' exposure tva^ 
fjuiKl ta boatillSO. 

At piesent. the centre ..f the volcanic 
for.e h. s .vid^iitly far b- low the bottom 
of :h- .«..-a. .'.f.d only pa-es and amokc 

- Gov. Oglesby, of Illin'MS, Governor 
Smith of New nanips.hire. Gov. Bollock of 
MassBchoetts, Gov. Stone of Iowa, Gov. 
Fairchild of Wisconsin, Gov. Fletcher of Mis- 
souri. (;ov. BlRlr of Michigan, Gov. Lowe of 
California, have either by speech or telegraphic'chcs sustained Congress against the 
President in tha most specific and emphatic 
manner. ' 

—Two sniei lea have startled the re- 
gion of Galpoa within a (ew days, — one, that 
of Miss Mary Jane Davis, at Elizabeth, by 
poison, hMvioR been teduced and abandoned 
by a youug man of that place; and the other, 
that of Edcar Crocker, recently out of the 
army, at White Oak Springs, Lafayette conn- 
ty, Wis., from the eflbcts of intemperance. 
He drowned himself in a mineral hole. 

— At Buflfalo, on the morning of (he 
17th, a fire broke out In the Ireight depot of 
the New York Central Railroad, caused by a 
watchman upsetting; a can of kerosene oil 
near a stove. The flames spread rapidly, and 
communicated to the splendid elevator be- 
longing to the same company, and both were 
totally destroyed, together with a large num- 
ber of loaded cars and freight; also 400.000 
bushels ot grain in the elevator. The grain 
was insured, put the loss on the rest is suted 
at about $1,000,000. The New York Central 
Railroad company does its own insurance. 
A dispatch received at the agency of the com- 
pany in Chicago says that the loss of the 

O.D. >.K«r.iLL. fi. v/. pitEacorr. 

Books, aiatioriory, 


Curtain Paper.^, &<r.. 

i»0 TIIIKD SfKrilT. 

Thanldag frleadi f >r p-j^ (avoi, to wlh m.-m- 
bors of thn lirrn, «e boi,c, by inluvir ujc ttten 
lion to tho Hints of lli" iiitj'lc. to r-r.ln their 
|j»tro'ia;?c, Hnd ;-iio •>(!■) larn^-ly lolli" ui.m'Mr of 
desltTii with ur. 

To tlie tral-j «p can off- r m, h , jh; al indu .i 
mentflas wilimakeh fjr tU< ir advau'ai;" t < piw 
n« their order*. Chy Ir-jan,, a«rfi:n,eD. L«w- 
yerg and o here, de^lrleg piofen'oal work^ 
which we cannot kc-p o-i h*'id, will lia<l !• 
cheaper to order throuKti at. 

M.rcb 0, \fm^ i,ch11tr 

Paid ap (apital ^iMiM. 

CdTcrum^. BoBrfr. Cotw.Iaiid Wit-.. 

Prorspt art^aUoB rivet .^, tt. co"'-cJok of 

jL^uaa nmjiT. 

A la-'g" Fire Prrot STOKK A }«) BASEifBHT Ql ARTERMASI ERS' V O ' CnCRS 
on Robert Ptr^ et, b«*vf ••» FcBrth and Fmb. 4f enu for Um :i:* of 


; fro* llTcrr^ol and QiM«s«tcvG to >«w T<>tt 
and SaJat *'»3!. 

r-i»JU CB England, Intand. atrvunn: rrmet 



/. lou^f- and lot »'jo!ninf; civ x>nai-rf/' on 
ummit Avonuo, above .St. l'«-i<r »ir'-«-i, for eaip. 
Hou pla ronveolent aod turrouBdit>|c< picaMat. 
Ko.jolr^ of c. PBOAL, 

^J-^^tf <>tr. Third and Boburt-«u. 



Aiiy one I.a» icg a »ma]| Farm to rent within a 
few miiM cf St. P»a! ran have a (ood tenant by 
»f;pl;Jogto C. A. PREStXlTT. 

V.otd and liay doa>r, corfj- ot fcl. PetPr aad 
Fourth slTMU. mchir-lw 


"i: n 4irTEn. 

J »aut iy i.ut .a Houw of six or eight tooUM. 
Ui>p" r 1 ovi n preti-rred. 

„. ^ ^„ C.A.PltJ;iCOTT, 

Wood and H»y.|»a!..r, corner of Fourth and-' 
1-eter atrect.. echK-lw 



huUdings Will have no effect upon all-rail .n7alT™;^.K>^^;oOKra:r -2^.' 

••LucyArlln," by Kowbridg^. 
"A Noble Life." by lllisXewlock. 
'• Wives and l-'aaghiors," by JIih. Gaikell. 
" Henoan. or Young Kulghthood." 
" Songs » ithoat Worde," by author cf CotU 

"Storlea told to at-hUd.'-'by Joao In|'elow, 
"I-eitera of Life," by Mas. Sigournej. 
" Origla of th? lato War,' bv Geo. Lunt. 
" 8hak»«>'s Coaapletc Works, 12 vote., by tt- 
Grant White. ' 

" Bescoed from Fgypt," by A. Lee. 
Additional Hj mas fcr fhu Episcopal Church, 

With lerms (or any t,i,e to c>ar tzj daily In 
th-e<» houn Ba-Ine»» new, light and desirable 

U^^. aSL's,.''*'"'' °' *'"*^«' '*>--"^' 
_ u,- . ^o-^o ftasuu rj«et, Kew York. 

mctii. .1 A* 


work Ibeir v.-jy thrtugh ihe incumbent 


A. Dana 

ana I lie 


»KErcUE<l or CALCrOR^TIA. 

^ With t!jis issue is concluded a eeriee of 
sk-tch.'! cf C^.lt/otnia. from th% pen of 
Ossian E. Dcdge, Esq , which have ap- 
pear- d in the Pi:k...3 during thepastjcar 
Th.s.i sketches embrace complete and 
aceura'e descriptions of all the moat 
not.d min..., ranche,, waicrLdls, springs, 
ay. 1 the n, ,,.nrr of l,/„ of the whites, 
Chinese and I,,:i.,M are the ftuit 
Of more than t^vu^and miles travel 
of keen obser-vation, and lively appie.ia^ 
tion of all the pba,es of l.fe. We have 
no hesi'a'ion in sajieg that thrt. • sk-tchfs 
are more truthful and graphic ihin ar^y 
that have yet appeared, and deserve a 
more enduring form than i« afforded bv 
their publication in a newspaper. 

WtNONA.— The Republican ticket for 
the approaching charter election is. 
Mayor. Royal D. Cone: Treasurer. J. 
V. P. Dorselles; Alleimen, Addison B. 
Yonuian., William .Mitchell, Wm. II. 
U!rd ; School Dirc-otcrs, M. U. Ducnell, 
"• C Train. F. B. Sbandrcw, Hcury 
Stcv.n.^ John Keycs. '1 bn Wmona & 
St. 1 et. r Ri.lroad Company want 300 
men lo work on the lire of their road im- 


Chicago rribune 

ShermnciS Arisiy. 

The jaireh of Shrrman'a array through 
the city of Washington, was perhaps the 
moat imposing pageant ever witn< sfed in 
this country. A writer in tho Philadel- 
phia I'ress giveM it, (be following rich 

.,"^^2a' 'u'" ^ ^""■-'■' *^' -ibof 
May, l.-^bo, whpn the bronzed heroci of 
Sherman's immen'e column passed in 
cont-iuioiis streams .ilong P.-imsylvauia 
Avenue. The head of the iin,; started 
from this very capitol bailding, l,-d olf bv 
Tee.iins'b himself It. < a bri^iht )>nd 
beautiful day. How mnny of our 
millions who did not r c •. that wondrous 
Bight, bved to regret their loss, and to 
envy those who enjoyed it ! Prpvion'lv 
the Army of the Potomac, with its fr^ili 
and bright uniform", i.a spbndidlv- 
equipped ollicer.f. nm! it^ Bpp8r.-...( bfjlidiy 
array, marched in Miicc-s.ive tramp 
tramp, (ramp, eieh platoon as solid as a 
piece of machinery, drilled and discip- 
, Im-d and educated in'o a sort of inpx- 
orablc n-gularity. ,i,, th,.. -^bolo ma^s 
swept by these marble h»li?. Then .•a,„o 
SheTman. hosta-hos's, indeed, they 
virtre. 1 h.^re were very f.jw spant-l/a 

savni:? T'" ""*"'="• ^"'^ "Ofh'og that 
savored of a.t.-mp's a' decoration ; but 
they were awful m thti.- order. ..V..^. 
eran was written all over their .lark 
faces, browned by ,he ardent South, n 
«un, and health almost .spoke from 
heir elas'ic steps and erect ligurcs W'h 
their Kossuth hats and atainc^d t.nibar.n 7 
and music, which, however roo-l *.,,«., 
diflerent from th. ,aty air/l^nhV'" nds 
Of the previous day, ih-y ,„,,...,j jj,;^ 
atrangcrH from another plane', r.cll.n.;. 
with heir tropical p ant.i, ivn,! ,u,i„„-i 
and dusky contrabands raanhip.. m r "• 
mental order, what we r. «d i;', ,„. .iV 
lightful page, of Irving', of ih^ men of 
Columbus who c-ame b-iok fumitran.^J 
islands and unknown r\int,., with th, 

e:iTected"" '"^^ ="' ''°'^'" ''^-^ '-^ 

1 i\iu the cmoago Kcp'at;iica.., Monday. 

Th.; Presidcc; has ac^n. lit to publish 
the following letter, with the aa i:c- 
atu.-.^ tuat the copy is otficiaily corre-!' : 

Chicvco, Jaa 20, ls66. 
1 .- the Preaiuent : 

vPt'"^ Sill : Some of my friends in the New 
York delegation la Congress want me to be 
Collector ot New York. I shall he glad to 
have that office, and accordingly I address 

dent of New York city f.r nearly 20 years 
until a few months since, when I came here 
on lesviDg the War Department. I know 
Ne'.v\ork, Its merchanis and Its politicians : 
but by leasoa ot my connection with the War 
Department, I have been absent so as to b- 
ire« from all Identification wirh the political 
or personal controversies by which the Union 
patry there has been much divided 

I oeitcve that there is no person of anv 
prominence in the party whose appointment 
woukl give greater general satisfaction than 

fchould you be disposed to entertain the idea, 
or to wish lor any mformati-m cmcerning my 
cupaci'y to administer the office, there is no 
one WHO can judge better as to that than Mr. 
Stanton. Let me add that 1 am m-,-seif conri- 
dent .hat I could perform tho duties, sS 

hey be intrusted lo me, to the advantage of 
the^pubhc ser.-ice and to yoar entire suK 

I rin, v,i!h profound respect, 

Your faithful servant 

. Mr. Johnson ia evidentlv of the opin- 
lon that there is something in this letter 
Which cocstitute.'. a reply to out- strictures 
upon his seccnt actions. 
^ It will be observed th?.t thii is simply 
tnc letter of a Republican to the foremost 
representa-ive of the Union ciuso It 
was^ wntte'.n two months .^go. Mr. John 
son a war upon the constitutional rights 
of Congress wa^ not yet commenced. 
I he veto message startling the country 
like thu;ider m a clear sky. had not yet 
been delivered. The fact, that the inti- 
mate per.^-.oalassQcia-euof the President 
were the Horcn-es. the A.k.p.s. and the 
Clampitts of Washiiig.on. waa not. sus- 
pected. Th^s spee..-h ol Feb "■> 
and the iat.-r Fiefiicntiar d'sl 
courses, a-.-cusmg the majori y in 
Congreaa of a revolntionsiry con- 
spiracy to dcitroy the Ko-/i-.rnmciif. were 
not dreamed of. Mr. Johnson's relations 
witfi the I'vepublican party were unbroken, 
and he «!i!l enjoyed the »onii.Jcnre and 
support cl the inai«ov Since tb^ n 
circumstanc.s have bKra sadiv .ham., d' 
bnt not^by any c-t of the party; andmib who, 111 .laiMnry, connled Ib-m-. Ivc- 
as ht.H politicd iifid even .t..;! (,i<-nd-.' 
are so no longer. * 

It will also be observed that tho olliee 
lit q.iest,on-the mo.f imj.orta-it p.rhaps 
of all in the gilt ol the ! x.-c'itiv— is 
atdl vacant. It hai ncithir been eive.i 
nor refused lo any ol iU numi-rous le- 
apectablo gentlemen v. ho have si-, i 
fi-^d th-ir willingne>;.s to receive it 
It IS now op< n to a-pirants, if Rucb th"re 
be, who ore able to adapt (heir Rcpebli- 
eanisin to the ..biliin,.; opinions and policy 
of Ihe President, now Uedioal .in-l now 
CopperbcAi. II uny wi:jh lo "(rook 
the pregnant hinges of the km c. that 
thrift may foll-.w fawning." they ...till have 
an e.v>lleiit chamc. A.,- lor the writer 
of Ihe above, be t-ok very good 
-a:- to bAve himself o-.vxU-A out, as soon 
a» tin ve_to me.«ag, Hnd 'h. speech ol 
L-b 2-2 determined Mr. Johnson's real 
ebaiactcT and position, and thawed that 
the i<.nli.f.?nc'j which hid been placed in 
him was de.MHutc of any soIlI bumdi 

• ■ » »,». _ _ 

partb to til.. v.-:-.t.T, and . .-i-.-ape in noise, 
limes and smoke t.> t! -i ..surface. But 
should a tisf uie at th-- bottom of the si^a 
allow tl.e wn^..-i to p,i etraie to the fires 
tint throw upth'+meltHd metal cf ibancw 
island t) the. fiirf.are at! eruption .inr.y 
ti'.e p'.ae.- of .", kind similar lo that 
whi-h dest.roytd IViup. ii. but fai iu-'.c 

The ciiipiiu.i^ ibVi finae.l the present 
IM uid of Nea Kaimene began iu the vear 
liOi", and tl..- vi.i ariic action continued 
without doini: .-..y eenvui injury to tho 
inhabitatits ol Thera until 1713. Jt jg 
possible the prc?ce.t crt'!:.i-3n may con- 
tinue as long, and bo &:- i- Id in its epera- 
tiJH. Bui us late as JC ju a teiriblc crup- 
tion laid waste great -•.vi .d Ihe i.i and, 
and rjijf.i an islr.n'i on .-, norih eastern 
ca<ist. which LA-ik rg3,,i into the sea, 
leaving a aboal. 

T'he island cl Old Siuncni made its 
hrdt appcorr.:.:ce in ibe J c^'.r 19,^ Lieroio 
!to t.yhrid:i...a era. Itit site was increased 
by sev. ril eruptit,.!.-! mentioned in his- 
tory. ^ Tb;; las'j ad litioii it reccivjd waa 
in 1157 The tJ5»ll Kaimt'n--, which is 
nearer lo Thera, was t'litown up m 1573. 
All tbii efiipticns in the bays have been 
afended witii .^imibtr ph- noi.'icus. 

Th-j Btilith ur,val 'lommander at Malta 
h'.s sent two ships to the scene of this 

business, and that they will be rebuilt in sea 
son for the lake business. 

— Ou Sunday evening a young man 
from Aurora, who was confined in jail at Ge- 
neva, Kane county, Illinois, on a charge of 
burning a bam belonging to Dr. Angel, of 
Aurora, committed suicide In a singular man- 
ner. Removing the Iwdding Irom his iron 
l>edstcad, ho managed to incert his head be- 
tween the cross bars of the bedstead, then 
rolling over, produced strtngulali m, or dislo- 
cation of the neck, and he wa-! found dead. 
Ue was consideied to be temporarily deran.ged. 
Ho had previonMy tried to strangle himself 
with his suspenders, but was found in time to 
relea^^e him. 

— From the Rio Grande, through a 
letter to the New Orleans Timet, comes a sin- 
gular story of a laeutenant .S., no other name 
given, who been doing a thriving business 
in the ordnance line, selling United States 
cavalry equipments, field ammunition and 
army stores by t'.o bop.t, to the Impcrial- 
iMo over the Mexican line. Tacts asccrtf.incd 
reveal a scries of swindles carried forward 
through several months. It extended through 
the range of stores constituting ordnance 
property. In one single night 40,000 rounds 
of lixcd ammunition were attempted to be 
gotten across the river, but from some cause 
but 1.5,000 rounds were sucec?£folIy crosjf d 
that night. 

mdi^l 3t 

D. D. .MEBHILJ. & CO.'S, 
IW Third iJtreet. 


On Personal Prop"rty and Beat KaUt*. Ap- 
ply at the LOAN OFFICE on Th'rd atrc«t, be- 
tween Jackson uid Kobcrt streets, over L. B. 

Wail's Srcd ito e. 

National Bank of 8t. Paul 

r*J»id up CiipitjJ sjaocoocj. 

This Back la now is «oeer-f«ruI operEtlccMd 
tmieti IU c«rvle<MteBaBkf<. B»nk«i^i. uid fitimn 
la tb«.tr»r;faetlon ofiegHiioitebaiiin^Uirfiiete. 

" JL>r.-i.fV«i for S.-il" or. 

I and oiLt-r principal fcLft,,.fs- cit'-f. 

CoLiwttoiui upon aU »oo<'M:l,!t --j'rf, ,r 't^ 
Borthwest wtii be made »j d r«n:tl»d ;^,r ua oav 

m,^'*!* K»"- _iAldlorr,oU,»i:jrerfci:1 for- 
•wjIrt,.jDe to tl,.. i-opulir L riled btai^. :.:vj Sjbua 

for f»Je Id aniMof (Tom Fifty r>oU3r^it.w.rdf, 
*• 8- tlKitKlON JTe.»de»U 
JOHK HICOiJB,VtoePrtw»(l*»t. 

D. L. MO.NFOKV. (^Mhier. 


JOHn l-f;r>JLS. 

P. B£KK£T, 
LC. eSOBr>K, 

w. ruj, j«ij etb. IMS 

aprt-if -xtt 1 

F. B. FAEWtlX. 
J.B. KfiAUKT, 
JOfcliFH UAlUCf, 
r. fi. BHITB. 
IBAAf; gTAPLtf, 

%«/-ASIllEO-AGENT3-»iO per week- 
,ZJ, "^^''^ "■■ ''='"»'«. at their home; bu.iuMs 
l.g(it,p.ea.ant aiil honorable. Fortimpleand 
t«rmt. address with two stamps, SUA WE A tX) 
Detroit. Micliigin. ^ ^ichlOlw* ' 

A New Book for the ScasoD, 


aLop in old I'.optUt Church BuUdiax on 
nth street, neu Jacuson. All kinds irfCar. 
renter work done lo order. 

"Harmony of the Gospel History 
from Passion Week lo Pentecost." 

Arracgcd ia th.. oidir of tim.>,a!id tU9« log tho 
coinciUenecs aadpfc-jl arlii.-s of the Evang.-list- 
by the Bcv. K. P. Gray, cf .Sliakopee. Fric? 30 
cent?, cr f.UXi a dozen, by mail. 

For Hale at M.;rriil A I'rtscMfs.St. Faul. 


M''!!r*"?*f * ■"? Artkl.^:,,.- 
. uin^f, ill tlie ^ame building as Leonard 
& ah-irr .- cai-iienter Shop, on Fifth street De- 
signs, Fiaos and ^pecificatioDe for buUdtuge of ev 
Tydoaci ption prepared en hhort notice. |n 13 It 

IV;*-^"»--^"iE-^rs-fMale or Female.) 
> V" '^^^y *^ ''«'■ ^^^ »t their own horn* In 
a l-eht and honoreble business. Any prrfon hav. 
ing a lew hours daUy to mend will find thia a 
KOOclpajiM^bu.icci,. Address, fcn-ling 6t*mp. 
tot lull pariiculari, E. E. LOCK WOOD, I'e^rolt 


Marine Bank of St. Paui 



Gold, Slver and Eichaaige b.;^bi ana .^ 
l^pons p^d. CollecUons prompLy itade a g 
remitted at currwit rates. 

Agent s 1 or the popular 

7:30 XJ. S. Loaii. 


JOHB HOLLAND, Vice PrcSld^ ^ ' 

O. B. TCBBELL, r;Mbl«. 




On 111., fhia,.!.. (n Lewistcn. Dakoli ceunli 
J?l",°.: '^■y.^*®^- *^f- eterritt, Mr. WILl-FAM 
^ t ''.»-. "f Ancks, late of < ompany F, 6th Mln 
iicsota \o!.-., to JiHS KL1,?AA. .lOHSSON 
of M. I^«reace county. New York. 

p^i'-n.-ui-^iia. A letter d-tted FebiuarvT" 
cotnai'iing fh^ la'cst says : 

" fhu sam ; ;iiioke Kud lire'in Ihe eve- 
ning a-i )esterday, and the hillotjk con- 
titiuea Us operations. The sea, loo, boils 
beyond the cove more thai yesterday. 
Fha bdlock, c-r land, wiii ptobab'y by 
to-morrow increase ao far aa the entrance 
to the cove, and be j( ined by its sides.' 

Mr. Sherman's Kesolniion. 

In the Senate on Tueaday, Mr. Sher- 
man of Ohio, introduced, by unanimous 
consent, an important joint ict-elm ion re- 
lating to legil lender aolta. \\c present 
It in full as given ia the Conyresi,imal 
Olobs, .^hh iLe follcwicg action taken 
thereon ; 

Mr. Sherman naked, a'jd byunauimjus 
consent obtained, leave, to it.ttoduce a 
joint; resolution (3. R. No. 13) relating 
to le;;.al tender notes ; which w,;s read 
tw ce by its title. 

Mr. Sherman. I ask that the resolu- 
tion be read iu full, and referred to the 
Committee on Finances. 

The Secretary read the following: 

Resolved by the Senate and House of Jtepre- 
tentativea in Congress assembled. That Ihe ag- 
gregate outstanding United States notes not 
bearing interest, including fractional curren- 
cy, shall not be diminished below gliO.OOO.OOO. 
That all surplus in the Treamry cxcoedine 
S4O,0OO,0U« in coin and $'40,000".00(J in cur- 
rency thai be promptly applied to the pay- 
ment ot accruing indebtedness and to the pur- 
chase or payment of the interest-bearing debt 
of the United States. But the amount of in- 
terest-bearing legal tender notes shall not be 
diminished by payment or conversion at a 
lato exceeding ©5.000,000 per month. 
.. "/•^.^'•. 2. Aitdbe il further Resohed, That 
this joint resolution shall remain in force one 
year alter Its passage. 

Ihe joint resolution was referred to the 
Committee on Finance. 

Fine Residence for Sale. 

I will eellmy DWELLING HOC^SE. sitaated 
near the City H-,,11 and Park, and give posseetlon 
ia a fe.- w.^ekf. The Lot is CO by 130 feet. The 
Uouse IS 22;,' b; -iO', feet, t«-o ttorios hifa-h. lias 
twelve rooms acd a lirg.? waoJshcd and cittern. 
Itis w h built anilngjcd rep. ir. Its proxlmiiy 
to business makes it very de.^irable a^ a resMence 
fw a bu.-iuess inm. Title perlect. Forte^ms 
"pply t > mr- at PKESS OK* ICE. 


St. Paul, March a.-, isoo. mohttt-tf 

500 JLatiies of ^t. Paul 


»eO Third street 

And see the most perfect invention of the igo. 

A Noiseless Sewing Macliine. 

Absolutely crrtain in all it* movements whi,-h 
will sew witl,r,ut chan-o of n" edl", thrcai a 
teriloQ from the h<-avi«»t to the tidnicst fabric 
with a uniform stit.-h. Will ft cd equally well 
from right to lelt or from left to • fisteli 
Its own ihr aii. jrathersnd sew on arufll'^ at the 
nm.^ time and if necessary for the atremrth of 
a seam, mak ' a dottbla stitch »"efig.a ot 

.,-„ .; ^ ' M-Jchicies warranted. Any Flor- 
ence Machine in thi. vicinity net incliod/ok 
n| order, will be repaired wlthont ex~2. -to 

The firm of J. C. & U. C. BIJBBANKCO.. 
was diasolved b,.- mutual coneeal on the firct day 
of March instant. The buaioess at St. Ptul wUl 
t>e Bctlied bv A. tl. v.- .dcr, sii'i cmtmucl by A. 
I'.r the himname cf A. Ii. WlLDhU A C«. 

J ho buBinese at St. t 1 :u.i viiil be teltled by H. 
C. nurbaok, Hodcontlnu d by J. C. BLKliANK 
andH.C. BLTBB.ASh, under the firm iwmo of 

•I.e. BUKB.UflC, 
A. n. WILDEB, 
M.Faul, Match 30lh,tS56. njoh; 


i^V* a.AAA. SUM SA1.V. 

A one of the beet points for therale of Lnm- 
M.^M *''" «'=;i"',iPl'' River^ Al-o one aet ot 
Machinery, for Mnley taw MiU-, enllrflly ne w. 
One set ot Machin.ry for Saab baw MIU, nearly 
new. For particular.* Inquire of 

,.,, , C. BBJLGMAS.St.CloBd, Mlnu, 


Joka HcUaad 
E W Holmaa 
O.B. TarrllL 
D. Sarford 


I D. Weils, ji., 
Edward Webfa. 
W'mmk Brad}* 


at the WiEolow House, Saint AntUonv. un 
oerthemanagement of MISS SARA F. RICF 
to contmu" during the winter. 

Price? ■ er term of Vi Ies«one : 

Gentleman and Lady. tSOO 

i-a'i.7 or Gf utlcman Jsingly.'i " ' j go* 

Pel f onr wlshlBjt priTnte lessons at epedalntet 
will reoeive every aitmUon. Good miScwlllbe 
p-cvded. SeTit.2esiiuM.* 



I*r*ice #eS.OO, 

Including a Book of Instruction, Twenty Kv. 
fra Needles Oil Can. .Screw Driver, French 
'*:;?,'"k'nB,»"ok am Keel for Windlog Varn. ' 
the PubHe! '^""'■''*' Knitting MachinI offered to 


Qaneral Agent, 260 Third rtreet, 
ex. paitj:., »nN>r. 



Tlie Petroleum tooli Stoie, 

Is the most economical Stove in u=e lit will 

h«t"™'S?r'"' ^ "^S-toil. bake, roast, broil, 
heat uxmi f»r ironing. »c., a, „,.« „ „,' ,4^,; 

In use. and at a third to halt the c»st. It naei 

neither COAL nor WCOD, and makes no ..loUe 

orafhee. It 13 vtryportaoli acd dean, ani will 

c3ok the ordinary meal ot a family of ,.lx or 

MghtpcrsoDi forthre..orfoureeu-e. Forsnm. 

mer use it is luaj.pentab.e. leaving the iiouf a 

cool and csmfortable. 

It can be seen in operation dal y at Mr. . ohu 
son's Gunsmith Shop, between tho First Pti^sby- 
terian Cliurch and .SchiUi-r s Ueataurant. on I hire 
etrest, whe.e orders will be rec-eived for Steven 
to be delivered on the op-nlng of navigat.t a, in 
Kamsey and Dennepin coantles. County right* 
for sale. WM. r. WMEE*.EI». A-«., 

mch20^^1tw_ St. Paul, Mi an. 


A^^ H. T^ilder & Co., 

for tho transaction at St. Paul of a 



OenersI Commission Business, 

At the etand lat.-ly occupied by J. CAB C 
BLKBAXK 4 CO., • ^' * "• ^• 

Cor. I.OWV1- rrveeand Miblr.v •Irpet*. 

fi,™*"'.^.; ''• I-V"r^"'<eiir will remain with the new 
of?h?°.M ?»""*" "k"* '° "sinfain the reputation 
Inter. 8,e cl all whomay lavorus »iththeir tusT 
"«". A. u. nij.nEK, 

E. ». 1 « ^ CHANNING SilABUBT 

6t.Paal. March rot>., iS6rt. mch-'itf 


An OS jclien' assortment of BCILDUG tnd 
BASSWOOD, aslotrai tktlowat and ee good 
as the bett, at the old estabUshed "Bridge street 
Lumber Yird," Minnea|»olis Minn 

febir-3m HAUBIS A PLTXAM. 


ll.-VaiEH WASTBU. 

TIi-» higiicrt wcgei wiU ha paid to a good, 
steady and fuel workman. Engagement can be 
entered into f,:>r one or more years if de-ited. 
Address or C3)' ca the eabscrlfcers In Faribault. 

mch20 iw OOrrBFLL A WOOD. 


iA.KEar rr. 

By ^e undersigned Id the town of Marine 
w,,ti*g:ou touaty. on t.he iMh da* rt .lone 
6« cne Iron Gray M«re. aboal Cff^n hanrfs' 

^Si^^^\l\^^'^:'^"" «f e:"aron shoulder^! 
saddle on back, and mppoeed to be 10 or 12 jeari 
on Iho owner Is r quonca to prove pr.;4rtv 
tavclisrce' and takcler away. *"^-l«^".'. 

-»a.iilu'. M:'.rc.T 'J, 1M«. ic'chiO-let^Zw 

Oco Ten Ilortc Power Portihio Englre acd 
^0Uer, c.mpletc Alio one Fifteen Uors^ 
Power, portabl"; two . wenry Hor.e louer 
Loconioti-.o rollers, one nearly new; one Four 
llorsi- P..wer Portable Boiler Fneln». and Boil 

ff,'..',''^r*'- ^.PP'>' «»'"• •""irHSON, Pine 
stroft, betw. en Grove and Soaercet sirert 

%I7ASXEi» — \. tiination bva^ounBm^n 

..'!^ ,i'."^'"'"J' ^''^^^ ^' ^^- '"»"' "■■ «lu'.^P«Wi. 
»i.oisago-d penipaa and can talk tie .-«nrtl. 
, «i*?< '"»«"»«"• -Address U U. J., box », Mm- 
neap^Us, luian. mcf;o-lw 

Real Estate Ag-ency. 



Regrister of Deeds, 

liamsey County, Minix. 

Furni-hea corre.t Abstract! of Titles fo 
Lanil!^ and Lota in R"m«<.y county. 
Office— COUKT Uocse. feblS-.tml t^ 

Brid«e SquAre, ©t. Paul, 



A LAm«B AsaomTSKiTT or 

FineHair Go<Nls,LoDg BraldS: 

Wljts, Half Wigs, Side Braid?. 

A* Pricet. wUch Itef* CwapvittiMi. 

All good* » arrmnted to be made in ilie njoti 
careful acd tasteful manner. 

Orders by Mail or Expre«> will receive 1 1 •-nr" 
attention. ' 

Private roomt for LMiea'Bair I r^f frr --v.".- 
pooing ani Dytiiig. 

Tbe oriy Brown Dye ajjplied acd for nW 

PanicttUr attention toXadiee' and Chljcres> 
Bair cutilng. 


TO THE trade; 

•Just Received Z 

100 Doz Axes, 
50 Doz Wood Saws, 
50 Doz Ames' Shovel?, 
20 Doz Meat Cutters, 
20 Doz Grain Scoopg, 
20 Doz Stave Baskets, 

100 R. B. Wheelbarrowp, 
\5 doz Little Giant Clothes Wringers 

Hovembcr t, 18(6. 

B-inti-iv-l •• 

t^V m M mtt 


Thp 4'on>.iiiiators Arrested and 

- Tke editor of (be Oohkn Era, a Man 
Francisco paper, reicntiy attended (he seances 
of Mrs. Ada Iloyt Fc/e, a spiritual medium 
and utter giving his c.xpcrien, es, concludes iw 
follows: "Spiritiiullsm is a very consoling 

lioelrlne. nn.l rclievrs .,ne of a ^-reat amount 

says : 

Tho general amnesty ami hufTngT rcsolu 
tions, introduced in the Senate on Fiidav bv 
Mr. .Stewart, ciused some talk in polifimi eir- 

^J^^^zi:^^::'\^':::;:^^\:^:t:v' ""'' ="^ "°'^'" t'^- bad lofenxicy regarding his ni,.i.c;.^;^.;. ,,„ 

tf.e President's views. The pretenoo here of i — «. , » . ^ were atone ti-ne favorably imprcscd with it 

^s^r'^s^s^ffirii^-cLss;! : ,,-;^-«--'- "-y s. Foote ., in ' !r:::s;r:i::;;ii:r^ f 'h if "^ " '^"' 

his well known opinLm on the subjects, siig.' ^^ "*'"'":'"''• "c urges the odssaee of Mr ' ^ ^'^" "'"''■''"''•»', <lwcllm,M into »l., .1. .k i .- 

bK 'X'\^' """y ^ *" "'""'' "«"«« 'Sonel- i StunrL-s resolution giving the Sonth , ..„ i i '^''"">"'""'- ^''"=" Pr-^J-dices and early cdu- ^al no ]-ad oTthc a^ ^lin 1 ''*f*^ 

hie tor the Introduction of the measure.'' amnesty for univ^rs^alSe " '"""' ' ronCut hre^Jitho'urir""' '° " ^^'^ I '^^^-^ ""L"^-^^ 

Fr- 1.1 tho St. Louis llopubUcaii i;th. 

New M.VDniD, Mo., March 1.', 1S66. 
Oiu- usually .jiiiet and peac.ablc town 
was thrown iiiio a ^reaf commotiou, on 
yesterday ir.ornin^', by the alarming re- 
port th t the private residen.^e of several 
Citizens had been lircd into the night pre- 
V10U3, by some person or persons armed 
with bhot-guiia or musket.s. As the re- 
pori was soon conlirmcd by the inmates 
of\he houses attacked, steps w. re im- 
mediately taken to Icrret out, and. if 
possible, arrest the guilty parties 
Circumstances led to the suspicion ami 
arrest of two negroes called Tony Uyrne 
and John Wesley. After various contra- 
dictory aatements, a'l of which were 
proven to be Idle, the arrc.slod parties 
acknowledged their guilt and implicated 
another negro named Dangeili.dd. The 
latter was soon caught, anl after a most 
aearchiijg and thorough invest i nation, the 
guilt of the thre.) negroes was clearly es- 
tablished, ihe inve«tigaiion elicited the 
defaiis of a di$bolii;al conspiracy on the 
part ol the neprc •■» to murder all tho 
white inha.biti>ii's ol Ibis town and 
vicinity, reg.wil...;* of ago or sex, 
and (0 re-enact the accnca of ijaii 
Dou,iiigo and Hayti, The plot had 
not lully maiurcil, ba', o-i the p.'umJBj of 
ftisistaiiee from a number of discharg, d 
negro holdi is who huv lately arrived 
here, th ) arreted parlies concluded to 
dchty tb. ir li,:ii(!i.'h vvotk no loii,<Ti;r. 
The nifiht was very d..rk, tho hour, about 
1", and se.eial of the inma'e.i of the 
dwellings into which (he death- 


j Bevenuo Stamp. 1 


SmnmoK).— For Relief. J . .. 

I 50 cents. ( 
Catharine Jones againxt WiUiam S. Jones. 
^'^i'trfiuian^^ -Vinnwta to mitiam S. Jonet, 

You are hereby summoned and reqnlrcd to 
answer the complaiat in Ibis action, which has 
been hied in the office of ihe Clerk of said Coort 
at fald Bam.ey county, and to serve a copy 
of your an-wer to the said complaint on the sub- 
scriber, at hb. office, (n the city of Saint Paul li. 
said county, within thirty davj after tlie service 
her.of, exclit.lve of Ihd day of .uch .o?v ce- 
and If yon fail to answer tho said complaint 
^.'/li'" "'m "■"? »f'"-»'">i'b tbepfalnlilfiSthU 

miiHl.'V",.'^P'-*' '"',*'"' "o.irt for the rullef de 
macdod In the c^mpUlDt. 

Dated .Saint Paul, March 21. isiv. 


,. . •"laintllTs Attorney 

ibnra mete:; rt Third »ire et. Bt. pjui. 

K. lTwharton, 

Mtnuficlurrr of and P.-alei ia nil kinds of 



imm ^l, M\T iHlijR TO COR\KR OF SI\TF, 




We have now on baad a large f tock of 
Btiildine Lumlj«r, Keneina. 

*»ioketa, *o., 
WUeh we offer for sale at the lowest prtoe* 
Lumber vard on f, rst street. 

MannfiMtorers of Lumber. 
'"^- *"" MlBBnapoU a, Mlmt 

!>Xt O. I». PRATT, ~ 

Late Surgeon 19th Mass. Inf "y. 
Office, iipxt to the Post OffioA. 

i..a.m:p ooor>?*. 

We have now on band a large stock cf 

Dittirid;!:e W and XXXChtniReiN 



Lsmps of all Varieties f nd Pricei. 

W»rr»nt»d eqaal to the b^ft in nw. 

Tti« above goods will be sold to f^r tradr »• 
very low rates. 

CbIob Block. Third at., St, P»ol. Kim 


oti. > 

R..p-iirli;g of all kimtH promptiv a-iended to, 
id a!l work vvarrinted. -:"»»« m, 

aud .._ 

Nothing but the b»t ».| cted I ast»ni timber 
""''•■ m.h2l-ly 

relate, no one was injured. 

Cabinet Or^an, Melodcoii, elc. 

ZuDdel's .M.lo.leon Instructor. Contalninc 
Klemenl!. ol .Mi.slo, Bx-rdsos ani Cholc" MuJb.? 

^ew .Mellto.ll.ulli.t Molod'on I>-.«on« I. v 
$?^?' ''"»'"'"" *"*«'• ''»»'« »«"« Uymn Tilim,; 
(artiiut;.. M.p..l'N)n. KlementaryaudProgrep. 
Mu'sli i'l w: '"* ^'^'"0 I»«frumr;i«l 

An>eric.n School for h.i Melodeon, f 1,50. 
Moli'l .H'^Iodi'oii Init'uutor. *l aO 
WlBner's Cul !<• for the rat>lt„.t Or»«n A 
facif Instruct,... « .Select P .puUr Mu.ic- °ii 
W-|aner-.-.G«l,l..,.,r |i... MeloJeon, ". ' '*■• 
Molodfon »|.h.>iita.M»»T..r, by K.V Whl-o -t 
Wcdt^iirv'.. Meiodeon In- rti. t.>r -'. '' ^ 

(.M.,n .ind « hitc'.s M..lod..on l.i.t^ttclor -< 
llo*-."'».uclod..on In tractor io ""*'""^. •''• 
in.- ser phlne A coll.-ction of Music, for tho 
M..lo.loon, aeraphinc and lieed Orcan 7S 
,.l'S"l-??" ••»''. on r cipt. fnrlc. mrviTB 

K?ifto^y • »•'""'■'"'"• ^7 w-ir4X 


An Elegant A8sortment|ef 


Fine Co»ting-8. 


A fall line ol 

Gentlemen's Fiirnishins (Mr, 

Always on h.iitd. 

Fashionable Garments 

Made to order on short nDiiie. 


1S8 Thira Hltrci3t. 


ycu may buy a large iUe 

Ste-vrart Oook Sto-ve, 

At a great oargain. It ia aU complete, wtUj 
Copper Boiler, Reservoir, Ac . Ac, belongiag to I 
family leaving St. Paul. fei,J4 | 


25 cents 

WUl buy a bcs of 



Ilea.1 ELstatc Ao-ent.v, 

»»1 TbIrtI atrvct, arttr the UrMirf , 


-1''^® Stores on Third st., aboa PoM Olli .-. 
-Ofeetwifh, 1... mar Po^^ > m.-e. 
rairfjr feven feel on lhlrd--t,.near Minn..>ot 1. 
One hundred f. ci ou Thir.t ..l., near Male) . 
lx)t 10, block IH. St. Paul pr..i«r,»1..V)0. 
I'0t3,bluck 'i lloU>ad.<>tion, «l,200. 
L')t 1, bl.-ck IS, Whitney !t .Smith's Add.fl.X^) 
I.a>t 6. l.lock 11. do .lo l,l»\ 

Lota, b'ockK, do do md. 

Lot 7. hi, oil 7. do do .si>i. 

100 f et on Pear!-8t.. near C'acada. $l,'COO. 
ItWfeoi on 8ummi( Avenne. 
H.'slrtenoo lots in all part* of Ihe citv. 
Iloune and lot 10, block 5. Leecli> Add , $l,rt(lil. 
Hou«e and lots on Hi>rt .<t., ne>arForb a, (I'ooill 
Fine rei-idence on Nlnlh-i«t , .ot lOOvajO, ' 
House and lota on •. Ighth-st., i.V2icieo. 
Hou«e« an . Iota Id all partK of the oltv. 
Faroa, FArni.iv Laud.-, lIoteN. «c. Sc in 
( all parts tit tho ^tate. mehl5-iaiV 


For cmplo} raent in the 

I^ress Bindery, 

One Forwarder and one Finisher. 

None but lirtt-ctaj* mrc.ianir? in>pd apply. 
Good wages and a ..toady Mtnation guaranteed. 

Apply Immediately at the Counting Boon o' 
"••• '••r. I»Ari,l»i»B»», 

™^*"' Biid^eNjuare. 

Attorney and Counsellor at Law. 

PniPtiix Bl.>ok. near the BridRe. 
I— i«j. '^''"' ^•"'- SUnneeou. 


XrnnU Slauitntotorj-. 


Tivivcling Ba^s, 

A lar^e l.>t on hand and wtU be .old at Mew 
Voik piiced, Wboccale or Retail. 

Wooleu Horee Covers at Cost. 

<^. PaOAR. 

saddlery Waithouae, corner Third aod Robert 

_!"^!*'''l_ mchi.'O^iawU 

House, Sig:!! nnd Ornamental 

J20S Tlki«l-mt. , I9t. Paul. 

JoHs J. Wii.i,iAJi8, U.J. Koutra 

mcbi; tf 

Eureka Leather Preservaiiv 


very best article la nac for prejervlDK the 
Leather. UaUke any other PreservaUve, the 
leather will polish, by applying ordiaary Paete 
Blacking, ImmedUtcly an«r tbe Preaert at ire la 
»»ed. Everybody ekould have a box. Mass 
faetsred and for sale by 


H». •«! TMnI Imtrrr*. Ilecera' aiach. 


Lm*iAt. «»a.Aj«Mi» orAa.A Hist*. 
(or imlt MX the Duly Prcm tlBo*. 

»«r«. St. P«ml «aa 1.1^^* Caaapan.T. 

St. Pacl, March Jr, 1B66. 
6c«led proposaU will be r»Mlv«Uat the ofice 
of the St. l*aul (tas Light Comparv, from tho 
present Stockholder.- ol niA C<>musny until 
Tharrfay, the l»th day of Anril next, for Ouo 
HoBdred Thousaul Dollars of th" capital ftcck 
of he C ompany. and lor Twentx -five l hou^d 
UoIUrn of tnoComian»V Bocds rannirK f^a 

rate of ftvea per cent per annum. 
By order of the Board of 1 lr..ctora. 
»chl8.d Ul ,^i^„S. GOODRICH, secretary. 

Office on Third Street, 

From a quartn- of • eeataryt rsu-HeBoe Dr 
DeM promi-e, ex ehence of »o-km»i,fhiw and 
•t reasonable chargte . and rtfrr» oy petml-al n 

Mr. Oak-a, (of Bomp A OakeO St. Paul 
« ol. an Mi*. Bfloe. Int^-roational hotel 

Rev Dr. McMaatera. " 

.reDl'^lw'"^"*""- ""• "»I«:«l«»» Of S- P.«t 
generally. n»chl-l)-ia|T 

• nKernoir* Block, 3rf street, St. Paa*. 

fi . 



I'luc-Ka — Iv**!., oa VttioMiti*., 

.Mwt utoid ruiiBir*. Sa.9r to •i.oo. 






«!lu ^aint -i'aul i*rcsi?. 

Hi liiKCi. 


i>*T irauiu, or S4 ivi;'.' \ or utouia, invuri. 

""tKI-WEKKLV rKtS"-*i'AV i-r Auaum 
».V)0 fi-r MX month', »'..J>> ur »iii^-' n»Ji»t!is. 
V c*m» tJron* montti ^ . 

W r.EKLY rKKi-S— Ontf i-oi>y. or." year, $.'.00, 
»ls I. i-uth*. #l..\\ clulv -f t .! i.vv'iri. on* vt-ir 
$;> u club* of twontj ClH'!«''. <^- ' ><"'"■. Oi lO. 

Kotoe <t jVvlvoi 



Ouo Squrc. 


i>ucti:n« »0»0 

• rnr«.>tiTa?l 1 40 


^, *^ 

* .SlxaiyJ i cc 

iJTiro w«<* ....■MO 
' ( Jnr«wrt<K^ & 00 

I M 

I 7» 

2 60 

J. Ont> month •^ JO 

( rwcsBouih.' 10 t\' 

« Throe raouthii !.".">o 

J a 

s oo 

6 Vi 

3 i Six moath* »" i^^ 

} rwehemocth ■ ;:5 00 


Vlr?t i-4j!<' »-lvorti oaii-nt?, il^"cia.4ndbu»i 
ae»» notice*, »aJaJ<ertUement.^toUowiuj{ Inune- 
<l«trly iftor local mMteron tUo fourth jn^c ,cne 
htU ad>Utli>ii:^. 

J. SocoqJ paj{f, sad speclslvlsca and doable 


at«, ono-thlrd iddiUoual. 

3. AdvMtlsonii^ntJchinicoiMeitpKnuurenited 

j»ln So, 1, »ud #l!3 r#r annum additional for 

ha&i<t<ii. A',lch.iri;.>> r»tcdaS'.\icen;* i ori>;iiaiv 

1, Loeil no; . 

BO notice in jo: 

S. Advert:<f:a -iiti 
;!itrd;« addition : ' 

f. Adv*rtiJ< 
for »v;aar* i:: 
.>>juar." f^>^5u^■ 
within tan-* !c>>.. . 
l«*» than r>ai!y riies 

r. I ••iwl a» ■ 
c-fntj p-T «*}'>' 
c"ot< v<^r » \-n:>- » 

s. Attornfy-" ■ 
ar»> r-'^inWd • 
same, unl«»;<« ■ 
eiiar|« tbe tame 

' thcabOTO fTicff, and 

^ tJ:ia #1. 

la Dally and Wei-Uy.two 

ir- Diitv rat*, 

. V .vkly alono, #1.00 

-...n, ar. J St Ofnw per 

. t; ..Bs, f. T any pL>riod 

, v. or throe months, ene 

•• .ilvortisemonts.TS 

auction, and ^"-j 

..0 1 .idiliuonal insertion, 

rio.< It '.,-iral alvetti'«'motii4 

- . "le co>t of t.K" 

i4r"emi>ct tc 

.-.,-; I- ri-arto. 


Awaid of Loiter \M for 1S6( 



rurUshPiii of 

;*uoc> ot" t;:o 

■rs the : 

.ivLrafc. a. 
o;.3:icn, »"i;:. 
raMicition o; 
hereby awarU 
:cr the ourror. 

,;U the res'i- 

-cnt, rtquir- 

- V . iinca!!od-for 

'ing the largest 

- ".a "ide" cir- 

. .icSivcry, lie 

'or this office, is 

: P.vii.Y riiE.«s 




hand to an uiiU>rtuu*te b.olUtT, irlo 

Nubaoribo a LututteJ thousand ilullars tJ 

luprovc a uiounui:uro:iU Man) ot thcoi 

iijvoni;tLai oa «Lilo shirts Ilt luorc 

•L:ni five yvukv*, woAriug ouly rtJ wollec 

llojics, aud toiling on week after weok 

Lopiog aul truaiiiig thit they will soon 

seiuru their ••j;i!e," and rcturu cast lo 

help \]xc ol'jetts cf lli'cir bitt.f'.il uireeiion. 

They do (Leir ok:» wasLitit; and a few i;l 

the vedih'er asid uioro urristociatio, 

:ioaiotimee bring oi'' :;« old cotton eLirt, 

bail it. ;ind .•nn)^ .vr lui tciui' t\< ».-ial oeoa- 

•iops with ihoir bojouis ilrapul i:i vliito. 

Ibvir toiupanions tbeu jocosely exclaim : 

•• Mr. l>l»i;k is putting on ai)J to-Jav ' 

lie'* ijot i.'U a 'juidshirC '" 

This term 'bile J shiit," is ii; geutral 
use among t!;e miners throi'ghaut the 
State, 1'. o.ii.iiiated from the fact that 
a few years ago when soap was >ca'.ce aiu! 
hiird to obtain at «uy price,— it al 
ways kujwn tor J, cLrt-iiiity ihar it aiuau 
appeared in a white shir; -(.' had been 

Nearly all of Tiik 11oim!.> in Oalifor- 
nia— (with the exception ot San Francisco 
aadafcw ether brge litie?,) were built 
tor immediate use, with co hope or inten- 
tion of their lasting mere tba:i ft dozen 

In mining distiicrs tbey are generally 
built ot un-plaucd, rough upright boards, 
with the lightest cl all possible ftames, — 
and then, if intended to be \STy nice — 
battened oa the outside. The inside is 
almost univirsally covered nith the thin- 
nest ot cotton e'.oth an \ this, in t! e best 
class of Louie;',is papered. 

It thus readily be undcrstcoJ tlat 
on relirinj: at night. :i traveler can bear 
remarks m .ill the ac!jo!ii!r.g rooms,— al- 
most as plainly as if iLebpeakers Wire at 
his bedside. We have thus heard jokes 
concocted, lebbcry lioaited of, marri;ige3 
contracted, luatriiaonial quarrels com- 
menced and settled, and young ladies 
opinions ol the oppcfiie sex— a J libitum I 
But what was thus heard by accident, 
must for the present remain untold. 

Perhaps no (picstiou is more generally 
discussed in California is that of Thf. 
Cvr.RESCY, and jct alter traveling — as 
we have — in nearly all parts oi the State, 
and mixing witti peopl-- of all ages, cLtsses, 
and political views, wc are yet unable to 
fully coiEprehend the gcseraiiy establiilod 
opinion on this subject. 

That gold and silver shall always bo 
th e e:iclasivo currency used in the State, 
and that a n^an who is mean enough to 
take advantage of the law to pay an 
wi;h grt«nbai;ks, ehall 

'riiiDg3 Seen aud Heard by a Vot- 
oran Toturist. 

in Siskiyou CO -uy. are among the best 
at the presc:.' ics .a Calitorr.ia, uwirg 
■.t being in the 
'.he State, and 

a3 dotibc to 
;;xtrtm-j n. 
hard cf a 
hordes o( 
' worked c_ 
cait::>s :u tb' 

Th-i isir. 
over a dis' . 
ai a c^Vis - 
»-y where ^ 
O-fSOj her>. 
ard, JjJgc 
H. Crary 

Judge h 

; have e:CJpcJ the 
miners tha' have 



, / the way, is a practi- 
cal joker, aad never misses an opportun- 
ity to give his iaclination an airing'. lie 
lately perpetrated a sharp thi.-ig oa a 
bran bread - eating, long haired Free 
LovKB that is too good not to be made 

honest debt 

be publiciy branded as a coward- 
ly paltroon, and ttr, principled scoun- 
d.el, ietms to te the g^noral opin- 
i:n, as can cc:asionally bo seen in adver- 
ti.-emcnts of the Sacramento Union — 
wherein men ara advcriised. etd their 
tames given in full, — and th'.;ir rascality 
te!d up as a warr.irg to the public, for 
they bad come volautaiily forward with 
greenbacks iu their Lauda and oil red in 
the most cold-hearted and bloodthirs'y 
manner to pay an h nest debt ! 

This seems very funny to an Easte-n 

man, and yet tbess advertHcments a:tual 

ly dwell upon the man's rascality with as 

, mticb unction, pith sn J elcquence, es if 

• and gulch I lie lad been detected stealinij :heep. 

e State. j If Jir. A. voluntarily offers to pay i:» 

tbLkly scattered i gieenbaoks an honest debt that he owes 

fp V, milis, and j to Mr. B., hi is condtmf.ed at once by 

' • :* sof of boys I iije pub'i-o and thunced as a basincssman 

^oiif. ' *f kind- forever after, but it hi; wholly neglects 

rou int'iJs L'oca- I to eitb'-r pay cr ojfef to do so, and Mi-. 

a. Stephen B. sues him, then Air. A. is expected and 

jtistitied in settling the entire claim in 

g'ccnbaok?, — becauie hs ii sued! 

This,— as will at oaco bo seen by any 
ono having the brains of a gooic, — is 
cfferirg a high premium for men to re- 
fuse to pay their honest debts, and in 
every way so conduct ihomscives as to 
prcv'.-ke prosecution, as they can then 
purchase greenbacks for less than half 
the amount of the debt, and begin again 

est three years, and tho )Ouiigi»t six 
months eld, m.tved to the then wilds of 
\Visc.iiiaiii and couimencod thu laborious 
life of lariuu'g and hunting. 

David was a bright little follow, and at 
liio \t..».3 of age, when at play near the 
houoo with his hatchet, had the mislor- 
tuut> to sever thd little toa from his left 

Iu lt>-i-* Mr. lioldai returned to Cay- 
ttjra couuiy, N. Y., to look aft->r c little 
propji'y that had been lit his wile by 
th" death 01 her p:ircnt;i, and while there, 
ho recfivod t!i' lad intelligence that some 
UiitiicnJly Chii>powa iuJiaus, takiiig ad- 
viiita'-e of his absence, bad killed his 
wife and thddnu and l-irucd hii hjuse 
and harns ! ' u:<l;cs. 

llolden had txiways a luisaathrupie turn 
of leind, Ai'.d at this point of hia m;."''jr- 
(une^r, '.hit rouriiess increa.M:d to almost 
a hatred for everv human being. 

He lost his Mireu'j whtn a mt re ititaut, 
his ojly sister was d"owui;d by the upjet- 
tiog ot a boat in the river S:. Lawrence, 
and his two brothers were killed by the 
bursting of a cannon iu Montreal. 

Without kith or kin in all the wide 
world, he resolved to proceed at oucc to 
thii shores of the Pacidc .ind there end 
his days among the wild fur traders of 

Enlisting at a branch hause ol the llud- 
toa Cay Fur Company in St. Louis, he 
crossed the Ucky Mountains near the 
head water.s oi tho Columbia, and then 
tloated down tha; river in a bark canoe 
until !'i! reaebed V.-tneouver, — the Ccm-'s lea'!ipir,rter3 on the IV.iitic Coast, 
lieceiving a sharp rcpriniand by ths 
C03)m3!:dant of the station for inattention 
to duly, Ilo'den soon deserted, and on a 
horse borrowed without L'ave — for the 
occasion — rode about &00 miles south and 
hired out as shi-jiherd to a rich old Mexi- 
can ranchcro, ot tarmer, ju^t east of 
Monte Diablo, iu what is novr called 
Contra Co?ta county, California. 

Here he worked six years, for good 
wages, acting as general superintendent 
of the entire ranch, embracing upwards 
of eight thousand acres. 

The old Mexican had ,-. violent temper, 
and was noted as a wilful tyrant and fierce 
desperado, bvit he and llolden got along 
remarkably well together until the latter, 
by accident, shot a valuable horse ; sind a 
cjldaesa then at onca ensued which re- 
sulted in a separation cf the two men. 

A month afterward, tho Mexican died, 
and llolden presented a large mortgage 
agaiast tho estate, foreclo.«ed i*, and took 

On tho I'Jth or Januiiy, 131S, gold 
was first discovered in CaUiornia, on the 
American river, in F.l Dorado county, and 
in the latter part of the same year it was 
discovered on the Merced river, 120 miles 
further south in Mariposa ccanty. These 
latter have elncc been knotvj aa the 
Sauthcin niiues, and the w.^j to theai 
from San Francisco led diriOtly by HDid- 
en's extensive ranch. 

Many of the caily miners >,f "40 ?.zA '60 
rccaliect but too well the inhospitable sel- 
fishness and miserly meanness of tbc rich 
old faraier on tLii cxleasivc ranch 
O.! no account whatever would he 

the uottheramost town in Calitornia— be- 
ing but six miles from tho liuo, and to- 
morrow's sun, — jf no uccidei.t occurs, 
will bhiuo upon us ill On-^^on. 



Heiura Hub*:*— Hoiiira* Uull- .lua- 
pruaioa JBildft'e— '■'bt-utrf •— t'eutaa- 
Uai— C>plrltu<UUm— 'it'Citther, &«, 

iLo licv. urlr. Bisbee, of your city, is 
iiuiv hci'e Bupeiiutenditij; and a^bisting in 
orgauiriiig and pla'.ting a Universalist 
ei.iifih, t.'hi'-l) when ilone, will i;ivu oar 
ciiy the benefits of tight organiz- d reli 
giouB societies. Truly his our 'Imcs 
falli-.i 111 pieaeaiit phices." <-. 



1, ar.d II 

ever be duly grate 



on the 

It seems that a couple of disciples of 
Free Lave Jrom New York (male and ' vrith the smiles and approbation of the 
female) came to California and settled in ' public 
this section about a year ago, atd lived j oaoiK 

together in open violariin of the marital 
law. The general tone of public senti- 
ment in California on virtue, may perhaps 
be Ukened to the Copperhead pcliticiaa's 
regard for truth, when he said he '"wasn't 
a radical en anything, but strongly con- 
servative on diddle ground ;'" and as the 
Free Lovers othtrwiie behaved tLem- 

id not io plentiful in California as has in 
some iustances been represented. Griz- 
zlies arc oficner seen in chains in sport- 
\vg bcuii yard?, than in the woods ; and 
thtre aie more deer eaten every wiiiter in 
Minnesota than have been kill'-'d in Cali- 
fornia lor the past ten years. 

We are inclined to think, nowever. 

selves, and poisessed some wealth, and ^ jj.jj, ^^^ jy^j^j ^nd geese, Calilomia can 
more than an average amount ol intelli- ^ ^eat the world. TLc birgc tule 
gence, no one thought of diitarb- mar^ves seem to be peculiarly 
ing them. But Judge Durand saw fun I adapted for breeding purposes, 
ahead, aai had the couple brought jvjgy ^rc too damp to be tramped over 
before Lim with a.l the majesty that could ^y hunters and idle bojs, and yet they 

be invoked from an Irish cotistab'.e, three 
volumes on evidence by Coke and I'iack- 
Btone, and thu soath end of a little black- 
smith 'hop. where the Judge invariably 
held his court when it didn't rain. 

Tic prisoner ran Lis lingers through 
bis hair, and opened the court with a 
speech so skillfully worded, that the sym- 
pathies of ttie crowd were carried away 
as if by a whirlwind. 

The J;idf?c calmly waited until the 
ri^ht moBK-at, and then fja'ckly aroso and 
exclaimed : 

Had I known, sir, tlat su-.h were 

joar feelings, I would not have Lad you 
arrested ; but I was led tc infer from 
what I heard, that you enttrtaiced no af- 
fection for thi.s woman !"' 

" 'Tis fal«c ! Falsa as hell itself . ' f aid 
the man : " I bve her with all the depth 
and intcn*i'y of affection cf which the 
heart is capable : Hut we fl 'd from east- 
ern society, because we both abhorred 
t'nc present feeling which there compels 
man and woican to live together by law 
instead olafcdion.'" 

•' And do you love this m&n ?"' politely 
infiuired the Judge, looking as demure as 
« yonng girl with ber liref bca>i. 

•■I do ;" was tL<j reply. 

"Then I here procoance you MAN 
and WIFE." said tho Judge. Then 
turning to tho constab'»3 ho remarked — 
" Mike, the Court is adjourned ; you can 
release the prisoners I" 

For a mcmei.' t>iLre was the silence of 
death in tbi: crowd ; t>ut the point of the 
foke was loo's discovered, and the boys 
yelled as if trying to imitate a band of 
CamaLche Indians. 

The newly-i-Iected Benedict stamped, 
raved and swore, his raven iiogl«:ta tore, 
and vowed ho was married by force ; but 
the fun-!oviug Judge then whispered — 
"<>, ludge; perhaps you can get a di- 

Finding himself akillfully trapped, the 
long-haired philosopher mide the b tt of 
a bad bargain.— as sensible men always 
will,— iljly slipped a ten dollar gold- 
piece in the hands of the Judge, and gave 
a free supper in the evening at O'Rourke's 
Hotel for the benefit of the boys. 

Ah I a jolly eet of boys are tha ma- 
jority ol 


of California. Hard-fislcd, industrious, 
fun-loving,— they are quick to resent an 
iniu't. but equally quick to give a helping 

havfl plenty of little grassy hillocks jiut 
large f ccugh to comfortably hold a nest 
of a dczen eggs and its equatic ijrotcc- 

In dry pleasant days, the old birds take 
the J oung ones cut into the fields, teach 
them to fly, and to vary their diet of 
roots, by a few grasshoprers, sand, and 
leavp.' of yourg clover. Wc buv-o seen 
at on-; time on the fand-hilLs back of Na- 
pa — at least a million wild geese. We 
wereer.ablfd to di-ive mar eucugh to 
them iu our carriage— to thoot two with 
our revolver— tint we were told that r.o 
person en foot ccnld get within h df a 
mile of theiu. The geesc^ are gray and 
wljite.and when tlii-y riee in flocks — the 
coiors always pppsrate— th: greys form- 
irg or.f, dreg or V, ard the wh tes an- 


of Caiifocnia are few in number and vari- 
ety. We have fCi n but few robins pig- 
cons, par' rid jfc.<i or quails, and ILo only 
bird that wf; have eeen of fine plumage 
is t}:c magpie which i» '.ertainiy a " per- 
fect b'.auty." It is about tbo s zu of a 
pigeon, is a raven black vrith white tippei' 
wings and br•■,^:t, and its tail ii a dark 
^^ j brown, tiuted with snots of -vLit-! and 
Hack, un J ir.La.ii:res nine and ten inches 
in length. When flying, the tail ijspread, 
atid teetni to be used as a tort of sail or 

rudder — its motion being a !ni.\»ure ol 
both grace and comicality. Itc ucder 
bill is a bright orange, and the tapper one 
a 8i:arlet, tipped with i lack. Wo hive 
only teci this biid between the S7'.h and 
40:h lines of nr^rthern Intitudo. 
For a plicn to meet 


Californi i - is like a town meeting— to a 
man from the Atlantic States. During 
our travels through tho State, wo hive 
met not only htindrcds but thousands ol 
our old personal arquaintances. The 
East, in fac.% is so tborougiily represent- 
ed, that men often meet — unexpectedly 
— their oldest neighbors. And this, by 
the way reminds us of 


which, though "stranger that fiction," 
maybe relied upon as strictly true. 

A man by the name of llolden, a Cana. 
dian by biith, went to Cayuga county, 
N. Y., in 1823, and mirrii^d a Miss Ta- 
bcr, daughter of poor but respectable 
parents. In 18j3 this couple, wiih their 
two children, David and Mary, the old. 

periU!!; a traveler 

preaiists, i;nd for '.very morsel cf 
food furnished, Ihi hig'ucst price 
must be paid. Late in the cvcnisg en a 
cold, raw, stormy day ia November, 
1850, a )cung man or a boy not more 
than tv/enty years of ag*;, limped slowly 
up to the house where the old man was 
smoking his pipe, and modestly asked if 
be could obtain a few moutbfuls of some- 
thirg to eat. 

" Got any money to pay for i' .^" asked 
the old miser. 

The young man replied that i. took 
every dollar of his money to pay his pas- 
saga to Saa Francisco. That he was now 
on his way to the southern n:i:i's ai>d 
that the first money he obtatneJ, he would 
certainly send it or bring it back in re- 
turn for something to eat. Thai he had 
traveled all diy on foot in the cold driv- 
ing storm wihcut one morse! of food, 
and that be was uof cbdlsd to the bone 
and almost dying with hunger. 

"Bah," was tho insulting reply of the 
old tyrant. " Do j^^-u think I am green 
enough to belisve all that nonsense? 
Eat acorns, grass, anythirg you can find 
on th-i road, but don't come to me I Do 
you think I'm going to feed all the mise- 
rable beggars that are strolling through 
the country ? Begone ! Bcjoiie, or I'll 
set the dogs on you !" 

The fa:r-f ced lad burst intj tears and 
exclaimed '• Oh dear, dear. 1 wish I was 
back in oil (Jatjuga ."' 

' ' Back If ,'tere ? ' quickly inquired the 
old man. 

'• In Cayuga County, New York," 
sobbed ihc toy. 

"If you're from Cayuga, you may 
come in," said the old fellow — softened at 
the recollection of his deceased wife and 
children. What's your name?' 

" llolden,'''' gasped the boy, " for God's 
sake give me a mouthful of something to 
eat; I'm fainting !' 

Quickly f lacing before the lad a bottle 
of wine and a plate of bread and meat, 
the old fellow said — 

"Have you always lived in Cayuga?" 
" 1 was born there !" was the feeble re- 
ply, " but ray parents moved to Wiscon- 
sin when I was but three years ol age. 
When I was eit^ht years old— one day 
when my father was away from home, 
some Chippewa Indians c*me and burned 
down the housv, and killed my m jther 
and sist' r on tho spot. Th»y sold mo to 
.some Dacofahs who took mo at orc^ to 
the Upper Missouri and adopted me into 
their tribe. Three years ago I ranawiy, 
and have since lived with an un.le in Ca- 

During tho delivery cf tho forego ng 
remarks, — the old man stood as if petii- 
Gc(). Finally gasping for breath, he a:ked 
— " What is your first Name ?" 

" Removo your left boot t" 
Ihe requcot was complied with and the 
old man Bcreanied with joy — 

"My own ton!" r.nd fell scn6Ldtsboa 
tho fioor. 

This slcry is denuded of allv^tra-icous 
dressing in order that it miy be ciowded 
in'o this small space, but with the excep- 
tion of the names, it may be relied upon 
as ill icily true. The old man is now 
deid, and we hivy teen the son gazing 
with content and happiuuss on an amia- 
ble lady and thrae children,— 7,000 bead 
of cattle, and tight thousand acres of 
land, — that ho couM honestly calls his 

Keluining to Yreka, we again take the 
main strgu road and drive twenty-one 
miles north to 

a pleasant little village of about one hun- 
dred inhabitants. The town was named 
by Jo. Lane in 1850, — in commemora- 
tion of a lively supper that he at that 
time bad here with a few of the "boys," 
beneath the (Jottonwoo s ,lo a* that 
time was Governor of Oregon. This is 

CisciNNATi, March 14, IbGO. 
Editors St. I'iiul Frcs. 

After a five days lough and tumble 
trip, I am again absorbing viy fVaetional 
portion ol the smoke-charged air ol the 
Queen City. Having spent ueariy ten 
months iu Minnesota, in the quiet of a 
farming district, the bustle and corfusion, 
tho crash and road, and iho babtl of ac- 
tive tongues upon the strutts, affected 
uio strangely lor a day ; but I am once 
more settled down to tho huiudruui, mo- 
notonous life of a citizen— I say monoto- 
nous, for city lite btconies nuch from its 
v ry variety. 

Business, 1 fiud, is so.ucwhat dull, in 
all branches, and little hopo is expressed 
in any ijiartcr of an active Spring traiic. 
Rents, however, and prices generally, 
have not experienced a corresponding 
decrease, and much dissatijfaction there- 
at exists in all classes. 

1 fiud many improvemems l:ave been 
made ill the past year, chief among tihicb 
is the u agnifictnt nuspeneioii btiJ^e link- 
irg Ohio and Kentucky togeihor, and 
now abll0^t finished. Crors-ng the liver 
in one of the Coviii;;ti'n lerry boa(^•, one 
his a splendid view 'jf this r.oblc woik ; 
though why it, tbouid be TeRar:fed as al- 
most a necessity pasf e-« my comprehen- 
sion. 1 doubt if it ever pays iiitcrest up- 
on the cf.pital expended in its construc- 
tion, and Ic.-ive a surplus for contingent 

I find the theatres,.^ us usu:d, are 
in lull blast, with each a good nightly at- 
tendance, but car.rot cay inucb for the 
stars shining therein. Elwin Adams, 
the high comcilian, so called, is at P.k-j',% 
playing to full Louses. Ycur co^re^Jl•in- 
dcnt made one cf the " intelligent and 
appreciative audience-," Friday evening, 
but failed to BOO flie partieular I-.iitre of 
the star. A ten months eojourn in the 
Kilds of Miiuiisotr had, it may Le, we&k- 
ened the power of his mental vision, and 
unfitted him for looking from a city stand 

The Fenian imbroglio is still attra-ciiing 
ettentioD, though I have jct to soothe 
first native born American T7ho had any 
sympathy lor the cause. All look upon 
it as the grandest farce of the day, and 
spef.k of it as tbey would of a Papal bull. 
ColcLcJter, the distinguished ropreteu- 
tative of the uisembodied spirits btre- 
6.bOat3, ij, or rather was, making icef- 
feotual attempts to secure an audience of 
those in the flesh. He was to give the 
opinions of the "dear departed" upon 
Reconstruction, but a mere half dozen 
were prcscut — suggesting the thoUi4ht 
that Ciuciunatians in the flesh believed 
tbey knew more about tho subjcit than 
their intangible friends, and full as much 
a^ they desired. No doubt the weather 
had somewhat to do wi'h it, as spirits, 
^ike cats, are said to have a mortal aver- 
sion to water, and t'uey certainly weald 
have had to ri.^k a shower bath to reach 
their expected audience ther spiritual 
icflu'^nces of another nature, equally af- 
fected by the weather, were brought to a 
more successful termination, as witness 
the police reports of the evening and 


If spirits arc affected by tha weather, 
why not pens? Tc it alone attribute the 
dullness of this. With the reaction of 
the first clear day, I will attempt a few 
pen photograph.s of life here, which may 
be of interest to your readers. 

G. H. S. 

M,v^XAlo, Minn., Ma.cb U>, ISOli. 
EJiiori St. rai'l rr.i-b: 

I have no iiiclinaiiou Iu cult i the po- 
litical aicna, 1 have t nuugh to do in an 
agiicullural way. But I do to', wish to 
be pla.-ed upga record with a few R'Opub- 
licai s, who were induced, by uiui ter mo- 
tives, to join hands with our Douivcratic 
Irieuds, in cnvlorcing Senator Norton and 
President Johnson, in theie idian^jC of 
biBj, " a In John 'J'l/ttr.'" 

1 did not see the papris, do 1 think 
that they were intended to be shown to 
all ilepuUicans. All who raw them did 
not -sign them. Ill aw not misinformed, 
the papers were circulated by certain Re- 
publicans, who were willing to form an 
alliance wi'h the Democrats for the pui- 
pose ol displacing, cveu at the sacrifice 
of piiuciple, a governmeut ai-pointee, 
obnoxious t.> themselves, but ior what 
cikUfC I kuow njt, uule::s it be for "a 
cor aiu lo'Jged hatu I bear Antonio that I 
Ib'i.^ f.dl'iw abiding toil figaiiist. biui.' 
The?' tilings havi; bce;i stiidioujl/ k;'pt 
from tJie public, but ■^ve lo.k for ei.'rtain 
chan^'eB in (he gnv .-.luieia ap|>oi>i iiicntfi 
hereabout.^', as the letult. of I'lis llattering 
compliraenl to Senator Norton and Preii- 
dent Johnson, a few of the fames of in- 
coiisi;!teut llepubiicaus and coitsii>tcr,t 
Democrats, approving their action and 
asking remunerative posiiians therefor, 

or in liny wuy ur oiaiincr (liHpose ol aaiii pro> 
IHsrty or any p.iri theruut', Willi inieui to de- 
li uuJ, or eau^» ot KulTur the itame to l>e dcua, 
A'liliout tttti wrllteu eousentut' lUa ui(>ri(;mM 
ot Said priipriiy, tiu bball bu ffemed yuitur of 
uilnduiboauor, uud shall bb lmt>lM U» toWH 
ment wd on cmvlctlon thereof ■baDMIMU- 
! bed i>y tine uot less itiau twice tbjfcvaluo of 
t'le pn psrly so aold or diBpused of OT couflneU 
la the c juuiv Jail uot uxceedluK one year, one 
or bot'i.ui Uiu Uiftcreiiou of ibc court, aud un- 
til tlie line and all costs of bucb prosecution 
are paid. 

bjio 2. Thlii net 10 tako eltcct and bo iu 
foicu irouj und atlur it* passage. 

ApiiMved Murcli I, IW. 


VAUIe.- bE VfclNS, SOEK CnE->T, Stc. 

Au Klcdrician, whu lini great expcftenco < f 
IhvirtlT' Lis in tocal rhtmalltm, Iu tii: doloreux 
and ileep-Boatfl nur^OMB nn-J otUer pains, atd In 
»aecll(iU8 of the kldn«yB, «ic , etc.. attributes 
a^l Iheir tcdallve, atlmulallTe.audpain-rellevlog 
BffiJcts t-1 fliBlr eUctrlo qualities. Ue aiBerts 
tUsy. reslorfi thu healtliy electric condition 
(equiUbrium; ef tl.o piirt, and tli<U being re 
Btoteu, paiu and morbid action cease. 
iiraudrclh House, Kcw York, Nov. 23, 1640. 

T. Ai.t.'-iH it &Co.— 0«K«cme« : I lately suf- 
Icrcd Boverely from a weaKuets in my back. 
Uavitgh.ard yyur Plistera much recon mended 
in case« of thlj kind I proeurcd one, and the re- 
sult v«s all I could deelre. A dngle Plaster 
curod mn in a week. 

Yours respcclfully, J.O. BEIGOS. 

Gei-eral Agency, Uraodretli rious". New York. 

tiold by all dealers in MediciuoK. 






Wholcealu and Ketall Dealer U 





Trunks, ValiseK, Carpet llags, 


oiKH, ETt;. rutt CAra, collak*, oLovut, 
OUrrALO COATS ahu koues. 

Clothing Manufactured to Order, 

und'-r mauagemfnt of JACOB MAnOEVFli, 
Cutter, H, V. BOYLON, Baieemanj both for 
meily with T, B. Campbell. 

l&'X Tlilird Htreet, 

(Wilcox Block.) 





ill <tolli. 



A.HD BIBLKY 8T^££1. 
ST. fj^XJl^. 

§t^ ^m6.i 


A ICouxxboJdKMaMitv Kaia»« for tii* 
u«« ttf nani«*aCai(arrIi e*nntf, 

Wh!<'a, in tlio firdl Htaftcs oi a cold, acts like 
mag':— lUadache, liovj'.-ne '.<, Diptlierla, and 
Biopchitip, Goro Eye;-, lleafii'.'cs. Bad Ta«t9 and 
5mc!l, tci-.-^-ji'-.B rp.'uH cf titarr.h. Tliiti anufl 
rfiEovoa and prevents all thcfo, and insures a 
licallliy head, Itspffrcts arc pi a^nt and safe, 
even for infai.ts irho suffer from Suufflei, 

It !iP3 ill*! highest profeastonal teittimoaisli. 
Sold by at! Druggist?, or sent by mail to all parfa 
of l/'.S., for37c'ut9 for one bos, eroae dcilar 
for f jur boxes, 

A^dreoi, .IA3. ftUKNO, P. O. Uos 1235, 
New York City. 
WholeaoM, ty DKMAa BARNVU & CO. 

21 Park Row, -'ew York. cl?.d»,wly 




Buiut Pa.ial« Miiinesota . 


mmm iiri miifi wm 

In Minnesota. 


LOOK ! LOOK ! ' 


iviaw firm:. 

Wholeiiale and Retail 



Importcir of 


European Produce. 

Deal'^re Is 

Green and Dried Fruita, 

and in aU Uada of 

'I'«>bacco &. Hegrax*8y 

Oor. Third & Market Sts., 8t Paul. 

October 2, IBM, octj tl 




D. W. INGERSOu. & CO. 

coatiase tbe saU u 



Wholesale and Retail, 


To k'pabic liccds ac*Ai-,ow;Bc'Aed t>eforo Jud.i?- 
Ca cf Probate of tha Te.-iitor.v of Mfnnciotii. 

Ec :l niacli'tl h-j thi L'^jisldtitia of tha SUUe of 

Section' !. That tha aeknoivleJgiriOiit of 
the txccttli.'^n of .'iny (irant or canvey.-nce of 
Jaiids, or of any intKrest tbcreia I>y deed, 
morfgi'^ie or ctiiei wjse, heretofore lu.t'le aui! 
taiifii before aue > f tho Judges ot IV'bate of 
tho Turri-.-jr-- of Minn-^sjt;i, and the ceriificate 
of evey s-.icb aek'nowleiiitnicrt mado by any 
sieh Proba'e Judge, th^:'\ the same 
force, effect and legal vuliulty ils thougii snch 
Judges i>t' Probate wltc at thu time of the ma- 
king of such certificate, f xpreifsly empowered 
by law TO take aud certify such acknov.-!'. :,•;- 
ment; and all such deeds una instramcurs 
shall bo admuted iti ovidence and eniit'e.i to 
record ; find the record of all deeds so ackuo .vl- 
ed>;<;d tiioll liuve lii.ij force and validi'.y as 
though the vjrji. hid been duly acknowledged 
and recorded ; ;;nd a;l »i;ch rceo'ds now or 
her»at"ter msde .^hi'l lit. nntico Ot the cen'ents 
of fhii i-'Struipai'.t£3 recoided. 

Sfo. 2- '! bis act s take effect a;:! bo 52 
force from and it>oi' i's passaije. 

Approved Fel'. 24. ICSii. 

Providing f r the fcrvic-i of no^icei la civil 
actions in cenaia cases. 

Be i' f>mtcd by the Lfaislature of the State of 

Uinnesota : 

SrcniNl. Whenever, bv reason of dcsth 
or otherwise, the ettorney for a party to an 
ucti'in ce.ites t'>act as such, and s-.dd pnrty is 
absent from and has no kuown pl.ica of resi- 
dence within i!ie St;\te, service of notice re- 
quiring bald party u appoint another attoru y 
or to appear in uerson ia such a'^tion inoy be 
made upon said party by fling the B.iiiie in 
such ae'ion with the clerk of tho court in 
which the action is peudinp, and in case iiuch 
piriyhhaU neither appoint ai attorney nor 
appear in person therein within thirty "days, 
he fchall not be entit ee! to notice of any sabse- 
qnent proceeding; in f-uch action. 

Sec. 2. This act shall tako effect be in 
force frtim an.l alter It'^nissrso. 

Approved Feb. 23, 181k. 

A Fbj-alolog^ctkl Vl«n ot Jt»vTl»g*i.— 

Containing nearly ;J00 pagps, und 1.10 flue Plates 
and Engra^ inp< of the Anatomy of the Human 
Organs la a state of Uea'lh !iiid l>!»ease, with 
aTrcatte-jon tarly Errorn, it<i D -plorablc Con- 
ecqusnces u; oa the Mind and Body, with the 
author's Plan ol Treatm-Tt— 'be only mtional 
and BULxecoful ir.ode of cure, aa ehown by the 
report of ciecf treated. A fr-.ithfui adviser to 
tho carried •»r,d tuose contemplattng marriage, 
who ont'Ttaia double of their phv«i«al condition. 
Sent fi'co ol poii'.«ge to uny addie.s.<, en receipt 
of 25 cents, in stamps or postal currency, by ad- 
drcifinjj O.-. LACUOIX, No. .^1 Ma don lane, 
A;b*ny, N, Y. 

I'tie auiiicr ruav be -oiuulted upon any of the 
di3(ad<"> upon which ene book treats either per 
aoH-Uiy or by m^iil, and medicines sent to any 
pan ol the world. ocUiS d&w6m 





wt«k thm 

The MtricUiKBil R«iB«dle«.— Wa bare 
for 'cm-i il:a'i Jeli it. oy duty, or an agrecab:e 
privilege at Irast, 'o ?aj a word iu favor of Dr. 
.-triik'nnd'.-' remedies, and eimply tor the r. aiion 
ihst wa know them to ba .to a— all, W'' believe 

that they are represented to be. 

tebS d-ly 

TO nYK EA ,Y- 
ta very d.i-lrable. MATHEWi*' VEWE 

TIAN DV K u tho best in the world. Cemplete 
in -13'- tl ! '.p. .Vo wash, no etain, no troubl 
AchilJc.iu apply it. Persona wishing to avoid 
the pcbUdty of havlcg their Ualr dyed Iu pub» 
lie, ca'j 

bett"i than ixny barber can do It, by usiug THE 
Vr..NKlIAN DYE, It doea uot lub offer rank 
Ihe liair a^'pear du.«ty or dead, but lmp-.rts new 
lire 2(>d lustre, <.iives a beautlfiil black or brown 
Bi preferred. I'rlce 75 cents. Prepared by 

A. I. MATHEWS, New Y'ork. 
DI;MA.s H_'iRSES t CO., New Tork, wholfi^ale 
Aeratr. e*-lrlj(sun>rwly 



Xfrcd of Wiater— Feuiam MorciuvBt 
— Fvmian Bonds — fVIieat — Trade 
null — Roligrions Anohrntngf ~- I'al- 
veraalitti Hecieiy. 


B'OUGt-ht .and A\rON 

I In every .Statu, and City, and Town In th« 
' I'nioa, bv 


' over ail would be rivals, and the pslm of victory 

I is awarded to it for depth and richness ot tint, 

I durability, rapidity of action, softening and 

^Vr.-f "I'L'f'^ r' '■'"^ -tcjis^aiirrc of the State of | lain-icaling properties, ard entire freedom Irom 

every delete :lous or soiling ingredient. 

Best Prints 25 cts. 
Delaines 30 cts. 
Figured Alpacoas 35 cte. 
Freacli Poplins 33 cts. 
Alpaccas 40 cts. 
Merinos $1.10. 
A. W. Beps $1.85. 
Gooa Black SilKs $1.50. 

And a line assortment ol 

Fancy Dress Goods, 

at very low priMa. 
Witaoat regard to ocst. Aitc 

Cassimeres, Table Linen, 

Fancy Oood.S9&c.9&:c 



ISO Xliirdl-»t., St. PtttU. 

febl ^^^ 


Cliange of Business. 

son account of a change In basinet i on the let 
of 'Uiiy, I offer my stock of goods at lesa thaa 
eiEt to Import them here, viz : 

VO fit- Is. Cru'heJ, Powd'r'd ft GraL. Ecgar, 

Ii do ABandExtraC Coffee co. 

3<» do Portland A Uxiiard do. 

SO lioxe« Havana Tow grade; d3 

IS Baei ■'^1') >ud 12 Pockeu Java Coffee. 

60 Box' s Ground Coffee, \arioue gradt^f . 
2* Half (h-^stf and Box^s Gnuandlajp'lTet. 

12 do do Yaunf;Uys<>Q do 

•£% do (to Jufian do. 

ft* do do Oolong and SoucUong io. 

49 Bblo ard Kept (iold>-n S- rur. 
8 do Molasses. 20 bbls Bice, 

lt» do Hickied Herring, IJC Bxs Uerrliig, 

30 Ball bbl« acd 40 K its Uackere:. 
«MM> Lbs CodA- b and Bake. 

Ti Caddies Tobacco, van us qufl'li— ), 

4IO Kees >tnp cat Cbewinif Tobacco. 

»«• Bbis smoking 1 obacco va-l-tne grades. 

ft«* Boxe^ Lay< r and Bunch Baisins. 
4 rasis Currants, '.0 \ih,s .\uta. 

*i Bxsuswrgo pure and Mlver GIofs Starch. 

!•• do dj Corn .■^tarci. 

ao fates Cancnd FroltsasJ Tc2it!cee. 

U do Cove yett^rs 

A^s^, Pepper. Pioceco, Tomato Ketegp. Pep- 
rer -anee, alus'ard. Carri^ Powder. Yeatt Pow- 
der, Crea3 tr's-r, Clovf s, C&n<iy and Lerergers, 
Fig B!ue, Eluelre. t'ocoR, Itpioca, Sal Eoda, 
5aler£.ins, leaCaauic', Wrapping Pap^r, ftc. 


March 1st, 169. m^bl-d^mkwl; 

Twenty to Twenty-five eents* 

jTweuty-flve to Thirty cents. 

As 1 o'htr Osods to corre'pand at 

Ingersoll's Block St. PanL 




CH&8. A. VrHA3(. 



Providing ialirie: f.,r Clerks ot' tho District 
Court in certain cases. 

Rochester, Mir:;.. March 10, 1866. 
Kilitors St. Paul Press. 

Old Winter with a tenacity worthy of 
a better cause graapa hia iron sceptre 
anew, and with his wrinkled visage and 
grizzled front ia ruthlessly foraging upon 
ihe domains and trespassing upon the le- 
gal rights of his more genial and fair 
faced successor. We are weary of bis 
cold and consercatice rule. We are anx- 
ious that dame nature shall once more 
break the icy fetters with which he has 
bound her, and expand and come forth 
in her liveliness and exuberance of feel- 
ing. We long for freedom— freedom of 
nature from the enthraldom of winter — 
freedom of thought and action, social, 
mora', religious and political freedom — 
freedom for a/iand not for the few. 

b'peaking of freedom, reminds me o' 
the Tenians, which organizition is so 
liberal in its policy. With ti-i tbey are 
moving for the liberating ot ibi; pockets 
of their dupes of their greenbacks and 
granting theil the liberty of further ac- 
cumulations of the same tor like purposes. 
A grand demcnitration wai made hero 
one evening last week, and all of our 
patriotic Irishmen and the "Irishman's 
friend," the Democrats r.nd tha candi. 
dates for Congress, shelled out the 
"sinews of war" liberally, and I presume 
that tbo "Bonds uf the Iri.^h Republic'' 
range as high among its friends as once 
did the; "Cotton Bonds" among "FrieneW'' 
in Jingland. If there are any woo ara 
net wry particular as to th-i rb.iraotcr ol 
their securities, I wouli advise iben to 
invest, and I would particularly suggest 
to any who may be Iioldiag tiio "Koa- 
eutb Hungarian Bond" the iropriety ol 
exchanging for the O'Miboney eurrency, 
providii>(j loo much uiacouut is not 
chargtC. It id (c behjped (hat tbe "gtm 
of the ocean" may not lo»e its lustre, but 
I ftar that the "Head Centres" and 
"Head Ccrt</M«cs" have inoro of an 
to "the wLerewith" and good living than 
to the liberation tf "Pat." 

For tho past few weeks wlient Las been 
coming iu very briskly, and the elevator 
and all the privat'i and the company's 
warehouses are neaily tilled, and unless 
oavigation opeuu toon the fann- 
ers mubt haul off llieir teams 
and wait. Trade i^ didl and 
merchants aro looking blue, and wore it 
not for the great religious i-xcitenu'iit 
prevading in all the churches we should 
suffer from ennui; but thu history of the 
country shows that commercial and finan- 
cial revulsions arc accompanied by reli- 
gious awakoniugs, thus ofTsctting pecu- 
niary losses by a growth in grace and 
ffood works. Whether a satisfactory ex- 
change, tLo parties themselves can best 
tell. Some of our good friends prolong 
their meetings until It o'clock in »bf» morn- 
ing, and (hen part regr<.lii:'{| !hat ex- 
haufltcd iiafnrc tan bear tb« strain no 


Section 1. In all counties where tho fees 
of the clerks of tho District Conrt do net ex- 
ceed five hundred dollars per annum the said 
clerk shall receive from the County Treasurer 
of his county, unless prohibited by the coun- 
ty commissioners of s.iid county, a sum which, 
together with the fees of his'offlce, shall be 
eqaf.l to five hundred dollars per annum. 
Provided, the population of such county ex- 
ceeds t'lve thousand, as fchown by Inst State 

Src. ". The clerks cf the Di>lrict Court 
mentioned in sect'on ono of this act shall, on 
the first M'lndavs of January and June In 
each year, file with the County Auditorof their 
respective counties a statement inn-ritlng, un- 
der oath, Fho-ninj; t)!-^ whole amount oi fees 
of their offlcp, liy whom paid cr tc whom 
charged, and for wh i'. purpose, for the term 
ending on the tirst Mond.iy of January and 
June of each year. 

Sec. 3. This act shall take eflTiCi and be fn 
force from snd after its passage 

Approve.'. Feb 2.8, 1S66. 


RclatiDg to tlie fiiini? and effect of certain 

Be it tiMcted by the Legislaiitre of the State oj 
MinnesUa : 

^ECTlo^ 1. That in nil cafcs where the 
afflUavits auth-^rized by tiie provisions of s-jc- 
tlons sixty .ind Rixty-one of chopter eighty- 
four of the conipiled'statutcs, h'lve been here- 
tofore filed, or shall hi htrcaftor filed as 
therein provided, within one year after this 
act shall bee me a l.iw, such ailidavits, or duly 
certified copies thereof, ^hall Iw received in 
evidence in tiic sarao manner and with ihe 
same efieet :<g if the same had been filed with- 
in the litnu ill maid sections specitied. 

8EC.2. ^.'o procet-dingj in which fn-,:h i-lll- 
d.tvils have l>;'en heretofore roccived shall be 
deemed invjli.l by reason of tho fxilurc to 
Sic the same within the time prescr.b.-d by 
said section. Provided, That nolhing herein 
cont.iioed shuil he- iicld to tike awi.v <t effc't 
any vested ri^-hts of any person or pe sons 
not'ies to such proceedings. 

>Stc. 3. This K"! shall t.iko tffect and be in 
force from and alter its passage. 

Approved Feb. 23, l^t 6. 

A^! ACT 

To autborl. c muni' corporations to sell or 
lease public grounds to railroad corpora- 
Be 't miacled by the Lcgitnifum of th» Statu of 
ilintuiota . 

Section '. . Tha cily common couacil, 
board of aidcrr»'?n, trustees, commissioncr», 
or other corpoiato a.'thpviiies of any ctiy, 
town, villape, or othor rouiilclpal corporation, 
arc hereby Hithoriz'^d and empowered to 
grant,6tll,. con >ev, or lease, any public grounds 
or place v,'ilbin their respective corporate lim- 
its, to any r:)!'rnad corponi'i^n; sui Ject, nev- 
cifheioss to all the nehva of tiie original jiro- 
prietirs of such public iTounds 

P20. 2 Thu uut sha 1 l:>l.e cffvCt a:!d be in 
force from end iiftcr its pa«»aro. 
Approved February 29, 18S6. 


To an act entU'r d •' an act rolaiiog to 
Iho Univcrgity of Minnesota," approved 
March 4, 18B4. 

Bo I' enacted ly ihe Ltyislature of the State of 
MinniiOta : 

Shouon 1. The terms if "fllco of the re- 
grnts ol Iho unl^irsity of V.inin'soin, as limit- 
ed in .'icclion orn' of said net, is hercbv extend- 
ed nvo yeins from 'he f urih (Irty of March, 
1866, and Ihc. said regents shall have tbo same 
powers that they now have tor and during »he 
period of t.iid two year< Irom Mitreli 4. Ifc66. 

.Sec 2. 8 > much of srciion four of said 
original net to which this is nil Rmendmi nt iis 
reads ; Thatibowholcaniouiir of lands so sold 
and conveyed, sha'l not exc>cd twelve thou- 
sand acres, simll bo amended so as to read : 
That the whol • amount uf lauds so sold and 
conveyed shall not exceed lourlecn thousand 
acres, and all convey anccsof lands afterfonr- 
teen tbouoand acres shall have been convi>yed 
shall bo absolutely void. 

Blc. 3. 'I he BJld regents arc hereby cm 
powered and authorized in their < iscretion, if 
by them dei'ratd necessary lor the Interests of 
the university, tn borrow ten thousand d>l 
lars in anticipation of, and to be repaid from 
the proceeds cf the sales of tho lands afore- 

8k.c. 4. This act shall take effect and be la 
force from and after its passage. 

ApiTOved l-cbiunry 23, 1866. 


To prevent the Sale, transfer or concealment 

of personal property under mortgage. 
Be it enacted by the LegiiUiture of the State of 
Minneiota : 
Sr.cTUiN 1. That if any person having con- 
veyed any article of persona) property by 
mortgage, sbnll, during tno existence of the 
lien or title created by such mortgage, tell, 
transfer, coaccal, take, drive or carry away, 

Manuficturc'i by J. CBISTADORO,>'o.eA8- 
tor House, Now York, SoM by D.-ugglsts, Ap- 
pUd by ell Uair Dressers. 

mehO d&wim 


Dr. J, "W. I'OI..(VNr>'S 


Is now olTcred to ttm affl'.cted throagbont tbo 
ciuntry, alter h-ivlng been proved by the teat of 
el "veuyears, in tho New Engtaad states, where 
itH mcrit.^i liara bcconie ai well knoinasthe 
'r-!f frora which, in part. It ucrives itsvlrLaes. 

iHB'rnrTBCOMrooND cures 

SiTt Ihrnnt, Coll', Coughs, Piptheria, Bron- 

chl:is, Sp'.ttlun of TiUiod, Pitliuonary Jffeo- 

tio'is g'lnerc'.Uti. Jf i.^ a rcmirkiblerenedg 

Jo,- Kitlnf.i Coiaplninf^, Dinb'ttt, Diffl- 

cutty of YMding Crinr, niocdintf from 

t'le Kidnt'it and Elndder, Oravel 

nm) other Complnints, 

Give it n trial a trial if you wculd learn the valao 

of ■x good and t.ied Medicine. It is pleasant, 

sife and sure. 

Sol'l by Drugg'sts and Dealers tn Medicines 
general iv. 

GEO. W. .S WEXr, M. D.. Proprl<-!cr, 
Boston, Mas.-i. 
J vn20-dJtw3ui 

First of the Season. 




Steam Bakery Sale'? Room, 

on «Tcicli>f5on street, 

tfaf a l.-.r.'^e let of 

MicAiigaa Apples 

for ta''. >.»11 sdI PX3!r;lr.o before purchasing. 

Now .4ppie Cider 

B} li- bflrrel orgillon. 

],i. .;r .loi. .St. Paul.'Minn., Jan. 17, 18C6. 



For (-hurcbe). Schools and Parlors. 

Warranted the Best in Use. 

At »lXJIVGhE» JEJItO**., 
lOv; riiiv*! *=Htroet. 

fobl? ' 

f-'X' i0JL.'>'l<>K.»» 


(Oi->i>03iitt» l'i»* Brltlg.*,) 
TUtUD Srur.El-, saint I'ALJL. 

Thu tu"i»cril>ri hiving purchsjpd from C. E. 
Carpeut-r & I'o the Piioioeraiih Gallery to fav. 
nraM-/ > ii"wn cs Urs \V»ikm»' Gallrry. Hay- 
ward's liio. k, ifspertfuUy Inforini ttio cl<lri>nt 
cl 8t. I'a^il and vi-in ly that lin 1< prrpand to 
fXfCu'c I'lioiosr pIisiH every 8(>lo ol" the •rt, 
and iiopr. hv roiikiiig flret-claK wo k to merit a 
(hari< ol tli< Ir f atroiiag^. Having had lourteoo 
J car." experience, ho hopes to please the most 

PartlcuUr atteutiun to c lld'ei a-d mpi ing. 
ALKX eiNCLAltt, 

Formerly of AraaJo Gallery. Kooiicster, N. Y. 




Just Received 

General Commiiitiiofl Merchants, 


Between Elm and Myrtle Btreete, 





as reported to the 


Revision Commissioners. 

The underslg-aed hare on band a limited nnm 
b«r of Volumes of this work, o-<DTalni2g abont 
Sine Btindred Pages. It emb-die? the entire 
leglclatioB of tha State to date. 

The volume ii too large to seud ly irall, bat 
will be promptly sent bv Fspress on r-ceipt ol 

Prioe,*f per copy. Ad'tn »f, 

Ht. Paul. Mliia. 

liBm \m\ 

Corner Wabashaw and Fifth Streets, 

Opposite Minnesota Honre 

St. Panl, Minn. 



The ondvrsigned has estc^ils^eO • uew LaBtb«t 
Yard in thin cltv at the abovi.> named location. In 
oonoeotion with his 






Dress Qoods at 25 Cents ! 
Dress Goods at 80 Cents I 
Dress Qocds at 35 Cents I 
Nice Cashmere Delaines at 50rts. 
Good Alpaccas at 50 Cents. 

Good fiLc'^noes only $1.50. 
Good AW. :< «p8 only $1.50, 




Balmoral and Hoop Skim. 



T.>u ^.111 flea It for your intcrcii to jro to 

2le Third-^=tl'eeT. 



Blank Book Manufactory 

llavplnsttooe«sftjlore"«lionth*'largcstand raos 
complete Bindery In Hlnnei^ota, omhraclngthe 
Inteatand most improved msohinery. Kmploylog 
only oompotont aud careful workmen. acd using 
heboat :iiatorIal, they hope to oontlnnetogtvc 
(itisfaotloDio all. 





MARX m TBS aiat ua»»%». 

14e Third Street. 


Gathcart & Co., 


No. 13 ve Xlilx-d Mtreel^ 

ex. 3?>\.rrL. minn. 

febl d&wlr 




hr-v-e. (ifl-;r gr.-at diffloult>, 
new lot of 

oblaiM-d a 


And other stylea for COLD WKATUBR, (he 
only stock in the dty. Shall have 

BOOT PJ%.08, 

In a few day*. Dealert oaa h» Buprll»l only 

at reasonable prloei. 

fvn, jr. usiiTH * too. 


anddeclresto call the attention of Bnilder^ aad 
others to U,- 




FloorJnoc. Fenoiuc , 

Diluentiioua, I:2oa£*<l«r, 
Oleajr X^ixnal>ca*, ^idiiiLiif, 

l^hinarleH, L,alli. Ac, 

which I>« has constantly on hsuj, and tor aaie al 


Si'ltf^r Iflrgt dimensieme tliind to order on 
$kf>rt notice 

Bt.Paal,JaiMl, 1M6, 
G, J, TAYLOR, Agest. 

ly ^v. P . wAanumwr. 



lands or I- (s la BamMy conuty, furnished with 
dlsp-tch by 


Real Estate and General .\geDta. 

Real Ks' ate biuitht and sold, reDt. colkcted 
wlih care of ren'edpreml«e., taxes la'd, and all 
tm.iB*'cs pTtainlng to Rpal H'stato and Ueoeral 
Agency, done with promptness, 


Firelow ft Clark, Rnsbln k ^'arncr, AUIs A 
William*, ll'-Bry J. Horn, Morris l.«mpr«T. Oeo. 
L. O'l-, Attora-Tsat I aw, St. PiuI.Minn.'; i"h«s. 
I"asfavart. late "rsiitterof I^eeris or Ham.ey 
cooiity, Minn.: Uon. R. R. N<>1h>d, Judge (I V. 
«. District Court f. r Minn ; Hon. W. WLkln 
Judge Dut'lct Court, Bamsev cnnn»T. 

unoe— Fourth street, opposite Court H.->nse, 
St. Paol, Minn. febw-lT 


Rich and Rare Goods 

FOR. ha-i^e:. 

TBCB WBCi, vnovr:* ri.oi«i»M;« 
Mlla^, near BaMing-. UniJrn as " B A M- 
HBY'8 arUNK MILL." !-"a d mdl coaUtn. 
three (3) runs of elonfs. and all neoe tary ma- 
cUirerT to run Ihc »»me. The »f«ier pow Is 
ami In and never (Wlina. Wh^at U abundaat 
and esBllv procured, Ha«tli!gs, »«lnue80U,belBt 
the county S"»i of l>akola cimEty, and trie tWp- 
plngpolit. Title indlKpaiaW-. ,,.,.,. ^ 

K.r I im-. a piv to .M.-rn < _ AtitiH Al 
CK03BY. AttoinA*, Ha«'log». ttl»n»«o'a, of 
toJOKEFH LKWl!<, St Paul. uiRB.VoiM. 

BTdtf I 

Solid Silver >^'a,re. 

Warranted e<iaai to coin. 

Table Spoons. Dessert Spoons, 

XKA. »r»t>o>fs. 
Solid Silver Table and Tea Knirea, 

TaNe Forks, Dc's.rt Forks, Ptcklc Forks. "Sar- 
dine Foran Cheese Forks, Pie Kclres Cake 
Knires, Bn-.ter Knives. rhe«:-e Knires, 
Soap Ladle's, Sugar Sr.x>ns Sogar 
Sifters, MVer Napkia KIrgs, 
Jelly !»pooTS, Herry Spot^r.s, 
0>s'er La'il>>s. Mnsiard 
Spoons, Salt Fnoons, 
Io««"r<>ao« ^rbon-, 

EGO SPOONS, Gcid Iitned. 

Presi IT« 8 v'OTi'. Silver Cups »nd (Goblets. T»« 
Stralrei l\>h«cc.i Box's, Card fas'-., ispectada 
CauH>*, Pi'"< Mon.lfs, M»!t lellars, nult knires. 
CMld'f Knives. Forks and St>ooB'>— all pur* Ffl. 
n>r. Alargeassortmui.t OfSlLVKB PLaTED 


A large lot, in Go'd and silver canes. ((Dusted to 

heat and cold— « ^rracted good itme- 


too Cases Seth Thomas' Clocks. 

A Atlt Use of 


Come aad Me the Diamond i^oods at 

». C. ORBBXE,BAr**. 

The UrKCFt assorimcat of 

Gold and Silver Watches 

In the State. 
Pearl Rnby and Kmt^ialdBiBgf 
*meih>st an^ G-«''i>et J«w- 

DlamoBd, Op«l.r 
ery .solid uold Br««?Hs, (iol.l Thl-uiNef , 

and Pin*. 

Gold Mecklaoes. God Chaiuf . 
(a large lot.) 

Solid Oold Ringrv, 

■■cklea, •!•>•▼•> ■«««•■•, Msada, K«r« 
lt«*Ia, dk«. 

Store in Greenleaf s Block, 

Oppoatte concert Uall, near the Post Oi 

D. c. «: 

d aa-i* 

Afercbant Tailor, 


Dealer la Uat'. Cape, rnrnlshing G«o4a, 
Broadcloths and Ca.-'fimorcs. third s!r»-et, Cpp«r P.iu', Minn C»fh a tvauo'd to calt 
Id CJold, Sllr< r or Greenbacks. i«i3 ly 

If ACi AxxxB«. xavrsr Aa*aM|*i 

ill BottBd ia aay styt* de«lr*d at th* PnN 
Bladery. Apply at tlt«Oo«Btls« Bcoa. 






Ca anJ itftcr 

Monday. lleoemhtT iath, IS65, 

TnlstvlU luB .\» h-.'i.mH I.1ow.&.>iiih'.:!Ig^ 

Minnesota Stage Co.'^ Liue, 

•Ouib ca til ' 


••■ I>a«l at O 3W d. m. A 4.3» p. m. 

o.^ISti EAM". 
■.•Air«a3ai*k «,><•(> :»< «) «t. m. A 4 p. m. 

. A U\M1! v.:^. s,c.-.Uiv. 

ST. i'Al'l. k FAi'lFH" h. H 

Ob acd %n»r ao:»OAV. ^ »v»'i-.i.«:i; Hn, 
Njf«iU«r rr*la» wit ran n fL>Uow« t 

CKixae WEST. 



^ . * *** 




■ f-.lOA.V, 

Ltiav^, .. . 


L<<aT0a Xr:'. 

.. To.oe \. M, 

Arttr« »: :■ - 

'v .<S.\.»!. 

I/eerfi St 


I-\ •' ' 

♦ .!-■■;', 


. . . ♦ ■■♦i V . 


»as.". V 

L.^ ■ 

iA-> " X 


f Wr; ■ 

.'. i' U 

A ■ST.' 


• »;• A . :.' 


1 ••?«». v.. 

Lmt.' - 


l4«Te.» U»--v>£ati. 

• • . .■».»•) ^.11. 

L««T«i si. Ab'c^c. .' 

W.4J A .X 

ArlT8»t3* »•»'■ 

: 'S' • V 

V ■- M.f. 

L«»f?' KJ* ';..: 


L«v.'? intc* 

I:«5 r. •• 

I.ciiv*< Aaota 

« lu r. ' 

LMt .» " ■ 

4:« f. - 




»:5J v .• 


Tlio ♦Ire'^t Throat and Lung 

Eto.t Tiiuv. 

It biia a«r«>riri»il«d k» car« tlio tror.>t 
Croapaod (old. 

It la thci orIj n« aiclro what nlll car* 
n boat>iBK ( OU3 Sa- 
lt nlll pr<<«<*n( Ccuauotpsion 

li nlll cur<> 4.«stbrui> nuil N<>llrve 

ll curra ■allupuri* uad I4u2«.i Xbaoat. 

It jurc.i ail. It th<< dlr^■clK'us:lre^U^cl')• toUow- 
eil, or tUf money wl'J b< tffuni3««l. 

Iha; (.'oufjh which ^oa ire ucglortl'jg miy rc- 
t '1: la fatil oonaaropll,""! it Bcm" j-roaipt remedy 
M uot awd. 

\V h) .-aciUicii you: t!lV v. ^eu >i;ur .iij^'iso can 
be ojrej *o quickly i"J iit io small a cosi • 

'•VLi!l»tho valu" of lacaoy whvn com, arcJ 

Maso:« l'ii'v, loua, ^jrcii .Jj, ImU, 

M»>»»rj.S'on'<K .V DAit.v.Y— tVar Sir*: IhU t« 
to cortify 'hsf I h»ve u*ed Morse's Exioiforani 
in m> tiuii'y l"->r i!;o U-t tJro years, Kor couKhf, 

» . - .. COUK 

for.' Ui';:'', Ic , I !»c. A» It Is one of tli^^ D«bt 
meJioiiuMoitT uio.I. Vor Croup Us eir-'etd ar«> 
\iioii<J<'r:i!l. t '.j.vo iiol la larje auiouQt o( it siid 
reccmrJiDil ti l.i my friouiN.nnd take I'lpasurc 

TICKS !■-■< -!fir »>* (vtr».h!i*aJ at f^iStaiiaas, 
Of aa extra .-«<» will b»> joUe-.-jd b? tit- Cob- 

Qcisg Wi«; 


P M 

*•. M I->«l,4aiO oup'" 


Miimtsota Ceiitrai l^.ailway, 

IstDivs'cr^St. ?2-' Si PacilicR. R 

111 rfooiamoD'iirK its u.o, knowing that bv to 
iloln^ muo'i auilerlug Is rvilovi J 
Yon! truly, 


-V sris, Minn., S;»rcli S!h Ij^. 

1 t<;r^■^5• ccrvtliv that I havo i rcamicod and 
t.>!':*u in CT< j>r.clicc tTie EioJ!cin''> known a« 
li.-r.A9'ij r xii"cio-<»\.t, tor I'ottiihs, l ol.l*. Gro'.ir, 
4siliini. tc, »^'., pr. piriHl by !Hor. e t Lwllcv. 

I loearj it asK i>r.'j>;ira!loT of (trca; r:ri*,iod 
wcaiv...-r -.ial y ro.oniinond it ai 1«'!qp.^j rffired 
'*'.il; fiit' ■••iri.', by tcliiblrt non ) luoro etlica 
clous for ll" U- -Jtmont of the vailoin dl'^i-.M 
for «Ui''') it if «!o<lf;nr'», tii.ji STiy rciupjy oj 
w'!U;» I l,a> uny kaowl Jso 

!(. A. BASKES, M I>. 

Addrta:! all orders to 


Wholesale Druggists. 


\o cni'i'.y ailcUc!ti!i,vl<.Tt;«jtlcHns,lia><'iirla??d 

tsl rrijy tor eole thv foiloTiluji L'Iac*« 

foruieln FtoLateCouirt: 

U'SIillSoIONKUe' ViJlKUAK FS, ^wlth oatUl. 

Al-raAISEllb' APrOlNTSirST, (wltSl «hitkt^ 




COMMISSIU:?? »»> MiTTl h CLAIM.*!, 


WAEttASr 10 AVI-K.\I6ERS, 


£\LL BOMK?, 



t^cr sa!o bv tti» quire or ringlo thtol. Addiect 




X.a('r>t«ae. It'ltiwnj* uud all t'oltiia In 

(2lhf .^uiut ^ml grciJis. 

l'bl.lklliU> l>All.y,1KI-W>,t.KI.Y AMD WHliKLT 

Ufflob— .A-dJolnlns the Srldsa. 

SIiMP Aft:tck upuii fitonator 



iia!:«i ..., 


• -v>co-.icct wlti) 
:i e-^-u* toa'.ioa 

•T t!.f sr. I'Mul & 
i--i»fni;f.-8 and bag- 



' fp "■wr^^^^t'PSi^aS^:^ ^^Vl 

\Eft KOriE EiST 11 fiiilTH. 


WiBOBd a: >'t P^rerK.R. 

AUaw M.i r ) a.Li that oar stock ii luU and 
?onji.;ete. rh.» atcnilon ncd fatroaage of tho 
JiorthWiVt ro:'[iectf.ii[v Ko'.l.-lted. 


Dt. I'aa'. Jaoi::;iv i.\.. •.^■■C-. 


' THiJU. 13 ?»0 6L'JU"W0K1<A3 tAIL" 

Mirn. Stage ( 

'o.'.L^nf fori-; Crosse. 

r«3ea « Iso- 
Colas 'a--' 

P ^. Colui 

ar i ^ p M. 
let Tu-k*-. 

CcapiB^'s vIT. 

at 3:12 A. M. 

, ;■ :J:2Sf«at3 Stsje 
H. 0. ATKIW8, ., Hi'. 


r FAi ii-u- 1'.", •• K(\vp. 

I.ASD L>: 

i»t,i Ai. 1 

N I 

-> T ; (1 K 

TO isi^niL 

JcSO>i (i,K.LASi>S. 

Xai rent's} CoiTipoiandEs:tr;,ct 

Ct'0>lU*» A: COf A.10A. 

Isasvro i-»'rfaln?.T!'i!pe."1v?'jr.'rora!I disefwui. 
"f thf> BUddPr. Kidv.eys acd Urinary Organs, 
•"irh^rin malp or feaale, frequent y S'tTfcrTrlng 
a I'.iVct cur.- ta the ?hort m-itce of th.-Jf or four 
djys, and alway* in i^f./ timo than any other 
r r"" arativn. Tn th" u e o! Tarrait's Compound 
Kxtraci of i^l^eb■j an J ropaifcs there i.i no ntwd 
of ;umrinpiu»nf or change of dint. In its ap 
provi d form of a paatf. It is entirely tuiilc"?, 
end cau^-es no unpl-nisant sen.-iillca to ;hB pa- 
ti>"ct, aad co"Sp »ur9. It is afknowlcdpod Dy 
th* mo't ii^arn-i i!> the prof.»ii^^I3 th.u in th*" 
ab vt> clj-soidiscaie*. Onb'bj and Cop-.iba are 
•ho only tvi 1 r la^dies that c-an bo reiie-l 
apon with auy ccrtiln'v of ouo«-?t. 

Tirranf.-<CompooBd£i<ri«iof Guiebj SLdCo- 
ral^.aKEVKH *A1LSI 

>'inufae*ar'?'1 only by 

j7s<.?'een'.v!v!i St., N'-w York 
*#- Sflj f . -''iKC^-if all o cr the 'irorl-.l. 

CD-, 17-iy 

ithicago |l{lvCi1iocmcnts. 

Cash Wholesaie Ciothin*T House, 

K. A. Seavey .% Co., vvonld CI' 1 : !h aUsuiIon 
ot Merchants «3d8hipp"rs to thd tact that tlioy 
have esul '.Isheil, ted wJI rnn dirin? tl»e Wln:e.- 
!•> con. lection wUh tl.e r.:rriaJ- cf Jll^m.^'ota 
acd WiJcor.Mo, a d»ily Dispatch Kn iRhl Line 
cc-..aCi-'lnRa!l nointi bctwot-n LaOrosji-. Wiiion:» 
and the Norluatst. A safficlPnt i-tirabfr of 
Toair«? w ill bo [lut on the route to acjotamod-tte 
the larg« and rapldiv Incre.isiiK bii>iBf's, and 
tlic un-iifcRt care will b" takfu tlut all (.oodi 
conflenid to the lM«iatili line will bo l-nward- 
!• 1 Willi dlsyaicli, witli lo.'. iindat tin- lowcat 
Iio sil.lo rate-. Ihc line v. ill mjto conheosion 
with nil points in Ih-? Nort!twi-st. tha- alT.-.rdins 
shippers the usual fucUit'i's. u beat will ti' ran 
from th3 > levators a« tast as brought forward, 
tapt. Is.tAO U. M<'L-Lfos, Managing I'artn.r, 
la Cros.'-o. CiUbitn -all ifO"d for traudporlation 
to K. A. SI- AVKV * CO.. I a Cross*. 

BOUIF a, CUAMFOIN, Agents, tit. Vaul. 

vy USES AS » x.«ai'us«(i 

•■LITAULE i-ou 














jr. WATfioyi wBnu, fw. 















. M 










• 13 





























All p-rsonj cliimin? land »t O'vvernm-'nt price 
• ho reside In th» rownship-* n;<aied l>e!ow, are 
V-rety cotined t'tat the Companv has acqulrod 
'ie fee *o the Railroad lands located tn said Town 
ships, and th-y are hereby reiulxed to make 
proof of their riitht to thi- I.irtd? occaplod I) 
them, and makepaycunt therefor accori;a,5W ' 
the taws regalatinx th" stBj". 



M7. i», ai.27.2e. 11, t-l, 3i.. 

1,5,9,11. 13.15.17. 1J,27 

»7, 29, 31. W, K 

7, 9. U, n, 18, 17. 19. 21 , 2.1, 2S . 'il 

1, s,3,r. ^ Ji. '\v, '-,!". ii,;.'?, 

J, J, 5, - - ■- • .-,.-', 

.29, 3. 
S, It. 13 
»,J. 7. U, ! 


4, 27... 
16, 27. Jl. :;3, " 

5, 11, i?.2',2? 
1.5, 7.. •, 11, ! 

19, as 

I, a.s,7. n. : 
••9. n 

4.7. l^!. ■ 

27, £>,.■?:. 


», IS, 1.5 

5,7. ». ;;, .' 

27, 2i '<i 
».»,17, I.- -" 


l.s, s, 9, n. ' 
.».r,.7,». u. 

W110LK3AI.Z DE.\L]£r.S IK 



fteotlefuen's FarnMiiu;? *ioodS; 

Cbamb«>>. 49and 3'a'n'a!>aah m^.. 

Uficctn La::t arU H-.n-.lMph tlrtelj, Ckir/jgo. 
49" Particular attes'ion piid to orders. 


loHX V. FAHWELL <\ 10 , 



4>, 14 A: 4r» ^Vil'oasll Avenue. 



J^l'iir.icnl.n attoaticji p3! 1 to crJe.-.-'. 

Throat and Lungs. 


' rswT.r.ji'te'i TO b- the only p:e;a-9tlon kcr.wr 
I U, Cir^ t oUfth", Cjlds, Uo'rsenes^, Asthma. 
Whooplnif < o-^h", Chr'-nlJ ilonvh'i, Consumfj- 
tlon, rinrcaltis and C.-oup Beh;g prepin-d 
fr.-im IToner ar.d Ui-r*)- it li h^ilicg, softtn'njt 
Slid pxpcctcr.1 Log. and parti, ul-rl' anltaWe for 
all afl*etioti=io.'''.:i' Tnroir and Lut'f;». For -ale 
by all Dru^gisiB evcrywhprc. 

S. L. BAILEY & CO., 

D-iler' tn •.-.fry kind of 

Parlor, iiimg Kouiii & Chamber 


or au tiEdj. 
V ft 1 Eiir-liees. G-Jiiej, Ac 

I jJl-oJ J:'rl!ii;ltoMe to Order. 
Third St-eet. 

Va tLu Dill, iu tLu J&batc iti Ibc Stuatt^ 
oil the Cou:>tilutiouHl uueuJtui-ut on tlit* 
subject ol reproscnuitiori, 'icnalor Fcs- 
«endfii, of Mainu, attacked one of his 
fellow Si'ua'orB iu a vt-iii of biting aar- 
OSMii, ul nbith ihe di>putchi;:i Lnvu made 
DO niL'ntioD, but whic'i will be bcttt;r op- 
pifciaffl by ths following entriicta from 
the Oiobs'i repurt ; 


There are t»-o kltiug ol debate Ift-re. il 
thi*}' w.v. lie o.-ilI-J di-bnti'. (Jnt- kiiid is 
a leng, labored wriltft!, prinicd oratiou, 
prepared caie/uily in the ttuJy, clabora- 
te.', proof cL.>rreit':ii. all the thunder- bolts 
(or};td, cvfrything put into proper shape, 
and i\ ad to the Sen-.ite. Another kind is 
whir.' a Senator in iini>rcmcditdted Ian- 
Riiigc jind to (hu bisf of his power, m cc- 
cisioii serves him, tiskt.'* up the iiubj!.'ct 
aa.i disaijsfs it withotit the aihiir.fjge of 
that previous .«tu]y and px.utiin tion. Ir 
is not for ns-j to say whi.-h cf these is the 
lie-t, which ij th" mo't parliamentary. I 
only kii.nw — I have been told ; I never 
vta iLcrr — that in the I'.iili.iment ol Eng- 
land, iind in Franot', iu fLi^ir P;'rli:>tuent, 
no man is evr'r pcraiitted to read a speecLI 
He is jcrapf^ I dovr-. coi;j;h'?d down, and 
put doTTf! at or.:','. 

Mr. ('ov»j! . Oh, no; net in France 
TLcy are '.Prmittpd to rep.d ppcechfs 

Mr, Fr56eiide!i. i wa.^ not aweie of 
that ; but I know tbat (lie pracficc in 
Eoi^land is as I hive htated ; that i', 1 
have been (o!d so. It i.i not Jor me (o 
say tviiich of (wo kw^h . f debate i^ 
tho best. I ean only s.iy that ifa man 
i:. iookin,'^ to future a.^<:r-, m.ildng history, 
ai.'l wants to have soiuetbit;;; on record 
that vxill be creditable to hiiu, n.Tbsps 
th'i oratiorizicp; is vastly ii:y best of the 
two. B'lt I do not tbiiik ti-.-xt Senators 
who have not tbat ambition, r.rid.if they, cannot expect to gratify it, ard are 
oblif^eJ to get along as ihoy ean, and do 
the best they e.m under thrt eircumstL'c- 
c-'ft en the subjcc of liebafs, ou.-iht to b? 
blauitd v- ry nmcii if 'h-^y arjt willinf; to 
oontt r.t fiii.Dis< hes with 'h> iiftle tuodi- 
cupi of tht! exbibi-.on tbty make in th;it 
■".■iy. Pi' .Msokin'tosh taid that 
thcje written orations proved nothing 
excopt the power otaigunieiU ar.d iiaagi- 
naiio.i, .ind did rot m c<'ss;'.rily denote a 
e:^pacity fer affairs. Ti:at was Lis opiii- 
icn. 1 j.resume ha was itillm..-.jed very 
mucb by the practice thit prevail-. d in 
Ecglauu. r.D'] -.-irb wLich be was a»03t ac- 

Theru is tnothi;r diitinctica that I 
gfciild like to drav.-. There are two 
kinds cf pi!ri'.>riahtie,-j In debate. One is 
s pt'isonali'y aimed diricil; at an i^di- in the heat of (si-bitr. whf u aien 
aro soii.e^bat excited, v/utu t^i-jy uinnot 
or (?o i;ot stop to elioo:e their words, and 
wLen feme tifnci- tbir;;.-> ia;d wLieh 
a;oiob-i regrc:t-jd. Another is a per- 
surality which does i.ot aim s.t indi- 
Vidu.a's, but aiaib at, numbers, 
Cu; Titles I'.self to :ict;o'ly, deals it> epithets, 
deals iti dtnuneiition • (iocs not tiicis out 


'f'ucci.-s'jro tJ *V.\ri»oy, i n.',.s.\ni!.E L co,,.i 



cow i'^ lUe'XlOM tilt V. 

U .< a. ipio:..r.d to turt.'.-'i .-Mry do criplllu 
of Ih? aui>a ar^li'loi lu auv ri< alrtd i,aauilty 
K .cry dc rrl:>ll'.)u ot" Haktry <*ouo to ore./, . \Ve 
warra-it ai: guods a No. 1 article. Orders Irom 
t'<a country .'olldled auJ pri-mptly tlUodat Ui« 
lo\ci »• cnii (.rico. 

Oa-h pild lor BtjrTi;.;, Lann, and Eous. 
Oit'l at the 

Norlhwesteru bteaw Kukery, 

Coru:r llotiort strctit acd Levio.| 



Jackson iStreet, 

8A.IN'r I»A.UIi, MINN. 

$lOO UEvVAUl) 



Tickliflg iu llie Tliroat, 
Whooping Cocgh, 
Or \U'\m Cooi^uuiplive ou'^hb 




Will 1 uy and noil RciU Fsiate, outer Public 
Lands, with Warrautp, or Agricultural Col- 
lege SiTlp, iilicr a personal la'<pectlon of the 
lauJs, and piy Taxe-- f ■ r noaipsidenls In any 
part of tho Stiitc. 

Ue refers to the Stal-3 0lficerB and Co agression' 
al Delegation uf Mlnneiot.^. 



S. '.. nAFI.ilV. 
AC-itJl iMJiiDLK 

T E_^ SI 

qiKA-L.v I ;:a fine oolosg. 



Tli-3 above we warrant puKt. and kp.f«h. at 
prices wht.-h cmcot fall to pltuso. 


January 8, 1^0^, ^oi 

■ 122 n 

"nd C'ot«Tni-iit.-Tipy 



QuickeNt, .^ and MostCom- 

fortabie Route to the East. 

On a:-< »" 

• '•■ 1^ t> V ■ . -- • ■, 18.-.S, 

Traios «i 1 n^ 

.1- 1', i.j .- 


r ^<T soir'i ii. 

Laave Minn ■■, 

■ -■ i "f- !•. Jl. 

" .M- • . 

.', -'J •' 

'• \V. 

■ '• ; • 

!•;■- :.....• 

O.u •■ 

" »«'mioitt 

-1 H.Vt •• 

" CiSi!-> t*' 

ci . 7 -JO •« 

-• fif- ■-. ■ 

8C0 ' 

" r. 

'•20 " 

AlTlTe ; .. 

- 9'0 M. 

GOUS'O NOli t ^ 

J>aTe F-Tifca.;- 

TV) A.v. 

" r>- 

< 10 " 

■ .V 

- 10 " 

•• f n . 

. : f.S " 

'* Ivrajitj^' 

• i •• 

•• R'--ii.-./ 

....1 -5 " 

■ W--- •• 

'. i " 

• s: 

;i & " 

Arrtre ; 

t'...j •• 

Train- vjk.^ '. 

;r' Ol cDJifcfioDs witi. •' •• r-rit- 

«.<,-:i ■■••. ' 1. 

:. f:«nv s ;inf-n «• r'arlbi jit. 

"wo ''-■ ■■ '■ 

'.< f .-T rr.'ft- ..osdiei n:n b •■ 


■ r.i Ka»^r.r. wl.-re |as«eBger!- 

OOiin'Ct H!!i. :/ 

:r ontli.-; \> iDOna ind.-t. Ketf-r 


Ar anc'-m' ' 

;"r forwarding 

frUgM \; T.'-, 

-« vi-lthrtis- 

patch ar-; 

'.'. "1 hroupli 

contract. : ,r ; 

.■ the ofBr.'Of 

tbe f.-mtai . 

■• i!!i .".orup * 

thainpiii. , X'. 

Tlirougb ti. 

. ' to I,aCr'n'e 

n d all polM- ,1 

1.-- ii,v..i..f i.f -.'itii»rn .Min- 

Biota at fi)» liana ..f tb» l-ailxay Ctmp'jnj- 
n-d of til-' -i. 11 »-<ii.i ~t«ite CoTooanv. 

mhl t 

>'- • - ^UKfAMIS Hup-l 

Family Grcccries. 

NEW fir:.!! xNEW GOODS! 

IR bTRFCKLA.ND.S T 'Nir ij a conc-ntra- 
trd prcTiaration of Roots and liirbs, with antia- 
ci Is and ccrmi;.at've8 to »tre2gt'i;n thp stomach 
and ncrvou' s.j-em. Itliacrlan r^'irortv !or 
O;.?pepitior IrMg-i<Mon. X-rv^n-c; », toss of 
App-tite Aciolty o' th'i StO!T.'.r;i, F atu!enc> 
a:.a tfbilltv. It Is not a cohoii;, th-^rffore par- 
ilcslarly <-Jlted lor W-8k, .'.erv.:u» cid yHpcp- 
topersc.T. F.-r -aln by all Druijsi'A ivery- 
wher -,•.•! i^l pTbotUe. 


Fort-st . bet. Eagle and Chestnrit. 

r.fiii.f de;»>rinln>'il to produce betier mann- 
(acturod li' ods than car. he pricure;! l" the fctate, 
an- n: vs low prices, would thereforo respect 
f';i;v Bjlicit tU • p3'r"nn;-i> of th" Merchants Oi 
.■it. I'aul and neigUborin:; citi<-» ard town-. 

!*. B. Highest price paid for Broom Corn, 

ilojal ifRvaisti Lottery of Cuba. 

CoikIuc- d .;.' Ul-- '-i.aairh ov -i r.m.'tit. 

.$3i-0,00t! 1.N GOLD DfaWJi EVERY 17 DIP. 

Fr^z-- oisledaid irformstion ftirrli-b.ed; the 
high' St r-iwa piia for Ui.uM-cns ur.d Siii Voui 
of (..;-M aad ailv-^r; aiaj for idi governn)£:r>i Si- 

TAYL»B t C<'.. 

feM-iy Bankers. 18 Wi!I-.Jt. N >, 


Dr. S'rickl-nd'H I'lT,- JiKMl DV liai ^nred 
thouand-iof t;.- •*■ iloi— so! I!:ind nnd Bli-od- 
iiigl'll-s. It si-os 1- uiCuinte rf'iefand rITocts 
a pfrnn?ii»ni fjr-. T y it rii--, tlv. 'c is war 
anted iorur<'. For iMi o by all ri-jggist^. at 50 
CPi-tii per bitll". l-bllly 


(."-occe^-rirs to *. (•'. <ro^k.-y.) 

Mnd .^ule ffiili'lei-i o, th" ffJ-l.r„ir-l 





The on f r ' 
•tock of FiJ' 1 
on JAfKKo:; 
'•Jtia Clccl;-' 
full assoitm>'r * 

A share of • 

Iil«I..XaOS& WEI.LBA. 

Jatnary I7tf), l'^''^ jatilvly 

^r i -t otet.<d a cholc* 

'. ■.' i>Kll-.S, at ti<c)rstori« 

IKi-.KT, DCirly Gp(> tbe 

1 k.-ep coa-l»nlly on bind a 

: ' '."orts in tnr'r lit'-. 

. i a-roragfe is resp-.'ttfully 




, . -. v> Spirits, 

r>om.eHti c i_ itjiioi's , 

AM' DF*. LF."S I.N 

HiaFI_Wi % Eh. 


51 Bouth Water ntreut, 

P, O. Drawer f;£2«. CUir ACU, II.I.. 

Tl.w twlng the cheapest .Spirit mark'-t In the 
world, wliiviteatt.-n'1'in of l»-a.'ers In Domestic 
Ll.(U.jrs to fcur K'<od4, feeling a<<sured that we can 
offMr fhi-ra si.cirial inrlucements. 

Wn woaldtall t:.B partlculir attention of the 
trace to our 

<>Or-.UlVlBiA.TV GTr*<- 

Which ia adl-tmun of Rye, MjU Wine and 
It.llaii^'.in.p..r B»rrl»s. nnd has aM the proper- 
ties and llivor of the Imported art>cle 
>-ep2eo»ly " „.^^ 

B. \V. iLlj;Xt!^DEK& SONS, 


No. 108 Seconti sti eet, 



Eagle Btred, near the Upper Leotn, **'^- LOUIS. MO 

8T. PAUL HIVH ?. W. Ai exasdkr, H_N. At.ltXAiiDBR. 

Ail kin di of TuaiCi for sale and doc* t3 orda?. 

Bm9il iiawtai Md Fiaaltui »tt«aA«tl tfi. 
— —.If 

L C. Ai.e.tAnoBB, 

W.A. DotEr, 


P«a«l» f>S«I.VTI3« 
Book and Job i'rlateri, BQOltfcia<i'»r»,;i* 
t ■«)«»«, udBtaak Book M*aalacttur«r«. i 

Bonrbon Wht-kf-y. from a cvtubinatton of OTsr 
twenty di(T»rent kinds of roots. Kirks aijd herbs, 
which net la p«rf«ct cfjiicort one with th» other. pr»- 
pxreJ from th« oriftrlnal f irnial» given by the grnat 
chisf. R'.d Jacket, to Or Cbaplo. who usM thorn sno- 
re- fully in his prucilc* fnr many years, and by their 
c=e gaincl *> ttrwit a popularity In th» tmafnitnt and 
cnr.j ;! Dynp.-p'na. Ll»er Ounplaint, C-ioMipation, Sick 
anJ Nervtms IlrwUcbe. Feier and Agn->, and all dls- 
ouefl arisiaft from torpiii llTer and iodigiMtlon. Par- 
sons fliiffurlnt: fr-jRi eltlinr of tbasa loathsoma diseaaet 
nlll f.nd a cure by tbe uaa of thf>se Bitters, wbirb aro 
f-rfoctly pureaod ff^e from all those drujzs and po|. 
Ions U3iii.lly put np iu anch preparaU<<nB, and palniod 
off OQ an uususpeciinic public. A sini^ls trial will coo- 
Tine* the most skeptical that in tbe RKD JACKET 
thcra Is a Tlrtus that no other Ulttsrs possess. 

They slrnn;;th«n and InTigorate the system 

They are nne']na11ed for (censriU debiUty. 

They are a rnre for Dyspepsia. 

They a>*e a K"od and baalthy appetite. 

They as.4lst di^eMtlon. 

They pnrlfy the breath and acidity of the •tomaoh. 

They cars uiarrh'Ra and Cholera .U'jrbns. 

Thsy aro an antidote to chant;* of water and diet. 

They are the best stiinnlant in existence. 

Thay are a preventive of Ferer aad Ague. 

They relieve 0'>nstipation. 

Tbay cur* Nervoas Ueailache. 

They are perfectly pure and palatabls. 

The Ktonlae RED JACKF.T BITTERS ittt only sold 
la qnart bottlee; nsTer by th* gallon, qnart or pint. 

Bee that onr private Qoranunont stamp ia nnbrokea 
OTer aacb cork. 

Bold by all druggist* aaJ d*al*rs throtuhoQt tbe 
eonntry. ^^ 

Call for Rwl Jacket, and tako no olhsr. 

Qrcnlars to th* trad* sappUed on application. 


81 And 8« ancfllKtAJI ATKKTK, 



BETW:,' Jf 

St. Paul and Shairr>jKe 

Thla Company is prepared to carry rtelidit bi^- 
twoen Saint I'au) and ^hako-<••■, r.rrt tntrrinedl- 
ato Btatlon4. Freight Intead'-d for this lin^ 
mast be delivered to J. C, S; If. C. Biirb^ek i 
Co., he Company's Agents, al Ibelr Warehone 
OBtbeteryin fcaint Faul; or a* any siniion on 
the Ine. Freight In considerable (|uant|:i>:s win 
bo called for. on notice, at the places of business 
on the principal streets, and all frelcht to St. 
Pasl will bs delksrod at bm-lnoss placn-^ on Tb! r 
atrMt, w uMir tUo tsaa witUoatestrs charge. 
O. A. UAntt^fM, 
kOTSI-tf S«or«f»fy. 

sn ii.dividuil ^ho can reply to it on the 
ajiot, iud 15 eliiboraied uarolally m the 
cbiet, iuil oi all iu>.niier ol bi'.t-.rness, 
bi!t so expressed that no patri^.-u!Hr iadi- 
vldiial ha.i a rij^lit to take it to hiniself. 
Both kiriis of peri-oiiality are desoiving 
of refr-herisioa. I think th<» latter, iuas- 
miiuti as it is cool, deliberated upon, the 
wiitds c'jotevi, exhibits vastly the I'.iost 
mal'cc of I ho two, more c-rtainly than 
the bssry wards iL'it escape one in the 
heat of argument. 

Having thus drawn my distinction-s with 
reo.-jrd to debate (and 1 f-upposo I am as 
well tnfitled ti ('raw thetn as anybody 
else), I w,;>h to l^II attention to the 
sptecb tbat unb r the bead of .arguajent 
was madt." by tbe honorable Sena'tir f-cm 
Masiacb'jEClts. thi this subject I think 
he has occupied eight or nine hours \)l 
the time of the Senate, and on the Itst 
occasion, while sayinr;; tbat principles 
wore to be consideied, he has undertaken 
to df.'igrate tho character cf this pro- 
posed aiaei:dment. I have already stated 
who the men wore who were m favor of 
it. What doci the Senator call ii. ? I 
h» v't chosen a few, and but a few, fl.j ,vcrs 
(if liif'oiic ffcm the speech of the hor.oi- 
abl-o Saiiator: "compromise cf human 
ngh 8," "violating the national faith," 
"dishonoring the name of the republic," 
"ba 1 mutton," "mubcipular abortion," 
"a Lew anathema maranatha," "abomi- 
nation,-' "paragon and masterpiece ot 
lUfiratitule,'' "abortive for all good," 
"ihockwg to the wiral sense," "tbe very 
Kjh l-n-oor ol biaekneas," "essential uu- 
tieanliness," "disgusting o^iure," 'luath- 
»on:e tt'.ncb," and tla m^n who s'lpport 
If, vill be "harpi;;3," "Pontius Pdate, 
with .Judas Iscariot en L>ic back." I ihink 
I cannot da betto.- tbaa road a l<;w cx- 
trrto:;i froiB this honor.iHbj Senator's 
i'pi;ech : 

" Looking at this rcinpromise in its gt'Diral aspect, it reiniudj me, il 
you will p.irdjn the illustration, of that 
leg of mutton, served for dim ci om tbe 
road from Lo don to Oxfor ', which Dr. 
John?on. with (•h.iracterisiio energy, 
described 'a« bad as bad could iio, dl-led, 
iM 1, 111-!, Ill kept, and ii! dressed.' So 
t; s . ctupromise— I .adopt the tayirg ol 
a!! imin< nt frieod, who icilits tl.atit -an- 
i;ol t-e cillo ! s.n 'atf.endment,' but rather 
a '(:etri:iien .' to tbe Coustitiition — s as 
b<ut as b^d rar be, ard i-viji tor i's avowed 
purpot-e ir ia uucirtiuii, looj^, er.::ked 
and litk' fy." 

Agiiii : 

" K-^.vniiiii; It fti a p.-opostion f-om 
Cjfgress to meet, iht iitip riilded exi- 
;j;i '11 It.. (.1 ih'! ptc..>.-iit bonr, v is no bet- 
t'-rMiiii tie • uius ipuihk cb^rti-ni' serr. 
I ltd lb- world bv ;he ' pan;uri..-nt Uiour- 

I'.' at i :•. .-p- in:t !t »>; . r.i," o.Hi<ii,:i that 
very te •• of m v.-oii'd .^'-.-itipi, *E»i'n: 

■A'l ; t tLii" ;.Mi|.oi> .10.., a: d -. ou vi 1 
• ■ bllle betler ibat. il-^ li.j* ilarf-iL. who 
defiled III.: ;. .w w.i> spre:ni. he 
C i:!>tiiutio:i iu the Je I- i-piead for ciir 
coiinrv, and \t.a c.i.i i-ow h:iir>jug to 
•Jrop iiit.:> ifs tejtt a polnical oiun niiy, 
and to ."jpicd en i*8 jage a disgustirg 

"' iKfi'fii/.' a!! VMifir.rt, 
Ard puriiii!; ic:.vo ii loaiiistime stench bc- 
liiud.' " 

Ar.d tsiia' tlu you iLi/.k th'9 boi.orable 
.Srnaior c:ills this? * ie says : 

" If I u'o plain'ir.;^'. if ij, bcesuse 
tht: oc';;i5.i..i titjuires it " 

»iaii> .ir,i^;uage I Ag.m 

" Ir was no such tf-o-.- It wa^ a cuii- 
protiiise; anil s«eh ii tiie j»rjHis« c'lara •- 
ter ')f the present proposiiion, whi'b. by 
lifi v.-ry words, '•■^ n p:;.in lie-n'S', lo a di»- 
(.'intiiij; ty-iauny ui ( nnM-icration that the 
tyratit.-! p.^y in ,->olii:cal power. Ibe 
priiiiiiry e!i.::.i.; in ihecase, which s-tand^i 
out in vImMl-., is (he li..'f-.!i«e ; :he 
iecondiry 1 ittmr t is the pay. Here i-i 
noth'i'f-: le .•• flian a mt^^hty Hoas;; ot 111 
Fame, Khii b it in pro|;used lo license < on- 
Btitutionally lorapolititui <on«iileraiicin. ' 

1 (vill ipt. ft- no ir(>r'j ol tbf.oe llowersof 
r!iPf«ri<-. i'lie appiii-.iti-)n of ihcsn phra- 
fl( s aid I pithfts lo a propo.sitioii cciuing 
f'oia a eoiimiittei? of i!ie S-'tiaior's iioliti- 
ed fr:('nd«. or.o of them icrtainly hi.i vi-ry 
i :':mif'.; aiiil coiliMptie, p.issed b» 
ri.oic, than I wi thirds ot the. House of Ktp- 
rc.'riiiatives amoi'g whom were tiie 
greater number cf hi.s o<rn coib'aguus in 
Ihi'. Hoca*', sui'poiled by ii lar^ts Hinj'tri- 
ty of this Senate, among ..hi in i.s l.^ • ed- 
it S{;ue who sits by my ri !■,•, not U4>piied 
in tha brat of debate. Lut prepired in 
ife'-. closef, ptinted, tb-^ proof corrected 
ill d broi'i^ht in hereto be detailed before 
ih<! i:ouiitry u,inn th-' inr>n with whom he 
is sfsodatcd, is a maltrr the propriety of 
which n:r.: t b' left to bimstlf to judge. I 
ordy alliidi to the fact that ouch is thts at 
tack made upon this brdy and npon the 
IIou&c f Bepresentativts. 

— » I » t » 

Colonel Soth Williams, of the Adjutant 
General's ofltcc, bavlngbcromo deranced, his 
friends In Maine have coniigned him to th9 
Asylum at AnguitA, which wai eudovatl by 
U« faihef. 


All li|?pH);Tawa JilslifbHslinHnt. 

Th-i under. Igni'd liaviux l'-acdlli« (luetbree 
.•tory I'.rkk bl.ick on th-t cr.rn- r <if Tiiird and 
Fmnklin el:eet«, (lorraerly Meertott's Building) 
have itlter^d and remodeled It luio a 

First Class Hotel, 

and thereby supplied a want i >r several y.^ara 
felt l:t th-1 Uuier >Vatds of :-t. I'au'. The 
situatlc'i is ore of the flneat and ino^t con. 
(Tticientin the city, end 

Tii8 Cosmopolitan Hotel 

riil! ,.fOTt! ac'X'p'uble to all who may favor it 
with ?. Tist, if a cle4U and airy location, 



The B-:sl uutl Cuoicest Coinci^liblcs, 

«lth unexcMition-Jblo Co-.k-'rv and popular 
inau:i;<'rg aist'itants ure tlie rcquir m->uts 
sought fur, Tiiase things being the features of 
Hij new 

C'Oi^tu. polttuii HLu-toI, 

it 1-.; r-cimniir.iled t-i aitiienii and stranp-rs. with 
a c l-:^d^"u^■ that Us patrsus will not h ' dlsap- 


fiil ly 

♦PA«'-»V'V/ Aj^Tits vorvwhe-n to -.ell onr |:.,T .^..xi-o : Jl c.iiue-. I'i- to new 
fctu .'b. ' nd: i:d upp-r feed. Warranted five 
jHar-:. A'ovt - liry (H-Hrjii commssions paid 
Ino ONLY mschiafs °oM in tho United states 
for lc;s than $4<j. vi'.'u-fi are Mi;/ Uccised by 
Il'itrf, frh'der if- fri'.5o;«, Grcrcr if IScAer, 
StHf/(r ,f Co., nid liarhclder. All ot'ier cheap 
nm-hiu. e are iufr.ngemeots. Circulars free. 
Adddrc s ■-.- eal upoii Chew & Clark, Biddi-ford, 
Maine dccii-.iiwSm 


THE iHO*n!\«i TKIl^iPH. 


0i'::i:ATix8 ot an iTxtirely xkw pkin 
ClPL: . 

TUf .nAf-lIt.VE m^lVM TUB 
H EKL into tbe st jckif', sun narrows cQ'the 
•o'— It set-- up its onn wrk— it V it us nnd nar- 
rows, v-rA y nils tabti'-.i-, doulilf end niih sel- 
vioitcs, produ' ing all ki.-.1.-,«f fjncv fabrics and 
knit coo'i.^ in use— it kii.ta a yard of p'.iln '.rork 
in 'oniniDU-o3,ap-l'- .n cocks In tweniy minutes 
— t kni's : iiy kind of yarn, u-oolen or cotton, 
loo-e or iirm. Inihort, tlia mo" trofitaVlc raa- 
rhine ' vcr tnvtr.u d f.jr tt-a(riati. i'ricc as lox as 
anv of the .11 ci c-jl.^r inachini'3. Agen's want- 
ed lu .^' orv coiinly in thi Siate. Send for circu- 
lirs, addrcfsitii tje 


leb2».dSi.wIy. Davenpoif loiva. 



A rralrie Farm of 1I5J .icr--s, In Bloojnlu^on, 
Ht^nnepin coun'y, witli Ka'm House and iOO 
acfcs uniier cu'tlra'ion, Lnoivn as the ''Knox 
Far.T." i'or fu'th'-r putlon'ars inquire cf J, 
II .s liti.'XG. al i;. fc. Mftr lul e oiSco, t>t. Faal. 

Fol'iuary iiih, 'S("(^ 


Ovor .if'lfty Thouaaud Bottloa 

h'tve !>e<-n sold In Us uatlvo town, and not a sin- 
g!i' lo-'tanco of Its falluro is known- 

Wo have in our po.i.-.asslou, any quautlty of 
ourtlticaiL's, somo from 

Eminont Physicians, 

Wko hare used It in their practice, and fftvea !t 
toe preeiaiucnce over any othtr oompoiiBd. 

K Ihes mi Dry up a Cough, 

but looi-ens It, so r.« t« enable the patient to ea- 
pectorate ireely. 




A UAi..F BiiTTLG has often mott completely 
cared the most 


and yet, though it Is »o sure and specdv In its 
optratioa, It isp-jtfectly liarmless, being purely 
vegeUblo. It is very agreeable to the taste, and 
may be admiclsterea to cbLdren of any age. 

Iu Vatic^ ol CROL'P we will 
Guarantee a Cure. 

if taken In season. 

No Family Should be Without it. 

It is within the reach of all, the price being 

Aodilau iavestment and thorough trial doos 
not "back up" the atxive statement, the money 
will bs reluuced. We say this knowing its mer- 
its, and feel conHd.-nl that one trial wiU secure 
for It a home in every household. 

I>> iiot waste away with Coughing, whfn eo 
small aa iuvcstmsnt will euro you. It may bo 
had of any respectable Pruyglst in town, who 
will furnish - oa with a circular of genuine cer- 
tittc»tes of cure? it has made. 

Sold by Dniegiisle) liCverjrw-bere. 

C G. CLARK A CO., Froprintors, 
New Uaven Conn. 

AoU- a^nts for the Northwest, nt St. Faal, 
MicD.. where all orders eUotild be addressed, 

Cutter, Secumbe, Aveiill & Co., 

UAVlilfi TUtlttNKW Ani» IfXTENt-IVE 


aro now ptcjarcd lo euppj;- ibeiranU of frlotwiaEd Mercl.:nti ol this Stan with all kUda of j 


This establ.haiHiif, bliiglli-i Itrj-st < f "ti'i kir.d In the riorlh*e-t, lue Proprietors ask lor a 
Oit,tlDoat;:« ff {.atroiisg) fn m their form rcastomc, aoi bop by tUslr in r^a-'-d ctpictty :o.- 
bu-tne«» toaddUrfoIy toth'ir pr-«enl liut. In sdJIUoD to the:.- own nianufaclaredg&oet, they 

iiUanin:e». l-..! I^rg -',- lu 11 Ikinisof 


Togiitlier with such othtr articles as o sy ba foud in a HEBT CI.A88 PAFFK BIUMU. 

Printers' Ink and "Writing Fluids, 

WUl, oih nd. Buylni? their stcck of SUtlonerj, ' c. direct It o« tbe Mane- 
f.cturer6Ja«t,crabIcs tUam t. sei: to M.-chau-s a&d oih?rt at pr.ce that wlii In.lteaiUalloB 
Their Store, 

Is la.-geaadcoiamodlaus. wbfreth.^y wt:l promptly respond 1 1 ail who ni»y favor thfm ^»Jth 

St. Paul, February li'., 1806. 



Metropolitan, Ne-vr York 

Capital I t.wo.'Ko. 

ttarplai mD.vni. 

LorllUurd, Ne-w^ Yorli 

OaidtaJ %ljau,fiM. 

»«"ld«« iO^JOM. 

£>liCBiaLK, Me-w Yorlc 



MutUAl Besaefit I.^ile 

^t'A* OT«r •S,bO'^,&'<0. 

193 TMrd Rtreet, Bt. l*aui. 





and Comraifssion Merchants, 

No- 3* JAOKSON STiiKKT. ST. PA-HL. Mliv^ 
Second Door Below Merchants' Hotel. 


Wo ha/e la Store one of the UAltCiLSl SIOCK.S Ic this 


Tobaccos aad Cigars. 

St. Paul, January It, KjCS. 

E. I>. JK. 1* A r\ i >.V 6 . A„, 

Ueatet in 
UtttilAIJ. latNCUA^NU KSiLlj^H, 


Cutlerv, Coinbs, Perriinier:^-, 

BrusheSj Toilet Soap, Chin? Ware, 

F£PE>-;, flEADS, BlHil C.lOfS, 

and 1 oys of s-ery de4cri>.tijn. 

190 TiilFd-st., t*i. PaiiK iilnn. 


Reputalion Established ! 

alii'.v. /b'. ii. zlllcn is truly 
ft public beucfaclrcas, and 
lirr tvondcrttzl success is 
unjii'cccdciifef!. Her fame 
ttiiil her tUscoi'cries have 
go'^iC abrGcili, and ta-'dery 
she in in her Ihie the Ittrg* 
est iuantzfi'clttress in the 


Everybody Interested. 

^'otsfli, t:it(t offi age are 
uHLe Ocsif iif< (I hit ihe use of 
Jfirs, f^. .'3. ^Elitir^- ' , ',>rM''s 
MSnir Restorer ami Siair 
FPrc-ir-iii^, Thfyac: direct- 
ly upnii fhfi rooi-i of the 
(lii^r, ct^^?s:l^'■f ttiiieriaui 
(iy:iivlUaiid b( iznft/, i'our 
laeir, ^fniaiigcd lo fircy or 
ii:k^Se by f.icLacss or other 
cau.^c.'if iviU 'joon be rcalor- 
ed i.'t its tuiiinrnl color and 
bctiitty, SStacifrisir eradU 
c<nf<(l fotcvcr. The Hair 
t ft f If Jiff utopptd. The most 
deliciili' h( admdrcss or bon- 
iicf. can be ar.'>r« tcithout 
fair of f:oJnng. The most 
delightful frixgrancc to the 
hftir i.v ImpartcfL Mf you 
ivish to restore your hair^ 
iff: in yoitlhi and retain it 
through life, tcithoat dc- 
lisy purchase a bottle of 
a?#r.v. S. .a. *mcn''H n*o3'ld'H 
Miair llcslorer and tPrcsS' 

Bold by Drc^gkta throughoat tbe World. 
I'liiNcirAi, :-Ai.t;s ointi;, 

103 dk: iiOO Circcn»ich Ut., Kew-Vorlx. 



Corner Fit'tli and Robert Streets, 

St I?tiul. MiUSKTWOtU. 

M ^^L•K >• I ei ov 


Carriages and Sleighs. 

Also,CARtlIAOK,8I(iN'aiul<)l{N \,AIi NTAL 
PAINIISa, CAItUIAtiK. TItlM'.IlNti. and all 
kltida of lepilrinR p:o:o].tIy itfcnd^ d lo. Al! 
«o:k wjrr.nfed eatlsfiiellon. 

mjhll ly 

1^1 on 11AX.E. 

ATUBULAttBOII.Lr. snt-entee 1 fcef long, 
f.)ur feet In diameter, with forty three inch nu»s! 
Horton made, lo good order, Will be cold re|. 

(tjMbly for cash at oc ttuta. 
A ppty to uito . VCl La I N8OK, 

biahiu-dAvr^w Uti Wtsc UUtn. 





LyoS'S PEKIO!>ICAI. DEOPS cure all com 
plaints Incidt-nt to the b»x, and lemove all o'l 
titmctions of nature from whatever cause, pro 
dcelag h-nlth, vigor and sireneth. 

LYcN'.S PEt.lDDICAL DRuPS are better 
than all Pi I'. Powders and nostrums, being a 
fluid prop UKl Ion. their action is direct and posi- 
tive, aad it n'j.^ds nothing but good common 
?enpe to see ajd understand the reason why 
the? cure xl tlios" ills to which the female sys- 
tem Is subject' d, with di9pat-;h and a drgreeof 
certainty which noth ng but a solectitically com- 
poandcd fluid preparation could reach; they arp, 
in the most obsllnate cases, 


To tiic mostdelicati.' constitution. 

produc--" the res-ular return of nature, if taken a 
day or two before the expected period, and it Is 
a maxim in the profession, that prevention is 
bettiT than cure. 

LVON'S PEKIf^OK'AI. DROPS have been 
used by over twerty-fire thousaed ladies within 
tbe past sia months, and the tesilinoDy of all Is, 
"It tnrely cures."' 


Beartu mind that I guaranti-e my DKOP.S TO 
CUKV Supr.rojsion of the Hense". from whatev- 
er canse, though care should b<- tak.>n to ascer 
tain il prepiiancy b" the cau«tt. us those Drois 
would b-' sure to rrodi;c»ia ir.iscarriage, I'tali^u 
whtl.) iu that situation. Tini all arv cintiotipii 
at;aiii''t u- Ing them, as I wi-h If distiattly ucd--r 
nood tbat I do not hold myself responsiliie when 
used undor such circumstances. 


They are pi-ooliarly adapted, a.« they bring the 
mon'hlv period with sush p"rfect regul-rity. 

I could furnish onv quantity of toi-liino'iir. 3 oi 
its p!Bca."> from my own jatlenfs. put the prac 
tico of pa adins bought and tictitiou" o-,-. be- 
fore '.ho rublio is so t-rev-ilout, I do not .i-vin it 

P-l. A ISMN ri.-iE, 

l.,(-t not dl>na«<» destroy youroonstltution. Try a 
^)Ottle .•fmyPKRIOUUlAl.DKiPh.andy.-u wii: 
be satistii- 1 thit lam no l-iiposit r -Tel! y >ui 
alHictcii frt.'ndwliat rt-«ton-d th-j blooiu ol hctltl. 
to your cli<t-k-, and thereby con'er a favor more 
vaInitii>icthAii gold For piinfu! or scanty .Mesi- 
strii:.(i.>i\ it i» just tlie tliinx 

1 hSM' iiiiiiy iniiiil an in-taiic,- 0; a ladv who b.'i: 
bfeii Butr.Tiiig iroinpaiolul .'M'-n^trua'ion t«o or 
thrett yeaii,i.'onlinlue hertohi'rroom ear' 'irac. 
ShB had avpli.'d to eevoral errineut physic4ans 
without relief, \rh»n one l>o:tleof niv DU 1'8 
entiiely cured her 

ONE K<>T1 1.K CI'KI'S, 

In almost every case. 

It is impossible to enjoy the bloom of health 
and rtvacity ot spiilts, unless the Menses are 
regular as to the tim<», the quantity, and quality. 
Whenthoy aro obstructed nature makns her nf- 
lorts to obtiilufor itsoraeotharoutlot andunless 
tnesii efforts of nature are as.-isted the patient 
usually experiences O^spond-'ncy, Nervousnos* 
and dnail , «;()N.SU >' PTIi ).\ as-umrs Its sway, 
and prematurely terminates a mlsi'rable life. 

Do not suffer from flies ■ irregolarities when 
an Ir.vcstmMnt of one dollar In Lyon's Perlodicoi 
Drops will regulate and restore nature to its 
healthy couse ; and 


bytbosewh.ihavKotherpreparations, which they 
desire to uilm off upon the strength of the pop 
ularlly of my Dropi. But when tht- Dniggist 
you apply |.i h.-i. n-j» got them, .-Ither inak" him 
buy them f>r \ou, or e'se enolcse on" dolar tc 
the ii.^ar-- t /fm-ral who' -i.ije agi-nt, « ho will re 
turn Jou a liottl.' by r- turn Express 

t-e- that till.' n mill' of , I no. 1,. Lyon is written 
upon th'- dir.ction« wliic'i a.-e wrappe.l around 
each bottle Nioif ot iters are g"nuino. There 
fore, beware of counterfdts. I'hoy an- for sale 
by ryery I'rujiir'st in city and country at ore 
dollar and a h.ilf $1 6C) p.'r bolllo. lfvf.u nish 
rollpj take n ' o; her. 

Dr..IN^>. I,. LYON, 
FrnciH ;.-ig Physiolan, New Haven, fonn. 

w!Jo can b» c insulted o-uceriilng all disease*, 
elthrr personally or by lettor 

Geo. C. iloodwin * iV., Boston ; D. 8. Barnes 
A C-i., New Yo.-k; Lord A .Smith, Chicago, 
Wholoscle Agents 

So.e u|j'-its ti.r the ?forthwost, at 8t. Panl, 
Mian.. w>.Mroall orders should l>e addressed. 


j%.ncl Miiian^giotA Hospital. 


CERT HALL IlLOCK-TK'ar tht Post Office. w'^/tc /jv CW-W 

'l^."w,i*Xi^i';^-'^^'^'^!':'°^"'."i°* Surgeon of the above InsUtatlOB, has 

!8. and over 

trathfU de- 

, and all dis- 

whatever na> 

plorable oonse' 

flHEaillHTHi IRriiniEff) 

C-i.:»h %nd f^iirphif 0..pi*r-3 

nfrM*i-avi ttrleUy FAElrtB-' IVihCliAr-CL 

ftyeeab.oa-ler pro'-cti l at 1.-.. c/>.. •?»»,,, 
otiier Insbr-uor ' ^mpMiv in .lip \r,rt: •>.», 

A» lw«iie» Promptly adiuated nuc paj4l 

O F" p- 1 c E »< »* . 

Jobs If. boyd •>s*ideQt 
0. Wo-l'iiiiros...S»er"tafy. 
8. D. Uij'tisgi,, f Slat* Irea*. WJ.. • Tr«a^r'.^ 
HoB.-' Xll\c-t.'<irj^ o-Vi:ui.., MT-dOT 
O. If ¥ .VTA<if;F., fie', ri ...... 

•'.'^i «dd-f--. Ijtf od.i> '«•.. i.. -,^ ,,1 


■*)•*•■••' 0<-sai>»r IS. I»*s.3. 


Black f,w SUk 
Unrk fthte, 
Ugltt /;('.€. 
Frtitch I', hit 
^'Uir- 1 lirf.un. 
Dirk flr'^rvn 
Lygkt Hrntat, 
Sn'if Hroiira, 
Dark Orrb, 
Upht Orab, 
Favn Ijr'ib, 
Ugkt Paum 

For pr-el-R 81 », ' oo.r. .:.,i «,xhJ Q-.oCt 

Shawle, Scerff , Dresses, Ri bca«.'i:cTe« 

Bonnotf. Bats featbrrs fj!; d- 

rcc'r Cl'iThing. an-< ei; ^-,^c 

of Wearing A^ipareJ. 

^^AVAViscorAo pBMc 

>or a ceitf yc'j can c* cr »« imn: ■,''j'.:ii 
won d oth rwisp cost tive tlKM ihat *ur t ari- 
ous thadrt can be produced i(ox th-s -ttine dje. 
The proc'f s is simple, and ai,> on* cs- n*" the 
Dye with r- rfect succ- »«. Directions :n Ftgii*h, 
French and Uenpan, Inside of f scb pc-;-. gt 
EOWfc ft ^T>V^.\ti. 

260 BkOAIjl.VAT. P.r.f.zr.-}l, 

rot ea.e by draggins and dealers g<>Der«i|y. 


plain I 

wrapper for one dollar, 

«r DesctlpUve Clrculiit cojtalninit valu .ble information to the afflicted who wish to avoid 
otiaekery, liiailed in u f-aled cnvt .0;. oa r- wipt of Iu cen's. Also a pamphlet for ladies, price 6 oeau 
All commarjfltfions conildentliil. S'-d will .-vach th« consulrlug .jrceon by acdresslng "^ "«^« 

1'ISE dJkJLB-SlC ASSTCTA'TB. Saint PaolHlnneeett. 




Crosbys Opera House, Chicago, III. 

1W[A.Y SiSth, 1)^(30. 

125,000 Valuable Piiics, valued at 8492,575.25 will be presented to Ticket 
Holders, including 9100,000 in Greenbacks. 

Number of Tickets Issued 500,000. Price $1.00 Each. 

This is the etvatest iniacim»at ever offered to th? publio. one ticket out of every four drawing 

Wm • 7^n '^■^"°" w« ^"'■' "'' * ^"^ *°»°°« ''^^ '"»">' '*= ^ '!"''»• (*'<»■ • fnUUst see circnUrs 
IGllt, InCre^itacks $30.o6u 





























#1,000 r=ach. 




$500 each... 




$100 each.. - 




$50 f-ach .... 

The Best Tonic in the World. 


Bi/ many of tf^e moxt prominent 
and aucfessful Physicians in the 


ror Dyfiiepsia, Peter and Aipie. 
Aciditij of the Stomach, LoHsofAp- 
petiti', Satf.fiea. Heart-bum. Jnun- 
dire, and all dii>easeji arising from 
a di.sortUffya aUite of the St'omacJi, 
Liver or Intatiinea. 


Are being »old with the mos! won- 
derful success all aver the count r> - 
and never fail to ffire fnifis/nr' - 
Delicate females and veu'. .fu'-t' 
ren are made utrong bt/ 'I,f iist ..-^ 
theiie Pitttrs. In fact tht <j shotud 
be kept in every house. 


And the best can only be htsd by 
enf/uirinfi far the 




IIa< agsiD op ned an o'>}ce for the purpose oi 
baying and Felling 

Real \liU\p on ('Oiiiinission, 

Renting |{'<uses. Paying faxes, and a general 
Business agoccy. 

To-»-nf!ilp,Ci(y and Vil!sgu Ma)>i madetoor- 
dcr. Twelveyears'experlaucoJHthi business In 
St. Pan! will enable him to .attpc^ to all matters 
ntrtiitsri to hiiy sAtiiiri^iitottir 3ni< ^Ithi]i«patch 

Jt0Wli<rr<*/, <srn>t f ^.-,4 #fM*.«4, M, /tttti- 


1 ('o K« sldence No, 8^i Wabash Avenue 

1 do do 931 I akp street ."ii!^!^l.'. 

1 do do -17 Newlwirv street [ 

S ('o Cottages, on Fulton, near Paulina streif .' '" 

2 do do 169 W. l.ib.^rtv and 537 tr. Indiana streets '.".'. 

S do do In good localiti' 

10 do CItvLot', »500each.... ' .. 

The Pr«wing will take pUce afer the Concert on thi! stf.g^ ot\be OperVHoaVewWe'io o 
person, cinwltn^s. It. A romniitte» will h. .ppointed..;y th-- aa1>n-e to super°nt:i d the sam 
.11 pur^hosp.s ana atMits wil; be s rpllp-l »i,ii correct lisis cf rtmwing a." -n rs putll°hed l°r 
fl«s . o rii,„f tie e.s vvMl r.-.».n th,-ra nntil aft^r „... .VawiLg. ard I- th.,r number apper-l,^ , he )"t 
of dra«^„ n..mb.-rs they wiM f..r«R d .h.-ir ti.j. t in-m.di.'^e'y. with rail d,r* tt '„- a^ to tb- shU 
,^l!''.';t **""!.* "l '"<*■>*'" T;Ck"ls arP lor sa . at the prir.ciptl Uote s Book and Muse Sfr-e it 
thecltr, ...d »toir rm.e i.1< D..rlorn s-ne , Dico«i. Sen ;>v mail oi rpceiot of or c> and 
s ara„ for re nrr. po-trg-. Good and r- llab e tp nts « anted ia eve y city. townTnd viliS«.Mn th- 
ULltel ft.ites, to -s^h-jia grist Inducements, r.' off-'ied. »v"i. muu vitag.- laio 

•• pe<>inl Tcrm-i or du»> K-ate**. 

Any partt:'ir.^'-u-i,.gari„bors e or mor-asmes for 'tictrts, aid forwarding u- the money for 
the esns,'. Will be lillowcd toe lolluwing coromls-iun, v!» : ".« •• ujp mvaey lor 

■Wis; WiLiI.. 8EN-D 

5 TlcVf -5 to .jne ddrcssfjr. 
'0 do 1^0 do 

20 do do ilo 

SO do do do 

$» .- 1 

. O'J 

.17 ..0 

...y> .'4 

41 Tl-ketstocne ad-tre<sfor.. 

to do (Ir. Jo 

100 do do do 

... .38 CO 

43 M 

SS » 

In c.-t-ry case send the na^.e and Post f .ffic- a-id-ess of <ach tepsra e fubscrib'r. Mone> bv d-«f» 
P. O orier, exprosf or in rexi-teri d letcrp.miy be !-'>i t nt cu- ri k. 
All comm'.inicatioiiE sbcu'd be aidres -eJ to 


LIS Ufurboi-u atrf^r, t bicrs^o. lilln' le. !»«.»» Office flraner &013. 

Iheprorrictors «iil donate to t'i.> Litco n.ind l>oae!«! Sfiniinjent Kundt'.OOO- fls.i lh-!-ewill 
f2ii03 refer^-.-n f.'O-i the p-s-n drawing th? *:to,''(i0p-ir-, tor th'ssme inrro-^e ' ' ' 

U KKIC-NCFS— Hon. M. S Wiitlnson, tx Sf rmrrof MIriie oia ; Hon. G V lavrreicp V r o' 
Peiin.: Hon *il-x. U.iii.lall, »• v ("ijv. raor of >* Is. ; •■— — . . . .v 

Sarrluuir»% Stores. H §mp, m$, &c 


rJ O II IV iiULTTtTlt^ . I 


Corner 'fhird »in<l Ceil.'»r 8tre**ifr. 

Manufact-'ir'-' iit^n; an! Whole-;> deal- r in 

Shelf and Heavy flavdware; 

IfAII..S. ilH-'-S, .Sli.-VUS, !<I'«CI:S, Cil.SIh 

STKAf .\>II> T mSO S, T.\llLr. A>D P.»Clvb.T 




State Agi^nt for tbe sale of Ucrrison's oels- 


•lust rz-clvrd and to store, the largest nmonnt ol 
LAMP GOnDScTe-reeeiredtnSt. Pan!, 


■ .AxOdozon Lamp Cbimaeys and 
»»•• gross Lamp Wicks. 
A larx> Stock of LANTERN8 at Marrtn's 

Crockery- Importing House, IK) and 191. Third 
Street. j^v 22. 



p m 4 1. m ' s 

Snmmer and Winter Ccok sia.H-, 

The N-.t in the world. 

Sly nook of OFFICK.BOX PA'il.i'K. acd 
• largo varielT of different kinds o' <X>0 1 
BTOV'KS, Is the largest ever brought to th • 

I keep a full stock of all gojds in my line ;.<f 
trade, and I think I can oTp- iiituoemenfs to tte 
trade that will be to their advantage to d«a 
with me, 1 keop a ftiH stock of 




BUEET Uia>', 
Beth Ame.U-3:> and IXut^sln. 

My stock of .Newhousc Trap", Hunt's, Blood' '. 
Ten Fyke's, Nfwmyers'and tiroO's Axes Is very 
large, and «lso a Urge stork of PUTSAM"- 

Edgar Nash is silll oonnectnd with the estab- 
lishment ird will bo Iifiptiv to attend to th- 
wants of his old fr!"nd« nt all times. 

A look through my largo rtock Is ear-.slly ro- 
questod of the trade Ijoforepu.vhaslngciseahere. 

>.AI«K DOOHK. »A« MOt>c . 

i.JCU»[F.U!;. .;.;PRNAl.a, «3„ made to any 
pattern Uiti ih.'.t>:-\ m iW l-t.$ iifXa^T Vu9 rr«s« 


MAMTACTrrm;D b\ 

/ Vt* ^Tain St.. Buflalo. .V. T. 

W. H. H-WfW.T * r«., 

_. , Gnera; hlcajo. ill. 

WhalesiJt Agents at iltrufaciurct-' prlc«4 
for Korthwesf. 

E. e. BlGf:S, Druggists St. Tsf!. 
?.- G.P. PEABODT»CO.,6t. Psvt. 


Saddlery Hardware, 

Horse Collars, 
FL'S' ive:ts, 


ff9 IsOke St., Chicago, Ilf 

.4 noM Raqiiiviip, Driirnir uasl Fr«. 
arnnt t>.<rfai.|r, Disltlird rrsna ll.r 
nat-«- ntt4 n.-nutifnl riower (Veas 
sviiirti if I-.!..., j|, BBitsr. 
Matinfaiiurcd only by PHAI.OIV & «0^- 

PF" "beware of Counterfeits. 

AhI; , ,- ;-.-(<„•.„.•. ,T|rr ,,., .tl.i-r. 
Sold by dm-- I ts ■ e«t,-r«1y. 
fob;!l eod 1 w.-owOm. 


K-eal l-f^-i ivte Argents 

1 asei t»id, f And WarraaU and eertp located 


Vegetable Sicilian 



-Vs the name indiemtes, not only ssvcwr 
he growth of the hair when thin and failij.c 
)ff, bu\ positiTcly rencirs tht color to^ 
>rigi!i:il ^^de when it is turning pr| 
■vhito, whc^^r caused by disease, 
ill age. 

It will certaifl^ do what is ^fCineJ lor , 
I fact to which ^indrods, apy thou^an.l.-.. 
A ho have used it, Sre re^y and willing i.. 
e.-iiifj-. Where oneV>y^ is fairly u.-'vi. m 
kn,v community, ityfreputation "spri-H-la 
•ke wild fire," an^iAtbe be.<tt advert i-e 
neni and rcconw>cnda\pn wc desire, lu 
he Eastern Sta^, whcreXhe "RENEA^ Kit' 
jripinated, Wle yottng laV>g usj, \i g., , 
aair dress^g; it \a foua\on tie uilei 
.ibles oC^iung men, (also atXhcsr barbers). 
.vl;:'p^der caen and women Vho desire a 
Krv^rr aud Rrtioratire for thc-\j:rcy locks 
iivi bald heads will not hi w^hout thie 
•nicle. which gives in CTcry instjSy-e. oa- 
irc sctisfaction. 


TV)ri"l Iffl any dmegist or dealer cr« rpon vrji » 
l:i.Trnt aiiii-l<s Mther* is no r"'p.-j«tWnintL- V. 
Iks Ibis, Bmran of any article purpartiiiir ■ 

Try HALL'S II .^TR REWmnji ac«ttrd.^c ''- It. 
Itniis, luid Ten will us* no other. 

If ii.'t n.!d at dng^gitti In your toH-- .iruUV.;;. 
irill b» "Ct you by expnias, upon reeeipt utcmt i-i, e 
ay matt, thns giving you an opportauitr at one* >t 
HstiiiK Its exrelleni qoalitiiM. 

Jrd.'.r3 for trial 6oeUr4 must ba addreawd to 

C. A. COOK, ailra«:o. 

GenM Kgrnt far Northweitem States. 
R. F. IIAU. A CO, Pnptteton. Raahna, K. It. Iff 

(old a wnousALB, In oue^o, by rriLrn, n vnt 


cuAA a. iMTTB, Dnnacn. blocei i oti.. u 

lOOVUa W. p. BAlia « OOw VdlT « MjmAS. Mrt 
*•»»•>*♦ II, 


;y F-^i' 

rnv- HAll^T k*A[fL PliJ!;^38, TnGKSDAY, MAKUH 22, 1866. 

— f 


I' tiJK^ CI T_V . 

Tbo Weekly Press— a good cum- 
btr, with a suppUm^-i: — ^ j-riiucJ, and 

for si'o '.'..n uioruiu^; a' tho coua'.ing 


rill' M ii!«hlusioii lloiisf 
uiiU 0(li«-r l'io|»fil) 

The Dikota House Burned. 

Aboot 11...L >'.k'^k Lu: cvcaing a ilro 
Was duccvered la ;i jujjll iV.irut.' building 
O-.TiicJ I) .To':-. U' ' • •" 'ho ciiitre cl 
the lart;e '. i .1 ■ \teudiug up 

TiiirJ siret' (imu iL.- Dakota liouso. 
The :'re ^-rOtirdj.-i'J \tr/ rapidly, and 
»oou U'-'troved tbi:i and the WashiugcoQ 
Houit. a tTc j'4<r;. bjiliiing adjoiisifg, 
jwned bv JjLa Kjhl 

Thedi? 1 - - 
!Iou.-e n ,f [h: 

boasi i : ■ 
tfwly 4' 
•md the !o- 
Vc vfiv 1 > 
Vrcbably » 

I toed f>v M 

t'irtd or 1' 
Mr. W, . 

^iDlctlt an ' V 

ihrCO hundiV'! 

The IV- 

tftved. llr 
Cl lb 
loss !o M; 
prii'tor cl ' 
pd'cd to I' ;.'> 
builJiiig, .1' » 
ia conse ■ . 

Above - . 
owntd bv \, ^>_ 

Ciaru MurJock. Jaiuesi Uaveniuit, L. K. 
\Vin>J, Kriincs MullorJ.] 

ruiulUiiJtty and D.-poi:m,n!. — Augu«tU;i 
Cowley, IsttUlU J. Yuuuj:. Luiiua Taylor, E. 

J. 6iii>vc;». 


Tbis new b:aiKh yl iLc I'ubht School 
s>jtcm of this ciy aUo had ua ii.uuiua- 
lion, At Us buildidfi iw^r Ibo Cny Uall. 
rad as it is soui.thirg ol au cx;nri!iKut, 
Ibo porior.uduoca were ttid-udtd by a 
Urge prcponion ot iha jutmbtib ol the 
Board ot Eduvtitiou. Tbv L-cbolais ac- 
^uiicc'd ib.mseKcs wub uiuib credit, aud 
COutidirablo iuur<sr wjj iu.;uilf»tcd iu 
the t\!Ljiuiiiu(toii, as ttie pi'rtaaii;:nv.c ol 
tills school IS ajiparcutly :iwt \i.l L't'«o:ul 

Scatli of X>r. W. B IMZorton>~ 

A !;irj;f cn\le cl ha-nds aaj a>.>j<U'.:it JU 
ciii.Cj' *!li Ic paired to Lear ol the iJcalb 
of I'r. V»"iu. II Morton, wbiL-h ti.urrjd 
at hss r jotui at t'aj Intvrtatioca'. lljtil, 
ia tbis city, y:s!vrdiy. ul tivtrlvo oMo k. 
Tbo Doctor Lad bviii iuJijiposcd ior si v- 
aral days previously, iind his friends re- 
maiued with hiui on Tatsday uight. but 
uo ouo auticiputoJ a ia'.;kl lutumatiou ot 
ha iUucs:^. Yesterday forouoou. how- 
ever, his ooiulitiou beiaice uioie!, 
aud at ucoi: ba died suddenly. Connie 
tion of tha brain is said to havo be' 11 ihv 
iuimediito '.a'jst* of bis deilh. 

l>r. Moitoa came to Miimtsotd from 
New Jersey in lSo;5. (lou;b !e \f>x* i>o;n 
in Coluuibii, i.'0ith Car.bia, wbete Li,-' 
I'atLtT ati'l vi'bor rc'.ativ.M ^'ill r^iiU". 
lu the tarliei years of iho wn. l!0«:»s 
appointed Surgeon ol tb- I'irv-f, Mmn-.-o- 
ta Uogiui'-Mi', a'ld a!''nw.Mds .SiiryiiM! cf 
a gcutraniospiul iu'.^'.u'Juv lie »e- 
tiiri'ed t • il.i-t city, wi-'h Ins I'auily. last 
fall, and uf laied the j-rau'ie; oi bii pro- 

Dr. »\]oi;oi', by bis genial peivonai 

uii ihe Washington. [ (j,ial,tios aud urbane n»ir.ntr.-<. attuebod 

11' the lcs« was not tj bimsell a host ol warm personal 

•s'->o owued by Mr. friends, wb? w:il b>; griev-^d and sboeked 

at so unexpeetcd ;i tvruiina'.oa of his 

lorlanatuy earthly career 

■ ■ ■ r ,;iMt' exertions 

■ ac considerable 

V . t . . who was the pro- 

■ '. 11 \ who was eom- 

aU h;« Ji.rriiture from the 

lb wjj mi:cb dama;:ed 

cf the AVasLiiightou 
.:iou3 loss, which 
..J by Mr. Nieh, 
^ b IJ-> !U a boat ding 
liO !Uid contects were 
•\ '.imaged couditioe, 
. o-prictors will not 
1 he budding wa^t 
■bo.uand dolhrs. 
lut whether v.\ 
•cseul kuowu 
i 1 M, WAS o> ', iipicd by 
•■ •jiiiily. Most of the 
• I I O's of building, 

.: n>n to the L'a'sota 

A Fact.— There is no placu in this 

city where a bettur or ueator bugfty or car- 
riaj;o ol any Uiud cm bo had, than of Mr. K. 
L. Wn.vEiON, the suceeasiul manulaeturor on 
Jttckiou street. Mr. Whaitou, by Uis cxcel- 
Uut workmanship, his uuirjfy,aud uuttrlng 
devotion 10 bis busiucss, no less than by his 
iinaliiicb us a jjcuial uud i epular gouUcman, 
has luUt up a trade which Is nut only abenctil 
to himstili', bus .1 credit \o the ciiy, aod he de- 
serves uud will rcc.'ive a large pauon-igo from 
our public bpiritcd cili/ena. 


MK^^fii::^. Ki.FtLT have a largo Btock of 
l>iy Ui^od-, which Ihoy are stlliin; ^t reduced 
prucs. Iheu- .^t-•<k ol Pre»4 Uoods is Ihrgc 
and vi'l be se'.d I'pon fulislaetory terms. 
This popular hou>c \sill bo found at ibc head 
of Iho t:a.le, aud unioiig the llist in .".dapt 
tUiiascivcs to circumstances. 

— W^ Mi^— — — — ■ 

Mi;. C. W., that paragon ol 

co>.l^^, aud piiace ot caterers to retincd uppe- 
iiie, eau sUU bo found at his Fiusr cl.^bs 
ui;siavu.\.Nr, ou Third t^iieet, opposite the 
old American. This Cbtabllirhmvut is uow 
considered a credit to the eiiy, where (jentle- 
meu of delicate tuste can liud any thing to 
tempt the paUue— Wild Oanie, Domestic I'oul- 
uy and Meats, uud Fish of uU kinds— uud 
cooked asoulj ihr aeeomp.lDfecd iJ.iiirii Unuws 
haw to eooli them. I'trfvet sati.^faction is 

Iho \\ ines uud Liipiurj are the best lu be 
found in the clly , aud Smith iuvi:cs a test ol 
tbeir Ritriis fO ly 

:!'i; the ■ budding 
. V. i:;ch the tire origi- 
rated, waa the Winston block, of three 
'arge two----:} trame buildings, ceeu- 
piod by sis -r ic\en lamilies. Tbis block 
was en tire wcnl litaes near the roof, 
iDo, as it W.1;! isrtc'td to ibare the fate 
of the Washiogcon Uouse, the inmates 
reacoved aU their houjchold goods. I: 
was saved. Ljwever. with no loss eAc-ept 

The Pcnusylvania Central. —The 

recent Anniul llcport ol the Pennsylva- 
nia Railroad Coropany, is one of the most 
remarkable exhibits cl railroad property 
ever made in this couatry. We give the 
following extract . 

Gross F.aruin>;s 

Total Expense; 

..*l7,4.».li;9 40 
.. 13,270.0-3S .31 

LeaviD,:: a balance sl.lS'J,110 f-', 

The whole number of passengers carried 
over the road during the year was ::,>;iU,^3'3, 
and the avcrupe distances' iraveled by each 
passeDLTCr, 71 J-lOth miles. 

The number of tons of freight moved vin- 
cluding 213.104 tons of fuel, and other mate- 
rials transported for the eompiiny.l was 2 7iiS,- 
610, embracicg 1,074,7-57 tons of coal. 

The report further fays : 

The shareholders b.ive trom ihe dav of pay- 
, ment of each installmeut received" six per 
such as wjj — • rrcj m the hasty removal | cent interest free ot taxes upon their iavest- 

cf vie COL" ;i < 

Thi* IS aiiother stveie How to th<: pros- 
perity of L'rper town, bat still the disas- 
ter was not 90 aerious as it would have 
been had iLtr-: been a less tfEcient body 
ol Uremen or police, who did tbeir whole 
Jj'y en this ccojsion. 


1 a. M.— A Irtle after midnight, while 
three laen wcrc staiidir<^- on the roof oi 
one of the bu-.ldicgs the entire structure 
givc war, precipitating the men to the 

grcuiid -ander the smoking rains. We 

ment from the tut nvenu^-s cf the Board until 
May, 1^62. smoe which lime" the regular and 
exira dividends have averaged over eighteen 
per cent, per annum. 

The property cf the road estimated at 
its specie value is $00,000,000, acd its 
liabilities S-iO,000,000, leaving 3 surplus 
ol $15,000,000. 

A revcnt decision cf Justice Read cf 
Fennsyhauia Supreme Court aflitmirg 
the narrow guage of this road— oOA inch- 
ches — to be the standard American guage, 
and that in consequence cf she sis feet 
guage of the Atlantic and Great Western 
it was no; properly a connecting line of 
the Canawissa Railroad, ccntan? tb_ .fol- 
lowing compliment to thu carryii;^ capac- 
ity aud general macagemont of (ht Penn- 
sylvania Central ; 

It connects with Ciacinnati by the Sieuben- 

, T-> 1, , IT " I ville route, ciossina the Ohio by oao of the 

'tiC UaKOta Houfie, I laost extensive and mainsilicent iron biidgcs 

• work wiih a will | '" ^^^ '"orld ; and by o:hcr r^ads with Cieve- 

, . , land, Chicgo, it. Lonir, and the greit West. 

Irom ta--ir heated Thus the great trade ot thu West pa-.fcs mto 

'■U- a ■,.omijIijhtd ' 'he two!?rejtcuiesor"the6tiic, rittshnrghuod. 

*!' ' I i'hiUdi.lphia, and thence, by the conuueticg 

the fire | railroad now building, the Philadelphia and 

were seriously hurt. 
- -i hia arm bruised, 
■-: i;aiuc; we did not 


lue merchimts and shippers cf freight iu 
Minueipolis, ."^t Anlii-^'.iy, .-Yuokii, Dtyton, 
£-k Kivcr. Meutnello, Clearwater, i>t. Cloud, 
aud I'ther points upon or counccilng 
ttith ihi- I-'ust Division if the Paint 
Tau! &. Tacifle luiilieaJ, iire hireby noti- 
lied ibHt all freight loicnded f-T tntuspottution 
o\crs:iid railroad arriving at this port a-id 
marked ' Care of J. J. Hill, St. Paul," will be 
irdusferrcd fiom the boats to the Railroad 
Company, if lauded at the tra-jsfer depot, or 
liom the railroad to the boats, free of the 
usual transfer charge at this point. .\n ar- 
rangement has been made b> which the mer- 
chant or shipi)cr of freight will save live cents 
per huuUred pounds at this point alone the 
coming season, it the freight is debvcrcd and 
coasigaed as above. 

General Transportation Agent, St. Paul. 

F. U. DEL.V.NO, 

Sup't First Div. St. Paul ^^ Paeiiie K. K 

Paul Rikukk, Druggist, Third street 
Upper Town, keeps constantly on hand J. C, 
Oswald's pure native wines for medicinal pur- 
poses, cousistmg of Blackberry, Cranberry 
Currant, Uaspberry, Rhubarb, native and 
Clinton Grape, which he will sell at wholesale 
or retail. Also pure French Ilrandics, Bour 
bou and Ryo Whiskies, Bitters of all kinds, 
at wholesale and retail. AU kinds of Drags, 
Medicines and Dye Stuffs, as well as Pcrfn- 
mory and Toilet articles, at wholesale and 
retail. Prescriptions antefuUy prcpr.rcd at all 
hours. " ieS )y 

PiiAii.vous SKKl•E^T Eggs. — Another 
lot of these wonderful chemical curiosities 
just received and for sale by R. O. Sweeny 
& Co. • 

learned tlav core 
1'Lt. irack L.-.-w^r 
the o'.bcr iw . -.1^ 
l':ara, esc-i; 

In orl- 
wa» tracs:. '. •. 
aud tvtry t_ .,•. ■» 
to reWasv 
prisop, wL 

Dating >:.j ,:uj 

reached iL- lat^nor of the Dakota 1 "^■"S""-'"' ""^ Jersey roads to Xew York, 
„ , -, -r ' Without anv transhipment whatever. 

Ucuse, and ail itiorfa were at^avaibng to 

prevent its J-.;: i.tiou. The livery sta- 

SiYLK AND CoMFOKT. — I have sc-jsred 

the services of J. W. Dow, lata Dow i Brapt. 

Gcutlemcn wishing a neat, durable and easy 

titling hoot, gaiter, or twlmoral, made from 

the bc.^t French calf, shoi:!d call. Also ladies' 

kid, scr/e, morocco gaiters, baluicr.ds, &c 

Repairing neatly done. 

jall-tf ISO Thiru street, ^l.lut I'at:! 

■ ■■ 

Dec-vlco.m.vma. — Ladies who wish to 
practice this tieaut-fu! art ccn tiad a rich 
variety of designs, with the brushes, varnishes, 
printed instruclions, &c., it., at R. 0. 
Sweeney ;c Co.s, 211 Third street, near the 


hie cf Me.'sr-. Berkey ol: Sloan was 
saved without any damage wba'evtr, 
thanks to th: ua'.iring ttTorts of car no- 
ble firemen, to whom too much credit 
cannot be awarded. 


Iniere&tiug Proceediugs at the 
Jclfcr&ou ilchoul. 

Named cf the PupUs on ♦he 
of Honor. 


TbeJtt:-;. . ..hool, undei Ihe man- 
agement cf Mr J H, Gates, bad an ex- 
smmation yesterday, acd the pro.eedingf 
elicuci a ccDsiderablc degree of interest 
among tie parents of tb-: pupils ar^d 
•be friends rf tdu'-ation. Seviral mem- 
bers cf the bebool Board were in attend- 
ance, who wf.rc pka'cd at thr evidences 
cf prcgrcM dispUycd by the scholars in 
all the dcparfmt.i-.ts of that e.xccllenl 
school, and many onoom-ums were passed 
upon the profe^aionil talent and Bucetss 
of its corps of a- ecomplished teachers. 
The following is a list of the names placed 
upon the 

R«ll or Hvnor. 


PunrAiAahty, Scho'arthip and Deportment. — 
H«nry Ashley. 

Puytctuality and Scholarship.— T.\U Keif, 
Mary Shearen, Oscar Allen. 

SchclnrtAip r.tvi Deportment. — Annie PitU, 

Scholartfiip. — ,\nna Lowitz, Henrietta Ash- 
ley, Elvioa Yoerg, Warren House, George 
Staehlc, Adolphus Moore, John Slater. 

Dep^jrtment.— J u.iA Bergfeii, Rosa lland- 
los, Mary Meisel, and Kliza Barrett. 

Punctualilv.—Jiiiii. Bel!, Willie Keif, John 
Dovie, Michael Conway, Oscar Schotield, John 
Haley, Michael Doyle. 

> rnr.MAKV t>ivi.Mii.\. 

.ScAo,'orjA>/>, .Itlendantc and Dfportmenl. — 
Lill.e T'lylor. Chari. s Pennv, Kitty Eidridgc, 
Fannie Pitts, John W. Willis. 

S:hf:/arthip and Attendance. — Gefirgc West- 
ern, Christian HolTman, Henry Bell. 

Scholanhip and Dep'rtment. — John Hardi- 
man, AU^ert Dean, George Lamb, Kate 
Winston, Rosic McCarger, Louisa llosenk 
Fannie Taylor. 

Attendance and Deportment. — Hannah 

hcholoTihip. — Francis Pixley, Albert Bris- 
bine, Frank Combs, Willie Cook, Lntias 
Thornton, Adwon Wells, John Irvine, An- 
thony Yoerg. 

Attendance — Charles Eat^ju 

Deportment —"iitry Lynch. 


Sch',larth\p. Deportment and PunrtualUy.— 

Pi ,°°"' ^'■'■y ^">'«h. Bridget Hardv. 

^cholnrahip onrf Department— yitxxi Wil- 
I'.J^T*,' •^.'" f-'''"'lf?e, Nathnniel .SchoBeld, 
Ida De -MontrtTile, Oeorge Amos. 

Scholarship— yiuy Woodward, Charles Fd- 
ward Willn, Helen Mi Cool, Eddie Bell 
Bridget Nugent. George Jones, Gerald Cum- 
m!ng5. Angu't Newtiern. 

Dtpo'tment—Aftaee M. Newell, Rt ke Beyer, 
Jennx Wheeler, Lizzie Pfoff, Maria Hardy! 
Ella House. 


PiMC'witity, Scfiolarihip and Deportment. — 
Annie Mehegan, Annie Moore, Annie Bray, 
Hattie B.:ll, JohannHh Murnane, Kate Mc- 
Grsn, Nellie Eldridire, Ernma Haus. 

Scholarshtp and Deportment.— Atillie Find- 
lay, An»tin Akers. 

Punctuality and ScAo/aMAtp— Willie Mar- 
shall, George Hank, Henry Simons, John 
Manly. D wight Watson. 

Punetua'x'y —Mary Hays, Eddie Ingersoll, 
Albert .McCormick. Freddie Newell, Alfred 
Davenport, Loais Siegnetbaler, Thomas Shee- 
Atttndanee.—VTiV.ib Burt. 
Deportment — Willie Benson. 


PiaietuaUty, Sckolartkip and D*portm*nt.— 
Fat Fabey, L. H. Maxfleld, O R. Strong, 
Louis Lvon, Charlie Spencer, Anthony Shafer, 
Henry i'liw. John Cmltield. 

Punctual ty and Scholarship. — A.W. Penn)', 
Dennis Maboney, John Ilaus. ' j 

During the late rebellii^n, the Fcunsylvania 
Railroad became the great route for the trans- 
portation of troops and munition ■; from the 
We>t and Southwest, acd upon three dsv's 
nonce, could have furnished at Philadelphia, 
Baliirr.ore or Pittsburgh, accommjdalions.ind 
cars for the transportation cf an army ot 60,- 
000 men from one poiut to tije other in twen- 
ty-four hours, with ali their equipments and 
ui'.initions of war. 

fce^ides the tr.inspor!ation of the heavy 
guns mmufactured at fort Put works, they 
carried the big 20 inch gun, twenty-flvu feet 
loBg, weighing 116.400 pounds, hcd throwing 
a Solid shut of 1,000 p'/unds, on cars specially 
constructed for the purpose by the Peunsyl- 
vaaia Railroad company, over tbeir read to 
Harrisbarg (243 miles) a'ndtbeccu bv tha Leb- 
anon valley. East PeDu5>-lvauia, Leigh Vallev 
and Ne-.v Jersey Central Roads to Elizabeth- 
port, New Jersey, atouldi5taac.--of 4k9 miles, 
wiihout change of tn'nshipmeo', or bre-ik of 

Thc I'cnnsylv.mta CeiKrai h»s long 

bcou psirsuing tb<3 enlightcutd policy of 

aiding with a!! its > :<;p:ti! nad itifl'.icDce 

ibi; exteD»iou <jf connecting lines (o all 

points of the West. The Pittiburg and 

fort Wayne line w.ia buiU by itj aid ; it 

haj tec.'jntly obtiintd p'.'j :<'iaion .of the 

Eaitern division of the ^lilwaukee and 

St. Paul rcvl— is negotiating new for lie 

Chicago aii I Milfvaiikcc Rsilro-id, and 

ow'. thu Tomab and 6t. Croix Lan-l Grant, 

through which if, i-t ae'-king to estciid its 

communications with St. Paul. 

iL Mad D05.— .\ rabid cinine cre- 
ated some ct! sation en Chestnut street 
yesterday, by exhibiting eigns of by 'ro- 
phobia. Policeman John S;;hafler was 
QOtihed of the affair, and considerin" that 
every dog has Lis day, concluded this Was 
a good day to give the obstreperous 
animal his quietus, and incontinently fhot 

Sadden Fail 10 "ViTood.— A car- 
loa led wiih half a cord of saw; d wood, 
belonging to Mr. Pre-.cotr, blewi.l round 
and fell over the 'Dlnll on IJcuch s'ree,t, 
dragging the hors<j after it. The fall was 
about eijjhteen fee", perpendicular, and 
the vi-hiclc was tmisbed to picccr;, but 
the horse alighting in a sitting posture on 
the end-board rf the cart, g'lt up acd 
walxo 1 oir o.T Lii ilignity. 

Feoianism.— Mr. McCormi k, Fe- 
nian Inspector General, retH.Tied yester- 
day evening from Minneapolis and St 
Anthony, where he siiceof ded in orgwiz. 
ing a oin li. II.3 goes to Hastings to day 
for the same purpose. Mr, McCormick 
reoeived a tebgraphic dispatch from Gen. 
Sweeney last evening, staling bii inability 
to reach St. Paul, .ia he had in'cntl. d, on 
account of important events wbi :b were, 
within a few days, to transpi'e at the 
front. Mr. McCormick will rrturu to the 
same ioua'ity in a short time. 

Wm. Xi. BaDDiaft Ssq.— A tele- 
graphic ili^pitch ennouncca that ihy Hon. 
Wm. I.,. lianning left New York yester- 
day on the steamship Java for Europe, 
whither Ix-. goes in tbe interest of the lake 
Superior & Mii ii..ippi Railroad Co.,ol 
which hs is the Prtsidcnt. 

&OWi — A diit'irbancc occurcd a*, the 
Lin join Saloon lajt evening, windows 
were smashed, aad a general row for 
awhile prevailed. The peace 0/ the neigh- 
borhood was sadly diaturlcd. 


TuE E.XA.Mi-VATto.v at Franklin S :hooI 
will take placu to-day, as follows : From a. .m. 
to 10^, Second primary department; from lOJ 
A. ?i, to 12, First primary dipartnicnt; Irom 
lie. M. to .3, Grammar; frurn 3 i. .r. tni, 
High School. 

BciiNETi's original Cocoainc is tbo 
BtsT hair dressing in iko world. For ialc by 
EDW.VP.B H. BioGs. St. Paul. 

At Whitney's Galiery a full araort- 
ment ot Minnesota Views, of all kinds, In- 
dian Pictures, &.ff., &e. Alsoehoiee Paintings 
and Eugravings, cheaper than the chmpest, 
at AoYccst. junil- 

An Akiicxe or Thvij MKrai — 
Brown's Bronchial Troches are the most pop- 
nlitr ar'.i-le in this country or in Eunpa for 
Throat Disease and Coughs, and this popu- 
larity is'based upon real merit, which cannot be 
said of many other preparations in the m irktt 
which are really but we-ik inflatii ns cf the 
genuine Troches. 


By our c.-,va Keportsr. 

Tvf SDiX. » J" M. 

The Voting. — Monday wa.s cne of 
the most exciting voting days ever expe- 
rienced in Minneapolis. From the open 
ing of tb'j pell? until thty v.-ere closed, a 
stream ol nun passed befjre the little 
window and deposited lh'» result of their 
jiidg'a!.ni upon the ail-important question. 
A crowd beleagoerod thf building ali day 
long, and cxoitcd discussioc? I'pjn the 
merits of tbe question, interspersed with 
the witty siyiogs ol eoiR'i wag or wise- 
acre, lent 2'.st to the whole pro'trding. 
The re(.uU las already been announced in 
the Press a-j 65 majority ugaiusl tbe union, 
and as tbe acceptance cf the charter re- 
quired a mnj.irity in both places favoring 
the union, the deci.<ion of Minr.capolis 
s-ittles the tpiestion. 

Caught i.v tub Act.— A leloniously 
inclined individual, one McMiUon, was 
arrested on the liight of tbe lire for hav- 
ing ia his poJses.'ion certain rolls of sati- 
net and box' a of hits, which evidently 
were not Lis. He wa.i locked up for ex 
amination. Tb;< morning he vjhs brought 
up for trial. The giods were identified 
as belonging to Tones & Finmct. The 
man was fined, and not having sufficient 
money to liquidate the fine, was remanded 
to prHon. 

A-suthku Fire.— About half past ten 
last right Hames were discovered issuing 
from a two story frame building on Third 
street near the corner of Cataract street. 
It was owned by Mr. Gilroore, whose 
family occupied Ihe upper pait, and in 
the first story was th^ shoe shop of Gil- 
more et Galbraith. Cut little of the fur- 
niture was Paved. The stock of li alher 
and tools were destroyed. .Judge Van- 
derburgh 'g clFicc was in great danger, but 
saow was thrown on the roof, which pro- 
tected it from the cinders. A subscrip- 
tion was started for the benefit of the 
sulb'icr who was uninsured. 

N'uiicK TO .Bltlhek'j. — The uuder- 
sigiud has h:cu authoriisedJiy the trustees of 
the l'ir-.t B.iptist Church, Minneapolis, to re- 
C3ivc .•)caled bids until Tuesday, March 27lh, 
12 o'clock M , lor the Erkk and Slunc in the 
First Baptist Churih edifice. The bids Pt 
Brick and Stone to be made ; each to 
be ni<:asurc<l In the wull, and taken down nnd 
removed by the purchaser, the church remov- 
ing t^c v/ood work. Said bids to be subject 
to the approval of the Church, Terms cash. 

MinucBpolis, March 20, 18G(5. mcb22-3t 

IvKiru £t BAti6MAN, Dentists, can be 

found in Reynold's Block, IkIow the Post 
Olflte, where they will be as happy to see 
their patrons as before tbe late fire. mlS I w 

Lake Cfly. 

By our own Koportsr. 

Tbe vote at the Po.^t Office meeting on 

Saturday evening, was as f llowa : 

For Porter 20,3 

For Bailey 80 

Mr. Porter ia the present postmaster 

and has been elec'etl three times by the 

people of Ibii place. Ho iu a failbful and 

I obliging public olHcer. K. 


Uastisos, March 20, IStJO. 
tdlton at. I'aal Press. 

Our city has been very quiet for the 
lout ten da>s, and we can hardly make au 
item ot tiulhcieiit interest to claim any at- 
tention Irom li, Alrtrvpoliluti journal. 

Wc iioticu the return of Dr. Fester, 
whj fotmerly editeol the MiuntaoliuH, to 
tbis State, llu prefers this cold climate 
to the warmer but sickly one cf Kentucky 
or Indiana. Wc think he is right there. 
lie proposes to take up the pen editorial 
ugaiu aud work fci tbo advancement of 
our young State to the best of his ability, 
llu wae cne cl the earliest settlers of 

Trade is rather dull here. Wheat 
came in briskly last week — wc had in one 
day over 10,000 bushels, aud this mide 
our streets vtry lively. The prices of 
wheat and olhcr produce remaiiis as lost 

I want to ask what Las become ol tbe 
Anti-Monupoly League, or, lu other 
words, what ate we *o rxpt;ct from the 
Minnesota Tra-isp'-irta iou Coii'pauy ? 
I fear tha' the masses of ibcee in- 
ti'iesied ill this iniiH' r sic letiirg the 
time (.0 by. who i ibty ciigiii to secure 
their object at ouce. Tbe spring will 
soon open and all laru-.ers mil b.^ so busy 
then that ibvy eatinoi give any attention 
to it. Meetings ou(;ht to be held in every 
town, cviiy Eichool ili.slrici, and thii sub 
jrct lull) and candidly t.llked over A' 
I look a^ i', ever) farmer ought to feel 
sufficient interest in it to give B'.ime.tliing 
lor rustaiiiing anv ft asible plan for put- 
ting fieigbti down to a fair and legitimate 
rale. And what beneti's tbe larmers eo 
largely mujt benelil the !n;'rcbant aoiiie, 
and bo every mcrcliiai ij>i^\i<, to couirib. 
ute a bui.ill amount to help in this work 
which is so ni.inifestiv tor the welfare of 

The L;tain buycis and merchants are 
acting only as uiddle-meiv and are euly 
indirectly aff:;eted by this freight 'lu-'s- 
tion. II the Ireiijht on wh'M' frum Il.»s 
tings (o Milwaukee was 60 cents pei' 
bushel, aad the price there was Sl,2.>, 
the buyer here would pay a'Jout 70 cent", 
and probably ship just about as much : a 
he would if he paid 81 per bushjl, aad 
make the same rate ol prolic in the one 
case as in the other ; only ia the first 
ease he needs less capital than U he paid 
the higher price. 

Now as I understand the case, we are 
oflercd the use of another line cf boats 
on the river, by parties fully competeut 
and able to run them it properly patron- 
ized, and all they ask is for security that 
they will get that patron.tge when, they 
do come. I am quite certain that if the 
farmers and producers could be made to 
understand the case, they would give all 
needful pledges that such a line should 
be sustained. 

These monopolists and their strikers, 
(and tbeir name is kgiou among all call- 
ings,) arc very busy telling the people 
that freights are going to be very low 
tbis spring. They say the war is now 
over, ar.d wc shall see all the steamboats 
the river can float up hero as soon as the 
ice goes out. I have had too much to do 
with them to trust entirely to any such 
representations. I believe ibey arv3 try- 
ipg to keep the people qaiet until too 
late to accomplish anything, and then they 
will make the tariff of priccis jast aa high 
as ever, and rob ibe massus cf their hard 
earnings to the tunc cf half a million. 

Wt cannot as yet feel at all sure that 
the in^w line will be eBt:;-biich-jd. The 
merJiuats hers all want to see the thing 
suceei-d, but hesiiaic to subscribe aiij- 
thisjg towards it They hope ibrt as the 
clique Lecau I very rich last jear, they 
will be satisfied with a fair tariff this. 
But who ever knew or btard of a case 
where a soulless monopoly stopped bleed- 
ing tbe people as long as blood flowed 
voluntaiily! We may, -f we only will, 
stop this system of robbing us of the very 
life blood cf tbe State. 

Consolidation is all the go now, and if 
we would be safe we must also consolidate, 
and insist upon the rights so plainly ours, 
viz: a free, open competition on river 
and radroads to a market. 



FocKet riclied ol $20,0OO ou 

a Traill Itetwcen CiiicuKo 

and Detroit. 


Illness ot Senators 
Dixon and Foote. 

Mi-. Kuote not Expected to 

From the Detroit Tiibuu", Maieh U-. 

This morning a man giving his name as 
Hermann called. on the police authorities 
and informed them that he bad either lost 
or been robbed of $20,000. Tbe facts 
as wc gain them from Mr. Hermann are 
these ; 

He is a wholesale dealer in milli- 
nery goods, dress and cloak trimmings 
in Kew York city. A few months 
since he started from New York for 
Mobile and N^cw Orleans, for the purpose 
of selling goods, and a day or two since 
arrived at Chicago on his return. There 
he remained two daj ». W'hilc at Chica- 
go he left his money — about $22,000 — in 
the safe of the Sherman House, where he 
was stopping, and took it from the hands 
of the clerk last evening, and going to his 
room counted it and found the sum cor- 
rect. He left Chicago on Ibc Michigan 
Central train about half past 5 o''clock 
List night, and look a berth in the sleep- 
ing-car, the money being in Ibe inside 
pocket of his coat, which was placed un- 
der his head. About 1 o'doi k this morn 
ing he awoke and looked at his watch, 
and at that time he is certain that the 
money was safe. He first missed the mo- 
ney after he had left the cars in thia city 
and had taken Ihe omnibus, and immediate- 
ly ran back to tbe depot, but no trace of the 
missing money could be found. The 
funds consisted principally of $1.3,0W in 
greenbacks of large denominations, and 
$0,01,111 in 5-20 United States bonds. He 
states that when he left New York bis 
money was all m bonds, and that he bad 
sold them all but tbe $('.,000 ,it dillerent 
points on his journey, and that the lost 
money was what he bad received from 
the bonds which he bad disposed of. He 
is unable to give Ihe number of the mis- 
sing bondf, and seems to be able in no 
way to describe them so that fbey may be 
identified. Jjst before leaving Chicago 
he took from the pocket .$'_'00 to pay his 
traveling expenses. Careful examina- 
tion has been made in the cars and 
omnibus, and the only explanation 
of the thelt or loss is that he 
was cither followed from Chicago 
by professional thieves who were able to 
carry out ibeir designs just before their 
victim arrived in tbis city, or that be lost 
the package containing tbe tnonry and 
beads, in the deeping ear or depot. Hn 
ofTers a reward ol $5,000 for tbe recove- 
ry of the money, and states that he has 
labored for many years to accumulate tbo 
amount he is so suddenly deprived of. 

It seems strange that he should be ig- 
norant of the numbers of Iho bonds, and 
also that as a business man bo shonld be 
so careless in carrying his money. When 
he discovered Lis loss he was much exci- 
ted and hardly had his senses, acting more 
like an insane person than a rational be- 
ing. If tho money was stolen, Ihe ihievps 
are doubtless before, this safe in n>m,- ol 
the Canadian towns. The chances of tbo 
recovery of bia funds are very sma^l. 

UHinor tliiit (tie ( Ivil lUplKs Bill 
uili be Yctueti. 


fiKso' ema^ioiv. 

Washi.vqto.v, Match 21. 

llousfc.— Mr. IJrice, of Iowa, from the 
committee on the PaeiC-; rsilroad, re- 
ported bulk a bill to tecurc the speedy 
cviistruction of tbe Norlhctn Pafiitic Bail- 
n-ad and tilrgrsph liti- , &■.. w!ic)) was 
rei iimmittid and oideied printed. 

Mr. Julian introduced n bdl tu equalize 
the bounlii's ut soldiers and i-ailnis who 
served in Ihe United S'ates army during 
tin; late ribellion, wbieli was read twice 
ail! releired to Ibo committee ou military 


Mr. lliiidt ibiin prccented Ibe joint les 
olution of the Lepirlature of (Jret;on ia 
regard to Ongon war claims. 

^Ir. Waul madf a tiattmuit to the 
House tbat he Lad Hceived i.umerou'j 
letters fioni friends and relaiives ol de- 
based soldiir^ buried in the etnietery of 
Arl.ngton Heights, as ti |th: titli|w'jicb tho 
government had to tLc property, fearing 
that the bones of tho soldiers there might 
revert to the heirs of tbe arch traitors. 
He bad addressed a letter to the Secreta- 
ry of War en the subjict and hid receiv- 
ed an answer which he deemed of suffi- 
cient public importance to have read to 
the House. 

The letter from tli:-. Sccrelary of War 
was read stating tbaf s sale ol lands for 
unpaid taxes on tbe 11th of January, 
18G4, tbe Arlington Heights estate, inclu- 
ding the grounds referred to, had been 
bidden iu for ibe Uni'ed States for 
¥20 000, and atrerv.-ards turned over to 
the Military authorities. Tbo certificate 
ol sale v/as in the bauds of tbe govern- 
ment t:i.\ ccminit.sioner o' Alexandria, 
but would foon be pla'' d on file in thy 
treasury department. 

Mr. llubbirn of Io*a introduced a bill 
granting lands to tbo State of lova, in 
alternate section.-;, to nid iu tbe construc- 
tion ol tbe Iowa t'eutral U'.ilrond, wlrich 
was read twice and relerrcd to tbo com 
mitfee on public lanil.-i. 

Mr. GriniicU of Iowa pre-enled tie 
joint resolutions of tin; Legisl-tturc of the 
State ol Iowa, in to a burea.s oi 
national education, »bub wtre rtferied 
to a select <oruiuittee. 

The House p.rcceci'.ed to the consider- 
ation of tbe dipioiiiaiie sj.'proj.ri.ition 1 i;l, 
reported ycs'vrday Irom the eosauiitf' c of 
the whole 

The vott; <-n the amendment aatboiiz- 
iiig the appoin?oi!-Dt of a soli-.i'cr t - the 
State Departnuiit :a a salar> ol $3,t;(IOO, 
was taken 1-y ^i.^" snd viiyf, anil resulted 
iXf follciws — v« :;,. 72. ravn oO. The o'l.'Cf 
amenliu-nrs were .ilr'o at'rieii to .-ind Ihe 
bill pa-se<l 

1 he Hf use proe^i "ed (." ! be foiisidi ra- 
tion of the act to facilitiie ccmmereial, 
postal and military toa:m>jni'.a'ioii among 
the several States, which had been recom- 
mitted to tbe jiidi..-iiry commiftee forfueh 
amendment a^ would prevent land f:anted 
to railroads such a." the Ill-iibis Ccu'ral. 
Irom rec-ivinjj pay Irom tho Governuient. 
The bill was I'arscd, >eas (id. cava 4G. 


FKOi^l WASIII.^tii'rOiV 

.■Ilu0»< o'^vit;«tors Ui:iLun i^uti a-'oBSt- — 
Defaulter Puys Vjt—*iien, ^p>BUcr— 
Civil Kl;;*3t« Ulil — C»«i«terfc)»«T— 
PctruS «■ um— Itlnai«r|>ra . 

W.\s:iiNOTox, Match 21. 

£ena;o.L: l.'iA^cu aud I'oote are daily 
growing worse, aud there is li'tlt botie of 
tto recovi-iy ol tbe latter. 

Ike Cock ol CLijjgo, whj ivas sued by 
the au'iitor of the pa8tcffi<'e for ab:»lauee 
due the department, (rosn him na postmas- 
ter at tbat city in 1862. has paid up the 
amount ol jJo.SvO, and the case has been 

Mr. Comptjo'ltr Clarke etates th.H.t 
$27,000,000 of tbe 10.40 loin wat not 
issued, tbsf recently however, §378,000 
have been quietly issued of tbs old lo , n 
at six per cent. intKtest. 

Another contribution a^noa-iting to 
nearly 81,00o has been received from 
Birmingham. E lylacd, for thrs fretdmen'a 
association by (reii. Howard, aud will be 
appropriated 10 lb" use ot 'be destitu'p 
colored peupbi in the south. 

Gen, Spinner publishes a letter in tbe 
Chronicle, in which hri maintains tbe cor- 
rectness ol ecmptroller l-'larke's state- 
mcnta reg'irdirg tbe amount «tf govern 
ment funds on hand. 

A Washirgton special tutyj it was cur- 
rently reported last night thai; the Presi 
dent has tignitied bis determination to 
veto the civil nghta bill. 

The Herald's f p ;cial says cuunterfei ing 
of governmeril coupons ha^ been carried 
to such an e.\'tiii ihst the Treasury I)^ 
partment ban dccideil to ennrave vig- 
nettes of tbe proper si,ce to be printed 
upon all futui'j i^siicH. und tb:-ri'by render 
engtaving a^i 'icces'iry to a eoiipoo as to 
tho note. Ponrars of tbe President, 
Sec'retary MeC'iillocb. Gens. !-iant, yhf-r- 
man and oibir.i :ire executed for thi.s 

Richard Mel.'ormick his b eii appointed 
governor cf Ariz-sna not ol ld.-».ho as pre- 
viously stated 

P. T. CartiT ef Tennessee h made Si c- 
refary of Men* ana 

The 'Jime.t^ special says sever.1l colle; 
tors ol customs b.tve sent eommuiiici- 
tions to the Se<;-. tn-y of the Trcatury, 
asking inslruciioi.s la regard to ibctrans- 
port.ition of vrwlv and refined petroleum 
They ask if t'.;i peualties of ib»' liw ol 
August SOb. \SG-J, shall beer fared 
against i.teaiv.b.i;,. s lor transporting crude 
and refined petfleuni witli,-jut (pcci«l 
license. In o-Ie.- >','oidt>, doe^ j.-c'.r.nbiiin 
come under tbe clans of other explosive 
burning lluid-. The Se.cretaiy replies 
that tbe depaitiiui.t has not decided t!mt 
crude and refitu d petroleum are ef tha' 
class, and until otherwise ordered Ibece 
commodilie-i c 111 be carried ai freight 
without special license, proper care being 
observed i 1 its .^towage wiib relerci.cis to 
saf :ty from hazirdcf fire. Mr. McCul- 
loL'h has referred tbe qu'sioa of the ex- 
plosive quality of petroleum to a .special 
board olchcinis's and experts with direc- 
tions to report, at th?. eirliest ninnient 
The session of this board will guide tbe 
Secrct.tiy in making rules tbereifterns to 
the transportntion of pctrokiim. 

The Presidi'nt has recognized F. A. 
Santers as con .ul ol Wurteitiburg at Gal- 
veston, Texaf. 

A. Frazier ol (lermany, bis addressed 
a coiiimuiiicatiDii to the Department ol 
State, suggesting a means ol prevent iiii; 
the spread of the Uindcrprtt, the theory 
ia that the difeaspd cattle poison the at 
mosphcre, hence they an- to be ceparated 
from the healthy animals aed tbe latter 
lubricated with petroleum and a small 
Quantity of the oil mixed with their food. 
The comraunieatioii has been sent to tho 
House committee en agriculture. 

A Sanilnlcli lalamil Edtlsr Isipi-la. 

f'.^N FnANCisro, March 20. 

Ilofiolula dates of Ihe 6ih of February 
states that the enqitioti tf lb-' great vol- 
cano bai< ceased. 

The Flag newspaper ha-. ing charged 
the State Senate with bribery in voting 
against tho spccifie contract vessel act, 
an Invcsfi.'^a'iou t'ominit'eo was appoint- 
ed H. O. McCarthy, it-' editor, was 
called to till who were tbe parlies men- 
tioned. He was commitird to jail for 
one mouth, but the Senate has released 
him, and lus jirumised to ,^[0 on with tho 
investigation. Me. arlliy will, it is sta- 
t«d, produ u bis witueescs as tho inveati- 
I gatioD proceeds. 


I.. Buanlnr ■«ll«d-*'eBl«ialsiu. 

Ntw YouK, March 21. 
Among tbi! pas.^cngers for Europe by 
tho Java lo day is Mr. W. L. Bahniog, 
cl St. I'aul, Miun., President of the Lake 
Si.penoi and Mississippi R. R. Co , who 
lakes cut bonds to about four uud a half 
mdlioii dollara for Kale iu European tapi 

Tbe C ntra! Council of Ihe Fenians 
reclaim d i>i seer, t session at Ihe Uaiou 
•'■^quare Headipiait'Ts 5eften'".y, but no- 
thing could bo learin-d ol their proceed 
iii/js. Preparations on an citi-nsive tcale 
wore made last cveiiirig by the Feniau 
Sisterhood ut a meeting iu tbeir rooms in 
the Moliatt Mansion for the relief of fam- 
ilies of thj Irish State prisoner.^. 

Tho Bteamer City of New York sailed 
to day lor A.-'pinwall. Among her pas- 
sengers v/.i% T. W. Knox, the well known 
jjurnaliff. who wdl accompany the over- 
land tc!' graph expedition from San Fran- 
cifco through Russia to Western Europe. 


'Muu^ora of ■ Probable CoUlclon B«> 
•m«>«>b PruMlAand Auitrla. 

Ni;w 'YokK, March 21. 

Vienna 'ele(;rams announce that ru- 
mors of a wailike character are continu- 
ally circulated. It is rumored that Prince 
Cuuza addressed the signatory powers 
ol the Paris treaty protecting against bis 
forced abdication and soliciting th ir aa- 
siftance to obtain bis reinstatement. 

Great uneasiness picvaib at Hamburg 
in eonsequeuco ot rumuru of a probable 
collision betwc^'n Auiitrii .Mid Prussia on 
the Duchies ciuestioii. An Imperial re- 
script says the rc-ef:tablibhmeiii of the 
IbiS laws i< impo.ssible without a pi'vious 
revision of those laws A n-p»rate min- 
itj'ry for Hungary cauujt be entertained. 

Couz.i has arrived at Vienna. 

The Porte claimi authority to intervene 
ia tho principalities ou ac :ouut of the 
dissensions between political parties 
Masses of troops arc being concentrated 
at W^iddin, Rusts-Chook aud Sslptra. 

Paris has been selected lor the confer- 
rucu of the Principalities. Three regi- 
ments of Cossacks have r-inforeed the 
Russian corps of obfervalion ou the 
Moldo-^VaIlachian frontier. Ueinlorce- 
ments wcrc dispatched trcm Bucharest to 
Jassy, and a mditary cordon established 
along (he frontier line ol thu Pruth. 
i)ervi>h Pasha ariived in Lebanon with 
li.»,C00 men. The Turks witc defeated 
under ICaraao, who with his forces was 
intrenched at BenacliAto, awaiting the 
Turks under Dervish Pasha. 

There has been a revolt at Cieudad 
Rodngo, Spain. Tho gariison rebelled, 
and was driven to Portugal. Attempts 
at seditiuu at Alcala are reported. Sev- 
eial sergeants were arrested. Spain de- 
manded of Portugal the extradition of 
Spanish soldiers who bad taken refuge in 
Portugal. Portugal hesitates to co.aply. 

atllwwuheB Produce Marbvt. 

MiLWAi-Ktfc, March 21. 

Flour dull, white winter on P. 'I . '^fl tbis. 
city XX spring )S7.7'); 'tO bids, country do. 
$7-2.5; 600 bbls. X »«.7oi 100 bbls. kuperflne 
».5.0<); 200 bbib golden gate X deliverabla at 
Chicago, 87.00. 

OuAiN.— Wheat easier and unsettled ; No. 1 
Spring iu store 9l.^i\(al.'MQi]..2Zi. OaU 
nominally unchanged and No. 1 in storu 
quoted at $1.2fi. No. 1 Shelled Corn in bags 
on trwk sold ut SOc. Barley and rye are 
nominally oDchaogHd. 

.'Vurih Carolina Atrni*, 

Nkw YoKK, March 21. 

The Tribune''a Rileigh correspondent 
telegraphs th»t the Gee case wHI last till 

A citizen convicted by the a ilitary 
c.imniission at Richmond of the murder 
of Union soldiers, has been released by 
tie Secretary of War, because of a cleri- 
ciil error in the report. ^ 

The Freedmea's Bureau in Virginia 
arid North Carolina bavj turned criming! 
cases over to the civil courts. 




Foreign aad Domestic Exchange, 

GOLI> Jc »dIi.Vli:it COIN, 

U. 8., City aod County Boada 

Land WarranU, Ptutagt Tickett, *<:., 4c. 





o * 

MONTtNt m iDlHO 

O I 1? E O T . 

The Norttanatt Fur Ccmpaoy'a new and 
f«f r;de whtel Steamer 


Will leave ST. LOU13 on the 

31ht clay of ^larch. 

Acic^ritau !^cUooii(*r Coa21iicaloil. 

Ntw 'i'oKK, March 20. 
Th*" //<T'rW.v speeial Yucata'i correp- 
pondent ,ii (hr iutb inst. gives an ac- 
count of the £• i.;ure and confiscation in 
that port hy tbe Mexican Imperial author- 
i'iesoftbr- American schooner Wilson 
Crawlord, and th*? lining and imprison- 
ment of her master becau«e some powder 
was f"and on board the vessel. The 
master's fente.nce was ten > cars' penal 
lubor, but he was pardoned by the Em- 
press, luiinediately alter regaining his 
liberty he was once mom arrested and 
.^tnteoced to pay a fine of $500 which he 
avoided l.q lida'iug by secretly leaving 
fb'! ceun'ry. 

KOvva a^-s:islatur« and Ccm Cuater. 

Niiw 'VoiiK, March 20. 
The. 'j'lmtt, slates tbat tbe House ol the paksed resolutions 
e.ilaiji ior tho trii'.l and punishment of 
Major txeaeral Custer foi an alleged ill 
tftattret.t of Iowa BoHiers. 


iBy Telegraph.! 
9o» % orli MoRrv Swriivc 

New Yoek, March 21. 

.■'tocks rather more active. 

Sterl'.ng more active. 

Gujd irregular, unsettled and lower, open- 
inr at 128i advancing to 1'2S|, dccliolag to 
127^, and closing ac 128. 

New YoiiK March 21—7:15 y. m. 
Money market tteady at .3@5 per cent. 
Stcriine rather more active at lC7j@10S 
Gold without decided change, opening 
1*1, advaacmg to 12tl|, and closing at 123J. 

New YoUK, M.irch 21— 11:15 i. m. 
Gold opened and eloseU at 12$$. 


MiiWAUKEE, March lo 
Gold buying 12C@ 127. 


ITorh btocb .Varlift. 

Nlvv Yokk, March 11 
Governments rather more active. 
Prcighis to Liverpool rjuiat. 
Stoeks steady ; IT S .'is 104J ; 7-o0'8, 2d se- 
ries, 99J ; Sd do. P9S Tcnn. 90; N W 6'8 73; O 
& M ecrtitieales 2.3A ; \V L" lei 61 ; N Y C 93* ; 
ErieS'.'g; Hudson 10'; Reading 10,3 M c lOJ; 
Toledo 10^ J; .M S81. 


New Y'oiiK, March 21—7 :15 r. m. 

Government stocks aic without material al- 
t< ration. 

FreighLstoLivcipool dull. 

St bek<. steady; U S G's "SL lOIJ ; Treasury 
note:', 7-30's 2d series, 99J ; Miss 6's 74 ; Tenn 
6"i '90 9Ii ; & M certificates 26| ; W U Tel 
6IJ ; N Y C 93i ; F.i ic SI J ; Hudson 108 ; Read- 
ing 102g ; Mieh C 104; Pitts SliMich S 82*; N 
W ffij ; do. preferred 55J ; Tol llOf ; R 1 113} ; 
Ft. W 92}. ' 

The Commercial says the stock market is 
more .ictive but perhaps less firm thsn Tcstcr- 

Stocks not hitherto touched by tha bull 
cl qucs arc now lieing run up. The market 
is now in n condition inviting bold move- 
ments, and it is not likely it will remain much 
longer so one-sided as for some time past. 

Ihi.s morniog there was more disposition to 
put out options, aud principally on the sell- 
cr«' side. 

Guvernnienis are quiet but linn, except 10- 
40'.<, which declined {. 

The nii'^eellaneous list is quiet and steady, 
folate stocks arc stronger, and especially MIs- 
fouri r>'!<, which rose IJ^. 

t%><t I'orh Codon NiarbPt. 

Nlw YoiiK, March 20. 
Cotton dull at 39® 40c. 

Kr. Loul* t odou raarbvt. 

St, Loi-is, March 21. 
Cotton, 34e formiddiiag. 


fBy lelfgniph.j 
■•M* Voeb Prodace Markot. 

New Yohk, March 21. 

Flour rather more active ; prices unchanged. 

OuAiN. — Wheat, no receipts ; ashade lirmer ; 
No. Chieiigo Fpriug §1 .07 ; $1-70 is refnsed for 
N'l. 1 Milwaukee, t'orn dull and droopini{; 
71 £^7Ge lor sound nii.\cd Western. Oats dull 
at 63c for sound Western. 

Pork heavy and lower; ff25.60(a2.>7.5 for 
ntw mess closing at $^25 50 cash ; ;»i5.dO for 

Lard lower fit 17@194c. 

Whi-Kkcy dull at t'2 2i@2 

Petroleum dull. 

I 20. 


New Yokk, March ?1— 7 ;15 r m. 

Pctiolenm dull ; 24ji(a23 for crude, and 38 
(alO refined in bond. 

Pork heavy nnd lower e.t $2.5 .'>0(S2.5..5O for 
now mess, closing at S25..50 cash ; 3 '•5 50 old 
d<j;82l.60@22 00 for prime ; also 4,.500 bbls. 
new mess lur April and May, sellers option at 
$25 50@2o.a7. 

Beef steady at SIG 00(320.00 new plain mtss, 
and S.'0.50((!i 24.00 new extra mess. 

Beef hams heavy ; 8137 00(7i 38 .50. 

Cut moats are steady ; sali's 'JOO p,ickages ; 
llJ@l'2icfor shoulders and 16(« IbJ hams. 

Biieon quiet; 14i(SlSe Cumberland cat, and 
1.5:J@1G for short ribbed. 

Liird heavv iind lower; 17(S19ic; small 
stiles 198(S19ic. 

Butter quiet at 2S@loc lor Ohio, nnd lOc- 
for State. 

11 is boat lo entirely new and built ezpressiy 
for the fpper Hisdouri Kiver trade, sad baa 
excellent accominodatioDs fo-i>:i-:6eDgere. She 
will not be loaded heavily, and being > ei,t 
LiuHT UKAFT, aud havtug power, wid 
mike a f pwdy trip. 

Pasicngers f.r IIKLESA, VIBUINIA C'lTr, 
aod sli other points in ttii Mining Country 
with a limited amoant of freight, miy dep«>nd 
npon our starting promptly and rraohiog Port 
Benton far in advance ot apy other Boat. Cur 
cb.trged wil be reasonable. 

For freight and pss-ase or further infcrnuition 
apply either in person or by letter to 




The Uvatbvr Bell*. Inst., Price 7>c. 
The Rivulet, Ijiat., Prlca 9&c. 


Boo«Mib tb« A,or«d onr* Wlniloir. 

milers' HOBS', ■.•>•(. 1 AOc. 

Force! Temple. SbM.,30c. 

Voaalaiu tlaBlig-iit, ■■•{.. -&«>€. 

Ciala Da.r, Inst.. &Uc. 

Catttv Brlls ut ErcnlBg-, Inst., Mtc. 


our Wtsr, or tho Down Eaoierj Joajfcoy. 
Words an ! Mufic by 11. L. Friable ; price .";,c. 
OCK PJiOfECnVK UKION— O. r. B.,tic, 
GLOKY.GLOUY— J. F. H. 30c. 

We keep ou han-J cverj thing aJvurtisfd by 
OU'er Ditson S. Co., and ut fe eamo price?. 

Music selected and mailed with care, wtien 
et>li) and price are mad» known. STuney re- 
turni'd when more t*-an the price i* stnt, crtbe 
article cannot ba procured. 

We call the e«pecial attention of dealers t > out 
Who!e«al« raten, ai we are fully prepared to 
Block Mu?ic Di>aler? completely itom our sholves. 

K,OOT & C^%.5 >Y 

Union Block. Saint Paul, 

Dealers in Cabi et Organs, Pianos, 

and all kindt of 

]\XuBtcal M[ei*c}iHndls<>^. 




Post OrncK Depastmbki', j 
Washisotox, Februiry, 1666 j 
Proposals will be received at the Coi tract 
Office of this Department until 3 p. h. ct 
Thursday, April 20, leitiC, (to b"^ decided by aprll 
28, I860,) for conveying Uie matin of the U lited 
BtUcs from July 1, 1866, to June SO, 1670, o 1 the 
following routes m the Ptn'e of Minuesota. and 
by th-j schedules of departures an-i arilv&ls 
herein specified, viz : 

No. 18:>5.>. From Li Cro6«e, Wis . by Hokab, 
Minn., San Jacinto, Houtton and 
La Villa, to Knehford, 31 milei and 
back, by railroad, mix times a i.-eek, 
or as much oltccer a.i traint may 
run, if required, and bv a tcln-dule 
F»tisf,»ctory to this Dma'tmeiit. 
Ndtk. If tills route thill be le ter- 
Vic? will not be needed on route 
No. 13510, ad\ertii->-meiit of Octo- 
ber 31, 1805. 

No. laaeo. I rom Kutiiifnrd, by Preston. Carl- 
monia, Ferestville, Fair-lew, 
SpriEg Valley, Franktord, Grmnd 
Meadow, Pnilrli', Mower City. Lar- 
sing, Austin, Guilford, tjuionei' and 
Uaywstd to AllK-rt Lea, 01 lailet 
and back, three limes a week. 
I ?«vc Rn-hford Monday, Wedu< »d»y 
and Friday at tf a. m., or on arri- 
val of the mails fr^ni Lacrosse; 
arrive at Alt>ert Lea next dny by 
Op m. ; leave «II>'rt Lea Hoi day, 
Wednesday and Friday at 8 a m. : 
arrive at i^unhford next day by 8 
p. m. l'rop.'>#aIs for eix tlm^a a 
week service, the trips to be loade 
throufib each >vay in 2S houm, la- 
^ited.^Al■o, propoeaU to extend 
from Albert L<'.t. bv t^accroft, 
Freeborn, Walnut L-rk-, 8wan 
Lake and Pre.'cott to >^ iGiii''>jg.) 
City, 47 inile» acd batk K. Tn. 
If service shall b<> pUerd on tliie 
loute, routes No^. 1.351S, li66l, 
ViiAi and iai56, aircit itiemeiit of 
October 31, 1»>'5,will not be let. 
No, l.'^Cfd. From Austin, by Moscow and >ew- 
ry (local) toliencva, Jluiilocand 
bii'^k, once a week. 
Leave Austin Tuesday at 7 a. ra., ar- 
rive at Geneva by 1pm; Iraxi- Uo- 
u<-va Wednesday at, an P eat 
Ansiin by 4 p. m. ^ro|M>^aI 1 lur 
twtcj a week nervice inrtteil. Also, 
looxtrnd fiom Geneva to Be Uu. 
8 mile?. 
I- or forms of proposal, Kuarsnti'C Hudce Uli- 
caie, aud also for in^lructions as tj tbo condi- 
tions to1><< embraced in the contract. &c., see ad- 
vertlscinent of October 31, iNij, iuviiin)- pro 
potals for mail .service in Minnesota, to be fi uc«l 
at the principal Post Offices. 

Poslmaeter Uencrtl. 
ttiurs mch8-r( 


1 V. 8. «ev, ^tanp, j 
i oO ots. cancellrtl. ( 

Jonathan 8. Fish agalnut Peter Berkev, John 
R. Irvine, George Culver, E. W. Kddy.'cherles 
C. Lund, Robert A. ^!mllh, 0<M'r,(e W. i rra- 
slrou^, John Nlchol;", f . K B. Kldrlitgc, tj*> >rge 
Grubcr, A. Von Glalin. Samuel Mat all, Stephen 
Long. Itosrll Feniicr and D. L». Cmmby, late 
nartucrs as Tenner ft Crumby, and Erasti c S. 
Kdgciton and Uavid I>ar. executors of tbe Ust 
wiQ of J. W. Selby, deotascct, and Peter rti r- 
key, trustrc cf (aid partips, andJsinei Mayall. 
Tbe Slate of Hinnwcta, 
To tlu above named defendant grtelivg : 

YoQ and oach<f >ou are hereby Fumnnrrd 
and required to answer 'lie coniplainl ol the 
plaiutin in the above <ntiiled action, whieli 1ms 
bfen t\^A with tbe Clerk oflhls eomt a bla 
affico In 111* clly 01 talr.t Paul, in ihe 
coonty aforesaid and to serve a lyipy 
of your answer to th'' laid romplaint 1 pon 
the nubsortber- at their cfflie in the city of Saint 
Paul, in the i^tate aforrcaid, within twenty >taya 
after ttie ser\ Ice of tbi. pn.mons en )0>i, ex- 
cIufIvo iif the day of trr\ let- ; and tf vou full to 
answer tbe said ix<mplainl wlihiu the time alore- 
said, tbe plalntilT wl 1 liHvehisdanair>sa«se>sed 
by a Jury, or llie !\niount he is entitled to n cover 
ascertained by thH Court or under its direction, 
and tako Juditnifut lor tlie amount .so asaeired 
er aseettaiucd, b.f ides dlt-<'iirs-m"nt» of tnV . 
Piaintllfs Attorney, M. I'aul, HiBoecota. 




AiavBir omrEH, 

Attorney at Law. OStf over PaikciPaliic'i 
Bank . Iblrd str. -l. m. Paul. Minn. not* 

B04»H A ilia Joi» pa»ai»aaa« in 
the bpsi style and at the loweat rates at the 
St. Paul Press Steaaa Job Frlntlnir oiSoe. 





11 and Id Bfortli Beconcl t»treet« 

We sclleii tbe conslrnmentt atid orders of cux friends, urorlaf them that KlaaMota tntaraata 
ehah b« cipedaUy c mpldnred, and we cordla ly tender to sdl, when in oar dty, tbe full ptWUtft «f 
oar office fjr correipandeaoe, with a complete file of Minnesota p«i<*r#, k*. 

ttEFBh TO FIKST HAIiyWAL i5A5K OF 67. PAL'L. asdilS-tf 


Great Fianu > ortc \. Meludeon 



GO WaHhinHrton 8ltreet: 

yew York WarerMmi eSO Broadteay, 
^^ Wboleaale Agents for the U. 6. for 



(jold Medal Piano Forles. 

As to the reUllvc mcrlta of those Pianos, we 
would refer to the cortitlcates of excellence in 
our pos^e5-:on from TUALitRG, Grifffe- 
Musical Director of the lulian Opera, aa also 
from some of tbe in'st distinguirbed Profestcrs 
■ad Amateiirs In the country. Ail itutrumente 
ffuar<uilt'.il ftrfice i,i:ari. Also agents lor 

A 11 GALE A CO., 

And ♦Mher Frst riahs Pianos 

We have Ibe largest and beet at.-orted stock 
of Pianos in the city, which for power and 
«we,>tres!i of tone, easy ani agreeable touch, 
and beauty of finish, liave, by judges, been pro- 
nounced Unrirnlltd. 

ai^Par;icular attention paid to the .-p;Fcticn 
of Initrumeots fordirtant orders, and a privil- 
ege of cxcbargp pract*d at any time within six 
monttis, if IhelnslrumeEt should not prove en- 
tirely aathfactory. A liberal discount to Cler- 
gymen, Teacliers and Scliords. Terms liberal. 

Whol°Fale Deileri" will find it to their advan 
ta<r» to give us a call, as by greatly increa-pJ 
facilities we are enabled to fib all orders with 
di-pateh. Persons in wsnt of a really First 
Cla-is Piano will do w< 11 to call before purchas- 
ing e.'ee-A.iiere. 



Harmoniums, Me!odeons& Organs, 

Manufaclurcs and Iicportere of 



VIOLIN^', tl,ARrj.-RT5:, 



And olh<>r Musical Merchandise. TheSiUer 
acd Brass Instiuments, of our mamifactm? and 
Importation, are used by mott all of the best 
Band < in the United States, and when' verox- 
biMted have iU«-ays reoeivfd tbe Gold Medals 
aod hlKbest premiurai'. HaviDtjconD-fCtlon with 
ma:iula.;turing houses in Buriin. I.elpsic, Dres 
drn, England, Paris, wc are prepared to furnish 
Dealers, Bands and ind.Tidual3. with very arli- 
d.; In tills liBc at thr lowest laanufucturcrr' 
prices. Remember tbe place, 

69 Wai>liiiiston-st., Uiiicago, lil. 

.Vtu Yor!: Jfaraooi.u.OiO I.rocd-u:ai-. 


Freight and Ticket Agent 



Mil. ^ Prairie du Ghien Railway, 



General Transportation Ag'f, 


8alt^ Coal, Cement, 

Freight Contracted to ail Points, 


Over charges. Losses and Duna^s promptly 
adjusted and settled on Freight shipped over 
either of the above Lines. 


The New Transfer House of the 
St. Paul ic Faciflo B. B. 


mch9 tf 

Real If state Agents, 

IfJl Third ■»lr*!el,Mcarlh^Bridjt«. 

We bij) and tell Proc^'^rtT, on CoouolaoioD, !■ 

all pant of tblt )>tate and W'UcODtis, ai>d csBBOt 
full to Mtirf> pu-tles de'iroui to cell or Invaat. 
We have a larg.- amount of property f jr sale la 
bt. Paul, and adioloiiig tower. &od tbrougboct 
the, tie onglng t-j p>rtiei realJy acxivua to 
ei-ll, and at p.rioes lUat cannot fail to t>e remuse- 
ra'lvf. We ( .fler buriaest properly In ht. Pud 
on all the prlcdpal ttrt-ete , Uouat.: and lota at 
*U prices kiid in Ui part, of tbe dty. Bi rlrtaaxm 
iote in endless quantity, from |UC to (lO^OOO 
each. County property, lares, Farodng Lud, 
Uotee, Like Becidtnc^e. Timber asd Htj 
Lands, Ac, from (1 to 110 per a:re,li:a:; psrti 
of 'bis Male and WisooBein. 

W- cannot fail to tuil aty one deairoiu of 
parchieisg, and refer to cur Bnlietin us flrtt 
page. Taxes paid in fjl parts ot tMa hvtx» m4 
WlsconalD. M jHG * :•' (t McCLO JD. 

m.hl<;dkwly 4ti.'' 



Patented Maj- 23, 1665, 

Tbe licat.Cbiria|»«*l. Eaeirat lasd ■.•■« 

Unialils* Pprlug Brd Belton 

ia fb*- VTurld. 

The f jllowlcg Teiiimoaiali are precenled me •- 
e£aipk-of huDiTvii ;Uat mipht befnrBiehed. 

NteuLLETlIof".. MlsrKCAloLi^.Miax. 
J/r. p. a. UiOie . 

X>esr Sir— I l»»e i;re*l pltjaeore in recom- 
mending your Patent Spring Bed Bottom to 
the putlic aiid con tay that I never slept en 
eo good a bed as your Spring Bottom makes. 

Voa may plea.? send me one hundred 01 then 
as soon ai yon can get them res^ly, aftd aach 
ob:ige, C. E. F8t£MAy, Proprietor. 

P. 8. — Me-srs. Chase & Sparr gecUemea 
and I tlitiJ: them worthy of your ;-airoeafc. 

C.E. F. 

Mr. P. C, Cluzse .- 

Bir— 1 have had tu- plejidure of sl-.-ti'lng at the 
Huf Houfo, la Wiaoni, upon on" of your Pat- 
en? bpriag Bed Ecttum*. snd I- el La'Jei spoil tc 
say it surjasses aoNihirg in tbat iine, aLd naktt 
sleeping a luxur;. . 

I am cjnitrained t5 say, further, that Ittman 
ifeet chcApnes and durability, and tbe (adlity 
Willi wUich it is adapted to any bed. m:ist sxin 
mike 1: an essential iu every family. 
I tis, sir, yours rcipcnlul.y. 

K. ketkold:. 

Ameuicax House ) 
BccatbTKB, Feb j-l. HsOC. \ 

Mr. P. a. Chad . 

Dear Sir— Tour Patent Bed BoU.ia tia» been 
in use and 00 exhibition at my hcasc sow lor 
twu week?, and h»« given entire satisfiCUoB to 
mj^eli uid ull who have examined it. Allow 
me 10 say it Is The most perfect tiding of the kind 
I have t..>uad, tiaring examiued all tbe diCerent 
kinds of Spring Beds in u;e. 

I f ball fit up my bouse with rour Bt d Bottoms 
aj soin a? the sam; cin Ire proci:red, as they 
combine ail the advaauges of 01 ler Spiiiif 
Beds, are less liable to get out of repair, eaaily 
repaired If out of repair, asJ the price brisf* 
them within the reach of all. 

Tours truly, E. A. G lODELL. 

CHASE & 8PUEB, Proprietors, 




^cdBEACriFCL Ma- 
-14 for the Amercan 


Thirxl »tr«»ot, Saint Paul, JMinn 

nsK's p.mNT UTiiLic iru.u cases & caskets 

Cloth Caskets and Wooden Coffin? ol tho latt s 
style constantly on hand. Hearses and Carriage* 
and everything ned^ssary fo.-a Funeral furnished 
on the shortest notice. 

Keeidenoe on Canada strc«t„ above Trntli 


We will sell a large two story FRAME 
HOUSK,. nearly new, and tbe lot on which it 
stands. In Taylor's Fails, for Twent) -five Hun- 
dred Dollars. 

We will also sell a fine STOCK KARU cf 
about Five Huodred and Twenty Acres, on 
which there is a nne Bam. which cost aboat 
One Thousand Dollars, good Dwelling and other 
outbuildinye, situated in CMssgo coiintv, 
eighteen miles Jrom Taylors' Falls, fer Four 
Ihonaand IKillars. 

sruiNUKR, ALLEN ». CO.. St. I outs. 

lor a more patticuUr description of abore 
property, address 

mchl 2m Taylor's Falls. 




DISTH1CT or Hl!(!«>T« 
St. Paul. Hinn., March IStb, T<4r>« 

I will offer at Public Auction on Tnesdav, the 
arth dav ct Uanh, Ihf-G, at lh<» Government 
Warebcuie :it the corner of tho l.ovee and blblay 
streets, the following snrdns Subsistence Stores, 
viz : 

S0,000 founUes of Rice, 

ir.tiOO Pounds of Peav. 

TS.OOO Poundei of Mard Brend 

These stores are in good condition and only 
told l>ocausn there is a surplus on hand. The 
Hard Bnad is in boxes of ^501 tiitv pounds. The 
above btores can b;> seca at tbe tioverniucnt 

I'at ment oash In Oi>vernmenf funds, 

bale to cotnmenoe at 10.46 .\. v. 

Brevet Major C. S. U. S. A. 

LAVGL!!:T & TEMPLK, Auctioneers. 


FICf <>.x.euter< all kinds cl -'ob Prirtlng 
with ncatui-s." and dlspatcb, at the Icvest priee* 
A psdj at the Coaming Boom 

The most PEBFL 
rtcal li;sin.ment ia tht 
Home Circe. 

vuc a»ebkca oBCiAae 

are pronounced by more t!,. Sve hundred of 
tbe best organists of tbe ccustry to be sspertcr 
to any ether iasiraments yet (rodnced. 


have bees cold for tba pa^t year. 

were awarded to the AD<rtcan Crrtni ia the 
month cf nctobsr, 1S65. over all eompetitorf . at 
differcDt State aiid Countv Fairs. 

AtetheoEly REAL BEICD ORGANS now be- 
fore the public Theon':i- o'gau having a BE- 
TEKBEKATIXG 6<1U.ND BuX or wind chest. 
w!>ich has the same import ant pan to porfcnn 
a-thefound;nx board bi« ia a ptano forte (to 
eive body and te-onacoe •! tone^ and wiihuut 
wU'.ch the orgiB t-LC.-njee raerclv a meiodeon in 
an crgan case. 

1 h»-y are superior in their 
Creat rallaea* •■« CvaspletvarM mt 
Tone. Ihey are superior In 

ExpresalOB, ttwickiirt* ot Action. 

•Bsl ElaaitctiT of T*«ch 

rendering them perfect iu lap d n-ovements, and 
when confr.^lled bv the Pta'BLE BKLLOWS 
TREMOLO ATTACHMENT, tbe meet chara- 
ing eCccis cin te prcdnced, from ihs softest 
whiS|ier of the .E i^i in Harp to tht fuii volam* 
an I power cf t!.c 1 harch Organ— ihss enab Ing 
tbe pi^rformer to gir<' expression not to be lound 
in any other inf^rumett. 

The American Organs a:e finished In the high- 
est sty'e of an. In Kof.'wood. Jrt. Walrut and 
Oak Bnlfh. rl.-' iy varnUbed and polit-hed or la 
smocth oil. formlog eUgant pieces of ln-alttu« 
fer tbe pa'iorcr b.iudoir, acd the 01k aadwal- 
anl esp*c-;a"y aeapted (or Chsrchef, Lecture 
and Lod^e Itoom.. 
Special attention is called to the style of 
containing the f»p»r-octJve coupler and iub- 
bass, ForCHCKCnKSin want of a rowtrfU 
loetrament, whose neacs are limited, its price 
renders It \ery desiraM". 

Jf. B.— Ercry instrument Is warranted to give 
sati.factioD. Address 

Wholesale Agent, for F. C. LIGUTE Ik CO.'S 
PIANOS, «r. W. KI.<BSA1.X.. 

No. *3 Wa"hingioB st , Chicagc. 
Sole Agent lor the Ncrthwesi. m;.\md 


Commission Merchant, 

rOK THE f^KlS. «■>»- 

Tobarro, Hf mp, CoKod. Wool. 


Xnd Western aad f cuihera prcdnce generally. 

No. 02 Comnif rclal street, 

Bet-weoii Olive and IL.octic>t-st«., 


Prompt attention given to filiag all orc'er.. ia- 
trasted to my care. mcb?-!v 

for »aie and Voy" Rent. 

Lot iOxlM, and new w«JI llniflie-d two-jtorr 
house, se»en rvKim*, iclar. cutiTU snd wtll, 
near head of Jack<on street, possestlon May Ist, 

Lot 60x74 and hoote, lwo-«t?ry, with stone 
baaomcnt, well built and convenient, lu Bnia- 
son's .\ddillon— $1,100; posiession *prii Igt. 

Good twc-siory iramt- house, with all conven- 
iences and pleasant loeatioB, near JacksoasUoet, 

tfouse and Lot SOitO coraer lltb acd Wata- 
thaw— 92,100; poisesrion Apiil Ut. 

A titt cl ss ir-ame bou-'n and lot, choice Icca- 
tioo — tO.OOO; poteession May Itt. 

A frame home aid lot, bm exctl cd ia tiie 

A two-Story frami house and lot, i::xlCO, ten 
ro<ms, warm andnuU buUt— «;.>,500, pocesaioa 

lO KI&N r— A bhoios hcui-e and grounds on 
Oaytoi's Ulnff, ten room.-, stable aad -Kate:— 
t2i«; postessien April 12. 

T. S. MBTCA l,f , 
Beial Estate Brek^r, Jackson ttrett, belwtca ftth 

aad Cth. nicht6 


HBanir hill, A-rtvnitKs at 
Law aid Beat Ivtiaie Agent, G!( ECre.Uo 
Leod c^uc;), Ulnuetoia. 

MTlii ft 





1 1 

Ihe ft. fattl Sailg ftwn 



av nkM r.i/<<T ^i« ,1 au/j,, in n\,iig ant 

H'ttklg cinulutum Heart f Tr«>l>l« t!tut oj nn<, 
ct.Str in Mtntiftcla. and thfr^A'it /•r..;fK.".s •» 
illti-CM'itri to nlrrrtiiers tifluhtSft irili «.>f .!«>».< 




— Gold diMtd at ;> 

— The hoim ■ 01 1).-. ,1. \v . Si'tfit, at 

A»tOrt«, l-Otg liiuuJ. wus Jcslrcncd ^v Die 
on Thunday. Lass SlL'.OiXV 

— Tbe oilico ol the lUliUx (Nova 
Si-otial ^:,1. a pa^'er trkiillT to tlie I'uUtU 
States duriog the ^l'^t•' '; ■". hMi'efu destroy 
ed br fire 

— Ad>u't's tioui t>t. l>cu>u'go report 
• shock 01 an eaxtb^uukc whuh leveled seve- 
ral hODse". 

— A - .'oLiisbuiv, Vt'rmoiit, 

Jcsiro> 1. J ; ^.1 u acliiaesbo^'.i, car house, 

iHgine honse. .»nd two ei<$iDCS. 

— tireat frauds arc rfj-orled lu the loi- 
ieetion ot ca»ton]» id the Soiithfrn i;t,ite>. 
Many of ifcea»;ect.» have bei-n relicrcd. Mo>i 
L'Tthe traui?sa.'-e coanevted wi'.h lotti-n •■en- 

— A FeiiLiii Ct'i-.tral t'omuil was held 
dt 0'Mahoi;t'\ '• iiaatttr* iu Ncv York, on 
Wcdni*d3y. li It -^aid .n envoy had jui^t ar- 
■' • ' ■• '. thi* deli'-cr.aion'iwonj 
niraediato iiioveiufiit 

: \\ a»hifgfoii ^ay"^ ' 
' '. iiii'Aiis cannot | 
; no report wlU N' 

('uu]i<etitioa — roads in Iowa run through a rich, tcrtite add 


The !t| iuiiciiut» TruMSi|»ui tutloii 


in the iJvoriircd taritl-aud purposely I l<ouis tUr 
put .'o low that tho niJtw "'• • '-- - ' *' '^"•"*" 

thcrt'bx to drive cut all cuini 

»f..i.. ti... .^■•■i ,„. L . .»: .1 well settltd portion ot the StaU). and the local 

while the rail rate is kept sulhcwntly ,^vel and trade alone will more th..n pay for 
high to utloril a wide luargiu for 'lie ii'vestuunt to coiisiruct tlieiu. As before 

ir^u-K. !,,,)< II ,' t sUted they tut at right i»iij;les all of the /and 

>!rdwba.k» to the lavortd 1.IU-. C apt. | ^,.u„^ ,uad.s .ro^siug Iowa from oa»t to west. 
l)avidsou in reality, no doubt, rtteivea 7 ' ""d all i f which are in operation west of the 
■ ., , ,, . ,11 11 points of muiiiou. 

mslta>. 01 1 cents per liui^Lcl .is uia share ,, 

... , , , , ,,., , , Ue coutmuea ; l 

ot the total IreiKhts to Milwaukee, and , . o. . . , ■ . v lu .v ^ .. 

. '^ ! Let St. 1-ouls fail to build these roads, .tnd ' 

the Kaitroad receive* 1- iaste*d ol 15 the trade of Iowa and Miunesota escapes her I 
tents to Ls frossf. while independent entirely six months In the year, and at the | 

' very season when the produce o! the year is { 

buata, receiving uo »eerct drawback, are ^ made ready tor the market. Uurin* the other | 

compelled to pay Ki cents to La Crosse, i '''^.'."",'"^*- ^''®f» '*:« "'"'* 'V'!*'"*/' If " ■ 
' ' divided, St. Louis outainins what luiiy flow 

and are to have but i. ceat? lor their shore down the Mississippi river. 

of tb< fo'alrate. The Mi.tsoun /><;»joera< strongly urges ] ^•^O" <>• the Minnesota Transportation I *""&'="'=' |» *" 

istancB of St. Coinpany met at the Internal ional Hotel, i , "^^ ""** ^^^° 




ft'tnlMna - TIrkr* ■rlitir'a «'ou 
■ i*uttwu-Th«tatr(!S, At. 


rived f.'O- '- 
la reiV: 
djiamst : 

the ecn. 
d^ree a- 
made Tl . 

— .\ ' 
the .\i.a 

3f FtttT- 

ed, anc. 

isen aro 
4a»poi'!tv.l . ; 1 

—It is r. . 
Voronro tba: 
make an .it:. ;ii 
Folat. w 
erations. . ..- 
to meet them, a . . :^ 
moTed ti. 

— It i> 
loch has i.:..t..'oyia r 
New Yoi-k. !.■ r .- 
btcn made t; ...;. 
Van P*ke. 

abdl w.; 
of re pit 
SoutUorr. - 
ai3ve ihi.' - 
ot CoDCr - 
lastinctt . 
to peddle 
fiued to .i . 
the u$e of ; 

Either there is such secret drawback i the prompt and liberal astistanc 

arraupfmeut, t'r accepting tha tariff as it Louis in the constrnotiou o( those roads. 

stands, it is a puldii' confession on the Of the Iowa Central it says 

part of Capt. Davidson that Lis last year's : 'ibis road will be tlie shortest and most di- 
. ,v " ^ ... ■,.. reel road to St. I'aul. and tap all tbe roads of 

taritl was a luon-frous e.xtortioi-. and that i,,^^ running and west some twenty five 

he was engaged Irom tbe opening to the i '•' f"f'v miles west ofthe Cedar Kapids anil St. 

, . • .• • LU- .1 <• i Louis r.iilwav, and It should be liberally aided 

c,o-e of i..'»vipafoii in robbing t'le farmers j ,,,. „„,. pc^,p|e. ij^tu of these road.s lunnlnn 

ol thi-i ."-tate ot at lt*ast S centa '•'*''■■" toofr S'l*'* line and connecting with 

, , , II ,1 ii- , the North Missonrl road, must bo of iDcalcii- 

per bii.-hd on «1! the luillions of j U-nefit to the business interests and 

bu-«l:i'l> of whcaf wiiicli hi carried to ' property of St. Louis. Each has received of 

V I I home Rubseriptions about a like amount of 

Nearly """'■• — -i — _ .f _ . . _ 

St. NlCHOLAb UoiKi., Xbw YnuK, 
March 17, Itwir 

Kdllor H. Paul Hrcsi. 

I To-day all c)cs aie tuintd upon the 

I Fenians, eapcitini; that S'.>aic greal blow 

will bo struck lor the fr'.cdom of Ireland. 

In tbe city the procetsioii was one of the 

largest und most iinpotiug that ever was 


The general Ticket Ag'-nia' Convention, 

in session at this house 

at St. Paul, on l7e 22d dayTf' March! I '"' ''^*"''* '^"y"' " ^^'' '"^"-'^ ^'"^ *"" ! 
18CG. E. S. Edgerton. ol St. Paul, was I ''*''^° ''♦''^ '""^ ^"^ >«*"• ^'•'"''^ "^'^ I 
called !o the chair, and J. W. McClung, ' "-s'l^oed in the country, b'outh a.i well a.^ i 
ol a. Paul, eh cied Secretary. Alter j ^ "'■'''• *^'"''=I"'''«"^**'^- •='0«»'e ol these 
reading ard hearing the reports of cor- '"^'"' *^o ""^ **^""^'^ together making 
porators and proxies, a communication ' aTangements for the cojning i-cason, 

Important FroceodingB of the First 
Meeting of Corporators. 

Pursuant to a call published in tbe St. 
Patil daily and weekly Press, thu corpu- 

IVtOTtC*. ~ 

Thi) Cuunty 'Ircutttie/ ul Finn uouotyoan be 
repn at tlin bABkiog oflice ot Messrs. WllUus 
Ilroii. & Uuobiir, un .Muuday, tbo Wtb dsy uf 
iUreb, fioni nluo u'el ick >. M. till four o'cluek 
1'. M., whea and whTf- he will attend to the eol- 
lec'.lou uf taxee due lu finu cuuoty. 


mck-'S'lIt Trcatnrer of Pine counCy. 

ri •!• A WTM KM»HI P. 


I'iropr >tate that 

. . iLade th;s >car to lay 

,. President J. hnson's iid 

' cry tvanuly applaud- 

•uicii «s waruily do 

rumiT that KussoIiV 

;•'s^'lvcJ. lri,-.h poltce- 

r.^uj arrests o( persons 

■) otBci'il circles at 

tlie IVuians have resolved to 
■,'t !.> enter C.'.n.tds by Rouse's 


. - ■: their base of op- 
oui are h-;iiig made 
i>dies of troops have 

-. ; clary McCul- 
1. cs to sell g'jid in 

■ .-- ■.!> s ail >ales have 
, .'L.-?!>taat Xrediurcr 

;, — lu the Senate 

10 enforce guarantees 

I govcmmeal in the 

. vras mtroviuicd to rc- 
ai! Library to the Library 
• iiiniitiee on Kiiuinitwas 

•-•o !he expediency of' on eij' terms 

: s of the Vnii n army 

use. The Senate re- 

a .v;..i.. refugee trom Texas 
;r Ch.inuer t. r a lecture. The 

- V.crn Judicial District 

ot Ca::.crai.i '-Vcstcrn Dii:!ict of 

L.., and mukmg eath ot these States 
oae dijtru: rj-peitivc'.y, was passed, ThebiU 
to autliL:,,. lit lonitructicn ot a bridge 
across the .Missi.-sippi at St. Louis, was passed. 
declared a post route, and all 
Liform their chiiunies. 
. a til! irnintiuj; ;00,- 
: tlK constiuction of 
liters of L.ike Siipe- 
; ■ - 1... m .Miehi^iZUU 

The iritli 
vessels av 
Mr. Chat 
iJCO ueres 
a e_n'.: t 

iMiiiuiir HATE« run i-ma a\ 
iue: L.i t hus<»e Li.tii:. 

Wert^cik.d _^e^tcrday the joliuning 

insjortatit tilrgraphK dispatch from Mad 

ison, Wisconsin ; 

M V; !- N. ^V:5 . March :-2. 1SC«. 

E-ittOH -: • 

The La 

follow inc 

Wheat, I.- . 


per i'.i' 

do Zd c:a* 

do Ji Cia. 

do 4th c'j 


establii-bed the 
. Pdtil 
River. T'-tal. 

i in 



La Cios'e. i>e:iriy every cent per 
bushel which bt- exacted of our tanners 
last year abov'- tlio latc at whiv-h he now 
pu'dicly a'lvcrtiscs that ho i. willing to 
carry wheat is just so much more than, 
by bis ow:i cor-le;S'cn, was a just and 
reasonable rate If he can carry wheat 
this yejr lor lour c; nts per bushel — be 
lould luv- carried it la-t year lor five 
c.n"s. bii' it he is in reality to receive 
more than loar cents in the shape of 
iJrawbaiks from tbe real rate, then tbe 
tat ill ij a wicked and flagrant deception 
and imposition — in which the nominal 
river rate is expressly ptit so low as to 
►■xclade competition, while th-; favored 
line fatlt-na on secret drawbacks which 
enable it to monopolize the trafEc of the 
LaCrcssa Uoad. 

'I his is unqaesticnably tie true inter- 
pre'aficn of singular tariff. The re- 
sult is, that though we have compelled a 
la'ge r>'dui.'tioTi ol lIcigh^8, tTiis Davidson 
sfeaiuboat monopoly still holds complete 
sw.iy oxer that line ol road. 

It sctuains to be seen whether the Wis 
coii.-in LegLsUlurc will apply the obvious 
remedy lor this state of things by com- 
p-llmg the Railroads to reo^ivf freights 
iin 1 Iiy imposing an ade- 
iiuite penalty upon their secre' ditcritai- 
nations in favor of particular lines. 

But in the meantime if the anti-monop- 
olijti have net :accLcded in forcing open 
thu La Crosse road to free river compe- 
tition, sometbii!g much better hr.s bt-en 
accomplished. The great; double-headed 
combiuaticn between the f..a Crosse and 
Prairie du Chien Railroads and Packet 
Ccmpai'.ies his been broken up. Their 
lines, iiijtead of bei: g virtually consol. 
idat< d, aretio*, we hive good rea-jon 
believe, in ot>in bona fide competiton — 
and as Icrg as this compttiiion is con- 
tinued in good faith it presents » very 
etlicacicus assurance ol reasoi'able 
freights. The Savannah and Bacuicroad, 
with their lire ot beats, is also coming 
into the ring to compete for the freights 
ol the Upper Miss!53ippi— while the St. 
Louis lines of boats offer still another ad- 
vantageous rival cbiniifcl lor freights. 

All wo need now is such an organiza- 
tion of shippers and merchants as by 
throwing their freight as an unit over any 
one of th'sc lines will enable them to 
command the lowest possible rates of 
r»n organization is already 

J? i freight, .-u-h 

-M. A. FCLTON'. ' present^; i as the fruit of the Anti Mono- 
There rates show a very considerable P®*^ movement in the Minnesota Trans- 
abatemcLt of the extortionate tariffs of 1""'*''-" Company, which met in this 
lastytar. TL-. -pting tariff of last jearr''-' .vi^'erday, and the proceedings of 

imposed a freight rate of 35 cents on 

wheat, wl 
or an av 

so lar dij 
a redu.ti. 
line ui 1 

.\-ij;u-t tariff w !s 28 els.. 

-'■\ -iU cts. for the eea- 
icri.pol) movement has 
■' ■ 1 'fore, in c'.-tnpellipg 

over the la Crosse 
.ifid CM ushcat, or 
about Jup-rr cmt., and a'l equivalent re- 
duction !c th;; rates t^tabiished for the 
several classes of luerehandise, as the 
fcHowiag ■..--loariso." v,-ill show; 


I.I 5 

! 01 




First class.. 
Second ciBs; 
Third c!.:5i. 
Fourth c:;v; 



. . 1 3 ) 

.. \ y 

.. 1 ' = 

which wc publish elsewhere. 

But as this a.'ticle has already giown 
to an uiieitpvcted length, we must con- 
dense luto ;.- brief a space as poaeible, in 
a 6 eparate article, what we have room 
to say about ihis rew company. 




Ths, y -, shows a reduction in 

the spring . .... _; 1566 helo-v the avcr.ige 
rates of last year of about 40 per cent , a 
concesiior. whi';h has been wrung from 
the transpcr'ation iinr; only by the strer. 
i:ou9 prtsau.e of the ati'i-monopoly agira- 
tiop. If, il..-rrfure, we had effected no 
more than iL i_.f the tntir - fruits of our 
efforts! to ; = 1 • -h". rieople of Minnesota 
from the oppr-s-ive exac;ions of the mo- 
nopolis's ould he .iuin'ii>;d iu the above 
•aDOur.cem'-iit. w^ might be justified in 
feeling a good deal of satisfaction at even 
this result wbi> h will have sated thi peo- 
ple of ^micso'ii, at, .*l,500j>X) on 
the a^jregate freights of tke coming sea- 

But this is not ly any m^-ans all we 
have accomplished by the an'' monopoly 
movemf>nt, and it is bat a a<. _;i part of 
what it is proposed to accomi '• Ii, or of 
what can and will be accompL. o- d hy the 
agencies whi.-htbat movement has c- itfd 
But before going into that braiirh ^t the 
subj-c', th- ri5 are fom-j very eun.ius 
features ot fh« above La Cros^ tariff 
whi'.-h call for special noiice. Wt-. rcler 
more particularly to the remarkable 
change of {"rnjiorfion between the river 
and rail t^i-i. The following comparison 
with last }'-a''s t anils on wheat will ex- 
hibit this more clearly : 

Rail. Kiver. Totnl. 

Soring tarifn86.5.. ■ 21 14 3-5 

Fall unff iv;.5.... 17 4-0 11 l-o 28 

Si,riBgtaji;»l=';-i... 15 4 19 

It will b.; s^. . t'at while there is a 
reduction of but 2 \-h cents p.T bushel 
or about IS per <:tnt on the rail rate, there 
is a reduction of 7 1 .0 cents per lusbcl, 
or about b3 per cent on the ri»(r rate. 
The avcrag.; river rate last year was over 
12 1-2 cents. It is now reduce*) to 4 
cents. This arrangement it must be 
borne in mind wa.s made with Capt. Da- 
vidson, with whose line of paikets the La 
Cross'j roid tanr-ficts this year as hst. 

Last year C»pt. Davidson received in 
the spring, 14 cents, and in the fall, 111-5 
cents per bu-hel, for carrying wheat to 
La Crosse and declared that he could n't 
carry it for any less. It, would ruin him, 
he said, to put the tariff any lower, and 
when the PiiKs . demonstrated that be 
could carry wheat to La Crosie at an 
ample profit for •") cents per bushel, he 
denounced it as ab'urd ; and now the same 
Capt. Davidson undertake.-, ost'-nsibly. 
to carry wheat for 4 cents a hushfl. We 
say ostensibly, for in reality he docs not 
propoM to carry wheat for anything of 
tbe Itin'l- That is tii« oovuatX rate pnt 

A cosTi::«i.uvs %.i^k of maiu 



The impcrtfiut enterprise, laaugurated 
last year, of connecting the Minnesota 
Central with the Xorth Missouri Railroad, 
by the constructicn of a new lice, called 
the Iowa Central, acioss Iowa, thus mak- 
ing a coniinujus Ittie of rail direct from 
St. Paul to St. Louis, seems to be under 
full headway, with every prcpect of a 
successful consummation. The Western 
Bailroad Gatette says : 

The new Board of Directors of the Iowa 
Central Railroad met in O?ka!oo?a on the 
27th uit. A full and interesting meeting was 
had, and much IjusiriCss of interest and im- 
portence to the gre.« enterprise of connecting 
Minnesota and Iowa with St. Lonis, was 
transa.ted. A strong determination was 
nisnilested to crowd the work along as rap- 
Idly as pjssibe It was resolved to com- 
mence worl; in early spring in nil the counties 
through which the road is projected Ijetween 
Cedar Falls and the nonthern State line. 

The Cedar Kalis Gazelle says it would not 
be surprised, if tlie cars on the Iowa Central 
should be raining from Cedar Falls to Jole- 
do, there connecting with the Northwestern 
road, before the expiration of trie year 1866! 

ILe St. Louis Democrat of the 16th 
insc. contains an important letter from 
Major General d. M. Dodge —command- 
ing the Kansa? district— to the President 
of the North Missouri Railroad Compiny, 
calling the attf-ntion of that comi)any and 
of tbe citizens of St. Louis to the great 
importance of a sperdy extension of that 
railroad to connecf, with the Iowa 
and Minnesota systems of railroad, and 
01 helping to construct the Iowa Central 
and o'h- r roads ; 

The extension of the North Missouri rail- 
road trom Maeon to the Iowa State line will 
with proper encouragement from ."St. Louis' 
insure tbe I'lnstruction of the Ccdur Ilapids 
and M. Ixuiij railrnad, running northwardly 
through DayiB, Wapt-ilo, Keokuk and Iowa 
counticf, or tbroajjh Davis. Jefferson, Wash- 
ington and J-ihnson cviinties, in Iowa, de 
pending on the route that may bo adopted in 
locating the road; and will aUn secure ths 
construction of the Iowa Central railroau 
which wil. likewi-ctap your road at the Iowa 
State line and extend northwardly throutrh 
the east side of Appanoose county, thence 
by Alba, in Monroe county, thence hy 
Eddyville nnd Oskaloosa to Mahaska 
county, thence by Montezuma In Powwhick 
county, thence by Toledo in Tama county 
und tUenre to (;cder F.dls in Klackhawk 
connty, in the ."itato of Iowa. Tlie lirst men- 
tioned road to Cedar Rapids from your State 
line is about one hundred and thirty miles 
long, and the people of Iowa have 8abscrit>ed 
near four hundred thousand dollars tow.irds 
its construction. The road to Cedur Falls is 
Bliour one hundred and forty-livo miles long, 
and I Icard that the people along the line in 
most of the counties traversed by it have snb- 
scrifitd enough to grade, bridge and tie it. 
Kach of th-^se roads will tap the Cedar Valley 
railroad, now in course of constniction to the 
Minncsoia State line. Kach of them will 
cross every cist and west road now building 
across the Sate of Iowa. The Iowa Central 
will be shortest and most direct to St. Paul 
froni your road, whilst the St. l^ouis and Ce- 
dar Rapids road will be the shortest and most 
direct to Dubuque, and will Up the east and 
west Iowa roads near the Micsi-'sippi river 
With the aid which St. Louis and your com- 
pany can g ve, both of these invalu- 
able feeders to your road and 
the trade and business of St. Lonis 
they can be rapidly built. The Minnesota 
Central fland grai;t railroad) is completed 
from St, i'aul seventy miles southward, and I 
nnderstand i.4 under contract lor completion 
to the Iowa .State line at a point where it will 
strike tbe Cedar Valley railroad, which is be- 
ing constrtictcd throngh Iowa to Cedar Falls, 
acd from Cedar Falls to Cedar Rapids, thus 
coaoectlDg St. Paal at Cedar Falls with f^ajnt 

I aid. The Cedar Rapids nnd St Louis rail- 
! roai is I'Jo miles loug, and ha.' a subserip- 
I tioii of four hundred tbou»and dollars 
: whilst its cost will be S^.M0O,O0O. It will need 
at least six hundred thousand dollars of sub- 
scriptions from our city to make it a success. 
The Iowa Central Railroad is 145 miles long, 
and has a subscription of ncnr six hundred 
thousand dollars, and will co?t S2,600.tHX) It 
will need jfoOO.OOO or $500,000 from St. Louis 
to make it a sut-cess. With this aid a liasis 
con Id bo formed that would insure 1 ho rapid 
bui ding of these roads, and St. Louis, by 
these sut>seriptlons. can oi'tain such portion 
of the directory of the roiids as will insure 
their operation in the interesrs of St. Louis. 
We trust that oar people will be found true 
to themselves, and at once set to work to aid 
in the building of these rof.ds. Time Is every- 
thing. In our situation dclnv is not only daii- 
frerous but may inlllct an injury that can never 
be repaired. 

With Chicago otk the one hand and St 

Louis on the other thus contending for 

th*? trade of Minr.esota, and each fully 

alive to the magnitude of the '»rii.e, we 

arc pretty sure to have, ere long, in the 

rapid multiplication ol competitive outlets, 

not only abundant facilities for reaching 

market, but a wide range of choice 

in the rival markets cooiprting lor our 



Wc refer our readers to the proceed- 
ings piblished elsewhere of the fir,-»t meet- 
ing ol the .Vlinuf-sot I Transportation Com- 
pany held in this city yesterday. We 
have only 3,,aoe to say this morning that 
the orginizatioti is now a fixed fact, on a 
firm lounla'ion, and that it enters the 
field with every promise of success iu all 
the important objecis m-irked out for it. 
Postponiiig lot the present the proj ct of 
an independent atcamboatline, the i.ouipa- 
ny propose to avail themselves of the abun- 
dant elements of competition which the 
breaking up of the old monopoly has placed 
at their disposal. It is eulficieiit to say, 
now, that they have received advanta- 
geous offers from three several competing 
lines, and that they will be ready in a 
few days to make contracts for freight, for 
all mciubers ol the organization, at lower 
rates than can be obtained by anybody or 
association outside of it. The bcnetils 
of its contracts will bo reserved, ol course, 
entirely to stockholders in the company, 
and this fact offers great inducenienis to 
subscribe. We have only space to add, 
that members of the "organization desiring 
to contract lor freights, may address 
commanicaiiun.s or call personally on (he 
Sccrtttiiy of lb-:' (^ompatiy, ,T. W. Mc- 
Clnn;;. P'<';., who;. • r'Tice is iti Phrcnix 
Block, adjoining the Bridge, in this city, 
or addrets S. V, Renick, Esq.. the Pres- 
ident of tbe. Company, at Hastings, care 
of Charles A. Baker. Assistant .Secre- 

THE riKST FXtlIT.1. 

-■Vmor.g the significant omens of the 
times is the establishment at Mobile of a 
newspaper as the organ of the colored 
pjpulUion, called the Xationalist. Of 
course no 3uch ntfwspaper could be pub- 
lished at the couth except under military 

But it iS a pregnant fact that, with the 
removal of the despotic restrictions with 
which slavaiy had fettered the bodies and 
the souls cf tbe negro race, the fnedmsn 
should so soon have reached a stage of 
intelleclual development, which demands 
a newspaper to interpret their aspirations 
for a higher political and tocial iiie. No 
more convincing proof could be given 
that they only nttd the unrestricted op- 
portunities of a thoroughly free condi- 
tion to beccme fitted for all the high 
duties of Americau citizenship. 

With the means of education and of 
material well-being secured to thim by 
equal laws, no one can doubt that tbey 
would soon became as industrious, thrifty 
and intelligent a body of citizen;, as they 
have always been Icyal. Ja-*-8i)idlng and 
true and ihat they would delend the na 
tional interests as faithfully i-nd cffe ;tl 
i»ely t-y their votes as thej have hereto- 
fore defended them with their arms. 

Shall they be pcrmittod to enjoy these 
opportunitie.i for the elevarion of their 
race and thus give to the American na- 
tion tbe measureless strength that lias in 
the united affections of four million pat 
riotic and intelligent citizens— or shall 
they be remanded to the barbarou.< codes 
i)y which the rebel Legislatures of the 
Sou'h .seek to force them b.ick into a con- 
dition of bestial helotry— and thus inllict 
upon the American nation the chronic 
weakness, and the nauK-lcts perils which 
result from fostering in tht; midst it a 
free society thi feitering gangrene of a 
proscribed and subject cas^', brutalized 
by enforcod ignor.incc — exasperated by 
oppressive laws, burning with the 
hidden sense of wrongs, and alwavs 
ready to seek in violence the redress de- 
nied by hiw. 


The following special telegram, from a 
reliable (correspondent at Red Wing, ex- 
plodes the reported oil di.icovery at that 
place : 

(By Telegraph.] 

Run WiNo, March 22. 
To the St. Paul I'rcjs : 

Oil operations ceased to day with the dis- 
covcry that the flow of oil was kept up l)y 
a nightly supply thrown in by persons un- 
known. The well was closely wstchcd last 
night, and Is this morning clear of petroleum. 

==r— — — '^• 

--None of the i?l,,0OO Of)0 „„rfb „( 
bonds, lately stolen Irnni the olllce of Mr 
Rnfus L. I-ord, No. .18 Exehsnfrc-plate, have 
as yet been recovered, the rumors on the 
street to the contrary notwithstanding. The 
police nnthorilics are Pxcrlin,T thrmsrlvcs to 
the utmost, but of conr!>e decline to .^tate 
whether they have any cine to the thieves or 
not. Since the first list of the stolen bonds 
has been issued, it has been revised and cor- 
rected, and a copy sent to all the leading 
bankers and brokers throughout tbe finited 
S t«te«, the CanadiM aoil Eiirop«. 

was read Iroiu U. B. Wilkins, General 
Freight Aijent of the Prairie du Chien 
Railway, makici^ a proposition to carry 
the freights of Ihis company. 

On motion tb ■ corporctois proceedid 
to tl.e election of temporary officers, to 
hold until the regular meeting of stock- 
holders, when permanent ollicers will be 

Whereupon, Jutige S, G. Renick, of 
Hastings, was elected President; Hon 
J. V. Daniels, of Rochester, Treasurer; 
J. W. McClung, of St. Paul, Secretary, 
and Charles A. Baker, of Hastings, As- 
sistant Secretary. 

Charles McGlashen, E.-;<j., of Red 
Wing, offeied the following preamble and 
rcsolulions, which were unanimously 
ad-Dptud : 

Wiir.KEes, From letters and conitr.nnica- 
tions from the corporators .nnd friends of the 
Minnesoti Transportation Company, the sen- 
timent ct the people seems to be that it Is un- 
necessary to purchase any steamboats at the 
present time, but in f.ivor of perseverintf in 
cur enlerpriso by continuing tbe sn'iseriptions 
of stock duringthe .'ummer and fall, until all 
the stock is fakco, and at present only inak- 
'pg contrai'ts for shippinc freight bv any line 
ol boats anil raihvnvs which will f-ive us the 
best terms ; and M'hereat, enough stock has 
already been subsrrilKil, and procured with 
the very inadequate clforis which have be.n 
made, 10 insure the success of this Companv, 
by the pn.per persever.mce of its lri?nd«; aiid 
IVhereas, propositions are now before tins 
Company from Raiiroad and Stc.mboat Com- 
panies, for carrying: all our ireight upon ad 
vantsgeous terms, if we will unitedly patroii- 
iie thtni, therefore. 

Resolved, That the officers of this company 
be and lue hereby empowered to communi- 
cate with railroad and steamboat companies, 
and make contracts upon the most advantage- 
ous terms for carrying our freights during the 
present season. 

liesoiced. That the Secretary and Assistant 
Secretiiry be and are hereby instructed to for- 
ward to the committees appointed by the 
anti-monopoly convention of February 7tb, 
or to such other agents as mav ve appointed^ 
a full report of this meeting,' tocether with 
such circulars and documcnisof tbe company 
as may be necessary to enable them to con- 
tinue the subscriptions of stock, and engage 
freight to be shipped by this company. 

Resolved, That the officers ot this Coiiip.-.ny 
l>c, and are herebv empowered to appoint all 
necessary Agents at New York, Chicago, St. 
Louis, New Orleans and other points, and a 
General Agent when deemed necessary. 

Resolved, That if we fail to accomplish uur 
objcet.s of low freights with any existing lines 
of transportation, we are then in favor, as 
soon as a suflicieni amount ol stock is sub- 
scribed, of purchasing a line of steamboats of 
our own, to be devoted exclusively to the In- 
tercs's of this comjiany. 

On motion the meeting adjourncii to 

meet again on the call of the President 

and Scri-tary. 

S. G. RENICK, Frcsideul. 

J. W. McCn so, .Secretary. 

St. Paul, March 22, 1RR6. 

♦ » ♦ I » 

Railroai> Buir>GR at Wlvona. A 
bill has been introduced info the Legisla 
turc ofWiscoDsip to nulhoriec Iho Wino 
na and St. Peter Railroad Coinpany to 
build and maintain a bridge acroM that 
portion of the Mississippi river within the 
counties of Buffalo orTrempeleau, oppo- 
site Winoiia ; siicb bridge to he so con- 
^tructed wiih draws that the navigation of 
the river i<Lall not be unnecessarily ob- 
structed thereby , and also to operate and 
maintain a ferry across the Mississippi, 
for raiiroad puposes alone, ustil such 
time as the bridge shall be fully com- 

• I ♦ I « ■■ 


—Phillip Mifflin Dallas, only son fo 
the late George M. Dallas, died on the 15th 
instant. In Philadelphia, In the forty-first 
year of his age. He was a member of the bar, 
and while his father was minister to England 
ha was secretary of legation. 

Full returns from the New Hampshire 
election, with the exception of twenty email 
towns, give Gov. Smyth thlrty-three thou- 
sand six hundred and thirty-four votes, to 
twenty-eight thousand four hundred and 
fourteen for John O. Sinclair, bis Democratic 
opponent. Smyth s majority is five thousand 
two hundred and fixty. 

— The return cfs.ihs for the year 1865 
show that H. B. Claflin & Co. are ahead of A. 
T.Stewart & Co. again. Claflin's sales for 
the year were 912,506,715; Stewiirt's were 
839,391,688. Geo. Wick's & Co. sold to the 
amount of 910,000,000; Anthony & Hall, 
«10,636.711; E. S.Jaffray& Co. #7,000,000; 
Lathrop, Lnddington & Co , .?3,269,000; Wm. 
Benner & Co., |J8,000,000. 

— Infor.uation has been received from 
the Dry Tortngai np to the 15th uit , which 
states that Spangler, Arnold and O'Langhlln, 
tbe assas.sinatton conspirators, huve done all 
that conid bg desired since their incarcer-ition, 
as regards correct deportment. Spangler has 
earnestly and industriously labored in a c,->.r- 
penter shoo, lie is well, and manifests a de- 
sire to serve out his sentence with patience. 
They are all well cared for, nnd are rejire- 
srnted to be more comfortable and enjoying 
better health, prohabiy, than if confined in an 
ordinary penitentiary. Irons were put upon 
all the State prisoners, four in number, solely 
on account of the attempt of Dr. Mudil to es 
cape. The iions have now been removed, 
and all lihcrtv "consiitent with proper prison 
discipline is allowed them. 

— rhtt desperado who attempted to 
murder his fcllow-passeugcrs in the overland 
stage near Alkali station, betl^een Fort Kear- 
ney and Denver, was a German named Fred. 
Henshild, who was a criminal in Montana, 
and fled to escape the vigilance c omrailtcc. 
The passenger killed was Lewis F. Rice, of 
Colorado, formerly from New York. Those 
wounded were W. W. Harlow, deputy mar- 
shal tor Colorado, severely, nnd W. McCaul, 
from near Chicago. The latter finally killed 
Henshild liy shooting him eight or ten times 
with a revolver. McCaul has bjcn employed 
as forage master at Fort Laramie. 

- Gov. Crawford, of Kansas, has tele 
graphed Gen. Pope that the Mi.ssouri bush- 
whackers are gathering and orming in the 
West, and asking for cavalry protection. 
Precautionary measures have been adopted. 

— Tho Washington Star .lays that 3ec- 
rcUry McCulloch has written a letter to sev- 
eral leading Republican Congressmen, in 
which ho says he feels much anxiety about 
the political situation, nnd very much desires 
that Homctliiii;; shall be done to restore har- 
mony between tho government and the people 
of the southern St.ifos. He thinks that one 

havi met on ihc battle fi'j'd. Uue of 
Stonewall Ja'.'k«un's staff oilicera was 
there, with his right arm oQ', while a 
Union Captain eat next to him, with 
his left arm off. Th«-ro were sev- 
eral oth-rj ihcrc who hud different 
positions in the rubi 1 service, together 
with a Brigadier General, a Colonel and 
several other olHccrs ol the tinitcd States 
army. Everything was of the ui.ost friend- 
ly nature, and such good fveling existed 
between theni that it was alioos' impossi- 
bid to realize that Ihiy had bven fighting 
each other so bitterly. 

The buililing that Miss .Jy iistoti is oc- 
cupying as her thcatrn w;.s formerly a 
Presbyterian Churen In Grand street 
there is that i"! now a min- 
strel hail. In anuth'T pAit of the city a 
church has been ttniird inio a billiard 
room, and ano'her into a »t.-\ble, and still 
ano'her into an auction roo o. Such is 
life in this great city. Nothing is con- 
sidere.i as sacred— cverjtliin,^ h^s to give 
way to Ihe maroh ol improv-tnent. But 
!•• is (iucstionablc wlieihc: tho above 
changes can come under 1 hat hea<l. 

There are quite a i.tmi'iT of arrivals 
h' re within tbe pan few days. Some of 
the gentlemen mentioned in your paper 
ol the 11th have arrived. T.-ad? is very 
quiet, with a itror.g dt cine o! all goods. 
The wea'.lier is tut h as no -Jlh-.r month 
except March can produce. 

Yours, &c., LEANS. 

liispccliuH of Iiidiiin Afliiii-M. 

The following bill to provi le for an 
annual inspection of Indiati Affairs, was 
pa>.sed by ih« Sena'c ou Moiiilay, with 
an amendment allowing any loyal white 
citizen of the Uni ed States of good moral 
chiracfer to trade with the Imliacs, upon'tiug the required bond, and com- 
plying with the regulations prescribed 
for intercourse with Indians : 

SicTiox 1. K-talilishcs live lns;>-, ctors' Dis- 
tr CIS— one to embrace the States of Florida, 
California and Nevada, and the territory of 
Arizona; one to embrace the Statu of Oregon 
and the Territories of Washinctonand Idauo; 
one to embrace tbe Territories of Colorado, 
Utah and New Mexico ; one to embrace the 
State of Kansas and Indian 1 erritorv, Ne- 
braska, and Southern Dakota; and one' to cm- 
brace the State ot Miunesot.i, and that part 
of th! Territory of Dakota i.orth ofNebraska, 
and the Territory of Montan*, provided that 
the Secretary of tho Intori'.)r, under the direc- 
tion of the Presidoct, may from time to time, 
change the Iwundary of said Indian lnsr>ection 

Sec. 2. That there be and is hereby ce- 
atcd live Boards of Inspectors, e.ich to be 
composed of au Inspector appointed by the 
President, by and with the consent of the 
Senate, who shall hold his oificc .'or tbe term, 
of four years, o.ic Inspectorto j-e .-in offlctr 

of the rcRillarariry, w-ho sh.iU b- -.'.^iBilpd hy 

the Secretary of War for that purpose, and 
one to be aanually appointed by the Presi- 
dent, by nnd with the advice and consent of 
the Senate, trom among such j)er.sons as may 
be recommended by the annual meetings or 
conventions ol the religious societies or de- 
nominations of the United States, as suitable 
persons to act upon such Boards, or in case of 
their failure, to make such recommendation, 
from such persons as he may deem proper. 
Each of said Inspectors appointed bv the 
President, shall receive a salary of S4,00-0pcr 
annum in lull of all expens-.s, and the officer 
detailed to act as Inspector, shall serve with- 
out additional pay or allowances, as such, ex- 
cept the mileage provided by law us in mili- 
tary service. 

Sec 3. That it shall be the duty of said 
Board of Inspectors to visit all tho Indian 
tribes within their respective districts, at least 
once in each year, to examine into their con- 
dition and tho condition of their farms and 
schools; to hear their complaints; to ascer- 
tain whether all ihe stipulations of treaties 
are kept; and whether all moneys, goods and 
supplies are faithfully and justly applied, 
purchased and distnbulcd; to' examine into 
the books, accounts, and manner of doing 
business of tho Superintendent.s and .\gcnt8 
within their respective districts ; to make dili- 
gent inquiry into the conduct of ihe otficers 
and employees of the Indian Aijents, and to 
tho conduct ol the niilitary authorities toward 
the Indians, to summon volunteers, and by 
aid ot the miliiary who are hereby ordered to 
aid them, to compel their 'attendance, 
members of the Board being author- 
ized to administer oaths ; and said 
board shall be authcrized 10 suspend, (or 
cause, any officer or employee of the Indian 
Department In their respective districts, sub- 
ject to the approval of the President ; and said 
tioard sliall report annually and as often as 
may be required, to the Commissioner of 
Indian Affairs, and in all cases of suspi-nsion 
trom ofliee by said board ot any offlei-r or em- 
ployee of tho Indian Department, said board 
shall make immediate report thereon, in writ- 
ing, RtaiinK Ihe cause thcreci, for ihe action of 
the President. 

Sec. 4 'ihat all Superin'endents of Indian 
AOiiirs, all Indian agents, and the ('hief In- 
spectors to be appoinied under this net, in ad- 
diiion to the powers now conferred hy law, 
shall alfo pofsess all tho powers and perform 
all the duties now conferred by law or Court 
Commissioners, in all cases or matters wherein 
any Indian trila-, or any member of any In- 
dian tribe, shall bo concerned, or bo a 
P'tnv ; and that in ali matters of proceedings 
wherein any IiK'iin tritic shall kc concerned, 
01- ■ e a party to, the testimony ot Indian wit- 
nesses shall bo received in all courts before 
the oflicers of the United Slates. 

•Sbc. 5. That the salary ot nil oflicers who 
reside in Indian cemn'ries, upon reservations 
or among the Indians of their agcn-v, shall 
herealier be lixcd at the sum ot ©1,800 per 

Sec G. IhHt no inembirof said 13oard of 
Inspectors, durin:,' his cimtinuanee in office, 
shall in any manner whatever become on- 
gatted in any business or intercourse wiih In- 
iliun tribes, or become in any manner inter- 
ested thcreiu ; and that upon entcrinc upon 
their duties said inspectors shall take the oath 
id ollicc now prescribed by law. 


— (tcneral Sheridan has gone to tbe 
Rio Grande, where the troops are said to be 
very disonlerly. The army board at St. 
Louis will dispatch its bu.sinuss without him. 
—From the Rio Gr.inde, through a 
letter to the New Orleans Times, comes a sin- 
gular story of a laeutenant S., no other name 
given, who has been doing a thriving business 
in the ordnance line, selling United States 
cav.ilry equipments, held ammunition and 
army stores by the boat load, to tho Imperial- 
ists over the line. Facts ascertained 
reveal a series of swindles carried forward 
through several months. It extended through 
tho range of stores constituting ordnance 
property. In one single nl«ht 40,000 rounds 
of lixcd ammnniiion were attempted to bo 
gotten .across the river, but from some cause 
but 15,000 rounds were (uccessfally crossed 
that night. 

Colonel Seth Williams, of the Adjutant 
General's edllce, hnvirgbeiomc deranged, his 
friends in Maine have consigned him to Ihc 
Asylum at Augusta, which was endowed by 
bis lather. 


A KiiK' UanuAiclaflOK 


.A WD 

All uew, ind lur sale at AuctloD, 

This Morning at Teu o'clock. 






Iha\e llii. d»j «-tjci»led withmea*aMarteer, I HVO DKtjIKABLi: HUUSKtS AMD 1 WO 
UU'>. W. PUbbCOIl. the burlDetiwUJ be I>JTa Ivr fair, on fclxth sUeet, la Lower Town. 

carried 011 under I!,' firm uane cf D. I . MKB- D. O. XEHBMCL. 

March 9, inu. mob 1 M f 

D. D. MHKflL* , 

n, W. PBMI<X>TT, 


Whulesale and Jtetall Dealer* In 

Books, Stationery, 


Curtain Paper.s, ^c. 


Xcqat/t of bTJblK 4 BKO., 

OB Wabaehxw etruet, bawe«a «ti> and &lh. 
febls tf 

on £«rbert, beiwet-a Foaxtli and Fifth. 

u. Tmounom.vAUi. j. *. thomnmi, rcrt 



Paid vp Capital $««0,0U0. 

Al MKUIilMiC, ••Itkl miles bt^luw bt. P«ul, 
one (-ans, um: ta.sli Faw, with KdglDc Bawsl 
o«p»Meof aa«lD«c W.OtXifMt a day, wlllbe solo, 
fo run w Ill-re It stendi or 10 be removed. Three 
targi! Boilerd. perfect, with upright eoglDei, 100 
liorin p')w.>r. B-)oiDlng privilrga good. Balld- 
lug tOxPO feet . 26 fent <-o«l . I nfj u lr« of 

Wa. 1. AMK»,Mt. W»ml. 

Alflo Uollur ICagines. with machinery ot vari- 
ous kinas and sizes, for tale at low prlcej, by 
WM.I^AMiSa. mch23-lm 

Seed Season of 1866. 

FOR .S.lLi:: B¥ L. B. WAIT. 

iiM^H SKEOS, (;iKDEPf SEED.'' 



Iloxoi cnntalBing 20J small piners ol atnorlcd 
Gardpn fcc«>ds for -ale by the hox A selected 
ajsortoient of Flower .Seeds lu small papers. 

Oarden and Field Seeds. 

Weighed or measured in quauiay to fuit th^ 

Iheint^rpn of D. A. ROBEKIS JX, Kiq., In 
the ScPd bcii^e^f hisbrcr transferred lo the un. 
drrsl/jnod, who is prcpsri-a to continue tho snip 
cf choice nnd "-p laclo ■•pi'Jn. 

•.Inters re.-j.ectluily .so'.iciti'd. 

lOO -Xliir(l-%t , »t Paul. 

mcli:;:<-(l i wim 


Notice is h^reliy given that tlie aucual riiirtr 
Licction of tli» tJiiy of .St. f nul will bfl hold on 
Tue-^day, lie; third day cf April ntxt, from nine 
o iloek .\. .M uniil live o'clock p M., at the u.-ual 
Jdaee< of holding elections In the First, tipc.-!nd, 
third, F'lirili and i-iith Wardts, to hUcl the fol- 
lowing Ciiy una Ward officers, to wit : 

A M.iy.-.r, to serve t-.r thp term of one year. 

A City '. reasurer, toservt lur :tie t -riu cf two 

A <lty Surveyor, to ^■■fve for tim tr.-iu of three 

A tity Juetic',, to serve for the term of two 

At Ihe same tiiu" and places each uf Wards 
will elect one Aldenmn to .wrve for the ti-rm of 
three )e*r<, and one Ward Juatic • of the I'eace 
to terve for tli« tnim ol' two jta: s. 

And also the Fir^t Ward wl:| eleet one .School 
lDii|>v.>Jtor tD nerve for the term ot three \«'ar9. 
ill plaa.! ol Jo'Mi Maiocks, whiisc term of •cr- 
vicf t.\iiirf». Ihe Sfcjnd War.l one t" .-crve 
lIircR y,Hri< in place of F. I'. McNamPp, who^p 
term t-xt/irm ; hud one tor one year in place of 
It. K. lloii«,w-orlh, dec-arfd. Th.; Third Ward 
on« to sKivp throi- jeari", in ptaco of Wm. S. 
Ccml.i, whose term expires, ihe Fourth Ward 
oui- to serve tliiee jears. in place ot L». A. Kol>- 
ertson, -vhosa term expirpd ; uud the Fifth Ward 
one to serve three yiarn, in pUce of Mewton 
Bradley, appointvd to Ull a vacaucy. 

By order of the Common Couocd. 

Q, o , », ^ K. r. FBIHlND.niy Clerk. 
St. Paul, March --ii, 18 6. 

K. B. The fe.How-ins U a part of the fifth !-ec 
tion o; the 1< lection Law of l*! : 

"■fhe Judges ot K'lection will meet at the place< 
ot hcl'iiug flections iu ^aih of the cltrcMoD dis- 
trict.", on tho Wednesday next preceding the 
day of PlectiOD, and if ncoessarv toe next th'-ee 
days, irom the hour ol nine in lh"n forenoon until 
four in th." nfi.erDoon. and for t*o houra 
next !;roeedin;» th.^ rippning of the pollj on thn 
day ot 'l.x-lion, tor tho purpose ot makin.; all 
npc4 eary corroclluus of Ihe iwU liet«." 


Thinking friends for t>a9t lavors tu botJi mem- 
biifs of the firm, we hone, ty laduvtrloun iitti-o- 
tlon to the wunts of th-; p-jbUc, lo reti: n thplr 
(Atronagp, and alro add largely to the oatabpr of 
dealers with u>. 

To the trade we can ofl'er such rp<!:ial ndu'-e- 
menteas will mtlceic for tUf-iradviin'a^B t? i;tvc 
m their orders. Thy iciaua, Cl-rjom-r, 1-aw- 
yer§ and oihere, dpFlrloi; profenloral worki 
which we cannot kenp on hand, wtU And It 
cheaper to order tliroagh as. 

March 0, 1 BOS. Kclill-tf 


"LucyArlln," by Ifowbrlrtue. 

•• A Koble Life," by illas Ncwlock. 

' WlT«f and Laughter.!," by Sirs. G«kfil. 

" Herman, or Vonng Knighthood." 

•' .Songt w lihout Word"," by author T Totta 

"Stories toM to i clild,"f,y J->in fngpinw-. 

"Lcltcrii of Llfi»," by iTrs. Slxouraey. 

" Origin of thp late War," bv Geo. Luni . 

" Shakspoire's CojoplPtP Works, 12 vol* , by K- 
Orant White. 

" Rescued from Fpypt," l.> A. Lop. 

Additional Hymns for the Kpisropal Ct^iireli, 
andal! the other Ni:W BOOKS can b» found at 
n. D, MKRttrLL & OO.'s, 
I'JO Third Slr^ei, 




A bOQie and lot ai^Jolalog my r««Ul>-Boe oa 
ummit Avenue, above ht. Petrr street, for sale. 
Ho-jtp is convenient and surrouadlBgi pl«a»aikt. 
Enquire of C. PKUAL, 

febrtf Cor. Third and Bobert-tta. 



Any one haviog a small Farm f o root wlihlu a 
few miiei cf ht. faal can ture a good tenant by 
applying to C. A. PAE9COTT, 

Wo:id and Hay dealer, comer of £t. Teter SBd 

Fourth s!r<n-t*. m<:hl7-lM* 


Oi;«l£ WASTSD. 

I want to i-.nt a House of six or eight rooMS. 
Upp'r Town preferred. 

C. A. FKE3(X)TT, 

Wooil and Hay dealer, comer of FoonhaadSt. 
I'cter streets. mehlT-lw* 



In S- 


I'aul, March 'Jlst, by llev. O.Cohh Mr. 

""' -fiMr — - ' 

.step In this direction would result from a full 
and free conference hctwccn tho loading 
Northern and Southern men now in tho city. 
ITo suggetts that the psrsons to whom his 
note Is addressed Invite a call froo) Qorarnor 
Ptrsone, amoDg otberi, 

I BUllOIl, pirtiPS Oi St. I*un1. 


The fiiueral scrvica* of Iho late Mrn. Gpo. 
Butler Crltlln will take piice at CbriRt's Church, 
C«Jar it!rr«i, at four o'clook tWi (Frldiiy^ tp^t- 

500 T.adies ol Hi. Paul 

T.l i Al.l. AT 

«GO I'liii-a »tieet 

Ann BRK 
The mint |»<>rf«rt Inrentton ef the agv, 

A Noiseless Sewin? Marhine. 

Absolutely certain In ail its nore 
nenia, which nlll aew without chaag-c 
•f needle, thread a teaaion fraai the 
hearlpat te the thinneat fabrlr, with a 
aaiform stitch. Will feed eqaall.r 
well ffou rig^ht to left or front left to 
Ir^ti f^stea iuown threads, gather 
and sew oa a rnflia at ttaeaame tliae. 
and if u«tB»»»ry for the strength of 
■he aeana, make a doable siitch. 

Buy none but the Fl^OOEXCB. 


*• ■• All .Machines warrnnted. 
Any Vloreace Blachloe ia this riclnii.v 
uotia^ood workinr order will be re- 
paired nitbcnt anr expense ta t&e 

A 1 K E IV' S 

Price #OS.OO, 

lacludlQR a Book of Initruotlon, Twenty Ex- 
tra Needles. Oil Can, Screw Driver, Wrench, 
Working Hook sni Heel for Windlrp Yn n. 

»he nniT Practical Kaitt'ag Wachlaa 
offered to the Public. 

General Agent, 260 Third street, 


A New Book for the Season, 


"Harmony of the Gospei History 
from Pass'on Week lo Pentecost." 

Arras ged iu the order ol time, aad show; og ;he 
coincidences aadpt-culiariiiea of tlie £van){eiiet«, 
by the Eov. fc.. f . (Jray, of hhakoppe. l'r:c>3C 
ccatf , or ♦S.OO a doi?n, by xall, 

Fiir tale at Merrill & I'reiCJIfn.St. fsul. 


with tprms lor any one to e'ear fa, daily. In 
thipp hours. Buslrest opw, light and daslrable. 
<?an l>p d'^ne a' home or traveling, tv male or 
female. Addrett. 

W. n. C'HIDKSTEB & CO.. 
. Ito. 75 Ksseau slreet. Sew Tork. 


$5,000™^^^^**^ ' 

On Pnsonal Property acd Beat Estate. Ap- 
ply at The LOa:t OFFICE on Th'rd straet, be- 
iween Jackfa snd Polcrt E'.repf, over I,. B. 
Wsli'iSted .-to. '. 


WASri!n-AGEXT.--t50 per wpek- 
milp or female, at their homp; buiineii 
lljfht, plpssau! an^ honorable. For samplp ar.d 
ti-rm^.aJdresr vlfntwosUmp-. SHAWE kCO,, 
Dpt.-oit, Micii:eaD. mchI0 4w« 

UoveniM«BC ■•B4** Cola, l^aad Wai- 
raata aad Half Bwd Scrip 


l-rompt alteaUoB gtvea to tha ooUcct^oo oi 


AgeaU for the sale uf 


from Liverpool and Wa*eiu'owo to Haw Toffc 
and Salat Taal. 

Prsfts ca Xnffland, Irtiam/l, Germany, Framet 
StMtUnand A'onoag, 
JaeS istl 


National Bank of St. Faol 

Paid ap Capital #200.000. 

This Bank It mow l> sasatiSsM opprsUoa aad 
teadon its serviees t« Basks. Baakari aad vtbftt 
la rfactraniactloD of lagitlmate baaktBK t>aaiacte. 
Drafts for Sale on 


and orber priDCfpal f!«ropeaB cttlPt. 
Colk-nioDr anon aO aeeaMfblr i«Ieu is MM 
■orthwp«t will tw made ^-ad rp.xBili«<: for on oa; 
of payment ai eor7*nt rat. ■< ofpxchanr"". Hlfl»- 
act Maricct Ratw paM for Gold, >- iItm *b4 ^or- 
eii^n Kxchaoirn. Ihlaiiaaktaan a^eci loi wJk 
•oript: jiie to ihp popular L nlted ^t*le« 7-JC Jxiux) 
and th^K iiot<>< wTtl at all iIbp* t* kpp* od ha«o 
for ?al* in tomt of from Fifty Dollar* upward;. 
Z. h. KIKJlCBtOS. fr-tidfrtt 
JOBS HiCOL.S.VieeI>ri>Wdei!t. 

O. *. lH.).«rF«>KT, CmW'T. 


MEN Hl{XjI<d, 1 F. B. fARVriA.. 

J. H. RTKWAitT, Ik. tt. KAKW'X)D, 

B.PBJS8LET, iJ.B.hi^ltt.S. 

c. H.ncnrvkF.rscR, m«£Ph ua tlft, 

p. BFKSKY. iF. R. £:^ITn, 

I. C. «-F0E<JE, j is,. *C E^ATLVr, 

„ _ C. B. EDOKSTOS. 

8t.P«-,;!. Taly Sit. li« 


Marine Bank of 8t Paul 

IEOXAItn dcSfTSnRB.Baildera.- 
J fel^op in old f-aptlst Church Bulldi 

Filth ftrppt, DPir JiCtn-on. 
f-i^ctPr work c;'n=> 'o orier. 

n« on 
AU kinds of Ca?- 


TRtcr «;<»URr-sKc..i<i) .titdicial 

Summon* ( ^'- ?• Reveno 

t aO 3ent8, cancellpc 
Ronanna Kenn-dy, plaintiff, against H^nrv 
Kpnredy, dpfpndant. 

7%'- St:teof .Vinnesnta to the above named IH- 

/endant. Greetings 

■you arc hPTPby fiummoned and rp- 
''i .■".., *'^ answer the c:>mplaint of the 
plalntiir in thp atwvp pntitlpd action 
vvfiich h«.< t«>pn fdPd with tho Clerk of this 
(oiirt, nt hU office in Ihe city of Saint 
laul, in the oiunty afore.'aid, and to lirrve a 
copy of your anfwer to the Mid complaint u»on 
the Rubcriber at hia ollie-i in the city of St. 
I aid, In thq State aforpsail, witliln thirty day* 
after the sitvIch cf this Hummons ou you ox- 
cliisivc of th-) day if servicp; and If vou fail tj 
answer the 8. Id cjmpluint wittiln thP time afore- 

" ■ v''!"^■'•'''?''''^^"' "I'P'y to the cnurt for the 
relief demandptl therpln. 
March Jls.-, isi'.il, 

«■ . -,. . W. H.GR4NT, 

Plalnliirs Atlompy,SI. Paul, Minn. 

Fine Residence for Sale. 

Iwltl Mil my DWELLINtJ HOU.SK, i-lluatPd 
near tlip tiiv Hall and l'ark,andRlve pdmomIoh 
In a faw we.ka. Tho ImX in lio by Ijiijwt. The 
lloune in il\ l.j- 46), feet, two alorim hiK'U. Iiaa 
ttvplve rnnru- :ind a larp • woodah:d aad cistern. 
It id w IMmiit audluRJ-drepilr, lis pro.vimlty 
1.) Lm»ine>is nink.'s it very d.-slral.lpn' a residence n busiiirss mm. Tllln pprfrrl. For tnrm^ 
aplily tJ in<> nl rUK.SS OI-'KIUK. 

CHAK. lll(;|iOL«. 

f^t. Paul, March ii, isfti. molU'Mf 


iUnuf»cturcr of and O.alpi In nil kinds of 



JicKso.v ST., m;\t Wiji; to wiiner of si\tb, 

.,^';i;?';!^/i;^aA;in^S^™""'"'' »^"""''^«' •»• 

Notlilntbuttho b-»!.t »p| tied Faslnrn tlnitwr 
__ inoh:!l-l)r 

IjAnvBv orriowi 

Attotnpynl I.nw. OflUic ovpr ParkerPainc'i 
B»nlt, Ihird Htro«l. ftt. Paul, Minn. b„?S 

|^AI1,» ^RBSII ATBARt M9M. 0» 

JJiriCS-eKPcute. .'• k|,|S^* Joh'Siu^M 
adt* MjijBOM and dii-rhflh, iJ, n« lowSJrOTi^M 
A^Ofraitt* Co"iUlfl* to«i~ ^ '", •• 





The I'eiroleiini ( ook Stove, 

I.-i the UiO:.t tcjuomical Mo\cinm.p. It will 
do all kind)) ot co klni;, boil, Dake, roast br-jil, 
heat iron« f*r irmliiR, &e., as well as any flovp 
in use, and atatbiid to hell the cei;t. (tuws 
ueith-rCOAL nor W< <.»l), and makp> do snoke 
or ashes. It i-i vpry portatd i and clean, and will 
cook the ordinary ol a family of fix or 
•^ight persons for tlircor four cen^c. For sum 
mer use it is indi-ponab.e, leaving tbe bosse 
cool and oml'ortable. 

It can be seen in operation dal y at Mr. John- 
sou's Uunsmiih Shop. iH-tween the First Tresby- 
teriin Church and sichill-^r .* Restaurant, oo 1 hire 
street, whe.e orders wdl Lc received for Stoves 
to be delivered on the op- ning of naviuat on, is 
Kaiu'cy and Hrnnepiu couniii-f. county rights 
foraal-.;. «•'». F. WUKEI^EH. A'gt., 

mchTO-ltdkltw* .St. PaqI, .Minn. 




RoB«»ri»' stone Slock. 

ThiPd-st., St. Paul, Mmn. 

Make sales of Furniture, Stock, Herohiindise 
and Real Kstatein Kanse; or any of the adjacent 

They also receive goods on commission 
sell at private sale. 

ThPv have a larfje tail in tho second etcry for 
the sale of Furniture, rhwy are prepared • •> buy 
Furniture or other goods in large or small quan 
ties, or advancv liberally on coaslgnments. 

They keop always on hand a good stcck ol 
Staple Dry Goods, of Clothing, of Boots and 
Shoes, of Hats and « apg, acd Notion*, which 
the? sell at wholesale or retail, at mach les" than 
regular prices , 

rAII«CHII.I> * I^O. 

nov30-eod tf-Ietll 

18 66" 

J.. _f 


JUST iAE:c£:iv£:i>. : 

An Liegzntj Aseortmentjof 


Fine Cowtings. 



A full.ltDC Ol 

Gentlemea's Furni^ihin!; (loods. 

Always on hand. 

Fashionable Garments 

Made to order on abort notlse. 




Real A(reixius« 

11>1 Third Ktreet , near Ihe Brlifbe. 


F"lve Stores on Third st., al>o>e l't>»t OIBcp. 
r« feet with improvements, n.-:ir Post i/ffiee. 
Thirty se\en feel on Third-*t.,inar IMinnfotun. 
One hundred fee* on Third-st., n'-ar ."-c I."-. 
I/Ot 10, block IS, St. Paul profxT, »i.:.tHi 
l.«tn, block J Hoy t's addition. »l..i">. 

, Whitney A .«milh'.-' .\ Id. t l.oiH). 

Air at XX.X, wftwL )»Ax.r. 

MSHriRR & J>RO.. Arcbitecta.- 
. Off<<.e in the <iamp building as I>eonard 
&8h- irf'4 Carppntpr Shop, on Fifth slrept. De- 
?!?ns, Placi Kod sp<H:iac4t!oiic for ^uUojDg^ of ev 
nry Jcac-lption f.r«'parpd oj short Tiotjop. )r i:^ '. 

HrAWTBO— AGENTS — (Male or Female.) 
Can clear #5u j .-r w-£f-'» at thtir own hom'>. :n 
a linht and iionorsbiB business. Anypsr-en hav 
ing a f.>w hrurs daily to "tend will find this a 
good paying b'.ibiiie-'^. Aildr<-^#. '-.-nding siamp, 
for tuil particulars, L. L. LOCKHOOD, D«;roit 
Michigan. mchlO-4it* 


At OOP of thp t>e«t poiotj for the sale of Lnm- 
t>er on the Mis- ir.sippi Hivcr. Al>« one set ot 
Machinery, for WiiVy Saw Mill-, entirely new. 
One set Machinery for Sas") Saw Mill, nearly 
new. For pertieular's Inquire of 

C. BiUDUMA.N, St. Cloud, Minn. 

DlTnif iniU MCHOOK., 
at the WinslowUouap, tjalnt AsthanT, an 
der the manageicnt of MISS SAKA F. BiCF 
to continup during the winter. 

Prices 1 er tprm of 12 lessons :— 

yentlpman and La<ly, tS.OO, 

Lady or (ipntlcmau (singly.) 3.00. 

Persons wishing private l«tsonH at special ratot 
will rwjplvp pvery attention. Good maiic will be 
i<-r>wid><<. SeptJZfl taios.* 


An excellent assortment of BUILDIKG and 
BASSWOOD, aslorrat thtlottcst nnd at ^ood 
as ihe best, at the oli eatabllshed "Bridge street 
Lumber Yard," Mionpapoiis. Minn 

(pbirtm HABPtSftPCTVAM. 



The hlgtitbt w-hges win b? pUd to a g>>od, 
steady and fa=t workman. Fngigement can l>p 
entered int« for one or more yciug If dedred. 
Addrpis or call on the sabscril>ers ia Faribault. 

mch20 2w COTTBELL » WOOD. 


AH KM rr. 

By Iho undersigned in thr town of Marin". 
Washington coaiity, on the imh dav ol June, 
186C^ one Iron Gray Mare, about tlfteen bands 
bigli, peer in Cesb, p-arks of orlUron sboaldPTs, 
saddle on tiam, and supposed to be 10 or I'»' yrars 
old. The owner is retjuostpd to pfovp prvp'irty, i 
rav charrp< and take ber away. 

Marine, Marcn Itt, 186A. ■ichl>0-let^2w 

PA11> LF CAPITA!. »100,000. 


GoW. S!vpr aad Exchisp.-> bocyfit ard *9 
Co-ap<.ns paid. .- ■ 

>bd at CUT 

AgtDl- tir tl:e popoUr 

7:3U U. S. Loan. 

NE'WTOS BRAriLFT, Pre9lrt»«t, 
JOHN HOLIJUTD, VIop Pr*fir>nt. 

O. B. TTBiiEI.L. CMhJer. 

ioupcns r*id. CoIIectioBs proaptlr 
emlttfed at current r»ws. 

John uoUand 
F. W Hclman 
O B. Torri!!. 
D. SasTord 


lO. WelU. ... 
Edward Wee*-. 

I Jfflwit.r. 'ir.M: ■: 


BriitK« Sqoare, St. Paul. 



FineHair(ioods.Loo^ Braids-. 

WItfs I'alf Wigs, Side Braids. 

At Price*, which Defy Coospetttl**. 

All roods varranted to iMiaade in the Boet 
carefol and tasteful maimer. 

Orders by Mall or Ezpresi will receive prti«>p.» 

Private rooms for Ladlee'IIatr I-res>tiig,l>b£ii! 
poolng ani Djeing. 

Tbo only BrowB Dye applied and for sale. 

Pariicniar attentloa to Ladiea' aad CtiilLTta<« 
Hair Cutting. 





Ore Ten Horse Power Portable Engire and 
fioiier, complete. Alfo one Fifteen Horse i 
Power, portalile; two Iwenty Horte I'ower I 
Locomotive tii^Uers. one nearly new; one Four 
Uoree Power Portable Boiler Fncinn, and Boil- 
ers repaired. Apply to T. SMITH60N, Pine 
street, between Grove and Somerset street. 

mch202w • 

WASTED.— A fituatlon bv a young mtn, 
as Clerk either at St. Paul or MioDeapolls, 
who ii a goivl penipan aad can talk tbe l^raodi- 
navian lauguage. Address O. H. J., box f, Min- 
neapolis, IKinn. moM"'lw» 

Rea,l Estate -A-gency. 


mcbl tf 

I, two. 



Lot 1, block in. 

Lot r., block 11, do ' d.i 

Lot -', block 14, do dj 

Lot 7, block 7, dj do 

100 feet on I'e«rl-sf., neur I'aBada, »;,.'>•. , 
1H(I (ppt on Summit Aveuo.'. 
RpKldencp lots In all part* of th<" cilv. 
House and lot 10, Mock .'■,</ePch's Add., 1 1 ,<'K<>, 
House and lots on Fortnt.. noarForb.^s. <tl]ttxi. 
Fine residpnee on Ninthst , lot litiixihui. 
Housp and lots on Kighthst., irtJx'.'o. 
Houses and lots la all part* of the city 
Farms, Farmine Lands, Hotels, ke Ae In 
all parts of the Stat.?. mc!ili-l ,i1t 

Cabinet Organ, Melodcon, etc. 

Zandel's Melodpon Inslmclor. Contalnlor 
Elements oi Munlc, Exercl^e^ and Cholc* »;uslc. 

New Method for the Molv>d>>ou. I.ossnn-, Kx 
ercisos. Popular 8oDg<, Psalm aud Uymu T sues, 

t;arhart'8 Melodeon. ElPmentarv and Pr» grpf- 
slvo Studies, wit/i Cboioe Vocal aud Instrumeiital 
Music, (11.50. 

Amerleui School for ;lie Mrlodcon, $1. ,*•'!. 

Model Melodpon instructor, 

Winner's Guide for the Cabinet Organ. A 
Belf-lnstructor, with Select Popular Music, r.'i. 

Winner's Guide for the Mplodeon, 75. 

HelodPon wltliout a Master, byK. L. Whi<P,7.S. 

Woodburv's Melodeon Instructor, 75. 

tireen and White's Jf.dodeon Instructor, 'S. 

Howe's Melodeon Instructor, 50. 

Tl>p Seriphino. A collection of Music f«.r the 

Hnlodoon, Serapbinc and Reed Organ, 75, 

'iHHt post paid, on r»e«ipt of prioe. Of- _ 
piT»t;N * CO., PuLlIihert. ?7r WMhlngton 

Reg-istei* of Oeeds, 

JRameey County, Minn. 

Furaishea correct Abstracts of Titles fo 
Lands and Lots in R'.m^py conntv. 
Offit-e— CODRT HorsB. "feblS-Smlst'' 

rVHY M.K M. m mm . 

We have now on hand a largp stock of 
Building Il.vun>>«»r, Fencing, 
Pickets, ^o., 

Whiob we olTe- for sale at the lowest prioes 
Lnmtwr yard on t ' mt Streat. 

Mannfaotnrers of 1 amb<>r, 
•■ ' ••<»«• Hinnptt>nlts. Ml»t 

LdtP Surgeon tvth Mane. Inf 'y, 
Ofllce, next to tlie' Post Office. 
■ rldr»-Mr*«a, ««wB«a»*lte, Mia*. 


Just JEleeeiveci: 

lOO Dob Axes, 
50 Doz Wood SawB, 
50 Do2 Ames' Shovels, 
20 Doz Meat Cutters, 
30 Doz Grain Scoops, 
20 Do7 Stave Baskets, 

100 H. H. Wheelbarrows. 
\5 (loz Little Giant Clothes Wringers 

Hevemter t, ISM. 

■ehlS-lT 1:- 

We have now on hand a large stock t < 

DUbridge IX aud IIXCliimD().«. 


Lamps of all Varieties and ?rm%, 

Wariaoted eqeal t« the best in nar 

The above goods wiU l<f> acid to ttc trade ai 
very low ratpt, 

Cainn Block. Third at. St Paui. Mln% 

)ail''-d*'irU I-'t" 


ynu may boy a large siie 

At a greit l>argaiQ. It Is all ompieto, with 
Copper Boiler, Reservoir, Ac , Ac, bidonging to 
family leaving .St. Paul. feb-.H 

vy A^vren m.ticDiATEi.-r. 

For employment in tbe 

F*ress Biii<ier.y, 

One Forwarder and one Finisher. 

None but tlret-cl«!^« mechanics need applv. 
Uuc^i wagi 8 aad a steady situation guaranteed. 

Apply ImmrdiKtPly at thP Counting Boom o' 
the WT. PAI I.FRK»», 

mehio Bri5ge Pqua'-e. 

Attorney and Counsellor at Law. 

I'ticiMiix Hl.>«-k, near the ItiMdice 


tialnt I'aul, UlsBeaota. 


TriinU Mniiitltt<>t or>-, 


.Travoliofj: i3:^^^«, 

A hrfp lot on hand and will bP rold at New 
Yoik priops, WbolPrale or Retail. 

Woolon Horse CoTers at Cost. 

Saddlery Warchouee, corner Third and Rob<<r1 
street*. mehJOdAwif 

House, Sign aiid OriiaiiienUil 

«3fl»«^XIitr«l>9t., Ht. Paul. 

Jom J. WtLbiAM*. B.J. KomrEL 


25 cents 

Will buy a I-OK cf 


Eurfka Leal her Prp'prvsiivp. 

very ben article ia ase for preserving th* 
L"ath.-r. Utlike acy other Pn-sprvativ;, the 
ipather will polish, by applying ord.niry Pas'e 
Blacking, im-iediately aitenhe Prewrra'lv* |« 
aspd. F.verybodf sh .lid have a box. Maua- 
iaotured and for sale by 


a*. -^.Cl Third >lr«vi. WU-grtf Bl«rb. 



Fassl Caa I.t|rlif Cv^iMia. , 
St. Pavi March 17. Imw. 

braird proposals will l)p r'Ciived »t the oflWe 
cl the St. Paul tjis Liglit Companv, from tb" 
presecl SloclihoMi r s ot eaid Companv, iiPtil 
Iharsdav, the I'.Uh day of Anril m-xt.'for e'uo 
iluDdt'd Thocxiiil I>o!lar« of the capital stuck 
nf Ihe Company, and tor Yweafv-tivp Ttiou.aDd 
iXillars of ttiP Compasv'A Kc>!id< rinning tor a 
ipim of five j-ears, and brarfre interest at the 
rate of se\enppr O'nt per annum. 

By order of tho Board of 1 irectort, 

. .« .. ... .*• '^- GOODRICH, Secretarr. 



Office on Third Street, 

l->om a ijuarter of a centurj's exprripncv Pr. 
!>• M promises rx:eUcaep cf workmanfhip and 
»» reasonable charge.*, and refers hy periDitsli n 


Mr. t>ak.>s. (el Bomp kOake«> St. Paul 
rot. an i Mis. Bplote, iDt.ri alional Hotel 
Mr. Kd«prt:>n, I'resident of vd Na'icBal Bank, 
h-.ghi Kev. Uirbop Graor. 
Krv Dr. McMastera. 

Col. Kobcrtaon, aad Phyaicians of St. Paal 
'*■" ll' _^__ mchlly-mi 

Uf enoU's Block, Sd •tr««t, St. Pam*. 


IPuon.>TMtt OB 





J. XI f 'jf^iivi " i^Atrc*- ri\E3J^\ ■ 'ri; ; - jvrAia;u .id, i»uu. 




— - 

<?Uc *wttt ^aut fujjs. 

l^VnUHHBniliUL'f ,THI WKKK..T .Mil) Wkkk.L1> 

I "-I aiiuuui. 1,'t ^4 n 
an'r luit'. 

iKi nt *h.i.\ ^'u^ > -j-. > i i 
»1.'V fv.<r»U iuoBth»: Jl JO iur tUre 
jo cvutM f.>roDi' nu'iilh. 

WVKK1.\ rBKSJi-l'u.'vopvi»>. 
-!)i nil u'.h-. ( ! aV , club* ol t-" tt>t'l<>. «.''»' vear 

rUKSS— B» nail. ♦l'>,<>" 


■ S T U I 

lOucilmtf ■ 

* . six J»>» , .. 

• , rw w«vk» . 
i( l!vrot« wtH'kf 
2 ^OuK taoDth . 
f ? I'vki-muniJi^ 

Q ( Six mow. 

I so 

: o<i 

» JO 

S r.l 

.i; JO 



I iX 

I :j 

; >o 


iJ i» 

8 79 

iSOO wso 

Mt*t p»j(» »dvertt*i-tn*nt». spocis aud ^u•'^ 
WisnotiJr?. ■•• ■ ■ '■ "•- ni-'utifoUowlnj lance- 
dlatolv arti't '. tt«' loattJi v»«'' . on* 

hi^ iJdltl. ^ 

;, ^..•v•JnJ ; ■ '. ■'••■ s Jiifclalplaee anililouMe 
cjl3m3 4dTortueuu<ata.taU:xitverU5emdat:<vrtU> 

J. AJ.Kt.rrajt'at-'cUaasoibUitvU^isurerattil 

24 1a 74 J. I. T. I fic per aouum kdJUtlou^ lot 

l»S4^. A ' jtt Jat^Wcentsporftiuuo 

♦, Lls"»1 u .. - -Jk' :tie above ifi'-'^'*> "^'^ 
so tM>Uc« In.- Till d lor l-.'i9 ihui #1. 

J. ^Vh.T 
ihirti'! aJilr 

I*. Ailv^r' 
yt SNjuar^L' 
• luai* for 
witMa tlirt'i 
;-..'j!">.ia LV. 

r. 1.-S1I ■ 

r. Attctnji i 

"»aie, ual 
cliarce ttio 

ia UillyandWefkir.two 
.< Daily rate. 

Wfoklv aUi:;', «!.« 

.n. laJ Si. oentr ViT 

. -. fcr iuy pt'iioil 

< month?, oao 

■ ?.'. advnUseini>uU',73 
•. insertion. scJ JTS 
lliUouil lujorlion. 

. rjletlsg in legal aiv<?rti;t.'miTit< 
. »>;.-.-!intitSe tor tie cost of tn* 
■ a special iisi'-«^™''>i< w 
. thsT party. 


\\\m\ <'l l.tUcr List tor 1>l»i> 

Mga IS openly {iimUiiuied to clu<l«, if \'\je..i 
lilf, Uii to ('(ipiiM-. II nciossaiy. tUi- inicr- 
icicuce i>i I niuil ^il^>lc» tronjw with ilio i-Ihuj 
of s«iiiny ty iii>.iilc (.'aniula. A 

lUlol-BK'llt I'l OIIIO ilfMiiptiou is l'\l><.lUll 

I lU'to till' tlA-t el ucxi wxA. A report htis 
I'll! ivii;i\til tbit ,1 serioub ilittltulty Uasoo- 
curi«'d I'll «i.'fU the l-'cui«u.s auj Itie volori'il 
iMvjH «t4iionotl at htW, IVnu. Shms y>ft\: 
cx.hLU!>:cii iiocly, cuvl ia!.iialii>> I'mirml ou 
Ivili siUc-.. 

I'lie |ico|ila ul Luuii..'ik uiiii llaiuiltuti 

«(t> ll!U«.ll )>k-iiattl u!. (ho AlUcllcau:) lit 

liotlitvoll ti!«yin» tlin' lln-y will ilo all 

llw^ VM\ to ikkiiJ the yov.iiimonl o! 

CaiiAilA, boL'U'ise ol bein;^ protCLted by it. 

A'lil by ihi- WA_\ , luljic I ilose llis, 1 

uiu'i M.-i; a word about tbe oil noiLi m 

Bot'iWfU. TLis is wbcvL the ^\xsi "IVp' 

p.T \Vi U" ij Ki. Attu.du J w as ri j'lTtt".' ui be 

t'j. gi.-nltrt ilowing well iu thv woiUl. It 

miy have Itcn lie greatoit kr {ndiuinji 

tbo /{I'j.Y oti. but a? lor its j-io-Uvjipg a 

largo niunti'v i' is all a huuibu^ There 

art: about IW wellj in f'rojjies.-t at IJo'.L- 

w oil, atul live or six yii-lJii'.j oil; and 

muiyr.ow iouiuslmui I ocvtr will bring 

(ortb a CLUt''!) worth, liut nieso ol tluoo 

at auotber tiiue. 

1 iiitocJ to rcniaia in I'dnad^ n tLorl 
tiut — s.iy two or t'rce weeks — and it 
tbtTc rtail..' is any iigh'iiii; goug on, 1 
^ba'l .0 10 the lion* if iiermitted. and 
SL-c il the Ja>iiiiy Ihill.s tiaHy do know 
aoy tbirg aboiV. iJgb'.ii.p. You wou'd 
think, to bear >onn? cl t!if ltd Loaied 
geu'.kr.iii! tvlk, that ibf late war la the 
United S.atiS would luve Iwca liiissbed 
out by i\ lompau) or .10, undi.'i their 
ibirgc, iu no tiui-.- a' all. 

TLers' !tx\: thousands ben* who v. oe.ld 
rather br iinuexed to ibe t' S , bu' do 
not d. lie to .-ay to oiieiil* at puoetii, aa 
tlie late oi a t'eiii.iu 'KO'iid juiel; be laeted 
out to hull who diirL'd 10 be so bobL 
Trulvvoui-. ("HMX. 

rll 1 M ■ 

1 - 

\ . , -; I'v! 1. .Minx.. I 

V ' : -r,. 17, iSOe. s 


fl-v:.J . 

Gtsri.! ■ 

with the icgu- 

:aiion» 01' 

:ment. rC'jmr- 

'Dj: the pi' 

ot uniillcJ-tor 

leiters in : 

: 'i.: the largest 

'■iwrafv. . 

'. bona /lie" cir- 

C'jlation, V 

dehvcry, the 


:-. I r thiscfflcc, i* 

here\T aw. 

r I lP.\u.\ ri.c-j 

for the -'J • 

Ver^ .- 

-•- '^'">'- 




If either 01 lhe.^^ (orms bo aeceptcd by 

the I'renideut and rci^oglii/.ed by t'oii- 

greiw. il will iii.^laiilly ebaiij;e the balaiiee 

ol I'elitieiil [.JWir in the I'liiled States. 

It is probable ibe pcoplo who have 

saved ibe nation aie mil 1 oiiUnt to ae- 

i.ei't itti eonjeipieneeN w.tbout a nuinuur. 

None ot the white jiopuLition ol the 

tSuutbein Siaies aivi inletesled in paying 

the pabbe tleb' or inip'>!<iii{; ta.\es to meet 

Its interent. '['hry bold none ol it. It 

waii created to .lubjtot. tlK-nt tu tbn lawn. 

It has bun lOiL-iunied in lli-ir ovistbiow. 

It i,i lo be p.iid in great part ou» ol their 

Mib.itaneo. It baa annihilated their puh- 

lii- debt, il haj tilled the land with os- 

tr.v.'it>d cliieei.^. with WLUindcd soldiers, 

with an odious tree myro population - 

lately (heir ol<vo9, uud kIiII nnder their 

I'olitieal eoii'iol. 

II ibf ».'hd''s he leatored lo pidiiical 
power, tlieii irpresentalive;* aie interest- 
ed 10 repudiating that debt, in reiuKini; to 
pay it J intere.-i, in i coloring their olli' ers 
loiheaiuv .ird nivy, in ul:i> im^; th'ir 
wonaded dd Ihd p^M sion roll, in todciu- 
nil} in;; ibt ii liu'tids t'>r lusis by or 
eontis' ation or tor<id tax sjies, in re- 
storiiif^ .-slavery iinibr the Ijri>.i3 of ap- 
prente.eiihip or lixed waj^os ftnd compul- 
sory .'erviee nnl diseriintnafini^ and ijp- 
pressive kYislation. I'bo cllbrt has 
ulrt^ady bten made in Tenno^;ee, and the 
Hpiiii tvh eb dietated li pervades the whole 

Sonth, and will lind ct iiatei rcaly nude 
to itj hand in every Siatf. In Congress a 
majority e.m arrest legi?l ition. A nijijor- 
ity ol either house ein eoaipel subuii-.'-ion 
to any ternn under penally ol ariediing or 
di90n;ani^ii)j; the government 
. rhe lvfpre>entativ;d troui the btiites 
lately in rtbellioii will (orui .1 puw; rlul 
and hostile Kiinuiiiy, and il they do not 
find enough encinito 1 1 the (Jovernment 
(roui ihs' Mat(.< now rejULacuUd lo j;ive 

ne^jTOca U'e the un^ peraona in ^oae 
8tat«« who Lavo not open in arniR against 
US. The) have alw.iy.i and I'niy where 
been Irii iidli and not hostile to us. 'I'bey 
aloiif have a deep tnleieat in (he cunt in - 
tied RUprenia<-y ol the United 8ta(i'S, (or 
then- heedoni depends on it. On iheiu 
alone lan we di'peml to anew 
ii>snrr>'-uun. 'I'huy ulono tfill be lu- 
elined to vote (or tlie (rienib of the (Jov- 
ernment in all the Southern States. They 
alone have ^heltered, led and pioneered 
our starved and hunted brethren through 
the iiwaiups and woods ot the South, iu 
their lli{;bt Iruin those who now aspiie lo 
rule theui. 

The sb.iiuc and lolly ol de^jerling the 
negroes are Kjualled only by the wisdom 
ol reeogniiMug and proteeting their 

Tbe\ will tunu a ilear and controlling 
majority against the uuited white vutu 
in South Carolina, Missiksippi and Lou- 

With a very small aicejsti'D Itom the 
loyal whiles, they will lorui a in.ijoiily in 
Alabama, (Jeorgia and \'irgiiiia. 

I'nited in nil those Stales, tbi-y will be 
a luttjority in uiauy i Ji/j^te.iaionil aud 
legislative diatriets. and tba' alone suHi' es 
to break the terrible aud uiei<aeu'g unity 
o( the ►Jouthtrn vote in (Jonj^ress. 

It oigaui^utl and led by men baviug 
(heir c'onSdence, thu iiegroe:< will prove 
as powerful and loia! at the pulls us they 
have aire id), in the taee ol tijual clamor 
and tii'.ial prejiidiec, proved themselves 
under :<ui.h leadern 011 the field ot battle. 
To those who ^ay they are uulit lor the 
franchise, I reply tbry arc more tit than 

II they bo ignorant they are not more 
!>o than Iarj;e uiasieo of the white voters 
ol the Sonth, or the rabble which 13 tum- 
bled on the wharves of N"w York and 



tbouj a majority lu one house lor tome of i run.-i str-iight to the poll:,. 


Vic-Wis VI llvury tl iutcr Davi!>. 

An Ablo Expoaitiou. 

10 ' 

As 1 .U" '. 
a dail) w!'" 
liitrvaihn.; i ■ 
ans. I lb 
would UO' 
ot the I'i 

All iortj 
atloat here, 
cf F'.niai'-. 
saapEcti ! 
United ^ 

pKIOn. »r t 

most of 1, 
the wild 
tiipidly f- - 

many art' 
toW'' on '' ' 

,il<lif<t- Oil «%rll». At. 

. I" \N .. .Varch 1>, Xcm- 
.' I'iul Pre<3. 

' ten city at present, and am 
- t •' ' "•'P.iC excitement 
i ; to the Ft ni- 

•>■ '>rn.s on (be bubject 
i.nal'ie to the readers 

"t ;jttj'.!i"l'e«: leports are 

MaTiy think the ei'y is full 

11)1 c*ti> man who lij;: ihi: 

•.1. or who is 

, ' > ' •11 in the 

' ' -. ■.:■ v.-i(b si!5- 

i •.'•il iii.lii.ed lo ibink Uial 

• ; '!;. >y •leb'd . and if 

to come in as 

l>: last week, 

in inoit of the 

'. and, in sucli 

■' •;■ cvid.'l'.ce wtll 

LU bad nothing; 

pe;."on:' pns- 



bo r. ■!_ ..;■ ''i -..j.: i t::;a! 

to do with the su^jn.t 

tuce here, btfcre they triil be released. 

The Governmen* -t r.ij telegrams to the 
Mayor of this city, that it is rcsdved to 
fill the voIun'e-;r lor'O fully up to -'.J.f.iO't, 
bat says iLa* only ten thousand will be 
called out .'-t [j resent, though aims are 
rcidy fcr 1' ",'.'>'. Aii'.-.Ler ii-pctt say» 
t'^at the eiry ol Ottawa is rife with .-ien- 
sation ri-iiijrs. 

From all part.i ol the Province the 
news ecses that the people pre fully 
aroused, a::d are detennined (0 mte: the 
mvadtrs and drive them frusa the soil. 
• If seems to be tru- that large 
numbers are l-aviu'^ daily br 
parts unknown, and this, ol course, 
occasion^ Jtieat ab-ir-e. ami all sorts of 
coDJeetut^^ ; and m-.nv n( the regular 
Johnny JVall siri arc Ic-id in their denun- 
ciation; ■ •A *i:c Amen aa Governraeiit, 
dtelaricg it is tl.fl .'■:••.• of all their 

The people of this city a em to think 
that tLif, of all other pia' ej, is the crj-: 
that the Ftniana most desiie to get pos- 
session of, and are, tht;rcfote, making 
every ctTort lo give them a warm recep- 
tion. The City Fatrol was fully orgin- 
ized this evening, CThursday, l-'^ib) iu 
coaiplianec with a > all made by the (tcd- 
cral Vigilante Committee, by large and 
enthusiastic mectioga held in (he Jifler- 
ent wards, at which oommittecs were n^»- 
pointed, volunteers for patrol were sworn 
in. and general .trrangements pcrfe- ted 
for the safety and protection of the city. 
The response of the citizens to the meas- 
ures devi.- d ? . flji: 'itncral Ccnin-.ittee 
were prce ipL .id -uited, and any re- 
quired i.umf. r of volunteers ready for 
the bcrii.e I jnteuipla'. d were forth- 
coming. The fnthrjsiasm of the eitiz -cs 


tli'^' m-' tings by bavin" 
;,'rd.'n r- ad to them by 

r : 

I., March 1.3, 18C<J. 

■■•a my applic-.ili.jn. l!ij 

•inmanMing ordered iw., 

t .'irnis to tie tim t., 

'-''>l. I'incol Kc, vho 

■ ■ ■ 'I. 

' ''Client ■erv.iin 

1. V 


t'l'l. A.U .M 


iM.ilon, t;. W. 

■a ■! 

b .-• thweveniiij 


1 .'iiid 1' tilled, il 

• .1'' 1 

' \'h< iiieiit. J: 


I'l'li, and reud.^ 

was mcrcii 
the foilowi 
crd»:r of "f. 

5-lR: V 

tliouB!;a'i . 
HanultuD, I 

will I.-'jO'. : 

I have tl 

L C M 

A tcl";;; ::■■> <■ 
wai at oe ■ 1 1: 
possible, -nli ; 
was dated New 
thu* : 

Ala me. ..; u. !. .:a.,l AM. i,,,,.,,,^.. 

icrday, re; .utuns cnaorMuc tli.> Pcniim 
intjTCwcnt, and tiijoiuloi; ni-r,,, , ,,v trfin-jiji^ 
fe-eoeraily II;.; ot^scrvanre ■■( ^t. Patriek's Jiiiy 
were a<!c[<t('il. 

To Ibis the ilamilton 'Hints aays: 

A i ihc niunieipHl representatives of is'ew 
Vurk arc three out ol luiir of tlicni FeuiaiiK, 
or Keniiin sympatH/.ers, the aborc need o. 
<-8*:on no sunrise. TJie proofs niuitii)lv il,al 
'I tne 1 ciicral Oovtrnnient docs not 'initkly 
and summarily niterler.-, ij.c movement will 
get 'ryor.d in ic.wti u. ^uriM. 

Another and siiil mere exciting report 

Las just been r..eived, but loo late for 

ibc evening paper, and to litar dome p.-o 

pie talk, and m t the anger, exeilcmint 

and liar of others, one would itn.agine 

that a large army of favages was just 

about entering tbc city for the purpo«e 

of murder and rapine. Here it i< : 

BirrALo, March 15, UOC. 

IncrcsMd activity and e.\ci!cmcr.t are <.;.,- 

biblted la Fcniaii quarters to day, and the dc 

KrciniUoSt. Louis D-mot-rat. 

In May last, in response to iiapjiry, 
Hon. Henry Winter Davis wroie a letter 
felting forth with bis cbaraeteristic elear- 
neis and cogency his views upon the prob- 
lem cf recoustruclion. 'Ihe letter has 
hiti.ertc) remained unpublished. The con- 
sent cf Mrs. Davis to the public.-ition 
having been obtaieed, a friend at Wash- 
ington transmits to us the manuscript, 
and we. hiivc thus the pleasure of ores* iit- 
iug to our re.ider.s .h document which 
strikes \m a.< ranking among tlto most 
ni;isierly expositions ol the subject in- 
v^tlved. that vet appeared. The fol- 
lowing is the lett'jr : 

It.u.iiMc'Ui , May HT, \><'<-j. 
M^ Dkvi; Sill: rica!C .lecept my iic- 
knowb'('i:ii!eM:s lor vouf kind note. 

I wisli 1 eould give yon a >iK)rt and 
S'ltwlftitory answ»'r to ;, cuir bnel and 
pregnant <(ueslion toiiching our piojpects 
under l'resi<KT-t .lohnsoii. 

The iuture oi lb-: nation is summed oji 
in the restoration ol politicil power to 
thi" Stat's lat*'!y in reltellion. 

t~>f what the rresidenl'd policy ii on 
ib-it lopie, 1 know nothing. 

'i'lie conditions nf lli-j problem are 
plain, and the coiise'ju<'nces ol the sev- 
eral possible solutions lotlov^ with logical 
Ci rtalnly. It rests with the I'rcsidcnt, in 
theslacin which Congress ha.'? bit, tlic 
i;'iepti..'n, io l-tke tii'". ii.ii.nij-.e ; ai;d li.e 
in ><'.■ ill which that is done will de'erniinc 
,lU llat follows. Whatever Stitc Ciov- 
erniiicnts be allows to bo organized and 
to ele..t Kvpreccntativcs and Senators 4o ] zens, as ftoubi b 
Congress will be recognized by Congrti-s 
in December la all probability. 

Noi.e exist now in any Stale which ro- 
bellcd, ; none can be organized legally 

witbout the assent of the United S:ates; 

and no si->p5to secure ibat assent can be 

takrn Trithout bis perinisston. 
The President's only jiowtr o»er the 

(luea'ion nstj in his right, to rf fuse per- 

aiijj'ic'ii for liny C'Siivi htioa or elettion to 

be hild unles.'i on terms jatisfictory to 

him, Int that power is decisive. It be 
rcfu.'^eo to permit any cleclion or any con- 
vention to be held, tbinga will await the 

sel'iiion of Congres?. 

li Le permit the ajtijregaie white popu- 

b'.'ion ct the South, (paahtied to vote un- 
der the old govi-rnment-? abroj>a'ed by 

the rebellion, to orgi-ifii^ie St-i'e (iovern- 

mente, that installs the revolutionary 

fa t cna in poi^er in the States, aud tills 

Corijress with their KeprLsentativcH and 


ibat is io pkcd ibe sceptfci' in the 

hands from which *we have jnstwrefted 

the aword. 
If tbi President atte-sp's to di-crimi- 

na'e the loyal frcm ttja di.doial, 2nd e:t- 

clude from voting all who have given aid 

and eomtcrt to the rebellion, a mere 

handful cf Ike population will remain 

wholly ineonipetert loform or maintain a 

State Goverumcnf, and iuie to be ovtr- 

wbefnied by the political 'o-jnter revolu- 
tion at ib'i r,e.\t election, wbicb will re- 
store power to the leaders of the rebel- 
lion. While it stands under (Le protec- 
tion of the United States, it willecnatitute 

an odious oligarchy, disposing of th-: lives 

and property ot lue gfea'^^ mass of Ihi ir 

fellow citizeng, w;i bout any reepoueibilitv 

aud eonii..iI:ng the na'iona! l.-gL-iation 

by the peojde lor whom thty vote. 

The result is unavoidable. The whole 

mass of the jiopulation of the Sonth has 

given aid .ind comfort lo the rebellion. 

The war was made by the accestion of 

tbc Union men to tb'j 'ci.el faction. It 

ia idle to talk ol a quiceenl mass of loval 

men cverbcrne by violence. It was tbe 

Union lien who passed the ordinance of 

seec.^non in Virginia, and who ma'c it 

cll'ectual alter it; was pa:ied. In no S'atc 

was the rebellion dangcrocs without the 

active aid of tho,. oTsposed to scce.i.Mon. 
Bui the l.nited States had no fr.ends 

in the rebel States against (bone States, 

and the;/ hacc none to-dinj. 

The Union men of the South preferred 

Union and peace to disunion; they de- 
plored the outbreak of tho war, but they 

never Lesitated .". moment wbicii si<le to 

take. If there was to be a war, they 

were for Ibeir .Siara and ag.ainst the 

United .States. There was no respecta- 
ble portion cf Union men wil'in" to .lid 

the United State.s in compelling'aubrais- 

sion to the consliin'ion, and there are 

none itotr. All Enbmit to force. 

Many are wdlinr; lo aef|uirscc in the 

unavo dable. All, ar.;. willini; to govern 

the United S ales again, sine*; indent ;•- 

deiie.t is inj.o.-sible. llnl all .ire "also 

wdhng to ai I il.i! rebellion, and not an 

ar«ault and l-ai|..„ w.w romi.iitte.l lor the 

!. ","•'''. ?."»'"' '•"'" 'b< Potouia. to Hie 

tfllll ol iVll-.\lrU. 

The i;i.,en ii.cMol il„- Stntb did not 
ni. t. 1) bow lo oirrl.iaring l„rci- b„( 
lh.y lia.M.i.-d tot-ek pLic.s ,„ If,,: |,,.j,,j. 
latur.s, lb.- CVngi.-p.,, .i,„i n,,. i:.^, ,.i,(n,. 
luan.Moin, and gav n » countenance and 
(■nppuit, wiihoii!, which it. mnstluvc fall- n 
inayiar; a:id wli. 11 i:y eaii,ii; was b<i|ic- 
^■^J, tiiey wi re (jiii.;( un.i »iibii.;s.':ivc, uud 
did not lisc lo tiipport tlio Lnited Stales. 

It \i < crtirinly to tbis ( f the while 
p:»!on that we look for aid in 
resloiing 1 ivil govcinnitnt in these 
•St Ucs , l,iii it, Ja a gteal delusion to snp- 

pOS<- 11......! 111 . '. 

the purposes above indiealed. tbe. near 
piit throw:* UO li;;bi on ibe near future. 
The pioapect ot political di orginii;ation 
will present lew teirofH to p.eopk still hot 
with rebellion, t marling under overlbrow, 
andijuite Uj content to ruin aa to rule the 

To eapeet them to join in cleeting a 
Republican I'rcM-jeut would be an ami- 
able deku-ion »vbich tbe llist election 
would disp. 1 ; and ihcy might liud it some 
indemnity lor emancipation illhu incria>- 
ed vote tbcy would cast iu the name of 
then- freed slaves should happen to de- 
cide the content and elevate them to 

It the' people are ready for Ibet'e lou- 
seipacnees, tbeu there i^ no dillieulty iu 
restoring political power to the Southern 
States. Louisiana or Virginia will serve 
as models ; or other forms will g'ow wrti 
mushroom rapidity. 

liut it it be iuipuitiinl that the tiiendi 
and not the incniica of the tiovernment 
shall continue to govern it, other meas- 
ures must be taken. 

'J'he State Clovcrumcnts m the South 
must be placed in hands inlerosfed to 
maintain the authority of the United 
States. It is not enough that eonriuered 
people are willing to submit, lo entitle 
them to govern us. The United States 
must itud friends intev"'sted and able to 
suppress hostility to its antbori'y, and to 
discharge .ill the fum'ions of government, 
.•^tate and national, in tin- o! every 
disloyal or hostile power. And tbe pow- 
er of Uiose who lebeled must le; curbed 
by tbo;e who did not r.-bci, aided by 
those who joined the r.bellion reluetanl- 
U. and arc au.Nitnis to utunc lor their er- 

I'hia eau be dciic only by rceogni.iin; 

pu»- ti.em eiiber bwld or strong cnouiih 
to n.e.,f and d. f) (hf. united an.l emrgeric- 
laetio,, ol r.vdnlionists which drove them 
mtorebell.,, If (hejr |,o in po.,cr (bey 
will again do the will ol ti.e r.-solute and 
reckless men „f,„ ,„„^., ,,,,^_^^^, ^^^^, 

ar<*ied them; and no legal li„c .lieerim- 
inatt.-, liieni fn.iii iLe reb.l mnuj. 

If this di- eriiuination b 
and nobody will be cxoludcj. 

II the, leaders of the rebellion, civil and 
I'liiitary, be excluded, tboiigb willing lo 
eubmit and take the oalb, the of ihe 
rebel fa<tion will be ailinitlcd ; ai.d (hat 
will be the controlling anil determinirg 
element in constituting the St.ate f iovern- 
iDeit ar.d Cfdiviirg I!, pr r ctaiiv. 't and 
Senators; and (he piaciical letulf. is the 
same aa if nobody were excIuJcd. 

If this di enmination be attempted by 
hu oath to aopport the Ccn3ti(n(ion of 
bo I nitcd t.-tales, everjb.dy v,,!l (ak-r it 

tbe nCgro population im nil integral part 
of the people ot tbe .Southern Staiei, and 
by reliiBiiig to permit any Siat-:^ (Jovern- 
men'; to be organi.-.ed on ani other b.-wis 
than universal su(l'r;i!',e and I'puilily be 
fore tbe law. 

i .W batever aiiomab'.d may h.ive Ik-cd 
winked at during the er.i id slavery, it 
may well be dcnhtcd if without a serious 
blow at our prineipb'::. any government 
can be leeo^niz'd as tepnbliean m form 
wbieb excludes fioin huHrage and c-pial 
law.s a m;4Jurity of the eitizjns ol ihe 
States, as woul.l be tbe < as • in South 
Ctroliisa and Mi.-'jis.-nppi, or liail th-; citi- 
I zens, as ftoubi be tbe ease in Alabama, 
Gcoigia .aud Virj^ima, if tlie negro citi- 
zen!? be Uialranchised. 

It i.! certain that governmcnla which 
declared them cnual before the law, and 
recognized universal eiiirraf;<^ would be 
repui)':e.>:i in forr.i jin-l Mibi^tanee also. 
It i» ctiually ecriain that such a { 'oi;si(itu- 
tion in the Soulijern S'atcs i-. Ibe only 
one consistent with the n;iticn!il pe.v.e 
3nil.sjfeiy; and Congn.'s has the right, 
and I think ou^ht to refuse to recognize 
any State, tiovercment in those St.ttes 
r.ot en that basis. 

But the white people cf tbe Stales 
wh'cb rebelled will not organise ;ieiverii- 
ments on tbnt ba.-riic No considerable 
portion of tb-i white p-pulni-.n of those 
Sld'es is in fivor cf it. The ioval are as 
much ugainit it as the rebel k-adeis. 

Xouu will -jdept it of th^iuiselves, nor 
will thev r.doi.t't on the rcnncit and un- 
der the inlluence of tbe Prer-ident. 

But all will rubmit to it if exactcJ, and 
accept, it il uii-rivoidable. 

To submit (bs 'iuestico to tbe loyal 
vcter.s of th': L'tute assumes tbi' existence 
of a St-'.te Gov and a Con«'itu- 
ticn detiuing tho right of buffrage, and 
making loyalty a condition. 

But there are no such Co!;stitutions in 
any Stale wbieb rtbelkd. Tbe United 
Stales have refujcd to recognix-, sny .State 
Govcrnmrn':, in any of those .'itatJa. 

There ar-; therefore, no Stats Govern- 
ments and no vjtors in any of the rebel 

There i;vc ktatij, and )tcople of those 
States — both known to tbe Constitution 
of the United States. 

And the negioes are as iiitegral a p.^.rt 
of \\i'i (.eoplo ef t^c State as the whites. 
Both are citizena ; neither Las a right to 
esclude the other; neither eai speak in 
the name of the St.ate for the otln r ; h ia 
tho legal right of boili to be heard eu>l 
represented in constituting tu-dr common 
government ; and any proposal to auhmit 
the <iuestiou of tho political or civil rights 
of tbe negroes to the arbitrament of tbe 
whites is as unjust and an ab.suid ai to 
submit the (lucstion of the jtoliti -al rights 
of the whites to the .irbitriment ol the 
negroes— with thia", that Ihe 
negroes arc loyal everywhere, aud the 
great body of tbe vihiU'.i didoyal every- 

The problem, therefore, is solved by a 
simple appeal to the people of the Sta'te. 

No cleclion can beheld, no convention 
aasembled, no political authority be legal- 
ly exercised in any of tlose .States, but 
by the will of the United States, and l.!r 
the present, till Congre.';s tpeak, bv tbe 
will nf the President. 

If, tbeicforc, the President will declare 
that no election shall be held unless the 
negro j»oi)ulation have a free and eipial 
voice, that no convention ^hall assemble 
which iLey have rot bel[ied to elect, that 
none shall jirocertl to frame n govern- 
ment unless in Ihe beginning univer-tal 
sull'rage and tipiality before Ibe law be 
declared its fundamental In.-ii, the prob- 
lem is .solved. 

If tlio.-e condition,") bei ji-;i .'iiit .|, ||„j 
cuiislilutioli will be (irehenled to Congress 
and tbe governinciil recognized with its 

II lliey be not acei-pled, Ibe I're.-iident 
will bold the Stale till Congress dc.dare 
bow ihcy shall be governed. 

II lb : [irobleni bu not dealt with in this 
w:iy, ocsome such way, it will be solved 
in an advei-si; sense. 

If it be not solved jightiy, it threaleiis 
t,o generate a barren and bitl<r agitation, 
Blue to re.Mih di«astrou,sly lo (hoe who 
propose Ihe p.jlilieal enfranebiM iiient o( 
tbe negroes, and t'. 1 oiuolidiite lb.; union 
of Ihe ciuiiiie.s (d Hie government in Ibc 
loyal iiiid the rebel Slal's into an irresis- 
tible power, wbi<h must wrest the gov- 
ernment from lb.j hands cf ihoae who 
saved it. Tliis coalitioH i.s probable in 
any event ; but on ihni ipnesiion it, \n cer. 
lain and fatal. 

The negro popnlalion inuKt be recog- 
nized by the Piesident and Congresa aa 
an iiilegial part ol the peojile ol the Slate, 
in tbe view of the Conslifulion ol the 
United Stales, without wb,)SO concur- 
rence and full jiarticipation la power, no 
State Government will be recognized m 
any Stale which rebelled- or il will re- 
main o.slracised and outcast for another 
generation, and the enemies of the Gov- 
ernment will wrest it from thoae who 
saved it. 

To pel mil il;ep!,lt,,, ,,. ,l,-:(,:,,;(hiaelhe 
negroes is lo peimil ihose who have beeu 
cur enemies to ostraeiac our fricnda The 

However ignorant, the) know enough 
to be on the fide of tbe goverumeat, and 
the intelligonce ol th ■ ii>a->te- has not yet 
taught h'lu thn' wi.dv,m. 

They may be intlut need by the master, 
but the mailer muxr r.ouch his hat to them 
at least, and ir will I'c an o(;en tjuesliou 
whether they will vo;c with the mast.r 
any more than they fought on his side. 
It is certain thai the Ncrtbein immigrant 
will tind the negro a ssbi ally, and argu- 
mcnt« on his lips will lose no weight by 
their Yankee origin. 

It i.s said not to be safe for inasfers lo 
visit their plantat icon in f b orgia ; when 
be does he will hardly carry much iiillu- 
enee politically. 

I repeat that in tbis pioblem are in- 
volved tbe isMtea ol Hie an.l death. 

If the negro popula'ion be reeoguizid 
as an integral portion ol the people ol 
the States which rebelled, and govein- 
ments b'.» organized on the biu-ij if uni- 
versal suHragcand eipaality before tbe law. 
Congress ought to recognize them, and 
the problem i.s solved forever. 

If the governments be allowed by the 
President to be organized on Ihe basia of 
tbe exclusion of the mass of the negro 
populaticn, then Congress ought to re- 
fuse to recognize them, but I fear it will 
not refuse. 

If the ipication be submitted to the 
vote of any portion of tbe white popela- 
lion, (be negroe's will be i \<'kide>t from 

The result entail.^ on us a barren agi- 
tation instead Ola bcneticenl. gettlement. 
ll carries with i. a division ol the friends 
ol the Government, and tbreaiens io ele 
Vale ltd enemies lo power. 

I'or premature agitators I have .smail 
»viii|>athy. Tboy arc cocks which crow 
at midnight; Ihcy do not herald tbe 
dawn, but merely diaimb natural rest by 
untimely clamor. 

i>oi tbi,.* i.s a ipicstion oi [lolilical dyna- 
mics, which presses now lor solution, and 
on it depends the chief fruits of the war. 

It It be not rightly .lolyed now, it will 
find no solution for a generation, .and 
poHsinly none then wilboul renewed civil 
commotions. Over tbe nsult 1 have no 
powi r. I can only hope and fear.' 
Your obs jieiit nervant, 

11. WINifclR DAVIS. 


lloiuvv Cr<'C'lcy. 

llor.icc Greeley, who is a Univerealist, a Hpccch tl c other day at a meet- 
ing in beball of UniversaU.-t missionary 
enterprises. Wc make a few extracts; 

I tb.cre. are in I\i'".y York and 
Breoklyn 1'MK.ti.' ^icrfons who would call 
theni.-elveo Univcrsalists. Probably there 
»re many times thit number whose gen- 
eral ideas of God's providence and human 
dec tiny, to a great extent a5.o.milate to 
curs, but I presume I acn within bounds 
in .sa\ing that 10,tX>0 persons in these 
two cities professedly belonging to our 

We have not been ks favored of late as 
we have been in former years. We have 
not been traduced eiiuugh of late, and it 
we could induce some ul the pulpits of 
New York to declaim againi-t ua as ol 
old, wu would bave a larger though prob- 
ably not a more fashionable congregation 
in our churches. We are mere numer- 
ous, aud consequently more efifective, 
now than we were 20 years ago, and the 
call which has produced this meeting is 
an appeal from our earheat friends for 
more urgent action on our part in behalf 
of God's cause. 

I think there should be a constant ap- 
proximation between the Univcrsalist and 
the Unitatian bodies, and all others who 
regard a life as of moro importance than 
a creed. I take this to be one of the dis- 
tinguishing cbaractcristica of a liberal 
Christian community, that they more re- 
gard and more esteem a life than a creed, 
the spirit which guides, anil not the mere 
dogniii. if this be a cbarucJeristic of 
Universalisis and Unitarians, there ahould 
be a drawirij:; together ol the two bodiea. 
True, we have different origins. The 
Unitarian uioveracnt was an intellectual 
movement, to some e.\tcnt artiato- 
cratic, in the better sense of that 
term. I' came from the better and more class. The Univcrsalist is a dem- 
ocratic movement. It grew up among 
the very common cla.sses of the com- 
munity. It originated with pocr men and 
women, and was cherished by thousands 
of those people before any person of con- 
sideration or eonsequenc; bad anything 
to do with it. And now from these two 
diderenl origins two denominations have 
grown up which in my judgment have to- 
day no radical distinguishing feature. 
And il this be the fact, there is no reason 
why they should not eeaic to be distinct, 
or if they be distinct, aninatcd by one 
spirit and one purpose. I hope this 
movement will aid that. 

— An anecdote of Victor lIui;o and bia 

son appears in the CoDiinentid Journals. The 
son, M. Charles Hugo, one day heard Mile. 
Lo Hocne ipoktn of in ihc most tiattering 
iiKinucr, lieggcd to Iw introdue.-d 10 her. and 
a. "hort lime allerwards asked her hand; but 
her t'randmothcr (the j oung lady was an or- 
phan,) refused on uceounl ol her poverty. To 
(Ills the lever repli-:d, "jMy r.iilicr will Uiiiil; 
iLiit a mailer of noimportanco when he knows 
my wishes." lie told Hugo his desire lo mar- 
ry Mile. Lc llocnc. 'ihe lather replied, "Very 
well, but don't incpli'm the siiljeet lo me 
iir'aiii until I get my liook out." ihe proof- 
shctis ol his "."^ongs of llie .'-■treets and Uic 
WoocU' were then engagliif; liis riill attention 
and when lie is picpariiig a work Ihc 
press, or seeing il through the printer's hands 
lie will lieiir ol notliini; else. Alter llio ap- 
peiiranee ollUc volume, ho arrioi;,'Cil Hie' mar- 
riiipe, grtvoMiis ...on a kuiii of money 
cpial lo the tlunisand pounds, married llicni, 
and pronii.scd Uicin that tlicy Hlionld live 
Kith liiui (IS soon as lie. had eumplelcd the 
mansion he is now building. 

- Il i.s now nearly a year simjo. ihc re- 
ward was olTercd by Uic (joveriinient lor Ihc 
eaptiiic of the as.-^nssius ol President Lincoln. 
'I'lic delay iu tlie awards scoms wli-illy un- 
pardonable, and the excuse ol Ihc .Secretary 
of, that in the dislribulion lo a large 
niinilicr of claimants great discrimination 
must nccci^sarily be cxcreigcd, in view of the 
lap.'-c of time, e.innot bo regarded as valid. 
A larg-j number ot these actually entillcl lo 
portions ol iiej reward, have been lor nionlbs 
past, ..-ttiviDg lo ascertain coinething definite 
with rclcrcmc lo Ihc snins nwariled llicni and 
Ihe time of distribution ; but all of their ef- 
forts have failed, and ihcy liiv,- evi n been 
denied nn iiiidii ne-.' w i|li (be .^-cercuo 1 ol War, 
IS ho still persi.>l8 in |.0M'i«ig the list ol awards 
■D hia possecfiion . 

AN AGT. , 

I" pro.ide f.ii ilio draiuuij: ol .Stvamp, iio^j, 
Meadow and other Low Land*. 

Kcil tn'utml by the UyiiUiuie of the .sitt.'c 
('/ Uiitiiciiiiu 

8i:i.'ii,)s 1. Aoy peraiiu owning svvaiiiii, bog, 
nieaiiow omiuerlow biBd h nig within any 
county wiMiiii llii, .sinie, \\{n< sliull Im de- 
sirous In draiu such land, and wliosball <leeiii 
Itnccesi.iry, in orJtJ- todojit, that a dit -U ir 
ditches .-.lial I l.c opened I hn an* U lands Uuloujc- 
iiig to iillier p^r.-ion.s, in ease theortuer of any 
budi lands shall reliiso to permit the opening 
olaiiysueh ditch or dilehes through tho 
same, niav apply to any jiisllec lU Ibe pe ice 
residing in the county where Hceli Inuds shall 
lie, lor such sumtnuus lui is herein speeiUed. 
Sic. i. The justice to whom tuch appliea 
tiun shall be made, shall thereupon i>suo a 
Bumnioiis, direeled lo the 6hentl or any Con- 
staole ol .-aid euuiity, rei|Uiniig liini t.j 
uion Ibe owner ol (ho laud to appear bcloro 
.■>ucli jiislleeai tho lime named in the .sum- 
mons, not less than bi.\ nor more than litieen 
days Irom iho date Iheicol, to an^'Wcr to such 
uppliealiun. delinmg the same, and desiguat- 
iu;; Iho land, through which il is proposed to 
open such ditch or ditches. Tho summons 
^hal: ho personally i-.a-vid upon the owner ol 
the land, il ho ij a resident ol the county, and 
upon tho occupant of the laud it iho owner is 
not a resident ol thu county, and returned 
liko an ordinary summous; but if ou tha le- 
liiro ol tb:! .-uinmous it shall nppeartlial there 
is ao owncror ocuipmit ol the land residing in 
Ihe eouuly, tUo justice shall udiouru the cjse 
lor not les-.s ihan three nor niure th ui tix 
weck.s, endorsing upL.n the suainKMis his or- 
der of udiouruaieul, aud order tho publiea- 
tiou of the summons and his oriltr ol adjouru- 
niBut lor three sueee* -ivo weeks, in a news- 
paper published iu such county, it there bo a 
newspaper in such county, or, if there bs no 
sneh newspaper in the county, llien to order 
the publie.iiiun ot the summous and the order 
of adjonrnment. 1 y setting up eopiis thereof 
lor at least three \vet\s, at trUee of the most 
pulilic places in tin cjuaty, and such publica- 
tem sU.ill bo considered as a sufficient service 
of the summous. 

Sec. u. At Ihc liiu'* bpecitu.l iu tlie suai- 
ir.ous therefor er at the lime Hdj.iurned, as the 
case may be, (he par'ics may appear ljc(ore 
ihejusliie, and ihe justice may, lor any suf- 
ticient re.ison, dismiss th.j i.pplication, and he 
may adjourn tbe si^fae ler any cause thown 
siwisfaetory to hiiS, n'Ot e.\ceediDg three 
months, or on his motion, not exceeding one 

Si c. 1. On tUeapp;.arancc d.iy.or in case lie 
app.l.-ation is adjourned, on the day to which 
it is adjourned, a jury ol six men .lualiticd to 
serve as jurors in a justice:,' court and not in- 
terested in the premises, shall bo selected aad 
summoned in tbe same manner us a jury in a 
civil ease bct'orc a iiisiiee ol the peace, Tbe 
lurtTS shall be reqiiired to meet ou the prciii- nt a time cpceitied in the veuire, not more 
than twenty days i.rom the datoth'jrcof. 

.^ue. ,'>. The CJiislalile or sherilf to whom 
sHch venire shall b<: delivered, shall execute 
the same by summoning each juror in the 
same manner and with the like luithority as 
n[>"n yeiiire i'sned inn civil action bef.ire a 
justice olthe peace, aud shall io like inann'r 
make return thereof. 

Site. (i. The justice ..-hall attend at iho 
time and place specilicd ia the venire, and il 
Ihe six jurors shall then and there »pp"ar, he 
shall admiuistor to eaeli ol them an oath or 
affirmation well and truly to examine and 
certify in reganl to the brnelits or damages 
which will result hem the opening of said 
ditihor ditches; vacaueics in the jury may 
be tilled by talesmen, as in civil cases before 
a justice ol the peace. 

Six. 7. The person applying to fiave such 
ditch or .litehes opened, shall then deliver to 
the jury a neiy of ilic hied t!iroiu;h which itie 
same are to lc opened, on which map ilic 
plan, lenglli, iii.ltli ;::id <lepl!i ol .siieli diteb 
or ditches sliall lie parllciilarly designated. 
The jury ilia,l per.-onally e.^:auiiuu the pienii- 
ses and he:ir any re!i...oiis ih;it may be i. 'ered 
in regard to the questions suliuiittcd t.> Ihein ; 
and they ina\, ilihev iliink pi.-pcr, Miry the 
plan or dinu-n-ions ol' iiny diieh so propo.s.d 
to be opened, but ia sn^h case t'nov thail de- 
signate en thcinip llieal'.tr.itions" made ly 

Sic. ,'s. Il :irier taking all tbe eircnni- 
fctancc;. ini'i ciii.s-ider.nion, tlic jnrv! be 
salislicl '.ll it 111.; opening "I such liiteli or 
flitches Is ne<!.s«ary or advanlaceons, ibey 
shall so eeriily jirwriling, iindil saleslied, 
tlicyshall lurlher eeriily in writing Ihcainounl 
ol damages which in their opinion will be (usl 
compcnsaiioii to the owner oi the land lor ihe 
opening olsneii ditch or ditches through his 
land. aii<l such (erlilicate shall be signed by 
all the jurors and delivered lo the )ustiee 

Sec. 'J. Either p.irty may appeal Iroiu the 
decision ol the jury to the district court ol the 
county in which the premises are situated, by 
filing with Ihc justice wilhin ten days after 
the jury th.iU have delivered to him their de- 
cision, a iccfguizunce ol the appellant wittj 
sureties .anj.roveit by the justice, in a Jiim 
double the award el ll:o jury and not 
thai one hundr.:d dollars, conditioned that 
the appellant will abide the decision oi' the 
district court, and pay all costs and damages 
assessed or awatded against him therein, or 
if the appeal t-hail Im di>iiiissed or discon- 
linued, that be will pay all Muns lor which ho 
would h.ive tieeR iiatjle il no appeal had bten 
taken, and Hie interest thereon with cost ot 
appeal. The proceedings of the district court 
on the appeal sliall bs the same us an appeal 
in a civil aciion lioin a justice ol the peace, as 
nearly as praciieublc, and costs shall be award- 
ed for or against cither party in the same 
manner as upon aa appeal in a civil action. 

Sec. 10. Upon payment or tendering cf 
the damages assessed by the jury, if no appeal 
shall be taken, or awarded iii ihc c'lstrict 
court on appeal, as may be, and of 
the cosis ol such a.-sessment, or it no damages 
shall be found, upon payment or tendering ol 
the c-tjsts of the pioeeedings, it shall Ijc lawlul 
f.jr the person applying lor such summons to 
enter with his servants, team, carriage and 
other necessary implements upon such lauds, 
and then aad ihere to cut and open fuch ditch 
or ditches as -Here designated on tbe said map, 
acording to the plans and dimensions hercio 
specified and adopted by the jury ordered in 
the district court, not deviating material Iv 
from.such plaus and dimensions. 

S£c. IL After s-ach ditch or ditches shall 
have beenKipened, it shall bo lawful for the 
said applicant, his heirs and assigns, forever 
therealter from time to time as it become nec- 
essary, to enter upou the lands through which 
such ditch or ditches havo been opened, lor 
the purpose of clearing out and STOurinp the 
same, and then and there to clear and scour 
such ditch or ditches in such a manner as to 
preserve the original Ienc;lh, depth «nd width 
of the Fame. 

6ec. 12. Any pei.son who shall dam up, ob- 
struct, or in .any way injure anv ditch or 
ditches .so opened, shall be liaiile to pay to the 
person owning or posseasing the swamp, bog, 
meadow, or other lew land, for the draining 
of which such ditch or ditches shall bave been 
opened, double tho damages that shall be as- 
sessed by the.iurr for such injury, and shall 
further be deemed to have e jmuiitted a mis- 
demeanor, and i^!lail upou conviction thereof 
be punished by imprisonment for not more 
than three months, or byline of not more than 
one hundred dollars. 

Sec, 13. 'Ihc justice before whom anv 1 ro- 
cccdings shall be had under this .act,' shall 
cause the itap delivered by the applicant an«l 
the corlitleate and inquisitions ol the pire, 
which he sha'l tcriify to hive been taken bo- 
forc him, to lie filed in the register's olBee ol 
the county, in which the premises shall be 
situated, to be kept in said ortico as a record 
of the proceedings between the parlies; or il 
an appeal shall l;c taken, the applicant slinll 
cause such map and the e. rtiiicatc l>v the 
clerk of the district court of the decision 
therein lo be (iled In like manner. 

Sec. 11. Any person desiring to eonslrucl 
ditches -or canals from any lake, f .r the pur of ercairg er iner.iasing any water 
power, may do so nnder this lu-t, mid shall lie 
governed by its proriskins. 

Sec. 1-5. This .'ict shall lake ellecl and lie in 
force from and after its passage, and all acts 
or parts of act:- ineonsittent with this act are 
hereby repealed. 

Approved Mar.h 1, 18CC. 

shall Ihi delivered to their .suecessora ia uinc-c; 
I'njiifirU, that thu State bhull lurnlak tu the 
couaty ollicers ol all eouiitics herealter or 
ganized, a copy ol s.iid revised slatutot. Tho 
baiiio t'l bo delivered lo Iheir successors. 

S«c. 7. Naid person or tirmobtaiamg naid 
e.ipy right, fchall liirninh said county comniis- 
siooers wilh isjpics ol the general slalules at 
a pHe-e per copy not execeding the pric-« paid 
by tho State. 

Sec. H. isaid person or flrm holding said 
copy right shall furnuh individuals wilh cop 
les ol said statutes, at a pric4i per copy not 
exceeding the maximum rate fixed lu thi.s 

S».i . 0. That the person or ilrm having said 
copy right, -hull publish uud havo ready lor 
delivery m Ihe city ol Si. Paul, said general 
statutes on or belore the first day ol July 

Sei . ll) fiiut the person or firm having 
said copy right, .shall lumish .said general 
statutes as may bo needed by tho .Slate, or 
any city, town or county in tlir Utnte, or any 
individual, after the first day of March, lb67, 
at a price per lOpy not exceeding thirty three 
per cent, in addition to thopriec stipulated in 
tho eontr.iet. 

Sec. 11. That if the person or firm having 
said copy right, ahali fail to tomply witU tho 
stipulations ol his loutrad for said copy 
right with the State, then shall aaid copy 
riglit revert 10 the State. 

Stc 12. This act shall take efl^-ct and be 
in loree from and after its passage. 

••\pproved March 1, IboG. 



Kelating to editing and superintending tho 
pfintiuc and publication of tho gcLtral stat- 
IU it enacted fty t/ie Ltgiaiaiurt nfthe State of 

Stcno.v 1. Thht E. C. Palmer is hereby 
npi>oinied commissioner to tdit aud superin- 
tend the priming aud publication of the gen- 
eral statutes of tho State, together with the 
constitution thereof, tho cjnsiitiiti m ot tho 
Lnited States, and such other additions as he 
may deem expedient. 

Sec 2. Said commissioner shall prepare 
aud furnish head notes to the chapters, and 
marginal notes to the sections ot the gcueral 
statutes, with references lo such of the decis- 
ions ot the supreme court of this Slate, or to 
the laws pas-cd at the present lessioo, as re- 
late to or aifee- said sections, aud shall pre- 
pare and append an exact and cuiiious index 
to the whole. 

Sec 3. He sbajl arrangu tho chapters for 
publication substaatially in tho order in which 
they appear in the report of the commission- 
ers ol revision, omitting enacting clausea and 
ulheial certificates, and shall carelully 
pare the text of tho statutes with the rolls in 
tho olliee 01 the Sccrelaii of State, noting any 
errors which may appear to ha\c been made 
therein. ,\.nd said commissioner, together 
with the Secretary ot Statt.-, shall append to 
tho general statutes, when published, their 
certilieato to the ctteet that the same arc cor- 
rect tr.mscripls of the original loUs on tile in 
th.) office of said Secretary. 

Si;i . 1. Said commissioner hhall receive for 
tho services contemplated by this act the sum 
of if 1,000, and his necTssary expenses while 
absent Iroin his pl»ce of residence in the per- 
lormnnec ol the duties of his office. 

,Sec. o. In case of death, rungnaiioo, or 
ina'dlity to act of said ediio, , the Governor 
shall appoint an editor of said statutes, who 
shiU perform the dutie.s, and receive ihe com- 
pensation, here'n provided f.r, or a propor- 
tionate part thereof. 

.Sec. 6. This act shall 1 \kc ellecl and b^ in 
force Iroui and alter its passage. 
Approved March 1, 18<;G. 


Wholesale and k«taU LieolcrU 


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Clothing Manufactiired to Orddr, 

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Culler. U. P. BOYLON, Sttlennuin; ty.iUi I ir- 
mcrly with 1. U. Campbell, 

("WUcox Blouk.} 
IS /L IN 'r PAUL, hlia M. 


^m ^0ua0 




AMI) AU£ATli ¥(JU lUt 

AKurctiautM' I>e»|>ac«3li* 

Ir '^tf ST. PAIJI.. 



fvs ^tfh. 





I'lovidiiig lor the printing aud binding ol the 
general statutes of Minnctotu.'^ 

lie it I itaclfd hy the LeffU/aiure of the State cf 

Section 1. That the .'-tccretary ofi-State, 
Stato Treasurer, nnd .Sl.tte .-Vuditor, are here- 
by authoii/.e.l to Uispo-o of ihu copy light of 
the general .^tatules as hereinafter provide.l. 

Si c. 2. Said officers, Imniediiitcly upon the 
passage of this act, shall givo notice in two 
newspapers piinlcd in the lity of St. Taul, 
and in siieli other paper.; in tho Stale a,? Iliey 
may deem neces>;Hry not to exceed four — for 
Ihrcfi conHciiitivc wee!.', that sealed propo 
sals will be received al tbe olliec ol the .Secre- 
tary of Si.iie. nniil twenty-two days after the 
first piibliciUionolsHid notici- lor the printing 
and liinding ol the statutes ol Minne- 
sota, as lierciiiaftcrprovided 

Sec. 3. Said general sln'utes shall bo 
printed on ftond lung piiiner or small pica 
type, wilh nonpareil notes, the paper and 
binding to be ol the same qiialily and stylo 
as that used in the compiled statutes of IS'iH. 

Sec. 4. it shall be tho duly of said com- 
missioners on thu twenty-second day alter the 
tirsl publication ol said notice, to meet in the 
.seerclary ol suite's edice, and publielr open 
all proi>o.s»ls reeeivod by them; and it shall 
be their duty lo award the c.>py right ol uud 
general statutes tothepi.rson or lirni cirering 
lo furnish the s.iid general slaintcs required 
by this iiel at the lowest pi ice per copy, Vro- 
f/r/cii, that nobid slinll Iw neeeptcd by said unless tlu) same nhnll be lie 
conipanicd by n bond e.\eetitc<l in due (orm 
by (he bidder, withal least two good imd sul- 
li( lent inreties, in the pen»l sum oilen thou- 
s;ind dollars, conditioned |.>r the lailhlul pcr- 
lorinancc ol the contract, lithe eopv right be 
awarded lo hiin; t'ruvuleil further, lliat no 
bid nt a higher rale than fix dotlara per copy 
tiball be entcrtainetl. 

Si c. 0. ."saitl ullleer.s shall (lurehaso (rem 
Ibc person or firm receiving tho copy right, 
five hundred copies of tlio Miid general stat- 
utes lor Iho use ol ihc State, at tho price atip- 
ulatcd in the contract. 

Src. (■>. His hereby made the duly of the 
cnmmissioiirrs ol mcli organized county in 
the :-tate. to furnish inim.diately upon tluir 
publication, each county officer,' each juslieo 
of tho peace, and each town clerk in said 
county, a copy of said general statutes, which 



WHDiiiiMe \m mu hoiihe 

lu Minnes^ota. 


$pt\&\ %olUu, 



An KkcCrician, whv has great experience - f elf-.-et- in /(), «i rlinr.ali.'im. In ti-; Joloreux 
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all llietr sedative, stimulative, aad pain-relieving 
•'d'rcls to their eUctric qaalilius. Ue ai>Eerl» 
lh?y rosiore tti" haalthy eirctric condition 
(r luilibriam) of tko part, and that being re 
ttoied, pain aad inj:bl<l action eeanp. 
nran'ireib Hou'c, New Yoik,NoT. U.1, l.s'J, 

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ciir<>d mo in a weM:k. 

Vour« respectfully, .1. U. OEIUOS. 

tieiieral .4geacy, Brindretb lloude. New Yoik. 

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mchC d&wlm 

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uoixtf i>iirno'a('at»ri-ta t«nua. 

WlucM. in i!io liriit stages ol acoM. 3et.< like 
maftic-ll.adkche, Hoarsenp?!', Oiplherla. and 
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A. Pb.Taisloiriral Virvr of. Taarrf •«-•>•— 

Omtaining nearly .SfO pages, and i:io flae I'latea 
and L!israwaE.s of tiio Aaatoiay cf tlja Uuuian 
O.'gan.. in a stat-' of Uealth !uiil>lseasi\ with 
a li-eali.!P on tarly frror?, its Dcplor::blc»;on- 
bcq-aeuces upou the Mind and Body, with the 
autliorV I laa ol Tieatuieut — Uio only ratiouU 
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the nnirried and Ihore contemplating marriagp, 
wlio f-nteitaln doubts of tliolrp1iy;:'iuU condition. 
Sent free of postage to Bay address, on receipt 
ol 'JS eeal3, la Etacps or ncstal currency, by ed- 
dresping L'r, LA CROI.X, No. 31 Ma den i.sae, 
Albany, ?r. Y. 

The auth .ir ma, be vouaulted upon any of the 
di»ci."e^ upon which tn« book trcste either pet 
acnxi'tjy or by m. it, aad aindiclncs sent 10 any 
part of tfie world. oet^S-J&wOm 

Ih© ^ttrifhlitiid n«.tne«liv<i —We have 
for .omi tinii lelt it ou'- duty, or an .igreeable 
privU.'ijp at toast, to say a word ia fa-..jr of Dr. 
.MlKk'and's ruinedles, and simply lor the r. ason 
that wo kaow them to be good— all, wrt believe 
that tti.?y ar.' irp:eft.nted to br>. ftb3 d-ly 

Il> DVt; fcA.-Y 
i<t VHi; de,'irablc. MAiUBV*'!*' VKNE 

T! .\N i<\ ,'. u the best iu the world. Complete 
in enc b.ttie. N'o w.i.-h, no stain, no Iroubl 
Aeliildein si>ii!y it. rerev>ns wl-hlng to avoid 
• lie p'lWlrUy of having their Hair dyed In pah- 
lit-., rti ,1 

b'. l!-- iliau aoy barlter can do it, by using Tilt, 
VKNl.fliN IJYK. Iidoes not rub oil or mak 
the "air appear du-^iy or dead, but imp.irtj new 
lite and lustre, : ;ivej a beautifnl black or brown 
as i.refcrred. Price 7i cents. Tn.pared by 

A.I. MATHEWS, New York, 
UKMAS HAKNES ft. CO., New Ycrk, wholena'e 
Aitenlit. cO-lriAsunAwly 



rrcparcdfrom a preFcriptinn of Sir J, Clarkt 
,1f. D,. rftysiricn EMraordiruirp to the Qiitrn, 

ThiK igvaluabla medicine is unfailiug In the 
oore of all Ihomi palnftil and dangeroun dls'f'aseB 
tl vhtoh the femalo oouelitution i» nubject. It 
inotlerateH a'l exceee cad removes all obetruc- 
lljna, and a pp'Hdy curp may bo relied on. 

To lHarried Ladles It 1b pecn'.larly suited. II 
will, in a short tim.-*, bring on the monthly period 
with rpgnlarity. 

Kach bottic, |irIoi> One Dollar, b.sars Uio Uov- 
einment .sttimp cf Oreat Britain, tn prcvsntcoan- 

('WyXWS .— Thrff PiilnihoHlilitot bfUiktutn 
F-mnlff.iuri^tijIhr FIRST TITnEK MOKTRS 
Of !'''• !/!"■ '-n't "' tUey iirt ttire lo bring (in UiM- 
c.irrt'rtt/., I:vf al ani) illtrrtime t>>c;/ art i:ift. 

In ab e^Kf:. ol Nervoniiand Spinal AtlVclions, 
I'lius ia iho Lack .Tnd l.imi.s, Kaliiru.. ou slight 
PKottinn, ralpll*t!onnfl|.e W'-^t' II -xtertcs and 
Wliit''!", (hcf'e I'ills wil!'ei ;; eaie all 
other la. nT!.< Iiav" f.^iiled; ant! i;il.[.ugii a p;i\v"r 
fnl r-p-nt <ly. do nut cont-jn ir . .: ilnmol.nttfiBi o| 
ny. "r anyttiinglinrttul 1 la ■ < .m-'iiliiiion, 

Knll dirprttons in lie rMiii-blo! ..trean.l t rtoli 
p-ick^ce, ivhioh shniiltl U .'aipfi-lly pros.rrod. 

Seta by all I'ruK^li-ts. Solo Agent (or the 
Uailed Stal»>'' an.! 1 'inndn., 
i.7 Cortland! htreot. N. Y. 

N. B.- $1 ntidii |.t:imp» (.ucle-. d to anyaathor- 
li*<l aH'-m. tt-ill insure a bottle. c>nt.alning Ittty 
I'llls. Iiy rel.irn mHil. 

ocl 12-d.?edg(wtnovr(t<;-awf 

Koxjtini'r ANo vvoN 

in every Stato. and lily, aud 'lonn In ilie 
Union, ly 


over all w.'ukl b<-> rival', and the ptlti of victory 
Ih awanled lo It lor depth and rlchntxn ot tint, 
durability, rapidity of netiou, aofteniiig aud 
InViialing properties, and entire freetloin Irom 
evrry deleloilon.; or soiling iugreilient. 

Uauufacturod by J. CKISTADOKO. Aa- 
tor llouno, Mew York, ^old by Druggist*. Ap- 
pltd by all Hair Drcgserf. 



rpilE WBLK, HMOWn >-i.orRiif<>» 

J. MILI,, ni<3r Hastings, knonrn a.s " B A M- 
SK, Y'H hTONK MILL." Satd mill ORlalni 
lliri>n (:i) rnn« ol sIouhh, and all necti-lary ma. 
cbinery to run the same. The water power la 
aniiile and never faillnc. Wheat In abundant 
and easily procured. Uastiogi>, MinnesoU, bvinK 
tM» eonnly neat t)f f>akola county, and //e i-hlp- 
plag poir.t. Title intllspulalile. 

► iir terni.s, nj.ply to .Me-crs. Ci Atilil^T ,"i. 
CItOSBY, Attorney*, UaHling*, Hinu'-no'*, or 
to .lOSKPIl I.KWIS. Bt. I'aul, Minn., box 5J, 
rat dU 



Best Prints 25 ots. 
Delaines 30 cts. 
Figured Alpacc as 35 cts. 
French Poplins 35 cts. 
Alpaccas 40 cts. 
MerinoB $1.10. 
A. W. Reps $1,35. 
Good Black Silks $1.50. 

And a fine a.-^tirtmeat ot 

Fancy Dress Goods, 

it very low prices. 

C L O ^4l K 8 

Without rcjiard to eo.-:;. Alto 

Cassimeres, Table Linen, 




1€50 Tlilrd-Ht., **t. Paul. 


Wholesale and Relall 



Import^!, of 


European Produce. 

I>ca!«rf' iB 

Green and Dried FruitB, 

aud ia aU kinds oi 

T«>bacco At Sega.r-», 

Cor. Third & Market Sis., St. Paul. 

Uctoijtr i. laos. eoifr-ll 




D. W. INGERSOu. & CO. 

eoDtlnae tli« (ale t4 



NEW GOODS! of tlie Season. 




Just Received 


A X 

L. C. OlTI«T"e^, 

14e Third HJtteet. 


CatHcart lie Co., ~ 


IVo li*0 'l'l»tr<l Mtroet,, 

febl d&wlT 


IJr. .r, \V. POI.AND'Sl 


\* now otTtred I'l the .ifdlct.'d tliroiigliout 
country, nllor having been provo>l hy ti|,i (,> 
elevrn'yeari), in ibo New Kngland .s^taie-, wi 
Its merlin have beoonip a* well kno^i'i as 
ireo from whioh. In jmrt, it derlveK U^tlrun 

1 11 1: WHITK Ot.>Mn iUNl> rUKKS 
,S.'i V Throiit,, Cyttah.", IHplheri.f, I! 
oA««n, .V/««fiiiff of llloihl, rul.nonnrv tji 
<i<)nj nittitrnllii. It is „ rcmnrkaUe rcmr, 
for Kidneti Vnmplointii, liMltrirt, tit* 
culty of loiiUiiy t rhte, lltrt,li»u from 
the Kidntun nnd llliiddfr, Grnrfl 
nnd other Complniidt. 
lilve It a trial a trial If j-ou would learn lliev 
of a KDod and t'led Medicine. It is pleai. 
(afe and sure. 

Sold by Druggists aud Dealers tn Uedlc.nut 

UE'J. W. KWEIT, M. D., Proprietor. 
Be stun, Mais. 

UKNTMlMKN. — Sample with t'atalojtu«t 
ant for 'H cent*. IneWse an envelope wilh } oni 
wn il.ldres!', D. HKMKTTK 
a<N<.''7 Am t».I.I>e.- t «i W.T.rpr 

BJlKilU UaAI>», i^AHO.*. CIHtCG 
LAU9, &o., printed lu the best etylc at the 
Dtl . rreee Steam Job rrinting OBce, 

t t>f 



Wholesale and Retail, 

At Price* to C»Trr»pmM.a Mlife tli« 
Eu.tviB Sfarkri, 

Cliciii^e ol Uu.siner^.s. 

^On account ol s ch^njte in bu:in«a ^ uc the l:t 
of May, I offer my nock of goode a", less than 
c JEt to import thrin her?, viz : 

M* Btls, Crushed, I'owd^r'd ft Gran. Sugar. 

as do A. B aielCxlratJ. Coflee 00. 

3U do Portland ftoxnard do. 

in Boxe. Havana iow gratie tJo 

1» Ba^rs Bio and PJ Pockets Java Coil.-e. 

ao l^ixt-p Ground Coffee, various (;rade«. 

2& Uiill i-Ie ftsand Boxes Gun and Imp'i Ten. 

W do do Young Uy;on do 

3k do <!o Japan do. 

ait do dr. OolODg and Souchong do 

4* BbU ard Kegs Golden Sjrup. 
* do JIolaFtgcB. 20 bbls Kice. 

2» do Pickled Herriotr, 150 Bx6 Herrioe. 

3«l Hall bM^ and -Ifi Kit j Slackerel. 
tUtn i.b6 Codfi-h and Hake. 

»i Ceddici) lotaccj. vari u^ tjuoliiipi. 

40 Keirs Kine Cut Chewing Tot'acco. 

kV Bb^^ SmokJDft Tobacco. variLint) grtdi t. 

SW Boxes Layfrand Bunch Rilfint-. 
4 ('Asi8 Curranit, SO bbis Nule. 

«j Cx« Ut-wcgo pore and tiher Glofs ."itarc'i. 

H» do do Com Starch. 

30 Caten Canned Fruits and fomatoes. 

H ilo Cove 'iynters. 

Also, Pepper, Pimento, Tomato Ketaup. Pep- 
rerSauof^, Mustard. Currie Powder, Yea«t Pow- 
der, Cream • arler, Ciovi », CantJy and LoieoKcrr, 
Fig Blue, Bbjeiog. Cocoa, It.f.iota, i-al £oda, 
SaleralHS, Tea Cadaies, Wr»ppini; Pap^i. ftc. 




March lat, IM. 

A.I . W UTIIKRIM.. Cn.-lr.. .^. ITHA.M. 

WETHERILI. A: iril4M. 

(jlciicral CoMiiiiissiofl Meifliaiils, 


Between Elm and Myrtle Streets, 





aa reported to tha 


Revisiou Commissioners 

The undersigned Uavc oa hand a United aum 
ber ol Volumes of this work, ccD'alaiag about 
Nine Uucdred Page^. It em'o^d.e- the entire 
legislation of (he State to date. 

The volume ll too large to eetid b- ir.ail, bat 
will be promptly sent by Expresii en r-v^ptol 

Price, •».•• per copy. Addr s . 


St. Paul, ntita. 

Mill Furoisbios Establishment. 

and lall uatog Water P«wer. 

Wc liave been«PFoictod Agents for the Stales 
of Wisconsin, Iowa aud kUnncBota tbe Justly 


Turbiiie 'Water\vliet.'l 

Which i!- .Maimed to rarpax any other WATER 
WHKKL, ami is in every respect perfect. Portr 
pi(dg(,t to equal miy ••i\rihot K-hee! in exitltact. 
Any peiiion In the ab.)ve named States cf Wi(- 
conslB. Iowa and Hlnnefiota wi-lilcg to purcha'c 
a Waterwbeel, or get In'ormitb^n concerning 
them, will please a(idref.(< th« underfipned. who 
wtll toruisb them w ith all the partiealars ol thli< 
wliee!. itf ti^c. -pted, j.;i«i-er. price, if . *«. 
These wheels are now being kont ou: at the rate 
clover o«e wheel per dsv, with a rapidly in- 
creasing demand, exicndin? from Maine to Call 
foriiit. A guarantee i« given that thetie wheels 
will work up strictly to is claimed for 
Uiem. Kemt mt>er that the 

Betit is tikc Clicapest* 

We are al^o furnishing, a^nyual.ot our own 

French Burr Mill Stones, 

Best t)nalitii'9 ot both old and new r|uarr «f. 

mill OoaE-lnB and Sharting:. 

or all kind' and .'e.-criptlon*", both for Klonr aud 
Saw- Mills. Doable Ftlgers for iavr Mills. 

Elevator Ma<*liluory 

Of the most approved pattern*. All kiod- ef 

g<=ariug aiitl iron work tor 
PAftfRtk AMU WOOI.KH miL!.*, 

And every kind of Iron work. Wc also Inr- 
DCSTKKS, and eTPry desctipllen ol Mill Ma- 
chiuorr. Also the genuine lufour's Old Dotch 

t'.itslogue of pattern* and pric lists cent en 
applk-a'iou. CWO. P. Al.l.UI4kC«>., 
U«Uance Works. Milwaukee, Wis. 



Commission Merchant, 


Tobacco, Hemp, iottois Wool 

And Western aad t'outhem produce grneraltj'. 

No. <)2 Commercial street, 

Elet-ween Olive and X^-tcusl-etH , 


Prompt attrntiun given t« liliug aU orders la- 
trusted to my care. moh6-ly 


..?l?o.?*" "■" » '»'•«•' two stcry FRAME 
UQUSK, nearly new, and the lot on which it 
stands. In Taylor's FaUs, for Twerty-fivo Hun- 
dretl UoUarr. 

Wo will also sell a fine STOCK FARM of 
abenl Five Haadrrd and Twenty Acres, on 
which there la a fine Kara, which o«sf aboat 
One I honsaad Dollars, good Dwelling and otiwr 
outriiil.iiaits, aituat«>d in Chisago county, 
eighteen miles Irota Taj lore' Falls, for *our 
IhouKaed Dollars. 

STKINtlFK, AII.K.V » « O.. St. 1 eui«. 

' ..1- .1 ne r-. latllulr t'ccriiten "t above 
preprriv, ad lie..t 

W.V C. ■'OI.»OJH, 

inchl-::m Taylor's Fall*, 

Twenty to Tweut) -live eeols. 

Tweuty-live to Tliirty tents. 

And other Goods to oorref pocd at 

1>. W.I^GERSOLL&tO.'S, 

Ingersoll'fi Block. St. Paul. 




THE (llbAl' ( AJJH 8T0RE 



Dress Goods at 25 Cents ! 
Dress Goods at 30 Cents ! 
Dress Goods at 35 Cents ! 
Siee Casliniere Delaines at aOcls. 
Good Aipaceus at '^ (ents. 

Good file ^noes only $1.50. 
Good A . W. . -PS only $1.50, 

Aai» A CESKBA j. SXOC K «»r 

ORKSs Goor>s 

A'r LO^Vt' I»RICKS. 

BalniornI and Hoop Skirts* 


J>«Y ooox>t!i: 

You witl find it lor yeur Interest to go to 


2JS Tluixi.^.-iti'^et. 


Rich and Rare Goods 

e^olid fe^ilver A^'aro, 

Warranted eqaal to cola. 

Table Spoons, Dessert Spoons 

Solid Silver Fable aud Tea KniTea, 

Table Forks, IVr sort Forks. Fickle Forks -ar- 

dine Forks. Cheese Fork.'. Pie Knives. Cake 

l^nlves, Bauer Knives. Cbee«c Knives, 

Soup Ladles, ^ugar ^•^<x>ns. t>Bcar 

SiOers, hilvcr Napkin Kirgs, 

Jelly Spoons. Eerrv I>)HKins, 

Ojster Ij.lles, MuMaid 

Spoons. Salt Sp.-ions, 

lt>.Ci.*ata .'-i<..,n?, 

BQO SPOONS, Ghjld Lined. 

PTeiM-rre S,)Oors. .'■ih er Cups snd i^oblet*. 1«« 
Stminers, Tobacoc B»'\e..i. c".ird Css's. Spectacle 
Casec.Port Monsies. .';;;t lellars, ftuil Knives 
Child's Knives. Forks nod Si^ot-tn*— ^| pm-,! pn* 
rer. A Urge »»*oitn»ent ofSlLVtLK PLATED 


A largf lot, in Gobi and .Silver cases, adiasted to 

heat aad cold— » arranted go.Td lime- 


100 Cases Seth Thomas' Clocks. 

A fall line of 


Come aad see the DiamtMid Goods at 


The Urgo'l assortment of 

Gold and Silver Watches 

In the State. 
Diamond. Opal. Pearl Kvbr and Kmetald tUngt 
aad Pins, onyx, Amethyst and Garnet Jew- 
elry .Solid GoM Pr«c«'lPt.«.Gcld Thlmbiea, 
Gold Necklaces, GoM Chains, 
i.alarge lot.) 

Solid Oold Ringrs, 

■oAla. dkc 

Store in Greenieaf s Block, 

Oppoaite Coaoert ilal], ii««r tbe Poat OOea. 
B. C. mWkMmMMMAW. 

>lerclia,nt QTailory 


Dealer lu Hat^, Caps, J'urnlshlng Uooda, 
Broadclotlis and Casslmeres , Ihlrd street. Upper 
Towe.,K|. Paul, M'uin. Casti aJranced to salt 
IntioH.KllvrorGrMabacks. iaa.1 I7 

Vl A«wAZtlK». .\CWItPAPBm«;*« 

M. BouDd In asy style desired at tb« Tnu 
Bindery, Apply at the l>>iiatiB« Boca. 




.t-tJ* Jk A. 


■4 — 



On and »it»t 

Mo»uia>. Petruibn -ijtli, ISb"), 

Trtir> >mU iini k« taalc.iU't trlou . >.'onDt^«tlri( 
m Mi'uvli'irt with I'll 

Minnesota Stage Co.V Lme, 

roMd ftom M. i;;iul ;iiv.l »t.-.U'!:s ll;i;n KCiBg 


(..L'l:.!.. wv.^i 1 "^ v> t.s 
B<. Pan! At « A« ^. ui. A *..*» p. m. 

■.«*•* ^« Hl)<»k«|>f t* ut *i •». m. A 4 |>. iM. 

. \ u \ni!.l',>N. ci-cr»i*r> . 

Si'. PAl'L & FAriKir H. U 

Jc »ca alt'«r ttiONPAt, ^•.>V^11«^■.S -th, 

l-Mvefat.-. '.ovA.a, 

LMmHt I4SA.V. 

LeaTesMAir^-a •>;ioa.m, 

t««T«:' l;a.<cA i« (•a.w. 

Atrtve St i ■- .:o.'>Ja.ii, 

.».!tl V, ' 
. » « « • 

*.fSv. - 

■' .a r. * 

AMvestS: '■ ■ ■ 

Leavvs tta?i • 

l,<.'»vt-.-i Ms- 
Leave* St " 
A.rrive a: iS 

or an eili '. 

• ■•» J., f 

" :05 A. SI. 

.. .*:»»• » 

.} \f K.r. 

J O > *•- 

5fl-.»i.« a. 


Tiio Groat Throat and Lung 

■ • hat* Hrt«*r tidtt-d lu t ui<> iht> norat 
t'lvupunti Coltl. 
It I* thv onir MeilU'lMr thai •till t ant 

t( Mill prf irnt ('un«ui)i|«litiu 
It mill 4ui<< Atintliiutt i«a«l K<<llv«e 

Il t'lirra lullurriu aud H«r« TbroAt. 

U tuu» a '.. it tl! 1 iI\:iiUiMiba:. •^tri^:tl> kUos- 
c i. I'l 111-,' iiioncy wiU be iciuinJcd. 

ri:a( OpugJi wli'.oh 5 oa ure u.-f(t>M!tiD|; uMy re- 
i.iU in lat il n>ujuD:|<tiou )t'«.^inoproiai't ri'incdy 
is noCu.-t'd. 

Why :>acrtllci< your lite when youi diaeti'^ ctin 
t'l' wuriJ so quicWIy ifd at fo siiiall a cost ' 

W hat U the yalue ot monny when com: areJ 
to lit-altb H 

Masks Cliv, Iowa, Maiih ;.iJ, l^tj4. 

Mfsit4. Miu'-SK k OAii.KY— IX'ar Sir;. : Ihlsi* 
rociT'.Mi hit I h;i\> u:<<d iliTsi's Kxtectofuut 
111 mv fimilv f.'r the Ust two ^eara. Kor cuuch'), 
BorH luDK«. ac. I kiijw it !.'• oil" ot thn Ixjat 
Bodicius"' I'wr um-J. For (.'roup its oJocts ore 
noutitT.'ul. I have ruM a larKO amunnt Ot It ind 
lec^'uiiueii'l it to mv l'rloud<,aud take pitaaurv 
la reuoiuuu iidlDK ii« U3:<, kuowicg that bv to 
i^oics imiili ictlerlng is telieved 
.Yous irulv, 


AvtiTiM, MiuD., Uaicb >th ImU. 

I hert'liv -eivtifv that I hav» fxatiiliied and 
te.'icd 111 mv (iractice thf medicine kuown as 
Mor»''8 t \ii:'i:ieaut. tcr 'ounhs, r'olis. Croup, 
Ai-lh!us, St., »;•.. i)repai>d by Morse » Uailey, 

1 rtgan' 't as a ^r riratlon ot ftTit in»'rit,aDd 
woult»'oiii;!l yrci.tMi:m.>nd It ;is l>eiuj{,t|re!Mri'd 
wilh tickijl tare, by tellalli n;>'n "^ m-.'ie lUlca 
lious tor It'i' tr.';:liu('ut cflhe various disca-i-s 
fornhich it I- •'.e-ipiicil, than auy remedy ol 

WlliC 1 I lU'. !• -IIIV liOO'.V lrd;-,e 

K. A. U.AllNt!.. M D. 

Addtes- y,\ orders to 

OAALt IMBlt'UJ: ruAUti. 

Oouut Ear. 



t» r 


!ii >■ 




is •■ 




iJtloii^, 1 

^v li'' C- 



■ 1. 

. A. 



Wholesale Druggists. 

r »a IKKLASO. .Sup't. 

r M. 


•^r fh? 

^iuih'Mjta rentnji Railway, 

cia ■-ai" it. Vaol at ■ , oclock r, Ji. ty the 

1st Division St. Paul & Pacific R. R. 

Alloiv ust" aJil that oar rtiv.-k i« juU and 
oomt'ii't*' I h" nti'Mtion nrd patronage of the 

J<orthw:~t r<»-';>ei'tfii'iv ^'li-'ited. 


bt. fau^.lauuary 1th. Is<W. 


Acd !>ach ; 

tLa 4:» 


•' .•ocii'ct with 
ing t^euth on 

.■ ><t. r:inl * I 
r.w^vta •.•■ntral I 
nerr* ond brijc- ) 


m ROUE m nil mil 


Winona & St, Peier R. R. 

• '.■■i.,i. CIV .: "'•*> ■■'■ 

Willi!. Stage Co.'s Line for La Crosse, 

; the irorniOK 

ra,^S''ufi» '- 
.-tach Winer 

«..olnil *' ■• 
p. M. Gci^o 
acd:i r. M. 

For Tick.- 
CcitViiiy'ii ci' 

March 1.1- 

-lat j:ij A, M. 

-.t I .«-• ii.ant iota bUige 

H. C. ATKIlSrS, 


• i'HKEu; ijj HO avnu wobdas fail " 

Xurrant's Compou.m\ Extract 

laa 9'ir.' (.••'riiiii acdspcdy ft" re for all ili^eaH-if. 
of th" BiiiiM'T, Kii1;-fy*< anil Urinary Organ?. 
oiiher in 0'nl.» or fi-mile. frfqufntiy p*>rforming 
a irf.tVc» fir«- i»i thi« -.hort srace of tnivrt or four 
d-iyi.and alvray-' In |e«s lim" than any oMi,»r 

iirfij In Ih" u •■» o! Tarran"" fiiTntiPund 
extract of iTuN-b'-' and C'opa(t:a there is no ne«>d 
of coniHtiFni r.t or ctui!!-;" of diet. In Its ap- 
proved form i^I a p:!.*!**, it is entirely ta*;oIer^ii, cau-"'s 110 unpleasant 9>'n^ation to the pa- 
ti- nt. -a .■; norxp'-suro. It is aoknnivledced oy 
ih.> mo-* iearnoJ in fic profession that in the 
Abi've ■•Irt-sofdi'ra-es, Oub -b? and r.->p.ilb3 are 
th>» only two rem-'d-es Vno^vTi that can be reU.>d 
apou with any ccrtaintj- cf sa^cvsj. 

Tarrant's Ccmponnd Extract of Cubibs ar.d Vo- 
paibaNKVMl KAIL-'*! 
Minufi-;:-.:? -J cn!v I v 

X.4.RItAJI1' * CO., 
jr.siirei-nwir-'i St., r.'fv? ViH-i 
49- So'-1 ^^ "r'tsri-^tc n'l ov-r th.? '.Vorld. 


^hica^o JlrtccvtbcnKnt; 

• ■HAT l*aVX«l«».^ AT. f .^t 3L.jtma 

La.ip I - • 

- l.-t.l 

IK*. ( 

;. i 

1 < ' [•: 
TO Jifci i ' £ ?A^ OA R. B. l.i>lK>. 

Al! p»-r-o!i- t'!JU:i'ne '-'.Ed it <i'-'.rriini>"it prlc* 
Hho riride in th» !'o-*-ns!ilvi caned b^low.are 
h«r»ov LotliWd that i.iie Company haa acijuir»<l 
• he fee to t!ae Kailfad landi located In said Town- 

jh-'ps, atid •' 

' • rcby re'iuired to 

trake ' 

proct 01 i*-- 

tho land:^ ocinifi 

-d by 

th'-m. and •; 

3t tVrrlor nccordiuglo , 

the l»Ks ri-v- 



■^c^^:•i. f 

• tnyK 1 



^ ' 

',17. 19, XI, - 


i.i.». n,» 


S7, ■«,»!, $- 



7,?, !l,lt, ! 

i,3.5,r -. 



,.3,5 - 




\ 11. V- 



J. 5.7,;?. 

a3.3?.. . 






5. u 2i ^r. . 

. . 120 


a, i7. n. '.u. 



5, 11.15. .;«. - 

'. ^1 120 


i.i, 7,tf. 11. , 

■=. -. 54. 120 



..,. Ui 


19, 33 

. Ul 


1, J. i, 7. U 

■ ■- '.:>. -•. .■3,-27, 




' r. i^r 

■ -' -i, -5, 

ir. T.», 31,.- 

. ' J . !,•• 



. ! 


I, 11, U 

... ',-'. 



• ^j. 

27, ;.-•.:■• 

. 121 


S, », 17, 1'J, . 

. 0. l.-' 


. ]-'•! 


t, S, .<. 9, 11. 

. u; 


,J, i,r,i. 1! : 

■■ .- -i , '.; ' ."^ -" 



•itXi'd'JE, L, BECKJB, 


••ti-— i).l"Ol 

t jnd CommiSHton-'r 

isee. isee. 

Cash Wholesale Clothing House. 

wnuL'-iAI.S Iiy.lUEKS IN 


< iiatuli»ia. •^H unil jfS tV^tiash .> v., 

/itrtrctd f.'i!.j i:::-! Ji :i:t!jip'> strewn, ChUago, 
fST" Particular at'cn'ion paid to onivrs. 


Join V. FAIiWELL & (0 , 

U ll!)f.,f....ALr, 


12, 14 A 1« Wabash Aveniio, 



A»-l'ir;lculsr iitention psiJ '.0 oriior.. 

Throat and Lungs. 



Is varrant •'. to 'j' I*:- onlv ptcparatiuB known 
1 1 C'jr*< I 'juglis. Colds, JJoirseness. Astlima, 
Hhooptii^Co iKuj, Clir-iuio Cou^hd, Consump- 
tion, liroEchitis t'Ud Croup lieiog prepared 
from Honty and Herb' it i< healing, softening 
and expectora'ioj; and particular!? suitable for 
;iH affeitions of tho Throat ai:d Lnr-z-. For salo 
iiy all Drnjre^a.s evt ry "vV.erL'. 


5ii»i:siri.\ 1LVII1.U RiiiiLii, 

Quickest, Cheapest and MostCom- 
fortab'e Rome to tb" East. 

'"■1 1 

On ^i.ti 
Fraini ■<! 1 ■ 

•} I 

teav- ■>',-. 

. . ,-.,,•. >i. 


6.20 " 

.^50 ■ 

'-'M " 

-iM •• 

....:... 7 20 •' 

'' . . 

sOO ' 


».20 " 

Arrlv. .,.: .. 

. SJCO M. 

GOING* rs'Oit J X. 

Lmve Kintiiiilt 

7.30 A. M, 

•• Put)'!'- 

-.10 '• 

" Norti.: ■ 

- 40 •' 

" r-,^<]. ■: ■ ,.. 

t« " 

Kaj-in-a.'ra . . 

35 '• 

; « '• 

. -. " 
] , " 


li. .1 " 

TitiBS r 

•«ii:. ti,.- Min- 

fl.<5tu -"1 


' •* • . - • r 

t'j'.r : 'r .- « oach.'t* run t.e- 

».f: : .r.d 

Ka- '•',, -Ali.Ti- jasMengcrs ■ u- 

in t!i- WInoua and."!t. I'Her 



'■■ for firaardtnii 

:.. 1 .; < ro'se with dis- 

f hi . d r ite-". Tlironiih 

■ .. ' ' 

j;i );•• mad.' at th". offlti; of 

(>,.-! 'liiMieitpMi-, ir with Borup A 

( hart ; -H .- 

t. I'aui. 


:■ b.* i.uri;h;i.'*'d t" r^a<*r*'S-.e 

a d all i^j< : 

in>«-rior of .S./Utli.-rn Mln- 

esota »» ■ 

1 the Kaihvay (;. mpanv 

nd of t'l- -i 

-f :«'■ 'V,m[«nv. 

m.hl r 

< sMCfl>>»nn,wup-s 


Gi oceries. 

r-K STliICKLA:«D"ST-<NICis a concatra- 
t<-d preparation of Roots and Herbs, with antia- 
cidt and carmicativtB to etrenKthen thi; ttomach 
and nerv out si stem. It iJ a certain remedy lor 
Uyjp'-p-iaor In-'ige^'ion, I^Tvou-'ne-a. L0--3 of 
App'.'tit*' Aciili'y 11' the ijtoinich, I" atulcnoy 
aiiif I-ebliitv. It is not alcoholic, thrrffijre par- 
ilcularly riittf d <i)r W-'ak, Nerv'>in and yspep- 
ti' perron'. For 'alei by nil D.-usnlats every- 
where, St Hit p.'r I'Otilo. 


Dr. te-ricklmdN r'ly-' K K -.T !< I ,' »' ha' cured 
(hcu'anda of tho wu itoas.'s of IHiirl ind Bleed- 
Inifl'il-n. I! fix's i'ilm'-'.liitn reii-i .-.ii-J • ff-'cta 
ap'-rniiiirnt c-if. f y it difttly. '1 ts nar 
■ anted to fure. For -.ale by all Drugpi.'ts .it 50 
c.*nl.i per b'jttl>-. I^Ktly 


(Succen'Ors to a. i'. '.rosk»j.> 


I'tr.ti'l. r„ . I tit, l\: 


NEW Fimi! NHWliMOnS! 

llw OB'"-'i ' 1 -• open. d « choice 

rtoclc of I-i';!! I •.i;-'' ritlcs, »t their Store 
nn JAt:K;^"N -TKI-.I-.T, n-irly opporit" the 
'•tiigCh"'" ■*•■' '^"♦'1' con-tnn'ly on hand a 
ir<.<.it4 jn tlieir lin". 
, .10 ptt!roran<i is respeclfuily 

iull sscori' 
A share ' 

Jat.uary !."th, l->v, jaulfl-ly 



lo aupply td«ilule«icyivuKi'at>U"K>'>''ve pilntcil 

•ud ready lor oaie the lutlowtni; Umnk« 

tot urn- lu I'rolatc Court : 

tOMMlhiilONKKb' WAKKANia, twlthoatha. 


Al'PKAIHFU.S" AlM't)lNTMKNT, ^wllh e»th»,) 











For sale by tho quire or i-tnsle shea. Addle^^ 

k>»t:ai«i >'>uixxi!KU cu. 



l.<aC'ros»«>. M iuuua and all I'otnl* !■ 
tht* AorllSMVal. 

F. y>. .'^t'.iMy 4 Co., would calth" attin'lon 
ol Mercli:.nts and .Shippers U> til'- latt that they 
havo and will riiu during the Winter 
in coniti'ction wiili the riUroadr? uf Minn"sota 
an t Wiscou.-^iu, a di'ly In.-pat-.-h Ireighi I.iuo. 
couueciiua all points between'ro-se. tViimna 
and th' Nerlhoest. A nufiicieut i.'jmber ol 
Teams willlo lut <iii the route to jcomiuod.i'.e 
the l:irj;-> and rapldlv lucieasinK business, and 
the Kt«^af.;st care will •••• t;iki'u ilifit all i-'oil. 
consisnedto t'u- Uisiiitch l.iui' wiU be lonvanl- 
el, with di-palc!i, ivilli care, and at the lowest 
possible rales. 1 h.- line mil imke tonneciiou 
witli '.ill points in thi- Northwest, thus all'ordinK 
bbippeis the usual lacllities. \\ huat will bi' ruu 
fromihn tlttvators as last as brought f..'rr.:ird. 
Capt. ls\AO U. MoL-LToJi, Managing Partner, 
la Crosse. CVusipn all good for ti'Mi:>poitation 
to V. A. S^ AVF.v (» ci^., I a Crosse. 

BOUUr A CUAAU'Diri, AgenU, SU IVu), 


^\\t >aiut ^m\ ^xm. 



<XE« A^O X.A«lL'OHei 

■iLllMiLI. CDlt 












m'.I.UW AND FOR'';, 



S. L. iJAlLEY & CO., 

L>eiiler!> Ic evi-ry kinU Of 

F- IT j&t IS 1 rr ^ ' *^ ic , 

jv.r the 

}'drior/i!Jui!i<: Huuiii \ t'huiubt^r. 


Ul all kinds. ' 

Vs»i-ni!-<Ue.-». C+liie,^*.?, 

IphoL^U'iiHii Done to Ov«ler. 
24:'! ^'hird Htreot. 

ilr Cf: 1 .. 

*, i.. ;iAII.>;^ . 
AUui'Sl iiUKDl.>(!: 

T E ^V S! 


rpt-A— >'xr!tA FiNt iiu*!!;i;iAX, 

rilS^- KX ril \ FINl. O Uft l'OVTi>l;,a. 
rilK.*— 1..\ f KA FINK OOLONG, 

JL FA.vr. 

The abo'.'C wc ivarra.^t 1 ui.h. and rr.KSK, at 
prices which cannot full to pleiae. 

January S, luti. anu 


Fort-.'it.. bet. Eagle aud Chestnut. 

BeiQK d^'irmined to produce better niann- 
lactarert Hoods than can b? procured in the State, 
aoi al as low prices, would thf-refore respect- 
fully solicit th" pairouaRfi of thq Sicrchants of 
St. I'aul and ceighburiiie citiis .ind town-. 

N. B. Highest price paid for Broom Corn, 

Royal navana Lottery of t'liba. 

Cocd-a'.'ti-d f-i th') .Spanish i-ovrfrnmenl. 

%m.m W COLB IlRiffX EVEKV 17 D\Y8. 

Frizef cashed and information farnicb'-J : the 
hishs-rt rates piid for Doubloons and all kinds 
of Gold and Silver ; oUo for ell government Se- 

TAYLOR * C'l., 

feb.3-ly Bankers. 16 Wall-.-v.-, ;>i. Y. 

Ml. lr»A.lJl-. 


'WHOLAiiAl.K MA5I-1-A( Tl,-r.ER.l Ijr 

Chflirs, BedKli!ftd.s. I^uuge.s. 

itif nrfunrpTivx. 
Eagle Street, near the Upper Levee, 


All kinds of rmminjt lor ttit and done to ord«r. 
Scroll SatrtoR ted Flanlng attended to. 


Alcohol, Pure Spirits, 

WIll^^KlK:: OF AUlJUA]J?o. 
l>onxt5~tie Liqvioi\Ki. 


KL I a tijw^i ^« E S . 


61 iiouth Wator stroot, 

1>. U. Drawer 6320. CUir.' ACiO. I LL. 

I his b'ii.g the cheipo^f ."Spirit niark'-t in I he 
world. wein-'iteatVn'ioD of I.lo3lers in Domestic 
l.i'piorsto our K"0'I'<; I''<!Haf( Assured that we can 
off-^r them special inducements. 

We would call the particular attention cf the 
tra<li: to our 

Which 1^ adistlilion of Uye, Malt, WIno and 
Italian Juiilpfr Berries, and has all the proper- 
tie- andllavor of th" imported article. 
fep2 oowly xfd 



No. 108 Second t-^treet, 


Bourbon Whiskey, from a combination of orar 
twenty different kin^Li of ro'jL", burks aud herbs, 
H-hich lu-t in perfect concert one with the other, pro- 
par'j^l from the originiC forianla ^ven by th* great 
1 hi**f. Kol Jacket, to Dr. Cbapiiu who used them snc- 
f'-^^fully In hit practir« fur m my yt^irs, and by thuii 
lit'.- gHiQi?Ml to great a P'lpalarity in the treattneut nnd 
.iirfl of Dyspepsia, Liver Cainplaiiit, Omstipoti'in. Sick 
uD'l Nervous IIea<ia':he, Fi'V«r and Aijue, anil idl di»- 
e-ii^es arising from torjiid lifer and indigottion. Por- 
S'ji.i sufferinK from cilher of these loathsome 
will find a cure by the nse of IhoDO Hitters, which are 
jrf-rfectly pure and free from all those drut^t and pel- 
ei>'ts usuilly put up In such preparations, end palmed 
».fT on an unsuspecting pnblir. A tiiiglu trial will jun- 
vince the niMt skeptical tbit in the RED JACKKT 
tUcrt) is a virtua that no other Ditlom poseess, 

Tliey Btreii^hon and Invig.irato the system. 

They ert? iiucMiaalled fur g^ueral debihty. 

Tiioy lire a cure fur Dynpt-p.'ia. 

They give a grK>d and healthy appetite. 

They assist digefftlon. 

They purify the breath and acidity of tho stomach 

Thay euro Diarrhow aud Cholera Morbua. 

Tbey are an antidote to chang* of water and diet. 

They are the bfst Btimnlant in existence. 

Thoy are a preventive of Fever aad Agne. 

They relieve Constipation. 

They care Nervous llciuLiche. 

They aro perfectly pure aud palatable. 

The (tennlns RED JACKKT BnTiX.1 n» only sold 
In quart bottles ; never by the gallon, qnart or pint. 

See that onr private Uovcrament stamp Is imbrokeo 
over each cork. 

Bold by all drngglsta and dealers tbrongbont ths 

Call for Red Jacket, aud take no other. 

Cucnlara to the trade tnpplied on application. 


_. PropfielorSi 
31 and 33 niCBIUAJT AYEHVE, 

inh'.'-ilAw 4m 

.llltlt liA.m.Altl::UI M AIKHIV. 

- -Mr. (1. U. Lynch, a po8liuasl«i' m 
N. C. ut the couuucucomuut ot Ihe tcbel- 
liuo, wUca commuuicution beiwcun tliaistnte 
auii thu City of WasUiugluu was liisi luicr- 
rin>tcd, bad iu lii.^ posiv-bbii'n lictwccu $100 
aud $JOi* ill coiu, b.-lunKiiii; to lUo govcru- 
mt'ut, which be puiioil lor iul'ciy. Roctiatly 
the Sixth .Vuilitur of tho Troasury lor the 
l'o!>tiiilk'o Ucpartmcut ivoii lufotiued by him 
Id this l'.irl. aud that I ho luuiioy was at the 
oilier ol' the iiroper otlicer. .S draft basj ui- 
cordiujjly been ilrawii lor the iimount in cur- 

— b. M. llai'ii:iun, Estj , of IVrrc 
Haute, Imlianu, i;. tibout to take p'^^se&:jiou ot 
out half 01 IhosuiB ot $';,-2oO,l>00 lelt by a 
dt-eeascd rclativuin England. 

—Brigadier Geni-aal Shurritlaii has 
wtlttuu to a fricuJ iu Orcfa-oa tltat he intends 
to revisit that .St;ito before Ioiij;. 

— Hon. Eli Tha^LT, foriutily :i lucm- 
hut 01 Congress lioa Ma^sachubctts, is stump- 
iot; Conneaicut in behalf of the Di'mot-ratic 
candidatcb for .'^tale ollicts. 

— Ths Svcrt'tary ol !5t*te, in a lutlerto 
Senator Suuiucr. details the fuels in ihu ciso 
of tho murderer of Martin Bader.ruccnlly par- 
doned by the Cotiucii oi iJas'oiand, Switzer- 
laud, ou condition of his euiigraiiug to this 
euuntry. He was under teuteuee of couline- 
meat lor tiventy- lour years in ehiiius. The 
United Stutvs Consul at Ua>l.'. iutormcd the 
Cuunetl uf BusK'land that the United Spates 
was not a i:i;Ioay for CJaviefs and eriniiaals 
and the person pard..iuud would not be 
permitted to bind i',5 this eutitry. but would 
be relunied to Swit/.eriand at the'us^.^ of 
those sendiughim hllh r. 

— ^Thc i;fxt Lt-gi^latuio of Neiv York 
will Iwve to elect a Seu.itor to servo lor si.\ 
years from the 4th of March, 1SG7, when the 
teiiu of Hou. Ira llarr.s will expire. It is re- 
lated that piior to his rxtraordiuary souierael 
U. J. R.iyruoud, ot the New York Timet, had 
£oiuc prospect of being the successor of Mr. 
Ham.-, but that a recent visit of that gentle- 
mati t>> Albany soon satisfied even himself 
that his chances were among tiiC I'eebiest . It 
is not now doubled that Mr. Hanv will be 
iriuiuiihantly re-elecitd. 

-The London Timi^ nays tlio courage 
liud decision exhibiied hy Ticaident Johnson 
iu telu.-iof; his assent to the Frecdinou's Bu- 
reau fiiteslion, c.nlirm.s the resiieet in which 
his iiolicy has Iccn held iii Engkind, aud will 
entitle hiiu to the credit us one of the ablest 
statesmen who have ever conducted a great 
nation successfullj- through a crisis by linn 
ness, moderation .ind wisdonl. 

— By iliB latt census of Lt;u<ion it ap- 
pears that there are more Seotchnieu thaa iu 
Edinburgh, uiorc Irishmen than in Dublin, 
aud mnre Jews tbau ;'u Palestine. 

— A !U.-.[in.ti'h from A\'.^shiti{4loii to tho 
New Y'oili Cipii.}s (Cop.), fays the President 
is deicmiiued that Norilicrn traitors shaU not 
nurse their treason ou I-'cuer.ii patronage. 
The postmaster at Forrestviilc, Coiin., Isas 
hi en remove'.l for speaking ol bim m the style 
of Ansa Dickiusou, who, in hsr Cfiicjgo ad- 
I dre»s. th'3 other day, epci.c ol AuJrevv John- 
son as "'a man standivig on the grave cf a dead 
President, and striki'ig h:°nds with hisassas- 
siiis," etc. Ti:cre are other of the same 
Sottas the F'Tiestvillu [.ostni ;jlcr, who will 
liav - lo walk the plank. 

— An editorial in iiii i((;ncullural ex- 
ehuiig.', speaking of sugar iiiakiiig, says : 
Every large tree may be lapped iu four places 
as well as one, aud each spout will yieid as 
much sai) as it the tree was tapped in only 
one place, acd the small qur.nlity removed 
will exert no iujorious influence on the growth 
of the trees. 

— Two " reC0Datrm:ced'' military gcu- 
tUmen,oae of whoiu formerly served under 
MorKaa, fought a duel at Point Chicot, Ar- 
kansas, " a set'.udeil sj.ot utjou the Mississippi 
river." The weapons used were bawic-knives ; 
Major Burns was v/ounded m the ar-a, but 
ccniTivt'd to cut o!f his oppoutut'a iCol. Luy- 
luau's; nose, slash bis face fc-arfully,and hual- 
ly put out ona of his eyes. Theu he was sat- 

— Stephen Girard, than wh.-ra no 
shrewder business man ever lived, used to 
say; "Ih.ive always considered advertising 
liberally and long to b-a the great medium of 
auecess in b'asiatss and the prelude to wealth. 
And 1 have made it an invariable rule, to ad- 
vertise in the dullest times as well as the busi- 
est, long experience having taught me that 
money thus spent i3 well laid out; as, by 
keeping mr business continually before the 
people, it has secured me many sales that I 
would otherwise hare lost."' 

— A delegate iu the Ptians^lvaaia 
Democratic Cocveniiou 'wbiub was held tho 
other day eulogized most clo^iitntly the econ- 
omy of President JobnsCu in his cdministra- 
tion of public ailairs. Another delegate re- 
marked that ho couldn't lec it, aud asked lor 
an explanation. Delegate Xo. 1 replied that 
the Precident didn't waste his amoitmition ou 
dead ducks. It is needless to add that ths 
bit btoughc liown the house. 

— We aro told by ths Portland Adccr- 
tutr a good story of hO'A- an icjuied wil'o 
caught a runaway husband, on tho arrival of 
the last steamer from Europe at that port. 
It appears that an intimacy had grown up t>u 
tween her v.otser halt and a lair young widow, 
who, rather than undergo tho horrors of 
single blesscdntss, consented to elope, and 
accordingly both took passage for this side of 
the "big p'jn'i" in the steamer Belgian. The 
deserted wile, learning of ihcit I'lght, tool; 
pass.igo in th'j steamship Moravian, which, 
owing t') boiuu of tho Belgian's luachiueiy 
getting out of order, a. rived at Portland some 
twenty 1 lur hours b.^iure the P-'jIgian ; and on 
her arrival the wile stationed hciselt on the 
whaif, and as the guilty c.juple walked out on 
thcgang'.\a;r <.,onlr')nti il ilitiu lace to face 
The toii.'ttruaiiou ai'd : haiiii- ot llie elopvis 
can b(tt. 1 bi,- imiiirin' li thai: described. 

■ A-ipjiali'L (iftu Wasbirg.on ul Ihe 

irihsays; "Ilie Seimtonal ciiicua held an- 
other uiteling to day, and teteis'ed the report 
of tho toniiiii!li.e apjiciutid al Iho pteviou. 
lucetliig on a c^nstituiioual itiiiCcdDicut to be 
piopoEcd in the Senate, us well as in the 
llousc. and passed, if pos'.ible, at au early 
day. It ^etmcd 10 be the pievailing iiiipres 
sion that no umcnOiiicut 11. t basing re ,;re.sen- 
tatiou on voters touki succeed. It theio- 
lorc agreed that the Senate sht/uld tiuite on 
the fuilowitg ; 'litprcsealaii.ju shall be ap 
pottionc'l amoug the several Stales which may 
be included within this Union, accoruing to 
their re.-.pective nuuibvij, counting the whole 
uuiiil;er ot pcr.'.ous 111 each .'.'tale, iuciuuiog 
Indians not ta.icdi but whmever iu any 
State the elective franchise ibaii ho denied lo 
any portion <d is male citi/cns other than 
for disloyally, the basis of representation iu 
such Slates shall 1je reduced in the proportion 
of Ihc iiutiiber of thu male citii-.. ii.-; so ex 
eluded to the whole number of iniile cilizms 
over ill ) tuib of age." " 

— .Judge ilautilton died al Ollerburu, 
Dubu'juu couuty, louu, on Ihc tith iust. Mr. 
U. was (he last President of tho Iowa Senate 
before Ihc udopliou of the new Constitution 
of that Stale. 


Ibutcvssors to W.Vrso.N.ri ShMi>i-i. 4 Co,,) 

UAMBi'TiKi!i:s m }iisim w 


CON t'luCJ'X'IOIV f-Jll Y. 

Wo an: pruiiait d to lurul. '1 < very du-iil|.tuiu 
of Iho abovu urilehs lu uuv ileelrt^d quantity. 
Kv-ery .U-Kcrlptiou nf Kakiry duuo to onti-i . v\ ,> 
warrant all g'jods a No. 1 article. (itdiTslium 
the couutry bolMted aad proiuplly UUedat the 
lowcbt ca.sli prie-e. 

Cash |iiid for BH'ITKa, Lauh, uud Euus. 
Cull at tho 

Northwestern Steam Bakei), 

Curuar Kiberl slre'jt aud Levee. 



Jaclcsoii Street, 

SAlN'r FAX! J I, JMl^fN". 

Will buy aad sell IJi-iil i.utati', enter Public 
Land;', with Warrants, or ARricaltural Col- 
lege Sciip, :.ft.ra pergonal inspection of the 
hinds, aud p.iy Taxes for nun-retideats lu any 
part of th> State. 

IJe refers to the .State olfioers and Coagreaslon- 
al Del-gall ju yf Minnesota, 


H O T E L ! 

All rpiM'i T«\y»5 lilsliibli '.iiiHMii. 

Th.? uiid i'r-lr,ned luvie;; Kaedth- tine t'lre:- 
story Hiick Block on the ceru»-r ol Ihird and 
Frauklio streets, (.lormerly Kdgcrtou's Building) 
ha\ altered and remodeled it Into a 

I^'irst Clas.s Hotel, 

and thereby huppUed a want for sjvoral years 
lelt In th« Upi-er Waids of St. luul. The 
eitaalluti ii oie of the Cuest aud most con- 
veuientin ilie city, and 

The Cosmopolitan Hotel 

will prove acoepabh' to all who may favor It 
with a vlst, if a clean atid a'ly loeatiou, 

i<"'u.i'nitixre, Gvtx'^vt-^, 


The Uest itiid t'lioicest CotiiestibleM, 

with une.'iC'iptioutl'lo Coik^rv ami poimlir 
ni:iii3i!'M'3 a'id assistants are IIk re<iuir inents 
sought f-.:r. The*i.> things being the leaturoa of 
X\ii new 

C'ni'-iMi -poHtttii Hitt'.jl, 

it I i no •miu- oiled to ■•iiiz'is ao'l "(MnE'^^rs. w ilh 
a c >iiild»coe that Its patrons widnol bo disap- 


f '1 . ly 

«rJ-»o\Jv/ Ag'iits V. 

rvwli-'i to -el! .-nr 
IMl'i'.VvIJ i'O '".^wit. . .".thin" . Ih-"e nnw 
kinds, i ^.d^■ nd uppj- le^. *Varranted'live 
y.'ars. .'O'ovl --liiy <r larj^e cuoni'ssiuns paid 
fho <>S1 V roeoIrn.'S -old in On- Cnit-d State« 
for less th-an *40. wHieh are f(tllii lU'i'u.-eil On 
flowr, iriie'.er .y I»'»/.soi>, Orn.r <)■ Viiker, 
Siui/fr <f t't:, Hf' l:<ir.'u'lilrr, Al' oth^T cheaji 
luicliin.'s afo iiifrinft*'»n<'^Is. Circular"* /"•c''. 
Addlr^j- or c'l'l upo.i t.haw Ct '"laik. liid'tid'ord, 
Me ill .!-'c-,'--i"..w:i"i 





i H tUL into the st .'cki.-iir, an.i ri.-.rfowo off the 
too — it -I'ts up its own W'lrk— ^r^ns and nar- 
rows, and knits tabu'ar, li.iuble nnd flat »ith sel- 
vi<t)?es, producing all kinds t-t liiucv fabrics nnd 
knit goods in nst! — It kn.ts a yard ff plain work 
in ten mieuies, a piir ot rOcks' in twenty minutes 
— '.t kniis oiiy kind of larn, •.rcolen or coitor, 
loo-'u or tirrii. infhort,' thi- ino't rrofitabic ma- 
chine »vi-r invented fur Womaa. Price us low as 
anv of tl.c -.'li 'ircular machine.-. .S.g#u's want- 
ed in every loaoty in th^! fitate. S-;nd for circu- 
lar.-, ti'ltr-f.-iui! th'j 


tcb'.'^d&wly. Davenpoit lov.a. 

Dealer in 
(;LK.iI4:%, FKKNCa AND F.NOJiL^U, 

TOYS \m F4XC\ G01H)S, 

VJutlurv , C'->iiib.s, ■Perfunit-Tv, 

Brushes, Toilet Soap, China Ware, 


und ioyc of every do-ciijtj'.n. 

100 Tiiirtl-iHt., St. raiii, ^Linn. 




AND inK 



$100 liEWAKD 

rou .1 .uabicua tu at wilx cuka 

Tickiiug 111 ikTIirvitt, 
VVliuopiui; ()uu;;h, 
Or Helive Coustimptive ou^hn 



Over Fifty ThouBAud Bottle* 

have ''.-eu sold iu Its nativit town, aud not a sin- 
gle iuslauce of Its fallar« Is known. 
vr« have in our possussion, any ijuantlty of 

oertiiicntes, some from 

Eiuiaeut Fbysicians, 

who have used it In their practice, and given it 
the pte-cmiuencu over any other compoond. 

It Does uot Dry up a I'ough, 

but loonous it, 80 as t«> enable the patient to ex- 
pectorate ireely. 


Wll.l. lAVAKLlbLY CUKJt 

ri<'UI.I!\«; IK THE THROAT. 

A H % LF UO ITLK has often most completely 
ourud the most 

H T u ciiORN ooucm. 


aud yet,thou)4h it Is ao stiru and ep"<'dy In Its 
oper«il ion, it Is perfectly luirmlcss, oiiiug purely 
veg-Jlablo. It Ib vory agreeable to the taste, ana 

In €ai)«;«i ol CKOl'P ue will 
Irusii-uutev a Cure. 

if taken In season. 

No Family Should be Without it. 

It id within thu reach of ail, the price br-ing 
ONLY -40 <JENX««». 

And if ail iuvestment and thorougii triul does 
not "backup" the above statement, the moeey 
will be r"fuuced. We say this knuwiui; its mer 
Ite, B'ld leel oontident that one trial will secure 
for t a home In every household. 

Dj not waete away with tkiughing, wh.-n ^o 
small an liivcstmint vvill cure you. It msy b'" 
had ot any n.-epeclnble lirusRlsl in town, who 
will furnish iCu with a '.ircular of jji'iiuiue c^r- 
ti;lcilt-5 ol cures It has m-id.". 

8<)I<1 Ijy Uragsiiotts r'-v»ir.v where. 

C. U.CLAUU & CO., Proprietors. 
New Haven Conn. 

n. II. BIGGH, 

;Si)lo uKents for tb.e Northweel, at St. Paul, 
Minu,, whoro all orders ehculd be addressed. 
)!;- C cow 

ni IHIi lllllliH lit' ANEIiICi 




LVON ;J PEUIO'JU'AL DROPtJ cuie all com 
ptalDts incidoRt to tho s-.^x, and tooiove all ob- 
slrictions o' nature from wliafeier cause, pio 
duclng hf alth, visor and etien:;th. 

LVCiN'.S PEItluDICAL DROPS are better 
than all I'ills. Powders and nostrums, bein^ a 
duiti prep 'ration, their action is dlr..'ct and posi- 
tive, a-^d It needs nothicg but good comuion 
sense to eeo and undei stand the reason why 
ther cure a 1 those ills lo which t'lO fec.ale sys- 
tem Is sui.'j''ct d, with dispatsh and a degreeof 
uertaiatv which noth'cg but a scientiUcally com- 
pounded tiuid preparation cculd reach i they ar:;, 
in the most obstinate cases. 



To the mostdelicate constitution. 

LrON'S PEUI'.^DICAL DItUP.s wUl (.e.nainly 
produce the rejfular return of nature. If taken a 
day or two before the expected period, and It is 
a naxlm ia tho profession, that prevention is 
better than cure. 

used by over tweDty-8T0 thousand ladies -within 
tho past six months, and the testimony of all is, 
"It surely cures." 


Cutter, Secombe, Averill & Co., 




are now preparod to supply the wants ofPfdiitersaBd Merchtntii of this htat4 with all Undeof _ 


This Astabll'huient, bMngtlm largest of thf) kind in the Morlhmett, the I'ruprUit«ri aikfor a 
coutiuuauu* ol patrouage iri.m tl.-jr form'T customers, and hop:: by th.-lrlu- leased capacity lor 
bu'lnees tuaddltrgeiy totheir pr-rent list. In addition to their own maDOlactured goods, they 

Ul c lutiii'i.r to dcil larg'-l/ iu all kinds of 


Together with such otb«r artie'.f-t a> n*<y b* fo«Bd in a tlRBT CLAI>a PAPEii blOHE. 

Printers' Ink and Writing Fluids, 

Will bo k"pt constantly on hind. Uuylng their stock of .'jUtiomery, Sc, dlr.ct Irom the Mano- 
facturers 1 a»t. enables tbem to sell to Mo-d anis aud others at prices that will invlualtentlon 
Their Store, 

aj20 Tiiiiti> HXttiiiKx, «ai:nt pajji^. 

Is largi'and couiiuodiciur. whi're iliey wl:l promptly retpuud t • all who may Urcr ibeiD mlth 

St. Paul, K.'bruary 10, I8O1I. f^bir-Jm 



and Coramission Miercliants, 


Second Door Below MerchantB' Hotel. 

We havt; in Storfl one of tbe lUkEUIi^T 6TUCK& in this market of 

Tobaccos and Cigars. 

8t. Paal, January II, itCi. 


Audi iVliiinetsotn HoHi>ltnl. 


•Kkf IlAl.l. llLOCK—nznr th' I'Pit fifflrt. 

DR. WILMAK5, th' Consulting .Surgeon of th» above Inttitotlon, hai 
jui-t pitbli-rhed a Manual c f .";»xual Diseasos, a larp< book of 350 pages, and over 
ji'Oenxrarirc'. ft is the onlv book ever publish-d wMch gives a truthAil de- 
scription of bpiermatorrhea. Venereal Disc^ases, Female Complaints, and all dis- 
ea.-"s 01 the urinary and r^prodnltlve organs of men and women of whatever na- 
I'lr' , including the solita-y habits of both sexes, and their deplorable con««i- 
•juences on the mind and liody, impotence, loss of power, and the secret infirmi- 
ti*'8 ofy-inth and maiihoo.1, the physiology of marriage, Ac, with nt-'* and suc- 
c.-M';l'jl ri'Kthods of treatnient for all the above cases. Mailed in a plainsealed 
wrapper lor one d'jltar. 

»ir Descriptive CircuUrs oontainiUK valuable inlurmation to the afflicted who wish to avoid 
•joackery, tuail^'d in a si-a!td env.'iop en receipt of JO cents. Also a pamphlet for ladies, price 6 cents 
AlIcomniuuicatiOQSCODlideTitial. ai o will i-eaoh the oonsulting suri;<-on bv addreesing 

■THS CAIBSIKC M.'mtk'Wnt.'Xm. saint Paol Minneeota. 

fiiivdiumrf, ^toveis, &c. 


JOHisr t;uiSTi«i, 

Corner Th.iiH3 fiix<I Cftdar Streetjs. 

fefauttiaotord' A^tent and Wholebale dealer is 

Shelf and Heavy Hardware, 

a.lILS, GL.^.'-.•^ iWOVfLS, i'V-.Vi.i, CKA1K8, 




StOVi;3 AND TiNWAtl-o. 

biat J Agent lor the sole of Morriacw'* »>!e- 


^mp$, (!^ib, kt. 




Just received and in store, the largest amonnt of 
LAMP G >ODS ever received in fit. P»nl. 


ItftdO dozen Lamp ClUmney! and 
3©0 gross Lamp Wicss. 

A larga Stock of LANTt KN5 at Marrtns 
Crockery Importing House, iw and 1»1, Third 


nov 'a. 

Leai' ia mind that I iuaiantee my DUOP.S TO 
CL'RK .Suppression of the Menses, from whatev- 
er laiuse, though care shoald b;< tak'=n to ascer- I Qiinimar anrl Wintar I!nnk Stnppa 
tain if pregnancy be tho cause, as these Drops 1 ^"iliiaier Alia W inter UOOS OlOVHS. 

11. W. Al K.XANDKB, 
I. C. Al.£.\ASOXB, 

mch'.' riin 

K. N. ALK-XAifliRR. 

Book and .lob i-'rlnturs. Bookbinders, K»p"r 
Balers, and Blank Book Manulaotarers. 


St. Paul and .-^tuii.op, », 

This Company is prepared tn carry irnig hi be- 
tween Saint Paul and ^ hakot"?", and Inb'rmedl- 
ate stations. Froighl Intended for this iinc 
must be deliverf'l to.). C. * 11. C. Kurbank J( 
Co., he Company's Agents, at their Warchou. e 
OB Iho Levy In ."^aint I'.iul; oral any etntlon on 
the Ine. Freltht in considerable quantities will 
be called for ou notic', at 'Jio place-' of business 
on Ihe principal strret", nnd ail freight loBt. 
Paul will be delivered at businefs places 0:1 Mi) r 
street, or near Ihe snmo without extra charge, 
O. A. HAIWlIiTOai. 
noT 2a tf Secretary. 

f JOOli «IIVX>EI? V 

13 laak boo k hi an u ta ctcry 

U»v»in''aooe.iBlulopr-a'.i«ntheinr>;i»tana raos 
•^umplet" Bindery In Minn'-cota, embracJiiKlhe 
hiteiil and most Improved machinery. Kmplojrin^ 
onlyeoiopet- nl aadcaroful workmen, and using 
behest iiatoriil, tbO'V' !iO!»o to OQQtiuueto i<iv. 
salisinotionio all. 


AHD TO AUlt PATTli«a. 

LKiKJKHS. DAY HOOKS, .1 liNAi/.t, Cl'ii 




Ih" Noilbwojl lur Company's n^w and 
latt side wh' e! Bteaaer 


will leave ST. LOUI^ on 1I19 

31.^*t doy of ]\Itvrcli. 

;tis buu; i-. !■ (inly n-;w and built e.^p!e^'9Iy 
for the iri>p.>r Missouii Itlvcr Ir.-ide, end has 
excellent ncooiniiiidatlons fo' pajsengers. She 
will ut bc! bialed h'.vivily, and being vkst 
MoiiT ir..\iT, a-d having gcrat power, will 
m'lkea sp'-'ed,- trip. 

ras.en?.rs fr HKLKV A, VIKiilNIA CITY, 
and rll ot'er pjiuts In tho Mining Country 
witli 1 limited amount of ffe'Kht^nily depend 
apou our siaitiug pronplly ani ri a.^slilcg Fort 
Ui-nton (ar iu .idvauoe ol atiy oilier Boat. Onr 
ehiirg'.'s wll !■•• rea.-on:.blc. 

For frel;rht aiidptsi-age or !urfli"r inf.imatioo 
apply eiihcr in pf rsun or by letter to 


Iiu-:i4-d&« I 


Corner rifth and Robart Streets, 
hit I'tiul. ]MIiuu«';^4itn,, 

MANl l-.^i-ri'l Mi c>V 


Carriages aud Sloighs. 

VAINrrHU, t:AUIHA(Ji;TltlMMING, and all 
Kinds of lepiirlng p'omptly at'ended lo. .\ll 
woik warranted togvaaatisfactlun, 

inchli ly 

A TUfJI.I.Mt mULKU .«.v.uli..-u leellong, 
four f 'et In diameter, with forty three Inch flues, 
Bo:ton made. In pool oid'T. Will be 3oId ret- 
Bonably forca-h f>. i.ii time. 
ApplytO i.iV.0. WiLM.NSON, 

mchIO-<llw,''^r Rod Whig, Minn, 

IJillO to »H<*J<> Pot- \>ny. ' 

WANTK.D— A0K,Nr.S WANTM) in every 
township In Wisconsin. Minnesotn and Iowa 
I o soil my elastic lock stitch " Olll|;N r M,'' 
FAMILY .SKWINOM'\CIIINI",,(pricoJ,'(i ) It 
will do all kinds of w.irk that ciiii be done uiion 
any machine, hi?h jirlced nr l^itv, in a most !>••■ 
perior manner, it is fully warr.inled and kept 
in order three years. Send forclrculir and terras 
to agents. Address, with Stamp, HAMILTON 
PKOK, T.>.^ Fast Water street, Milwnukec, Wis 
cousin. feb t 9m.eo(« 

would be sure to produce a miscarriage, if taken 
while in that situation, and all ar^ cautiom^d 
agidnst u^ing them, as I wish It distinctly und'.-r- 
atood that I do not hold myself re-ponsible • hen 
used under such circumstances. 


they af; peoullarly adapted, as they bring the 
mcuthly period with such perfect rcpitlTlty. 

1 coiiid furnish any quantity ol te: ticioui-'ia of 
its cfficu'iy fVcra loy own patients, pat the prac- 
tice of pui ailing buui;ht and fictitious ones be- 
fore the pnblic is so prevalent, I do ual de.-ia it 

BB VV1.-:K in IIMK, 

l/Ot ni'tdiseasedestroy yourconi'tltuflon TTva 
bottle ol myPEUIODICALDROPS,aud you will 
be sarlsii" .1 th-it Inn no iiiposit-.r — Xcll y<ur 
allllctud (rlondwh.'.t te-tori'dthe bloom oi hcHlth 
to J our oh'V'ks, and thereby confer a favor more 
valuoaMe than gold. l'"or piinlul or scanty Slen- 
struation it is just the thing. 

I have in toy mind an instance ol .1 lady who hul 
bcensut'i-rinjr trotn|>aintul M-i'truallbn t*o or 
three years, conUniuB hertoherroom eaci 'ira^". 
She had applied to several emiu-nt phvsicians 
without relief, wh<n one trattleof my bs .'PS 
entirely cured her 

OSEI«)TTLE Cimi'.;^, 
In almost every case. 

tt Is Impossible to enjoy the bloom of health 
aiid vivttolty ol spirits, unl-ss tho Menses ^n 
regular as to the time, the quantity, and quality. 
H btn they ar" obstruct'.'d nature makes her ef- 
lorts to obtuinfor it j-om" other outlet , and unless 
these efforts of nature are a-'sistod tho patient 
Ufually e.xi*'rieuc«« Dv<spondency, Nervousnoss, 
aiidnually, CONSUMPTION assumes its sway, 
and preinalurelv t.>rm!natcs a miserable life. 

Do not sulTer from thi-s < irregularities when 
an invejtiiient of ono dollar in Lyon's Periodical 
Drops will regulate and re 'tore nature to its 
bnaltliycouse; and 



by those who haveuth-i preparations, which they 
diisire to nalm ott upon the strength ol the pop- 
ularity of my Drops, But when the Druggist 
vim apply to has uot got them, either make hlra 
buy tncm loi- you, or else enolosi' one dollar to 
tlio ni are.i general whol"'alo agent, '.vho will re- 
turn you a bottle by return Express, 

Se-. that the nanm of Jno. I.. Lyon Is wiilten 
U|>on the directions which are wrai>ped around 
eiich boll'.'. Noiio others are g.-nuiiie. There- 
fore, bewar«' of counl<Mf.'lts. I'hoy are for sale 
by ovorv l^min.-i-t In city and country at one 
dollar ami a ■i:ilf iJI .'lO* per bottle. Ifyeuwish 

Dr..1Ni». I,. LYON, 
Prnotiuiug Physician, New Haven, Coun. 

Who i-an be consulted o.noerning aU disi-asei, 
cllher pprsonnlly or by letter 

Geo. C. Ooodwin A "Co., Boston; D. 8. Barnes 
A Co.. New York; I^ird A .Smith, Chicago. 
WhoI«sr.l,> Ag. nl3 

v.. II. ItfOOfi^. 

Bui" a«"Uts l.-f Ui« N(>rthvi»st, at St, Pad 
Ifinn.. al'Teall irder^ sh"old b" aii!rrf«/-d. 

The be..: iu the woild. 

My nook of OKFICi;, B»>X PARLOR. «cd 

a hu-gc v.-.riet/ of different kinds oi CO *K 
.STo-.'P^S, Is th» lar.TCst ever bronght to 'his 

I keep afiiU stock ofal! gomls in my lln" of 
trade, and I think I can offer indunements to the 
trade that will be to their advantage to ileal 
with me. I keep a full slock ol 




Both Ame icin end Russia. 

My stock of NewhouFc Traps, Hunt's, Bleed's, 
Ten Eykc's, Nvwinvers'and Groifs Axes is lery 
largo, and Bifo a larp:- sloe): of PnTNAil'i" 

NORTUWEyTi:it:j a.nb P!:k:?skd hoilse 


Edgar Nash ts still connected with the esrab- 
Ushment aud will b^^ bappv t« attend to the 
wants of his old frl':'nd3 at all times. 

A look thrcu.(Ii loy large stock is earsttlj re- 
quested of th'> itii'I-.- before purchasing clsewheie, 
J y.HN C'lJKTI- 

aH5.^ ly 

W. A. PATEK80N, 


Steam oakery Sales R«}oiii, 

on Jaeli.soii street, 

Has s isrge lot of 

Micliigan Apple ;» 

for sale. Call aud examine before pnrcha.-lrg. 

I Ne\v Apple Cider 

By tho barrel or gallon. 

W. A.PATERSO.V. St. Paul, Uiun., Jan. 17. 1S<HI. 

3Sr E "VT" 

liBili IIRD! 

« oinn tt abashaM- and Mfth Mieet«, 

Opiiiibitc Minnesota IIpd'-b 

t»t. Panl, Minn. 

The Mfl't-r signed hasesubttshedanffw l.itiiit>'r 
Vard to thi- city a! (hn t.bove nam«d lorstmn in 
coiii..H;ti"n with his 




lias Kgain oprnrd au oftco for Ihe purposed 
buying and relling 

Real HlMiitc on Commission, 

Renting Mouses, Payin,-; lakes, and a general 
Business Agency. 

Township, City and Mapi luadotoor- 
dur. Twelve years' oxpi'rlenci. In thi\ business in 
Br. Paul will enable him to altond to all matters 
entrusted fo him aatisfaotorily and withdispatch. 

Robtrltlriet, eorn»r 7h'r-t rf'^et, St, Paul, 





For Churches, Schools jin.l 1 -irl" ■ 

Warranted the Be^t iiiUae. 

U>V5 Xlilrfl f*tt'**t^i. 



Ail IV ivxavv i?o I I «- 

ari 4 desires to call the sttontion of RaUd*r« aad 
others to his 

tM»lKN"SjK HTOCIi tt" 


L U M B E Rl 


Clook- 1.-11I wilder. MIrilneCt 

•Slisii^Iea', I^th Scti., 

which he has coustantlv on hand, and lor «tle at 

•he I.OWE.ST -! \itKKT FRIOES. 

urn* for Inrt/e ■limcosinru gli-jl t,^ ■rr4tt mi 
s':':>rt noticr. 

St. I'aul, Jane l. I'SM. 

H. J.TAYIOB. Agent 

ly "W. 13. ^V>V8IlHrTK.N. 

in$wiM(tt Ir. 

1*. I*. MXCMOI^fd, 

Metropolltaa, Neiw^ Ycurlc 


.... «oo,o*u. 

r^rillajr«l, New York 

Capital •l,ono,oo(i. 


Phoenix, PT 



„. %lfiOitfil» 


At utual BeaMlit Ulte 

*'"*• •••cmr («/x*,(«a. 


193 Tliix d «tie«t. Bt. Paul. 

BlL4Ll>ieK>]V MUrrXTyXJL 

rJii*.. ?t'i: •««»» FAltMXIW WeCKAlfCH 
coaiiA>Y aou.g \t\itiu<^n, in ite i^-^'jt aad 
Cl»e« a t>roa<ler protMctior. M 1«M tot than avy 
other iDKuraiioi- C.«ipaDyin U»« Soru'.w«,«t. 
All lohHf.H Promptly adjuKt^d «tid paid 

John W. iioyd. Pr»'-ldent. 

D. WorUiing»on. .S-cr.'iary. 

B. D. Bastiaig.., <8tete Tr«M. Wi>., Zrt^tmv*. 

Bon. Stephen Miller, (Gov of ^Jjiiu, Uir«eu>r 
G K. M'iTtTAOtTE, fHvn\ A««bt. ' 

P.O.a4drMa. L«Oos*e. Wif \r;*Hfi-w; 


I>iaa*Bt4>« Oc*«k«r IS. IHSa. 


Black for SUk ,., 
Dork Itlu*, rCy 
UgkX Lhif, f«V 
frmrh lilur, la ' 
Oar*/ hrowu 
DiitI: I'.tov .1 \ 
Z,t<7.'.f Hr-'.m. 
Hiuilt Ilrow^i, 
imrk JtT'ili, 
laifU Itrntt, 
Fawn limb, 
JUaU Faton 

ftrrk 'Jreen 
J.iffU Ortem 


tf/: "-.-»«, 




For Dy-ing r>iik, Wooien acd MIxKl Good* 

bbawi". .-.-carls. Dren-e-. Klti!.oo-,01o»»«, 

Bonni'ti-, Bau F««tii<rt, Chl'd- 

ren'f nothing, and all ktridz 

01 Wefcnug Apijxvl. 

««-A MA viji« or »« rsK cB»v.4bv 

For 'iit oetts yon can c<>?or as ra^nv good< as 
wonid ulh'-rwise oust Ive times ihat ^um. Vari- 
OOB sliadct can be prcdoced Irom th' -auae dy«. 
Ihe process is rUDple, and any one cat. u-ette 
Dye w-lth rerlect tutc«'Be. Direction = .11 l-.rgiish, 
French and Gemaa, inside of each pacimre. 
2b0 BROALWAT, B-.-.TO!*. 

I' or sale by drugfi/dte and deaiera gecer«iiy. 


The Best Tonic iD the World. 

Ry many of the inof.: pi "inimnt 
and successful I^hysiciann in the 


£'or Dyftp^iftia, F*rv^r ntitt Ayne, 
AviUity oftlie Stonuuh. I.ossof A/t- 
pHite, yau.sea, Utart-burn, Jauu~ 
dice, atul aU disirase^ art^in'j frotn 
a dixo r d o r a tk state of the Stomach, 
lA ver or ItUeKtitUM. 


Ave beiny sold with the most won- 
derful fuecess all over the country, 
and never fail to give satiffacton. 
Delicate females and weak child- 
ren are made strong by the une of 
these miters. Jn fact they should 
be kept in every house. 


And the best can only be had tju 
enquiring for the 




IS'J .Vain St.. Jiuffalc. S. Y. 

■W. K. SWKCT dk r«„ 

Uneral Agents, Chicago. DI. 
WUolctale Agents at Manufacturers' prlc?» 
foj Korthwcsf, 

E. H.BIGtiS.DrufigipU.St. Ftiii. 
ti.V. PEABODY k CO. ~ - " 


, St. Pr.t.1. 






Wc liare. after great dllBculty, Tobtalard a 

n"w lot of 


And .'ilii-i ^tyV8 Idr tCiLD WKATtlEK, tb>- 
onl'. stoi'k iu the H y. shall have 

IJ<>«>'1' I»A.C>^, 

Ir. af.'.vd.iv,.. Dealers can b<' suppU>d only 
at rea 'enable pi lc^>s. 

w .It. ». nniTH * c'O. 


VBTAI. liUEaiX. n. RrRKI^. 


lands or Ints in Kain-ey county, furnisIuM with 
dispatch by 


Itcal Estate nnd lieiioral As<m». 

Real Es'nto bought and sold, rents colltcled 
with care of rented premises, (axes paid, ani all 
business p"rtaining to Ueal Estate and lieiieral 
Ag.>ncy, done with prompt ue.'s, 

Ri;KgUEaCfS, Jiv piirmissiok : 

Big. low A Clark. Brisbin A i^arnrr. All's A 
Willi.iiu>, Hrnrv J. Horn, Morris Lamprey, ieo. 
L. Oils, Attorne'vsat Law, St. Paul. Minn.; t h>«. 
PassBvanl. lain Register of Deeds lor BiiMsey 
county. Minn. : Hon. K. R. Nel-on, Judge 1 1 V . 
S. District Court for Minn.: Hon. W. AVi kin 
Judge l>l8ltict Court. Iwamsey county. 

Offloe— Fourth ftn-el, opposite Court H.use, 
St. Piiul.Mlnn. ftsbM ly 

LKDOERS. JOURNALS, Ac, mado tt anv 
1Batl«m and bound ia the best style by the Press 


it>j>l<«>.-ito <Ii*» Itriilge,'* 
i illl{l> STKKEr, SAIIHT PAUL. 

The cubseriber having purchased from C. E. 
Carponter A Co. the I'hotograph Gallery so fav- 
orablv known as Mrs. Watkins' Gallery Mav- 
w.ird's Uiosk, ree^>ectfullT informs the citUens 
of St. Paul and vicinity tliat he is prrpar.'d t'> 
execute l-hotogr»phs is every style of the sr- 
and hopes bv making a-st-ctais< wo'k to merit a 
share oll'ielr patronage. UsTinff had fourteen 
vi-ars exp-rience, h" hopes to please th ■ most 
ftistidious. ' 

Particular attention to ohUd.en and aop^ing. 

► ormerly of Aroad<> i iailery. Rochester, N. V . 


Heal Ks ;itt> Agent. •< 

minnk; \i»<>i.,i8. miwn. 

■'axes p»Kl l.-.nil Warnnis and 'crIp loeatef. 
Houses, Ia}:s aud P'^rm-i fjr sals, 
febl tr 

I SOAI. ■a.AMK* •a-AUL 

mJUu sale at the Daily Pr«M oOm. 


Saddlery Hardwartt, 

Horse Collars. 


59 rake St., Chicaifo. lii 

f.<l<W 3|« 

Vegetable Sicilian 



As the name indicate?, not only i.l>ew. 
he growth of the hair when thin nttJ f-.U'tij; 
'lI, bu\ positiTclf rrnfk-s iht color to^ 
'liginal Jiade when it is turning cr 
ohiie, whct^r caused by difcase-^^i' ' 
>!'l nge. 

It wiU certaiAv do what ia ^(uncu 1. 
i fact to whioh ^ludreds. tnj thui. 
*ho have used it, Vo reaJy and willnif ; > 
p-tifv. Where one VityC ia fair! v u~o.i. •:; 
my commuuiiy, iiajf cputatloa "irr> 1 
ikc wild fire," fi^r i\tlis best advcri 1 - 
.Tent .ind reconmicndaV^n we dcsin- 1 ; 
ho List em Siyls, whcreVic ••RENr\\ !:i; 
'riiciii.nlcd, Jpe young la>lio9 t:?o it as 3 


it is foiin\cn the toilo- 

.aides o^oung men, (also atVcir barber . 
• hi'.e^ldcr men and women Vho desirr a 
Kc~.m-cr and Restoratiee for theiVgrer lio'hs 
iivi bald hcada will not bo w^hout liiu 
n-tic'.c, which gives in eTcry In^ia^'c, Ca- 
iro Ectisfaction, 


W'tt let any dmsptui or drxler urge u|...'ii y ■! » 
MT-r.-nt arti.l«v «» tlwr* is no rioparati.-n iu Ihc «,rlO 
tkv IhK Itoware of any article purporting to l-o il.» 

■irT inU.'SHAni RENrWra nccerding tePiiv- 
ll.>n<,aiil yen will use no other. 

If o.>t inld at dmggisti la your town, I trial boiiN. 
■ill !•« sent you by axprea, apcn receipt «f oiw a,\\fi 
hy m\il. thin glTing you an opportuaity at c>u>.i- 1 i 
iMiiiig its exoelleat aaalltlsa. 

.Vilrra for trial belda must be addmmvl t < 

C. A. OeOK, Chlcaso. 

Gcr'I Agaat fer NorLSwestan Statss. 
R P. II ALL A 00, PiDprtMon, Nashua. X. II. ^ 
MA at WnOLBAL^b CUoagts by rrXT.ER, riNClt 
» FULLER, BDSmiAMS AT AN tCll.K \CK, 10I!T> A 

SMITH, BMTrn * swrn. j. n. n^at * c<> , 


(COMh, W. D. HAUI8 * OV, POST A BASEAP. airf 

kr drti^uti aad darii 



^.L^xj^ X x»^.JkJ», V±\1.UXXM^ JW.a.X\V>'EL ZO, lOOO. 




N'l.'/a/j'ii/' ii'iii />,Tp<T/»i«i»«.— Mary Hill, 
AuasUMit UttviHs, Ami* lVti'r>oii, Kosa 
Suow, C'barlfs ivitcr, I'airick liurko, I'rauk 
Liii'lari'. trtil. Korrin, Jaiuc^i Kooney, John 


*<:*<'&« iiy.—Wlllio Kiicj-. 
/)i/vr/*cvir— AiiiiMiio (>rir, liter Iluhu, 
Annio farmer, Swan, lAt-do Urail- 

The ^riirch tor lliin by hlit ' Nify- J"'>'> ^"'''^'*''' -^"'-'"'^'''"uipson 
_, - ir.'tii.j'ivi. f isiJ /'cr.'.'f>'i;'n<.— Joh 


Johu lUm- 


Mr A. R Fiell— taiherolC'apt. A.K. 
Field of Compin> A. titvonJ Cavalrv. 
who with thr*e o< hm aiea wt-re utorm- 
bouaJ and lost iu tin- tfrrilW.? storm ot 
earlv liutnioalb, nturiieiljestcrday from 
a tediou) and careiul tearcb ol »ome six 
OT jcvi'ii davs ou the ground for his lojt 
son and ioiikm tc^ 

At tht in,<t!iiivt» !»ud oGcouiagouient ot 
Geuoral Corse Mr. Kit-ld proceeded, some 
thfK'e Wit k< jiince to Vort Abercrombio, 
where h.- was Jariiished by Col. Adams, 
ct>mmauJin^. with men. rations, horses, 
•^ide." and every Jesirod meaas to faeili- 
t«te a there -.^b st'srcL lor the lost. 

b'xtr* borse;! Av.d e.juipmecti were fur- 
nished lor ih.' '.i.n- ol the men of the Twin 
Like St«tu;'. ;o ■ mu in the scireh when 
the l>i»rty >„o..;.! rcuh there. On arri- 

110^41 I'wm La'ies every man was ea- j and Washington House buildings, puta 

~ . vuv.«. aad a well or- i his less at 3i\ thousand doiliis, whieh 

..ii;-td search was eon- I was insured for about half that amount. 

, 5 .i: .:■. ubng and on ■ The propriet >r of the Dakota House 

uiiub the company 'aluos its furniture anil eontonts at si.\- 

storm overtook '''fn hundred dollars, 'nut. a^. nearlv eve- 
..' lett of the trail [ '■^hing was removed, the loss will not 

•ion olHigStcre i ^^' * heavy per eeatage on this sum. 

'l.'.'KitiiiMi'r.— Katie KcUmtv.Matililie Wells. 
Emily Welln, Aui;ustaLiOt. 

Utt: i;iKl 'S l.KAM.MAK ix llOOL, 

I'u 'er the supervision of Mrs. Haynes, 
tumisbes the following list ef lueriturioue 
scholars ; 

C'.tss .<— Haniua I'.aj-ui.m, lUttio Fulaom, 
Keltie Smith. C'.irrie Cums, I.!iura Richards, 
Louis.i Caily. 

C!iis$ iV— Annie ^<uup^0D. Kell Siiehter, 
Clara Wntson. Dotie Uuut. 

(V.i.«« ('. — LiUie Sdow. 

B«>\'S liCAMMAK >l.llOOL. 

(Vajji A. — rtiiluii.ler, J.imcs CfARr, 
Ki:ink Kourke, Al!>ert Kly." 

c:,isf y?— Jam:* l>owlen, Gecrso Ketley, 
^tuilh IKnlrce. 

CUjs C— Joseph Crane, AIi>hoii>i' Char- 
l>o;insu, rU;»rlic I'recii, Kilttaril 8hei mi. .'a--. 
MorriBon, Clinton Milkr. 

Therire. — The Losses by fire tiijjht b. - 
fore last, on the ill Uled eorner ol Third, 
Fourth and Tert streets, though severe, 
was not so heavy as was to bi» expected. 
Mr. Kohl, owner of tho l>ak}ta Hoa^c 

lU'BNKii'ci Coco.ii>'K defies imitation, 

ami IS the most iierlert hair jireparaiion of 
iho »t;c. This fact has caused uuuierous 
wortltlee$ imitations. Fer sale I'v KinviKn 
U.BiiiO>, 8t.Paul. 

gi>r to otl' 
gatii-TC'i .1- 
tinued tr 
i •>■ ■ 

».B o; tl 

Democratic ^XTard BXcetinK^.— 

A preliminary uiecting o! .i fcv/ ol the 

. ' ■■ ■ o'h ■ 

m a sort of b.i- 
rc the snow had 
. -was exposed, the ; untcrrided. Democracy, took place in the 
: V .; iield's horses were • Third Ward last evenin.^. at which Thos. 
One bad on two circingles. ; (;r^,.„^ (,, .^go Mit,,h. , I.inken- 
• '■'^^' '^' ''»*'''« '''O , heimer, Jr.. II. H Timme, and Cha-.. A. 
. and fastened to shrub p. Morris, were nominated as delegates 
c: tree, bat Iro.u whu-h th^v had gnawed to the city eonv.ntion to be voted for at 
•hrowelves ;.-OJc j jj^^ primary meeting this evening. Mr. 

IVh an -u..: •. tcgester with Capt. F.'s j Markoe was nominated lor Alderman, and 
tivori ''iC which he had with ^ W. S. Combs for SoLoolInspector. 
>'iin. i-d which wa« pre»ic;is!v found and ' " -*•• 

N^>ught tn bv .he men at Twin Lake's ^^^ Boundary 
own In Mr. Field, and I «^ « '-''^"^•'l ^^o^ '" '^<^ a^t defining the 
hen, of the Captain's t '^"°'^'" I'^tween Ramsey and Henac- 
M^ , I pin counties, there has long been a dis- 

■ on-, • .'orras, and i f"'*^ .**.''' certain sections lying on the 

• vented further 
' Mr. Field still 

N ' lies presented 

• 11 his great con- 
; . cjence of mind, 

-'amaca of character, 

! the storm, bat 

:-jachir.g shelter, 

along Big Stone 

whether alive as | One More.— Another snow storm 

- he will lirst be ; visited this city yesterd.iy, which slightly 

discovered or hcirJ irom along up and impeded navigation, and made things 
on the Miccesota river above Fort ' temporarily rather urp'easaat. 
Ridge ly. 

Ai Whitney's (Jallery a full assort- 
uieut of Minnesota Views, ot all kinds, In- 
diau I'lctures, I'vi'., Ac. Al.--oehiMce I'amliQgg 
and Engravings, c.heo/'er than the cAenptst, 
at Amy cost. ian'il 

Cioto Bryant, Stratton iV I'lrkey's St, 
Taal ComaicrciHl Cullegd and get a Uusiue>s 
EMucatiDU. t^euJ lor ''CoUego Monthly,'' 
which gives full particulars. Address 
UKVANl'. t^lKAl ION .-i PIKKKY. 

feM7eod-dtw<'v«ly St. Faul, Minn. 

ill iu lieu polls. 

U/ our unu UriiortiT. 

TlUKSPA^, 4 1. M. 

Aiioii iiiK linK JiAWs.— At a meet- 
in;; of the citizi'iis. held pi-"suaiil to a 
Ci'.ll ii'iuietoujly signed, in Harrison Hall 
last evening, i» was resolved that the 
Board of Supervisors bi^ requeited to 
enlorcothe lire laws against all iiilringers. 
There are divers opinions as to whether 
the lire laws can be enforced, ;.nd in the 
meantime the Board ol Supervisors are 
in a iiuandury how to .let. If they should 
cnfi-rec the law, some say they would be 

I liaMe for damages in case tlu'v ha 1 no 
power to prosecute ; and again, otherg 

[ say, go in, you have the power. We aro 

1 ol the opinion, from information ([uite 

j reliable, th.nt the pre.-ent Board will let 

the whole luaitt r l.\ over for the new 
j Board to settle, which will be organized 
I in .\pril— a very scientiti,^ way of getting 
i ov -r a hard spot, surely ; lor in the uican- 

time, frame buildings may spring up in a 
• single night, like .lack's bean stalk and 
I overgrow the desolated spot. Some say 
I the lire limits .ire too large : and others I $1..">0. 


Tho Mineral of Great Rich 

HO|lTE»» TO THE) imilVES. 

Location of Diflerent Parties. 

OrKunl'Mlion,*, die., Ac. 

I'ho Superior Chronhh , of the 17tb, is 
iHled with intelligence coaeerning the 
VermUion gold mines. Kumors of dis- 
turbances bi'tween various parties who 
have lately gone to the mining district, are 
contradicted. When some of tho parties 
who lay claim to certain traeto there, ar- 
rived on the ground, they iuuiid a portion 
ol the land in iiuestion uceupied by miuerf, 
who were taking the necessary steps to 
develop llieir claims. TheJi! ditliculties 
were promptly and amicably settled, and 
at the late.>t advices the utmost good feel- 
ing prevailed. 

Tin: Mi.NKUAl.. 

In regard to the value of the mineral, 
the Chroiiide says : 

Since our last issue there, have been 
several arrivals Irom Vermilion, ard the 
cry from all sources comes — " a lirst rate 
show." 'I would not take tea thousand 
dollars lor my chance'' ami such like. 

We learn that some ijaarlz has been 
taken from a vein on Bock hUnd, which 
is pronounced by Mr. Kyerson. who is 
said to be an experienced gold miner, to 
be worth ?2,0(J0 per ten. We also hear 
that one ol the men 1 clongijigfo the Mu- 
tual Cotupany broke dl a small piece of 
rock which \ielded siivc.-lo the .-imount ol 

were brou^ 

■•dl be tis- 
pareafj «■ 
Deep * '^ 
•?vwre • 
fearch s' 
thinks fro • 
tj h;m wL. 
tiJtace in 
good heal: 
tba: be ac 
that be « 
Lake, ar.i 
he still bc[ 

Mississippi river. 

In tho revising of the laws by the last 
Legislature, the committee havieg the 
acts relating to boundary Hoes in Ih-ir 
charge, on mvestigition, louad that the 
disputed territory belonged to liamsey 
county, a^ii so reported — the report was 
adopted, and thus the iiestion is delinitely 

Mr. Field c.xpre? 

: very grate- 

Beavy. — A trio cf whitcd sepulchres 

, , , , , . . . ! were yesterdav, by tho Felice Court, 

tul for the prompt &ud gcucraus spirit la , , .. < n ' • .- . 

. . ' ' , ' taxed the following sums lor uabecommg 

which t.ea. Corse tendered Lun aid, aad | ^^^^^^^ ;„ ^ ^^^^, .^mmuaity : Mrs. 

cannot .av too much la retura for the , g^binson. .*5o 50 : Henrietta Charles. 

5jmpathy ot Col. Adams, commanding | ^^r . g^^^^ Kimball, $lo. 

at Abercrc table, acd for the faithfulness t »>» 

' Ar>AMs School Examixatios. — 
From GO a.m. to 11. io, Second Primary 
Depirtment; from 11 to 11 Intermediate De- 
partment; from 1 to 1 .30 p. M. Intermediate 
repartment ; from 1 .30 to 4 tirammar Sclioo'. 

;_■ rr._« have no fire I 
I •- a -mail pistol in j 

and untiricg etlotts of Lieut. Bryant, the 
Sergeant in charge at Twin Lakes, aad I 
the mea one aad all who accompanied 

tim ia bis aa.xicjs search ' 

Alihaugh th-, \ 1;. 
aims with thtia— v;-. 
possessioB cf Capt 
lieved tt..- 
-■avertd tv. _ : 
food for a 

After a ■ 

Field Will 

•hi: hope Ci ':a^:-;; I 

To THK Citizens of St. Paul — Ib 

!,j_vit it is be- I *os'^c' 'o ''-le r^i'l^iaimous growler* who 

tia the b'" \ew- ' *'"^'^''^ 'h*'- «hc Dakota House was not saved 

.ajn.-nrT,,,, 1;^ ' *"**'^ ''''^' "'^^•^ ^^'*h to Say, I had the Dakota 

:Mjaiaing ucuis- . „ 

' House savcJ. I lost i: hy remuviug the 

streams cf v.dter to the ruins, under which 
was snpf o-cd to Ue some of m^ noble and de- 
voted Lroiter liremtn, r.nd I shall pursue the 
same c-nr;-; uader the same circumstances, 
at .;11 fires while I am Chief Engineer. 


I assert that, it the lire limits only include 
j the lots on the sijuare, they will be satis- 
lied, liberal minded citi.ens are of the 
I opinion that too much rigor ought not to 
be resorteil to in the present crippled 
state of part of the business community, 
aad that it would be unjust, by the opera- 
tion of lire laws, to drive the sufferers 
far from the business centres, where thev 
have heretofore carried on trade, because 
they have not the means wherewith to 
erect building.s cf brick or stone. So the 
m.itter stands. In the meautime, Tat. 
Carroll goes on with his new frame build- 
ing in spito of notice to stop, and Martiu 
Farrant declares that he is going to put 
up a wooden edifice on his lot, which 
Beale's Gallery occupied. Vandcrwar- 
ker lit Hamar will build a tire proof 
nexttobim; and so Martin thinks he is 
sale, il he don't catch lire inside. Pills- 
bury will put up a lire proof on his lots, 
and is hauling the materials for that pur- 

Bkinc; back inosE Axts.— If those 
citizens who used axes on the night of the 
fire, will inform Marshall Coleman, in 
Justice Murray's olhce, what they did 
with them, or if they took them for safe 
kee[dng will leave them at the Marshall's 
olHce, no more than justice will be done. 
They were the property of Mr. Conner, 
who h building the pier.'i thi-i side of 
Nicollet Island. 

Os Friday evening a luceiia ; will be 
held in Ilarri'on Hal!, to discuss the 
matter of providing a public water sup- 
ply for sanitary and fire purposes. 

' • . ve th'.m for 

■ las l;cme Mr. 
to the bcrder, ia 
!•;;' to tbeir dis- 

c. .Wk sat down the other J 

ay t'> dine 


When wc take into consideration the 
large extent of country traversed by these 
quartz veins, we cannot but conclude that 
the Vermilion District will prove as rich 
as any withm the limits ol the United 
State.i . 

lui: u«n fKs lo ruE .minlsi. 
Of the route op^n"! by MxJDr N»»w8on, 
the Gazette says : 

' The road from this point [Suptriorj 
to the gold lields is now open, und is a 
good winter road. That it is better than 
the average of new forest rca<ls i? appar- 
ent from the fact that teams h-ivu within 
the past ten days reached here Irom V^er- 
milion inside of three days — the distance; 
being seventy-eight miles to tha shore ol 
lake Superior ; an averase of 284 miles 
per day.'" 

Of the other route traversed by Mr. 
Uyerson and Mr. Ely. a correspondent 
observes : 

I have just learned from some of the 
Ely party that their route was from Crow 
W^ing to Leach Lake, from there to Lake 
Winnipeg, and thence to Nett Lake ; at 
this point the teams turned back, refusing 
to proceed lurther, in const ijuence of the 
impracticability of the route, and the men 
had to haul their supplies on trains, with- 
out snow shoes ; between the portages 
they crawled on their hands and knees 
through the drifts. All of the party with 
whom I have conversed pronounce the 
route over which they came the most mis- 
erable, and at the same the most imprac- 
ticable, that' was ever thought of. 


The same correspondent gives the lo- 
cations of different parties ; 

"Four of the Mutuals occupy the 
Lower or Pickerel Falls, two the Upper 
Falls, six on Crater Point, eight on Min- 
nesota, or Old 1 ort Point, five are on 
the north five-eighths of Elj's Island, and 
others scattered. A portion of the May- 
hew party are on Minnesota Point ; also 
a portion of the Dodge jiarty. The 
Davis party are on the main land cast of 
Pine Island; and the Wabashaw party, 
as they arc called, arc on Pine Island, 
near the middle, cloeu to Sweet's claims. 

On the south end of the Ely Island, 
the Chicago party in charge ol Capt. G 


Enclisli Papers Applaud the 

Pn'sidf-nrs Spfcch and 

IN'iioiuici' italic i-ofr»< 

(> ration 


Orrut Ucvciiik; Fraudn In lli(> 
!»oiiihc'rn Sttit«i>. 

lUilroad Machinery Burned 
in Vermont. 


I'ltora Eintopi:. 

AllManir Cable Pre«l<lc'ii( Joliniou'a 
•|««rtli Apitlaudrd HMnrrafl U« 
BOUBCVll tVulHua. 

flKBI' B»:S8IO>f. 

.4 Large AtteudancG at the 

Tiocal N otices. j 

Mr C. W. Smitu, that paragon of i 

cooks, and prince of caterers to reCncd appe- | 

titc, can still bo found at his riitsT class ' 

KESTAva-vxT, on ThirJ Street, opposite the I 

j old American. Thlj esUblisbment is now i 

CQEsidered a credit to the city, where gentle- j 

X)..p^ „ , . _ men of delicate taste find ucv thin« to 

Performances Of the Pupils and ;,hcpalate-^ViMGume,Dc J.Si;° ' 
tbeir Roll ct Honor. try anJ Meais. and Fuh of cU kinds-aad 

cooked ai only the accomp.isbed iiMiiH knows 
haw to cook them. Perfect satisfaction is 
The Wines and Liquors aro the best to be 

frnV,::,-^ „r,A- J , ~ . . found in the cily. and Smith invi!e<i a lest ol 

embiage ol .adies and gentlemen attended their merits. fo iv 

the exercises of the pupils of the Frank- 1 — — , 

lin and High Schools, both of which are ! ^^''- axdEiver— Fheioht Notice.— 
under the -Li.— i of Mr J W F Foster l'^'^' """"^^"'^ ''°'-'' shippers cf freight in 

The examinations in the Boy's Gram- 1 f.T^""':,^'- ^"'''°''-^' •^^''^^' ^'^''"'- 
mar 5,".„M v p ■ , 7°^ I Ek River. Monticcllo, Clearwater. St. Cloud, 

mar ..hod, M- lin: r.y's Department, 'a:,.3 ether points upon or coineeting 
was verysi. :^, -rv. with the First Division of the Saint 

Ike ref...icg rim showed ib?t the P^"' '"^ Paciflc, are hereby noti- 
•f-holars tai a-aia ccmmendable jrofi- , ^''^ "■^'*'' '^^'Kht intended for tran-sportation I 
nec'-y ia f'i:. generally too reo-h nc- i "^^ ^'l''* 1^'''°""* arriving at this port and | 
glec'cdpar- •"' -; ; ^;:,^r. 

upon I'.tf steak, and with the remem- 
brance of thit delicious repast still 
actuating us, wo inform tho lovers of good 
meat that Messrs. Hoblett & Gaslin .sup- 
plied oar table. We were persuaded to _ 

purchase of them, le-ausc we know Ihat I B. Kyerson, 'nephew and TeprcsenUtive „. 

the best judges of meat were among their i t^f Martin Ryarson of Chicago, have j their chimnics to the fpecifK-ations of 

M'amiinoti.s, March 22. 

Sj'Naik. — A bill was introduced to en- 
force the gu-irantec of a republican form 
of government in the lately rebellious 
States. It was referred to tlie committee 
on reconstruction. 

Mr. Yates was exsused from further 
gpiviee on the committee on pensions. 

ftlr. Clark presented the petition of the 
ofFieer.-- of a savings bank in Manchester, 
N II., a>king that deposits in Mich banks 
be exempted from taxation. 

Mr. .(\nthony, from the committee on 
printing, reported without amendment 
the resolution for printing o.OOO copies 
of the special report of the revenue com- 

Mr. Hendrick.s asked il the minority 
report of the ccmmiscioti bsd bsen 

Mr. Sherman said it lad not. 

Mr. Hayes of Chicago had made a re- 
port ia favor ol lax'ng United St.ites se- 
c'irities and scaling the National debt, 
and this had not been printed. It was a 
very bad retort, but it might be well 
rnougU to print it. 

On amotion of Mr. Ilendrickc, thereto 
lution was so amended as to include Mr. 
Hayes' report, and was ihen passed. 

Mr. llowp, from the committee on the 
library, reported a bill to transfer the li- 
brary ol the Smithsonian Inetilute to the 
library of Congress, and asked lor its im- 
mediate consideration ; at the request of 
Mr. Sumner, it was Idid over for thi; 
present, and crdcreJ printed. 

Mr. Sumner introduced a resolution 
instructing the committee on finance to 
inquire into the expediency of so amend- 
ing the internal revenue act as to permit 
disabled soldiers of the Union army to 
peddle without paying the licence norr 
required by I.-iw. Th*' resnliition vAi 

Mr. Wilson called up the resolution 
introduced yesterday, to j;rant the i.fc of 
the Senate Chamber to Mrs. McWtliing, 
a refugee from Tesa . for delivcrirg a 
lecture next Tuesd.iy. ■ Tht» .Senate re- 
fused to take it up. 

Mr. Harri.s tailed up ihn bill abrdish- 
ing Ihe South* rn Judicial Di.stric- of the 
State of Caliliirni,!, and the Wtsfi-rn Ju- 
dicial District ol tic Stat- of Louisiata, 
and making of the State of Louisiana 
and of the State of Calilornia, respect- 
ively, each on-.' a Judicial District. The 
bill pasfed. 

Mr. Brown culled up ihe bill to author- 
ize the construction ol a bridge across 
the Mississippi St Louis, which 
was passed. Se.tion 1 authorizes the 
St. Louis and llliuois Uridge Company, a 
corpor.ilion uiidtr the laws of AliK^ouri 
and lUiucis, to erect, maintain and ope- 
rate a bridge across the Mi-sissippi at 
St. Louis, and gives th;' District Court of 
the United Steleis or cither ytate. juiis 
diction in the premiseri. 

Section ') declares the structure a post 
route, and rerjuires all vessels lo conform 

N'otwuhra-. :. ^ tc irv.lcmency of the 
weather yesttHay. aa lir.ujualiy large es 

3 f girl.., 
iti'.ing wii the 

feCcd. aad 

''•k»:n psir. 

The sa: 
plicable to .Xlr^. Hi 
wLo£e ex 
thotnecfg •. -.:jvxari. 

The class m Physiology was lully te-.t- 
cd. acd gave -v,./., ^on- rvider- «f 
'"idy. krowledf" .-.-.l ,;;., . ; ,^^ 

The liigLS-Looi. :n '..'.v.- -.' ,\Ir. 
*• os'or, though recently op^.^ j, h<>r« a 
'borough e.xamination. to the i-at.tfjrtlon 

. ; ' . , j marked '• Care of J. J. llii!, St. Paul," will be ■ 
inctr aiticula- ^ transferred from the boats to iho Railroad ' 
ten were j Company, if landed at the traasfcr depot, or 
■fT had ' from the railroad to tec boat.s, free of the 
usual transfer charge at ths point. .\n ar- 
iiaJlv ap- ' '■'"'Eemeat has been niaJc by which the mer- 
chant ( r shipper cf freight will snvc live cents 
per hundred pounds at this point alone the 
coming »ea.5on, if the freight U delivered and 
cdn-irncCl as a''iO-,-c. 

'i'ii':r,i\ J ran^ixjrtation Agent, St. Paul. 
y K. i)y.:.\fi, 

.".n;.'! Vtnl I>iv St. PhuI & FBciHc K. R 
rrur!' K'; 



Closixg Out Sale. — E. L. Ailtn now 
offers to close out his stock of winter poods 
at ccst. Ladies and gentlemen, now is ronr 
time. AI! wool Empress Cloths S1.20 to ^f 1.50, 
French Merinoes from 00 cents to 9.2o. Eng- 
lish Merinocs 50 to CO cents. P.'aia aad check 
Flaaaels, Cloth?, Castimcrcs, Over and Un- 
dershirts, all at cost. Sheetings. Shirtings, 
Denims and Stripes, always on hand at the 
lowest market price, i^econd door below the 
Post Office. E. L. ALLEN. 
f t — 

NoTiCB TO BuiLDEKs — The under- 
signed has been authorized hy ths: trustees of 
the First Baptist Cbiirc'a. Alinncapoli.'i, to re- 
ceive sealed bids until Tuesday, Mr.rch l'7th, 
12 o'clock M., lor the Erick and Stone in the 
First Baptist Church edifice. The bids for 
Brick and Stone to be made separate ; each to 
be measured ia the wall, and taken doivn and 
removed by the purcba.',cr, the church remov- 
ing the wood work. SciJ bids to be subject 
to the approval of tho Church. Terms cash. 

Minneapolis, March 20, 18GG. mch22 3t 

KEirii it Bausman, Dentists, can be 

found in Reynold's Block, below the Post 
Office, where they will bo as happy to see 
their patrons as before the Lite fire. nilR Iw 

CliTton fjrap*!, which he will sell at r.Ji'lcsale 
or rctfjl. A;-io pure Frcn'.h Brandicn, Boiir 
b' n an<l lty2 '.Vhisfci-s, fJittcrs of all kinds, 
at v.iiirfwaic aad retiul. All kinds of Drags, 
M'j'l.riiiei und Dye .Siiiifi, as well as Perfu- 
mery and Toilet urtielcB. at wholesale and 
retail. Piescriptions carefully prepiucd at .-ill 
■" ieSly 


,„^ . ,. , . , „ -■ I'a'.'i. KtJCf.Ki-., !ir.jj;gitt,'ILird ftre.:t 

anr. qeligh of aU present. The dun in »;pp.:r T',-*n, k*cp^ constantly on hand J. C. 
'-hemistry showed that it had been well ' OiwaM'* pure nativ<; w.nea fr.r medicinal pur- 
dnll^dand di?.;i[.!]r,. d, Rnd ' onsideriug , f' '"■ '-nsiiitliiK ol hlafklKirry. Crnnberry 
»bat they bad V,iit reeently commenced the [ ^""''"■- Hn^pt«•rry, Khubarb, native and 
«Mdy and pursued It without the advati- 
tage of any apparatus, it evincd a knowl- 
edge of Ibc eubj.-ct beyond general rx- 
pectalion. It is well for the educational 
interests of thij city that so thorough, 
competent and tflicient a bis 
charge of this .v hool, and the cxp.:ctation 
is confidently tattrtained that he will 
make it a credit, i>.n ornament, a prized 
utJity to the city. 

Alter the dose of the examinations, 
appropriate and eloquent 'peecbes were 
made by Suptrintecdent Mattocks, In- 
spector Paine, Col. Roberet'^n and Col. 

Below is appended the 

Boll of B*nor. 
THE riRsr ri:iMAi;Y 
Is under the charge of Miss Shauky and 
the examiDations in .Spelling, A-ilhmetic, 
and Geography were entirely satisfac- 

A pleasant episode was the unexpected 
reception by Miss S. of a handsome port- 
folio, presented by her admiring scbol- 
ar«. The folJowing is Ihe roll ef her de- 

Attendance, Scholanhip and Deportment.— 
Eaiel W. Armstrong, Walter H. Mattocks, 
LonU N. fJadljois. Henry T. Judd, Mamie 
Ten Erck. Sadie Ten Eyck. 

Schotarthip and Veportmtnt. — Julia Long, 
Emertf Oieson, Alice Wihon, Thomas Alton. 

Attendance and Deportment. —Amelia Smith- 
son, James Painter, Clara Dwinell. .Sadie Don- 
gan, Halley Doni?an. 

Attendance and .ScAo/anAi/).— Annie Keyes. 


Mrs. M. J. Smith is the accomplished 
teacher of this department, and the ex- 
MBination of the scholars was alike cred- 
itable to pupil and teacher. The follow- 
ing names are on ths roil : 

At'endarui, Scholar tJau and Deporlimnt.— 
Hsrry Ooodenow, Ellis fjiodenow. Fl^rente 

I.'tPOKTANT TO Ladies— Mrs. Wins- 
lowB Mystic Pill.-' for Kcmilt-a arc tho hpot and 
••l-'st In thf! niarkf t. No lad eHecf" from tli^ir 
»"■. 11i«-y2cMlV"iicli,nrm. Tlionnands of mos, 
r-li»lilet. siimoiiiula »fic,ik their jraliP. :Mllf] In 
tl.-ir cf^rilion.; coirett all lrrpjtularltl«-sand 
I.ilnful mcn,tm.iiion; r- movs all otnrnction'i 
wh-tl.^r f,on, COM or ctlrrwi,e; will earn 
h-..lache in |I.„ ,i.i,., p„pUa,ion of the 

fail«u«, la.n the baC. aad limb. 8n'dVl",„,"d 
A»k for Mr -. « in-low'- My»Uc Pill". lakB none 

2"?r.- ^"^r v/^",' "'"■" '"'•'^''» f<" for *5 "r 

Sol < In .St. Paul by >ilw«r<l n Biecs. tolcBeenf 
to whom sll orders should le addresaed 

CA.MrnoriATK[> Vii.7 1 VKiiT.— Something 
new (or preserving furs, tcoolmi, &c., &c., 
from moth", and other destructive Insects, for 
sale by K. O. Sweeny & Co., No. 211, Third 
street, .''t. Paul. 

Decalcomania. — Ladies who wish to 
practice this beautiful art con find a rich 
variety ol dcsiens, with the brushes, varnishes, 
printed instrnction.s, &c., &e., at R. o! 
Sweeney & Co. s, 211 Third street, near the 


Piiaraoii'h Skkpbst Ecjos.— Another 

lot of these wfndcrfnl chemical curiosities 

just received and for falo by U. o. Sweeny 

& Co. 

■ i^ 

Style and Comfort. — I have secured 

the .tcrviccs of J. W. Dow, late Dow & Brant. 

Gentlemen wishing a, durable and easy 

fitting l)»jot, gaiter, or balmoral, inndc from 

the licst French calf, should call. Also ladies' 

kid, serge, Kcrocco gaiters, balmorals, Ac 

RepnlrioK n»-»t»!_. done. 


iall-t/ ;m Third sticrA. Poiiit Pai^I 

St. Anthony. 

By cur own Keporter. 

The drawing for thu picttires of Mrs. 
Buzzell came eft" on Tuesday evening 
hst. It tcok place at Mr. fTilfillan's of- 
fice, under the supervision ol Messrs. 
Gillillan, O'Brien, Barnard and Dunham. 
The three pictures fell to thv lot Mrs. 
Capt. Merritt, Minneapolis ; Dr. Johnson 
and Miss Mary Newell, of St. Anthony. 

JoiT.s W. Hi^ius, formerly stationed 
at Anoka as agent ol the St. Paul & Pa 
cific Ilailroad Company, has bff-n trans 
ferred to the rtation at this place, atid has 
charge nf tho company business as station 
agent. (). D. Kelley, formerly brake- 
man, has been appointed freight agent, 
and C. B. Robbins. of Anoka, ticket 
agent. Mr. Ifpcionis alossto Anoka, as 
testified by the An' ka L'nivn, acd wc are 
pleased enough to have him here, and the 
polite and engaging manners of all these 
gentlemen, renders it a pleasure to trans- 
act business with them. 

Tim President nud ITIr. Stevens. 

Corropponrfent Kvpniaj; Fobt. 

WASiiisfiToy, March 12, IfCjC. 

A pleasant story was tohl me yester- 
day, which shows mc that the President 
stands by his party, even by those mem- 
bers who sometimes attack him ; and that 
if he is impatient cf attack, and ready 
enough to retort in words, he does not 
bear malice. 

It IS said that a gentleman from Penti- 
sylvat;ia, an old friend of Mr. Thaddeus 
Stevens, made applicatio'i fora pnstnias- 
tersLip, and asked Mr. Stevens to help 
bim wi:h the President. Mr. .Stevens re- 
plied : "You know I am not supposed 
to stand well with tbe President ; per- 
haps my good wrrd for you won't help 
you. ilowever, rildo -.fbatl can '" He 
wrote on the back of the application a 
brief note to tho President, faying, "Mr. 
desires to be appointed to the post- 
mastership at . I have known him 

many years, and know that ho will make 
a faithful and capable officer." 

The bearer of this missive went lo Mr. 
Johnson with if, who read it, and imme- 
diately wrote und'-r it : " Let the appoint- 
ment be made." 

The democrats who come here from 
Connecticut and Pennsylvania to beg a 
few crumbs of comfort from the Prcsi- 
dent, go back with lonr farpfl. Tpey do 
not get ranch Cfi'ouragi'tncqt nt tj>f« U'hjlft 

pitched their caa.p and are at work. 
This ia the party with which Mr. Ely 
caiiic through. Mr, Ryerson is a practi- 
cal gold miner ol some fifteen years ex- 
perience and was sent here to prove 
dtfini'cly the character of this district. 
He has all the necessary tools and will 
test by assay every kind of vein atone he 
can find, to determine which are the best. 
His party of miners numbers six, who 
Will this week commence sinking a shaft 
on Ely's Island. 

Capt. R is most sanguine of the result, 
and also insists that there are plenty of 
gulch diggings in this vicinity, and aa 
soon as the snow goes off, is determined 
to test it. He also is willing to "sport" 
to any reasonable amount, that within 
three months he will procure a pound 
specimen from this lake, (hat will assay 
$2,000 to the ton. 

misers' obgaxization. 
Ihc miners organized a mining district, 
and adopted a code ol mining laws, em- 
bracing, in substance, the laws of Moo- 
tana and Colorado. The district is forty 
mile^ f ([uare, ilescribcd as follows : com- 
mencing at a point five miles south, and 
fifteen miles east of Vermilion Falls ; 
runnbg forty miles north, thence forty 
forty miles west, thence fjrty miles south, 
thence forty miles east, to the jilacc of 
beginning. The ollicers elected arc as 
follows : 

President, Major Thomas M. Xewson 
— President ol the Mutual Protection Mi- 
ning Company ; Vice President, Mr. Ely 
of the Chicago Company ; Recorder, 
Capt. Edwin Parliman, one ol the Direct- 
ors of the Mutual Protection Company; 
for Test Miner, Capt. Ryerson of the 
Chicago Company. The meeting was 
harmonious and the officers were selected 
unanimously ; between forty and fifty mi- 
ner,"; wore present. 


The laws were adopted by (he miners 
and claim holders with the utmost una- 
nimity. The labors of the Committee — 
with but a single cxc -ption, and that a 
minor one — met the views of the Conven- 
tion. The matter had been so thorough- 
ly canvassed, that with a copy of the mi- 
ning laws of most of the older mining 
districts before ibem, and having on the 
committee several experienced miners, 
men w^o had spent years amid just such 
scenes as wo are now witnessing 

The size of the district was a matter of 
considerable discussion, aa a great many 
at first thought it should not exceed ten 
or fifteen miles in length or breadth, as 
some such bill had been introduced in 
the Minnesota Legislature; but upon far- 
ther consideration the bounds were made 
so as to include as near as possible the 
whole water shed ol tho lake that was 
known to contain any indications ol (he 
precious metals, and is in my opinion, as 
near what the district shouli be, as our 
limited knowledge of the country could 

The amount ol labor necessary to ena- 
ble A miner to get his title may appear 
light. I am aware that it is not so much 
a.s some mining laws require ; but there 
are others that require less, and, under 
the circumstances, and the facilities for 
procuring supplies and mining materials 
it was as much as could reasonably be ex- 
pected. The retnlt will be that ns it now 
stands, the country will be soom^r devel- 
oped, than if a larger amount of work 
was required ; as now many of the miners 
will go to work to get their title, and with 
the mean.s (bey have, open up their metal 
bearing veins, and thus a great many 
quartz veins will bo opened in dilTercnt 
portions of the district, and specimens 
assayed from six feet below the surface, 
which will show the choracter of the whole, 
and definitely determine what kind of 
veins are the richest. 

> «♦«■» — .. 

—The value of the gold ai><l silver bul- 
lion assayed in tho United St^te* diuliix the 
last year was #03,252,000. f h9 enl|iB»rfed total 
production was f6 1,000,000.' 

Nkw Yohh. March 2.;. 
The Royal mail steamer Australasian, 
Cajit. Cook, sailed from Liver|<ool at 1 

clock on tho lUih, and from Qutcustou 
on the II th of March, arrived here this 

The steamer City of Baltimore reached 
I...verpool about noon on tho Olb. 

The Scotland arrived at liuetinlowu 
at midnight of the 'Jih. 

The UnitedStates steamer Canaudaigua 
left Kingstown on tho (tth of March, for 
the north of Ireland. 

Messrs. KichardsoD, Spence & Co., 
a«.d Wakefield, Nash «i Co., report con- 
tinued dullness in breadstuffs. Flour in 
retail demand only, and only nominally 
unchangi d. Wheat is in moderate re- 
quest at lata rates ; Winter Red IOj (id 
lower on the week ; mixed, 28» 3d. 

Tho shareholders of Ihe Atlantic Tele- 
graph Company have unanimously adopt- 
ed a resolution approving the arrange- 
ments of the directors with (he American 
'i'degrsph company, and for laving the 
cable this year. Upwards of lOO miles 
of cable are being manufactured per 
wofk, biid the last week of June is fixed 
for the IJreat Eastern to leave Sheerness. 
Undiminished confidence is generally 
expressed in iis success. 

President Johnson's speech was very 
generally applauded. TIjp limes warmly 
eulogises it, and the Nacs gives a very 
qualified approval, and bitterly denounuee 
Bancroft's oration. 

In the House ol Common'< the Parlia- 
mentary oath bill was reinl a second 
time, alter D'Israeli bad given lotise of 
an amendment which will make the oath 
recognize the supremacy of the 'iaecn, 
and acknowledge tLc allegiance to her 

The refcrm question ic b.-irg actively 
discufbtd by the papers. 

Mr. (rladstone's announci-ment on the 
ll'th is anxiously awaited. 

The Pall ]Mall Gazette assures its read- 
ers that it is certain that Russell's minis- 
try must soon dissolve whether defeated 
upon reform or not. 

The Irish police continue to carry out 
their extraordinary powers with great 
vigor. Arrests aro numerous. Nine 
men were arrested at Cork jiist alter 
landing from America. Two town com- 
missioners of Queenatown were arvested. 
There are various rumors as 'o Stevens; 
one that he very covertly escaped to 
France, but the police believe him ftill in 
Dublin and keep up the search 

The first eonfeicuce rebifive to the 
principalities is to be held at Paris on the 

The Bank of France has gained during 
the week nearly eighteen million francs. 
Bouree steady. (jOi. 7oc. 

It is stated that the Austrian mtuistcr 
for foreign affairs has been authorized to 
make a new treaty with the Mexican gov- 
ernment to the completion ol the Austrian 
volunteer corps for Mexico. 

Vkrv Latest. — Livekpool, Mar. 11, 
— Saturday's markets not received. The 
steamer Atlantic from New York his ar- 

CowK... Mar. 10.— City of Limerick 
from New York at Queenstown. 

LoNDCS, March II.— The Sunday Ga- 
zette gives the report that Austria solicited 
good clEoes ol England in adjusting the 
settlement question of the Duchies be- 
tween Austria and Prussia. Lord Cla- 
rendon refused. 

The Ga.clte says relations between 
Vienna and Berlin are strained very 
tightly, but is a long way from a dij»lcma- 
ti; coiilli • to war The first sitting of 
the eoiifenn'c on principalities was held 
at Paris oa ihy 10th. All the powers 
who signed the Paris treaty were repre- 

The Invalid liussc denies all rumors of 
concentration of Russian troops on the 
south. Not a single regiment has quitted 
winter quarters. 

Insurgents ia Syria arc all made sub- 
mistive to the Turks. 

U. S. str. Canandaigua is at Belfast. 

LivKKPooL, March 10.— The poliUcal 
news to-day is unimportar.t. 

Queen Victoria held her liist court yes- 
day at wbii h Mr. and Mrs. Adams were 
present, when the latter was presented to 
the Queen. 

Application was made for the release 

01 CrcorgQ Saunders, imprisoned lor debt. 
T'lt re was no opposition to his release, 
but owing to some informalities in ths ap 

(ion 2. 

Mr. ( handler introduced a bill grant- . . . _ 
ing certain linds to the State of Micbi- ! plication it was postponed until the 23d 
gan to aid in the construction of a ship i in-'tant. 

canal to coinect tte w>it« r."< ol Lake Sn- I ^ Madrid dispatch says that the Peru- 
perior with the lake known as Lac la ^'^^ ^"■^ *1>'P Independence and another, 
BeI.e, in s.nid Sutc. I? provides that the proceeded direct for the Pacific to take 
canal shall be 100 let t wide at the top and P"""* '" '^<= approaching struggle between 
75 feet at the bottom, with a depth of at Spain, .ind Chili and Peru, 
least 12 feet. It grants 100,000 acres of | J^^ ^J.^\ si'tirg ol the conlercnce on 

public lands on the peninsula ol Michigan 
to aid in its lonstruetion. It is required 
to be completed ia two years. The bill 
was referred to the committee on public 

Mr. Nye, from the committee on naval 
affairs, reported a bill for the relief of 
certain contractors for the construction of 
vessels of war and Hteam machinery. It 
makes appropriations for deficien<:ie3 to 
cover awards to f ueh contractors in ad- 
dition to the payment provided in their 

Mr. Poland, from the cominittiee on 
judici.i>ry, reported a bill to provide for 
the payment for (Quartermasters stores 
and subsistance supplies provided to the 
U. S. armies by persons. 

Hof.SK. — Twenty Senate bills and joint 
resolutions were referred. 

The Senate bill to aid in the construc- 
tion of a telegraph line to Cuba and the 
West India Is'anJs was considerod. 

FROin \VA«Ilini4;TOIN'. 

Exteniion of .flail Mt-rviro in Tvxa*— 
Svcrctnry mct'nlloch — H<-r«>nn<> 

Frnwil*— Ti:>- Loan mil. 

\V>i>ni.NCTON, March 22. 

Ths Poslnia>i"r (Jencral bus ordered 
an extension ol the loute from Sin An- 
tonio to Fort Clark, making ib" entire 
distance seven hinnlred miles. 

Officers and -r>ldiers of iho army in 
Texas are to be placed in close postal 
communication with their friends at (he 
military posts in New Mexico, (Lililornia 
and on the frontier, besides the ac-nm- 
modations furpislii d with regobiriiy and 
certainty to 111'- people generally cf that 

New Yokk. March 22. 

The 'J'ribiinr.\-i special lorrespoudent 
claimi authority to state that in all sales 
of gold and bonds, and in all purchases 
made by Sccieuiry McCullocb. he has 
appointed Assistant Treasurer Van Dike 
to execute these orders, has on no occa- 
sion designated any firm or lirms, or any 
person to whom &lr. Van Dike should 
entrust tho execution of bis orders. 
Furthermore, be 4ia8 no relations in any 
firm or firms in New York city, where all 
these transactions have been had. 

The Treasury Department ia still ap- 
plying itscll to the suppression of frauds 
in the collection ol cotton in the South- 
em States. Many of the agents have 
been relieve ' and there are to be